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February 14, 2008

February 15th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 2 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for February 15th are Luminous.










The daily message of February 13th,
were Jesus and Mary's messages at the end
of the retreat, these messages were at the beginning
of the retreat from Jesus and Mary.




February 10, 2008

 Joyful Mysteries

transcribed from a tape

In the afternoon - during the retreat in China -

messages at the end of the rosary.


Hail Holy Queen

Mary: And I have come to you to speak to you, my precious children. I am Mary your Mother and I am asking you today, to spend the next days in this retreat, praying for my little ones, praying for my mission in the Shepherds of Christ, praying for the priests and the Church and the world. Do not underestimate the importance of this mission to My Son Jesus. Do not give into the tauntings of satan, to lead you from your mark - your mark of realizing how important it is to God — that you are praying here before the Blessed Sacrament, that you are united in the Masses, that you will take the time to be alone with Jesus and to pray to Him. I held my Son in my arms and my heart was in such anguish, for I knew that He would suffer, but I never knew the anguish, the anguish of standing beneath the cross and knowing how He suffered. And today I come to you as Mary your Mother.

R. Oh Mary! I suffer too, for I do not want the little ones to be lost. And I want so much the plan that God has given to us, and I pray — I beg You God to help us in spreading the newsletter and the prayer chapters, in seeing our fervor and our love and our struggle. Oh precious God, how short our lives truly are. In the depth to which I know You, grows deeper every day — and the world is suffering far beyond any of us can comprehend. And yet I know of Your Might and Your Power and I am not afraid. It is the Eucharist and the prayer in the Church that gives me the strength, to continue, always, in trying to follow the directions that You have given.

    Give to all of us, please, our beloved God, the grace to serve You more, for the sake of the souls of this earth and all of its people. As we go through these readings and the scriptures, to realize the reality of the message that You deliver to us, and the importance of this magnificent task that You have given, that what we do as members of the Shepherds of Christ, can majorly impact so many souls. Let our prayers be prayers of a fervent heart, of a deeper love, of a greater certitude, of a deeper commitment, of a service for You and for our fellow men, that we realize more and more, the great preciousness of growing in greater holiness, in living our vocation, to please You. Dear God, we are the human creatures of this earth, that have tendencies, to our own detriment, because of our wounded human nature.

    It is by Your grace, dear God, that we will know, more and more, how to grow in greater realms of holiness. Dear God, thank You for being our Savior. Thank You for the Eucharist. Thank You for this church. Thank You for the writings and the Blue Books. Thank You for the people. Thank You for this family. Dear God, thank You for the gift of knowing You more deeply, loving You more fervently, for our families, for all of the gifts that You have given. Dear God, thank You. We want to help make reparation to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, for the offenses against Them, and because the message of Mary has been ignored by so many at Fatima. And we beg You, our beloved God, to help us to be able to do this, to spread the newsletter and the prayer chapters and the Blue Books and all You have asked us to do for the sake of souls.

    Dear God, it is with the depth of our heart and our soul that we ask You to help us, to embrace our vocation and to follow it with the greatest fervor. Dear God, give us the grace to be full of gratitude, holiness in love, more perfected as the Heavenly Father is perfect. Not to listen to the fallacious reasoning of the evil one that wants to stop the work that we do, which is affecting so many souls. And we pray for Fr. John and any one that touches him in any way, that he will be able to see, too, with greater vision, what he has been called to do.

    We pray for Terry and Tina that help us so much and any one there that helps us. We pray for our donors that have helped, and continue to help us. Dear God, for the sake of souls, for the sake of all the people in the world, for the sake of our beloved priests and the Church, for our Archbishop, who is ill, and those others over us. Dear God, with all of our hearts, we pray united in one mind and one heart to the Father, in the name of Jesus, in the Holy Spirit with all the angels and saints and the souls in purgatory united to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Sing: Je-sus, Je-sus, Je-sus the Light of the World

Jesus: And I speak to you My precious one, that you will know how the Father loves you and the Holy Spirit is with you. I am with you in all that you do. Do not give in to the fallacious reasoning of satan, for what you do here — I will magnify your efforts, and more and more souls will be touched. Pray for greater faith. Take the mission I have given to you with the greatest seriousness. All of you, in this retreat, join in one mind and one heart, praying for your vocation, your mission, your endeavors here. I am Jesus your Savior. How deeply I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

    Are you afraid? For you have nothing to fear. I am with you. Let go of fear. Feel the peace of flying, of knowing that I am with you, of knowing the love of My Mother, that is with you, and pray with all of your heart. Do not give in to the fallacious reasoning of the evil one, to try to deviate you from My Plan in any way. Pray to be strong. Pray to have faith. Pray to be filled with greater light.

