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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

 April 27, 2006

April 28th  Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 1 Period II.
The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for April 28th are Glorious.


The Sidney Rosary of April 25th will

play again after the 6:20 prayers tonight.




APRIL 13, 2006.





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Blue Book 6


February 24, 1995

The Sorrowful Mysteries



The Agony in the Garden

1.  R.  Jesus asks us to meditate on these Sorrowful Mysteries in order to help us to understand the immensity of His great love He has for each one of us.

2.  R.  Jesus was alone in the Garden. He saw before Him all the sufferings He was about to undergo. Put yourself in the Garden with Jesus, in the darkened night. Hear the sounds of the night. Look at Jesus as He kneels and as He suffers the great anguish to His Most Precious Heart.

3.  R.  Jesus saw before Him the bloody massacre He was about to undergo

4.  R.  Jesus called out to His Father that if it would be possible to remove this cup, but not My Will but Thine be done. Jesus always complied to the Will of the Father. He showed us all through His life how He obeyed the Father's Will, how Mary, His Mother, obeyed the Father's Will. It is in living in the Father's Will that we will be the happiest. The Father has a  plan for each one of us and it is in accordance to His Will that we will live as He planned when He created us.

5.  R.  Out of greatest love for us, God gave us a free will. It is up to us to follow the way of Jesus or to go our own way.

6.  R.  The Father sent His only begotten Son into the world so that we would be saved. Jesus, in compliance to the Father's Will for greatest love of us, now knelt in the Garden and sees before Him all the souls from all time that would neglect Him and treat Him so indifferently.

7.  R.  The great gift to us is the gift that Jesus remains with us this day in His Divinity and humanity. He remains with us on this earth no less present than the day He knelt in the Garden, in the Eucharist. His Heart is burning and on fire and waiting for us to come and be with Him.

8.  R.  Jesus saw before Him the endless hours that He would remain in the Tabernacle waiting for the precious souls that He loves. And how few would come! He says loudly and clearly: Can you not watch one hour with Me?

9.  R.  Jesus gives us twenty-four hours a day. The first commandment says: I am the Lord Thy God. Thou shall not have any gods before Me.

10.  R.  Jesus waits for us to come and to be with Him. He waits for us to come and to receive Him in the Eucharist. He gives us Himself. He calls out to us: You do not know how dearly I love you, My precious souls. I call out to you to draw yourselves in closer union with Me. I am a burning furnace, on fire for love of you, My beloved souls!

Song between decades:  A Song From Jesus




Jesus is Scourged at the Pillar

1.  R.  (Jesus has a red haze over His picture.) He says that His blood is red and so is His Heart. His Heart is on fire with love of each one of us.

2.  R.  We do not know how favored we truly are, how we are being chosen. We are being called to the Holy Spirit Center to learn more about Jesus' most vibrant love He has for us so that we will go into this world that is hurting and in pain to spread this love to our brothers. We are the chosen ones. Jesus and Mary have called us here this night to be a part of the Father's plan to spread the love of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary throughout this world.

3. R.  And His blood was bright red! They beat Him! They hit Him! They scourged Him! He truly went through this persecution for greatest love of us. He shed His blood so that we can be with God someday forever in Heaven.

4.  R.  We are reborn into new life in the Sacrament of Baptism. We are so favored that we are given a sharing in His life. He gives us His divine love. The soul craves this love and nothing on this earth will satisfy this craving; this yearning of the soul for Divine love. The Father created us this way. The Father loves us so much and He wants to outpour His love to us.

5.  R.  Jesus stood at the pillar and they mercilessly scourged Him. They tore His flesh and He stood in a puddle of His own blood, the blood that He shed because He loves us so much.

6.  R.  Jesus calls out to you this day to purify your heart. He wants to be ever closer to you. But Love unites with Love. If our  hearts are full of  debris, of hatred or anger, of not liking our brothers, we can not unite closely with Jesus. A heart that is filled with love will unite so closely with the most tender Heart of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

7.  R.  They whipped Jesus! They scourged Him! Jesus was silent! Jesus loved those who persecuted Him. He comes to show us the way. His way is love.

Jesus:  Love! Love! Love, My children! I send you into the world as My soldiers to spread My love to a world that is in pain. I will touch this world through you, through your heart. If you open up your heart, if  you pray to the Spirit, I will send you into the world and I will minister to My beloved ones through you.

