Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

March 13, 2000

A Prayer for Intimacy with the Lamb, the Bridegroom of the Soul

Oh Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, come and act on my soul most intimately. I surrender myself, as I ask for the grace to let go, to just be as I exist in You and You act most intimately on my soul. You are the Initiator. I am the soul waiting Your favors as You act in me. I love You. I adore You. I worship You. Come and possess my soul with Your Divine Grace, as I experience You most intimately.

Messenger: Include Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center in 6:20 prayers.

John 18: 37-38

Pilate said, 'So, then you are a king?' Jesus answered, 'It is you who say that I am a king. I was born for this, I came into the world for this, to bear witness to the truth; and all who are on the side of truth listen to my voice.' 'Truth?' said Pilate. 'What is that?' And so saying he went out again to the Jews and said, 'I find no case against him.

Reference Leviticus 19: 1-4, 11-18 from today's Mass.

Jesus speaks: In the end there will be no more lies. Many people do not live in the truth. Many people do not know the truth. Many people have been taught untruth and do not know.

The word is true.

The commandments are true.

Documents of the Church are true.

John 14:6

I am the Way; I am Truth and Life.

Leviticus 19:1-2

Yahweh spoke to Moses and said:
'Speak to the whole community of Israelites and say:
     "Be holy, for I, Yahweh, your God, am holy.

Messenger: There are 24 hours a day to do things. We have 24 hours a day to think, but some time is spent in sleeping. We have many hours for mental prayer and contemplation.

The world is full of noise.

Satan wants to fill our minds. We must supply our minds with truth.

At every moment our connection must be to Him.

Flowering trees along a path

Messenger: Everything we do should be in His will.

In times of trouble and stress the mind can meditate on the rosary.

Mary wants the rosary in the hands of all her children, it is a tool against the tauntings of Satan.

The mind can be filled with meditations of heavenly things.

The connection must be to Him at every moment we live as Saint Paul says, "I have been crucified with Christ and yet I am alive; yet it is no longer I, but Christ living in me." (Galatians 2: 19-20)

I die to the ways that are not like Him.

I die to the falsities of life.

I die to the false self and live more in the true self.

John 14:15-24

If you love me
   you will keep my commandments.
I shall ask the Father,
and he will give you another Paraclete
to be with you for ever,
the Spirit of truth
whom the world can never accept
since it neither sees nor knows him;
but you know him,
because he is with you, he is in you.
I shall not leave you orphans;
I shall come to you.
In a short time
   the world will no longer see me;
but you will see that I live
and you also will live.
On that day
you will know that I am in my Father
and you in me and I in you.
Whoever holds to my commandments
   and keeps them
is the one who loves me;
and whoever loves me
   will be loved by my Father,
and I shall love him
   and reveal myself to him.'

   Judas -- not Judas Iscariot -- said to him,'Lord, what has happened, that you intend to show yourself to us and not to the world?'
Jesus replied:

Anyone who loves me will keep my word,
and my Father will love him,
and we shall come to him
and make a home in him.
Anyone who does not love me
   does not keep my words.
And the word that you hear
   is not my own:
it is the word of the Father who sent me.

John 16:1-15

I have told you all this
so that you may not fall away.
They will expel you
   from the synagogues,
and indeed the time is coming
when anyone who kills you
   will think he is doing
      a holy service to God.
They will do these things
because they have never known
   either the Father or me.
But I have told you all this,
so that when the time for it comes
you may remember that I told you.

