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June 2, 2007

June 3rd Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 6 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for June 3rd are Joyful.



June 2, 2007   

To be Wrapped in Love's embrace

                    I suffered for the division in
                the world. Husbands and wives and
                children divided because of
                selfishness, the lies of satan
                in thoughts in parents heads
                distrusting their mates.

                    I had a vision — God looked
                down and he saw a man acting on
                thoughts he had that was untrue
                about another. Then the devil acts
                in the other's thoughts telling them
                untruths and they listened and acted.

                    Bingo — satan has division, hatred,
                the people give into dominating,
                selfish, angry, lies against each
                other, when they could have prayed
                prayed to know the truth — prayed
                to be united — saw the big picture
                God the Father wants.

                    When God asks us to be holy — He
                wants us to be focused on Him,
                for His honor and glory, to recognize our
                faults — to seek oneness — to be
                wrapped in the embrace of the

                    In marriage God makes man and woman
                one and they have children. I see
                the Trinity — 3 Persons, one God —
                I see my mystical marriage to God —
                it warms me — I love deeply the
                souls, I love deeply all God has
                asked me to work with — I know
                the power of His grace to unite
                souls struggling with division,
                impure vision of one another —
                to unite for His holy purpose —

                    Love finds a way —

                    If God can give a man and woman
                a sacrament to procreate children
                and this beautiful act of love —

                    We can see mystically how He
                can unite us in His love as members
                of the mystical body to produce
                fruit in the Church.

                    It is a miracle of God's grace —
                    It is unity — deep unity I know
                        of the Persons of the Trinity —

                    I am mystically married to God —
                    I am caught in love's embrace
                        in my unity with God —
                        the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

                This is truth —
                This is love —

                This is to fight the devil's attempts
                    to divide us and know the Plan
                    of the Father.

                Look at how Jesus spoke of His
                    unity with His Father —
                    I know the unity of the Persons
                    of the Trinity - deep in my
                    soul —

                When a child is sick with a fever
                    we take their temperature.

                The world is sick with disunity

                God is harmony
                God is one (3 Persons, one God)

                God teaches us about Himself
                God tells us we were created in
                    His image and likeness.

                Adam and Eve sinned
                Division from satan

                The more I am like God — the
                    more the unity of love as
                    Jesus spoke of in John 17, lives
                    in my soul —
                To the bitter end
                Before the passion
                Jesus is crying out unity
                Look at the Father and me
                He is sending the Paraclete
                Mary, the Mother is espoused to
                    the Holy Spirit

                Then you come with your divided
                    heart and say — let me teach you
                    God's ways.

                God's ways are oneness
                Oneness in the Mystical Body
                Oneness in the Family

                Not passion, lust — this is the
                    devil tempting unmarried

                Oneness to be wrapped in love's
                    embrace with the Trinity
                    for all eternity.

                This is the beatific vision —
                It starts here with baptism —
                His life so abundantly in the
                    graced soul

                He feeds us with the Eucharist —
                    gives us His Body and Blood.

                He gives us confession to keep
                    us clean.

                He strengthens us with

                He gives us the sacrament of
                    the sick for death.

                He gives us Holy Orders and I can
                    not even describe that gift
                    He gives us —

                A priest chosen by God to be
                    so one with Him.

                He gives us marriage where
                    by He unites man and woman
                    in this divided world
                    to bring forth fruit —

                What a gift —

                UNITY     UNITY


                Satan wants




                God is love

                Satan is hate

                We want to be like God —

                Hell is isolation

                Heaven is being wrapped
                    in God's embrace.   

                God is love and in Him
                    there is no darkness.

                Satan is a liar.

                Jesus is truth —
                to be wrapped in the Trinity —
                    in a mystical marriage
                    is to be wrapped in truth.


              Our religious orders have diminished
                    so much because of lack of
                    understanding of the beautiful
                    mystical marriage of the religious to God.

              Marriages fail because the individual
                    is looking for the love they seek
                    in another person.

              This revelation is profound.

              Being caught in love's embrace
                    the embrace of the Trinity
                    a mystical marriage
                    we must seek after.

                Song:  God's love


                    What do you seek — you seek the truth
                don't you,
                    but you do not wish to know the truth
                about yourself —

                    Some people lie to cover up deep wounds
                and then wound and wound others —

                    Why did God throw the money changers
                from the temple — He didn't want that,
                but many just don't care what God
                wants — they sell Him for 30 pieces of
                silver for themselves.

                    Why do you think God is so exact —
                30 pieces of silver  — not 29 or 31
                why so many cubits — then you say
                oh it doesn't matter what God says.

