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June 17, 2007

June 18th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 3 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for June 18th are Glorious.


We need postage for the

hierarchy and for the many bishops that

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In this mailing we have the summit

the newsletter and prayer manual together.

This can help to change the face of the

earth. The prayer manual is vital.

Please help us with this postage today.

It is costly but it is for such a good cause for bishops to distribute this material centered in consecration to the Two Hearts to their priests.

Please help us now.

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Help us in the month of the
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June 17, 2007



                Today is Father's Day

                    God the Father wants us to

                        unite deeply as members

                        of the Body of Christ and

                        unite to the most pleasing

                        sacrifice of Jesus,

                        to lay down our lives united

                        to Jesus.



                and offer the sacrifice to God the Father,
                    united to the pleasing sacrifice
                    of Jesus in the Mass, in the Holy Spirit
                    with all the angels and saints and
                    souls in purgatory and
                    tell God the Father —

                        We love Him

                        We are sorry for the sins

                            of the human race

                        We are sorry for our sins and

                    beg to be able to do the work

                        Jesus has asked us to do in

                        the Shepherds of Christ to reach the

                        whole world —

                God the Father we love You so



                Happy Father's Day

                        God the Father

                Please forgive us for our

                    offences against You

                We love You


                Thank You God the Father for all our Father-priests.

                We love you our beloved Fathers.







May 16, 1998

My Father,

        With my whole heart I desire to consecrate the whole world to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I wish with my whole being for the salvation of souls and that man live according to Thy Holy Will. I pray my Father that we may be one in You and Your Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit that we may intercede to You for this cause.

        It is this burning desire within my soul to spread the consecration to the far ends of the earth, that the cries of Your children are cries of glory and honor and adoration, praising God as their God.

        My Father, at this moment a soul hangs on the edge of death. For all eternity they will go to a place. It is not the plot of this soul as it trods this barren land to decide on the edge of death. You created us that we would grow in our oneness with God, that we would mature more and more in our image and likeness to God.

        And so My Father, I pray with every cell in my body for this earth. In the name of Your Son Jesus I consecrate all the souls of this earth to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the Holy Spirit in union with the Holy sacrifice of the Mass with all the angels and saints and the souls in Purgatory.

        I beg You Father for mercy.
        I beg You Father for assistance.
        I beg You Father to help us to spread this consecration to the far ends of the earth.

        Please help us. We are helpless little ones coming in the heart of our Mother, bleeding from our wounds and our sins.

        Your Son, Jesus Christ, shed the last drop of His Blood for the salvation of mankind. We wish to unite in this sacrifice, sacramentally made present in the Mass all over the world at every moment. Help us to make reparation to You for the sins of men.

        Please my Father, help us. Held in the heart of Mary and the Heart of Jesus we come as the children of Eve to beg for the Reign of the Sacred Heart and the Triumph of Mary's heart. Look upon our love, Your shepherds in the Shepherds of Christ, our sacrifices and devotion to You Our Beloved Father. Come by the means of the Holy Spirit and sanctify us and make us whole, that we are one in Your Son Jesus, praying to You, Father, in the name of Your Son Jesus in the Holy Spirit united with all the angels and saints, in the heart of Mary. We beg for help for special intentions concerning the Movement. We beg for help to reach the Churches to give these prayers of Jesus to them, to reach the schools and the family. Help we cry as poor banished children of Eve. Help us Father to do this work the Good Shepherd has entrusted to us. Help us to be one in You that we act as intercessors to help this world to be turned to God as their God, loving, honoring and adoring Him as the Lord of Host is truly present on His throne.

