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March 14, 2010

March 15th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 5 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
March 15th are Joyful.


We need funds —

We have sent Fr. Joe's book
to about 26,000 priests —
Thanks for your help —


March 14, 2010


Luke 15: 1-3, 11-32

The tax collectors and sinners, however, were all crowding round to listen to him, and the Pharisees and scribes complained saying, ‘This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.’ So he told them this parable:

Then he said, ‘There was a man who had two sons. The younger one said to his father, "Father, let me have the share of the estate that will come to me." So the father divided the property between them. A few days later, the younger son got together everything he had and left for a distant country where he squandered his money on a life of debauchery. 

    ‘When he had spent it all, that country experienced a severe famine, and now he began to feel the pinch; so he hired himself out to one of the local inhabitants who put him on his farm to feed the pigs. And he would willingly have filled himself with the husks the pigs were eating but no one would let him have them. Then he came to his senses and said, "How many of my father’s hired men have all the food they want and more, and here am I dying of hunger! I will leave this place and go to my father and say: Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you; I no longer deserve to be called your son; treat me as one of your hired men." So he left the place and went back to his father. 

    ‘While he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was moved with pity. He ran to the boy, clasped him in his arms and kissed him. Then his son said, "Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I no longer deserve to be called your son." But the father said to his servants, "Quick! Bring out the best robe and put it on him; put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet. Bring the calf we have been fattening, and kill it; we will celebrate by having a feast, because this son of mine was dead and has come back to life; he was lost and is found." And they began to celebrate. 

    ‘Now the elder son was out in the fields, and on his way back, as he drew near the house, he could hear music and dancing. Calling one of the servants he asked what it was all about. The servant told him, "Your brother has come, and your father has killed the calf we had been fattening because he has got him back safe and sound." He was angry then and refused to go in, and his father came out and began to urge him to come in; but he retorted to his father, "All these years I have slaved for you and never once disobeyed any orders of yours, yet you never offered me so much as a kid for me to celebrate with my friends. But, for this son of yours, when he comes back after swallowing up your property—he and his loose women—you kill the calf we had been fattening." 

    ‘The father said, "My son, you are with me always and all I have is yours. But it was only right we should celebrate and rejoice, because your brother here was dead and has come to life; he was lost and is found." ’


                    The prodigal son was turned in
                on himself —

                    The swine — he squanders the money
                and then is among swine —


 I will leave this place and go to my father and say: Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you;   Luke 15: 18


                    We are the Father's creation —

                    God the Father loves us
                    God the Father forgives our
                        sins when we ask Him

                Sing: Change Our Hearts

                The other son is jealous —

                The other son turned in on himself —

                God rejoices for the returning son —

                How did the jealous son act then
                    at the generosity of the Father —

                Sing: Hosea

                Selfishness —

                the Pity Pot

                Both were selfish - turned in
                    on themselves 


Fourth Sunday of Lent
March 18, 2007

We just heard the story of a young boy whose life was misdirected by love of riches and pleasure. After his so called friends abandoned him and he suffered hunger and want for a period of time, he came to his senses and returned to his father. He returned a changed person. Fortunately, he had a loving and forgiving father who accepted him unconditionally. The point of the story is abundantly clear when we consider the relationship between the father and his younger son. As regards the relationship between the father and the older son, Jesus leaves the conclusion open-ended. We have to reflect on what might have happened, whether the older son gave in to his father’s pleading to be forgiving or whether he refused. How we end the story will tell us a lot about ourselves.

I want to tell you about another young man whose story is somewhat similar. He was Catholic to start with but admits that he was not a very good one. His father was a government official and this young man enjoyed the comforts of those who were well off. He described himself at sixteen as a scatterbrained youth who had “turned away from God and did not keep his commandments.” As his story goes, he was kidnapped and sold as a slave and made to labor on a farm for six years. Like the prodigal son who was without friends and who suffered without adequate food or shelter, this young man came to his senses and he learned obedience through what he suffered. He discovered (and we quote) ”God showed me how to have faith in him forever, as one who is never to be doubted.” After six years God spoke to him in a way that he heard with his own ears. He would escape and God audibly told him when to leave and what direction to go in order to accomplish his escape. Miraculously God protected him along the way until he arrived back home. Like the prodigal son, he came home a new person. Although his parents wanted to keep him at home with them, his love for God led him to want to serve God as a priest. Even more than serving as a priest, his love for others led him to want to return to the people who captured and enslaved him and teach them about God. And that he did. After overcoming many obstacles, including rejection by the hierarchy, a breach of confidence by a friend to whom he entrusted a confession of his past life, his lack of education and social graces, he returned as a bishop to the people who had enslaved him. Once he arrived he wasn’t greeted with open arms. Again, in his own words, he said “daily I expect either murder, or robbery, or enslavement.” He writes elsewhere “they seized me with my companions. And on that day they most eagerly desired to kill me; but my time had not yet come. And everything they found with us they plundered, and myself they bound in chains.” He feared nothing, for even if he were to be put to death, he felt that would have been the supreme act of love for his God. But God had other intentions than that he should be a martyr. For 30 years he served God and the people who once enslaved him and his work was blessed. He ordained many bishops and priests, established convents, monasteries and schools and in thirty years saw the conversion of almost all of Ireland. And of course you all know I’ve been talking about St. Patrick, who is one of our patronal saints and whose statue is under the choir loft. His work was so successful that in a short time Ireland was sending out missionaries to revitalize the faith of Europe which had fallen into decline. Irish missionaries have been a blessing to the Church ever since.

