Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages
rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

April 23, 2004

April 24th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 5 Period II.
The Novena Rosary Mysteries
for April 24th are Luminous.


Rosary makers - we need your help please!

We have school orders that need to be filled

 and lack rosaries to fill them.


We need 13,000 rosaries
to fill the orders we have now.

Schools want the rosaries.

Please if you could send in
your rosaries for the schools
as soon as possible.

We have kits available for making rosaries.



A Prayer for Intimacy with the Lamb
the Bridegroom of the soul

    Oh Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, come and act on my soul most intimately. I surrender myself, as I ask for the grace to let go, to just be as I exist in You and You act most intimately on my soul. You are the Initiator. I am the soul waiting Your favors as You act in me. I love You. I adore You. I worship You. Come and possess my soul with Your Divine Grace, as I experience You most intimately.



Schedule for April 24, 2004

4:00 a.m. - Mass

4:37 a.m. - A Blue Book Reading or Two and a Tribute
                    to Mary on Mother's Day - May 11, 2003

5:57 a.m. - The Stations of the Cross

6:18 a.m. - A Song from Jesus

6:20 a.m. - 6:20 prayers led by Father Carter
                 Holy Spirit Novena
                 Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual

7:24 a.m. - Glorious Rosary April 16, 1995
                    from the Red Rosary Book

8:51 a.m. - Choose Life

9:52 a.m. - Nursing Home #10

10:33 a.m. - Mary's Message

10:39 a.m. - Songs to Mary

11:58 a.m. - Mysteries of Light from
                    November 14, 2002

12:30 p.m. - Newsletter 2000 Issue #1 
                    (Christ Is Our Strength)

1:50 p.m. - Songs from Jesus

2:43 p.m. - Children's Joyful Mysteries
                    March 20, 1997
                    from the Children's Rosary Book

3:29 p.m. - Songs

4:00 p.m. - Mass

4:37 p.m. - The Spirituality of Fatima

5:20 p.m. - Special messages from Jesus
                    given to Father Carter
                    & Songs from Jesus

6:20 p.m. - 6:20 prayers led by Father Carter
                 Holy Spirit Novena
                 Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual

7:24 p.m. - Live Rosary November 13, 1996

8:44 p.m. - Soothing Mary Songs

9:12 p.m. - Handbook - read by Father Carter

10:46 p.m. - Joyful Rosary Aves

11:15 p.m. - Sorrowful Rosary March 17, 1995
                    from the Red Rosary Book

12:07 a.m. - piano songs

1:00 a.m. - Consecration tape

2:30 a.m. - Tell My People - 
                    read by Father Carter

4:00 a.m. - Mass



April 23, 2004

Jesus speaks:        Be docile, Be humble,
                            Be pure in heart.

                                Oh do not fight as a lawyer
                            in the courts, pray to be wise
                            and to act according to God's

                                A parent is a parent given
                            this gift from God. How can
                            some abandon this call.

                                Always you are free, free
                            to pray, free to love in your

                                You cannot control the
                            actions of many.

                            Sing, Rejoice,

                            Know your God loves you.

Messenger:        Oh Jesus I love You.

                            Oh Jesus you are my bridegroom.

                            Oh Jesus I want to be so united
                                to You.

                            I lay my head on Your chest
                            I give myself to You.

                            Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

                            I see Your burning image in Florida
                            I see a red and golden glow always
                                at night from the image.


December 17, 1991

Excerpt from daily message

Jesus speaks: I am Jesus. I have spoken as never before, you will spread My love to all souls on this earth.

Messenger: When I received this message and saw the vision on March 26, the bells tolled at 8:00 a.m. and at 9:00 a.m.Picture of Jesus' Heart on fire.


