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May 25, 2007

May 26th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 7 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for May 26th are Joyful.




May 25, 2007


                    Can I scarce take it in when I ponder
                You God — Gazing on You in the Eucharist — Loving
                the oneness between You the Father and Jesus, the
                Son and wanting to be wrapped in this love in the
                Holy Spirit.

                    I see Your greatness — I love Your presence
                I love Your life alive in me — Like a fire,
                ready to burst and to spread Your marvelous
                light to the world — Your love deep inside
                of me.

                    Bursting with a flame ready to shout
                the Lord's goodness.

                I am working for God.

                    He is telling me how much He loves His souls.


                Did you go to a movie?

                A Christmas movie of love.

                A happy ending —

                This movie has the sweetest story —


                God the Father so loved the world He
                    sent His only Son.
                    Jesus was incarnate in the womb
                        of Mary.

                I pray for the Church
                I pray so deeply for all priests, Bishops
                    and Archbishops, Cardinals and the

                I pray they are so one with Jesus to help
                    lead the flock so deeply in the love
                    of Jesus.

                Oh Jesus help us be people of prayer —
                    to be so deeply united as members of
                    the body of Christ praying for the
                    priests, the Church and the world.

                God help ministers to say yes to begging
                    for greater holiness —

                Walking in the footprints of Jesus —
                    having as their primary focus serving
                    the Church with love in truth
                    all for the honor and glory of God.

                I see light
                I see a lighthouse

                The marvelous Church
                I see Christ's light shining like a
                    beacon light to the world.

                I see the priests of the Church so devoted
                    to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and
                    the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

                Light shining in the darkness —
                Light shining like seven suns as people
                    go to the Eucharist and
                    give their hearts to Jesus and Mary.

                See the sun so bright in the sky —
                Look at the Front of Blue Book 6 —


                This is our church in China where we
                    have the Eucharist exposed and
                    pray 24 hours a day —
                    praying for the priests, the Church and
                        the world.


John 14: 21-30

Whoever holds to my commandments
    and keeps them
    is the one who loves me;
    and whoever loves me
      will be loved by my Father,
    and I shall love him
    and reveal myself to him.'

Judas—not Judas Iscariot—said to him, ‘Lord, what has happened, that you intend to show yourself to us and not to the world?’ Jesus replied: 

    Anyone who loves me will keep my word, 
    and my Father will love him, 
    and we shall come to him 
    and make a home in him. 
    Anyone who does not love me 
        does not keep my words. 
    And the word that you hear 
        is not my own: 
    it is the word of the Father who sent me. 
    I have said these things to you 
    while still with you; 
    but the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit, 
    whom the Father will send in my name, 
    will teach you everything 
    and remind you of all I have said to you. 
    Peace I bequeath to you, 
    my own peace I give you, 
    a peace which the world cannot give, 
        this is my gift to you. 
    Do not let your hearts be troubled 
        or afraid. 
    You heard me say: 
    I am going away and shall return. 
    If you loved me you would be glad 
        that I am going to the Father, 
    for the Father is greater than I. 
    I have told you this now, 
        before it happens, 
    so that when it does happen 
        you may believe. 
    I shall not talk to you much longer, 
    because the prince of this world 
        is on his way. 
    He has no power over me, 


                    One of the hardest wounds to suffer is when
                we trust someone and they betrayed us.

                    Jesus shows us that He was betrayed by

                    Satan is the father of lies. When we have
                negative thoughts it may be vicious lies that
                satan is trying to distract, tempt us with to
                act on.

                    When we act on lies there is great trouble.
                    Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.
                    Why 30, why not 33. Jesus' public life
                    was 3 years. Jesus lived a quiet life, pretty
                    much, of 30 years. The life, death resurrection
                    and ascension of Jesus are very important to

                    I do not know why Judas betrayed Jesus for
                    30 pieces of silver — It was the price that
                    Judas paid for the life of Jesus.

                    What price could pay for the price of Jesus and
                who was Judas that he thought he could do it.
                Friendship can give us power — if I make myself
                vulnerable to you, I open a door.

                    I remember when I first was ready to put
                out Blue Book I and I thought well everybody
                will see into my soul and see my weaknesses —
                then Jesus showed me a vision of Himself — arms
                outstretched on the cross and I knew He intended
                me to open myself up for the sake of souls. I
                never held back His writings He gave me — even if
                they may have shown my weaknesses.

                    But yesterday I had an insight of how we
                open ourselves up to intimate others and
                we feel safe — this can help us heal wounds —
                I have different circles.

                    Problems in a family stay in the family —
                we deeply love each other — we want each
                other to grow.

                    We forgive and love — we bend and
                blow like tall trees in the wind and
                we are SAFE.

                    The psalm yesterday at church said —
                Keep me safe Oh God. When we know
                Jesus — when we dwell in His Heart —
                when we are wrapped in the embrace of
                the Trinity — we are safe.

                    We are counting on God to work around
                in — in corners we don't even know, when
                we are working deeply for Him. We may see
                with the vision in our little circle, but the
                vision in reality is much bigger — God is
                spreading our loving prayers to the ends of
                this earth.

                    God controls the universe — we are
                limited in what we do, but united to God
                in deep prayer helps spread it to the very
                ends of the earth.

                    God is preparing a way for me here to
                do His work. I don't know many things —
                God knows everything, past and future and the
                whole world, the disposition of the hearts
                all at once.

                    God hears my heartfelt prayer — I depend
                on Him — I don't want things for my selfish
                gain — I want it to spread the Kingdom —
                My vision is limited, impaired, I dwell in
                the Heart of Jesus, I am wrapped in the love
                of the Trinity — there — there is truth —

                    I see with the eyes with wider vision
                as God imparts this vision to me —

                    I know more the Power of God, His
                Plan, as I dare to let go and let God —
                Power — God has all the power —
                    I rest in His might
                    I am soft and supple
                    not controlling



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