Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

June 11, 2004

June 12th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 9 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries
for June 12th are Sorrowful.


       Retreat in China, Indiana

There will be priests there everyday saying Mass.

June 13, 2004 to June 19, 2004




June 11, 2004




June 11, 2004 continues

Jesus speaks:    I am the bridegroom
                                of your soul.

                            I give you Myself in the




June 11, 2004 continues

Jesus speaks:     I want you to love Me

                        I want you to purely
                            give yourself to Me.

                        Sunday is the feast
                            of the Precious Body and

                        I LOVE YOU

                        I want your love in return
                       I am a Person

                        I want you to purely love Me.

                        I want My 
                            religious to be temperate

                        Don't give into satan.

                        Be about My work

                        Does your drives control

                        Pray to be holy.

                                I love  you,

                                    I am Jesus.

                        Your love for Me
                            comforted Me in
                            the garden



June 11, 2004 continues

Messenger:         May the light of Christ fill us.
                            May His beauty shine on us.
                            May we be the reflection of God
                                as He dwells within us.

                            Oh God I pray for the weary soul.
                                Our priests are so important

                                A soul who is troubled can
                                    find help and forgiveness from
                                    his sins when he goes to confession.

                                Oh that God would grant us a special
                                    gift of grace to see the wonderfulness
                                    of the sacrament of Penance
                                    and Baptism and the Eucharist
                                    and all the sacraments.

                            I receive Him, I receive the Divine
                                God in the Holy Eucharist, He comes
                                to me
He loves me, He gives me

                            So much Our Lord tells us in the Movement,
                                we must listen.

                            Oh Jesus help this retreat to be exactly
                                as you desire

                            Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins,
                                help us to be docile

                                help us to be humble

                                help us to live holy lives.

                            Some come to Shepherds of Christ to learn what
                                Jesus says, but Jesus says

Jesus speaks:     I have given you so many gifts through the
                                Shepherds of Christ Movement

                                Many come and take the gifts, but
                                do not give of themselves in return

                                praying for your vocations as a Shepherds of Christ
                                Apostle, Servant, Handmaid is a
                                big thing.

                            Fr. Carter told you he prayed fervently.
                                for perseverance to his vocation
                                to be a Jesuit.

                            Love is doing God's will
                            Love to God

                            Love to each other

Messenger:         If we do not do His will
                                we are not happy

                                serving Him the way He desires
                                is so important

                            Jesus teaches us about love, love from
                                the heart

                            Many times it is a tremendous sacrifice
                                more than we can feel we can bear
                                because the sufferings are so great
                                or our calling demands personal
                                sacrifice, but never do we see
                                anything but what He wants.

                            A man can be called to the priesthood
                                and feel he loves someone very
                                much and be tempted to give up
                                his calling.

                            Love can be very deep between people
                                but it must always be love only
                                as God desires.

                            Some people do not follow their vocation
                                because they give into romantic

Jesus speaks:         A young man was called to the priesthood
                            he knew it
he only felt peace when
                            he pursued this vocation

                            A young woman in his parish who he thought was
                            very religious, very beautiful and
                            he thought acted like the Virgin Mary
                            came into his life.

                            He favored thoughts where he would
                            walk with her, talk with her, hold
                            her hand etc
these thoughts more
                            aggressively moved toward deeper
                            expressions of his love
she was
                            open to every move he made

                            she flirted with him, showed her
                            talents and too, she entertained
                            thoughts of marrying him. She knew
                            he was studying to be a priest, but
                            she made herself available, she
                            dressed in special ways to try to
                            make herself beautiful before him.
                            She exercised her body, not for health
                            reasons, but to try to lure him from
                            his calling to her arms. Everyone at
                            Church thought she was so beautiful
                            so holy.

                                She "wooed" my special young man
                            her intentions in her heart was to have
she worked all the time for this
                            she attended Mass and her thoughts were
                            not for the Eucharist, but to look good
                            for him.

