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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

 March 28, 2006

March 29th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 7 Period II.
The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for March 29th  are Luminous.




We are now printing Blue Book V.

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Come to My Tabernacle (excerpt)

February 18, 1994

Jesus: ...Do not argue or belabor points with your brothers. Argumentation is from Satan. You put your focus on Me and My intense love of you! You see My face bloodied, bruised and beaten for love of you. You stop dead in your tracks and refuse to give in to Satan's snare to trip you up and get you focused on things that you have no control over.



March 28, 2006

Messenger:       Jesus told me to put out this message.


12 1/2 Years Ago


December 26, 1993 - Sunday

Whatsoever You Do to Your Brother, You Have Done unto Me

Jesus:  My child,

    It is with a bleeding heart I come to you this day the day after My special day! I know all about the trials and you withstood them very well. When you are suffering, I am the closest. Try to feel Me right with you always. If someone is being smart to you, know, My little one, they are being smart to Me. Whatever others do to you they do it first to Me. It is easy for satan to use someone to attack you and for them to think you are weak and I can do anything to push this one's buttons. No, little ones, you may think I can do whatever I want and get away with it because this person doesn't fight and forgives. I say to you, "Woe to you who push your brothers with your ugly speech. You do it to Me first. Woe to he whose tongue is as a rattlesnake: you rattle roll to your brother, but you rattle to Me. All those who sit and watch such an episode or hear are affected."


12 1/2 Years Later

March 28, 2006

Messenger:       Jesus said parents fighting before children can hurt children.
                        A person like the Parish Council leader does not admonish
                            the priest in front of the congregation. The saints
                            obeyed their superiors.

                        Fr. Carter obeyed his provincial. How would Fr. Carter be
                            treated by us? How would Fr. Carter obey his provincial?

                        A person with the focus on the will of God goes in and
                            out of doors without getting used to the power
                            struggle the structure is always in place. 

                            A person who is divorced must learn
                        to live with division by law
                        when the children leave there can
                        be trauma for the father or mother to
                        let go to the other father or mother
                        or spouse.

                            When they return the children have
                        come from one parent back to the
                        other home. Power might have to be
                        re-established by the parent who
                        senses disrespect and confusion
                        from the children. "My other dad
                        says this you do it wrong"
                        a child may say.
                        Where children with a natural mom
                        and dad may play games of power
                        with mom or dad, a child in
                        a divorced home has 2 sets of
                        moms and dads.

                            Watching the children go in
                        and out of a divorced house - means
                        a struggle many times re-establishment
                        of power a fight.

                            Jesus told me in the message
                        February 18, 1994 argumentation was
                        from satan.

                            A person with bags of baggage
                        may not wish to argue with their
                        family and find a scapegoat.

                            A person from a divorced family
                        may be miserable to live with when
                        the other parents have their children.

                            Establishing power can be a problem
                        when one leaves and comes back. If
                        every one is truly living God's will
                        in love to promote God's Kingdom
                        going in and out of doors - even
                        when someone is away weeks
                        can be done smoothly in love.

                            A person with deep rooted pain,
                        lose of children 1/2 of the time may
                        find an outlet to work out their
                        pain and pride themselves
                        on how well they handle things
                        I remember a man who lost total
                        custody of his children he was
                        so argumentative blaming others for
                        nothing much when the real ache
                        in his bleeding heart was living
                        without his children.

                            People who grow up in alcoholic
                        families have lived traumatic
                        hurtful lives and if they went through
                        recovery, crying about old relationships
                        at home (Jesus said spilled milk)
                        they would not be looking, possibly, at
                        people today who they think looked at
                        them hatefully, when they didn't do nothing.

                            The answer is what is the truth
                        when you leave and come back are
                        you punishing the x-wife or
                        x-husband for taking your kids
                        by using a scapegoat at work
                        and other places.

                            Isn't it time you had a talk
                        with yourself and admitted the
                        real bleeding gouge in your

                            In alcoholic homes, a lot of
                        times, an alcoholic male may
                        mistreat a woman and children may
                        still feel they don't need to respect
                        a woman a man is always right, they may think a
                        woman is to be weak by those

                            Mary is the Blessed Mother
                        Mother of the Church priests,
                        men must recognize her place
                        in our lives.

                            Mary said to Jacinta


Excerpt from the Spirituality of Fatima

by Father Edward Carter, S.J. 

    Tell everybody that God gives graces through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Tell them to ask grace from her, and that the Heart of Jesus wishes to be venerated together with the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Ask them to plead for peace from the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for the Lord has confided the peace of the world to her. (19)


19. For background material on Fatima, I am particularly indebted to 
    Our Lady of Fatima's Peace Plan from Heaven
(Rockford: TAN 
    Books and Publishers, Inc., 1983). p.9-10


March 28, 2006 message continues

Messenger:           I look at the spring time and
                        the blossoms in God's garden
                        in Clearwater





March 28, 2006 message continues

Messenger:           We really need $1,000,000
                        now for the building.
                        God wants this place to
                        be used as we use it. I beg you
                        for help.

                            The Virgin Mary, Mother of
                        God appeared here 7 1/2 years and
                        she says she is still here and
                        it seems people don't care.


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March 28, 2006 message continues

Messenger:           God gave this gift 10 years
                        ago. Look at the catastrophes
                        and the cost the past 10 years
                        from oil to hurricanes.
                        Can't someone help us? PLEASE
                        God will BLESS YOU.


Mary well


Jesus well




December 26, 1993 message continues

Jesus:  "Woe to you who have given ugly example to children: I will personally hold you accountable for every word you speak in front of innocent children. You speak not to the person, but to all whose ears hear. Woe to you, your snake-like ways will come to haunt you, My child. Your tongues are that by which you receive My body; your tongue should be kept so holy.