    In this Lent, you must know how pleased I am with your prayer and love, your unity and working with each other. For the evil one does not want you to do this, but you are affecting billions of souls, in this world where there is so much division and darkness. I have given to you this tremendous gift that you will spread this to the far ends of the earth, that souls will be touched as I magnify your efforts and outpour My grace, that you will not worry, but you will be empowered, in knowing My Might and My love is always with you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

    Be not afraid now and go. This retreat is a gift that I give to you, to be ever more holy, to love more deeply, to receive more and more of the precious gift of My grace, to be united in this beautiful place, I have given to you, to know peace and love in your hearts, to not falter in your path because of the temptation of the evil one. To be so filled with such joy and love to go to the Eucharist, for you know I long for you to come and I want you to be with Me. I long for you, My child, I long for you, and for your love and I outpour My love to you. Come with a heart that is pure. Do not give into the negative thinking or the temptation of satan. Be empowered in My love and know that I am always with you.

R. Oh Jesus! We know so many things, and yet the pressure that satan applies is so great, that sometimes, we just lose our way, or we're tired or just weak. Give us the grace God, to have a renewal here, one in which we are purely united, more deeply in service of You. And give us what we need to be able to do this for the sake of souls - all of the souls of this earth, the souls that You, Jesus, gave Your life for — for the great gift of the Church. Help our hearts be filled with such joy and love, that people will see the contagious love that we have for our Church and for one another, and they will want to help us.

    Give people the grace to say "yes", to whatever it is that You have asked them. Help us to receive the donations to do what You have asked us to do. Help all of us to be holy and saturated with Your grace. God, we plead for this, for we want to do this. We love the souls so much and we love You. We want to be the servants and handmaids and apostles and those in the Shepherds of Christ doing this work. We commit ourselves now, to this holy service and thank You for Your gifts, God.

Jesus: My precious child, be not afraid, for I speak to you, over and over again. Do not give in to any fallacious reasoning. Be empowered with the life, with the grace that I am outpouring to you now.

R. You are so beautiful Jesus. What a gift we have received in this, gift of the Eucharist, that I can hardly speak to say what it means — for it is in my whole being, the gift that you have given to us. It is life itself to me, this great life that You outpour to us in Your Holy Church.

Sing: Je-sus, Je-sus, Je-sus the Light of the World

R. Dear God, we love You with all of our hearts and we want to serve You, and we want to do what You have asked us to do. Our hearts are zealous. Our commitment is strong. We are weak because of our wounded human nature, but with Your precious grace, God, we can become more and more strong. Help us to have greater faith. You are our delight, oh precious God. Amen.

Mary says - she says that she is with us always in this church, that we must know that, she is with us in all the work that we do. And we should not worry, but we should pray to her to intercede for us, to our beloved God, for He has found favor with us, for our lives given. And we must thank Him for the gifts and be serious during these retreats, in thanking Him and loving Him and showing great devotion always, to the Blessed Sacrament, to this Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart.

R. Mary, you are our Mother of love, and we want to be more perfected like our Heavenly Father is perfect. We want to do this mission. Please intercede for us, for the funds and the grace for the people that are being called by Jesus to help us, that get tempted and say "no". Help the people that are being called to daily adoration, the priests that are being called, to daily adoration, to do it. God, please hear our prayer, for we say it with a humble and contrite heart. And we believe God, we believe that You will help us if we pray united, love you so much. Help us. Amen.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.




We gave an elderly friend of Fr. Carter's a 27" Statue with glass.
When I saw him at church, he was so aglow.
He said he prayed 3 to 4 rosaries daily before the statue
and it made him so happy. She was so beautiful.


Yesterday, February 13, 2008, Mary said:

I am Mary your Mother, Mother of the Universe. Reach the Nursing Homes with the messages and the rosaries, that We have given to you, that they too will say the Morning Offering and pray throughout the day.



These Nursing Home books open up to lay on the lap of an elderly or ill person and they have large print with pictures, 5 meditations for each mystery. The second book is messages for the elderly from Mary and Jesus in large print, also the Blue Book 4 comes in large print. This can help your loved one. Help us through prayer and be a prayer apostle. At the end of life it can help them on their journey home to be so happy — to turn to heaven. It can help them have great joy in their life today. Call Shelia or Doris and ask about the Nursing Home Ministry. This could really help somebody in the last years of their lives. Also those praying before the statue and saying the Red Prayer Manual Prayers have had physical and spiritual healings and families and before death. (The Prayer Manual Prayers are in big print. Request them.)

Call 888-211-3041

or 812-273-1107




Available for $750.00


Fatima/Clearwater Glass Statues available.

Call or go to China


6015 N. State Rd 62
China, IN  47250


or call Clearwater

21649 US 19 N
Clearwater, FL  33765




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