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February 24, 2007

February 25th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 7 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for February 25th are Sorrowful.


The Sidney Rosary will be

Tuesday February 27, 2007.

Please tune in at 6:20pm

and pray united!



Rita Ring will be in Florida

March 5th at 6:20pm.

Please come and pray!

Or tune in!


There will be a powerful retreat

in China this month.

March 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th.

It will be on the weekend.

Please come!



Every day at 6:20pm on the

Shepherds of Christ Radio

we are playing a Mass

that Fr. John did October 13, 2006

(It was the 10th Anniversary

when the 13th's started

October 13, 1996 at Tom's Farm.)

After the Mass we will play Fr. John

praying the Shepherds of Christ prayers and

Sheila will then do the Holy Spirit Novena.

Please tune in and pray united to the radio.

Others who cannot tune in to the radio

pray the 6:20 prayers as usual.

All should be united in prayer,

some listening to the Mass,

some praying the prayers as usual.




We need postage for the Priestly Mailing

on the Eucharist.



Special Offer


Fr. John J. Pasquini's book

Light, Happiness and Peace

$5.00 plus postage


Call Glaci




For this one time special offer we

offer these books so you can

spread these special prayers.


The book Light Happiness and Peace is a

companion to the

Authenticity book of prayers —

it is a masterpiece — please read

the following writing






$5.00 plus postage


This will help spread these beautiful

writings and prayers for lent.


This will help us with the Newsletter.


Crucifix — hand carved by Felix

who carved the crucifix  22'

at the Virgin Mary building.


Available for $750.00









Giclee Art Print

Canvas Stretched on a wood frame

Print is suitable for direct hanging

12 x 16 - $150.00

18 x 24 - $200.00

Call Glaci





February 24, 2007

Messenger:           The more I become one with Jesus
                                    the wider my vision becomes —

                            Natural colors in the outdoors show to me
                                the magnificence of the Creator —

                            Spending time pondering His gifts in
                                creation - help me to love deeply
                                all He creates

                            The Blue of the sky

                            The blue-green ocean

                            The ice covered rivers and trees

                            The sun dancing on the water

                            Snow covered grounds

                            Beautiful flowers

                            All at the same time

                            Snow up north

                            Beautiful purple - pinkish flowers
                                down south —

                            If I can see with eyes unveiled the
                                beauty in His creation —

                            I can experience more the tremendous
                                gifts God gives to us in the

                                - in the Eucharist

                                - in the priest

                            Song:  A Priest is a Gift from God


Messenger:           All at the goodness of our Creator



February 24, 2007 continues

Messenger:           The more I really give Him myself

                                the more I let go

                                the more I experience life —

                            The more I open my eyes to the
                                Vision of the Father

                            Seeing His magnificent beauty
                                in His creation

                            Letting go

                            God I give You myself completely

                                        Love Rita


                            GIVE HIM WHAT

                                HE WANTS








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