For those who are Irish and who honor Patrick, the best way to truly honor him is not by drinking a Guinness. We should respond to his example and his call to holiness. Again quoting Patrick, he asks those who believe in him and love him to “strengthen and confirm your faith…That will be my glory, for a wise son is the glory of his father.”

And for those who are not Irish and who think too much is made of St. Patrick on March 17th, I would like you to think of how our faith has been strengthened by the witness of many Irish saints and how our civilization has been preserved by the scholarship of the Irish during the days when mainland Europe was being overrun by barbarians. The great heritage of western civilization, from the Greek and Roman classics to Jewish and Christian works, would have been utterly lost were it not for the holy men and women of unconquered Ireland. These Irish recorded the great works of western civilization in their monasteries and convents (remember all books had to be written by hand). They brought this learning back to Europe after it began to stabilize in the eighth century under Charlemagne. Whether you’re Irish or not, we all owe a great debt to the Irish and we pray that our patron, St. Patrick, blesses our parish and our families.


Joshua 5: 9-12  

Yahweh then said to Joshua, ‘Today I have taken the shame of Egypt away from you.’ Hence, the place has been called Gilgal ever since.

The Israelites pitched their camp at Gilgal and kept the Passover there on the fourteenth day of the month, at evening, in the plain of Jericho. On the very next day after the Passover, they ate what the land produced, unleavened bread and roasted ears of corn. The manna stopped the day after they had eaten the produce of the land. The Israelites from that year onwards ate the produce of Canaan and had no more manna.


Psalm 34: 2-7

I will praise Yahweh from my heart;
let the humble hear and rejoice.

Proclaim with me the greatness of Yahweh,
let us acclaim his name together.

I seek Yahweh and he answers me,
frees me from all my fears.

Fix your gaze on Yahweh and your face will grow bright,
you will never hang your head in shame.

A pauper calls out and Yahweh hears,
saves him from all his troubles.

The angel of Yahweh encamps
around those who fear him, and rescues them.


2 Corinthians 5: 17-21

So for anyone who is in Christ, there is a new creation: the old order is gone and a new being is there to see. It is all God’s work; he reconciled us to himself through Christ and he gave us the ministry of reconciliation. I mean, God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself, not holding anyone’s faults against them, but entrusting to us the message of reconciliation. 

    So we are ambassadors for Christ; it is as though God were urging you through us, and in the name of Christ we appeal to you to be reconciled to God. For our sake he made the sinless one a victim for sin, so that in him we might become the uprightness of God.




                St. Patrick knew the story of the
                    prodigal son —

                God calls us to go out — to spread
                    the Good News —
                    Not to be turned in — in
                        selfishness, jealousy,
                        pride, possessiveness,
                        anger, seeking dominance for
                        dominance sake —

                We are fed with the Bread of Life —
                    with the Word
                    with the Eucharist



                    We have sent these homilies
                to 26,000 priests in the United States.
                They are so grateful — their responses
                are at the end —

                Help support this effort — Jesus
                told Fr. Carter 16 years ago —

                    We have circulated 15,000,000
                Priestly Newsletters loose and in books in 16 years —

                Call Kathleen and order your book —
                    help us to reach the rest of
                    the priests in the United States

                Help your priest weekly

                Give a donation —



                Dear God help us have hearts
                    that are not hard —

                Sing: If today you hear His voice —
                    harden not your hearts


        Prayer of St Ignatius

Soul of Christ, sanctify me
Body of Christ, save me
Blood of Christ, inebriate me
Water from the side of Christ wash me
Passion of Christ, strengthen me
O good Jesus, hear me
Within Thy wounds hide me
Permit me not to be separated from Thee
From the wicked foe defend me
at the hour of my death call me
and bid me come to Thee
That with Thy saints I may praise Thee
For ever and ever. Amen.


Prayer from St. Ignatius

Lord, teach me to be generous.
Teach me to serve you as you deserve;
To give and not to count the cost;
To fight and not to heed the wounds;
To toil and not to seek for rest;
To labor and not to ask for any reward,
Save that of knowing
                    that I am doing your will.


                        Excerpt from St. Ignatius Spiritual Exercises

142. THIRD POINT.   Consider the address he makes to them, how he goads them on to lay snares for men and bind them with chains. First they are to tempt them to covet riches (as Satan himself is accustomed to do in most cases) that they may the more easily attain the empty honors of this world, and then come to overweening pride.

