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June 15, 2007

June 16th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 1 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for June 16th are Luminous.


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Sophie L.   -  Handmaid for 9 years

                        What my vocation in Shepherds of Christ means to me.

                        I am Sophie Lee a handmaid in the Shepherds of Christ Movement.
                  I love it very much and cannot thank God enough for His loving presence
                  in my heart giving me so much joy and peace. I am spending my days
                  praying and some time singing holy songs. I love to go to daily Mass and
                  and to receive my beloved Jesus in Holy Communion. This is my heaven
                  on earth to be so close to God and to feel His so great love in my heart.
                  I love all my friends here they are so good to me. The Shepherds of Christ
                  Ministries is my little heaven on earth and I thank God for His so great
                  goodness to me.

                  Oh! my God I love You so much

                                                            Sophie L.


Bob V.  In the Movement for 10 years
Servant for 7 years

                        This vocation in the Shepherds of Christ means an awful lot to
                  me. All my life I wanted to be a brother or a priest but, instead I
                  went the way of the world and now I have this great opportunity to be
                  what I always wanted to be and doing what I like doing best, creating
                  things with my hands and praying before the tabernacle when I am
                  not working.

                        I'm enjoying what God has chosen me to be, a brother in the
                  Shepherds of Christ Movement.

                                                            Sincerely in Christ

                                                            Bob V.

                  I give my heart to Jesus and Mary with you in love.



                                                                                       Mary G.   has been a live in apostle for 10 years

                        I am an apostle in China and feel very blessed to be here.

                        Truly, I can't imagine life anywhere else. When I think about
                  that, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the great privilege of
                  being with Shepherds of Christ and I thank the Dear Lord
                  for allowing me to be here.

                        What keeps me going is the hope that everyone in
                  whole world will have access to the Blue Books in their own
                  language, and just yesterday I added the prayer that they'll
                  also be in Braille. I know that some day they'll "catch on" and
                  people will tell other people about them and they'll go like wild-fire.

                        I had been given a Blue Book I to my granddaughters and sister in
                  '97. My granddaughters laid them aside somewhere until maybe a year
                  ago when trouble struck one of them and she "just happened to open the
                  Blue Book and wrote me to tell me what was going on. Her answer was in
                  the Blue Book and she told her younger sister who is one of those people
                  that everyone comes to with their troubles. Now, the younger one says
                  "Just open up this book and see what Jesus says."

                        My sister called me to say she has cancer and I sent her a
                  Blue Book immediately. (She had given her copy to St. Vincent de Paul).

                        I prayed for her to have peace and it really worked. She
                  keeps the Blue Book handy and flips it open often. I don't know how
                  often, but she assures me that she uses it and it's always in reach.

                                                                    Mary G.



                    From Betty G.      Handmaid for 10 years

                        What does my vocation in Shepherds of Christ mean to me?

                        I am a Handmaid of the Good Shepherd for nearly nine years.
                  During this time I have grown so close to Jesus, far more than I
                  ever thought possible for me. The hours I have spent before the
                  tabernacle and now the exposed Eucharist have filled me with
                  such peace, joy, happiness as I have never known before.

                        It all began in the fall of 1995 when someone gave me my first
                  copy of God's Blue Book. After a time I began to read it. I was soon
                  drawn back to attending daily Mass and Holy Communion. It wasn't
                  long until I was drawn to the tabernacle for an hour a day which
                  soon went from an hour to more than an hour a day.

                        I cannot physically do much labor any more, but I can and
                  do pray. My desire is to help support the Church in its labors by
                  praying for the priests and all religious and for the renewal of the
                  Church and the world.

                        By living from the God's Blue Books my whole life has
                  changed from one of turmoil and wondering is this all there
                  is to life? to one of peace and joy. God is back in my life as
                  the center of my life. I have found all I have ever wanted as a
                  Handmaid of the Good Shepherd. Like St. Therese of Lisieux
                  who never left her convent but did much for the missions I may
                  not travel around the world but I can do much for the Church
                  and the world through prayer. I thank God for my vocation in
                  the Shepherds of Christ for here I feel I am fulfilling the
                  purpose for which I was created.



From Jerry S.     Servant for 7 years

                        What my vocation in the Shepherds of Christ means.

                        I think it's real awesome that God gave me the
                  grace to answer His calling out of everybody else.
                  When I think of that awesome calling he gave and
                  He gave me the grace to answer it what an overwhelming
                  feeling that gives me when I think of that and on
                  top of that great calling He gives me the grace to
                  do prayer every 15 minutes.

                        It's not just praying every but I still try to keep
                  that up when I am working like when I'm moving stuff
                  helping with other stuff. I really enjoy my vocation
                  in the Shepherds of Christ. I stay real busy. I found my
                  true home in the Shepherds of Christ.

                        I always wanted to serve God in some way and
                  I found it.



                  From Sheila W.     Handmaid for 9 years

                      My vocation in Shepherds of Christ has meant so much to me.

