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March 16, 2007

March 17th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 9 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for March 17th are Glorious.


Sidney Rosary

will be March 20th - 6:20pm

Please tune in!


March 16, 2007

                We have to learn —

                We are still learning how to do things.

                    learning about computers

                    learning about each other

                We are learning about God

                    We are growing in our relationships

                    We are here to love

                    Our most important relationship
                        is love of God,

                    but our relationship with
                        God is in every relationship
                        with others

                They are not two separate things.

                Our hearts are always growing to
                    love more like God.

                The heart is the organ that pumps —
                    yes pumps blood to the body
                    without the heart pumping
                    blood to the body — we will

                Some want to strengthen their hearts
                    they exercise and do what
                    they can to have a healthy
                    not too much grease!!

                What about love —
                    let's look at the greatest
                    hearts of love

                Jesus' Sacred Heart

                Mary's Immaculate Heart

                Mary said at Fatima — Jesus
                    wants us to venerate her heart
                    next to Jesus' Heart

                This is major to the peace of the world —
                    that the poor banished children
                    of Adam and Eve will have
                    hearts of peace and love
                    like Jesus and Mary

                Jesus loves us so much — He gives
                    us the royal banquet
                    in the Mass.
                    He feeds our heart with
                    He nourishes us.
                    He loves us.
                    I love Him so much!

                Oh Jesus God give us Your precious
                    Body to eat.

                Oh Jesus let us drink from the
                    precious cup of Your
                    loving Blood.

                Oh God the Father You loved me so much
                    You sent Your precious Son
                    into the world.

                Jesus willingly died for us.

                Jesus showed us how He complied
                    to the will of the Father.

                Let's sing

                    Glory to God
                    Glory to God
                    Glory to God in the highest

                I know in suffering I look into
                    His Bloody face —
                    I see Him on the way to Calvary
                        saying yes.

                    I see the souls He loved so
                        much He died for them.

                    No person on this earth can compare
                        with the Perfect love of the
                        Divine God —

                    God is a Supreme Being —

                    We are people, through baptism,
                        we can share most abundantly
                        in His grace, but we are still
                        limited, imperfect creatures.

                    Jesus knows my every thought, desire,
                        motive, love and He loves me.

                I know this every saint was courageously
                    in love with God —

                    I know the gift of receiving Jesus
                        in the Eucharist, my love, my all,
                        my God comes to me and
                        He washes me with His love —
                        He comforts me with His presence
                        And I gasp from the joy of the
                            Divine God within me

                        Gasp is not even a fitting word and
                            awe, too, is too flimsy to
                            express how He fills me
                            with the power of His love.

                Dear God
                    spread Your Blood on me
                    shield me with Your Blood bath

                    Jesus is always with me

                    Jesus is the bridegroom of my soul

                    You know my heart — I share
                        myself with You and Jesus

                    I am always trying to be more
                        pure —

                        I may fall, but I get up to put
                        myself totally in His Heart.

                    In His Heart He wraps me in His
                        unfathomable love

                    In His Heart — He caresses my tired
                        little body

                    In His Heart and in Mary's Heart
                        I am at peace
                        I experience His love —
                        when — always.

                    Listen to the sounds God gives to comfort

                        birds chirp —
                        waves of the ocean —
                        wind through the trees
                        the creeks around China —
                        the falling water

                        the rain falling

                    We are never alone

                        God is with me always
                        His life is within my graced soul

                        I am here just for a short time to
                            do all I can to love and build
                            up His Kingdom

                        We spread the Newsletter show love
                            to our priests —

                        We pray as an act of deep love for
                            our priests and the world

                        I want the song of love to play
                            in my soul

                    Satan wants to disturb our peace and
                        get us focused on ourselves —
                        stay bowed down

                    I want to help the souls —

                    We live in an imperfect world —
                    We are imperfect —

                    We must keep on keeping on despite
                        how we feel - for the sake of souls —

                    Look at Christ carrying His cross —

                    And on the way He sees the face of Mary

                    What do we see —

                    We see her face in suffering

                    We see her love for the souls He
                        loved so much He died
                        for them.

                    Oh Mary - we see your face —
                    Oh Mary we see your love for us
                    Oh Mary when we carry the cross —
                                    we see you by our side

                    Where do I go from here —

                    I go to the Heart of Jesus.

                    There I find my love.

                    There I am freed to do God's will.

                    There I know God loves me.




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