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May 6, 2008

May 7th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 3 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for May 7th are Glorious.


China Retreat

May 10th - May 13th

Please pray with us.

Mass schedule

Sat. May 10th - 12 noon
 Mon. May 12th -                
Tues. May 13th - 2:45pm


May 13th is the 91st anniversary

of Our Lady's first

apparition at Fatima.


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Messages given to Fr. Carter


July 31, 1994

Words of Jesus to Members of
Shepherds of Christ Associates:

"My beloved priest-companion, I intend to use the priestly newsletter, Shepherds of Christ, and the movement, Shepherds of Christ Associates, in a powerful way for the renewal of My Church and the world.

"I will use the newsletter and the chapters of Shepherds of Christ Associates as a powerful instrument for spreading devotion to My Heart and My Mother's Heart.

"I am calling many to become members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. To all of them I will give great blessings. I will use them as instruments to help bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the reign of My Sacred Heart. I will give great graces to the members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. I will call them to be deeply united to My Heart and to Mary's Heart as I lead them ever closer to My Father in the Holy Spirit."

- Message from Jesus to Father Edward J. Carter, S.J., Founder, as given on July 31, 1994,
feast of Saint Ignatius Loyola, Founder of the Society of Jesus (The Jesuits)



October 13, 1994

The Birth of the Full Ministries
of the Shepherds of Christ

    "I wish to share with you part of a message which Jesus gave us on October 13, 1994. The message tells us about the expansion of the Shepherds of Christ movement:

    'My beloved priest-companion, today I come to you with another mission. I am asking you to establish Shepherds of Christ Ministries. At My request you have already begun the priestly newsletter, "Shepherds of Christ", and the prayer chapters, Shepherds of Christ Associates...

    'I am giving you this message on this day, the 77th Anniversary of the Great Apparition at Fatima, because of the close connection between the Shepherds of Christ movement and the Fatima message. The Fatima message is centered in devotion to My Heart and My Mother's Heart, especially in consecration to Our Hearts. Shepherds of Christ Ministries is also centered in devotion to Our Hearts. I will use Shepherds of Christ Ministries as a great instrument in helping to bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the reign of My Sacred Heart. When this occurs, My Church and the world will be experiencing the great era of peace promised by My Mother at Fatima.

    'Today, then, October 13, 1994, the 77th Anniversary of the Great Apparition at Fatima, marks the birth of Shepherds of Christ Ministries. I pour forth the great love of My Sacred Heart to all. I am Jesus, Chief Shepherd of the flock.'

    "Jesus has told us that Shepherds of Christ Ministries includes: the priestly newsletter, Shepherds of Christ, Shepherds of Christ Associates prayer chapters, various publications, including books, whatever else Our Lord directs us to undertake.

    "As members of Shepherds of Christ Associates, you are an extremely important part of Shepherds of Christ Ministries. You have given great joy to the Heart of Jesus by responding to His invitation to become members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. As He draws you closer to His Heart and to His Mother's Heart as Associates members, He will fill you with an ever-increasing experience of His love, peace, and joy."

- From In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Newsletter of Shepherds of Christ Associates
by Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J., Volume 1, No. 1, 1995. p. 2.



from Tell My People

Age Of The Two Hearts

Jesus:  "My beloved priest-companion, I have allowed you to experience in extraordinary fashion the riches contained in My Heart and My Mother's Heart. I desire that you tell all My people about these riches. I desire that My people consecrate themselves to My Sacred Heart and to Mary's Immaculate Heart. My people are living in the beginnings of the age of the Two Hearts.

    "After the time of the purification is completed, this new era of the Church and the world will become firmly established. This era will be characterized by the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the reign of My Sacred Heart. All those who consecrate themselves to My Heart and to My Mother's Heart will help to establish this glorious new age. I am Lord and Master. Please listen to My urgent request. Within Our Hearts you will experience the love and security, the peace and the joy, which you all desire. I love My people with a tremendous love, and in My love I give them this message!"

Reflection: This is the Age of the Two Hearts! The surest road to sanctity in these our times is through consecration to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. In making this consecration, and striving with God's grace to live it as best we can each day, we are contributing to the establishment of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and to the arrival of the reign of the Sacred Heart.

end of excerpt from Tell My People



Apostles of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

My dear fellow Associate Members,

Jesus is calling special apostles to join a new division of the Shepherds of Christ Movement. Here is a message from Jesus given to Father Carter:

    My beloved priest-companion, I am requesting that a new prayer movement be started under the direction of Shepherds of Christ Ministries. I am asking for volunteers who are willing to pray before the Blessed Sacrament for one hour, twice-weekly. Members of the Shepherds of Christ prayer chapters, as well as others, are to be invited to join this movement.

