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April 9, 2007

April 10th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 6 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for April 10th are Sorrowful.



The monthly retreat will be at the
St. Anthony Shepherds of  Christ Center
 in China, Indiana from
April 10th through the 13th.

Those who came in March
had a marvelous retreat!



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Please, we need your help and support.

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Taken about a week ago in China



Grottos in China, Indiana




These writings unveil the workings of satan in our lives.


April 9, 2007

                    Amongst all the testing and
                the toil I give You myself God.
                I give myself wholly to You,
                body and soul.

                    Sing song and
                    Holy is His Name.

                    Because I love You God.
                    I am Rita, God, I love You.

                    I give You myself wholly
                        and completely with the
                        desire to give You what
                        You want.

                    Being other-focused.
                    Not selfish!!

                    Doing God's will not wanting
                        to work out of our
                        wounded heart to make
                        others, innocent others,
                        be punished for wrongs
                        done to us in the past.

                    I forgive all who have hurt me.
                        I clean the walls of my heart
                        so I don't slip into punishing
                        others for the wounds in my

                    And Holy is His Name.

                And I am to seek to be pure in all
                    my actions — not punishing others
                    for my jealousies, trying to control
                    for slavishly dependent parts in
                    my heart.

                Trusting those I need to trust to
                    accomplish God's work and not
                    pinning the name of an untrusting
                    other on one I must trust to
                    do my vocation — to do what
                    God wants.

                What should be in my basket at the
                    end of this day I give to the
                    Father for this day of my life.

                Selfish weeds instead of
                    the flowers — so pretty — like
                    the Virgin Mary would have
                    given to God the Father.

                Help me God to bring joy to the world —
                    loving and serving You as You
                    desire — not trying to heal my
                    wounds by getting the approval
                    of others for myself.

                God is love and if we are to be likened
                    to Him — we must fight the
                    fallen human  nature that
                    wants to give into the self pity.

                The selfishness rather than other-
                    focused — the blocking of God's
                    plan, rebellion rather than

                God help us not to be prideful,
                    be forgiving and loving.

                And Holy is His name.

                To be like the Virgin Mary who
                    is untainted, Mary Immaculate,
                    pure and sinless.

                We offer You our failures God —
                The gifts not fully given —
                For all the times we said no
                    for helping God for
                    the sake of souls.

                Yes God
                Yes God
                Yes God

                Help us heal God —
                Forgive us for the times we
                    punish others for our
                    wounds and control to
                    punish them —

                Give us eyes to see how we
                    have stored anger and we
                    project it on others.

                Thanks be to the Father —

                Thanks for making us in Your
                    image and likeness
                    despite our sins. We are sorry
                    God —

                Holy Spirit enlighten us to our
                    sins, sins we hold that
                    give us a heart of stone —
                    when we lack compassion —
                    want dominance for
                    dominance sake for our
                    selfish pride.

                Help us God and empty our
                    tainted hearts of our sins.

                God created us in His own image
                    and likeness — we beg for
                    forgiveness to be holy —

                    How often have we thanked God
                for the Shepherds of Christ and all the
                gifts He has given to us —

                    Why us —
                    Why did God pick us —
                    Do we take it for granted and
                        act selfish which drives
                        out purity in our hearts.

                    Pride and failure to recognize
                        the truth - stops us
                        from being holy

                And Holy is His Name —

                Mary was beautiful

                Mary full of grace






                Thanks God for Your gifts
                    to me

                    Thanks God

                    Punishing others is wrong.

                Giving our heart to Jesus and Mary means
                    we want to be in one mind and one
                    heart doing His will.

                    In love — means our hearts
                        are not hard ready to
                        fight for dominance.



Unveiling the workings of satan in our lives.


Given April 8, 2007

                Hidden anger is like a worm
                    in an apple.

                Constant argumentation is not
                    from God.

                Many saints suffered

                    Why did God show us all the wounds.

                    Jesus was almost naked
                    Jesus came into the world a little bare

                    We must drop the chains of slavery to

                    We live a deeply spiritual life.
                    We do not hide our weaknesses and say
                        we are perfect.

                    If we are not nice and thinking about others
                        we are not acting like Jesus.