The vision of Jesus' Heart on fire I had in the same pew at All Saints Church, December 17, 1991. The heart that is on the 2nd Blue Book. The first vision March 26, 1996, I had in the same pew on the other end of the pew toward the center aisle, the first pew on the right side of the church as I faced the altar.

end of excerpt from daily message



December 17, 1991 His Burning Heart

Messenger:  I was alone in All Saints Church after Mass and Communion, in front of the tabernacle, when I saw the Sacred Heart. It was red around the outside, then a layer of yellow and then the brightest light in the center. I felt heat and it looked like an open furnace.

    I thought about it all day and it instantly gave me peace and warmth in my heart. This is the purpose of these lettersto draw hearts to the ardent on-fire love of Jesus. I received the following message that day:

    "Open your heart to the fire of God's love. He is ablaze in your heart. He wants to dwell in you and love you and others through you. Love God, yourself and one another and experience the fire set aglow in your heart and experience the warmth of His love."

end of writing about December 17, 1991


August 16, 1993

Messenger:  Dear Jesus, Please come to me and write to me now, I really need to be alone with You and hear Your words, please talk to me.

Jesus speaks:  My dear child, put your fear and anxiety aside. You are coming for My truth. I am the Truth. I live in you and you are watered by My words of truth. Deception is very troublesome to you when you live in My truth. On any scale deception is not at all funny. I know you cannot watch a movie anymore, it is not of God. Do not give in to the ways of this world. Feed yourself with only that which is of Me. Turn your entire life over to Me, trust in My ways and make them your own. Read and reread each letter, go back to your old letters, know them by heart so My words and thinking will become engraved in you. You must speak from My truth. You must be filled with My wisdom. You must not falter or wonder, but be confident in these words I write to you. My work for you is to speak My truths. You must study them and know all I have taught you. Those are your lessons. All that is not of Me will become so foreign, you will want only to choose My way, but you must teach yourself with My letters. I am the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE and he who abides in Me will have the light of life. The life I give you is not of this world. It is rooted in My words and My truth. Only I can teach you My truths. This world is so full of error. Unless you keep constant in My teachings by reading My words, you will go astray. My words are the food by which you are nourished and fed. My words are your drink, they are your food, they are your all. You will run and not grow weary, you will fly like an eagle. Joy will abound in your heart and you will know that true joy comes only from Me. All other joy is momentary. My joy is everlasting and full to the brim, You, My child, can have this joy if you stay fixed in My words. Savor them and decipher all their meanings for you, this is your truth, this is your victory over Satan’s lies. This is how you will help others to know Me. Your instructions are very clear, My child. STUDY each letter and try to understand all of its contents. They are words meant for you so you can speak these truths to others. It is not by chance you were chosen by Me, My child. You are a teacher, you are convincing in all you believe in. Believe in these letters and memorize My teachings until they flow from you as from your very soul. You must put aside your doubts now. Keep these letters by your side. Your life here will be always put into perspective. You will not get caught up in foolishness, or worry for any reason. I AM HE, I AM here. Your work is clear, study and learn My words so they become engraved in you. Speak of My words to all. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and you are My messenger. I speak the truth to you that you will speak the truth to all. No time to wait, time is so short. Be busy studying My teachings now. Keep them in your purse, underline and read them again and again. These are not just for you, they are teachings of My love for all My children. Each child needs to be told about My love. Reach as many as possible through your speech. I am by your side, giving you what you need. The crooked ways are made straight, the weary are sent away in rest. Your voice will be My tool to reach many. Make yourself like jello. I will form you into what I want you to be. You must remain formless and be molded by Me. I am this close to you, My child. You will take some knocks, but you will be the key to unlock many doors. Use you I will, let all busy things behind. Focus on Me at every moment. This is My desire for you to speak My truth. I will be with you, little one, do not be afraid. I will tell you the way.

