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February 21, 2016

February 22nd Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is 
Day 4 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries 
for February 22nd
are Joyful.


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                February 21, 2016

Philippians 3: 17 - 4: 1

Brothers, be united in imitating me. Keep your eyes fixed on those who act according to the example you have from me. or there are so many people of whom I have often warned you, and now I warn you again with tears in my eyes, who behave like the enemies of Christ’s cross. hey are destined to be lost; their god is the stomach; they glory in what they should think shameful, since their minds are set on earthly things. But our homeland is in heaven and it is from there that we are expecting a Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transfigure the wretched body of ours into the mould of his glorious body, through the working of the power which he has, even to bring all things under his mastery.

So then, my brothers and dear friends whom I miss so much, my joy and my crown, hold firm in the Lord, dear friends.


                R. Our vision is distorted due to original sin. We see
                even God distortedly, we see others distortedly and
                we see ourselves, we know, distortedly. God is
                perfect, we are imperfect and wounded, we
                see distortedly, we think distortedly. When a
                man is a leader and tries to make other men
                do what he thinks, what is the picture in his
                head that is distorted – he can hurt himself
                and so many.

                    Man needs to pray for the vision of God –
                to see things through the eyes of the heavenly
                Father. God is perfect, God is all just –
                We need to be rooted in God to act as we should
                as a leader among men. God calls men under Him.
                God calls men in the building of His Kingdom.
                Like the Prodigal son he can squander the
                gifts God has given to him, go off and follow
                his will opposed to God's will, like Eve in the
                Garden, see himself as equal to God and the
                man who refused to see himself not under
                God, as he should, can cause a lot of
                problems for everybody. God has given us
                laws to follow – even the natural law –
                when we go against God's laws, we will have

                    God is omnipotent, God is perfect, God is
                all Good, God is all just, God knows everything –
                if we go to our Father's house in heaven at the
                end of our lives we will have the beatific
                vision, be wrapped in the embrace of God –
                know perfection – know perfect light
                and perfect love and unity.

                    The word devil means divided. The deadly
                sins take us down. The man of pride does not
                know his place. God is the Creator, man is
                the creature – man is under God –
                The prideful man is distorted in his vision –
                he sees himself before God – as soon as he
                speaks and thinks – he can be trying to
                raise himself above everybody else –
                his vision is very distorted –
                The man that is humble walks in the truth –
                he sees himself in the right place with
                God and with others –

                    So much energy is wasted giving into the
                deadly sins – first of all trying to put oneself
                up and others down – doing a person's will
                and not God's will – trying to put everybody
                else into their distorted vision of things –
                the man who sees himself above and
                God and others under him wastes precious
                energy of doing the job that God asks him
                to do. The job may never get touched –
                it's all about him –   

Priestly Newsletter Book II - September/October 1997

Scriptural Reflections

In all this Mary offers an example. Selfishness was totally foreign to her. She did not belong to herself. She belonged to God. She was not closed in upon herself. She was completely open to God. When God spoke, she listened. When God pointed the way, she followed. She realized that life is not a process a person masters by carefully mapping out one's own self-conceived plans of conquest, but a mystery to be gradually experienced by being open to God's personal and loving guidance.

Selfishness, then, did not close Mary off from God's call. Neither did fear. God asked her to assume a tremendous responsibility. He asked her to be the Mother of Jesus. Mary did not engage in a process of false humility and say that such a great role was above her. She did not say that she did not have the proper qualifications for this awesome mission. Briefly, she did not waste time looking at herself, making pleas that she was not worthy, telling the angel he had better go look for someone else. No, Mary did not look at herself. Her gaze was absorbed in God. She fully realized that whatever God asked of her, His grace would accomplish. She fully realized that although she herself had to cooperate, this work was much more God's than hers.

Mary's words, then, truly sum up what is the authentic Christian response at any point of life, in any kind of situation: "I am the handmaid of the Lord," said Mary, "let what you have said be done to me".  
end of excerpt


                R. The man of distorted vision and prideful spends
                his life thinking about himself – he is to be up –
                others are to be under him – others should
                fit into his vision he has in his head and
                things should be the way he wants them to be –

                    The story of Adam and Eve in the bible shows
                us a story of distorted vision – how the devil
                works – he lies and appeals to the man's pride
                to want to raise himself up –

                    The law of the prideful man, with distorted
                vision is locked up in himself. He may justify
                his actions by holding onto some good he is
                bringing to others, but his vision has himself
                first, always, his vision as the vision he
                follows, what he wants to happen –
                he can be judge and jury how he treats
                others in the plan of God for not doing
                what he wants.