   The first step, then, will be riches, the second honor, the third pride. From these three steps the evil one leads to all other vices.

end of excerpt


                Cleanse, Oh God, my heart —
                    let my heart be made ever
                    holy —

                Holy Spirit sanctify me and fill my
                    heart with Your grace

                Come, Oh God, fill me — I am
                    an empty vessel ready to
                    be filled —

                Oh God, outpour Your grace
                    on me —

                Help me to have a pure heart —

                Jesus I call you to love
                I call you to obedience


Romans 8: 28

We are well aware that God works with those who love him, those who have been called in accordance with his purpose, and turns everything to their good.


Romans 8: 36-39

as scripture says:

    For your sake we are being massacred
        all day long,
    treated as sheep to be slaughtered?

No; we come through all these things triumphantly victorious, by the power of him who loved us. For I am certain of this: neither death nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nothing already in existence and nothing still to come, nor any power, nor the heights nor the depths, nor any created thing whatever, will be able to come between us and the love of God, known to us in Christ Jesus our Lord.


                R. There is a beginning and an end —
                This is how we were put on this earth
                God calls us to do a job — we do it —
                We don't do it a different way and make
                    people come and beg to have it
                    the way we were told to do it

                Obedience pleases God

                Working together to do God's work pleases God
                I heard today a priest say —
                    I can celebrate Mass — every day and if
                    I am not loving it is not doing all
                    God wants of me —

                God calls us to love Him and here that
                    means loving others — being as
                    Jesus wants us to be —

                Working in love —

                God gave me the Blue Books He calls us to love
                    God —
                    and love each other




Response Letters from the mailing of
Fr. Joe's Homily book - Cycle C 

102. 3/10/2010 – Priest – CA

Thank you so much for this wonderful gift, Celebrating Light. Fr. Robinson has wonderful insights that I plan on sharing with our retreatants weekly. God bless you and your wonderful ministry.

101. 3/10/2010 – Priest – IL

Thank you for the copy of Feed My Soul (Cycle C).

100. 3/8/2010 – Priest - PA

Thank you for the Homilies of Cycle C of Fr. Joe Robinson. God bless you in your apostolate.

99. 3/8/2010 – Priest - MA

I just wanted to thank you for the book “Guiding Light” for this Lent and the celebration of the year for Priests. May the Lord reward you with his grace for your work, prayers, and sacrifices. I know you sent the books out to many priests, but I would like to just say thanks and give this small donation for your work and apostolate.

98. 3/7/2010 – Priest - IL

I am grateful for the many prayers you raise to God on my behalf and that of my brother priests. The book of homilies by Fr. Joe Robinson will surely be help to me in the years to come and for as I give you my thanks. May the Lord bless you for your kindness!

97. 3/5/2010 – Priest – CA

I truly appreciate the book of sermons that you sent as I will make good use of it.

96. 3/2010 – Priest – CA

It was very thoughtful of you that you have generously shared your gift of ministry with the priests.

95. 3/4/2010 – Priest – CT

Thank you for sending me “Guiding Light” Feed My Soul book of homilies. Certainly it will help me with my ministries.

94. 3/3/2010 – Priest – CA

Thank you for sending me Fr. Joe Robinson’s book of homilies for Cycle C, and especially for all of the prayers and devotions that the Shepherds offer for us priests and for the Church. I spend a great deal of time preparing my homilies, and from reading father Joe’s book, I can see how it will be helpful to me.

93. 3/1/2010 – Priest – NY

Recently I received your book of homilies by Fr. Joe Robinson, and trusting it will be helpful for preparing our Sunday Celebrations, enclosed is a check. It was my understand that “Shepherds of Christ Ministries” was no longer in existence, especially since my classmate of High School and College in Cincinnati, Fr. Ed Carter had died. Peace, Prayers & Progress in Jesus. By the way, my 1st prayer every morning is the Morning Offering.

92. 3/1/2010 – Priest – MA

Thank you for sending me a copy of Fr. Robinson’s collection of homilies. I have already found it helpful in preaching about the Transfiguration this past Sunday. It’s a fine resource. Thanks, too, for your prayers.

 91. 2/26/2010 – Priest – IN

I like the book of homilies.

90. 2/25/2010 – Priest – IL

Thank you for sending me the book Guiding Light, Feed My Soul. I shall treasure this as I used to receive newsletters from Father Carter for many years. If people had been praying for priests years ago then the priesthood would not be in themes it is at this time. I shall remember you at my Mass tomorrow. I am very grateful for your gift. May God be with you.

89. 2/23/2010 – Priests – IL

Thank you for your letter of January 13, 2010, with the enclosed copy of the book of homilies by Fr. Joseph Robinson. I Sincerely appreciate your kind and generous gift. Moreover, I am pleased also to know about the Shepherds of Christ and your ministries, particularly your prayers for priests.

88. 2/23/2010 – Priest – NY

Thank you so much for your thoughtful letter of 13 January and for the enclosed copy of Guiding Light: Feed My Soul. I Appreciate your kindness in sharing this good work with me and I presume so many other priests, especially through the benefaction of Fr. Joseph Robinson. God bless and strengthen you as you carry out this beautiful work. Have a happy and blessed year. 