                    A man wore a bandage like a mummy —
                        there was an opening so he could barely see

                    He had trouble moving —
                        His bandages were tied tight around
                            his body
                        He had very little mobility

                    Someone came and said —
                        I see you are having trouble moving
                            can I remove your bandages —

                        If you let go of the wraps you will
                            know a new life —
                            you will move freer
                            you will see better

                        He hissed and said leave me to myself

                        Later he saw a blind man by the road —
                            laughing and playing with children

                            he said foolish man —
                            Why is he so happy
                            He is blind

                    God wants us to forgive

                    A man had a daughter and she was killed
                        by a drunk driver

                        He had lost his wife to cancer
                        And she was his only child

                    He became so angry — he lived trapped
                        in a tunnel of darkness

                    He snapped at people —
                        He had a good friend about once
                            a week he picked a gigantic
                            fight with her and then proceeded
                            to dump his anger and hatred
                            walking away like one leaving
                            the other in a wrestling ring

                    We are not called to fight with each other
                        argumentation is from satan

                    A person full of stuffed, negative hurts
                        does not feel good

                        they can be tense
                        open a door to satan, constantly —

                        wanting to have dominance to win
                            over another

                    Now lets look at the snow plow

                        A big snow came and the streets were
                            covered and the road impossible
                        We see what clogged blood vessels do
                            to the heart

                    A lady wanted to get out of her driveway
                        and she was stuck

                    Soon late in the afternoon a big, big
                        snow plow came down the street
                        and it cleared a big path where
                        one was not able to pass before

                    The lady went out and was so happy —

                    Now after several days, it began to rain
                        and then it froze up — all the black
                        snow by the curb became very

                    And she backed out like the other day
                        and there was a big patch of
                        ice when she turned —
                        she slid clear across the road
                        and into a moving car, which
                        ran into a parked car —

                        Her new car was totaled
                        the other driver hit his head
                        the parked car badly damaged

                    Now I tell you a story —

                        We may release anger for a few days
                            and get out of our drive way,
                            but hidden hurts along the side
                            of the road are like big clumps
                            of ice stored on the sides of the

                        One little memory like the ugly ones we
                            store can be a trigger

                        An occurrence where our "friend"
                            does what they did to us 50 times
                            before can be a bigger and bigger

                    I must forgive — like the guy whose daughter
                        was killed by a drunk driver or
                        the anger will fester and fester.

                    Further — the hidden anger of some comes
                        out in passive-aggressive behavior
                        and becomes a habit on their part to
                        do a simple task

                    Passive-aggressive behavior comes out
                        in control — it is because of hidden
                        anger — someone won't look at or
                        let go of

                    A person is now 40 or 50 years old —
                        They begin a relationship and have lived
                            very much alone all their life —

                    In their home they may have experienced
                        lots of anger —

                        it is normal to them

                    Past, hurtful wounds unhealed act like
                        big wounds inside that satan can
                        use to control others

                    We must realize that a person with gall
                        bladder stones having an attack
                        must do something or they die.

                    A man had a gall bladder attack and wouldn't
                        go to the hospital —
                        he died.

                    A person who has lived 40 or 50 years and
                        is tense and angry is like a loaded gun
                        if they were divorced, lost a loved one,
                        especially a child or spouse and never
                        worked through the grief — the anger —
                        the suffering

                    Another person may have lived in a very
                        happy house — lost a mom or dad
                        and the grandparents, the spouse
                        left helped the child work through
                        the loss.

                    Children who have been taught to be angry
                        are angry when they grow up many

                    To say — oh it doesn't bother me and then
                        hurt innocent others is not right —

                    Projection onto another can be a big problem.

                    If a person is wounded —
                        they turn their wounds into love —
                        if they say — I love you, but once a
                        week after I do nice things — I
                        argue and argue with an innocent
                        other and then start shouting

                            I win — you are bad

                            I win — you are bad

                            I win — you are bad

                    It becomes an arm wrestling game

                    To be like Jesus we must be focused
                        on loving God and loving others as

                    Married people that have children soon
                        learn how much care a child is.
                        Do you know how hard it is to carry
                        a child 9 months, have morning sickness,
                        maybe get run down and sick with
                        a virus or sore throat and then
                        wait and wait for a baby —
                        try to breast feed
                        get up with a baby who has their days
                            and nights mixed up

                    Working with many people —
                        all with different ideas in a
                        family and
                        still being united in love is
                        a sacrifice —

                    God gave us the family - to learn to love

                    Too many marriages are ending in divorce
                        because people want their way —
                        as Fr. Carter says —
                        they married to get love
                        rather than give love

                    Why are there so few vocations?