Messenger: Oh my Jesus, how You want me to do this I do not know. Show me how it is to come about or put me somewhere and I will now study Your words for me. For He made me humble and taught me His ways, which are the only ways to go. All other ways are not of any account. His way is the way to victory, the cross that leads us to glory, joy and peace in this life and glory and salvation in the world to come. He bound up my foolish ways and taught me His truths. My tongue was made clean, and my heart was full of His love. He cast away my doubts and fears and filled me with the gifts of the Spirit. His light He shined deep into my soul and He washed me in His Blood and I was made ready to do His work, an honor that I do not deserve, but long to fulfill for Him, my God, my All, my Jesus. Him I love and He has bestowed on me a great dignity. With love and respect He clothed me and made my broken heart and soul whole in Him. I am the fortunate one to know this one, true magnificent God. I bow in awe at all His greatness.

    I am in awe at His love for us all. In our lowliness and sin He reached out and clothed us with dignity and showered us with His love and we were like the flowers after the rain, blessed by Him in His greatness. We are His children, Alleluia, Alleluia. Praise the Lord. Amen.

end of August 16, 1993 message


April 23, 2004 message continues

Messenger:        Come to Me Jesus

                            Let my heart burn with love of You.

                            I see the tabernacle in China,
                            I see the exposed Eucharist during

                                I long to be there

                                I have received so many benefits
                                    from these retreats
                                I just want to go back and be there

                                My heart was so filled


March 29, 2004


Genesis 2: 17

But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you are not to eat; for, the day you eat of that, you are doomed to die.’


Genesis 3: 11

‘Who told you that you were naked?’ he asked. ‘Have you been eating from the tree I forbade you to eat?’


Job 14: 7

There is always hope for a tree:
   when felled, it can start its life again;
    its shoots continue to sprout.


March 2, 2004


Psalm 1: 3

Such a one is like a tree planted near streams;
it bears fruit in season
and its leaves never wither,
and every project succeeds.


Psalm 37: 35

I have seen the wicked exultant,
towering like a cedar of Lebanon.


Ecclesiastes 11: 3

When clouds are full of rain,
they will shed it on the earth.
If a tree falls, whether south or north,
where it falls, there it will lie.


The Song of Songs 2: 3

As an apple tree among the trees of the wood, 
so is my love among young men.
In his delightful shade I sit,
and his fruit is sweet to my taste.


March 30, 2004


Isaiah 65: 22

They will not build for others to live in,
or plant for others to eat;
for the days of my people 
   will be like the days of a tree,
and my chosen ones will themselves use
   what they have made.


Jeremiah 7: 8

Look, you are putting your faith in delusive, worthless words!


Matthew 7: 17

In the same way, a sound tree produces good fruit but a rotten tree bad fruit.


March 1, 2004


1 Peter 2: 24

He was bearing our sins in his own body on the cross, so that we might die to our sins and live for uprightness; through his bruises you have been healed.


Revelation 2: 7

Let anyone who can hear, listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches: those who prove victorious I will feed from the tree of life set in God’s paradise."


Revelation 22: 2

Down the middle of the city street, on either bank of the river were the trees of life, which bear twelve crops of fruit in a year, one in each month, and the leaves of which are the cure for the nations.


Psalm 104: 16

The trees of Yahweh drink their fill, 
the cedars of Lebanon which he sowed;



Ecclesiastes 2: 5

made myself gardens and orchards, planting every kind of fruit tree in them;


Mark 8: 24

The man, who was beginning to see, replied, ‘I can see people; they look like trees as they walk around.’


Exodus 3: 2

The angel of Yahweh appeared to him in a flame blazing from the middle of a bush. Moses looked; there was the bush blazing, but the bush was not being burnt up.


March 29, 2004


Deuteronomy 33: 16

the best of the land and all it holds,
the favour of him who dwells in the Bush.
May the hair grow thick
    on the head of Joseph,
on the brow of the consecrated one 
    among his brothers!


Acts 7: 35

‘It was the same Moses that they had disowned when they said, "Who appointed you to be our leader and judge?" whom God sent to be both leader and redeemer through the angel who had appeared to him in the bush.


