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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

May 26, 2005 - St. Philip Neri

May 27th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 7 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries
for May 27th are Sorrowful.



9th Day 

From May 18, 2005 message

                           Prayer for these 17 days

                               Dear God help me to be other focused

                               Help me to be a source of joy.
                               Help me to thank You for the gifts
                                   You have given me.

                               Help me not to block the work
                                   you have called us to do by
                                   focusing on myself

                               When pilgrims come, help me
                                   to have grace to spread
                                   the message You have
                                   called me to spread.

                               Dear God help me to be holy — to see
                                   I am a little link in the big
                                   chain, a single link to help
                                   lead the world into oneness
                                   and love. When I focus on
                                   myself and do not do the work
                                   of being a light and I am
                                   to talk to pilgrims I can
                                   miss an opportunity to spread
                                   your love, through the materials,
                                   prayers, letters of love, consecration,
                                   morning offering You have asked
                                    me to spread.

                               Dear God thank You for calling me to
                                   be an apostle, (handmaid, servant
                                   etc.) help me to do Your will.


May 26, 2005 message continues

Jesus speaks:          I want you to come before the Blessed
                            Sacrament. I love for you to come and
                            be with Me. I am waiting for you. I love
                            you to come and receive Me in the
                            Blessed Sacrament and spend time with
                            Me afterward.

                                I am your beloved Spouse. I wait for you.
                            I want you to know how I love you so
                            much. I want you to be loving to each
                            other and work together.

                                I want you to be trying to be more pure
                            on these days before the Feast of My Sacred
                            Heart and the Feast of My Mother's Immaculate
                            Heart the next day.

                                Say the prayer I have given daily.

                                Some people just don't want to change.
                            I want you to grow to be more perfected
                            like Your Heavenly Father is perfect.

                                I want you to examine your conscience
                            daily. You can tell when you did things
                            out of anger, jealousy, envy, lust, --
                            you should not act when you are acting
                            because you are jealous etc.

                                It is the disposition of your heart.
                            You should pray to do God's will. 
                            If you set out to do something
                            because you feel it is God's will, and then
                            you get angry because of what someone
                            else did to you and act vindictively you can
                            do wrong. A person can be set on doing
                            something that is God's will, then they
                            get jealous, they may turn things around
                            they are doing. Satan can tempt you to
                            act differently and
                            then you block the actions you should
                            do for My work because of your jealousy.
                            Why do you not take My work as a top
                            priority? Your actions can be very
                            tainted. You can block My work.




Sirach 42: 15-25

Next, I shall remind you of the works of the Lord,
    and tell of what I have seen.
By the words of the Lord his works come into being
    and all creation obeys his will.
The shining sun looks down on all things,
    and the work of the Lord is full of his glory.
The Lord has not granted the Holy Ones the power
    to tell of all his marvels
which the Almighty Lord has solidly constructed
    for the universe to stand firm in his glory.
He has fathomed both the abyss and the human heart
    and seen into their devious ways;
for the Most High knows all there is to know
    and sees the signs of the times.
He declares what is past and what will be,
    and reveals the trend of hidden things.
Not a thought escapes him,
    not a single word is hidden from him.
He has embellished the magnificent works of his wisdom,
    he is from everlasting to everlasting,
nothing can be added to him, nothing taken away,
    he needs no one’s advice.
How lovely, all his works,
    how dazzling to the eye!
They all live and last for ever,
    and, whatever the circumstances, all obey.
All things go in pairs, by opposites,
    he has not made anything imperfect:
one thing complements the excellence of another.
    Who could ever grow tired of gazing at his glory?


Psalm 33: 2-9

Give thanks to Yahweh on the lyre, 
play for him on the ten–stringed lyre. 
Sing to him a new song, 
make sweet music for your cry of victory.

The word of Yahweh is straightforward,
all he does springs from his constancy.
He loves uprightness and justice;
the faithful love of Yahweh fills the earth.

By the word of Yahweh the heavens were made,
by the breath of his mouth all their array.
He collects the waters of the sea like a dam,
he stores away the abyss in his treasure–house.

Let the whole earth fear Yahweh,
let all who dwell in the world revere him;
for, the moment he spoke, it was so,
no sooner had he commanded, than there it stood!



Mark 10: 46-52

They reached Jericho; and as he left Jericho with his disciples and a great crowd, Bartimaeus—that is, the son of Timaeus—a blind beggar, was sitting at the side of the road. When he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to shout and cry out, ‘Son of David, Jesus, have pity on me.’ And many of them scolded him and told him to keep quiet, but he only shouted all the louder, ‘Son of David, have pity on me.’ Jesus stopped and said, ‘Call him here.’ So they called the blind man over. ‘Courage,’ they said, ‘get up; he is calling you.’ So throwing off his cloak, he jumped up and went to Jesus. Then Jesus spoke, ‘What do you want me to do for you?’ The blind man said to him, ‘Rabbuni, let me see again.’ Jesus said to him, ‘Go; your faith has saved you.’ And at once his sight returned and he followed him along the road.


Sirach 51: 12-20

And therefore I shall thank you and praise you,
    and bless the name of the Lord.

When I was still a youth, before I went travelling,
    in my prayers I asked outright for wisdom.
Outside the sanctuary I would pray for her,
    and to the last I shall continue to seek her.
From her blossoming to the ripening of her grape
    my heart has taken its delight in her.
My foot has pursued a straight path,
    I have sought her ever since my youth.
By bowing my ear a little, I have received her,
    and have found much instruction.
Thanks to her I have advanced;
    glory be to him who has given me wisdom!
For I was determined to put her into practice,
    have earnestly pursued the good, and shall not be put to shame.
My soul has fought to possess her,
    I have been scrupulous in keeping the Law;
I have stretched out my hands to heaven
    and bewailed how little I knew of her;
I have directed my soul towards her,
    and in purity I have found her;
having my heart fixed on her from the outset,
    I shall never be deserted




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