The coming of the Paraclete

I did not tell you this from the beginning,
because I was with you;
but now I am going to the one
   who sent me.
Not one of you asks,
   'Where are you going?'
Yet you are sad at heart
   because I have told you this.
Still, I am telling you the truth:
it is for your own good that I am going,
because unless I go,
the Paraclete will not come to you;
but if I go,
I will send him to you.
And when he comes,
he will show the world how wrong it was,
about sin,
and about who was in the right,
and about judgement:
about sin:
in that they refuse to believe in me;
about who was in the right:
in that I am going to the Father
and you will see me no more;
about judgement:
in that the prince of this world
   is already condemned.
I still have many things to say to you
but they would be too much for you
   to bear now.
However, when the Spirit of truth comes
he will lead you to the complete truth,
since he will not be speaking
   of his own accord,
but will say only what he has been told;
and he will reveal to you
   the things to come.
He will glorify me,
since all he reveals to you
will be taken from what is mine.
Everything the Father has is mine;
that is why I said:
all he reveals to you
will be taken from what is mine.

John 17:14-19

I passed your word on to them,
and the world hated them,
because they belong to the world
no more than I belong to the world.
I am not asking you
   to remove them from the world,
but to protect them from the Evil One.
They do not belong to the world
any more than I belong to the world.
Consecrate them in the truth;
your word is truth.
As you sent me into the world,
I have sent them into the world,
and for their sake I consecrate myself
so that they too
   may be consecrated in truth.

Messenger: In Saint John it says the truth will be in you.

The more I dwell in His Heart, He Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life, the more I am living in the truth.

Falsehood must go.

In many alcoholic homes and in those afflicted by drugs, the truth is twisted.

In the Movement there must be truth.

It must be in us.

When people twist the truth they are not living as Christ wants us to. Every account of our lives must be done with the greatest accuracy so that we are not speaking of falsehood.

In trying to remain perfect, some twist the truth to give themselves a clean slate.

The more we go to the Reign of the Sacred Heart, the more we are saturated with His grace, the more we will live in the truth.

It is against God's law to kill babies.

It is wrong when people justify this.

The twisted mind can twist the truth, from the very simplest matters to the most complex matters as killing.

We have been taught in an imperfect world. In going to the Eucharist we become saturated with His grace. He is truth, we know the truth more.

The devil is the Master of lies. Mind-altering drugs affect the person and he may speak falsities and stretch the truth.

Revelation 2:26-29

To anyone who proves victorious, and keeps working for me until the end, I will give the authority over the nations which I myself have been given by my Father, to rule them with an iron sceptre and shatter them like so many pots. And I will give such a person the Morning Star. Let anyone who can hear, listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches."

Revelation 21:27

Nothing unclean may come into it: no one who does what is loathsome or false, but only those who are listed in the Lamb's book of life.

Messenger: Jesus said this message is for all the world and the Movement, His Movement.

Jesus speaks: I want purity in My Movement.

I do not want any lies.

I want you to purify your hearts.

If you cover up your own weaknesses and accuse others wrongly, then you are lying. You must walk in truth or you will not help renew the Church and the world. Be honest about yourselves. You must be constantly dying to the false self. Going to the Eucharist helps you.

One that does not speak the truth offends Me, for I am the TRUTH.

In the Reign of the Sacred Heart, truth will reign. In making oneself right, when in fact you are wrong and you are veering from the truth, to justify your false self is to weaken your relationship with Me.







Watch what you put in your body and your mind.

Do not watch shows on television and movies that are not rooted in truth.

You must fill yourself with as much truth as possible.

I want a Movement that is pure and is rooted in the truth.

I want the Movement to lead men to the Reign of My Heart, where I will live and dwell in their hearts, where they will live and believe that I am their God and they are My people.




DO NOT DECEIVE and coerce others.

All are masters of their own destiny - how you conduct yourselves determines where you will go forever.

Reference the Gospel from today's Mass - Mathew 25:31-46

Jesus speaks: I give you a free will. The world shows you things to contaminate you. If you listen, if you engage in sin, if you take drugs and drinks that work against your soul, you are playing with fire.

I am a God of justice.

Every man will receive according to their deeds.

2 Corinthians 6:2

...well, now is the real time of favour, now the day of salvation is here.

Jesus speaks: You were put here to serve Me and walk in truth. There are imperfections in the world. Imperfect ways are being taught as the right way.