    These apostles are to pray for the intentions I am giving you. For part of the hour they are to use the prayers of the Shepherds of Christ Associates Handbook. They may spend the rest of the hour as they so choose.

    I will use this new prayer movement within My Shepherds of Christ Ministries in a powerful way to help in the renewal of My Church and the world. I will give great graces to those who join this movement. The name, Apostles of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, is to be given to this movement.

    I am inviting My beloved Rita Ring to be coordinator for this activity.

    I pour out the great love of My Sacred Heart to all. I am Jesus, Chief Shepherd of the flock.

    This is indeed a special calling for us to unite in one heart with His Eucharistic Heart and pray for the following intentions:

  1. For the spread of the devotion to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary culminating in the reign of the Sacred Heart and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

  2. For the Pope.

  3. For all bishops of the world.

  4. For all priests.

  5. For all sisters and brothers in the religious life.

  6. For all members of the Shepherds of Christ Movement, and for the spread of this movement to the world.

  7. For all members of the Catholic Church.

  8. For all members of the human family.

  9. For all souls in purgatory.

end of Apostles of the Eucharistic Heart message





December 26, 1993 - Sunday   

Whatsoever You Do to Your Brother, You Have Done unto Me  

Jesus:  My child,

    It is with a bleeding heart I come to you this day — the day after My special day! I know all about the trials and you withstood them very well. When you are suffering, I am the closest. Try to feel Me right with you always. If someone is being smart to you, know, My little one, they are being smart to Me. Whatever others do to you they do it first to Me. It is easy for satan to use someone to attack you and for them to think you are weak and I can do anything to push this one's buttons. No, little ones, you may think I can do whatever I want and get away with it because this person doesn't fight and forgives. I say to you, "Woe to you who push your brothers with your ugly speech. You do it to Me first. Woe to he whose tongue is as a rattlesnake: you rattle roll to your brother, but you rattle to Me. All those who sit and watch such an episode or hear are affected."

"Woe to you who have given ugly example to children: I will personally hold you accountable for every word you speak in front of innocent children. You speak not to the person, but to all whose ears hear. Woe to you, your snake-like ways will come to haunt you, My child. Your tongues are that by which you receive My body; your tongue should be kept so holy.

    Guard your tongue against foul talk, abusive language and scourging your brother. You will be held accountable for every misdeed you performed against your precious brother and in front of any bystanders. All will be made known in the end. Every deed will be brought into light. Guard your body. Do not use any abusive talk or ugly words. You are My precious one, in communion you receive the Son of Man. Respect Me, My little ones. He is your brother. Whatsoever you do to your brother, you have done to Me and you will answer for all your misdeeds."

    It is so silly to think that no one will hear what you do and you will not be found out. All will know the snake-like ways you so carefully hid. All will be brought into light and you will be held accountable for doing them to Me because I give you your brother to love. Guard your speech. Guard your ways. See the whole picture. What you are doing to little ones who hear. You will be judged also for giving bad example. Just as you expect Me to account all those good deeds you performed. You are accountable for your bad deeds against others.

    I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. I came to show you how to live. I am gentle. I am kind in Heart. I love you, My little ones, many have evil ways and I still love you. I did not fight and argue back. I was silent. A person who taunts you wants you to fight. Be of a pure heart and do not answer them back. This is satan who is out to taunt you. Do not disrespect your brother even when he disrespects you. All he says, he says to me first and he will truly answer for his deed. If you have wronged your brother, tell him of the wrong and ask for forgiveness, then beg forgiveness from Me. It is in your sorrow and the recognition of it to your brother that God forgives you.

    You are the light of the world; see that your works are a light to your brothers. Guard against dark ways. Example is the best teacher, to constantly teach ugliness is to teach the biggest lesson of all. Just as a parent who is loving teaches love to his little ones, by his actions, a parent who is selfish and angered teaches children such lessons.

    Woe to you who perform vile acts in front of others, especially My little innocent ones! I will call you on your unrepented acts. To pray the "Our Father" you must repent your sins. Pray this prayer often. My Father is so pleased with the recitation of this prayer. He listens attentively as His little children address Him. He loves you to call Him Father. He is a Father Who loves His children and loves them to come to Him in prayer.

