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April 16, 2010

April 17th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 2 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for April 17th are Luminous.


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Tell My People on April 10th.

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                April 16, 2010

                Jesus: I want you to be in harmony, in peace,
                    loving in family and friends, loving
                    God — being united
                    I want you to love

                R. Prayer Groups — Shepherds of Christ
                    Sacred Heart
                    Immaculate Heart
                    Divine Mercy
                    Holy Spirit

                The relationship of the 2 Hearts
                    of Jesus and Mary — the Hearts of love

                The Heart is the center of everything
                    LOVE —

                Jesus says: I am love —
                    Look at My Holy Face


February 5, 2001



                R. God calls us to be in His image
                    and likeness —
                    more perfected as our heavenly
                        Father is perfect

                    To love as we dwell in the Heart
                        of Jesus

                    To venerate the picture of the Sacred Heart



                To give our heart to Mary's Immaculate



                To study Christ on the cross

                To dedicate — our families
                                    our communities
                                    our churches
                                    our schools
                                    our country
                                    the world

to the
Sacred Heart
Immaculate Heart

                Asking God to bless all souls —

                Our service is to the priests —

                Our prayer for the priests, the Church
                    and the world —

                We give our lives praying for the priests,
                    the Church and the world —

                We seek to be perfected more and
                    more in the image of Jesus —
                    like our heavenly Father

                Pray to St. Michael to help you
                    fight the devil —

                Pray to spread the Blood of Jesus
                    on everybody

                We must depend on God to help us to
                    change these dysfunctional and
                    abusive patterns

                We do not have co-dependent

                We can focus on others for our
                    self worth because of our
                    low self-esteem —

                We have hope — because we know
                    God can restore us to sanity
                    and we believe in Him and in
                    this and we
                    strive only to want His will
                    for us

                We are grateful for all God's gifts
                    to us —
                    We are grateful for our friends
                        and family
                    We are not re-actors, but actors —

                We love our vocation
                We love God
                We are not addicted to misery
                We pray for God's healing

                We can choose to keep the commandments
                We do not live forever —


Deuteronomy 30: 19-20

Today, I call heaven and earth to witness against you: I am offering you life or death, blessing or curse. Choose life, then, so that you and your descendants may live, in the love of Yahweh your God, obeying his voice, holding fast to him; for in this your life consists, and on this depends the length of time that you stay in the country which Yahweh swore to your ancestors Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that he would give them.’


                God understands man's every deed —


                1) We should feel comfortable with
                    authority figures —
                2) Identity is not based on what
                    others think of me
                3) I want peace - not conflict
                4) I love people
                5) I have a sense of self-esteem
                6) I do not have fear of abandonment —
                7) I accept personal criticism
                8) I am a actor not reactor —

                We will be peaceful and more
                    happy — not enslaved to
                    the dysfunctions —

                We learn from the past and are
                    glad —

                We don't ever sit on pity-pot.

                We are not selfish
                We love others
                Our attitude changes
                We rely on God
                Fear of abandonment is gone


October 5, 1992 - 3:30am

R.  Dear Jesus, Give me Your hand to write this book for you. I am your servant. I want to be Your hand to this world. If you, Lord Jesus, would write a book, what would you say?

Jesus:  My dear children,

   Today I come to deliver a message to each of you. I want to tell you of each person's dignity, of their beauty and their self-worth. Each child is, oh, so uniquely precious to My Most Sacred Heart. Each child is full of the talents I have given to them. Each person is divinely created by God and given all these gifts to be happy and love one another.

   The problem comes when you feel you will be left out. That you will be left by another who has trodden on you and will do it again. I see you all as My most precious children. I watch your every move and know all pain and anguish in your heart. My Heart aches, you have insecure feelings about yourself. I came to this earth I died for you. I felt cold, hungry, lonely on this earth. You need not worry that no one knows the pain and anguish in your heart. God created you with such special gifts and talents. It is important for you to raise above your wound and forgive those who hurt you.

   You need only turn your will and your life over to Me and I will guide you in all your ways. I have all the Power. Many are not of My ways. The key to life is to recognize your faults, but still know you are this precious gift of My Father a gift to this world. This world is in need of your strength. Running yourself down, blaming others hurting them can cause you misery and pain. At this very moment, you are the precious creation of God!! You must operate with Me in your heart.