87. 2/23/2010 – Priest – MA

Thank you for the encouraging letter you sent and the book, Guiding Light. May the Lord bless your efforts to bring spiritual renewal to souls.

86. 2/22/2010 – Priest

Thanks for the book of Fr. Joe Robinson and the covering letter expressing appreciation for the priests. God bless you.

85. 2/17/2010 – Priest – IL

Many thanks for sending me the book of Father Joe’s homilies for Cycle C – and to your brother for making it possible. I’m especially grateful, of course, for your and the other Shepherds daily prayers for me and other priests.

84. 2/2010 – Priest – NY

Thank you for the copy of Fr. Robinson’s book of homilies.

83. 2/10/2010 – Priest – NY

Thank you very much for the gift of the book for homily help. It is very generous of you to give this gift. Even though retired I help out on Sundays so any help to get a homily started is really appreciated. God bless you for your kindness and may Lent bring you the best gifts from Jesus. I appreciate your prayers.

82. 2/8/2010 – Priest – Illinois

Thank you for your letter and for the book “Guiding Light” by your brother Fr. Joseph Robinson. Also, thank you for your letters over the years. I’m very grateful.

81. 2/2010 – Priest

Thank you for the Cycle C Book of Father Robinson’s homilies. I’m grateful to for your prayers and on your mailing list. Love and prayers.

80. 2/2010 – Priest – MA

Many thanks for the book. Received with great love and joy.

79. 2/6/2010 – Priest – Ethiopia

I received the 3 volumes of homilies, thanks again for your generosity and sending to me this marvelous works of divine power. Let us be and work together to build our church. May the almighty God bless you and your work. 

 78. 1/29/2010 – Priest – IL

I am so pleased to know that I am remembered and prayed for by such holy people and society. I am ever grateful to you and assure you of my remembrance at Mass your organization and mission.  Thank you also for the book of sermon notes of your brother priest Fr. Joseph. I appreciate it and I find it very inspiring and enlightening which I will be using very effectively in my preaching ministry. I shall be pleased to have a copy of the other two cycles as well, if possible later on. Thank you once again and asking God’s blessings upon you and your good work.

77. 1/29/2010 – Priest – IN

Thank you so much for the book. I will use it as I put my homilies together. Together let us bless the Lord, for God has been so good to us. God bless your ministries.

76. 1/28/2010 – Priest – NY

I received the book “Guiding Light Feed My Soul” – Thank you. They are indeed beautiful homilies that Fr. Joe Robinson gave in Cycle C Book. I have no idea how much it cost the ministry to print and send this book out to all the priests, but I can imagine that it was a great amount of money. Enclosed please find my gift to help to defray the expenses involved. It isn’t much I know, but maybe it will help some, o.k.? Once again THANK YOU and Good luck in your ministries in getting the word of Jesus out to others.

75. 1/26/2010 – Priest – NY

Thank you so much for making me so proud and affirmed in my priesthood. You truly make our priesthood worth living for. I am a chaplain in a correctional facility – “the priest-in-prison”. Your love makes me love my prisoners more. God bless you and continue to reward the work of your hands.

74. 1/25/2010 – Priest – NY

Thank you for the Cycle C Homilies by Fr. Joe Robinson. Please send me a copy of B Cycle and the A Cycle if possible. I’m enclosing a small offering. “Oremus Pro Invicem”

73. 1/23/2010 – Priest - NY

Thank you for the very lovely Cycle C book Guiding Light which just arrived at my place in NY.

72. 1/22/10 – Priest – Washington DC

I received your literature a couple of days ago and the book of Guiding Light, homilies by Fr. Joe Robinson, and am delighted with it. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity. I will remember all of you in my Mass on Sunday (24th). Will also keep you in my prayers in continuing your splendid work.

71. 1/19/2010 – Priest – NY

I do not know when you mailed the book with/of your brother’s homilies – but I received it just today. Thank you, I shall refer to the homilies in my preparations. Thank you for your prayers. I am sure you are obtaining many graces, conversions and returns to faith as a result of perpetual adoration.

70. 1/16/2010 – Priest – NY

Thank you for the book and the gracious praise of our priesthood – would that we much all be deserving of it! 

69. 1/2010 – Priest – NY

Thank you for sending me Guiding Light and for your prayers for us priests. Your ministry is deeply appreciated. May God bless you and help you to continue.

68. 1/2010 – Priest – NY

Thank you for the book of homilies.

67. 1/2010 – Priest – NY

Thank you for the book Guiding Light.

66. 1/2010 – Priest – NY

Thank you so much for your brother’s homily book. Please thank Fr. Joseph, Mr. Weickert and your group of Shepherds of Christ for me. Your kindness, thoughtfulness and especially prayers for me and for other priests are deeply appreciated. Please continue your prayers for me as I will for all of you. May God bless you always and reward you abundantly.