    What you do in the dark will be made know in the light. All your deeds to your brothers will be brought to light. Guard your ways and strive to be holy. Be of a light heart. What is of account here is doing it for the honor and glory of God. It must be for God's glory. God is watching you like on a silent stage.

    Think of all your actions being brought to light; guard against evil speech. The tongue is a party to much sin and then it is the way you receive Me, Jesus, Lord. Make your tongues so holy. Remember the snide remarks you make to your brother are snide remarks you make to Me. See Me standing there when you speak to your brothers. Even in his ugliness, see Me standing there in your brothers. Respect each other as a creation of the Father. When one is being cruel to you, pray for them and drive away satan, he is influencing their tongue. See your brother with a snake around him and struggling. Would you go and fight with the snake? Cast out the devil in My Name; don't argue with the devil. See your brother as being attacked and unable to help himself — do not listen to his utterances from his tongue when being attacked. It is not he who is out to trip you up, it is the evil one who has attacked your brother. See him in his struggle.

    A person who taunts you is anything but a figure of strength; he is a figure of weakness. Look at him as coming from a bad place and needing your prayers. Do not listen to vile and nasty remarks. You are as I see you. You are as I see you in your holiness and goodness. Guard yourself. I will be your fore guard and your rear guard, I will help your brother if you pray for him. Pray he does not continue down his dark road. He usually is not praying for himself at such a moment, so you need to pray for him.

    Do not allow yourself to be attacked by others. It is satan who uses your brothers to get to you. Cast him out and ask for My strength. You will be judged — how you respond to your brother. Strive to be Christ-like. Realize he is a figure of weakness, not strength and pray for him and strength for yourself.

    I am He Who is forever by your side guarding you. Do not go it alone. Turn to Me and I will give you strength. It is no myth, little one. I am this close and this personal with you. Treat Me like a person who is right there. Do not overlook My presence. In love and in adversity, I stand by to be your guide. I am He who never leaves you — you are never alone.

    I am such a good God. Your life will become so much easier when you realize I am right by your side. No one can hurt you and get away with it. They will answer to Me if they do not repent. Repented sins will be forgiven and unrepented sins will be brought to light.

    You must be truthful in your examination of self. As soon as you realize that you have offended your brother, and it is prudent to do so, go and beg his forgiveness and then pray to be forgiven. I love you even when you sin. I love the truth. I want the truth. Deception is the work of the devil. All evil ways will be made known in the light and woe to he who has accused his brother of his own sin. Such deception is indeed the work of the evil one and will not go unpunished.

    Review your sins often during the day, clear away the rubbish. Confessing your sins is cleaning for the heart. It is freeing for you. Denying the truth keeps you stuck to the sin. Examine your consciences, ask for guidance on how you have offended others by your words, thoughts and example, and beg to be forgiven. Tell your brothers of your wrong and ask for forgiveness. If he does not forgive you, he will have to deal with Me. Do not feel guilty; go to confession and do as the priest directs and free yourself of guilt. Satan wants you to wallow in your guilt. Move out of your sin with resolution with God's help to try not to sin again.

    Oh, little ones, it is not the sin as much as the unrepented arrogance of an act. This displeases Me so. This is so rooted in the devil, to offend another and then to act innocent or blame another for your sins. Such vileness is from satan. Repent, I tell you — go to confession and confess your wrongs be freed of your sin, unrepented sins will be punished. Listen to Me and follow the words of the Master. Follow My example to love your brothers at all times and respect them as the temple they are. Kindness and love for one another — this is paramount. Strive to be Godly; strive to be as He expects you to be. Guard your tongue, little ones; it is by this tongue you receive God, the Savior. Do not give in to abusive talk and snide remarks; speak with love to your brother.

end of December 26, 1993



Jesus told me about a big boom because they wouldn't obey.


 I Showed You The Way--I Showed You Surrender

March 7, 1994 4:00a.m.

Jesus:  You are the city set on the hill. You will shine with the intimate love of Jesus. I am the Son of God. I am He Whose bootstraps you are unworthy to tie.

I am Jesus and I loved My little ones to My death. Do you know even a little about what it is to give your life for someone? Do you think of yourself and ponder yourself being this selfless? People cannot even take one hour to sit with Me. The world has made you all blind. You do exactly as you want. Meditate on My sorrowful Passion. Read My meditations on the rosary. This was My life, given for you, My little loved ones. I gave My life for you and you want more? You want more proof and signs, yet you cannot even pray a few moments after Communion!