   You need not run yourself down. I am with you every day guiding your ways, lest your foot stumble and you lose your way. You will not wander far from your path if every day you keep bringing your focus back to Me. If you dare let Me be at the helm, if you dare to really let Me run your life, I will do with you such wonders that you yourself would be amazed. But you will know with such ease when you did these things that you did not do them alone. You will know My power, moving the mountain, My power chipping at the stone, My power working on your hardest problem and you will be set free.

   Oh yes, you will be set free and know a serenity that only comes from letting go and letting Me run your life. To you, My child, I have given all that is good. I made you My holy soldier, My warrior in a world of pain and hatred. You are the light that shines in the darkness, you are the coat to a cold child, you are the smile that warms a troubled and lonely heart. You are the comfort for everyone you meet, because My most precious Heart powers you, smiles through you, understands and loves through you.

   Love your fellows for Me. There are so many troubled hearts that need to know My love. I can love through you if you let Me, I can be their friend through you if you let Me. I am He who comforts you and you are he who comforts them. My power is endless, it never runs out, there is not a power failure EVER. In your darkest hour, My light shines in the darkness and I say to you, "Oh blessed of My Father, look at yourself with awe, you are My creation, you are indeed so precious to Me, you are My light to this world, you are My hands and My feet and most of all My Heart."

   Oh, you are My loving Heart, to those who are bowed down, to those who are lost in the darkness, you carry My smile and wear My armor in a world that is trying to tear one another down with hate and ugliness. There is gentleness, there is love, there is hope in you, if you open yourself up to Me. Be My knight to the world, wear My armor. I am your God and I will protect you from the darkness. Plug into My power, be not afraid, I go before you always and you can rest in My arms when you feel weary. You can put your head in My lap and weep, you will know, I am truly with you and you are My light to this world. I created you so special - to cast out fear in the darkness, to clothe the naked, to give hope to the oppressed, to be as I live in you and love through you and you are My smile and I touch My hurting ones through your love.

   You are he who loves this world. You must stay plugged into My power-source. This world is hungry for My love. It needs My love, I give to them through you. I am your God and I made you as a gift to the world. You are filled.

    Focus on Me and your life will be abundant and whole, joy in suffering, freedom — but  you can take the knocks because you will know you do not go it alone, but with Me. I love you My precious child.

end of October 5, 1992


Ephesians 5: 2

and follow Christ by loving as he loved you, giving himself up for us as an offering and a sweet-smelling sacrifice to God.


                Follow the example of Jesus


John 14: 15; 15:12; 15: 17

If you love me,
       you will keep my commandments.

This is my commandment: 
love one another, 
as I have loved you. 

My command to you
is to love one another.


John 13: 13-14

 You call me Master and Lord, and rightly; so I am. If I, then, the Lord and Master, have washed your feet, you must wash each other’s feet.


John 18: 8

Jesus replied, ‘I have told you that I am he. If I am the one you are looking for, let these others go.’



Luke 23: 34, 42-43

Jesus said, 'Father, forgive them; they do not know what they are doing.' Then they cast lots to share out his clothing.

Then he said, 'Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.'  He answered him, 'In truth I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.'   


Psalm 145: 17

Upright in all that he does,
Yahweh acts only in faithful love.


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                                                               The Christian's Personal Uniqueness

                                                        Obviously, we all assimilate the mystery of Christ in basically the same way. There are, however, significant differences in how each person puts on Christ that result from the uniqueness of each individual. Each person is a unique expression of God's creative love. Each person can truthfully say that there has never before been anyone like himself or herself, there is now no one like him or her, and there never will be.

       The personal uniqueness of each human being increases in proportion to one's assimilation to Jesus. That is to say, the more I put on Christ, the more I lose myself in Christ, the more I become myself. This is true because grace perfects nature, and, consequently, the more I grow in grace, the more perfect all dimensions of my person become—and this includes uniqueness. We see, then, how fallacious is the reasoning of those who think that the more they give themselves to the practice of religion, the more their personalities will be subdued. Actually, the opposite is true—the more one grows in Christ, the more his or her unique personality emerges in all its attractiveness.