        We are Your children Father, we implore You to answer our prayer.
        We love You, we worship You, we adore You, we thank you and we sing from the bottom of our hearts, Holy God we Praise Your Name. Alleluia


end of prayer to the Father



Given June 16, 2007

                Devil attacks the wounded
                    human nature in
                    anger, envy, pride —
                    seeking dominance —
                    trying to prove "I am right"
                                        "You are wrong"

                The devil attacks at the core of the
                    person's wounded human nature —
                    they are gripped by satan, but
                    they give in
                    we can always control our
                        will —
                    but satan's grip is paralyzing
                        and crippling and we have to
                        really try hard to not give in —
                        open the Blue Book —
                        go before the tabernacle —
                        pray for grace —
                        read the Word of God

                    It takes an abundance of His
                grace -- His life in us to fight
                that spiritual warfare

                    The Eucharist is the most
                abundant way we can be showered
                by His grace unless - He chooses
                to give us an even more special

                    Now if I as leader judge by
                a person's behavior when being
                attacked and react also in
                a tainted, controlling manner —
                then satan has blocked successfully
                God's plan — because both sides
                are acting taintedly — it is a
                dead lock and satan blocks
                the work.

                    Mary struggled, Mary suffered
                but she wasn't angry or acted

                Jesus forgave us to His death on the

                Jesus and Mary acted purely —
                    no matter what others did
                    in sin.

                I do not want satan to block
                    God's work — I want His work
                    to be accomplished —

                As hard as it is I see how God calls
                    the person and satan attacks
                    through their wounded human
                    nature —

                    Their heart is good —
                    They have given themselves

                    They are under attack

                    To do God's work we must understand
                        satan will attack and we can't
                        respond out of our wounded human
                        nature, but must respond as God
                        wants us to do.

                    If God gives us a work to do it
                is not determined by whether
                satan presses on someone trying
                to block us —

                    We act according to God's will —

                    Our directions are from God for
                        His honor and glory.

                    Satan can try to control the show —
                        if he presses down and everyone
                        reacts and acts because satan
                        is causing confusion, anger,
                        seeking of dominance for
                        dominance sake.

                    Satan is the father of lies —    

                    Satan talks in people's head in
                        fallacious reasoning

                    Satan gets others to work for him
                        through fear, greed,
                        anger —

                    Satan wants division
                    Satan helps to create confusion

                    Satan attacks authority
                    Satan wants authority to look weak

                    Why listen to satan —
                        if you know what God wants
                            do it                               
                            don't listen to lies satan
                                tries to get you to give
                                into in your thoughts
                            don't listen to people
                                satan sends that tell

                    Satan can go deep into a person's core
                        of unmet needs and wounds
                        and press on their wounded
                            human nature by trying
                            to get them to act on
                            fictitious reasoning or

                    Satan is the father of lies

                    Christ hung on the cross for 3
                        hours — despite what people
                        did to Him

                        Christ withstood it all
                        Christ was whipped — He went on
                        Christ was crowned with thorns - He went on

                    Christ's hands were nailed to the cross


                    Christ said "yes" 



                        In the agony of the garden
                    Jesus sweat blood for the souls
                    that would be condemned to
                    death to the fires of hell despite
                    His suffering and all He did so
                    they could be saved.



                    Jesus was whipped for our sins.
                    Jesus suffered the wounds by His
                        attackers —
                    Jesus was lacerated by the scourging
                        Jesus did not fight back —
                    Jesus was tied to a pillar

                    Satan can attack and act in people who
                        are doing evil
                        We cannot determine our actions
                            by those who try to attack us.


                Crowning with Thorns

                    Jesus was crowned with thorns —
                    His head bled
                    He was spit on
                    He didn't answer back
                    He withstood the attacks

                    Jesus is the King of Kings
                    Jesus is God

                    Jesus operated in love according
                        to the Father's Plan


                Carrying of the Cross

                    Jesus carried the cross with our sins
                    Jesus is the suffering servant

                    Jesus fell under the weight of the cross
                    They poked at Jesus
                    Jesus continued to the bitter end
                        for the sake of His precious



                    They pounded nails into Jesus'
                        hands and feet
                    Jesus was bound
                    For our sins Jesus suffered
                    Jesus hung for 3 agonizing hours
                    Jesus didn't speed it up
                    Jesus was hung high on a cross
                    So we could see the example
                        He gave us
                    Jesus gave His all for His precious


                People jealous of union between people can
                cause division — Satan is like this trying to divide
                husbands and wives and friends





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