                    How long did the people of Israel
                wander in the wilderness. God wants
                us to obey Him.

                    Adam and Eve sinned — they did
                their own will and every creature
                had original sin except the Virgin Mary.
                God punished us
                for the sin of our parents —

                    God is a just God.



June 2, 2007

Feed the Hungry

                Our union with God here below is our
                    preparation for heaven —

                Men and women in marriage need to put
                    God first in their lives
                    to fill their hungry soul.

                Priests and religious are espoused to God —
                    they should love the Eucharist.

                We can be like the wandering Israelites
                    waiting for the Promised Land —

                Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist
                    in His Divinity and humanity
                    we must seek Him.

                    The religious orders were filled with
                sisters when my sister entered in 1961.
                My brother was ordained a priest in 1964
                and so many men were made priests
                with him.

                    How is it that we do not understand
                even what the beatific vision is all
                about, union in the Mass, the mystical
                marriage with God (or even ponder it).

                    How is it at the same time when
                religious vocations have decreased and
                sister houses closed, the shortage of
                priests — that we do not see that marriages
                at least 1/2 are ending in divorce or
                some are not even getting married who

                    Look at the Israelites wandering in
                the desert for 40 years — how many years
                have we been given this great gift of
                the sacraments and the angel of Portugal
                appeared 1916 when World War I was raging to
                tell us about how the Eucharist was not
                treasured and Mary appeared as Our
                Lady of Fatima telling us to listen or
                we would have a worse war —
                listen my children and
                then Mary showing children a vision
                    of hell July 13, 1917.

                Now 90 years later we celebrate the Fatima
                    apparitions on the 13th. This 13th —
                the feast of St. Anthony — in St.
                Anthony's the Eucharistic center of
                the world — where the Newsletter is
                mailed all over the world to hierarchy
                and priests — We will mail the newsletter
                on Prayer and the Prayer Manual to
                80,000 priests.

                    It is the anniversary of when
                Lucia saw this vision June 13, 1929.
                Fr. Carter was 5 months old —



                    Dwindling of religious orders —
                    How God must be offended by
                the killing of the fruit (a little baby)
                when He gives men and women the
                power to co-create and they kill
                an embryo.

                    I can hardly stand it.

                    Mary stood beneath the cross and
                watched her Son die.

                    Adam ate of the fruit of the forbidden

                    Jesus says I am the vine — you are
                the branches —

                    God gives us grace — so much in the sacraments.

Luke 13: 6-9

He told this parable, ‘A man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard, and he came looking for fruit on it but found none. He said to his vinedresser, “For three years now I have been coming to look for fruit on this fig tree and finding none. Cut it down: why should it be taking up the ground?” “Sir,” the man replied, “leave it one more year and give me time to dig round it and manure it: it may bear fruit next year; if not, then you can cut it down.” ’


                God may outpour His grace to us and
                    then we test Him, disobey.

                    We don't know when He may crack
                down on us. Look at the withered fig
                tree. An individual may hurt others
                and keep sinning and then some day get
                an unexpected tragedy they have to
                deal with.

                    The understanding of the mystical
                body and how powerful our union
                praying for the world is not understood.

                    We must keep reaching to seek
                more God's plan — This is my calling
                to speak of unity, oneness, the
                powerful gift the mystical body is in
                the troubled world.

                    If priests, religious, married people
                realized we were created to be so
                deeply united to God in a mystical love
                union — Jesus the bridegroom of
                our soul — we would not have the
                hungry ones getting into perverted
                sex like they are, divorcing,
                not loving our priests. Priests
                and religious would be abundant
                if they knew Jesus as He is in the
                Blue Books, in these writings, if
                they knew the embrace of the
                Trinity —

                    FEED the Hungry
                    Feed the hungry
                    Feed the hungry — 1991 — then I got these writings —

                    The culture of the body — God looks
                to the earth and people are so focused
                on how good they look — the body
                withers and dies — to ignore the soul
                or be little focused on the spiritual
                life is not good for how we are in
                our spiritual life determines our
                life for all eternity.

                    I see little children are so cute —
                two years old saying "no" — God loves us
                so much He created us and gives us a free
                will — God the Father loved us so much
                He sent His Son —

                    God wants union with Man. God
                gives us the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
                to unite in such unity with Him.

                This is our love affair with God —

                A priest should be on fire for love
                    of God because God chose him
                    to be so intimately one with Him
                    and serve His people on earth.

                    A priest should teach the people
                about this great act of love of man
                and God in the Mass. The act of giving
                himself, his life to God —



A Prayer before the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

    Let me be a holy sacrifice and unite with God in the sacrament of His greatest love.