       As I grow in the realization of my own uniqueness, I should also grow in developing a sense of self-identity and self-acceptance. If God in his tremendous love for me has created the uniqueness that I am, should I not rejoice in who I am and avoid morbidly comparing myself to others? Should I not have a healthy self-image? Of course, self-acceptance does not mean self-complacency. Honest self-reflection will always reveal to me that there are weaknesses that must be further curbed and strengths that must be further developed.

       As God gives each person his or her uniqueness, he attaches to it a unique mission or role that is to be accomplished. Cardinal Newman tells us: "Everyone who breathes, high and low, educated and ignorant, young and old, man and woman, has a mission, has a work. We are not sent into this world for nothing; we are not born at random. . . . God sees every one of us; He creates every soul, He lodges it in a body, one by one, for a purpose. He needs, He deigns to need, every one of us" (Discourses Addressed to Mixed Congregations, pp. 111-112).

       Because of the uniqueness of each Christian's existence, he or she presents Christ with a unique opportunity. Each Christian has the vocation to offer Christ his or her humanity so that Jesus can re-incarnate himself in a new way. Jesus wants to continue his redemptive work through the not-to-be-repeated newness that is each Christian's uniqueness. To the extent that an individual Christian offers his or her humanity to Jesus, he or she has a unique opportunity to continue the redemption—an opportunity that no one else can offer him or her. Likewise, to the extent that an individual Christian fails to offer his or her humanity to Christ, Jesus loses the opportunity that is this Christian's uniqueness.

       Each of us, consequently, no matter what his or her occupation or status in life might be, has both the great privilege and the great responsibility to properly utilize his or her life according to God's Christic design. No one else can fulfill your unique mission, and, in turn, you cannot accomplish the unique mission of another. At times we can become somewhat fearful or anxious about the task that God has entrusted to us as we more deeply realize what it demands. We can feel the same reluctance that Jeremiah the prophet voiced when Yahweh called him:

       The word of the LORD came to me thus:
       "Before I formed you in the womb I
               knew you,
               before you were born I dedicated
               a prophet to the nations I appointed
       "Ah, LORD GOD!" I said,
               "I know not how to speak; I am too
       But the LORD answered me,
       "Say not, 'I am too young.'
               To whomever I send you, you shall
               Whatever I command you, you shall
       Have no fear before them,
               because I am with you to deliver
               you, says the LORD."
Jer 1:4-8

       Jeremiah initially shrank back from the mission that God was giving him. He complained that he was not capable of accomplishing it. God answered him, however, and told Jeremiah that he was perfectly capable of fulfilling his appointed role, for he, Yahweh, would be with Jeremiah. God would work through Jeremiah, and Jeremiah, for his part, was to be open to God, allowing Yahweh to work through him according to the divine will.

       We, too, can be guilty of reacting to God's call in the same way that Jeremiah had originally reacted. This can happen as God calls one to a basic state of life. Once a person is within a fundamental vocation, one can be tempted to resist God's call to higher things, to a more complete accomplishment of his or her mission, and to a greater Christian maturity. When so tempted, a person must control his or her fears and trustingly give himself or herself to God's will. Only then will the person become convinced that God never requests anything without granting abundant grace to accomplish his design, and that, moreover, to answer God's call as consistently as possible is the only true path to peace, happiness, and fulfillment, despite the pain that is necessarily involved.

       We are aided in remaining faithful to the unique role in life that God has given us if we strive to remain aware of the great value that one life has to Christ, to the Church, and to the world. History tells us of the great difference that just one life can have regarding Christ's work; there are outstanding examples from all walks of life. Surely the Church has been enriched, and countless lay people have been inspired because of the life of a man named Thomas More. He was a layman who realized the deepest meaning of life—and he did not fail to confront the true purpose of human existence, even when that confrontation meant sacrificing his life for what he believed. Surely this life—the one life of St. Thomas More—has made a difference. In our own times, we have been enriched and inspired by an outstanding lay witness—the beloved Dorothy Day. What an inspiration she has been! Surely her life, though it was only one life, made a difference—and such a great difference. There are, too, the examples of men and women who have established religious orders and congregations. Surely the life of each of them has made an overwhelming contribution toward a better Church and a better world. Consider also the life of Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, a person from a peasant background who eventually came to be called Pope John XXIII. Surely the world is so much better for Pope John's having given it his love, kindness, joy, and constant concern. Of course one life does make a difference.