John 15: 1-11

I am the true vine,
and my Father is the vinedresser.
Every branch in me that bears no fruit
he cuts away,
and every branch that does bear fruit
   he prunes
to make it bear even more.
You are clean already,
by means of the word
   that I have spoken to you.
Remain in me, as I in you.
As a branch cannot bear fruit all by itself,
unless it remains part of the vine,
neither can you unless you remain in me.
I am the vine,
you are the branches.
Whoever remains in me, with me in him,
bears fruit in plenty;
for cut off from me you can do nothing.
Anyone who does not remain in me
is thrown away like a branch
—and withers;
these branches are collected
   and thrown on the fire
and are burnt.
If you remain in me
and my words remain in you,
you may ask for whatever you please 
and you will get it.
It is to the glory of my Father 
   that you should bear much fruit
and be my disciples.
I have loved you
just as the Father has loved me.
Remain in my love.
If you keep my commandments
you will remain in my love,
just as I have kept
   my Father’s commandments
and remain in his love.
I have told you this
so that my own joy may be in you
and your joy be complete.


April 23, 2004 message continues

Messenger:     Jesus was crucified on a tree.



1st tree for the back of the cross
Felix is beneath it


2nd tree - Here is the tree for the cross-bow.


3rd tree - Here is the tree for the body of Jesus.






September 26, 2001 message


July 6, 2001

    July 15, 1998

    Daily Message from Mary

   "I wish a crucifix to be placed at the site
     in the main window beside my image.
     My eyes are always on my Son Jesus
     crucified and my Heart knows His
     resurrection from the dead."

Pictures taken July 5, 2001


Crucifix sculpted by Felix Avalos
July 5, 2001


Felix Avalos (sculptor) and John Weickert (president)

July 5, 2001


July 5, 2001


July 5, 2001


July 5, 2001


July 5, 2001




July 6, 2001

Messenger: From the journal of Felix, the one called to sculpture
                        the crucifix. Here is the finished
                        crucifix in cedar from the image site
                        in Clearwater, Florida.



                    Monday 10/19/98

                     Rita Ring called
                     me at 8:40 P.M.
                     to talk about the
                     cross for Jesus and
                     Mary. She will send
                     me some pictures
                     of Jesus as to
                     his image.
                     The Body of Christ
                     will be 9 feet plus
                     the cross. Next I
                     need to do the
                     drawing and figure
                     for the amount of
                     lumber I will need.


Felix Avalos - sculptor of the crucifix





                     Tuesday 10/20/98

                     8:00 A.M. began
                     to make (figures)
                     size of Carving
                     of Jesus.


Felix at the drawing board



                     Wed. 10/21/98
                     3:00 P.M. start
                     Repaired chain saw
                     to help with carving
                     made the drawing
                     yesterday. Today
                     I spread it out
                     to finish the drawing
                     stop at 4:55 P.M. to
                     get ready to go to
                     the meeting.

                     2 hr. work

                     Thursday  10/22/98

                     Started work from
                     9:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M.
                     then went to noon
                     Mass in Tyler.
                     Home at 2:30 P.M.
                     Back to work at
                     3:00 P.M. till 9:00 P.M.
                     worked 8 hrs.

                     At 2:15 P.M. me
                     and my wife saw
                     a perfect cross in
                     the sky to the east
                     of Chandler.
                     At 5:30 P.M. me and
                     my wife and grand-
                     kids saw another perfect
                     cross in the sky to
                     the west from my
                     home in La Rue, TX
                     and Moore Station
                     formed by clouds.

picture of second cross at 5:30 PM that Felix saw



                     Fri. 10/23/98

                     Today I will
                     be going to see
                     about the lumber in
                     The time is 10:00 A.M.

                    Sat. 10/29/98

                     Today I spent some
                     time arranging my
                     shop to accommodate
                     the Large Carving of
                     Jesus. Started at
                     9:00 A.M. till 1:45 P.M.
                     had to go get my
                     wife from work.
                     And in the afternoon
                     we went to Mass
                     in Tyler about 24
                     miles from home.