    Guard your tongue against foul talk, abusive language and scourging your brother. You will be held accountable for every misdeed you performed against your precious brother and in front of any bystanders. All will be made known in the end. Every deed will be brought into light. Guard your body. Do not use any abusive talk or ugly words. You are My precious one, in communion you receive the Son of Man. Respect Me, My little ones. He is your brother. Whatsoever you do to your brother, you have done to Me and you will answer for all your misdeeds."

    It is so silly to think that no one will hear what you do and you will not be found out. All will know the snake-like ways you so carefully hid. All will be brought into light and you will be held accountable for doing them to Me because I give you your brother to love. Guard your speech. Guard your ways. See the whole picture. What you are doing to little ones who hear. You will be judged also for giving bad example. Just as you expect Me to account all those good deeds you performed. You are accountable for your bad deeds against others.

    I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. I came to show you how to live. I am gentle. I am kind in Heart. I love you, My little ones, many have evil ways and I still love you. I did not fight and argue back. I was silent. A person who taunts you wants you to fight. Be of a pure heart and do not answer them back. This is satan who is out to taunt you. Do not disrespect your brother even when he disrespects you. All he says, he says to me first and he will truly answer for his deed. If you have wronged your brother, tell him of the wrong and ask for forgiveness, then beg forgiveness from Me. It is in your sorrow and the recognition of it to your brother that God forgives you.

    You are the light of the world; see that your works are a light to your brothers. Guard against dark ways. Example is the best teacher, to constantly teach ugliness is to teach the biggest lesson of all. Just as a parent who is loving teaches love to his little ones, by his actions, a parent who is selfish and angered teaches children such lessons.

    Woe to you who perform vile acts in front of others, especially My little innocent ones! I will call you on your unrepented acts. To pray the "Our Father" you must repent your sins. Pray this prayer often. My Father is so pleased with the recitation of this prayer. He listens attentively as His little children address Him. He loves you to call Him Father. He is a Father Who loves His children and loves them to come to Him in prayer.

    What you do in the dark will be made know in the light. All your deeds to your brothers will be brought to light. Guard your ways and strive to be holy. Be of a light heart. What is of account here is doing it for the honor and glory of God. It must be for God's glory. God is watching you like on a silent stage.

    Think of all your actions being brought to light; guard against evil speech. The tongue is a party to much sin and then it is the way you receive Me, Jesus, Lord. Make your tongues so holy. Remember the snide remarks you make to your brother are snide remarks you make to Me. See Me standing there when you speak to your brothers. Even in his ugliness, see Me standing there in your brothers. Respect each other as a creation of the Father. When one is being cruel to you, pray for them and drive away satan, he is influencing their tongue. See your brother with a snake around him and struggling. Would you go and fight with the snake? Cast out the devil in My Name; don't argue with the devil. See your brother as being attacked and unable to help himself do not listen to his utterances from his tongue when being attacked. It is not he who is out to trip you up, it is the evil one who has attacked your brother. See him in his struggle.

    A person who taunts you is anything but a figure of strength; he is a figure of weakness. Look at him as coming from a bad place and needing your prayers. Do not listen to vile and nasty remarks. You are as I see you. You are as I see you in your holiness and goodness. Guard yourself. I will be your fore guard and your rear guard, I will help your brother if you pray for him. Pray he does not continue down his dark road. He usually is not praying for himself at such a moment, so you need to pray for him.

    Do not allow yourself to be attacked by others. It is satan who uses your brothers to get to you. Cast him out and ask for My strength. You will be judged how you respond to your brother. Strive to be Christ-like. Realize he is a figure of weakness, not strength and pray for him and strength for yourself.

    I am He Who is forever by your side guarding you. Do not go it alone. Turn to Me and I will give you strength. It is no myth, little one. I am this close and this personal with you. Treat Me like a person who is right there. Do not overlook My presence. In love and in adversity, I stand by to be your guide. I am He who never leaves you you are never alone.

    I am such a good God. Your life will become so much easier when you realize I am right by your side. No one can hurt you and get away with it. They will answer to Me if they do not repent. Repented sins will be forgiven and unrepented sins will be brought to light.

    You must be truthful in your examination of self. As soon as you realize that you have offended your brother, and it is prudent to do so, go and beg his forgiveness and then pray to be forgiven. I love you even when you sin. I love the truth. I want the truth. Deception is the work of the devil. All evil ways will be made known in the light and woe to he who has accused his brother of his own sin. Such deception is indeed the work of the evil one and will not go unpunished.

    Review your sins often during the day, clear away the rubbish. Confessing your sins is cleaning for the heart. It is freeing for you. Denying the truth keeps you stuck to the sin. Examine your consciences, ask for guidance on how you have offended others by your words, thoughts and example, and beg to be forgiven. Tell your brothers of your wrong and ask for forgiveness. If he does not forgive you, he will have to deal with Me. Do not feel guilty; go to confession and do as the priest directs and free yourself of guilt. Satan wants you to wallow in your guilt. Move out of your sin with resolution with God's help to try not to sin again.

    Oh, little ones, it is not the sin as much as the unrepented arrogance of an act. This displeases Me so. This is so rooted in the devil, to offend another and then to act innocent or blame another for your sins. Such vileness is from satan. Repent, I tell you go to confession and confess your wrongs be freed of your sin, unrepented sins will be punished. Listen to Me and follow the words of the Master. Follow My example to love your brothers at all times and respect them as the temple they are. Kindness and love for one another this is paramount. Strive to be Godly; strive to be as He expects you to be. Guard your tongue, little ones; it is by this tongue you receive God, the Savior. Do not give in to abusive talk and snide remarks; speak with love to your brother.



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