                    God is the judge and jury – God sees
                into the men's hearts – in this Lent are we
                asking God to help us see the truth and
                be humble – know our place with God
                and others – focusing on what God wants –
                not thinking God should fit into
                our plan and do it our way and do what
                we want.

                    God the Father has a plan for us in creating
                us in His image and likeness – God is
                perfect truth – We are to fit into His
                vision of things – not stack up our
                distorted vision from our lives and try
                to justify why we were always right and
                other things wrong, so we don't have to
                change or die to our ways that are not
                like the Father wants.

                    Our lives are about change – dying
                to the ways not like God and rising to
                new life in Him – being more and more Christ-
                like, more in the image of God.

                    Pride is what really keeps men stuck and
                we are given the story from the Garden
                in Chapter 3 of Genesis. Pride has been
                called the root of all evil. But to the man
                of pride his vision continues to grow
                in greater darkness when he puts
                himself above God, above all his
                other men and he ceases to see the
                message Jesus gave –

                    Jesus gives us the message of the
                suffering servant. Jesus called the
                Servants – Servants of the Good Shepherd –
                and Handmaids of the Good Shepherd –
                What a title, what a calling, what an



                R. What is the vision we seek – God's vision –
                God's Plan –

                    Jesus followed His Father's Plan for Him
                despite the consequences.

                    We see in today's Gospel – the Second
                Sunday of Lent – the transfiguration
                And the Father said

                    "This is My beloved Son in whom
                        I am well pleased"



                R. We are to be sons more and more in the
                    image and likeness of Jesus –
                    We are to seek the Father's vision –
                    we are to be servants of the Lord –
                    doing His plan – despite the
                    consequences of dealing with others who
                    may oppose us –

                    No work gets done when a man is
                out to prove himself the top, with his
                distorted vision – he is always focused
                on himself – his vision – what goes
                on in his head.

                    The man of God is seeking the commission
                of God the Father – to go out and spread
                the Good News, to be a servant –

                To do what Jesus did –
                    Jesus followed His Father's Plan –
                    Jesus paid a precious price to teach
                        us about the Heavenly Father –
                    Jesus was sent by the Father –
                    Jesus teaches us about faith and
                    Jesus teaches us how to pray –

                Jesus, Jesus, Jesus became a Man –
                    God-Man to teach us how to
                        be more and more in the
                        image and likeness of God –

                Jesus came to teach us how to serve –
                    Not be served –

                Jesus taught us how to follow in
                    His footprints –

                Jesus taught us how to lead –
                    follow the Father's will –
                    see the vision through the Father's eyes –

                The will – yes the will – give your will to
                    God – do it God's way –

                The man locked in the deadly sins
                    has distorted vision of himself,
                    of others, of God –
                    and if he is a leader he can
                    live his life trying to prove
                    he is right and everybody
                    else is not as right as he
                    is –

                His energy is on himself
                God has a plan – we need a disciplined,
                    strong will to follow God's Plan –

                Who were God's leaders
                    Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph,
                    Noah, Moses, Joshua

                God made Adam and Eve in His own image and likeness
                    When we sin there are consequences –


Deuteronomy 11: 22

For if you faithfully keep and observe all these commandments that I enjoin on you today, loving Yahweh your God, following all his ways and holding fast to him,


                R. Leaders – God gave us leaders in the Old Testament
                    because the people needed these leaders to follow
                    God's plan and form the chosen people –
                    We know some sinned like David, but
                    repented and he suffered because of
                    his sin.

                    We see Saul who was so jealous of David
                and turned to evil.

