Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests
with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

May 22, 2003

May 23rd Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 1 Period I.
The Novena Rosary Mystery
for May 23rd is Joyful.

   Sidney Rosary will play Friday night, 

May 23, 2003 at the 6:20 prayers.

It was a very urgent and powerful 

message given from Jesus.

(May 20, 2003)

Here are some of the messages.

Jesus really wants you to hear this 

thats why we were told to 

play this again Friday night 

May 23, 2003.



Excerpts from the Sidney Rosary

May 20, 2003


Song: Little Child

Jesus speaks:  I am Jesus 
                        and I have called this meeting today. 
                        And this is a very special meeting 
                        that I am calling you to.  

                        My chosen ones,  

                            Have you heard of a book that says 
                        Who moved my cheese
                        Have you heard that 
                        and wondered what that means?  

    Today I speak to you. 
For no matter how it is on this earth,
you will have problems that you will have to work through that are problems,

(working through these problems) will lead to greater purity
and to greater perfection.

And as long as you live you will be confronted every day
with a choice,
to do God’s will
or not to do God’s will.

And you will live a life that is happier
if you do My will
and I have called you to tell you to not be afraid no matter what happens on this earth
to not be afraid but to realize that I am Jesus
and I am present within you in a very special way
when you are in the state of grace.  

                            So go to church,
                        go to confession,
                          ask God for the help
                          that grace will be released on this world.
                        It will only come through My grace. 
                        For you look at the sun and you see the brightness of the sun 
                        and you know that there is power there.  

                            But yet you think that you can control so many things and you 
                        yourself know that you cannot even get into a car
                        and control the outcome
                        for there are others that travel the road that you travel.  

                            For there are hurricanes and earthquakes and windstorms and rainstorms
                        and cars that hydroplane right before you.
                        And even though you do not desire
                        to be beat-up in a car wreck,
                        what do you do if you are in the back seat
                        and you are not driving and there is a car dead in your path
                        as you travel 70 miles an hour
                        but yet you think you have control of all the things in your life
                        only to find out
                        that you do not.  

                            And I want to speak of obedience, 
                        especially in the religious orders. 
                        For you are told to obey 
                        but in this world today so many 
                        want to be on the top. 
                        They do not want to obey anything that is above them. 
                        Some question everything that is over them. 
                        Parents are taught many times to question. 
                        Children are taught to question the parents. 
                        People question the authority in My Church.  

                            I am Jesus, the Son of God. 
                        I am the Son of the Father 
                        and I obeyed His will to My death on the cross. 
                        I am the Son of God. 
                        I am your model. 
                        I taught you how one in authority acts, 
                        for one in authority acts with love to those under them. 
                        And those under them 
                        obey the ones in authority.  

                            There is so much emphasis 
                        on the number one, 
                        that being yourselves, 
                        live for yourselves.  

                            I give you this commandment, 
                        to love God with all your heart and all your soul and all your being 
                        and to love your neighbor as yourself.  

                            And this song 
                        for I said to My messenger 
                        that I will give you the Song of Jesus and you 
                        will sing it 
                        to the world. 

                        That day has come 
                        for to those who listen 
                        to the sound of My voice 
                        I will impart a special grace to you 
                        that you will be able to respond to the calling 
                        to which I have given you. 
                        This calling is 
                        a very special calling 
                        to help to bring about the Reign of My Sacred Heart on this earth. 
                        And that begins now 
                        with your own consecration to My Sacred Heart, 
                        the giving of your life 
                        to Me 
                        and to My Mother, 
                        the praying for grace all day.  

Song:  Song from Jesus

                        ... Yesterday afternoon (Monday, May 19, 2003) I went to Mass and 
                        I just felt like something was going to happen ...


Jesus speaks:  And I speak to you My chosen ones and I ask you 
                        why do you say no when I call you? 
                        And why do you respond with such a snarly attitude in your heart? 
                        You have one foot on 
                        and one foot off 
                        and yet you give yourself selflessly, 
                        you think, 
                        but so many things you have determined in your own mind. 
                        And you will not let Me speak as I desire, 
                        nor you will not let the plan unfold...

Jesus speaks:  And I come to you My chosen ones 
                        and I make this calling to all who hear My voice. 
                        And if it is fear that is in your heart 
                        or if you just do not want to answer My call, 
                        why do you pretend or answer half-heartedly? 
                        For it is not the messenger that has called you 
                        but in gazing at the image of My Mother 
                        you will know that she speaks as I desire.  

Song:  Come Holy Spirit  ...