65. 1/18/2010 – Priest – Washington DC

Thank you for your letter and the book of your brother’s homilies, as well as for all your prayers. You and everyone at Shepherds of Christ Ministries are doing wonderful work.

64. 1/2010 – Priest – Washington DC

Thank you! Great work – great book!

63. 1/2010 – Priest – NY

Thank you for the C cycle copy of “Guiding Light”. I’m enjoying it in my prayer life … and preparing homilies. I would like to buy the A & B cycles. Send me the bill and mailing cost. Thanks again.

62. 1/14/2010 – Priest – Florida

My twin brother and I are priests in Florida and I’m sure I speak for many priests throughout the country in expressing appreciation to Father Joseph. His Christmas homily – the voices of all within and around the crèche, was especially beautiful – and I didn’t want the year to get too for away from us without expressing gratitude to you and to Father Joseph – what a fantastic Ministry. Please know that you and your brother are in the prayers of many of us.

61. 1/10/2010 – Priest - Florida

I was so happy and overjoyed to receive this past Advent the best Christmas present – one that I had wished for – in your brother’s Cycle c homilies – Guiding Light. The book cover is beautiful and when Cycle B ended I said to myself I wish I had the new cycle, but alas, I didn’t know where I was going to get it…Then like an answer to prayer, it was in the mail! I was already missing his homilies at the beginning of December until the book arrived. I love the cover and I love the work you are doing. In the Year of the Priesthood this is certainly a welcome gift and presentation to the priests. And for me the best Christmas gift. And it came free!! The cover is great, the print is nice and big and easy to read, and the thoughts, of course, are great. One week Fr. Robinson talked about how long he was in a parish and changes, and I could use that talk myself. So the Scripture, reflections, homilies, and personal antidotes are perfect. With your generous gift you have certainly made it a blessed and Merry Christmas for me. Thank you for your prayers before the Blessed Christmas and be assured of our prayers every week when we pull out “Guiding Light – Feed my Soul” for encouraging words for our parishioners here.

60. 1/7/2010 – Priest – Florida

Thank you for mailing me free copy of Homilies by Fr. Joe Robinson. I enjoy reading his homilies. In the past you sent me that of another Cycle. Happy New Year to all in Shepherds of Christ Ministries.

59. 1/7/2010 – Msgr. – Ohio

Many thanks for the gift of your brother’s book of homilies. I am 90, in a nursing home, sometimes with two Masses a day, and I need some ideas for homilies.

58. 1/5/2010 – Priest – Ohio.

I am delighted to have your greetings at Christmas, with all those dear names personally signed. Thank you. The photo of Fr. Carter with John and Rita is good.

57. 12/29/2009 – Priest – Kentucky

Thanks a lot for your lovely greetings. I appreciate your love and prayers. Wish you a hope-filled 2010 – with New Year blessings!

56. 12/28/2009 – Priest – Indiana

A word of gratitude for your prayers, ministry, and copy of “Guiding Light”! God bless your dedicated work in His vineyard!

55. 12/27/2009 – Priest – Kentucky

Thank you for the gift of the book of homilies and especially all you do spiritually for the Church and for priests. We need more emphasis on the spiritual aspects of the priesthood, along with all the other things priests are asked to do. I do Parish Missions and realize many Catholic’s seek a deeper spiritual life along with their lived “human” life.

54. 12/24/2009 – Priest – Indiana

Thank you for sharing Fr. Joseph Robinson’s homilies with me. May God bless you and your apostolate for us priests!

53. 12/23/2009 - Priest - Kentucky 

Just a small devotion to let you know I enjoy reading Fr. Joe's homilies. God bless you and your ministry in 2010.

52. 12/23/2009 – Priest – Indiana

Thank you for the book “Guiding Light” for the Cycle C Readings. May God bless all of you with the best of health and peace throughout the coming New Year!

51. 12/2009 – Priest – Ohio

Thanks for the book. Enclosed please find check.

50. 12/2009 – Priest – Ohio

Merry Christmas and I blessed New Year. Thanks for your prayers for priests. You also will be remembered in my prayers.

49. 12/22/09 – Priest – Ohio

Thank you for the book gift of “Guiding Light”. Much appreciated for enriched preaching. Enclosed is a little token gift. Many thanks! Christmas cheer and blessings!

48. 12/20/2009 - Priest - Ohio 

Thank you for sending Fr. Robinson's book of homilies for Cycle C. Actually you had given me a copy earlier, and now I can share this treasure with another priest. And a treasure it is, both the introduction and homily text. I sincerely hope the holiest Birthday anniversary will be a religious experience for you and all of Shepherds of Christ. 

47. 12/2009 - Priest - Florida 

Thank you for Guiding Light by your brother, Fr. Joseph Robinson. I greatly appreciate this gift and I thank you very much. This "Feed My Soul" is based on the Sunday Gospels of Year C — Do you still have spare copies for Years A and B? What do they sell for? Thank You. Enjoy the Christmas Season.

