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June 12, 2008

June 13th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 4 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for June 13th are Joyful.



Retreat in China

June 10th - 13th

June 13th is the feast of St. Anthony

Mass - June 13th - 12:30pm


Pray for funds for the building.

Please help us.


Please help us with the Priestly

Newsletter and the books
for the priests.

Please help us.



Given June 11, 2008

                Response to God's love

                God intends us to walk hand-in-hand —
                    to press on in oneness —
                    as members of the body of Christ
                    We are one
                    He is the head

                God shows us structure

                Even the smallest 10 cent store could
                    not last if there was constant
                    argumentation and conflict

                The Shepherds of Christ Movement began with a
                    message to Fr. Carter from Jesus

                When Jesus gave Fr. Carter the prayers
                    in the prayer manual —
                    the leaders said
                    print 500 at a time

                How could we spread the prayer
                    chapters with 500 prayer

                The Blue Books were printed, but in
                    order of new books being brought
                    in daily as Padre's Point and
                    other visionaries books Fr. Carter
                    was forced to deal with for
                    reputable publication and
                    the Blue Books sat

                Mary's image appeared for 7 1/2 years for
                    the world and little donations
                    were given

                After someone knocked off Mary's image
                    head and we had a sink hole —
                    the site looked like a war zone —

                Where at both centers God called us
                    to spread the Good News of
                    the messages —

                    Jesus asked in the June retreat
                        What is your agenda for My
                        Movement —
                    Are you proud spreading the gifts
                        given to you, Jesus said —

                I ask for little things Jesus asks
                    for —
                    and little help is given

                When Jesus gives a prayer meeting
                    a retreat Jesus says —
                    is the attitude
                    "What's in it for me?"

                When He asked for worship and praise and
                    gratitude to Him and prayer
                    for His precious priests —
                    the gift of the Magnificent Church and
                    prayers for the suffering world.

                After Mary's image head was destroyed —
                    little help was given for such
                    a gift of this place —
                    Never before in the history of the
                    world was such a place given —
                    where Mary's image appeared
                    for 7 1/2 years —
                    then a human creature destroyed
                    the image glass —

                The sink hole

                I prayed —

                Jesus gave us the waters —

                Jesus gave us the glass

                Jesus gave us the prayers, the
                    Priestly Newsletter, the
                    Blue Books

                After Mary's image head was destroyed
                    hurricanes ravaged Florida
                    from East to West

                Someone told me they made an X
                    I don't know —

                I was there for most of the hurricanes
                    after Mary's image face
                    was destroyed —

                    Every month, sick or not, for 10
                years I have been there on the
                5th as God asked because of
                the blasphemies to Mary and the
                5 wounds of Christ —

                Asking us to pray for the priests, the
                Church and the world — Jesus sent
                me — then a 4 day retreat in Florida,
                and 4 days in China for so many
                years —

                Was the attitude
                    I won't come
                    I won't pray
                    What's in it for me —

                Why did God come to this earth?
                    He loved His precious souls to
                    His death on the cross —

                The question needs to be with regard
                    to the building
                    What is God wanting of us
                        from this place —

                    We are selfish, sometimes opportunist —
                We owe God His due from the 1st

                    To love Him with our whole
                heart, our whole soul, our
                whole being —

                    God has given us the Center in
                China with the Eucharist Exposed
                for God's purpose

                    to praise, worship, adore Him
                    to make reparation to God —
                    to honor the Hearts of Jesus and
                    Mary has appeared there to me
                        since December 12th —

                At the Holy Spirit Center —
                    they did not believe when
                    Mary appeared — they threw us out

                So God gave us Mary's image in Florida —
                    the building for 10 years —
                    for His purpose
                    for the retreats for His purpose
                    prayer from this place for
                    the priests, the Church and the world
                    — love for God

                For His purpose — to spread the Blue Books —

                Start prayer chapters

                Get the prayers in different languages —

                When the pilgrims come do we tell
                    them of God's purpose with
                    the retreats —
                    When He has had me do 5ths
                    for 13 years — monthly —