                            NOTE: Do you remember the 3 classes of men
                                of St. Ignatius Exercises
the purity of intention for why a
                            person acts
can you see that the
                            intention for why someone does something
                            is paramount. This aspect in the spiritual
                            life must be explored for actions involving
                            others investigating to oneself the reason
                            for why they act. What appears to be good
                            acts done purely may be sinful deeds
                            done in impurity. A woman trying
                            to lure another woman's husband may
                            justify why what she does is okay to her.
                            She may say oh the wife is always giving
                            attention to other men and is unfaithful
                            to her husband and I am helping
                            him by giving him my love, he is
                            hurting because the way the wife
                            treats her husband. She may say to
                            herself, "poor baby" and move on him
                            by parading herself before
                            him with low-cut dresses revealing
                            big breasts or low-cut pants.

                                You cannot deny your actions to
                            Me. Why are you a servant, a
                            handmaid, a priest, a sister,
                            a married man, a married woman,
                            you are committed. Some who were my
                            priests, sisters etc. began the romantic
                            involvement with members of the
                            opposite sex. I am watching you
                            flirt while you wear My garb.
                            A religious should not entertain these
                            thoughts of romantic involvement
                            with other members.

                            I am their spouse.

                            If they loved Me so much they
                                would be busy about their
                                love relationship with Me and
                                not want to offend Me.

                            Playing with passions when you
                                are a religious or a married
                                person is like playing with fire.

                                The devil can tempt and try to

                                Staring into one another's eyes would
                            not be engaged in in romantic
                            ways with one that is not supposed to according
                            to God's will if one really wanted to
                            be faithful to their calling as a
                            religious, servant, handmaid,
                            married person.

                            end of note


                            This is the story continued of the young
                                man studying to be a priest and
                                the woman at Church.

                            Finally after temptations by the woman,
                                phone calls, dinners, picnics,
                                "religious conventions" the man could
                                not control his drive to have her
                                as his wife and be with her the rest
                                of his life.

                                He left the seminary and asked
                            her to marry him deciding he just
                            could not live without her. He gave
                            in all along, allowing the romance
                            between him and the woman to develop.

                                They had a big wedding. In retrospect
                            you see how she lured him from the
                            beginning wanting this, she tempted him,
                            she dressed for him, she thought about
                            him watching her when she went
                            to communion
she did the work -
                            satan wished to drive him from his vocation

                            and she did.

                                As soon as preparations began being
                            made for the wedding she began flirting
                            with another seminarian before they
                            were married, she gave the first man
                            who left the seminary a hard time

                            he gave up his vocation for her and
                            they weren't married yet and fighting
                            all the time. She didn't act romantic
                            and loving she acted cold and didn't
                            want to meet for lunch or talk on the
                            phone or hold hands and cuddle.

                                He thought it was her fear of marriage
                            and knew he had given up what
                            he felt God wanted of him

                            being a priest for her
so he endured
                            the trials telling himself it
                            would be good again after they married.

                                She tried to get out of the marriage,
                            she began standing him up etc

                            finally because of pressure from her
                            family they got married. It was far
                            worse after the marriage. She didn't
                            come home some nights. She was mysterious,
                            she didn't act loving
even on their
                            wedding day. After four months they
                            separated totally
he didn't know
                            what to do
finally he knew they had to
                            be divorced.

                                She began the same flirtatious ways
                            luring another good seminarian.
                            She was very "crafty" how she did it,
                            she was experienced
her motives were
                            not love, her motives were to conquer.

                                A second seminarian she lured into
                            her web.

                                The devil is the father of lies. If a
                            religious sister is there in her vocation
                            for her own vain glory, not for the honor
                            and glory of God
she has impure

                                Satan works in relationships through
                            passions, envy, pride, jealousy.

                                He can work majorly on two peoples
                            passions to effect sound judgment.
                            You have control over your drives

                            You must pray for grace to be
                            prudent, to have fortitude, to be

                                Religious should not give into thoughts
                            of having romantic relationships with
                            people of the opposite-sex, same-sex
                            whatever it is.

                                Masturbation is definitely not permitted in
                            the life of a religious. A person
                            sexually-active with themselves can
                            be a problem in a community.

                                Temperance is a virtue. Living
                            according to My will.

                                A person serious about their religious vocation,
                            does not have to get romantic involvement
                            with others. They love Me so deeply,
                            they live this deep spousal union
                            with Me.