Jesus speaks:  Oh My people, 
                        in My Church 
                        that you would know 
                        more clearly the glories of heaven, 
                        that your time on this earth is passing 
                        and that the hours 
                        tick away one 
                        by one 
                        by one, 
                        and the focus of so many 
                        is to make this earth 
                        their pleasure ground. 
                        They answer My call 
                        and kid themselves 
                        and they have not let go. 
                        They play games, 
                        for what reason are these, 
                        when souls are at stake? 
                        If you can realize the seriousness 
                        of the people 
                        when they are wounded and die 
                        in wars 
                        and catastrophes 
                        out of space, 
                        when you see the bodies 
                        that are put to rest, 
                        how is it that you cannot envision 
                        the soul 
                        and how it can go to hell for all eternity?  

                            I am 
                        a just God. 
                        You are here 
                        to love and to serve Me 
                        and to promote My Kingdom. 
                        You are here 
                        the children of My Father. 
                        And I have given My life 
                        for you. 
                        I died 
                        on the cross 
                        and I sweat 
                        My precious Blood 
                        that you would have life eternal 
                        and some mock Me 
                        and blaspheme Me. 
                        They are immoral in their speech 
                        and unkind in their dealings. 
                        And it is not that you are here to promote yourself 
                        but that you are here 
                        to help build 
                        My Kingdom on this earth. 
                        This is My Movement 
                        Shepherds of Christ 
                        and I 
                        am your God. 
                        Come to Me all who labor 
                        and are heavily burden 
                        and I 
                        will give you rest.  

Song:  Come to me, All Who Are Weary

Jesus speaks:  The message 
                        that I deliver to you tonight 
                        is a very urgent and important message 
                        and the words that I speak 
                        should be studied. 
                        For there is no room for jealousy 
                        and ill-will in your soul 
                        but I come 
                        and deliver My message 
                        through My messenger 
                        that the world may hear Me 
                        and know that I am God. 
                        I am Jesus 
                        the Son of God 
                        and I speak to you. 
                        And the souls of this earth are hurting 
                        and many are falling into hell like rain. 
                        And I have warned you 
                        and I have told you 
                        and I have asked you to help Me. 
                        I have called you each by name.  

                            And I speak to you through the songs that I sing to you 
                        and I ask you to listen 
                        and heed this calling 
                        because it is a serious time 
                        in your world today.  

                        I am Jesus.  

Song  By Name I have called you  

Jesus speaks:  And I speak to you 
                        and I call you 
                        and I ask you to respond to My call. 
                        And I ask you to look at the image 
                        and I ask you to come with a joyful commitment, 
                        one that is from Me 
                        and not one that you think that you give to the messenger. 
                        For I am God 
                        and I speak to you.  

Song:  By Name I have called you  

Jesus speaks:  I ask you to speak 
                        about the messages that I give, 
                        I ask you to tell the world 
                        and to tell the world 
                        that I appear 
                        and My Mother appears 
                        on the building in
                        but you hide these great gifts that I have given 
                        and you will not help Me.  

Song:  By Name I have called you refrain  

Jesus speaks:  And it is fine 
                        because I want to tell you 
                        how tenderly I love you 
                        and want to press you 
                        to My Heart.  

                            But today I deliver a message that is most serious 
                        and I am calling you to come, 
                        come to Me 
                        and help Me. 
                        For you have said no too long. 
                        And I deliver a message, 
                        a message that is real. 
                        It is about the souls that are dying 
                        and dropping into hell 
                        Do you know how many souls will drop into hell tonight? 
                        Do you think your prayers are not important to help 
                        release these graces that I wish to send? 
                        Or your sacrifice to attend the daily Mass if it is possible for you? 
                        Or the hours that you spend in your house doing nothing 
                        but you could have prayed your Morning Offering 
                        and offered up all the suffering 
                        because that’s what it is. 
                        To live on this earth is to experience suffering 
                        and learning how to get along 
                        and loving one another 
                        and being able to speak the truth for greater oneness without the jealousy 
                        and the bitterness creeping in that keeps you all focused 
                        in your most dysfunctional ways. 
                        For community is a life 
                        and a gift 
                        when it is used properly for oneness 
                        to act as a power house 
                        to reach the world with the message that I give to you here.  

                            And I speak to you 
                        for the seasons change 
                        and some will not be here 
                        when the fall and the spring come again. 
                        For it is the life cycle that you live, 
                        one season following another: 
                        and fall again, 
                        but for some they will have passed on. 
                        And it may be you 
                        that could have died in the car wreck 
                        for tomorrow is promised to no man 
                        but the days that you lived on this earth will make a difference forever.  