                      I know for certain that being a Handmaid of the Good Shepherd
                  is God's will for me.

                       For many years, I longed and pined for a deep love
                  relationship with someone and when I realized it was Jesus
                  who was calling me, I was in awe. Whenever I hear or
                  read the Gospel or see a picture of Jesus, it moves me
                  deeply in my heart that He chose me for Himself.  Jesus
                  fulfills this longing and pining in my heart.

                        I've been a prayerful person most of my life and was
                  especially drawn to praying for priests.

                        It wasn't until I was 27 that I completely understood
                  about the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Eucharistic
                  adoration became very attractive to me.

                        Then I began to go to daily Mass and doing a holy hour
                  every day and found that I loved and needed Jesus so much
                  that I couldn't go a day without the Mass and holy hour.

                        When I read my first Blue Book from Shepherds of Christ --
                  I found out I was doing exactly what the messages said.

                        Being a Handmaid has fulfilled a dream I had to spend
                  all  my time and energy on Jesus, serving Him in what ever
                  way He asks me to.

                        Also, the main purpose of Shepherds of Christ is to
                  send the Newsletter to priests and praying specifically for
                  priests -- another dream fulfilled.

                        I love so much to work on the Newsletter mailing,
                  knowing that priests will be receiving it.

                        Having the Blessed Sacrament here in China and
                  the exposed Eucharist is such a gift and honor to me.
                  And I love, love, love being with Jesus before the
                  exposed Eucharist between 12:00 and 3:00 a.m.
                  It is a special time for me to be alone with my beloved
                  Spouse and that time energizes me for the rest of the day.

                        Being a Handmaid in Shepherds of Christ
                  has taught and helped me to be a better intercessor,
                  praying for the priests, the Church and the world.

                        I love my vocation in Shepherds of Christ and
                  wouldn't want to do anything else.

                                                        Sheila W.



Rosie R.   In the Movement for 10 years
    Handmaid for 7 years

                                My vocation as a Handmaid of the Good Shepherd in Shepherds of Christ
                            means the world to me! My world is Shepherds of Christ.

                                When Jesus called me, He called me for life and this is where
                            I'll be until He calls me home. I'll remain a Handmaid, by His
                            grace, no matter how difficult it may be and no matter what happens.

                                I love Jesus with all my heart and soul and I love the vocation
                            He has called me to in Shepherds of Christ.

                                                                                Rosie R.




Joe L.    in Movement for 13 years
    Servant for 8 years



Kathleen   Handmaid for 7 years

                                    My vocation as a Handmaid of the Good Shepherd is the most
                            rewarding work I could ever do. I worked as a nurse prior to becoming
                            a handmaid. I got my 1st Blue Book volume 2 while on retreat in Ohio
                            in September 1996. I loved reading the Blue Books and I wanted others
                            to know of Jesus' tremendous love for them. When I got Blue Book one in
                            November 1996 I first learned about the 12 promises to St. Margaret Mary
                            and the 9 First Fridays, from the front of Blue Book I.
                            I started praying the Shepherds of Christ prayers in January of 1997.
                            I loved going to daily Mass and spending an hour with Jesus. I love
                            praying the rosary and using the rosary meditations.
                            I started reading the daily messages on the Internet every day
                            by going to the Library in 1998.

                            I felt such a strong calling to be a handmaid in the summer of 1998.
                            I visited Mary's Image in Clearwater in September 5, 1999 and went to
                            China, Indiana and Morrow, Ohio in October 1999.
                            I quit my job as a nurse on January 31, 2000 and joined the handmaids
                            first living in Morrow, Ohio then Cincinnati, Ohio and now I am the
                            site leader in Clearwater, Florida.

                            I love giving out the Sacred Heart of Jesus picture with the Prayer
                            for Union and Mary's Image wallet. I love telling people about
                            the Blue Books and Daily Message Books and writings and
                            the Rosary Books. I love giving people a rosary and asking them
                            to pray.

                            I love praying for priests around the world and telling people
                            to pray for the priests. I feel -- through God's grace working in
                            my life -- I can affect many souls by praying for them, and showing
                            them God's love. In the Shepherds of Christ we have been
                            taught to be great intercessors of prayer. I have been praying
                            the hourly Infant of Praque Novena since 1997. Thank You Jesus
                            for calling me.

                            I love being a Handmaid of the Good Shepherd.

                                                                    Kathleen W.



Doris  Handmaid for 9 years

                          Shepherds of Christ means everything to me.
                      I love it! I waited 40 years to find it and I will
                      never leave. I thank You God from the bottom
                      of my heart for choosing me. I love You so much.
                      This is all that I want to do. I don't want to do
                      anything else.

                          I love doing the daily message and working for
                      You Jesus. Thank You Jesus for calling me to be
                      your Handmaid. I love You.



                      Glaci          in Movement for 9 years
                                        Handmaid 7 years



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