July 6, 2001 message continues

Messenger: How the wood for the crucifix was found. It came from three of ten

                     Felix said he did business with a man and the
                         man said he wanted the trees
                         cut down, Felix paid him for the 10 trees,
                         but Felix never cut them down. He forgot about the trees
                         until he knew God wanted him carving the crucifix.

                     Felix said he went back four years later when
                         he knew he needed the trees for the
                         crucifix and they were still
                         there. So he told the man what he was about to do
                         and then Felix cut the trees down.

                     This began the official work with the wood for
                         the crucifix.

                     Here are the 3 trees.


1st tree for the back of the cross
Felix is beneath it


1st tree for the back of the cross


1st tree for the back of the cross



2nd tree - Here is the tree for the cross-bow.


3rd tree - Here is the tree for the body of Jesus.


used for the body of Jesus


Felix sits on the tree used for the body and head.


This is the wood used on the body.


Felix's chainsaw broke on the body tree.


Here is the tree used for the body.


Here is the tree used for the body.


wood used for arm


wood for the back of the cross


cross-beam of cross


Here is the end of wood used for the head.


Here is how Felix laid out the pattern
on the wood for the body.


After bark is removed and the pattern is
drawn on the wood.


beginning of carving the body


the body




Squaring the base of the back of cross.


Back of crosstop where the cross-beam is


Sign for the cross


Felix and the sign for the cross


The sign




Head and arms


Before the cross


taking body from the truck




This truck brought the cross from Texas.



































Good Friday


Holy Saturday


Holy Saturday


Holy Saturday









Jesus on the cross

Messenger: Felix finished carving
                         the cross July 3, 2001.

                     The cross scaffolding was removed
                         July 5, 2001 and it
                         was blessed by a Catholic


Felix Avalos (sculptor) and John Weickert (president)

July 5, 2001


July 5, 2001


July 5, 2001


July 5, 2001


July 5, 2001


July 5, 2001


July 5, 2001



July 5, 2001


July 5, 2001


July 5, 2001


July 5, 2001


July 5, 2001


July 5, 2001


July 5, 2001


July 5, 2001


July 5, 2001


July 5, 2001

end of September 26, 2001 message



Jeremiah 8: 13

I shall put an end to them, 
   Yahweh declares,
no more grapes on the vine,
no more figs on the fig tree
only withered leaves:
I have found them people
   to trample on them!


Matthew 26: 29

From now on, I tell you, I shall never again drink wine until the day I drink the new wine with you in the kingdom of my Father.’


Habakkuk 3: 17

(For the fig tree is not to blossom, 
nor will the vines bear fruit,
the olive crop will disappoint
and the fields will yield no food;
the sheep will vanish from the fold; 
no cattle in the stalls.)


1 Corinthians 9: 7

What soldier would ever serve in the army at his own expense? And who is there who would plant a vineyard and never eat the fruit from it; or would keep a flock and not feed on the milk from his flock?



Exodus 3: 4

When Yahweh saw him going across to look, God called to him from the middle of the bush. ‘Moses, Moses!’ he said. ‘Here I am,’ he answered.


Genesis 8: 9

But the dove, finding nowhere to perch, returned to him in the ark, for there was water over the whole surface of the earth; putting out his hand he took hold of it and brought it back into the ark with him.


January 2, 1999

Mary speaks: I am Our Lady of Snows. I come to cover the earth with a soft white blanket of my love.

I come to bring peace to the earth. I tell you to let go of the anxiety in your heart and experience my peace and His love.

I am your heavenly Mother. I come to hold you and caress you and take you to my Immaculate Heart.




  April 13, 2004


John 19: 25-27

Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother and his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary of Magdala. Seeing his mother and the disciple whom he loved standing near her, Jesus said to his mother, ‘Woman, this is your son.’ Then to the disciple he said, ‘This is your mother.’ And from that hour the disciple took her into his home.





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