I am the Master. I taught you about selflessness and surrender. Look at My position on the cross. Yet you hold back. You want your comfort. You want to make the world your end! Oh, you give a little. You give Me what you dole out, a little here, a little there, and say, "Okay, Lord, I'm good. I pray prayers. I spend my life doing holy things, but I am in control of what and how much I give you. I am in control, Lord. Aren't you satisfied?"

I am only satisfied when you surrender your all to Me! You give Me such little bits and pieces and you pat yourself on the back and look at the sick world and say, "Well, I am pretty holy." This is not the point. You judge, you decide, you do your own will! This is you, playing the game of running your life! You give here, you keep there. I want your all. I want your time spent alone with Me in front of the tabernacle. I want you to have an ardent on-fire love affair with Me. When you love, you give. You say to your lover, "Oh, anything you ask for I will give to you." If you ask for my shirt, I will give you my cloak as well because I love you this much!"

You don't know about love. You control your relationships with Me. Then what hurts My aching heart is how you talk about the love of God. There is not love in your actions. If you came and spent your life with Me, if you freely gave sacrifices for Me, this is love!

You look to the world and you judge yourself as doing so much. Look to Me, hanging on the cross, and judge yourself by My standards. I call you to an ardent love affair with Me. I call you to love--love of God, love of one another.

You do not have love for one another because you do not love God first. Love gives its all. Love does not seek itself. Love gives freely!

I died on the cross to teach you how to love. I am the Master. If you look to the world and judge yourself, you are not learning any lessons from Me. You must look to Me to learn from Me.

Look at Me on the cross, My arms outstretched, hanging from the cross. I gave My all! I gave Myself for love of you. I held not back a little. I held not back and I, God, could have stopped it all, but I gave you freely from the bottom of My heart with greatest love for you!

This, My sweet ones, is love. I showed you the way. I showed you surrender. I am Jesus Christ and I write to you. Do you listen? Oh, you, in your busy lives, do not surrender to Me even now.

What do I do to shake My beloved ones? You are all blind and dense. Look at how attached you truly are. You do not surrender. You do your will, you do your thing. I tell you over and over again to come and pray with Me for long periods. I tell you to pray after Communion. I write about praying before the tabernacle, but you do your will. You go to the world. You ask your questions there. You look for answers from each other. You do not surrender even one hour of your time.

I come and you receive Me, the Son of God, in Holy Communion! Do you stay and sit with Me or do you do what you want? I died for you, yet you cannot let go of even little things.

I am Jesus, Son of God. If you who profess to love Me cannot give of your life to Me, how do you expect others to learn from you? You teach as you are. You teach in your actions. Your actions are selfish and centered on self. I call you to denial of self and love of God.

One person fixed to the true life of Christ can move a mountain. You follow the world and try to do it yourself.

I preach coming to Me and sitting with Me. I, God, have all the answers. No one listens. What do I do to shake My faithful ones in their comfort?

I am Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God. I want to dwell in you and operate with the power of God. I invite you to My altar. I sit and wait with all the answers and you, in your pride, tell Me, "I am too busy."

Busy yourself for your day is at hand and you will know My might! I will shake the earth and you will listen. Then you will listen, but where were you when I gave you forewarning? You are waiting for the big boom. I am calling you now to listen to Me here.

Play your safe game. Waste your time. I am God and I am talking to you. You do it your way. I sit with the answers. Every answer is given here. I want My beloved ones to read these letters. I grow so tired of your foolishness. I am God and you are busy. Die to yourself, child. I showed you the way. I lead. You must follow Me!

I am your God. You shall have no gods before Me! Do you pray to Me in silence? You want your answers given to you. You want My love given instantly as you demand. I am waiting for a love affair with you. The fire of love is enkindled. Love is time spent together. Lovers sit together for long hours and learn to know one another. Would you give so little of yourself to develop a love affair with Me? I sit, I wait. I am there at every moment in all the tabernacles of this world, and you are busy!

Time is so short. One moment and it is up in smoke.

All that remain are the things of God. You are here to know, love and serve Me. I am sending out an urgent plea to publish all these messages--now.

These letters will turn the cold hearts to love. Do you not think I have all the power? You tarry, you deliberate. I grow tired. I am God and no one listens. You want Me your way. You want Me to come your way.

I sweetly tell you, in My gentle love letters, that I come, Jesus, the Son of God, gently in Communion. You are numb and blind. You want Me to roll drums and blare trumpets, but I come in the quiet moments. I roll no drums, I blare no trumpets. I come and you miss My calls!