                                I call My religious to a special commitment
                            to Me. I am your husband. You are
                            being unfaithful to Me when you allow
                            satan to tempt you through
                            sins of the flesh.

                                You give yourself to Me. A woman
                            or man married are not permitted
                            to have promiscuous affairs with
                            others, they are married to one man
                            and one woman.


The Ten Commandments

  1.   I, the Lord, am your God. You shall not have other gods besides me.

  2.   You shall not take the name of the Lord, your God, in vain.

  3.   Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day.

  4.   Honor your father and your mother.

  5.   You shall not kill.

  6.   You shall not commit adultery.

  7.   You shall not steal.

  8.   You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

  9.   You shall not covet your neighbor's wife.

  10.   You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor.


June 11, 2004 continues

Jesus speaks:         Flirting, looking into each others
                            eyes, romantically for religious, favoring
                            thoughts of romantic involvement with
                            another is not proper for

                                Oh how My precious religious
                            comforted Me during My bitter passion
                            with their gifts of love and gift of themselves
                            purely given in celibacy



June 11, 2004 continues

Jesus speaks:      Satan works in passions.

                            He tempts people

                            He wants you to hold hands and look
                                into each others eyes and
                                be romantic so he can
                                lure you into deeper

                            You must pray for perseverance to
                                your vocation
every day
                                Fr. Carter said

"What have I done for Christ?"
"What am I doing for Christ?"
"What ought I to do for Christ?"

Messenger:      God is All powerful

                            God is All Mighty

                            Listen to the thunder God makes the baby
                            Please help us with funds

                            This is the gift Mary gave us


July 5, 2000
Mary by Day

July 5, 2000
Mary by Night



Messenger:     Jesus wanted us to send this to you.

                         Jesus' face appears on the building as you see here April 5, 2004.


April 5, 2004


Messenger:      Crowds are off we need you to tell people about Jesus' face and give
                             donations if you can.

                         WE WANT TO HONOR THE SACRED HEART and Our Lady.

                         Retreat in China is extended because of the month of the Sacred Heart.

                         Jesus wanted this. Official retreat opens Sunday June 13, 2004 with
                             Fr. Mike's Mass at 9:00 A.M. St. Al's Cincinnati a little reading
                             is required before the retreat. This retreat will almost all
                             be live from China, Indiana on the web camera.


                              To participate in some of the retreat you may consult the
                             web page and ask Doris about the Spiritual Exercise
                             retreat before the retreat, but the retreat is better in China.

                         Some readings will be given Saturday June 12, 2004 in preparation for the

                         Mass will be every day beginning Monday at 8:30 A.M. Tuesday God
                             willing 12:00 China time, Wednesday 12:00 China time, Thursday 11:00 
                                China time,
                             Friday Feast of the Sacred Heart Crown Jesus with flowers
                                 Mass 12:00 noon China time a big prayer service all day, and all night
                             Saturday Feast of the Immaculate Heart Mass Saturday
                                 afternoon closing of adoration Sing Songs to Mary
                                 Crown Mary with flowers.

                              All night adoration Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night,
                                 Thursday night, Friday night.

                          COME TO THE NEW STORE IN CHINA


                         THIS IS THE MONTH OF THE SACRED HEART
                              CONSECRATE YOUR HOMES AND OUR FAMILIES

                         On May 29, 2004 Vigil of Pentecost a wonderful Jesuit priest, with a
                              doctors in theology accepted the post to edit the Priestly
                              Newsletter. On Thursday we received this picture at 6:20
                              as we began the Holy Spirit prayers.



June 1, 2004 message continues

Messenger:      We have prayed continually this prayer


Prayer for the spiritual and financial success 
of the priestly newsletter.

    "Father, we ask Your special blessings upon the priestly newsletter, Shepherds of Christ. We ask that You open the priest-readers to the graces You wish to give them through this chosen instrument of Your Son. We also ask that You provide for the financial needs of the newsletter and the Shepherds of Christ Associates. We make our prayer through Jesus, in the Holy Spirit, with Mary at our side. Amen"


June 1, 2004 message continues

Messenger:     The Newsletter is the #1 reason for the Movement and coequally
                              prayer chapters for the priests.
                              He will begin the newsletter immediately funds are needed for this.