                We see Solomon who was so gifted and how
                    he opposed God's will –

                We see the prophets God sent
                    Elijah, Elisha, Jeremiah, Isaiah –

                We see courageous women like Naomi and
                    Queen Esther

                We see Daniel the prophet

                We see how Jonah didn't want to
                    do what God asked of him, but
                    the people of Nineveh repented –
                    when Jonah did what he was
                    supposed to –

                We see the leaders of the New Testament of John
                    the Baptist and the life of Mary, Mother of
                    God and St. Joseph her espoused.

                We see Jesus, God-made-Man – who came to
                    teach us about obeying the will of
                    the heavenly Father and about love
                    and about the Kingdom of heaven –

                We see docile men came to adore Jesus –
                    not men, prideful and stirring the pot in
                    anger and jealousy and pride.

                We see men of peace, shepherds, we see the
                    3 Kings who knew their place under God.

                They honored God –

                A leader is under God –

                We see Herod wanted to kill the baby Jesus –

                The 3 Kings honored Him –
                They had the vision of God.

Psalm 119: 73

Your hands have made me and held me firm,
give me understanding and I shall learn your commandments.


                R. We know satan even tried to tempt Jesus to
                    get down under him and Jesus
                    told him to go away!

                We see the role of John the Baptist – and the
                    consequences he suffered was he
                    lost his head.

                It is the head of man that swells in pride
                    to try to be over God.

                Mary's image head was destroyed –


                R. John the Baptist lost his head serving God.

                Jesus taught and He worked miracles and
                    He forgave sins! Jesus healed the sick.

                Jesus knows our hearts – we are here to
                    do what God wants and to not try
                    to get God to fit into our vision.

                Jesus shows us about leaders –

                And Jesus chose 12 men who He called Apostles
                    to help serve after He was gone and
                    carry out the work He did.

                He planted the seeds –

                He came Himself –

                He gave us parables like the Prodigal Son

                Have we learned our lesson –

                Jesus even rose people from the dead.

                Jesus fed 5,000

                Jesus walked on water –

                Jesus gave signs


                R. We need faith –
                We need hope –
                We need love –

                We need to pray for an increase of
                    these virtues given in baptism –

                We need to be under God –
                We need God's grace –

                We pray

                    Heavenly Father help us to be more and
                        more in the image of Jesus
                        to please You.
                        Help us to have an increase in
                        the virtues of faith, hope and love –
                        Help us in this Lent to learn to do
                            Your will and to see through
                            Your eyes
                        We love You so much –
                        Help us to have strong wills and
                        to want to serve You and do Your work –
                        to be obedient to Your laws.
                        Help us to have strong, men rooted in You,
                            to lead us –

Psalm 6: 9

Yahweh has heard my pleading.
Yahweh will accept my prayer.

                R. Help us to live in the truth.

The Our Father

    Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen. 


                Sing: Glory Be

                R. Death / Resurrection

                Sing: A Song from Jesus


Sing: Give Me Your Heart Oh Jesus


Prayer for Union with Jesus

Come to me, Lord, and possess my soul. Come into my heart and permeate my soul. Help me to sit in silence with You and let You work in my heart.

    I am Yours to possess. I am Yours to use. I want to be selfless and only exist in You. Help me to spoon out all that is me and be an empty vessel ready to be filled by You. Help me to die to myself and live only for You. Use me as You will. Let me never draw my attention back to myself. I only want to operate as You do, dwelling within me.

    I am Yours, Lord. I want to have my life in You. I want to do the will of the Father. Give me the strength to put aside the world and let You operate my very being. Help me to act as You desire. Strengthen me against the distractions of the devil to take me from Your work.

    When I worry, I have taken my focus off of You and placed it on myself. Help me not to give in to the promptings of others to change what in my heart You are making very clear to me. I worship You, I adore You and I love You. Come and dwell in me now.

-God's Blue Book, January 17, 1994


                R. We must pray for faith if we want to be healed.
                Jesus worked miracles, but we must have faith.
                Faith is a gift from God and we need to pray for

                We have the Jesus and Mary water and the glass
                    from Mary's image face, but we need to
                    have faith when we think of the gifts
                    God has given through our prayers
                    for healing in our lives.

                Jesus tells us how a prophet is not accepted
                    in his own town – among his own


Luke 4: 24-30

And he went on, ‘In truth I tell you, no prophet is ever accepted in his own country. 