46. 2009 – Priest - Ohio

Please accept this donation to help in some small way the apostolate you have so devotedly engaged in for the glory of God and the spiritual growth of his people.

45. 12/20/2009 – Priest - Ohio

Greetings from Ohio. And Merry Christmas! Thanks for the book of Fr. Joe's homilies. I've used it already today in my own homily. I remember you from the Athenaeum Chorale.

44. 2009 – Priest - Ohio

Enclosed, please find a check for the book entitled, “Guiding Light: Feed My Soul”, by Fr. Joe Robinson. I enjoy his homiletic reflections very much. They are very helpful and spiritually uplifting. Thank you for sending the book so quickly. I received it in just a few days following my order, just in time for the First Sunday of Advent. I would be very interested in receiving the Cycle A edition when it is in print. Thanks again for all your help.

43. 2009 – Priest – Ohio

Thank you so much for your gift book, “Guiding Light”. I’ve read a number of homilies, and they are really good. However, the book has already led me into sin! You see, I’ve “stolen” some of Fr. Robinson’s stories and incorporate them into my own homilies! Many blessings, and I will certainly be purchasing items from you.

42. 2009 – Priest – Ohio

Thank you for remembering me and for your kindness. Be assured of continual prayers for you and your family.

41. 12/2009 – Priest – Missouri

Thank you so much for the “Cycle C” readings. I always read the “B” ones – great insights and ideas. Wishing all of you the Blessings of the Christmas Season. Hope 2010 will be a time of great joy in your ministry.

40. 12/2009 – Priest – Ohio

Thank you for the complimentary copy of Guiding Light Feed My Soul – the homilies of Father Joe. I am grateful for your kindness. May God continue to bless you and your ministry in the New Year.

39. 12/2009 – Priest – Ohio

Thank you for your generous gift of Fr. Robinson’s homilies and for all your care and kindnesses for priests. I too will remember you in prayer. The world needs us. May God bless you and your ministries.

38. 12/2009 – Priest – Florida

Thank you for the homily book – I used them a lot last year. I really appreciate them.

37. 12/2009 – Priest – Florida

Thanks for the good work. May the Lord receive your prayers for all priests.

36. 12/2009 – Priest – Florida

Thanks for sending me the book “Guiding Light”. I wish you all success and for my prayers for the noble ministry you do.

35. 12/19/2009 – Priest – Ohio

Thanks for the copy of your brother Joe’s homilies. Years ago he and I worked together at St. Columban. He is a good friend.

34. 12/19/2009 – Priest – Ohio

Thank you for Father Joe’s Cycle C homilies.

33. 12/7/2009 – Priest – Illinois

Thank you for your greetings and the copy of “Guiding Light” I find his books very helpful.

32. 12/10/2009 - Bishop - USA

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness! I have received Fr. Joe Robinson’s Cycle C, Guiding Light Feed My Soul along with the prayer cards and the CD titled The Priest, A Gift from God. I will share these with the priests and the faithful of the Diocese. May God shower his blessings upon you this holy Season of Advent and Christmas!

31. 12/4/2009 - Cardinal - Vatican

I recently received your letter of 13 November 2009 in which you presented a homily by Fr. Michael Barth. Thank you for your prayers and concern for me and the work; they are much appreciated. In reviewing the materials on your website, it appears that your materials may be available in Italian as well as in English. If you have materials in Italian I would be interested in seeing those in lieu of the materials in English. If the materials are only available in English then we would be most happy with those items. Availing ourselves of this opportunity to express our thankfulness and to extend our best wishes for a blessed Advent.

30. 12/4/2009 - Cardinal - Vatican.

Thank you for your letter addressed to Cardinal and the books and material you enclosed from the Shepherds of Christ Ministries. The Cardinal has asked me to extend his thanks to you. Wishing God's blessing, I remain.

29. 12/2/2009 - Bishop - USA

Thank you very much for your wonderful letter and for the Homily sent on November 13, 2009. Please be assured of my prayers for you and your wonderful ministry.

28. 12/1/2009 - Cardinal - Belgium

I thank you very much for spreading the Priestly Newsletter for the past 15 years and for all the other pastoral and liturgical actions you undertake. You fulfil this pastoral task with an exceptional courage and continuity. I pray for your work and that of all the Shepherds of Christ Ministries and I hope you can carry on this work in the service of spiritual life.

27. 11/27/2009 - Cardinal - Vatican.

Thank you very much for your kind letter of November 13th last, enclosing Fr. Michael Barth's homily given during your monthly retreat in China, Indiana. With cordial regards, I remain.

26. 11/24/2009 - Holy Father - Vatican

The Holy Father wishes me to express his gratitude for your kind gift of a collection of homilies by Fr. Joe Robinson. He appreciates your thoughtful gesture. His Holiness will remember you and your associates in his prayers. Invoking upon all of you joy and peace in our Lord Jesus Christ, he cordially imparts his Apostolic Blessing.