                When Mary appears do you tell them —

                When Mary appeared at the Holy Spirit
                    Center — Jesus told me to put the
                    rosaries in the Red Rosary Book
                    with the Rainbow and

                Mary appeared in rainbow color the same day
                    that the Red Rosary Book left the printer —


shipped from the printers
December 17, 1996

Mary appeared
December 17, 1996


                What about this vision



                The day we were told by the Archbishop
                    to start the exposed Eucharistic
                    Adoration in China —
                    this book arrived in Indianapolis
                    where the Archbishop was



                Remember when Jesus said no
                    one was listening


                What about the Falmouth Flood


Messenger: On June 8, 1995, I had two visions at the Falmouth farm in Kentucky...

    Saw flame as bright brilliant, heard it go puff then it came out of a square box sitting on a hardwood floor that looked like the floor in the Sorrowful Mother Chapel. The Chapel was empty, some things on the floor in the distance. Room was bright. Floor was the center.


Vision from June 9, 1995


    I saw a river and the riverbanks on both sides were lined with trees. Slowly the water began to rise in the river and the banks were flooded. And then I saw the water was pouring over the treetops (like a waterfall) into the river. The rough sketch enclosed is from my notebook on June 8, 1995...


river1.jpg (12140 bytes) river2.jpg (12296 bytes)

end of excerpt






                We need money for the building
                    in Florida

                Who will help us?


by night
July 5, 2000


Jesus' face

                He can take the waters,
                        the building,
                        the glass —
                        the miracles

                Reparation to the 2 Hearts

                Love of God

                Praying for the priests, the Church and
                    the world


                March 1



                March 3    Falmouth Flood


March 3, 1997 Message
Day Falmouth Flooded Early Morning

Jesus speaks:  Oh, the waters will run and the earth will shake and you will suffer and suffer and work your own plan and say it happened before, it is not a sign from God - it is a phenomenon, a happening, no reason to take notice.

And I will shake you on your tree and you will fall to the ground as rotten fruit and all that will remain will be the fruit of heaven.



                March 22    Lucia's birthday




6 days before September 11, 2001


Excerpt from September 6, 2001 

Jesus speaks:        You must pray for your donors.

                        I appeared and my mother appeared

                            for the whole world.

                        The apparition is not appreciated.

                        The fact you cannot even make

                            the rent payment for the

                            building is proof.

                        So much money in the world and the

                            state of Florida.

                        Look at your news on television.

                        Look at what the news is on the

                        MARY HAS APPEARED ON THE
                            BUILDING FOR 5 YEARS AND
                            YOU DO NOT EVEN TAKE 

                        It is not the responsibility of 100
                            people to support such a vision.

                         It is a gift from God.

                         This shows you the focus of men
                            and your news.

                         Your eyes are blind.

                         I ask today September 6, 2001 to

                             see Our images and to help

                             do what We have asked you to do.

                         These messages are important.

                         You have ignored Me.

                         THE PRAYER CARDS, Prayer for Union
                            with Jesus, Prayer Before the Holy
                            Sacrifice of the Mass, Say daily card,
                            morning offering, Shepherds of Christ
                            Prayer manuals, Holy Spirit Novena book,
                            rosary meditations are gifts from God.

Messenger:        Jesus also said "All materials

                             used for the school rosary program

                             printed by B&M have helped the

                             school children."

Jesus speaks:      The Priestly Newsletter is a gift from God.

                         Because of these prayers your world

                             is a better place.

                         If B&M closes and the printing stops -

                             your world will be affected.

                        Again I repeat, these revelations and

                            materials are for the world.

                        Mary appears the Lady clothed in gold

                            for the world.

                        Very, very few are helping to do what I ask.

                        My movement is to help the priests, the
                            Church and the world, it is a gift.

                        Because of My movement, the world is a
                            better place.

                        You will feel the effects if the printing stops.