                    Is it because the world is so self-focused.

                    This is a fault of the garden —
                    The New Adam is so other-focused He is
                        whipped by men who are humans
                        and hung on a tree.

                    Jesus died for our sins
                    Jesus gave His all
                    Jesus gives Himself now.

                    In a family and community there must be

                        What bank would operate with no head.
                        Or does the #2 guy come and fight
                            in front of the customers —

                        What a mess you say —

                        Yes some people are angry inside and they
                            don't feel good because of
                            wounds and when they don't feel
                            good — they pick an innocent other
                            and try to use them to dump their anger

                        Hidden wounds come out many times in
                            passive-aggressive ways —

                        I don't feel good —

                        I am not going to cooperate to act out my
                            anger and get control

                        Who wants to deal with a person who
                            just argues for the sake of winning

                        How is this in contrast to the New Adam
                            who laid down His life —

                        Religious enter a community to grow
                            spiritually —

                            to be more loving
                            to be more one

                        Loving in a family comes because people
                            say — you are important to me —
                            I want to give and receive and love you

                        For a person to enter a community that is
                            single and say — I will not bend —
                            it is a real problem

                        A person who loves God looks into their
                            heart - from the past and lets go of
                            hidden anger at every body —
                            praying for grace to heal —
                            begging for grace to have a pure heart

                        I look at Blue Book 3 and remember
                            how important the writings are to
                            live in oneness and love

                        Satan attacks through the wounded part
                            of a person's heart —

                            A person can use passive-aggressive
                            measures to act out hidden anger and
                            it can be as addictive as a drug —

                        It is hidden
                        They lie to themselves about their actions
                        There is a me and God relationship
                            that fails to see the importance
                            of oneness with others —
                            It can be seen sometimes as
                                extreme selfishness

                        These are the enemies of why the religious
                            orders are dwindling

                        People who go to an order and want to keep
                            their imperfections using passive-
                            aggressive measures —
                            cannot teach love and oneness

                        There must be trust for a priest to
                            live under his bishop —
                        A person to live under a superior

                        The world is telling even children to be
                            over parents —

                            be self-focused —

                        Now look at the greatest commandment

                            there are 3 loves —
                                not one, or two, but 3

                            LOVE God

                            Love each other

                            Love self according to God's will

                        As a spiritual director of this Movement

                            of any order

                            the spiritual director tells how the
                                evil spirit is working to block
                                the love that must be among the
                                people —
                                living in harmony and joy

                        Discerning the spirits is important

                            Satan works to try to upset the

                            Then he tries to cause chaos

                        This can be in families, churches

                        People upsetting their boundary

                        Co-dependent relationships are

                        This is one because of hidden wounds
                            where one seeks to control and
                            punish another because they
                            don't feel good —

                        How often will they argue
                            Do they argue in front of others
                                over them

                        How long would McDonalds operate with
                            the efficiency of a meal in minutes
                            if no one was in charge and
                            every one was fighting because
                                they didn't like their job

                        I have watched the grace flowing in
                            China in retreats like the creeks
                            surrounding China

                        I tried hard to do the retreat —
                            guiding and praying so very
                            hard for God's grace and healing

                        And the person must want the grace
                            they must want their state in life
                            and live with the 3 loves —
                            love of God, love of others, love of
                            themselves as God desires

                        Holding onto past wounds — hurts
                            opens a door to satan —
                            people with deep hidden wounds
                                can project their anger on
                                others — trying to control
                                someone over them

                            They can be like a smoldering
                                fire in a rug —
                                it can burn real slow
                                and they keep sticking their
                                little fire in the rug

                            Then the rug rages

                        Like a house of cards — they pick
                            away with passive-aggressive
                            control to watch someone else
                            respond to their provoking ways —

                        After 10 years of this — there are so many
                            wounds on the innocent other —
                            they can be saying

                            "stop it"

