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June 18, 2007

June 19th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 4 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for June 19th are Joyful.


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June 18, 2007



                    We must be other focused and not self

                    God has called us in baptism to
                spread His light, His truth in the

                    The world and the souls are in a spiritual
                    I have been given in these writings
                deeper insight into the Divine Mysteries —
                deeper insight into the working of satan in
                our lives.

                    To me God has revealed Himself so deeply
                and my relationship with Him is so
                very personal.

                    God wants this personal relationship
                so much He gives us the Mass the sacrifice
                of Calvary sacramentally made present.

                    I am a human person and member of the
                body of Christ offer my life united to
                the sacrifice of Jesus, the sacrifice of Calvary
                sacramentally made present. I am so one
                with Jesus' sacrifice made present
                sacramentally through the hands
                of our beloved priests in the Holy Spirit.

                I am one with the Divine God in a
                    profound relationship, as a member
                    of the body of Christ, so aware how
                    God the Father has called me to be so sorry for
                    the sins of the human race and my sins.

                Yesterday Father's Day, I was so deeply
                    united as I am always united to the
                    Masses going on around the world —

                    telling the Father I am sorry for the
                    sins of the human race and my sins and

                    uniting to this most pleasing sacrifice
                    of Jesus — the Father accepts my
                    offering and is pleased, appeased and
                    loves me and the human race so
                    very much.

                    I must live my life this way in this
                communion with God — this oneness
                recognizing how man has offended God
                and I am offering my life as a sacrifice —
                I lay my life down — united to the
                sacrifice of Jesus in the Holy Sacrifice
                of the Mass, the sacrifice of Calvary
                sacramentally made present — in the
                Holy Spirit.

                    I so deeply want God the Father to know
                my sorrow for sin, but I see the

                circle from the sin of Adam and Eve — all
                mens sins paid for by Christ's Blood
                and now the Father has allowed the
                Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to be
                celebrated so we can unite to the
                pleasing sacrifice of His Son and help
                make recompense for the sins of the
                human race.

                    God gives us a family — God the Father
                Mary our Mother interceding by the
                altar, standing under the cross and
                us recognizing our offense — rather than

                being blinded saying "we are not sinners"

                but as we cry at the Lamb of God

                Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the
                    world - have mercy on us.

                We begin at Mass in the Penitential Rite
                    saying we are sinners — coming to
                    be made clean and offer a most holy
                    and pure sacrifice.

                I see more and more with eyes unveiled the
                    gift of being a member of the body
                    of Christ.

                I see the whole picture the earth in its
                    trauma, blindness and sin — acting
                    from the wounded human nature and

                In my own life time spent with Jesus after
                    reception of the Eucharist and how
                    He lifts the veil more and more so I can
                    be so deeply identified with Him.

                I live a holy existence as a son of God —
                    saturated with His life as the Father, Son
                    and Holy Spirit live within my graced soul.

                God alive in me in the world.

                It is vision I know —
                Seeing the lifting of the veil to love as Christ
                    calls us in the world — not focusing
                    on our selfish selves, but taking the
                    lead of the suffering servant — who
                    did the will of the Father giving Himself
                    in self-less surrender for His precious

                And the groanings of the earth are the labor
                    of the sinful men more enlightened
                    by the voice of the Good Shepherd —
                    more filled with His life alive in
                    us richly outpoured through
                    spending time with Him before
                    the Eucharist, going to Mass and
                    going to confession —

                I know the lifting of the veil — I see the souls
                    going to hell — the blindness —

                    the gift of the Son of God — still so

                    abundantly with us in the Eucharist

                    through the hands of our precious

                Jesus, the Son of God — truly present in
                    the Eucharist in His Divinity
                    and humanity

                    God with us

                    Truly Present

                    Outpouring His grace

                    Saturating us with His life

                I see more and more with eyes unveiled because
                    of this abundant gift of God's grace
                    outpoured to me in the Eucharist
                    and in confession —

                I see the workings of satan more and more

                    with eyes unveiled as God reveals the
                    tactics of satan and tells me about
                    forgiveness and praying to act less
                    and less tainted myself — like
                    Mary and Jesus

                Love that led Jesus to His death on the cross

                A lesson of forgiveness

                A lesson to live for the honor and glory of God
                    operating in the Plan of the Father

                From the Our Father

                    ... thy kingdom come thy will be done
                        on earth as it is in heaven —

                Spirit of truth permeate us with Your grace
                    and let us live in harmony, selflessly,
                    as God intends for the honor and glory of God —

                One plan - like the saints in heaven — the plan of the
                    Father living in harmonious love

                    And He hung on the hill of Calvary
                against a dark sky —

                    and the light shown —

                    His Blood was spent

                    The Good Shepherd laid down His life
                        in self-less surrender for
                        His precious flock

                    Not one did He want to be lost —

                    He died for all our sins —

                    Today we trod in His footprints being
                        likened to Him —

                        love beyond all telling
                        Forgiveness as the Master has shown us

                    Not giving into the tainted human, wounded
                        human nature —

                    begging to have His life so alive in us as
                        we live in the world

                    Christ has no body now but yours!!





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