8. R.  Purity of heart! He calls us to have a pure heart. The more we model ourselves after the Virgin Mary, the more we pray to the Spirit to transform us into the image of Jesus, the more our hearts will become pure, the more we will love our brothers. Love unites with Love. He is Love. To love God, we must love!

9.  R.  Hear Him scourged at the pillar! Hear the blows that they gave to Jesus! These are the blows that Jesus received for greatest love of us. He received these blows because He loved our brothers. Each and every soul was created by God, our Father, out of His great love. Each and every soul Jesus loved to the extent that He allowed Himself to be scourged at the pillar.

10.  R.  We are called to this Center to go into this world and to be soldiers of love. It takes God to help us to be more like Jesus. It takes prayers to the Spirit to ask Him to sanctify us, to be holy that we can be transformed into the image of Jesus. It takes God to help us to be holy. We must pray to the Spirit. The more we are transformed into the image of Jesus, the more we are led to the love of the Father.

Song between decades:  A Song From Jesus




Jesus is Crowned with a Crown of Thorns

1.  R.  Father forgive them for they know not what they do! We are blind! We do not see how we are unloving to one another. Pray to the Spirit more and more to be led closer into the image of Jesus.

2.  R.  Jesus sat and they pounded into His Head a sharp crown of piercing thorns. The bright red blood ran from His thorns down His face and into His ears and eyes. His vision was clouded. How our vision is clouded. So many times we want such clarity with what we see. Look beyond the consecrated host. We do not see the Divine Lord that is truly present in this host. Spirit lead us. Dear Spirit, open up our eyes to where we are blind that we may see the great gifts that we have been given: Divine Love.

3.  R.  His body was an open wound from the scourging and they put on His open wounds a dirty purple robe. He sat on a so called throne! They gave Him a scepter to hold and then they mocked Him as King of the Jews! They spit on Him! They called Him names! Jesus Christ, the Son of God, sat and took all that they gave Him!

4.  Song:  Crown Him with Many Crowns

5.  R.  Jesus is the King of Kings! He is persecuted! He is beaten! He is bloodied! He sits in silence and loves those who persecute Him!

6.  R.  Jesus suffered such abuse, such beatings. He came to show us the way. His way is love, always love. All that they did to Him and His response was always love. Dear Jesus, help us to be more like You, to be Your bearers of love in this world. Holy Spirit, transform us and sanctify us into the image of Jesus Christ, the Son of God!

7.  R.  We are weak! We do not even see how we offend God and how we hurt one another. Dear Spirit, open our eyes so that we may see and that we may be transformed into the image of Jesus.

8.  R.  They beat Jesus on His head and blood ran from His mouth from the blows they gave to His head. What comes out of our mouth is what is in our hearts. If our hearts are hard and angry, what comes out of our mouth are hard and angry words. His way was always love. Our face shows what is in our hearts!

9.  R.  Mary's face is so beautiful because her Heart is pure and filled with love.

10. Song:  Only this I want.

Song between decades:  A Song From Jesus




Jesus Carries His Cross Up Calvary

1.  R.  They poked at Jesus! They treated Him so cruelly! He stood with His hands tied in front of Him! They were angry, their hearts full of hatred. Jesus stood with a look of perfect peace on His face and they condemned Him to death!

2.  R.  They gave to Jesus a heavy cross and they put it on His shoulder. The pains that Jesus suffered to His shoulder to carry the cross. He could scarcely move the cross was so heavy. They poked at Him and they pushed on Him! His shoulder hurt so badly that it felt as if it would break!

3.  R.  Jesus did not give up His cross. He fell under His cross because it was so heavy.

4.  R.  It is through His death that we rise in Him. It is through the suffering and the little crosses that He gives to us each day that we, too, receive new life -- life in Him!

5.  R.  Jesus watches us as we struggle and as we suffer. Everything that happens, He allows. In the suffering, He wants to lead us to new life. He watches us as we struggle and He does not take us out of our suffering. Many times He allows us to suffer. But He is so close because He knows that it is this very suffering that will lead us closer to Him.

6.  R.  Mary walked forever by His side. She was so weakened. Her Heart was torn in her chest to watch the sufferings that Jesus underwent.

7.  R.  Mary walks by our side in all of our struggles. She is forever there! Our Mother, truly by our side! As she walked by Jesus in all of His sufferings, she does not leave our side. She is there! She loves us as she loved Jesus. She cares for us with the most maternal Heart.