Song:  Come with Me Into the Field  

Jesus speaks:  And Fr. Carter is gone now 
                        but his words will live on and on. 
                        And the words that I give to you today through the messenger 
                        will live on and on 
                        in your hearts 
                        and the hearts of those that will listen in the future. 
                        And the books are there forever. 
                        And why do you waste 
                        My time when I have so much to give you 
                        But you give into satan 
                        and let him block the work that I want to do. ...


Song:  Here Am I  

Jesus speaks:  My beloved ones you do not know the day nor the hour and so it is with the most seriousness that I tell you today that you cannot count on all the things that you treasure here below. Set you mind and your heart on the things of God.  

Song:  Here Am I  

Jesus speaks:  And all the pain and the suffering and all the trama and the things that you go through, offer them up. Know that I am with you.  

Song:  Here Am I  

Jesus speaks:  Take this song to bed with you.  

Song:  Here Am I  ...

Jesus speaks:  In all your struggles and all your trials know that I am with you. And I’m telling you this My chosen ones.  

Song:  Here Am I  

Jesus speaks:  Will you help Me get My priestly mailing to the priests?  

Song:  Here Am I  

Jesus speaks:  Will you answer your call today?  

Song:  Here Am I  

Jesus speaks:  For the Shepherds of Christ Movement is My Movement and I am calling you to help Me. Put aside all the distractions that’s keeping you from your commitment to help Me, Eucharistic Adoration, Apostles of My Precious Heart, Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Apostles of My Eucharistic Heart.  



Song:  Here Am I  

Jesus speaks:  And I have given so many people talents to help Me in this work and so many have said no. And they just want to run around and do other things and there are so many souls that they could be reaching if they heard the cry to answer Me to come to My Movement and if they really studied the Virgin Mary on the building and answered the question—Why does Mary appear on the building? Play the video and answer the question. Pray for grace from the Holy Spirit then answer it yourself.  

Song:  Here Am I  

Jesus speaks:  Hear Me say My chosen ones,

Everyday hear Me say I love you, I love you, I love you. Here Am I.    

Messenger:  Jesus gave me a message and He said to tell you that people with stubborn hearts don’t feel good...

end of excerpts form Sidney Rosary May 20, 2003


May 22, 2003 message continues 

(Given May 21, 2003)

Messenger:         I love You so much Jesus,
                                You are everything to me.

                            Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
                                my beloved God

                            You are my all.

                            When everything is said and done
                                everything I do is
                                centered in Thee.

                            You are my spouse, my love

                            I love the Father and Jesus and the Holy
                                Spirit so much.

                            Thank You for the rosary last night.

                                Holy Spirit enlighten this
                                    people of this earth
                                    let them see with such
                                    light that they recognize
                                    the truth and the great
                                    gift God is giving us in
                                    these messages.

                                Holy Spirit flood me with
                                    Your light, Your grace
                                    I love You so very much.

                                Come Holy Spirit fill our hearts
                                    and enkindle in us the fire
                                    of Your love.

                                Holy Spirit flood our hearts
                                    with Your grace, Your

                            Oh God the Father I am Your little child

                                I come in the arms of Mary
                                loving You with all my
                                little heart, praising You and
                                honoring You.

                            Oh my God, I love You, I adore
                                You, I give my all to You.

                            I beg for Your light to shine
                                in all the dark corners
                                of the earth, that people
                                will feel the love poured
                                out by the Holy Spirit

                            Oh God You are love and You are
                                our all You are my
                                beloved God.

                            Oh God thank You for all
                                You have given us.

                            Please outpour Your grace that
                                people will see Mary and
                                Jesus on the building.

                            Oh God, my God: Father, Son
                                and Holy Spirit, I love You
                                so much

                            I love You, I love You, I love You

                                I bow down before You My
                                    beloved Jesus in the
                                    Blessed Sacrament

                                I bow down before You

                                    I love You so much.



Picture of the Sacred Heart of JesusMy Messages Must Circulate

God's Blue Book III Cover

April 1, 1994 Good Friday 5:15a.m.

My little one, be wrapped in My arms. I am Jesus and I am truly here. You never walk alone. I want you to let go. Just let go of all that is troubling you. I am with you and I am God.

You don't have to explain these letters to any man. You write as I dictate to you. You are My hands to write these letters. Know, sweet one, that I am with you in all these trials. I know your sufferings and I comfort you.

You will be tried, you will be tested, you will be persecuted. Stay rooted in My love. Do not give in to Satan to get you off your course. I am ever guarding you. Doubt, worry and anxiety are from Satan. Remember how quickly he can get you focused on a problem. Do not think. Turn it immediately to Me. Forgive your brother. Do not feel attached.