                        I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I speak here.

end of excerpt from September 6, 2001


                We didn't have money for the
                    rosary program all summer


Excerpt from May 28, 2008


Deuteronomy 8: 2-3

Remember the long road by which Yahweh your God led you for forty years in the desert, to humble you, to test you and know your inmost heart — whether you would keep his commandments or not. He humbled you, he made you feel hunger, he fed you with manna which neither you nor your ancestors had ever known, to make you understand that human beings live not on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of Yahweh.


                Jesus wants us to sing the Psalms —
                    sing the Glory and Praise Songs and
                    we are fed
                The Bread of life helps heal the
                wounded human nature. The more
                we sing the Psalms, go to the
                Eucharist, sing the scripture
                we are fed —
                    God nourishes us with the
                Bread of life.
                    Those wishing to go to heaven must
                realize we are here to grow in greater
                unity and love — be more one like
                the Persons of the Trinity.
                    Jesus is the head of the Church —
                In Clearwater Mary's image head was
                destroyed and Jesus' image remained —
                Mary appeared to lead us to Jesus. I see
                Mary and Jesus together. God wants us
                to consecrate our hearts to the New
                Adam and the New Eve — to spread the
                Consecration to these 2 Pure and Holy
                Hearts of Love — If we do this
                Mary said at Fatima we will
                have this era of peace.

                    Fr. Carter said until a sufficient number
                of people have consecrated their
                hearts to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary we
                won't have peace in the world.
                Look at the fruits of the Spirit 

                    "charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness,
                    goodness, generosity, gentleness, faithfulness,
                    modesty, self-control, chastity"

                We sing in China — Feast of the
                Sacred Heart — before the exposed
                Eucharist —
                We sing the Word of God —
                We sing from the Glory and Praise
                God wants praise
                Jesus wants reparation to His Holy Heart
                Mary appeared in Clearwater and
                    when her head was knocked off
                    everybody cried put it back —
                Mary is there to lead us to Jesus
                The incarnation goes on in Mary's Immaculate
                Heart her spiritual womb as the
                Holy Spirit forms us more and more
                in the image and likeness of God
                    In baptism we receive this
                special sharing in God's life —
                Our knowing and loving capacity is
                elevated. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit
                dwell in the graced baptized soul —
                    We are to serve and love God and grow
                in that likeness of God to one day
                have the beatific vision, but it
                is a reward.

This life Christ has given us is not a type of superstructure which is erected atop human existence. Although nature and grace are distinct, they do not lie side by side as separate entities. Rather, grace permeates nature. The Christian is one graced person. The Christian is one who has been raised up, caught up, into a deeper form of life in Christ Jesus. (from the Spirituality Handbook)

                We are to deepen this love with the Persons
                of the Trinity here below growing in
                unity and love —
                    The devil wants division, bitterness,
                hatred, anger — he can press on memories,
                feelings — they are in us from childhood —
                and we can project anger, hatred —
                stored in us from the child of the
                past on innocent others.
                    We are not perfect — we are
                imperfect — we are here to learn
                about perfection more likened to
                God — loving — living — unity —
                Oneness of the Trinity and through
                baptism we are commissioned to
                help deepen this oneness rooted IN God
                in the world — in the Church — in
                the family — in our nations — for the
                sake of the children — to help souls
                to get to heaven —
                    to have families of love
                    to have families of unity
                    to have families likened to the Holy Family
                    Mothers and Fathers of love
                    Children likened to Jesus
                    Jesus came as a baby
                Babies are little they need to learn
                    physical things and spiritual
                They are jealous — they need to learn
                to share — It is a good thing babies are little
                The love we have for Our Heavenly Father
                is to be confident like little children,
                wanting to love Him and obey Him and
                living as Jesus taught us — living His
                example — His Word —
                    Our delight is to live the will of the
                Father — this is loving God —
                    We want to be transformed more
                and more like Jesus —
                    Heaven is unity
                    Heaven is love
                    We are preparing to go to heaven —
                not seeking dominance for ourselves and
                vain glory for our honor and glory —
                We live the Pascal Mystery of Death
                    Resurrection —
                We live the mystery of God's love —
                We love the Bread of life —
                We love the Holy Spirit
                We have devotion to the Holy Spirit
                We let Him move in us so we
                    are living according to God's
                    will in love —
                The Holy Spirit counsels us — Jesus takes us to the
                    bosom of the Father —
                The Holy Spirit works the marvelous wonder
                    of forming us more and more
                    in the image of God in the
                    Immaculate Heart of Mary her Spiritual womb
Excerpt from March 12, 2001

