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April 3, 2007

April 4th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 9 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for April 4th are Joyful.


The 5th Prayer Service will be
in Clearwater, Florida on April 5th.
Please come and join us praying for the priests,
the Church and the world
or tune in on the Internet Radio!


The monthly retreat will be at the
St. Anthony Shepherds of  Christ center
 in China, Indiana from
April 10th through the 13th.

Those who have came in March
had a marvelous retreat!



The Priesthood Newsletter is coming soon.

We need funds for postage.

Please, we need your help and support.

Come to China and please help with the mailing.







March 29, 2007

                    Jesus is the bridegroom we are the bride.
                Why give Jesus something else when He is asking
                for our love and commitment.

                    We are dealing with the Divine Almighty
                God who loves us so much.

                    Jesus loves us so much He was beaten for our
                sins. He suffered and died and yet we keep
                running after things we think will satisfy
                us and ignore what He clearly tells us about —
                in the scriptures, in the Eucharist, in the
                gifts given in our Church, in His letters to

                    Run like a "mad" man sometimes and doing —
                God's will may be a simple thing like learning
                to know oneness in our relationships in
                the community — the ones He wants us to deal

                    Ultimately Jesus is always teaching us about
                love — He wants us to love Him, He wants us to love
                each other according to the Father's will to accomplish
                His work.

                    But someone will say — oh I love _________
                something — with such passion — What about
                saying to Jesus and to others about Jesus
                "Oh I love Jesus so much"

                    We can hold onto the fact we think we
                control our lives, but I have watched
                people with "terminal cancer" be cured —
                We can hold onto our last piece of dust —
                our enormous control of our lives to find
                out some day "we do not control like we
                think we do."

                    One little accident can put us in the

                    But we are asked by Jesus to give Him what
                He wants — in that lies our happiness and

                    A mom said to her son (remember Georgie)
                "Georgie I want your toys picked up and your
                room 'spick-n-span' clean."

                    Georgie just didn't want to pick up
                his room and he for sure liked not obeying

                    Guests were coming from out-of-town very
                important guests of Georgie's dad and mom
                wanted his room clean, it was on the first
                floor and everyone would see it for sure.

                    The more she told him, the more he played
                and made a bigger mess — finally the hour
                came when dad would bring the guests from
                the airport and Georgie's mom was tense —
                now he painted big red spiders on his wall
                and the floor was covered not with cob-webs
                but toys — every toy he owned tore apart.

                    So you say — what made Georgie do that
                to his mom and dad — couldn't he just do
                what she asked for.

                    Well God has given us a commandment
                to love Him and love each other — not
                romances that consume burning passionate
                relationships that are against God's will.

                    God calls us to be one — to have relationships
                as He desires according to the commandments
                for His honor and glory.

                    He calls us to love Him. That means I
                grow more and more letting Him have
                control like the bridegroom and I
                am the bride.

                Song:  Little Child

                Let Go, Let Go

                God has given us so many gifts in the beauty
                    of the earth — the oneness as He unites
                    our hearts in Consecration —
                    as members of the body of Christ.

                I have watched such healing graces in the
                    retreats in China
                    Commitment to the mission

                We can see how we may stoop to please
                    someone we love —
                    What about pleasing God
                    Loving Jesus so deeply
                    Loving His Word
                    Loving the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that dwell
                        in our graced soul

                    What is Holy Week —

                    A time to think about the gifts God
                        has given to us out of greatest
                        love for us

                    A time to meditate from Palm Sunday —
                        How Jesus showed us that the Son
                        of God obeyed His Father to
                        His death on the cross.

                    A time to pray to be deeply one in meditating
                        on the Love of Jesus for all He suffered
                        for our soul and
                        the precious souls of His —
                        beloved souls He gave His life for

                He wants us to love them —
                He wants us to love each other according to
                    God's will —

                Song:  Why do we Hurt the Ones we Love

                That means forgiving —
                    praying for people especially who hurt
                    praying for grace

                Sitting down and just being with God —
                    loving Him so deeply

                Letting go to His will —
                    Giving Him a chance to run our
                        lives as He desires
                    Listening to what He wants

                Loving our life
                    Living it in service of Him
                    He washed the feet of the Apostles

                Being united to Jesus doesn't mean —
                    I run in to church — be close to
                    Him then run out and am jealous,
                    envious — trying to block God's
                    work in someone else because
                    we are slavishly dependent

                Seeking first the Kingdom of God
                Seeing how Jesus carried our sins
                    on His back

                Love — Love — Love — Giving ourselves
                    as God desires —

                I love Holy Saturday —
                I love the Light and darkness and
                    the fire

                It reminds me of the brightness
                    of God against the night —
                    the gift of His grace given to
                    us so abundantly in the

                I love every word of the Exultant
                    and all the readings and

                And I love the bells and the Gloria —
                    The readings for Easter and
                    the Alleluia — coming out like
                    the Easter Lily —

                        A trumpet blast
                        Christ has risen

                And the Easter season is in my soul —
                    the Spring time here —
                    the bursting of the leaves and
                    flowers —
                    the birds singing and

                then Ascension Thursday

                and the great Feasts

                    Trinity Sunday
                    Corpus Christi

                Then the Feast of the Sacred Heart
                    and Immaculate Heart —

                I love the Feasts —
                I love our Church —
                I love the Mass and
                The precious priests God gives us —

                Let's say "yes"
                    to the Shepherds of Christ and help
                    circulate the Priestly Newsletter
                    on the "Priesthood" Easter Week —

                Be a part of it
                Come to China April 10 - 13 when we
                    circulate this —



                So much grace is there when we do
                    retreats and the Eucharist is
                    exposed and a Church full of
                    people pray on April 13 —

                One year we prayed for 5 hours as we
                    do on April 13 and we came out
                    and snow was as big as silver
                    dollars and it was coming down
                    and the earth was covered as
                    you see here —



                Well if you can't come to China
                    this month — tune in on the radio
                    and pray with us for this magnificent
                    Priestly Newsletter on the Priesthood —
                    We have received about 87 letters since
                    August, 2006 from the Vatican and most
                    Nuncios —

                    Help us — pray the prayers for our
                wonderful priests, and the Church
                and for the world who needs our
                love and prayers.

                    Be a part of this magnificent
                ray of hope and love — Start a prayer
                chapter and help us send this uplifting
                Newsletter on the Priesthood to our
                beloved priests —


                 BE A PART OF THIS

                Love in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

                Rita Ring

                Help spread the Consecration to the
                    Hearts of Jesus and Mary to the

                Song:  A Priest is a Gift from God





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