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May 20, 2007

May 21st Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 2 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for May 21st are Glorious.



May 20, 2007


God is the ultimate Mystery.

To be wrapped in the heavenly embrace of the Trinity is my delight,
but in the ecstasies which I try to describe the ineffable
I reach to describe in words that which is a deep reality in my soul.

I knew such fullness.
I knew love.
I knew the rapturous embrace of the Trinity

but in this I knew oneness
I knew the embrace of love of Father, Son and Holy Spirit
I knew more the great oneness of these Three Persons
but in trying to describe this I knew deeply Their love as Persons for me and me for Them
I knew deep relationship with God
and I knew in this great knowledge into the mystery of the Trinity. 

I knew likewise in the fuller love a deep union with Mary and the angels and saints and the souls in purgatory and the souls of this earth
I knew oneness - joy in my soul to behold it
Longing for the moment to know this experience and not have it be temporary. 

I knew happiness and love -
joy insight into the mystery of God's love. 

Now I know the presence of the Holy Trinity within my graced soul always.
I feel Their life alive in me.
I know the security of Their life in me.
It grows ever deeper every moment I live.
It is deepened through the gifts of His grace poured out to me at Mass and before the tabernacle. 

But I know the Trinity.
I know the Persons of the Trinity
I long to love Them ever deeper
They are in my heart 

My relationship with my Father and with the Person of Jesus and the Person of the Holy Spirit are very real to me, but I know the oneness of love's embrace
the oneness of the love of the Trinity 

I know more deeply in my soul the mystery of the love of the Trinity. 

I have written books on the love of Jesus and Mary and studied deeply in meditating on the rosary all my life this relationship. 

And it is easy for me to grow deeper in my relationship with the Father - as my heavenly Father as He outpours His grace for me to know Him.
Knowing Jesus has brought me more deeply into the bosom of my Father, but the ecstasies have given to me infused knowledge of this magnificent mystery of love - of the Persons of the Trinity and of each Person and also the love of our heavenly Mother in her oneness with God and in my oneness with God and with my heavenly Mother Mary. 

But to know this is to have great oneness with the angels and saints - the souls in purgatory and the souls of this earth. 

Now that with which I wish to express may to you need discernment, but I speak of the reality of this love in my soul.
Of pondering the relationship with the persons of the Trinity and of knowing love between the Persons of the Trinity and with me a sinful human person with a wounded human nature. 

Oneness - to be wrapped in love's embrace because God is love
The Persons of the Trinity are one. 

Now I know deeply the relationship with Mary and Jesus and my Father, but I want to ponder the relationship - the Spousal relationship between Mary and the Holy Spirit. 

Mary conceived by the Holy Spirit and the Word was made flesh. 

What love is this that exists between this human sinless woman and the Divine God the Holy Spirit. 

I know the Holy Spirit deeply - it is by His action I know deeper insight into the mysteries
but I want here to talk about the Holy Spirit and the incarnation. 

The love that brought forth the Savior
the love that made Jesus man with flesh. 

There is for me a fear to express what I know in my soul to not word it correctly
but I see in myself in pondering the union between Mary and the Holy Spirit- the Spousalship of the Holy Spirit to Mary
to see the inner working of the Holy Spirit in Mary's Immaculate Heart - my spiritual womb to bring forth more the Jesus in me that I am more molded in the image and likeness of Jesus. 

But I want to express where the Holy Spirit works in bringing forth the Jesus within me and that makes my soul burn there to be caught in love's embrace in that oneness and action to be molded more like Jesus through the marvelous action of the Holy Spirit in the love of Mary and the Holy Spirit. 

It is action and I am in the embrace of this action
God the Father Creator is always united in this oneness I know, but I am focusing here on the incarnation going on in me as I am more likened to Christ in my soul. 

I am caught in this permeating action going on in Mary and the Trinity. 

I know the deep oneness of the Persons of the Trinity and yet I love Them as Persons so deeply and to talk about this for me is to not be able to express the oneness I know as I talk about my personal relationship with the Persons of the Trinity and with Mary. 

I know the working of this embrace of the Trinity's love for me and I am in this action so to speak which some one may want to fault me, but for lack of a better word to describe that which is ineffable and still to want to beg for the ability to describe this magnificent reality inside of my whole being I use the word action of the Trinity on me.
Permeating action of the Holy Spirit
Seeing my growth more and more to be a more perfected human being in my imperfection as it says in the scriptures.

Matthew 5: 48

...You must therefore be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect.’

To be caught in love's embrace in the spousal relationship with the heavenly Mother and the Holy Spirit.

But you may think I say the same thing and for me I can not find the words to describe this reality which I have feebly attempted to explain and I could if given the words talk more and more deeply of this intense reality of the oneness of the Trinity - my love relationship with the Persons of the Trinity and Mary and further
how my relationship with Them is an action I know in the love of the Persons inside acting on me. 

I am caught in this oneness of the Trinity - Love between Holy Spirit and Mary (Mary is not God) and the love of Jesus and Father and yet I know Them as Persons in a Personal oneness that is always united and vibrantly active in my soul.


For what is the mystical marriage - but relationship with God
so deeply intimate in our soul where
the beloved God reveals to us about His love
the realization more and more of the on fire love of the Father for the Son and the Son for the Father
in the Holy Spirit 

and these words are deep in my soul, but the reality is in the relationship I have of this love that exists between me and my God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
but the Mass and the mysteries of the rosary are ways in which God the Holy Spirit worked imparting to us greater wisdom and
showering me a wounded human being with this magnificent grace - deeper life in Him (God)
and insight into the Divine Mysteries.

I become like that scripture as the little child

Matthew 11: 25

At that time Jesus exclaimed, ‘I bless you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for hiding these things from the learned and the clever and revealing them to little children.

not from books
but from the teachings of love God has imparted to me in my soul.

God's magnificent love for me and for the human race that Jesus gave Himself to His death on the cross and rose on the third day
and the Father sent His only Son in this world
and the Paraclete came as He did at Pentecost and is enlightening us this very day through His marvelous action
but I see this marvelous action done in this world with the Persons of the Trinity in Their relationship with Mary
and why God the Father is offended when Mary is not recognized as the singular vessel to lead to this deeper understanding
as Spouse of the Holy Spirit
as Daughter of the Heavenly Father
and in the magnificent role as the Mother of Jesus (Jesus the Son of God).



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