                              Here is the original plan to Fr. Carter to finance the Newsletter from the
                                  Spiritual Handbook.


Excerpt from the Spirituality Handbook
by Father Carter


Chapter Guidelines for Shepherds of Christ Associates

  1. A primary purpose of the chapters of Shepherds of Christ Associates is to pray for all priests throughout the world in all their needs. A coequal purpose is to provide a spiritual way of life for members of the chapters. The chapters are to pray in a special way for the spiritual success of the priestly newsletter, Shepherds of Christ. Prayer for the acquisition of monetary funds to publish the letter is also in order. The chapters are to meet on a regular basis, with the members of each chapter to determine the exact frequency of meetings. All chapters are encouraged to meet on a weekly basis. If for various other reasons certain chapters cannot meet weekly, they should meet at least once a month.
  2. All persons--lay persons, diocesan clergy, and priests, brothers, and sisters in religious life--are invited to become members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. Those who are already committed to a certain way of spiritual life may adapt the spirituality of Shepherds of Christ Associates to their own particular spirituality.
  3. In addition to the purpose of the chapters as put forth above, the members of each chapter are encouraged to help raise money to defray some of the newsletter publication costs and some of the financial needs of the Shepherds of Christ Associates movement. One way for chapters to financially aid the newsletter is to pledge to pay for a certain number of newsletters each year. Our Lord has asked that the newsletter be sent to the priests free of charge, although donations may be requested in the newsletter itself.
  4. A further purpose of the chapters is to undertake those activities which Jesus, through the Spiritual Director, further reveals to be His will.
  5. The formation of as many chapters as is reasonably possible is to be encouraged. Multiple chapters may exist in the same city or area. Each chapter is to have its own local coordinator, and each country its own national coordinator.
  6. A periodic newsletter for associates will be published to help establish the desired bond or union between all chapters and all members.
  7. Members of Shepherds of Christ Associates pledge their loyal support to the Holy Father, the Pope, and to the teaching authority of the Church.
  8. Shepherds of Christ Associates exists under Church law as provided in canons 298 and 299.
  9. The existence and activity of all chapters is to be placed under the special protection and guidance of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Chapters exist so that they may, according to the mission of Shepherds of Christ Associates, help to establish the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. All chapter members are strongly encouraged to consecrate themselves to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


I would be willing to
support this endeavor
with a $1.00 to $5.00
or more a week.


Contribution:  __________

Name:  _________________________

Address:  ______________________________



Phone:  _______________________________

Email:  ________________________________

Shepherds of Christ Ministries, P.O. Box 193,
Morrow, OH 45152-0193 fax: 1-513-932-6791
(toll free) 1-888-211-3041 email:



Retreat in China, Indiana

Jesus speaks:          I desire all My Apostles
                            to commit on June 13, 2004. The schedule
                            for the retreat is as follows.

                            St. Ignatius/Shepherds of Christ Retreat June 12, 
                                6:20 usual opening of retreat

                            June 13, 2004 Feast of St. Anthony
                                9:00 Shepherd's Mass Cincinnati St. Al's Fr. Mike
                                Joyful Mysteries

                            June 14, 2004    Mysteries of Light

                            June 15, 2004    Sorrowful Mysteries

                            June 16, 2004    Glorious Mysteries
                                                    Close of Ignatian Part of Retreat

                            June 17, 2004    Meditations on the 17th Meetings
                                                    February 17, 1994 to September 17, 1996

                            June 18, 2004    A Day with the Sacred Heart
                                                        Feast of Sacred Heart
                                                        Crowning Sacred Heart

                            June 19, 2004    A Day with the Immaculate Heart
                                                        Feast of Immaculate Heart
                                                        Songs Crowning of Mary

                            Close of retreat 3:00 pm China time

                            Call Doris for details or e-mail




Click to see the China Church live

and all the candles burning

for your intentions.


                                Light a candle in China.

                                We will put your prayer intention
                                    before the altar.

                                Call Morrow  1-888-211-3041

                                Suggested Donation:  $5.00

                                Email for candles:



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