       At this point, however, many will object that the above examples highlight the lives of persons who have achieved outstanding recognition in the external order of things and have commanded great public attention. People who voice this objection often say that their own lives are so mundane, so hidden, so incapable of making headlines. Surely, they continue, this rather too ordinary kind of life makes little difference to Christ, to the Church, and to the world. Surely it does not much matter whether a person living this kind of existence fulfills his or her God-given mission. At first glance, many of us would tend to agree with this reasoning, a reasoning that is really the exact opposite temptation of what we considered when we likened ourselves to Jeremiah. In that context there was a question of being tempted to do nothing because we feared the greatness to which we were called; in the present context, however, it is a question of being tempted to do nothing because we think we really have nothing to contribute. Yet, as we begin to reflect in mature faith, we soon see the fallacy of this objection. We realize that great external accomplishments or a life that attracts public attention do not, in and of themselves, make that life great and truly worthwhile. If a Christian life that is characterized by notable external achievement is truly great and meaningful for mankind, we know that it is so because the external achievement has sprung forth from an attitude of deep faith, hope, and love. This, then, is the ultimate answer to the above objection—every Christian's life, no matter how ordinary it might be in its external framework, can be tremendously important and can make an outstanding contribution toward the work of ongoing redemption as long as it is increasingly consistent with God's will.

       God's ways are not always our ways, and his thoughts are not always our thoughts. God can take a life that seems so ordinary, so prosaic, so uneventful, and achieve wonders with it as long as the person is striving to fulfill his or her role in life according to God's designs. We cannot, then, use the ordinariness of our lives as an excuse for not making our existence truly great, truly significant for both Christ and humanity—a life that truly makes a difference. Karl Rahner has advice for us when the ordinariness of our lives tempts us to think that our existence is unimportant and almost useless: "Let us take a good look at Jesus who had the courage to lead an apparently useless life for thirty years. We should ask him for the grace to give us to understand what his hidden life means for our religious existence" (Spiritual Exercises, p. 160). Notice that Rahner describes the first thirty years of Jesus' life as "apparently useless." In reality, of course, Christ's very ordinary existence at Nazareth was not actually useless but was, on the contrary, tremendously important—it was part of his redemptive effort. No, it is not the ordinary setting of our lives that is an obstacle to our making a unique and important contribution to the cause of Christ. The real obstacle, if we allow it, is our failure to relate to life's ordinariness as God intends.

       The realization of the greatness of our own lives, however, must be balanced with a realization of the limitations that are attached to that greatness. We are finite creatures who have various limitations that emanate from our finitude. A sense of limitations, then, should accompany the fulfillment of our mission in life.

       What are some of these limitations? First, it is important to realize there are false limitations—limitations that need not be—as opposed to inevitable limitations—limitations that spring forth from the fact that we are finite creatures who are immersed in the human condition. An example of a false limitation is demonstrated by the person who succumbs to the temptation of wanting to be someone else. This person looks at the physical and intellectual gifts of one person, the pleasing personality of another, and so forth and so on, and convinces himself or herself, that, if only he or she were endowed with such qualities, well, yes, then it would be possible to really accomplish something with his or her life. In other words, the person fails to accept himself or herself as God has made him or her. This person fails to accept his or her God-given uniqueness and wastes precious time looking at what he or she does not have, rather than appreciating that with which God has actually endowed him or her. Such a person must accept himself or herself, once and for all, in his or her fundamental uniqueness. Moreover, this person must develop the gifts, strengths, and capacities of his or her uniqueness and strive to control its weaknesses as much as possible. He or she should also realize that only by accepting his or her uniqueness as coming from God's creative love and constantly striving to allow that same love to bring his or her uniqueness to fulfillment will he or she achieve ultimate peace and happiness. Then, and only then, can a person properly make his or her contribution to continued redemption.

       Surrounding our uniqueness, then, are limitations that need not be; similarly, there are also limitations that are inevitable. We possess certain talents, for example, but present circumstances do not allow us to exercise these talents here and now. Even at those times when we can exercise our talents, we often feel limited because we realize that we have only a certain amount of energy; that there are only a certain number of concrete opportunities and a certain amount of time for us to use our talents. At other times we feel limited because the persons we are trying to serve are hostile to our efforts and shut themselves off from what we desire to so generously offer.

       These, then, are some examples of limitations we can experience in our efforts to fulfill our mission. To balance the realization of the greatness of our call with the realization that we will be variously limited—sometimes painfully so—in our striving to implement our mission is as necessary as it is challenging.