    There were many widows in Israel, I can assure you, in Elijahs day, when heaven remained shut for three years and six months and a great famine raged throughout the land, but Elijah was not sent to any one of these: he was sent to a widow at Zarephath, a town in Sidonia. And in the prophet Elishas time there were many suffering from virulent skin-diseases in Israel, but none of these was cured—only Naaman the Syrian.

When they heard this everyone in the synagogue was enraged. They sprang to their feet and hustled him out of the town; and they took him up to the brow of the hill their town was built on, intending to throw him off the cliff, but he passed straight through the crowd and walked away.


                R. God calls us to ask for forgiveness for our
                    sins, but we must forgive too.

                Jesus taught us to pray the Our Father –

The Our Father

    Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.


                R. When we sin, we are to be truly sorry for offending
                    God and have a purpose of amendment
                    to not sin again.

                We are to be truthful, humble about


Matthew 18: 21-35

Then Peter went up to him and said, ‘Lord, how often must I forgive my brother if he wrongs me? As often as seven times?’ Jesus answered, ‘Not seven, I tell you, but seventy–seven times.

Parable of the unforgiving debtor

‘And so the kingdom of Heaven may be compared to a king who decided to settle his accounts with his servants. When the reckoning began, they brought him a man who owed ten thousand talents; he had no means of paying, so his master gave orders that he should be sold, together with his wife and children and all his possessions, to meet the debt. At this, the servant threw himself down at his master’s feet, with the words, "Be patient with me and I will pay the whole sum." And the servant’s master felt so sorry for him that he let him go and cancelled the debt. Now as this servant went out, he happened to meet a fellow–servant who owed him one hundred denarii; and he seized him by the throat and began to throttle him, saying, "Pay what you owe me." His fellow–servant fell at his feet and appealed to him, saying, "Be patient with me and I will pay you." But the other would not agree; on the contrary, he had him thrown into prison till he should pay the debt. His fellow–servants were deeply distressed when they saw what had happened, and they went to their master and reported the whole affair to him. Then the master sent for the man and said to him, "You wicked servant, I cancelled all that debt of yours when you appealed to me. Were you not bound, then, to have pity on your fellow–servant just as I had pity on you?" And in his anger the master handed him over to the torturers till he should pay all his debt. And that is how my heavenly Father will deal with you unless you each forgive your brother from your heart.’


                R. When we are obedient to God, we give Him
                    love, we are to obey His law –
                    We are to seek God's will and not try
                    to think God should do our will.
                    We are to be faithful to our mission
                    God has called us to, despite the
                    consequences because of what other
                    people do or think.


Psalm 119: 133

Keep my steps firm in your promise;
that no evil may triumph over me.


                R. We are to love God with our whole heart,
                    our whole soul, our whole being and
                    to be a witness to this –

                In Lent we should be working on love of God,
                    our relationship with God and others,
                    being humble, being truthful.

                Jesus tells us about obedience to God's law –

Matthew 5: 17-19

‘Do not imagine that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets. I have come not to abolish but to complete them. In truth I tell you, till heaven and earth disappear, not one dot, not one little stroke, is to disappear from the Law until all its purpose is achieved. Therefore, anyone who infringes even one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be considered the least in the kingdom of Heaven; but the person who keeps them and teaches them will be considered great in the kingdom of Heaven.


                R. A man, if he wants to reap good benefits
                    for himself must put God first and
                    seek God's will –
                    If a man opposes God's law he will
                        hurt himself.

                Sing: A Song from Jesus


Jeremiah 7: 23-28

My one command to them was this: Listen to my voice, then I will be your God and you shall be my people. In everything, follow the way that I mark out for you, and you shall prosper. But they did not listen, they did not pay attention; they followed their own devices, their own stubborn and wicked inclinations, and got worse rather than better. From the day your ancestors left Egypt until today, I have sent you all my servants the prophets, persistently sending them day after day. But they have not listened to me, have not paid attention; they have deliberately resisted, behaving worse than their ancestors. So you will tell them all this, but they will not listen to you; you will call them, but they will not answer you." Then you are to say to them, "This is the nation that will neither listen to the voice of Yahweh its God nor take correction. Sincerity is no more, it has vanished from their mouths.


