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March 1, 2007

March 2nd Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 3 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for March 2nd are Joyful.



Click on the Radio and hear the Sidney Rosary
 and Fr. John's mass.




Rita Ring will be in Florida

March 5th at 6:20pm.

Please come and pray!

Or tune in!


There will be a powerful retreat

in China this month.

March 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th.

It will be on the weekend.

Please come!



Every day at 6:20pm on the

Shepherds of Christ Radio

we are playing a Mass

that Fr. John did October 13, 2006

(It was the 10th Anniversary

when the 13th's started

October 13, 1996 at Tom's Farm.)

After the Mass we will play Fr. John

praying the Shepherds of Christ prayers and

Sheila will then do the Holy Spirit Novena.

Please tune in and pray united to the radio.

Others who cannot tune in to the radio

pray the 6:20 prayers as usual.

All should be united in prayer,

some listening to the Mass,

some praying the prayers as usual.




March 1, 2007

Messenger:            For the endless hours that Jesus waits in
                        the tabernacle we want to tell Him our love. God wants
                        union with Him, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Intimacy —
                        a Personal love affair for us with Jesus the bridegroom
                        of our soul.

                            We may want our love union with others to be
                        euphoric and then we say God I will be happy and love
                        you when I have intimacy with another.

                            For His religious God wants an even more special
                        bridal union with Him. Think of how it is that so
                        many priests and religious cannot spend that hour with
                        Jesus, alone before the tabernacle. They may rationalize
                        the Church, others are all more important than having
                        one hour a day before the Blessed Sacrament to be with

                            We do what we do not because of what others do if
                        they love us, give us affection, money, admiration,
                        passionate euphoric love — we love Jesus in
                        sunny weather and rainy weather — we love Jesus
                        first, not see if we get love from another individual
                        and then love Jesus.

                            Jesus loved us when they beat Him — crowned Him
                        with thorns. He loved those who beat Him so much
                        He died for them on the cross.

                            We are to have this special love union with
                        God for God's sake, not because we are happy
                        with an individual — that's when we love God and
                        when we are sad in a relationship our deep love
                        for God dwindles.

                            A person loving God is a person of strength
                        like Mary.

                            She stood beneath the cross and she loved the
                        precious souls He died for. Mary is our model. Mary
                        did not put John and the apostles before Jesus. Her
                        love was to honor God — her love flowed to others
                        from this - not the other way around.

                            God has called religious to a special spousal
                        union with Him to teach others about the
                        mystical marriage WITH GOD.

                            If the religious in the Church drew their strength
                        from the relationship with God they would not
                        be so easily swayed by looking for satisfaction
                        in things and people in the world.

                            God is the primary focus — To love God above all
                        things — to love our neighbor as ourselves.

                            Holding onto any one inordinately — another —
                        our family — trying to rescue — looking for
                        understanding to the point it is that which
                        determines our moods and actions — can be
                        blocking our focus on God first — love flowing
                        from this to others, loving ourselves as God's
                        special creation.

                            Why do it? Why can one person be so attached
                        to family or others they have inappropriate -
                        slavishly dependent relationships — Filling
                        ourselves with candy leaves little room for the
                        good foods we need.

                            The mission God gave to me was to feed the hungry.
                        16 years ago — I have lived to help to feed the hungry
                        souls — for at least 2 years I spent in front of
                        the tabernacle feasting on the grace outpoured
                        into my wounded soul — until God began to
                        lavishly fill me with this love from the Mass
                        and adoration — I knew Him, I love Him,
                        I wanted to be with Him.

                            God may open our eyes to inordinate
                        attachments in our lives and we say — no God —
                        I want what I want.

                            We can see how we are asked to let go of
                        mom or dad, sometimes our children, people
                        we love to death and then in that void we may
                        discover deeper and deeper love of God — thirsting
                        after the Eucharist.

                            We have to put on the Father's vision — His
                        Plan for the world — surrender and let go to what
                        He wants with our lives — loving deeply God
                        first — others as God desires.

                            I cry for the souls — I want to know
                        the love of God so much. Jesus is the
                        bridegroom of my soul.

                            I look at the priests suffering and I
                        know that God longs for them to spend time
                        with Him — loving Him — being so one with
                        Christ in celebrating the Mass —

                        From this the grace flows —

                        Putting God first like the 1st Commandment

                            1.  I, the Lord, am your God. You shall not have other gods besides me.

                        Fighting what God wants for us

                        Making ourselves looking to fill voids
                            in our hearts by loving possessively
                            or before God —
                            blocks the very deep mystical marriage
                            we can have with God when we
                            make Him have His rightful place
                            as the King and Center of my heart

                        We were created with the desire that can
                            only be filled by God —
                            vocations to the religious life could prosper
                                if this love affair and its great gift
                                were talked about.