    I want to be one in Him in this act of love, where He gives Himself to me and I give myself as a sacrifice to Him. Let me be a holy sacrifice as I become one with Him in this my act of greatest love to Him.

    Let me unite with Him more, that I may more deeply love Him. May I help make reparation to His adorable Heart and the heart of His Mother, Mary. With greatest love, I offer myself to You and pray that You will accept my sacrifice of greatest love. I give myself to You and unite in Your gift of Yourself to me. Come and possess my soul.

    Cleanse me, strengthen me, heal me. Dear Holy Spirit act in the heart of Mary to make me more and more like Jesus.

    Father, I offer this my sacrifice, myself united to Jesus in the Holy Spirit to You. Help me to love God more deeply in this act of my greatest love.

    Give me the grace to grow in my knowledge, love and service of You and for this to be my greatest participation in the Mass. Give me the greatest graces to love You so deeply in this Mass, You who are so worthy of my love.

-God's Blue Book, December 27, 1995


                UNITY — God and man —

                Think of the sin of Adam and Eve —
                Jesus the New Adam paid the price
                    for the sin.

                The Mass the Sacrifice of Calvary
                    sacramentally made present.


December 27, 1995



How great was the act of love, God gave to this world, when He gave Himself and died on the cross. He gives Himself to us this day in the Holy Eucharist.

The greatest commandment is that we must love God with our whole heart, our whole soul, and our whole being. This is a commandment. If we are to enter heaven, we must follow the commandments. They are commands given by God for us to follow.

The greatest act we can do on this earth is an act of loving God. The reason for our existence is to love God. In the sacrament of His greatest love, He gives Himself to us. This is an act of love on His part. We are called to respond by giving ourselves in love to Him.

This is the purpose of the Holy Eucharist: to unite in such oneness with our Holy, Loving God. Our all consuming passion should be that of loving God. How many go to the Eucharist with the sole purpose of giving great love to God? He wants us to love Him. He wants souls to tell Him how much they truly love Him. This is the most intimate act of love when Jesus gives Himself-Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity to man. If it is such an act of love, how are we receiving Him in Communion? We should beg God, in this most intimate union with Him, to help us to love Him with greatest love.

Jesus is a Person. He wants our love. The Holy Spirit wants such intimacy with us. Our Father wants us to love Him. In the Eucharist, we unite with God. In this intimate act of uniting with our beloved God, with Divinity, we must pour out our love to God. We must pour out our heart to the most adorable Heart of Jesus. Jesus is so unjustly treated by many of His beloved souls He loves so much. Let us help make reparation to the Almighty God by loving God with our whole heart, our whole soul, and our whole being in the sacrament of His greatest love. This is the Gift of Himself.

Think of how it is to love someone and give your all for that person, to pour out your heart to him or her and then be treated with coldness and neglect. It hurts our heart so much more when we deeply love someone to be rejected by that person. Jesus loves us with the deepest love. We cannot fully comprehend this love. Let us love Him with the deepest love. Let us love Mary and her Immaculate Heart. Let us love her as the Mother of God. Let us love her as the virgin who bore the Son of God. May we, in the reception of the Eucharist pour out our love to Him, to this adorable Heart. May we pour out our love to His Holy Mother.

Mary said at Fatima that Jesus wants His Heart venerated next to the heart of His Mother. Let us love these two Hearts as we receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Then we are so deeply united with God. We see Their two Hearts surrounded with thorns for the injustices against Their Hearts. Let us help make reparation daily as we receive Him in the Eucharist. This is a special time to help make reparation to Their wounded Hearts.

Let us remember how He poured His love out to us on the cross and how He pours out His love to us now when He gives us Himself in the Eucharist, the Eucharist which contains His Heart of burning love. His Heart was pierced with a lance. Her heart was invisibly pierced with a sword. As the wounds in Their Hearts are deep, so too is Their love so deep.

He does not want "surface love". He wants hearts filled with deep burning love.

end of December 27, 1995


                Think of Hosea —
                    He says take her back

                God takes us to Himself in such union
                    in the Mass—
                    After man sinned —


Exodus 34: 6-7

Then Yahweh passed before him and called out, ‘Yahweh, Yahweh, God of tenderness and compassion, slow to anger, rich in faithful love and constancy, maintaining his faithful love to thousands, forgiving fault, crime and sin, yet letting nothing go unchecked, and punishing the parent’s fault in the children and in the grandchildren to the third and fourth generation!’


