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April 29, 2007

April 30th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 8 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for April 30th are Sorrowful.



Come to May 5th in Florida!

Rita Ring will be there.

Special graces are granted on the 5th.

It is important that we gather and pray together

or please tune in to the radio at 6:20 pm!



Retreat in China

will be May 10th - 13th.

Please come and pray!!



The 90th Anniversary of Fatima

is May 13, 2007.

There will be a big celebration.

Come to China!!




Given April 28, 2007


                Oh God how great You are indeed

                The realization of Your goodness,

                    the gift of the Church,

                    I want the world to know

                I want You God —

                I love You and

                I love the Eucharist more and more and more

                I love the souls You died for

                I want the world to know

                I want the Church so full with

                    unity and love — I want the people
                    of the body of Christ so vibrantly
                    alive with Your life in them.



                Oh Lady of Fatima on this 90th anniversary
                    of Your first apparition please
                intercede to Jesus to outpour Your grace
                    on these priests reading the
                    Priesthood Newsletter.

                Make me strong, I want to act purely
                    to help the movement to grow and
                    grow and reach the world with
                    the consecration of the Two Hearts

                Where the world does not recognize the
                    great gift of the Church — open

                    their eyes through grace and knowledge

                    and love in our beloved priests —

                    Love of the priests for intimacy with Jesus

                    Love of our priests for the Church

                    Love to stand so proud in their
                        priesthood — proud to be
                        another Christ to the world

                    Help them to get so much grace to love
                        the body of Christ — love the

                    desire with all their hearts to feed the
                        people with the Eucharist —
                        feed the people as they read the
                        Word of God

                Oh God Your goodness is so important
                    to me.

                    I am given this knowledge of Your
                        works, Your creation, Your
                        love, Your generosity —

                        Your knowing

                    You are God
                    And You have revealed Yourself to me
                        in such a way, I thirst,
                        I long, I want to know
                        ever deeper Your precepts

                I long for the little starved children
                    today — to know the great
                    gift of the Church and the

                Give young men the Newsletter on
                    the priesthood —
                    high - school —
                    boys who could see such a
                    gift God gives to us in the

                    Church and the priest

                Song:  A Priest is a Gift from God

                Do you want to get to heaven and
                    Jesus say

s                    "Why didn't you tell them"

                    And you say —

                    "Oh I was afraid they would reject me"

                    And Jesus says —

                        "Souls are being lost —
                        You are commissioned in baptism
                            to spread the good news —

                        How could you go to the Eucharist

                            and confession and not

                            do anything to spread the good

                        How could you not see your brother
                            starving to death

                        And walking like on a waterbed
                            and not help him

                        He might have listened, but you
                            were afraid

                        And I called you to spread My
                            prayer chapters

                        The people need to pray for grace

                        They need to pray for the priests

                        Satan wants souls for hell —

                        Satan wants to divide children and

                        Satan wants to divide parents
                            so they divorce and break
                            up families

                        Little babies are left in a split
                            home — new step-dads and

                        Mary cries blood for these babies

                        My people listen, now, before

                            any more days are wasted

                        Pray as never before and I
                            will shower My grace
                            through My priests and
                            My Church in such abundance

                        A man's heart can ache because
                            of disease,

                            but it is nothing like the ache to
                                realize souls are being lost
                                today — people you wanted
                                to go to heaven because they
                                gave into the ways of the flesh"
                Well what do we have to say for ourselves

                Jesus:  How long is eternity?

                This life is only temporary.

                How long is eternity?

                You do not even know — it goes
                    on forever

                Look at the horrible deaths of

                Now see souls dropping into hell
                    like rain.

                I want you to love them so much you
                    care for them like a brother and
                    pray for the priests, the Church
                    and the souls.

                Say your Morning Offering

                Spread it
                Tell the world about the Church —

                Support the Priestly Newsletter

                Support the Priests, the Church and
                    the world with your


                I loved My precious souls to My death
                    on the cross

                I rose to give you new life

                I give you Myself in the Eucharist
                    through the hands of the

                So many today neglect Me and they hate
                    Me, use My name in vein.
                    You must pray for My precious

                You must realize My immense love for
                    you and the souls.

                Love gives — I gave to My death on the cross

                My arms were spread wide open —

                    not closed across My chest —

                When they persecute you — you must

                    not abandon the mission —
                    stay faithful for the sake of souls.

                R. Jesus is a Person —
                Jesus waits for His precious souls to
                    come to Him before the tabernacle,
                    in adoration —

                God deserves our love
                God is love
                He created us to love Him

                Jesus told me —
                    He wrote to be heard

                    We must spread this devotion to His
                        Most Sacred Heart

                    Souls are hungry
                    Souls are longing for His love —

                We were created to know, love and serve God —

                To not know, love and serve God is
                    to have a BIG PROBLEM.




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