March 1, 2007 continues

Messenger:       Married people who end in divorce may be looking
                            to put someone else in and fill the desire
                            of their hearts only God can do —
                        disobedience against the commandments
                            is wrong

                        1) the first says to love God above all things —
                            we can't have the attitude I will be
                            happy when I am loved by others,
                            sad when we are not and forget
                            God is the strength and summit of our
                            love given

                        2) We are to do things because it is God's
                            will — even if we are suffering
                            and people cause us pain —
                            our actions are like a moving
                            pole — satan can control by
                            pressing on others around us —
                            if our actions are determined
                            by how others are acting to us.

                        Others may act to hinder what we
                            believe God wants, but if we
                            can we always try to do God's
                            will even when suffering —

                        Mary acted purely —

                        We can act purely and then we can
                            get frustrated and give
                            into our tainted human nature —
                            then we act taintedly —

                        We can rationalize to ourselves —
                            why this thing that is really wrong
                                is okay in our case.

                            The devil wants this —   

                            Making exceptions for ourselves —
                            A person may say about another
                                "It's okay for me because he does this."
                                So I don't have to obey the
                                Commandments —

                            That isn't right —

                            Mary has warned making right
                                wrong and making wrong - right,
                                the devil wants this —

                            A person can tell themselves its
                                okay to kill an unwanted
                                unborn baby —

                            What about the 5th commandment?

                            What about sex outside of marriage?
                                unfaithfulness that leads to
                                weakening of the family structure and
                                damages children of the marriage —
                                some for life —

                            What about the children as people
                                make their own rules for
                                selfish reasons — for selfish
                                affections —

                            What about the children of the
                                children who bent the rules
                                for their own selfish love
                                relationship —

                            What happened with Henry VIII —

                            What happened from the sin of
                                Adam and Eve —

                            I want to be pure, but heaven is a
                                reward to those who love and serve
                                the Lord and obey His commandments

                                Having a candy can be an
                            inordinate attachment —

                                The devil works in relationships
                            to try to get them off balance —

                                1) fighting —
                                2) too much the other way against God's will

                            Mary did not have a tainted human
                                nature —

                                She is our model
                                To serve God first
                                To serve God as He desires
                                To get about His work and not selfish
                                    affections against His will — or
                                    division, jealousies, anger

                                The Sacred Heart wants homes
                            of peace — children around the
                            table —

                                A lady was addicted to alcohol —
                                    the children suffered

                                A man gave all his affections to
                                    His secretary and never once
                                    showed love to his wife —

                            The children watched a home of
                                unloving relationships while
                                he rationalized his wife didn't
                                treat him right.

                            What about all the affects of those
                                innocent children while we give into
                                selfish affections —

                                We are here as parents — co-creators
                            to teach the children —
                                to do God's will —

                            Generation after generation suffers
                                when one lies and the children
                                don't know what the big
                                log is in their hearts that block
                                honest love where love is to be
                                learned by the Parents —

                            If one is unloving it does not give
                                the other person the right to have
                                romantic affections outside
                                the marriage — sneakiness so the
                                children do not learn about the
                                love of God — but they were co-created
                                through the parent's actions.

                                I knew one thing —

                                I had my children and
                                it was God's will I was their mother —

                            My way must be dependent on what
                                God wants —
                                if another does something and
                                I can still do God's will
                                I should do it —
                                unless there are circumstances
                                like physical abuse or something

                            A husband and wife are to raise their children —
                                a husband and wife leave mother and father —
                                sometimes possessive mothers and fathers interfere
                                and the children are hurt because of meddling
                                grandparents — possessive, self-focused for
                                their personal affections —

                            In religious life — one must especially
                                teach the children of the Church
                                about celibacy if they are to be
                                celibate —

                                This helps to make amends to God for
                                    the sins of sex in the world when
                                    one gives themselves to God in
                                    religious life and takes a vow of
                                    celibacy and obedience (a sister,
                                    brother, priest)

                            Jesus is longing for the souls to come
                                and give Him love — to live as St. Paul


Galatians 2: 19-20

I have been crucified with Christ and yet I am alive; yet it is no longer I, but Christ living in me.


Messenger:           Oneness in religious life with Father, Son and Holy Spirit
                                going to the pure heart of Mary —

                            Consecrating our lives to Jesus and Mary
                                help us to live our lives in our
                                vocations in purity, according to God's will
                                not too much one
                                way or another — God's will —
                                Why give God anything else



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