                R. We see how the majority were opposing
                    God and Jeremiah told them, but
                    the place becomes godless when
                    most of the people oppose God.

                We either do what God wants or
                    oppose God, we are either with
                    Him or we are against Him
                    and this has consequences.

                I love the Holy Spirit prayer at the beginning
                    of the Shepherds of Christ Prayers.

Holy Spirit Prayer

Come, Holy Spirit, almighty Sanctifier, God of love, who filled the Virgin Mary with grace, who wonderfully changed the hearts of the apostles, who endowed all Your martyrs with miraculous courage, come and sanctify us. Enlighten our minds, strengthen our wills, purify our consciences, rectify our judgment, set our hearts on fire, and preserve us from the misfortunes of resisting Your inspirations. Amen.


                R. We pray for our will to be strengthened!

                We don't want a weak will or we will
                    give into evil tendencies easily.


Psalm 119: 4-5

You lay down your precepts
to be carefully kept.
May my ways be steady
in doing your will.


                R. We see all through salvation history
                    how the chosen people turned
                    from God and had false idols.

                God forgives the contrite sinner –
                    Jesus died for our sins –

                God loves us so much –

                Sing: Ashes

                Sing: Pardon Your People


Matthew 22: 36-40

'Master, which is the greatest commandment of the Law?' Jesus said to him, 'You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment. The second resembles it: You must love your neighbour as yourself. On these two commandments hang the whole Law, and the Prophets too.'


                R. God has given us the Mass – it is a great
                    act of love –


A Prayer before the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

    Let me be a holy sacrifice and unite with God in the sacrament of His greatest love.

    I want to be one in Him in this act of love, where He gives Himself to me and I give myself as a sacrifice to Him. Let me be a holy sacrifice as I become one with Him in this my act of greatest love to Him.

    Let me unite with Him more, that I may more deeply love Him. May I help make reparation to His adorable Heart and the heart of His Mother, Mary. With greatest love, I offer myself to You and pray that You will accept my sacrifice of greatest love. I give myself to You and unite in Your gift of Yourself to me. Come and possess my soul.

    Cleanse me, strengthen me, heal me. Dear Holy Spirit act in the heart of Mary to make me more and more like Jesus.

    Father, I offer this my sacrifice, myself united to Jesus in the Holy Spirit to You. Help me to love God more deeply in this act of my greatest love.

    Give me the grace to grow in my knowledge, love and service of You and for this to be my greatest participation in the Mass. Give me the greatest graces to love You so deeply in this Mass, You who are so worthy of my love.

-Mass Book, December 27, 1995


From the Mass Book

January 2, 1997

"In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen."

"The grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all."

God pours out His grace in this Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It is the greatest gift when God gives Himself to us.

We share with God His life, given to us abundantly in the Mass.

He gives Himself to us, and we give ourselves to Him. The great love affair between God and man: His Holy Mass.

The priest is another Christ to us. It is Christ present, through the priest, celebrating the Mass. We must see Christ in the priest, see Him celebrate the Mass, see His beautiful brown hair, His gentle face, see Him, Our Savior. This Jesus Christ that came was born an infant and gave Himself to His death on the cross that we would share His life. See Him now in the Mass, giving Himself in the greatest gift of all. He gives us His divine love and His divine life.

Oh, we thank You for Your life. We know He died and rose and gave us a sharing in His holy life. His life is now abundantly poured, as a fountain to us, especially in the Mass.

Then we hear His Word. Let the Word of God penetrate our being. Let us feel this Living Word of God. As a two-edged sword, it comes forth with such conviction and love and it penetrates the souls of the faithful with such love. It is food indeed, food for our soul.

He is the Good Shepherd. He speaks to us. He gives us all we want. "There is nothing I shall want." (The Lord is my shepherd; I have everything I need. Ps. 23:1).

He gives us green pastures, and His water pours out and refreshes us. He outpours His grace as a fountain to feed us with His life.

He is a just God, good and kind, all loving, for He is love. We want for nothing for He outpours His love and His life to us in the Mass. We feast on His Body and Blood and are fed with His Word. We become one in Him and He shares Himself with us.