What do I do to shake you? I, in all My might, can rock you off your rockers. I try to prepare you but you are too busy. Hold on to your last piece of dust and watch it go up in your face!

I am Jesus Christ, Son of God and I write to you and who pays heed here? This should tell you of your attachment to worldly things. You want proof. You look the other way. I am God and you contain the mighty medicine for this sick world. I am Jesus, the Son of God. Do you listen? Look at Me, dying on the cross. I gave My all for you. Do you not think I would send a mighty medicine this day for you? You are so blind. You do not listen.

I, God, talk here to you this very day.

end of March 7, 1994



6 days later He spoke of a big boom.


Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

My Heart Aches For You

March 13, 1994 5:45 p.m.

R. I was overtaken by an intense unrest. I was compelled to go to the tabernacle. I felt such suffering, suffering that Jesus suffered so for us and that everyone is so busy about their lives. Suffering for the indifference to Him and how He loves us despite our neglect! It was awful. I felt as I had on Christmas.

Jesus: I am the Lord, thy God. Thou shalt not have any gods before Me. I must be first in your life.

R. If you place any woman, man, children, food, clothing or any other little things above Him, you are not doing His will.

Jesus: I died for you, sweet one. I allow you to suffer. This is suffering. You are given this to know how I suffered. You I only give such little things. I suffered, sweet one. I suffered, bloodied, bruised and beaten. Blood rolled down My cheeks. My head was pierced with sharp thorns. They spat on Me. They whipped Me. They beat Me on My head, My precious head. They hit Me on My thorns and the pain was so intense--the piercing thorns! I was slapped hard by these senseless ones. Oh, such evil in the hearts of those who beat Me, the Son of God!

My whole Body ached from head to toe. I suffered so, My child. You will never know how I suffered for love of you. I am God and I loved all My precious ones to My death--and they ignore Me!

Oh, how I suffer from this wounded heart. They will never know what love I have to give them. They will never know how I, God, love them. They are so busy with their worldly lives!

You must tell them how I wait for them. I wait. I want them to come and I will give them such love! Tell them, Rita, tell them! Your discontent is from what emotions I give you and you keep them inside. I want all to know Me and My love. I am crying out to you, little one. Tell them, tell them. Do not waste any time. I am crying out for you to spread this message. I want you to tell all of My love and how I am waiting. Emotion! Emotion! I am crying out to you in your heart!

I long for their love. I died for them. How do I make them know if you, to whom I speak, hold back? I want you to get the messages out, child.

I loved all My beloved ones to My death. I love you this way this day. I am Jesus. I am begging you to not hold back this emotion.

Oh, child, My beloved ones are blind and are going down the road that leads to nowhere. You must preach My message. You must distribute My letters. You must tell all how I wait here!

Go to My faithful ones. Spread the messages at the Center. Keep them in your car. You will be called on in an instant and I will speak My message to My beloved ones through you.

Ready yourself for a big boom. No one is listening. I am crying out to you. Prepare your brothers. They are in darkness. Their souls are dying inside of them. Some come to Me with such indifference in Communion.

I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I am on fire for love of them. I am Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God. I call you to this state of urgency. Move your friends by this urgent letter. There is no more time to waste. I call you all here to deliver this message personally to you. I am Jesus. I am begging each of you to spread My message. Tell them of My ardent love. In each moment you waste, souls will be lost.

I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I am your God. I am calling to you. Will you listen or will you be numb to My pleading? I yearn for your love. Come and sit with Me every day. Sit in front of My tabernacle so I can give you what you need. Pray the Prayer for Union with Jesus.

I am Jesus, the Son of God. I cry out to you to preach My love. Spread these messages. Tell all you meet that I, Jesus, am alone. I am in your midst and I love you this very day. I wait for you in the tabernacle. Come and be with Me every day. This is all that you need. I give you everything. All will work when you come to Me to get your supplies.

Come to Mass and Communion daily. I wait for you to come and be in union with Me. I want to be so close to you. I love you all and I am asking you each to busy yourself about your love affair with Me. Make Me first in your life. Give Me all you are. Pray My Prayer for Union all through the day.

It is your union with Me that will change this world. You will light the lights of the souls in darkness. They will see the might of God in your soul. Energy will be emitted from your very being. You will be as you are, My most important workers, just in your being, if you surrender and be about our love affair!

It's so simple. Come to Me, be united in Communion, pray with Me in silence after Communion, pray to the Holy Spirit for all of His gifts. Pray, lay hands on each other for strength. I am Jesus. I am alive. I will live in you in such a way that you will do such wonders, just in your being more in love with Me.