8.  R.  Their eyes peered into one another's on Calvary. The great love that Mary had for Jesus. She saw Him streaming with blood and with the cross on His back. As Her eyes peered into His and His eyes peered into His loving Mother's, He saw her face, reddened and covered with tears in such suffering. In the meeting of these two eyes is the meaning of the intimacy of these two Hearts. So joined are the Hearts of Jesus and Mary! Jesus wants us to come through Mary's most pure and tender Heart to be led ever closer to Him. He loves His Mother. It is through Her Heart that we are led to the deepest intimacies of Jesus' burning Heart.

9.  R.  Jesus was persecuted! He was whipped! Now He carried the heavy cross on His back. Think of the shoulder of Jesus and how it ached to carry this cross. Think of the wounds that He had on His whole body and how they hurt. Think of how His head pounded from the crown of thorns. But His greatest agonies were not the agonies that He experienced to His physical body, but the agonies that He experienced to His Most Sacred Heart for He loves each soul with such deep love. How many souls treat Him coldly and neglect Him? He waits and waits for the souls that He loves to come and be with Him, to spend time with Him in front of the tabernacle, time alone with Him wherever they are. Each day He wants time alone with each soul that He loves!

10.  Jesus:  Do you not have one hour to spend with Me? I call you as soldiers to go out to this world and to spread the love of My Most Sacred Heart in the highways and the byways, to listen to My pleading. I call you to go out. But it is not through your own might that you will spread this love to the world, it is through the might of the Almighty God. You must come and become ever closer to My Sacred Heart. You must pray for union with Me. It is only in this union that you will be able to do the job that the Father has called you to do. It is the might of the Almighty God that will be with you in the world, that will transform you from fear to fearlessness to do the task that I call you to this evening to spread My love to the world that is in so much pain.

Song between decades:  A Song From Jesus




Jesus is Crucified and Dies on the Cross

1.  R.  See Mary as she cares for the hands and feet of the child Jesus and see her now as she sees these most precious hands and feet of her Son nailed all the way through to the cross!

2.  R.  How do you think these hands and feet bled when they were nailed clear through with big nails?

3.  Jesus:  It is in meditating on My Passion that you will know My immense love for you.

4.  R.  Mary stood under the cross against the darkened sky and watched her beloved Son as He hung for three agonizing hours. Three hours! He was thirty-three years old! Jesus hung to His death for three hours!

5.  R.  Jesus is the New Adam. Mary is the New Eve. They have come so that we may have life and have it to the full!

6.  R.  There appeared in the sky a woman clothed as the sun and the moon was under her feet and there were twelve stars about her head.

7.  R.  Mary stood under the cross, held up by her beloved John. She watched her Son as He hung to His death!

8.  R.  Jesus gave His flesh and His blood because He loves us so much. He gives Himself to us this day in the Eucharist. He gives Himself to us in such union! When we receive the consecrated host we are truly receiving the same Jesus Christ that hung on the cross, the same Jesus that walked on Calvary, the same Jesus that was born of Mary. When you look at the consecrated host, you are looking at God! Do we cry to realize that the priest has the power to change the bread and wine into the body and blood of Jesus Christ? When you look at the consecrated host, think of Jesus hanging on the cross. He is no less present in the consecrated host than He was the day He hung on the cross. He is there in His Divinity and humanity and He gives Himself to us in communion. Gives Himself! Greater than any union that we can have with any other human person, God gives Himself to us!

9.  R.  Dear Holy Spirit, give us Your gifts: Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding, that we may see more clearly those things of God. So that we can realize the great gifts given to us in Baptism, so that we can live deeper in You, filled with Your grace.

10.  R.  Create in us a thirst, a love, a great desire for the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Christ! Create in us this desire that we can not wait to receive Him in communion and to come and be with Him in front of the Tabernacle. It is there that He outpours His abundant grace for He is truly present in His Divinity and humanity. Grace is outpoured in the Eucharist. His grace is a sharing in His life. Give us Your grace.

Song after last decade:  A Song From Jesus


This rosary was prayed before the statue of Our Mother of Sorrows just prior to the Friday evening prayer service at the Holy Spirit Center. Rita, Cathy, Joe and Marty were present along with dozens of other apostles. Rita stated that Mary appeared in brilliant light. Rita saw a red haze around the picture of Jesus.


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