It is through the Mass celebrated by the hands of a holy pries that we will experience the Mass the way Christ intends. These writings are insights which hopefully will help lead you to the spring of life-giving water, the fountain of love and life He outpours in the Mass.

There will be a new earth when men will see with the light of seven suns. They will know God. A people walking in darkness will see a great light. They will no longer be blind, they will be enlightened, they will love God with the greatest love in the Mass. They will feast on His Body and Blood and will be united as one body in His holy Church through His life given to us in the Eucharist.

We will drink copiously from the fountain of grace which He pours out in the Mass. We will be filled with His love, absorbed with the love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and feasting on His divine life.

We see with the vision of God. We partake in such a union with God. We see with the light the Spirit gives to us. The priest celebrates the Mass and we know God with such an intense knowing in this union. We are saturated with His life flowing from the hands of His consecrated priest.

And I look at Him, the priest, and I see Jesus there. I see Him giving Himself to me. I see the new and Holy City. I see with such clarity the great gift that God gives to us in the Mass!

We learn how to love in the Mass, for we unite to God. He gives us such an intimate sharing in His divine love that we carry His love out to the world. In this union we know His loving to an intense degree and we carry this love out to others. We share in an intense way in His divine act of loving. He, Who is Love, gives Himself to us and we are absorbed in His love and we know intensely how God loves. We are filled with love for God and for each other, for, in the oneness He is loving through us. He gives us lights into His loving capacity and we know His loving power in an intensity we did not know before.

We then pray. We offer up our intentions for this Mass. It is now we who intercede to Him to outpour His grace on us and help us with these intentions.

We pray for this reign of peace when the Sacred Heart of Jesus will reign and the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph and men will fervently love and adore God with burning love. We pray for all souls and the Church and we beg for His help, His love, His grace.

We offer ourselves as a sacrifice. We offer the bread that will become the Bread of Life.

The priest mixes the water and the wine and we realize how His Divinity mixes with our humanity.

We offer the wine that will become our spiritual drink–His Blood.

I give myself to Him and I beg to be cleansed of my sins with the washing of the hands.

"May the Lord accept the sacrifice of your hands for the praise and glory of His name, for our good and the good of all His Church."

We ask Him to accept the gifts we want to give Him, we give Him thanks, we lift up our hearts in thanks and praise and we sing out:

"Holy, Holy God, of power and might..." we sing Him praise and thank Him, "Oh, God we love thee so much."

My heart is so filled with such awe. I cry because I love Him so much.

Every word in the Mass, I love. The priest consecrates the Host and changes it into the Body and Blood of Christ. Hear Christ say to us: "This is My Body", "This is My Blood".

Oh, it makes me cry for I am so struck with awe at what happens at the Consecration. I unite in the oneness with the priest, with Christ and with all present, with heaven and earth. I am one in that moment, united in the sacrifice of Christ giving Himself to the Father.

This is the moment when I unite in such oneness with Christ in the purity of Mary's heart. I give myself as a sacrifice. I offer myself to the Father.

The Father looks down and He sees us united to His Son's Sacrifice. It is in this oneness that His grace is outpoured on us, that we die to that which is not like Him and that the Holy Spirit works in the heart of Mary and fills us with His life.

I am in ecstasy as I realize more and more the great gift of love that God gives us in His holy Mass. I am taken to such heights, being wrapped in the presence of God. It is rapture, this Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

It is a great gift, experiencing this intense presence of the Almighty God: Through Him, With Him, and In Him.

We pray to the Father the prayer as Jesus taught us and beg, "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

We pray: "For the Kingdom, the power and the glory are Yours, now and forever."

We beg for peace in our hearts. We share this peace with one another. Then we beg of the Lamb of God. I want to get down to the ground and beg for His grace, mercy, and forgiveness for our sins.

Please, God, I see us as a sinful people. I want the grace and mercy to flow abundantly.

He raises the Host and says: "This is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, happy are those who are called to His supper."

We respond: "Lord, I am not worthy to receive You, but only say the word and I shall be healed."

I receive the Almighty God in Communion. All I want is Him. Oh, God, I want You, I adore You, I worship You, I love You.

Oh, for this moment when God gives Himself to me. Oh, God, words do not express this time–this intense presence of You within my being. Oh, sweet Savior, I love You!