I love you all dearly. Open yourselves. Be selfless and let Me possess your soul! I love you. Jesus

end of March 13, 1994


7 Days Later


March 20, 1994 -
2 days before the end of the building collapsed
on March 22, 1994 on Lucia's birthday

Jesus: You don't have to prove the authenticity of these letters. You know they are true. If they doubt, let them get their proof. You don't have to give them signs. If they want the love of God, they will search and know the letters are from Me. Everything else is everybody else's responsibility.

I want you to speak always. I speak through you. I want you to circulate the letters. You do not prove the letters to any man. You write, you talk. Their doubt is their problem. You answer no more than I tell you to. They can turn their backs and lose the true treasure here.

I am Jesus, the Son of God. Say little in your defense. You know they are the fools if they question you. They miss My divine treasure here. I love each child ardently to write to them. Silly to not listen when I speak to you!

You are My messenger. You must only do the delivering. You owe no man any valid reasons why it is true. Publish these messages. I want the book published. What happened to Volume II? I, Son of God, am talking to you and who listens? Now they are holding it up because of the priests. I am Jesus I want all these messages published. If the devil creates enough doubt and confusion as he did, then you deal with that instead of the messages.

I am God. I am so tired with you to publish these letters. You are going to suffer for the souls will be lost while you tarry. Tarry more and do your own thing. Why should I give you any messages? You have not published any that I gave you. If you do not do this work, I will give them to someone who will. I am so tired with you. You are not doing My will and this world is suffering for your delays.

You check, you tarry, and I am God and I am talking to you. You test My messenger. You try her. You want proof. I give you messages, so many messages, and you want a sure thing. You test them on man. Does man know why God tells you here? Why is the world in this state if man is so smart? Why did he not cure it by now? All those you ask, ask them, why are you not curing the world!

I am God. I have spoken. I am so upset with these delays. What do I do to shake you into listening? You want proof. You lack faith. No human being has this knowledge. She is a math teacher and has not even studied theology or the Scriptures. She doesn't even know the books in the Bible. She only loves Me dearly. You test and waste My valuable time. I grow very tired of this.

I am Jesus Christ. I am the Son of God. You are all afraid or you would listen. You are afraid of the priests, afraid of the people, afraid. l have all the power, I am God. I can turn the world upside down. I have all the power. I am tired to give you more messages. You are not publishing anything. You want to be safe. The world is suffering and sick.

You want what you want in the way you want it. I am God and I do things the way I, God, know best. If I did things your way you would have no faith. Man gives into himself. I teach you to reach within your souls to the things and ways of God. You want Me to act like you. I am God and I do not act like the way you want. I am tired!

end of March 20, 1994



2 days later on Lucia's birthday



The corner fell off in minutes.

It looked like somebody cut a piece of cake.



This message was held back from the Falmouth publication.

It began the split between the Shepherds of Christ

and the Holy Spirit Center and the Falmouth Farm.


Picture of the Sacred Heart of JesusI Call You to Holiness

May 4, 1994 4:30a.m.

Dear ones, I am calling you to love your brothers. I have loved you. Would you, dear ones, lay down your lives for your brothers? How are you loving this day? Are you following Christ in your actions? I am the Way, I am the Truth, I am the Life. You must constantly put the world aside and look to the Master for all your directions. I call you, My little ones, to holiness. I call you to pure hearts, hearts that are full of love and empty of hate and anger. I call you to guard your hearts and watch that they stay forever holy. You, My precious bride, I want your soul white.

Do you criticize your dear brothers? I gave the last beat of My Heart and the last drop of My blood for the soul you are displeased with. I would die for them this day. Will you not love them for Me? They are so precious to Me!

Quit sizing up your brothers. You do such unloving things in your mind. You do not even know how unloving are your thoughts. You judge your brothers by their exteriors, by their education, by their money. You do not see the beautiful creation of God the Father. He created your brothers just perfectly and He loves His creation. Who are you to criticize His creation? Love your brothers when they are hurting. It is in your loving the hurting ones that they will see the reflection of Christ in you.

Do not hold on to foolish things. One moment and your days on this earth have ended. All that remains is how you loved. Did you love God? Did you love your neighbor? Love is not selfish. It gives of itself. Its whole purpose is to draw the other closer to Jesus.