You are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

I dwell in you.

Why do you hurt your own body with your sin?

Your body is sacred, God created you.

Every man will be judged.

I paid for all your sins. I carried them on My back, I sweat Blood. I saw all your sins in the garden.

Oh, My men, I loved you to My death on the cross. Purify your hearts.

The greatest trials may help you the most in your spiritual life.

Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

My Hand Is In Everything (excerpt)

God's Blue Book I Cover

December 30, 1993

It is in acceptance of all that is before you that you grow in your relationship with Me. Do not try to throw back into My face the little opportunity for grace you receive. Child, I am ever by your side and I am ever teaching you. Accept all things as happening from Him Who loves you. Know that My hand is in everything you are experiencing. I am vigilant and by your side. Nothing happens to you that I have not consented to.

Jesus speaks: Working with that particular difficult person may teach you great lessons for your spiritual life.

Little Prayer to the Holy Spirit from the Holy Spirit Novena

Dear Holy Spirit, help us to keep Your commandments and to respect authority. Help us to love all things as You will us to love them. Help us to want to pray and always serve God with the greatest love. Help us to know the truth. Help us to have the gift of faith, hope, and love. Help us to know what is right and what is wrong.

Jesus speaks: Sometimes you put tremendous burdens on others, dumping your hurts on them, when you could have gotten greater grace through endurance and trusting in Me.

Give Me your problems. You need to be praying and doing this work and so do they.

Many times Satan blocks My work because you waste time complaining. I am almighty, I hear you, you must say "Sacred Heart of Jesus I trust in You" and be cheerful and loving, help build up this body.

This does not refer to discussing and handling real problems that need attention and discussion.

I love you so much. It is hard to do all you can and let go and pray to Me.

You must work for Me for the souls. Don't let Satan distract you.

Someone can say, "I love you" and give to you over and over again and because of you own negative tapes in your head you do not hear the love given to you.

Some people can't accept love from others because of pride, and yet they are starved.

You must pray to be healed of all your wounds and to love as I so desire you to love.

Matthew 25:40, 34

And the King will answer, "In truth I tell you, in so far as you did this to one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it to me."

Then the King will say to those on his right hand, "Come, you whom my Father has blessed, take as your heritage the kingdom prepared for you since the foundation of the world.

Sorrowful MotherMary's Message from the Rosary of August 27, 1996

Mary speaks: I stood beneath the cross of my Son, and my Heart was in such pain for I saw Him before my eyes. I saw Him covered with blood. I saw Him die. My Heart, my children, my Heart to watch my Son, but my Heart, my Heart, how I suffered for my little children of the world that give in to this world and give up the love of my Son. O my little children of light, I give you this message. Carry this light into the darkness for your Mother Mary, for I stood beneath the cross and I cried. I cried for the little ones. I cried for the young ones, the ones that do not care and will lose their souls. How do I make you see for you will not listen to me? What can I do? I come. I appear. I beg. I plead. I give you these gifts from my Son, and you reject me. I do not deliver messages very often anymore for I have been ignored. The message is the same. You do not read the messages I have given to you. Please help me. Help the little children. I appear. I appear. I appear, and I am ignored. I stood beneath the cross, and I cried. I cried, and my Heart was in such anguish for my little children, for I am searching for them this day as I searched for the Child Jesus. Please, please help me. I cannot hold back the hand of my Son any longer. I am Mary, your Mother. I ask you to help my children. You are my children of light.

Song: O Lady of Light, shining so bright, be with us this day, guiding our way, O Lady, O Lady of Light.

Mary speaks: I appear to you as Our Mother of Sorrows.

(End of Mary's Message)


I                                    give my heart to
You Jesus and Mary on this day
February 14, 2000.
I promise to help spread the devotion to
the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.


Question for married couples and others in intimate relationships:

Q: When I am upset how do I make you understand I am not blaming you, but that I just want to share my feelings with you?

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