25. 11/24/2009 - Cardinal - Rome

I thank you for your beautiful letter and for the fine publications of Shepherds of Christ Ministries you sent me. With all my best wishes for your splendid apostolate.

24. 11/19/2009 – Msgr. – PA

Many thanks for the Cycle “C” homilies by Fr. Robinson. Very insightful! God bless you in your work, that’s a tremendous apostolate.

23. 11/18/2009 - Cardinal - Vatican

Thank you very much for your respectful letter, which enclosed material produced and used by the Shepherds of Christ Ministries to promote the renewal of the spiritual life and the prayer for the priests, as well as the homilies of Fr. Joseph Robinson and Fr. Michael Barth. But above all, thanks for your prayers which all of us priests need, in order to be faithful instruments of God’s grace. 

22. 11/18/2009 - Bishop – USA

 A word of thanks for the material I just received and your letter of November 13th. Our priests will be on retreat beginning November 30th. I am sure that your prayers will help them have a wonderful spiritual experience.

21. 11/17/2009 - Bishop - USA

His Excellency has asked me to thank you for the gracious communication of November 13, 2009, and especially for all the documents which you sent. The Bishop is grateful for your thoughtfulness and kindness in sending this information to him.

20. 11/17/2009 - Archbishop -USA

The book Guiding Light: Feed My Soul and The Priest: A Gift from God DVD which you were kind enough to send to Archbishop arrived and he has asked me to thank you for your thoughtfulness in providing this gift.

19. 11/16/2009 - Cardinal – Scotland

I thank you for your recent letter to me. Thank you for the information which you have forwarded to me – along with a copy of the homilies preached by your brother, Fr. Joseph Robinson, and others. You are in my thoughts and in my prayers as you continue your apostolate.

18. 11/16/2009 - Cardinal - Vatican

Please accept my appreciation for your letter of November 13, current. My commitment to remember in prayer the efforts of the Shepherds to support priestly formation and lifestyle. Your practice of perpetual adoration before the Blessed Sacrament is a wonderful expression of the kind of entrustment to the Lord of those many needs which priesthood in the contemporary Church continues to experience. Before the same Altar, kindly remember me and those associated with me in the service.

17. 11/15/2009 - Bishop - USA

I would like to thank you for sharing with me the book Guiding Light: Feed My Soul, CD and other pamphlets. I am sure your efforts in putting together these materials will be greatly rewarded. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and prayers. 11/11/2009 - Bishop - USA28. On behalf of Bishop, thank you very much for the copy of the book, Guiding Light: Feed My Soul – Homilies by Fr. Joe Robinson and the CD: the Priest A gift from God – Recording of Fr. Michael Barth. Bishop is currently out of the office, but will no doubt appreciate your thoughtfulness in remembering him with this gift.

16. 11/14/2009 - Cardinal – Vatican

I am pleased to acknowledge the receipt of your letter dated 13 November 2009, wherein you kindly enclosed several publications of Shepherds of Christ Ministries. Thank you very much for your consideration in this regard. I remain grateful for your important service to the Church, and in particular to the priests and bishops. I am confident that all you do is a tremendous support to the clergy and no doubt will bear great fruit. With renewed sentiments of gratitude and warm regards.

15. 11/12/2009 - Bishop - USA

Thank you very much for the book of homilies and other prayer cards from the Shepherds of Christ Ministries. I will enjoy reading your book – During this Year for Priests, I commend you for the good work you are doing for the Church and for priests, and pray that the Lord will continue to bless you and your work. Please keep me in your daily prayers, as you are assured of my prayers.

14. 11/12/2009 - Bishop - USA

Thank you for your letter and for your many kind gifts. I am grateful for your thoughtfulness and generosity, and I appreciate very much your continued prayerful support of my brother priests and me. Please also know of my appreciation for your work to advance the Kingdom of God through Shepherds of Christ Ministries.

13. 11/11/2009 - Bishop - USA

Thank you for the books and materials you sent me. Your support for all priests is very much included. I pray for you and your ministry – Shepherds of Christ Ministries. God bless you.

12. 11/11/2009 - Bishop - USA.

Thank you for your letter and for the enclosed book, Guiding Light: Feed My Soul, CD, The Priest: A Gift from God, and materials. I appreciate you thinking of me and taking the time to send them. Be assured of my prayers for you. May the Lord bless you with His love and mercy.

11. 11/11/2009 - Archbishop - USA

Many thanks for your recent letter and for the many years your group has been praying in prayer chapters in all parts of the world. It is overwhelming to hear that prayers are offered for our intentions every day, at all hours of the day. What a wonderful gift you are to us. Thank you for sending me a copy of the homily by Fr. Michael Barth given during a retreat in China, Indiana. With gratitude to you and all your associates in the Shepherds of Christ Ministries for your continued remembrance of us and with the assurance of my own prayers for you.

10. 11/10/2009 - Cardinal - Netherlands

Thank you cordially for the booklet, you sent to me, especially for the sermons of Fr. Robinson. I am a retired bishop, but can use it for meditation. Also my sincere thanks for your continuous prayer and for your apostolate for the priesthood and for vocations. With you I pray for that daily. May God bless you and your apostolate with all esteem, wishes and blessing and cordial greetings.