Study the crucifix. It is such a comfort! I loved you so. I died for you. I would die for you alone this very day, little ones! Look at Me dying on the cross! The way to Me is to follow Me. Be Christ-like in your ways. You must study Me to know My ways. Do not give in to yourselves. My way is love. Will you be the reflection of the love of God within you? My way is the way of the cross. They persecuted Me, they hurt Me, they tore My flesh and spit on Me. They did this to Me for My love given to all! This world is not your end. You follow My ways and you move as you should toward your goal.

I am Jesus, I am the Son of God. I love you so ardently. I died and shed My blood, My beautiful blood, for love of you. I await you this day, My little ones. I loved you so I remain with you in the Eucharist. I await, I long for you to come and share in our love. I am the tenderest of Hearts. No man can be close to you as I. I love you so. I want to dwell and live within you. I want to fill you with all My love and radiate My love to your beloved brothers. I want to shine from your souls.

Oh, little ones, take Me seriously. I am truly here, begging for you to live in My love.

You are the light that will shine in this dark world. You will light up the darkest night with My love.

The best gift you can give to this world is to busy yourself about your love affair with Me. I love you, My little ones. I love you and I want to share this love with you.

Love your brothers. Do not let Satan talk in your heads and make them wrong and you right. Love them as I have loved you. Do not look at your brothers and size them up. See them with the eyes of God, the beautiful creations of the Father.

Will you love My beloved ones for Me this day, or will you say "no" to My call? Love your brothers in darkness. They need your love. I am calling you to love them for Me this very day. They may scoff at you and persecute you, but you will plant a seed that I Myself will water and give sunlight to. Plant seeds of love. This is the most important seed you will plant, a seed of love. Watch it grow as I provide it with water and nourishment. I will shine on your brothers through you if you stay in My love. Be the light that shines on this dark world. They are crying out for the love of God. They are suffering. They need your love.

Put yourselves aside. Die to yourselves. Live only for the love of God. If the world goes one way, you stay focused on My love. Do not follow the world. Follow the risen Christ!

I love you so, little ones. I bring you new life. I fill your hearts with My love. Pray to the Holy Spirit for His gifts. Pray the Our Father. Let My mother mother you as she mothered Me. She loved you so. She suffered so for love of you. She appears to bring you back to her beloved Son. Will you answer her call? She is calling you to put God first in your life. She is calling you to love, love of God, love of one another.

Forgive your brothers. Empty your hearts of hate and anger and let go. Let all your anger go. Give Me your resentments and let Me heal your hearts. Forgiveness is the way to peace. Let go. Do not size up your brothers. Love them all. Pray for them. Unite in My love. Love is a miracle cure. Say you are sorry. Be gentle in your ways. Pray for your needs. I love you, little ones. I am with you this day.

Will you answer the call and love for Me? I love you. I am your beloved Jesus. I would die this day just for you. I love you the same as I did the day I died. Turn to Me and give Me your life. I will care for you and love you. I am your Savior. I am Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God. Let Me live in your heart!

end of May 4, 1994



Fr. Carter told them that they needed to obey

after they received this message.


Picture of the Sacred Heart of JesusObey Me to the Letter

May 6, 1994 4:00a.m.

My child, obey Me to the letter (the others will know they disobeyed Me). I am God. I am speaking to you. You have no hate or anger or anxiousness for any man.

I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I need you to do this work. You write as I dictate. You will not know what is My plan. I am God and I can change all things. I do not change a man's free will. I tell each one to obey. If he does not, then he will be held accountable.

You did as you were told. In no way does My letter conflict with My mother's messages. A decision was made to ignore My words. This displeases Me greatly! I want obedience. You did exactly as I told you and I continue to expect obedience from you. I will enkindle this. You do not fret or fume. Your job is to deliver a message.

I am Jesus and I am giving you personal love letters for My beloved children. I do not hold one letter better than another. I am Jesus. I have spoken. I have been disobeyed.

You continue to do exactly as I tell you. If they laugh or give you a hard time, you continue to obey Me exactly as I tell you. I am God and I have spoken. My ways I make clear to you. I am offended by this decision. You show no ill will. I am God and I will tend to all else. You only obey Me. Write these messages and give them to _____. These are messages from the Son of God. They are to be heeded. If you do not obey Me, then you are choosing on your own to disobey. One message is not better than another. My message did not conflict with My mother's messages. It was a decision that this letter of Mine should not be put out. I stated specifically that I wanted it out.

