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May 25, 2008

May 26th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 4 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for May 26th are Sorrowful.


Rita is doing the

Retreat in Florida

June 2nd - 5th

with an afternoon session at 1:00pm

 and the 6:20pm prayers every day.


Please help us with the Priestly Mailing.

Funds are needed.



May 25, 2008


                    I am Jesus and I give to you Myself.
                Today is the Feast of My Precious Body
                and Blood.

                How deeply I love My precious souls —
                My Heart is on fire for love of you.

                How I long for souls to come and tell Me
                    how much they love and want to be
                    so close to Me.

                I am an endless furnace of burning love.
                If souls knew even a little of how I love

                It is in pride of thinking they know about
                Me that they limit themselves to knowing
                more of My burning love.

                    One little light in the darkness casts
                a mighty light. When a soul is filled
                with love, selfless love, love for the
                honor and glory of God — there is so much
                joy in one's heart even in suffering —
                A realization to know — I never leave you —
                I am always there in the deepest suffering —
                A realization of the branch being one with
                the vine —

                The devil works in isolation — in one trying
                to bend rules for their own personal
                glory, not being part of the Plan —

                The prayer life in the Shepherds of Christ —
                6:20 prayers is vital, prayer on the hour, prayer
                between 12:00 and 3:00 on Friday, Prayer in the 
                24 hour adoration — This is the rule I
                have given you — to pray and give your
                lives in prayer — praying for the priests,
                the Church and the world — circulating
                the Priestly Newsletter and the writings
                of Fr. Edward Carter, S.J. founder of the 
                Shepherds of Christ and the writings of My
                messenger — 17 years of writings, Rita Ring.

                    The running of the Movement — the
                mechanics are not the rule of the Movement —
                the importance of prayer, the daily Mass,
                daily hour of adoration, hourly prayer,
                the Morning Offering, Holy Spirit Novena
                and Shepherds of Christ Prayers in the
                Prayer Manual and the Retreats in China
                and in Florida —

                    I am love — Adam and Eve disobeyed in
                the garden doing their own will —

                    My Heart is a furnace of love —

                    I long for souls to want to come
                        and pray — to be obedient to
                        those over them

                One act of obedience to those in authority
                    is so pleasing to My Father —

                One act of love — truly from the heart —
                So much grace is outpoured for souls
                    doing work in love, all for the honor
                    and glory of God.

                An act performed in love can bring down
                    great grace —

                Being obedient to the Father's will acting
                    in love —

                I am love —

                My Heart was consumed with love for
                    you My precious souls when I
                    was beaten and when I was
                    nailed to the cross.

                Come with Me to the inner chambers of
                    My Heart and know love
                    know oneness
                    know peace
                    know joy
                    know harmony.

                A person who is combattal seeking
                    dominance for their own honor
                    and glory has not progressed in
                    being molded in My image and likeness —

                    I laid down My life for you My
                        precious souls.

                    A person who is likened to Me is
                        always aware of others —
                        looking out for others —
                        wanting to please the Father
                        in all things in love.

                A person controlling others, being
                    selfish, isolating is hurting
                    the family as they try to impose
                    their thwarted ways on others

                The greatest commandment —
                    commands you love God above
                    all things and love others as

                    Love gives
                    Love comes from God
                    A loving person knows that
                        power comes from God —
                        they are rooted to the vine —

                The more you go to Me — the more I
                    will open your heart to the fire
                    of My love —

                When someone acts in desolation —
                    another must not join them in
                    unholy discussion, but stick
                    more closely than ever to the rule —

                    acting in love and
                    being very holy —
                    going in prayer —
                    not disrespecting authority, but
                    supporting authority and staying
                    strongly united to Power coming
                    through the lines of authority
                    from God —

                        I want you holy


Luke 1: 46-55

                The Magnificat

And Mary said:

My soul proclaims
    the greatness of the Lord
and my spirit rejoices
    in God my Saviour;
because he has looked upon
    the humiliation of his servant.
Yes, from now onwards
    all generations will call me blessed,
for the Almighty
    has done great things for me.
Holy is his name,
and his faithful love extends age after age
    to those who fear him.
He has used the power of his arm,
he has routed the arrogant of heart.
He has pulled down princes
    from their thrones
        and raised high the lowly.
He has filled the starving with good things,
    sent the rich away empty.
He has come to the help
    of Israel his servant,
        mindful of his faithful love
—according to the promise
    he made to our ancestors—
of his mercy to Abraham
    and to his descendants for ever.







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