Messenger: Father Carter wrote about the whole of
                        the spiritual life in the
                        Spirituality Handbook.                       
He wrote it as Jesus told him to.

                    Enclosed is the table of contents of the
                        20 page Newsletter.

                    We must consider our relationship
                        with the Father, Son, Holy Spirit,
                        the members of the Church,
                        and the world.

                     In the Newsletter he talked about the overview
                    of the Spiritual life, the life of grace through baptism,
                    our relationship with Jesus who is Mediator.
                    He wrote of our relationship with the Father, the
                    Holy Spirit and Mary. Then he told me (all this from
                    the table of contents of the newsletter) how we live out the
                    spiritual life in the Church. The Heart of the
                    Spiritual life is in the sacraments and the Eucharist.

                    Father says in his newsletter on priesthood

                        "Through the sacrament of Holy Orders, Jesus has
                              provided His Church with priests who play a major
                              role in the dispensing of this life which Jesus
                              has come to give and to give most abundantly."

                    Priesthood is key to the life of the Church.
                    Prayer is the key exercise of the spiritual life.
                    And I quote from Father's Newsletter about our relationship
                          with others.

                        "Growth in the Christ-life gives us an increased
                              awareness of our relationships with others.
                              That is to say, the true Christian is keenly aware
                              that, to a great degree, God intends each of us to
                              press on toward maturity in the spiritual life
                              through proper relationships with our fellow
                              human beings."

                    From Father's Newsletter on the Christian and the World I quote:

                            "God calls us to share His love for His creation.
                        Growth in Christ develops our awareness of this
                        truth. The Christian should have a deeper love for
                        the world than the non-believer."

                        Growth in the spiritual life entails an ongoing
                    and progressive purification.

                            From Father's Newsletter on the Vision of Faith I quote

                               "Through faith we share in God’s knowing activity                  
                           in a special way, and we are able to know God and
                           creation in relationship to God in a supernatural,
                           God-like fashion.
                                If we are to properly progress in the spiritual life,
                           we must allow this vision of faith to more and more
                           penetrate our activities."

                            The virtue of trust is extremely important for
                              growth in the spiritual life.

                            From Response to God's Love I quote

                               "Christian hope is a virtue that allows us to tend toward God
                           in Christ as our absolute fulfillment, our absolute future. Hope
                           allows us to trust that God will grant us the graces necessary to
                           achieve this goal."

                            Humility is a very important virtue given to us
                              for the spiritual journey.
                            One of the blocks to the spiritual life, Father said,
                              was lack of humility.

                    Strength in Weakness
                            We must realize our weakness and see our
                              strength is in Him.

                    Living in the Present Moment
                            I quote from Father

                           "I suggest that one of the most difficult acts
                                 of self-discipline in the spiritual journey
                                 is to concentrate on the present moment."

                            This is necessary Father says for growth in the spiritual life.

                    Surrender to God
                            We must surrender to God. We give ourselves more
                              and more to Jesus.
                            We are guided through the Church

                    Mind and Heart
                            We cannot become heartless and too much
                              focused in our minds.

                    The Mystical Life
                            The mystical life is the relative ultimate development
                              of the spiritual life itself.

                            Father talks about the Hearts of Jesus and Mary and
                              the life of Consecration.

                     Here is the copy of the Table of Contents on his twenty
                           page Newsletter.


end of excerpts






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