       Each Christian, therefore, because of his or her personal uniqueness, has a unique mission to fulfill in helping continue the work of Jesus. Each Christian is given the opportunity to contribute as he or she receives the call from God, and, obviously, there are varying degrees according to which a Christian may respond or not respond to God's call. There are, first, those who hardly respond at all, who seem to be barely Christian. They may have faith, but it is a dead faith, for they refuse to be guided by God even in serious matters. They want to be complete masters of their own existence; the less they have to think about God, the better. Originally, some of these people may have been given a call to magnificent Christian greatness in this or that state of life. They may have turned a deaf ear to true greatness, however, and determined to be makers of their own self-conceived greatness; their concept of greatness may never have transcended the limits of space and time—they may have thought and acted as if their temporal existence would extend forever.

       Second, there are other Christians who essentially respond to God, but not as completely as possible. Their lives seem to be an average mixture of both continuing faithfulness to God and occasional disloyalty to him; periodically they accomplish much good, but they also mix in a considerable degree of mediocrity. They do, however, seem to be basically sincere Christians who do, in fact, promote the work of Christ and essentially fulfill their roles in life.

       And finally, there are those Christians who initially answer God's call and continue to answer it in an eminently generous manner. They develop their uniqueness marvelously and become forceful shapers of the world's Christic destiny. Their good actions are deeply etched into the human process, although they may well be hidden from public acclaim. Because of them and their actions, the world's goodness is enhanced, and mankind has come considerably closer to fulfilling its temporal and eternal destinies.

       Today's Church needs more of this type of Christian. The Church and the world in which she is situated are experiencing a time of crisis—perhaps the most critical time of all history, for at what other time in human history could life as we know it on this earth end so suddenly in a nuclear holocaust? Yet, although we live in an age of special crisis that has tremendous and numerous problems, we also live in an age of great opportunity. God, for his part, always provides for the needs of both the Church and the world in which the Church is meant to serve. Surely, in this age of great need and opportunity, God will not fail to call Christians of all vocations to completely and eminently dedicate themselves to the task at hand. We should pray that everyone will respond according to their own uniqueness and make their own special contribution to the work of Christ.

end of excerpt


                    We should see how Christ's
                resurrection - leads us to
                personal resurrection —
                Look at the heavy stone —
                we need to put aside
                We need to die
                to our stubborn ways to live
                    this life of resurrection


1 Corinthians 5: 7-8

Throw out the old yeast so that you can be the fresh dough, unleavened as you are. For our Passover has been sacrificed, that is, Christ; let us keep the feast, then, with none of the old yeast and no leavening of evil and wickedness, but only the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.


                I should get rid of this Easter
                    pride and laziness —
                    decay — what keeps me
                    from renewal


Sirach 15: 3-4

She will give him the bread of understanding to eat,
    and the water of wisdom to drink.
He will lean on her and will not fall,
    he will rely on her and not be put to shame.


Acts 2: 36-41

    ‘For this reason the whole House of Israel can be certain that the Lord and Christ whom God has made is this Jesus whom you crucified.’

Hearing this, they were cut to the heart and said to Peter and the other apostles, ‘What are we to do, brothers?’ ‘You must repent,’ Peter answered, ‘and every one of you must be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. The promise that was made is for you and your children, and for all those who are far away, for all those whom the Lord our God is calling to himself.’ He spoke to them for a long time using many other arguments, and he urged them, ‘Save yourselves from this perverse generation.’ They accepted what he said and were baptised. That very day about three thousand were added to their number.


Easter Sequence

Christians, to the Paschal Victim
offer sacrifice and praise.

The sheep are ransomed by the Lamb;
and Christ, the undefiled,
hath sinners
to his Father reconciled.

Death with life contended:
combat strangely ended!
Life's own Champion, slain,
yet lives to reign.

Tell us, Mary:
say what thou didst see upon the way.

The tomb the Living did enclose;
I saw Christ's glory as He rose!

The angels there attesting;
shroud with grave-clothes resting.

Christ, my hope, has risen:
He goes before you into Galilee.

That Christ is truly risen
from the dead we know.
Victorious King, Thy mercy show!
Amen. Alleluia.