                        The person with the smoldering anger

                            is a PRO at their game

                            they need the other as a host
                            they do not show anger themselves
                                they just keep doing their
                                provoking co-dependent
                                ways until they watch the
                                other scream —

                            Then they say —

                                I'm never angry
                                I never lose control

                        They let satan operate through the
                            wounded part of their heart and

                        Their wounds are locked up like
                            a mummy —

                        These hearts are hard and angry inside —

                        Where others are feeling and interacting
                            in love — they can be very
                            isolated even in the company
                            of others
                            but a wall is up like layers
                                of an onion and they will
                                never look inside
                                or look at the cards that fell
                                behind them

                        A community in a religious order is
                            to be united in love —
                            following the superior in obedience
                            practicing celibacy

                        Satan will use people's weaknesses
                            to try to run through division
                            and anger

                        How are we doing in the marriages with
                            all these divorces —

                        Remember the 3 loves

                            Love of God
                            Love of others
                            Love of self according to God's

                        Getting married to primarily get love for ourselves
                            doesn't work

                        People don't go into a community
                            to be a married single with Jesus
                            and not be united to others in
                            the community.

                        The motive force of the body of Christ
                            is love

                            Jesus died for our sins and rose
                                on the third day —

                            Don't give into pride, jealousy,
                                envy, lustfulness, slothfulness -

                            Come out of your tombs —

                        In this Easter season — pray to the Holy Spirit
                            to come out of your tombs
                            Drop the burial cloths

                            pray to be united as one
                                as God desires

                            Consecrate your hearts to Jesus
                                and Mary

                        Heaven is unity

                        Heaven is love

                        Heaven is perfection

                        Heaven is truth

                        Hell is isolation



December 26, 1993 - Sunday

Whatsoever You Do to Your Brother, You Have Done unto Me

Jesus:  My child,

    It is with a bleeding heart I come to you this day — the day after My special day! I know all about the trials and you withstood them very well. When you are suffering, I am the closest. Try to feel Me right with you always. If someone is being smart to you, know, My little one, they are being smart to Me. Whatever others do to you they do it first to Me. It is easy for satan to use someone to attack you and for them to think you are weak and I can do anything to push this one's buttons. No, little ones, you may think I can do whatever I want and get away with it because this person doesn't fight and forgives. I say to you, "Woe to you who push your brothers with your ugly speech. You do it to Me first. Woe to he whose tongue is as a rattlesnake: you rattle roll to your brother, but you rattle to Me. All those who sit and watch such an episode or hear are affected."

     "Woe to you who have given ugly example to children: I will personally hold you accountable for every word you speak in front of innocent children. You speak not to the person, but to all whose ears hear. Woe to you, your snake-like ways will come to haunt you, My child. Your tongues are that by which you receive My body; your tongue should be kept so holy.

    Guard your tongue against foul talk, abusive language and scourging your brother. You will be held accountable for every misdeed you performed against your precious brother and in front of any bystanders. All will be made known in the end. Every deed will be brought into light. Guard your body. Do not use any abusive talk or ugly words. You are My precious one, in communion you receive the Son of Man. Respect Me, My little ones. He is your brother. Whatsoever you do to your brother, you have done to Me and you will answer for all your misdeeds."

    It is so silly to think that no one will hear what you do and you will not be found out. All will know the snake-like ways you so carefully hid. All will be brought into light and you will be held accountable for doing them to Me because I give you your brother to love. Guard your speech. Guard your ways. See the whole picture. What you are doing to little ones who hear. You will be judged also for giving bad example. Just as you expect Me to account all those good deeds you performed. You are accountable for your bad deeds against others.

    I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. I came to show you how to live. I am gentle. I am kind in Heart. I love you, My little ones, many have evil ways and I still love you. I did not fight and argue back. I was silent. A person who taunts you wants you to fight. Be of a pure heart and do not answer them back. This is satan who is out to taunt you. Do not disrespect your brother even when he disrespects you. All he says, he says to me first and he will truly answer for his deed. If you have wronged your brother, tell him of the wrong and ask for forgiveness, then beg forgiveness from Me. It is in your sorrow and the recognition of it to your brother that God forgives you.