Look at Me hanging on the cross. My blood was spent. I did this for love of you. Do you not think I am guarding you at this very moment? I am Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. I am here, My beloved daughter.

I am Jesus, child. Nothing else matters. I talk to you and you worry or fret. I have all the power. I am talking to you. Do not give in to Satan. He wants this book stopped. He will go to any lengths to stop it. It will truly turn the cold hearts to Me. My words are so powerful! No man can say what God has said to you in these pages!

I will triumph in the end. I will give them all they need to accomplish My tasks. Tell them to quit doubting. I am Jesus and I talk to them. The doubt they have is harmful to production of this book. They need to sit in front of the tabernacle. I am pleased with their efforts to do this.

Pray to know My Will. I want My letters published. Soon is not soon enough. I will provide everything to get this accomplished. I am Jesus. I am God. Do you not know I have all the power? Satan is working to divide you. Be assured he will attack you all through each other and those closest to you. Stay steadfast in My love. You have such an important work to do together. You must stay united. Do not listen to Satan in your head to get you to doubt this work or one another. You all operate from love of Me.

Come and sit in front of the tabernacle. Let no man distract you-ever-or stop your time with Me. This is your food for your soul every day. Tell them to leave. Do whatever you have to do, but one solid, uninterrupted hour with Me will give you what you need!

Choose this time before you eat. This is most important. Do not let others distract you. Take your thoughts to Me and dismiss them. I will tell you in your heart all you need to know. Have faith. Pray for all you need to do My work. Make yourself like jello. You are formless. I form you into what you need to be.

I am Jesus, I talk to you. You must be aware that Satan comes in sheep's clothing. He will do anything to stop this book. Has he not already? I Jesus, the Son of God, beg you to listen to Me. My children are sick and need this medicine now. Give them their medicine. I will be with you in all things.

Sit and I will bring you all you need. You think you must do things. Your doing things you think you ought to do is botching things up! Wait on Me! I will bring you all you need. A choir of angels surrounds you and you are never alone. I and My Blessed Mother go with you where you go.

I want this work accomplished. I have all the power. I will see to its production. I want you to continue steadfastly putting out My words of love. Souls will be turned to Me and fed by these letters. They are starving. You are providing them with their food. Oh, how I loved them to My death! I loved each one of you individually. I want them to read My letters. Tell them of My ardent, personal love. Oh, I love them.

My hand writes here these beautiful letters to My beloved ones. I ask you to deliver My words of love to My little ones. Thank you for your work for Me. You are My beloved servants. You I love. You I guard. You I protect. Turn to Me and know I am present with you all at this very moment! I am counting on you, My beloved ones, with a Heart on fire for love of you.

R. (I feel His presence and His love. He is truly here with me.) Oh, Jesus, my beloved, how I love You, how I lament Your torture this night (Holy Thursday). I cry out to You, beloved of Your love.

Jesus: When I speak, they listen. They are dying of starvation. They want to be fed.

R. Jesus, Jesus, who am I that You write to me?

I am the messenger. They (the messages) are hand-delivered to you from Him Who loves you. You are His favored ones. Each child He clothes in honor and dignity. Each child is precious to Him. Each child He loves uniquely and bids come to Him. He loves you this very day. He would die this very day for you and you alone. Hear Him. He speaks to you!

Jesus: Please continue to publish My Blue Book #2. I want My letters to reach all the hurting hearts. You are all chosen. You have been primed. You I will sustain and make strong! Come and be with Me. I am Jesus Christ. I hold you up, I love you dearly, I protect you and care for you. You are My beloved ones.

Come and lay yourselves in My arms. I am waiting to caress and hold you. Put all doubt aside and feel My firm hold. No fear will befall you for I am holding you in My arms. Surrender to Me. Let go. Let Me run your life. Come and be with Me, My beloved ones. I wait for you in the tabernacle.

I am Jesus, the Son of God, and I wait for you, My precious ones. I love you!

end of April 1, 1994 message




May 22, 2003 message continues

Mary speaks:        Many Nursing homes have rooms with 
                          the availability of TVs with VCR's in 
                          the T.V.

                               I have given to you so many Nursing
                          home tapes for my beloved ones.

                               They could watch the videos
                          all through the day and play
                          the Mass and the Rosary Aves.

                               These are so comforting for the
                          Nursing home ones.

                           An assortment can be special ordered
                               with 4 videos on one tape
                               for two hour use.

                                The nursing home ministry and the
                          elderly ministry is a big part of the
                          Shepherds of Christ Movement.







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