9. 11/10/2009 - Bishop - USA

Thank you for the very helpful books that will help us celebrate The Year for Priests. I am grateful to you and those who serve with you for all that you do to support us priests. It pleased me especially to know the hours that are spent before the Blessed Sacrament. That is the most wonderful gift. God’s peace to all.

8. 11/10/2009 - Bishop - USA

It is with sincere appreciation that I received your letter of November 13, 2009 and the information you sent on the Shepherds of Christ Ministries. Thank you for the materials you sent on your ministry for priests, including the book Guiding Light and the CD The Priest – A Gift From God. Thank you also for your kind words, and for the work you do in support of our priests. In this the Year For Priests, may our Lady, the Mother of all priests, bless your efforts and endeavors to promote a greater love and appreciation for the holy priesthood. And let us continue to remember and pray for all priests, to grow in love, fidelity, and courage in the service of the people of God and of the Church.

7. 11/9/2009 - Bishop – USA

Thank you so very much for the many ways that you express your love for Jesus and Mary and your love for priests. I am most grateful to you for your prayers, especially before the Blessed Sacrament. I thank you for this current mailing, very especially for the homilies of your brother, Fr. Joseph Robinson, on Cycle C. May God continue to bless you and your ministry in rich abundance!

6. 11/9/2009 - Bishop - USA

Thank you for your letter of November 13th and also, for the information on the ministry of Shepherds of Christ Ministries along with the book, booklets, cards and CD. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

5. 11/9/2009 - Apostolic Nuncio - USA

I thank you for your letter of November 13, 2009 with Guiding Light, the book of homilies for Cycle C, by your brother, Fr. Joe Robinson, as well as a CD recording of Fr. Michael Barth and various other materials relating to Shepherds of Christ Ministries. With my appreciation and an assurance of my prayerful best wishes.

4. 11/9/2009 - Bishop - USA

Thank you for your recent letter and for the various materials from the Shepherds of Christ Ministry. I appreciate your kindness in forwarding these materials and look forward to reviewing them. With prayerful best wishes.

3. 11/6/2009 - Bishop - USA

Thank you for your recent letter and for the items from Shepherds of Christ. I look forward to listening to the CD and to reading the homilies.

2. 10/22/2009 – Priest - Florida

Greetings! Last year you sent me the book – Guiding Light: Focusing on the Word. It is a series of homilies by Fr. Joe Robinson. What a wonderful gift. I have used it for all my homilies and spiritual reading. It has been a blessing for me and even more – a blessing for my parish. I am very grateful for this gift.

1. 12/30/2008 – Priest – Kentucky

Hey I just wanted to call you and say blessings – this is simply just an affirmation call. I got in the mail a while back Guiding Light – the Word Alive in Our Hearts – Homilies by Fr. Joe Robinson. I have to admit this has been one of the most edifying pieces of literature I have received in my hands in a long time. Fr. Joe’s homilies are inspiring, they are just wonderful. They are absolutely wonderful. I would love to hear this man preach. I mean that assuming that from what I saw – He’s still around – 40 years – it says on the back here – I haven’t read it thoroughly.  – it even has a song – the song about priests! What an edifying thing that Christ has given to you – the Holy Spirit given to you. I just want to say from one of the priests out here in the trenches along with the great laity of the Church – Thank you! What a blessing this has been to me. So I would love to integrate this in some how, and thank you for the mission of the Shepherds of Christ. What an edifying thing for us today. So no need to call back, but I would just give you my cell phone number. And there’s no need to call back or anything. You got tons on your plate already and everything. But I mean these were just blessed homilies – I would like to see if there is a continuing of Fr. Joe’s homilies and the series and stuff. So anyway – my opinion for whatever it counts. Blessings to you this Christmas season and may the Blessed Mother and all the angels and saints just fill you with Christ’s presence. Talk to you later.



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So Deep Is the Love of His Heart


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Love God, Love One Another

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July 31, 1994

Words of Jesus to Members of
Shepherds of Christ Associates:

"My beloved priest-companion, I intend to use the priestly newsletter, Shepherds of Christ, and the movement, Shepherds of Christ Associates, in a powerful way for the renewal of My Church and the world.

"I will use the newsletter and the chapters of Shepherds of Christ Associates as a powerful instrument for spreading devotion to My Heart and My Mother's Heart.

"I am calling many to become members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. To all of them I will give great blessings. I will use them as instruments to help bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the reign of My Sacred Heart. I will give great graces to the members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. I will call them to be deeply united to My Heart and to Mary's Heart as I lead them ever closer to My Father in the Holy Spirit."

- Message from Jesus to Father Edward J. Carter, S.J., Founder, as given on July 31, 1994,
feast of Saint Ignatius Loyola, Founder of the Society of Jesus (The Jesuits)






The China Church is over 140 years old

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