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February 15, 2008

February 16th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 3 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for February 16th are Sorrowful.







February 11, 2008

Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes


Mysteries of Light

Baptism of Jesus

Isaiah 42: 1-4

1. Isaiah 42: 6-7

2. Psalm 29

3. Acts 10: 34-38

4. Matthew 3: 13-17

5. Mary: This is my Son. This is my beloved one. Oh listen to me people, that you will know that I call you from your places, to lead a holy life, to not be filled with fear, but to walk in the way of my Son Jesus.

6. R. And the mural, when we first were in this church, was referred to by Jesus, as the Father's thumbprint. In hearing the words "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased", we hear the voice from heaven, as it says in the scriptures, speak — but to me I see the light, the light of Christ, the New Adam, that shines out to the world, as we meditate on these mysteries of light. And above Jesus in the Jordan was a dove, and a voice from above, "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased." It is in giving our hearts to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, that we receive the real treasures, the gift of the Blue Books, that Jesus is telling us over and over again, about His pure love, about His holy love, about His love for us, about His love for His Mother, about His Mother's love for Him, about how we are to love each other. Such purity in the love letters of Jesus guiding us, to be likened to Him, and we hear the voice of the Father speak, "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased", the New Adam, the pure, Holy Heart of Jesus.

7. R. Have you seen the sun, seen the sun in the morning and the sun at night, and the sun in the middle of the afternoon, as it shines on the waters? Have you seen the sun in its sizes and shapes and colors and reds and golds? Is it ever the same? How is it that we reach with such limited vision for the Divine Almighty God, who created all of us in such splendor and uniqueness, that we want to put Him in a box and say "Now we got You down there God, and we got You figured out" And He says —

Jesus: Hey, let's dance. I'm the Initiator. You are the soul waiting My favors. Let go. Let Me lead the show, for the spirit will fill you, and you will know more and more, insight into My Divine Mysteries. But if you are always controlling things, always trying to make them into what you want to believe they are, you will miss the truth, that I am revealing to you, even in the Blue Book writings. Open up your heart and listen to the words that I speak, for I want this intimacy with you, and in that, you will know the peace and the freedom, for you will be strengthened, more and more, knowing the love of God. You will not be consumed with the fear. The Holy Spirit will give to you great light, and strength and wisdom and to have courage. It is the devil that wants you to go to the dirt, to sit on the floor, to look at the rocks, to gaze at a pond and see the mud, rather than the beauty of the lily pads, that are floating so beautifully there.

Two men looked out prison bars, one saw mud, the other stars. This is a rosary to help you to see more My light.

8. Sing: One little light in the darkness — one little light, then two little lights, then three little lights, and four little lights and five little lights.

Jesus: I have called you to be one in the light, that you will go into the world, that has been consumed by so many, in darkness, that have fought the light, because of the messages being taught in the world that are not the truth, to be that person of truth, that the truth will be in you, that you will pray to the Holy Spirit, that you are filled more and more with My grace and wisdom, and that you do not run from the place, but that you embrace the gift that has been given to you.

9. Mary: Hail Mary, Hail Mary, Hail Mary, Hail Mary — and it is in praying the rosary that you will know light, that the Holy Spirit will fill you within my heart, that you will be a child of the light, that you will not be afraid, that you will rely on this, that the more that you lead the people to the rosary, I will crush the head of the serpent and they will know the love of God. Help me, my children. I am Mary, Mother of the light.

10. Sing: One little light in the darkness —

Mary: How is it, that you do not see, how a small light in the darkest night can put off so much light? And yet my Son tells you, come to Him in the Eucharist, come and be fed with the Bread of Life. Do not fear. Do not give in to the negative tapes, that you've listened to long enough. Let go, let go, let go and know the Might of the Almighty God.


Sing: Come Holy Spirit

R. Fill us Holy Spirit with light, We love You so much. Dear God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, help us to be ever more united to You, that your light will shine in us, that we will not be afraid, that we will advance more in the spiritual life as we meditate on these Mysteries of Light, on the miracles of Jesus.


more to come





We gave an elderly friend of Fr. Carter's a 27" Statue with glass.
When I saw him at church, he was so aglow.
He said he prayed 3 to 4 rosaries daily before the statue
and it made him so happy. She was so beautiful.


Yesterday, February 13, 2008, Mary said:

I am Mary your Mother, Mother of the Universe. Reach the Nursing Homes with the messages and the rosaries, that We have given to you, that they too will say the Morning Offering and pray throughout the day.



These Nursing Home books open up to lay on the lap of an elderly or ill person and they have large print with pictures, 5 meditations for each mystery. The second book is messages for the elderly from Mary and Jesus in large print, also the Blue Book 4 comes in large print. This can help your loved one. Help us through prayer and be a prayer apostle. At the end of life it can help them on their journey home to be so happy — to turn to heaven. It can help them have great joy in their life today. Call Shelia or Doris and ask about the Nursing Home Ministry. This could really help somebody in the last years of their lives. Also those praying before the statue and saying the Red Prayer Manual Prayers have had physical and spiritual healings and families and before death. (The Prayer Manual Prayers are in big print. Request them.)

Call 888-211-3041

or 812-273-1107





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Fatima/Clearwater Glass Statues available.

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