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April 14, 2007

April 15th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 2 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for April 15th are Luminous.


We really need funds for the

newsletter on the Priesthood.

It is awesome!

We start sending it on Monday.





April 14, 2007 

                    God has called us to help to

                bring to completion the

                mission Mary began at


                    The key to peace is God's

                will, not looking to make

                ourselves look great, but

                merely doing God's will.

                    Whenever a wounded soul

                says "and then they will admire

                me" we have to focus on why

                are they acting.

                    God the Father has given us talents

                to do His work.

                    God has blessed us abundantly

                in the Shepherds of Christ to help us

                do this mission to help in the completion

                of the mission Mary began at


                    The more the Hearts of Jesus and

                Mary are venerated by the children

                of Adam and Eve, the more we will

                have peace in the world.

                    Since 1991 I have majorly focused

                on this mission.

                    It was then December 17, 1991 I saw

                a vision of Jesus' Sacred Heart on fire

                after communion at All Saints Church.

                    On December 17, 1996 — 5 years

                later — this image appeared in


                    On May 31, 1994 — 13 years ago

                Fr. Carter got the message to begin

                the Priestly Newsletter. For 13 years

                we focused the Priestly Newsletter through

                the writings of Fr. Carter — even after

                his death.

                    This is part of your calling to help

                support this Newsletter with your

                prayers for the priests, the Church

                and the world and begin prayer

                chapters praying for this.

                    When the cold days of winter seemed

                to go away — they may come back time

                and time again, but each of us

                have a chance to listen to Mary's

                request at Fatima and help this

                come about through what we are

                doing with the Priestly Newsletter

                and Prayer Chapters —

                    Be a part of it

                    Realize how this can bring

                        peace and holiness to the

                        priests and the world.

                    Help us spread the Priestly Newsletter.

                This one centered in the gift of the


                    and as always

                    Devotion to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

                What can you do to help in the

                    upcoming anniversary of

                    the 90 years after Mary's

                    first apparition of Fatima

                    May 13, 1917.

                May 13th is Mother's Day

                    isn't that wonderful!








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