    You are the light of the world; see that your works are a light to your brothers. Guard against dark ways. Example is the best teacher, to constantly teach ugliness is to teach the biggest lesson of all. Just as a parent who is loving teaches love to his little ones, by his actions, a parent who is selfish and angered teaches children such lessons.

    Woe to you who perform vile acts in front of others, especially My little innocent ones! I will call you on your unrepented acts. To pray the "Our Father" you must repent your sins. Pray this prayer often. My Father is so pleased with the recitation of this prayer. He listens attentively as His little children address Him. He loves you to call Him Father. He is a Father Who loves His children and loves them to come to Him in prayer.

    What you do in the dark will be made know in the light. All your deeds to your brothers will be brought to light. Guard your ways and strive to be holy. Be of a light heart. What is of account here is doing it for the honor and glory of God. It must be for God's glory. God is watching you like on a silent stage.

    Think of all your actions being brought to light; guard against evil speech. The tongue is a party to much sin and then it is the way you receive Me, Jesus, Lord. Make your tongues so holy. Remember the snide remarks you make to your brother are snide remarks you make to Me. See Me standing there when you speak to your brothers. Even in his ugliness, see Me standing there in your brothers. Respect each other as a creation of the Father. When one is being cruel to you, pray for them and drive away satan, he is influencing their tongue. See your brother with a snake around him and struggling. Would you go and fight with the snake? Cast out the devil in My Name; don't argue with the devil. See your brother as being attacked and unable to help himself — do not listen to his utterances from his tongue when being attacked. It is not he who is out to trip you up, it is the evil one who has attacked your brother. See him in his struggle.

    A person who taunts you is anything but a figure of strength; he is a figure of weakness. Look at him as coming from a bad place and needing your prayers. Do not listen to vile and nasty remarks. You are as I see you. You are as I see you in your holiness and goodness. Guard yourself. I will be your fore guard and your rear guard, I will help your brother if you pray for him. Pray he does not continue down his dark road. He usually is not praying for himself at such a moment, so you need to pray for him.

    Do not allow yourself to be attacked by others. It is satan who uses your brothers to get to you. Cast him out and ask for My strength. You will be judged — how you respond to your brother. Strive to be Christ-like. Realize he is a figure of weakness, not strength and pray for him and strength for yourself.

    I am He Who is forever by your side guarding you. Do not go it alone. Turn to Me and I will give you strength. It is no myth, little one. I am this close and this personal with you. Treat Me like a person who is right there. Do not overlook My presence. In love and in adversity, I stand by to be your guide. I am He who never leaves you — you are never alone.

    I am such a good God. Your life will become so much easier when you realize I am right by your side. No one can hurt you and get away with it. They will answer to Me if they do not repent. Repented sins will be forgiven and unrepented sins will be brought to light.

    You must be truthful in your examination of self. As soon as you realize that you have offended your brother, and it is prudent to do so, go and beg his forgiveness and then pray to be forgiven. I love you even when you sin. I love the truth. I want the truth. Deception is the work of the devil. All evil ways will be made known in the light and woe to he who has accused his brother of his own sin. Such deception is indeed the work of the evil one and will not go unpunished.

    Review your sins often during the day, clear away the rubbish. Confessing your sins is cleaning for the heart. It is freeing for you. Denying the truth keeps you stuck to the sin. Examine your consciences, ask for guidance on how you have offended others by your words, thoughts and example, and beg to be forgiven. Tell your brothers of your wrong and ask for forgiveness. If he does not forgive you, he will have to deal with Me. Do not feel guilty; go to confession and do as the priest directs and free yourself of guilt. Satan wants you to wallow in your guilt. Move out of your sin with resolution with God's help to try not to sin again.

    Oh, little ones, it is not the sin as much as the unrepented arrogance of an act. This displeases Me so. This is so rooted in the devil, to offend another and then to act innocent or blame another for your sins. Such vileness is from satan. Repent, I tell you — go to confession and confess your wrongs be freed of your sin, unrepented sins will be punished. Listen to Me and follow the words of the Master. Follow My example to love your brothers at all times and respect them as the temple they are. Kindness and love for one another — this is paramount. Strive to be Godly; strive to be as He expects you to be. Guard your tongue, little ones; it is by this tongue you receive God, the Savior. Do not give in to abusive talk and snide remarks; speak with love to your brother.

end of December 26, 1993




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