Death  -  Resurrection


                Cycle of abuse —
                    It is repetitive
                    The cycle has 3 stages

                Conflict is created — not because
                    of real problems — the
                    angry individual is the problem —
                    they act out anger — continually
                    through manipulation —
                    creating problems —
                    and trying to get disorder,
                        discord, disharmony,

                The problem is this —
                The person who incites the problem
                    has had anger their whole life —

                When anything could have been peace —
                    they stir up problems because
                    they want to act out their discord,
                    anger on others

                There is energy in this person - like
                    hungry dogs coming from a

                God intends us to work in communication
                    to solve problems — to love each
                    other — to have harmony,

                The person angry is full of tension —
                    tension is what is their
                    normal state

                If it isn't tense they make tension
                    with others —

                    The devil uses this to block peace,
                love, justice 


                Others in life are trying to do work,
                    love, positive things —

                Provoking is the way of life for
                    those who are abusers, they
                    want to project their anger
                    on others and then deny
                    their actions

                Phase I — tension building

                The period is hours — or it can be
                    weeks, months or years —

                The aggressor is edgy —
                    they are irritable —
                    they can be very possessive —
                    they are demanding, controlling —

                Others are filled with fear of their

                It can become normal in families
                    and communities that there
                    is anger — so one pressed on
                    by the devil — gives in —
                    if there is peace and starts
                    conflict — because that is the norm —

                The work becomes keeping the
                    angry person from acting out.

                The abuser has a right to do what he wants
                The abuser has the right to lose control —
                The abuser is jealous

                The abuser will not be defused —
                    no matter how much the victim
                    tries to defuse it

                Phase II  EXPLOSION

                Rage is out of control

                The abuser is convinced he
                    has been wronged —
                    building tension — ready
                        to explode —

                The anger is life long, but they
                    pin it on an innocent other —
                    they act in revenge, to hurt,
                    to be vindicated

                This explosion is accepted by the
                    abuser and victim —
                    the abuser uses force to force
                    his behavior

                Nobody will tell him what to do
                    and he allows himself
                    to lose control

                Phase III —

                    Contrite cycle —
                    In advanced stages this can
                        decrease to very little or no
                    In the early stages —
                    The person promises to change —
                    The person convinces everyone
                        there will be no more problems —

                    There can be bonding, intimacy —
                        this is a very short stage —
                        when the abuser knows he
                        will be trusted —

                    He starts the cycle again and it
                        repeats repetitiously

                    Entire dishonest — person abusing
                        has no intention of changing —
                        false promises

                A person who is abusive and continued
                    and continued will not control
                    himself —

                The victim is not responsible for the
                    behavior of one who deceives
                    by lying, abuses, provokes,
                    holds back and causes
                    constant discord to get

                Nobody wants this

                Tension to these people "is them"
                    A whole family can be used to
                        tension — this cycle —
                        this can be normal to them —

                    If things are calm — peaceful
                        they can't stand it —

                    They are unsettled and start conflict

                The mission of the Shepherds of Christ
                    is holiness ———> not rebellion
                    is peace ———> not tension and conflict
                    is love ———> not hate, punishing —
                                        acting out against another

                The 3rd phase the honeymoon cycle
                    lasts usually only 24-36 hours

                The 3rd phase can be phased out
                    entirely in advanced cases

                NO LOVE

                No admission of anything they do
                    to hurt another

                NO REPENTANCE

                A person abused usually has low -
                    self-esteem —
                    identity problems

                Abuser too has very low self-esteem,
                    social isolation,
                    abuse in family history
                    emotional dependency

                The abuser thinks the way he acts is
                    normal — saw it at home —
                    punitive — vengeance —
                    laughing, smiling while others suffer

                The abuser is controlling, willful —
                    seeks control and dependency of
                    victim, isolation 


                There are many characteristics of
                    children of alcoholics or those
                    not even using the drink, but having
                    these behavior patterns