My children are hurting and they need these messages. I write so tenderly of My love! These messages will save souls. My mother's purpose is to draw men's hearts to Me. I wanted My message given out at the farm. You must obey Me. You must continue to obey Me. Souls will suffer for not hearing the message. I want them to know of My love. You continue to do exactly as I command you to do. I ask, you can choose to obey or not obey.

I am talking here. I want to be obeyed. I want My letters to reach My beloved ones!

end of May 6, 1994



Picture of the Sacred Heart of JesusI Ask You to Obey

May 11, 1994 5:00a.m.

Jesus: Put your trust in Me. I do not ask you to analyze what I am doing. I ask you to obey. I truly will take care of you. If the whole world goes one way, you do as you are told. I want obedience even when you do not want to do what I am asking you to.

I ask for a clean heart. I ask you to act as I have acted. This is hard in this world. The world tells you to stand up for yourself and be aggressive. I tell you to love your brothers and be kind to them, to love your brothers as yourselves, to be willing to die for your brothers. This takes submission. It takes letting your ego go and yielding to love. It hurts sometimes to let go of self and love your brother. This is My way. They tore My flesh and I forgave them. Like an innocent lamb led to the slaughter, I was crucified. Did I fight back and justify Myself? Live to love. When others are haughty and mean, you think of Me, Jesus Christ, the Son of God and how I love you. Then forgive them and let go.

The way you act when you model yourself after Me is not the way the world acts. Do not be attached to this world. Be attached to Me. Your purpose is to love. No one has any power over you. They may persecute you but I am guarding you in your suffering. Suffer with Me. Be a fool for Christ. Love for Me. This world needs the love of Christ. If you respond as the world does, I cannot love through you.

Your will is entirely free. I call you to model yourself after Me. I in no way took up the sword! My way is love! I cannot love your brothers through you if you choose to follow the world. The way of the world is the self. My way is selflessness. This takes submission of your self and yielding to a higher cause.

Rita, this is the way to peace in your heart. When you do My Will, even when you do not want to, you have peace. You will not have peace until you deliver the letter I told you to. You must obey Me, child, in every detail. You do not know My mind and My ways and it is not up to you to analyze them. I want obedience from you. You are making things harder by stalling. You, My sweet one, will be tested in fire. You will be molded in My special oven. I will melt you in the oven of My Heart. Come and enter there and put all your trust in Me.

Remember the furnace of My Heart. Come to Me. It is hot with the fire of My love, but it is your refuge. You enter there, you are changed into My special soldier of love. Nothing to fear for it is a vat of love. You jump in where others fear to tread. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He who enters My Heart will be refreshed and molded by My love. Nowhere else will you find such love and peace!

Oh, child, I love you. Please do not tarry. Trust the God Who loves you and talks to you daily. How will others trust and have faith if you do not have it yourself? You preach the gospel in your being. When you surrender to Me, you will be free.

You are running your life. Let go, child. You will feel a surge, as if someone lifted a load. Let go to Me. I will not lead you astray. You are holding on when you need to let go. Do not test Me. I know every little thought you have. You cannot fool Me. I know your heart better than you.

Tell Me your faults and ask for help. Don't hide any. I am there to help you. If you do not admit them yourself, you cannot improve. I know every way you need to improve far better than you. Come to Me. Come into My Heart. Be free in My love. This is the way, the only way to peace of mind.

If you go to the heavens, I am there. You, child, can never run from Me. I ardently love you. Surrender and be free.

end of May 11, 1994


Holy Spirit Center and Falmouth Farm became very divided.

On November 8, 1994 because of much division,

they finally put this message out on the Falmouth.



Mary began appearing July 5, 1994 at the Holy Spirit Center.



She appeared every day for 14 months.

We were kicked out of the Holy Spirit Center 3 times.

Jesus told me to publish the Red Rosary Book with the rainbow for Mary's visits.

The same day the book left the printers with the rainbow,

Mary appeared on the building in Clearwater December 17, 1996.



shipped from the printers
December 17, 1996

Mary appeared
December 17, 1996



On March 3, 1997 where Mary had appeared on the Farm and

the message of May 4, 1994 was blocked, the city of Falmouth flooded.

Everything but house tops under water.




Holy Spirit Center and Falmouth Farm are almost empty today.

Mary appeared on the building in Clearwater for 7 1/2 years.



Mary by day
July 5, 2000

by night
July 5, 2000



Jesus' face also appeared.



On March 1, 2004 Mary's image head was broken off by a slingshot.



This was followed by hurricanes that started August 13, 1004

then September 5, 2004 that ravaged Florida.




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