You share Yourself so intimately with me. You imprint on my soul a knowing of Your Divine Being that is so intimate in this Communion when You give Yourself to me.

Oh, let our hearts be open to His grace that we may know this great gift more, that we will partake more fully in this greatest act of love with Divinity.

He shares Himself with us, the Almighty God, in such oneness. This is the greatest way to bind us with each other, to unite with each other in the Mass and Communion.

And so I sing the love of God, the love of His Mass. I beg you to pray for the grace that He can teach you in these writings about His most intimate love affair with man, the gift of Himself–the gift He gives us in the Mass.

The Holy Sacrifice, the sacrifice of Calvary, sacramentally-made-present in the Mass when He gives Himself to us with the greatest love!

And what does He ask in return? He asks that we love one another, that we give Him the glory, the thanksgiving, the adoration that is His due as the Almighty God.

He sends us forth with His blessing to share His most intimate love with all. We go forth as other Christs in the world. For He is alive this day and He lives in us and He gives His love to others through us. We act as channels of His life to one another.

The Mass is the richest source of His life. His life flows through the body, the Church, especially through the sacraments and the Mass.

Oh Jesus, from the fountain of life that pours forth from your pierced Heart, give us holy priests whose hearts are consecrated to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary to celebrate the Mass–that there is such oneness between the priest and Christ that His grace will flow copiously.

We thirst for the fountain of life pouring forth from the pierced Heart of Christ. It is His life we seek and find in the Church. It is His love we want and we experience the greatest love affair with God in the Mass.

These books on the Mass are accounts of my intimate love affair with our Almighty God. Many experiences were enlightenments I received in the Mass.

I strongly advise all to pray, to say the Holy Spirit Prayer, the consecration prayers, and the Prayer before the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, before Mass.

This book is the journey into the red room, the inner chamber of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, through the gateway, the pure and Immaculate Heart of His Mother.

It is in the Mass we give ourselves in such love to our Holy God. He gives Himself to us and we give ourselves to Him.

end of January 2, 1997


                R. We think of the Prodigal Son – our whole life
                    is to be lived to use our gifts given
                    by God so we can go to the Father's
                    House for all eternity.
                    We are not to live like the Prodigal
                    son and squander God's gifts to us –

                We are to be honest about our sins and
                    ask for forgiveness – Our heavenly
                    Father knows our sins, knows
                    our hearts, already!

                Our lives are so short – we are to obey
                    our heavenly Father so we can
                    be with Him for all eternity!

                We want the Reign of the Sacred Heart and
                    triumph of the Immaculate Heart –
                    when men make Jesus the King
                    and Center of their hearts.

                Men have a free will – they can obey
                    God's law or disobey God's law –
                    God is in charge!

                Jesus did not work many miracles in
                Galilee because of their lack of faith –
                God gives us a sharing in His life in
                baptism and He feeds that life with
                the Eucharist – He gives us confession
                for our sins – He gives us His Word –
                We are so blessed!!




                R. Water is a symbol of cleaning.

                We are washed in the waters of baptism.

                Sing: Come to the Water

                R. Jesus is servant –
                Jesus came to serve –

                Jesus suffered for our sins!

                How do we witness to Christ who
                    came and died for our sins?

                We can hardly give anything if we
                    are afraid of what people think.

                We see how the people acted when
                    Moses went to get the 10 Commandments –

                Jesus came and showed His love for us –

                Jesus came in His Father's name –

                Read John 5: 31-47

                Read Wisdom 2: 1, 12-22

                R. At first they listened to Jesus, then they changed
                    and wanted to run Him out of town
                    and then kill Him.

                Read John 7: 1-2, 10, 25-30

                Read Jeremiah 11: 18-20

                We see from Jesus:

                The cross leads to life!



  February 9, 2016

Dear Friends,

I give my heart to Jesus and Mary with you in love.

If you read Fr. Joe's book like I did on the 13th you can see how awesome it is.

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Say a priest says 4 or 5 Masses weekly
Think of how many souls could be reached with the people attending Mass.

Fr. Joe speaks of love and being a member of the body of Christ, living in relationships
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We see salvation history and its ups and downs -
we see our calling from God
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