                (1) They can become isolated and afraid
                        of authority figures
                (2) approval seekers —
                (3) loss of identity — think who you
                        are depends on what others
                        think of you
                (4) can be alcoholic
                        can be addictive
                        compulsive personalities
                (5) abandonment needs
                (6) slavishly - dependent — co-dependent
                        emotionally dependent
                (7) extremely frightened of angry people
                (8) frightened of personal criticism —
                        can refuse to take any
                    no criticism of me —
                    give the devil rule
                    With this attitude — no growth
                    The devil rules —
                    No corrections
                (9) Rescuing others — makes them feel
                (10) Don't look at oneself
                (11) Does not look at faults of oneself —
                (12) Punish innocent others,
                        vengeance, anger
                (13) Stone-heart
                (14) Love to pity others
                (15) Stuffed feelings from traumatic
                (16) No feel
                        No talk
                        No trust
                (17) low self-esteem, but can
                        try to act superior to compensate
                (18) Dependent personalities
                (19) Fear of abandonment

                Living like this Doesn't work —

                Passive-aggressive people use job
                    to control

                Abusers — keep secrets —
                        control with money, information,
                            their job

                Co-dependent — abandonment needs

                DISORDER —
                        devil rules
                        not Holy Spirit
                        not union with Holy Spirit

                God wants order —


Romans 8: 5-9

Those who are living by their natural inclinations have their minds on the things human nature desires; those who live in the Spirit have their minds on spiritual things. And human nature has nothing to look forward to but death, while the Spirit looks forward to life and peace, because the outlook of disordered human nature is opposed to God, since it does not submit to God's Law, and indeed it cannot, and those who live by their natural inclinations can never be pleasing to God. You, however, live not by your natural inclinations, but by the Spirit, since the Spirit of God has made a home in you. Indeed, anyone who does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to him.


                Children who grow up in homes
                    where abuse is used learn
                    it is appropriate behavior

                Little boys learn how to be men from dad
                Little girls learn how to be women from mom

                People who learned fighting at home —
                    can fight everywhere they are —
                    they learned life is combat
                        NOT PEACE and love

                Every one suffers in a family and
                    community from abuse and
                    dysfunctional behavior

                They think roller coaster rides are
                    normal —

                They can create conflict if any
                    peace occurs

                Child with abuse, violence,
                    dysfunction have low
                    self-esteem — they are usually

                They can be aggressive about conflict
                They can be passive-aggressive —
                    about conflict

                They can cause constant conflict

                 Because of these abuses and dysfunction
                    there are poorly formed adult


                    (1) Person always wants to be right —
                        Stubborn — Manipulative — Selfish

                    (2) Pour cold water on everything —
                        No enthusiasm
                        Takes no responsibility
                        Never wrong

                        They could listen
                        They could show enthusiasm
                        They could be agreeable
                        They could be tactful
                        They could be obedient
                        They could be forgiving
                        They could be obliging

                            not compromising
                            not uninvolved
                            not angry

                    (3) Pity-Pot

                            Oh look at me
                            You should have not offended me
                            They use hurt looks
                            They use cold shoulder
                            They provoke others

                        They could be thoughtful
                        They could be sensitive
                        They could be well behaved

                    (4) Disappearing

                            Make you chase them
                            Hang up the phone (act like an

                        They could fight it
                        Be responsible
                        Be passionate about work

                        Be cheerful
                        Be persuasive

                    Anger is like an onion
                        layers and layers of anger 


                    Do not deny anger
                    Look at it
                    Forgive others

                    Positive Self - Talk

                        Listen to your inner voice
                        What are you telling yourself

                    How do you act toward others
                        over you

                    I will not give into anger
                    I will not provoke others to make
                        them mad

                    I will take responsibility for
                        my anger

                    We can change ourselves —

                    We can act on past fear and
                        past experiences —

                    We can live in the moment

                    We can stop ever promoting
                        conflict for conflicts sake —

                    We can be grateful
                    We can let go and let God


Serenity Prayer

                  "God grant me the serenity to accept
                        the things I cannot change and
                        the courage to change the things
                        I can and the wisdom to know
                        the difference."    


                    Let Go and Let God




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"I will use the newsletter and the chapters of Shepherds of Christ Associates as a powerful instrument for spreading devotion to My Heart and My Mother's Heart.

"I am calling many to become members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. To all of them I will give great blessings. I will use them as instruments to help bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the reign of My Sacred Heart. I will give great graces to the members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. I will call them to be deeply united to My Heart and to Mary's Heart as I lead them ever closer to My Father in the Holy Spirit."

- Message from Jesus to Father Edward J. Carter, S.J., Founder, as given on July 31, 1994,
feast of Saint Ignatius Loyola, Founder of the Society of Jesus (The Jesuits)






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