                Look at the lesson learned —
                    Man sins — God makes up
                    God forgives
                    God gives us Himself in the Mass —

                Man sins — God takes on flesh —
                    He dies to make recompense for
                        man's sin.

                What an awful thing that human persons kill
                    a baby — the fruit of their womb

                Being baptized brings us into the mystical
                    body of Christ —

                God is love
                God is giving
                God wants man to go to heaven

                    Vision was dimmed because of the fall —
                seeing imperfectly, taintedly — Jesus comes
                to make recompense for the sin —

                    What happens is we are in a spiritual
                battle — The devil will attack more and more —
                Mary came Our Lady of Fatima to warn the
                children. It was at the time of World War I —
                Division, disharmony is not God's way.
                The Lady of Fatima, the Queen of Peace
                was sent to warn the world — And
                they jailed little children to shut them
                up. This is ignorance, but it is
                because of the spiritual battle where
                the devil blocks a person to have
                an open heart to the truth — the
                Holy Spirit brings them truth.

                    The discernment must go on
                        (1) Is it from Holy Spirit.
                        (2) Is it from the evil spirit (devil).
                        (3) Is it just thoughts.

                TRUTH IS WHAT WE MUST SEEK

                Greater Perfection — The Father's Plan

                Now look at this.

                People have experienced a vision (out of body
                    experiences) when they were dying and recovered
                    to come back and tell what they saw.

                My mystical experience is to deeply know
                    truth — to be wrapped in the arms
                    of the Trinity — to know deeper insight
                    into the mysteries —

                The heavens tell the glory of God —
                    have you sung this in the Psalm
                    on Sunday.

                    The heavens know the earth needs to
                know it — not the secularism that is

                    To me the chastisement from not heeding
                Mary's message at Fatima was as she
                said — great errors — great errors in this
                God-less society — the vision has become
                more tainted —

                    As Our Lady appeared to me — Our Lady
                of Light (not the Batavia visionary) She was
                the Lady of the Holy Spirit — enlightening
                as she led the children into her
                Immaculate Heart there to taste the
                love of her Spousal union with the
                Holy Spirit and wherever He is there is
                illumination — light for the poor banished
                children of Adam and Eve —

                    I seek the light of the Holy Spirit to
                see with the light of seven suns — to know
                deeper insight into the hidden mysteries — 
                to soak at a feast of insight that
                deeply gives me such pleasure and helps to
                satisfy my hungry soul.

                    Oh Jesus cried on the cross "I thirst —
                I thirst" for the souls — for the souls who
                as Mary says — gives into the world and gives
                up the love of her Son Jesus.

                    Jesus is the mediator. Now my union
                with God has grown to where I know that
                oneness of God so deeply and know
                each Person of the Trinity — I see a
                glimpse of what we will be enjoying
                for all eternity in the beatific vision —
                I never see Jesus, my bridegroom and spouse of
                my soul, without deep connection with
                the Father and the Holy Spirit and it isn't
                a novice approach as I once knew —
                it is that mystical marriage to
                God — deeply united to each Person and
                knowing in that the oneness of God —
                always that oneness —

                I know the immense love affair I have
                with God in the Mass — The Father —
                Jesus, the Holy Spirit, but in knowing
                each Person so deeply — I am wrapped
                in that heavenly embrace of oneness
                with God.

                    "Ah sweet mystery of life — at last
                I've found you.
                    Yes I know at last the mystery
                of it all -" — the song says —

                    No I don't know it all, but
                I know heaven's embrace is so
                magnificent for I know only a small
                taste from these revelations ——

                    As we approach Trinity Sunday — I wish
                I could speak of what I know deeply
                inside of me — the Love of Jesus for the
                Father and the Father for Jesus as it
                speaks in John 17.

                    And I love it — I love it — how Jesus
                says He is sent by the Father — there is
                oneness - harmony - love - obedience
                things that are being taught to man
                who needs to ponder what being
                sent by the Father means to Jesus
                and us the ones that God created and
                loves so much despite our wretched
                sins - we lie about and claim "I am
                perfect" when God can turn His eyes
                away from our lies —

                    Really — only God is perfect
                                    Mary is sinless

                Quit it I want to say —
                We are sinners — we act with a wounded
                    human nature and
                despite our sins and
                Adam and Eves' sin

                Jesus gives us Himself so intimately —
                    gives us His Body and Blood

                And yes — we pack a football
                    stadium and lock many churches
                    where the Son of God keeps watch —
                    waiting for us His beloved to come and
                        spend a little of our 24 hour
                        day with Him.

                My life is His

                My life as a member of the body of
                    Christ a giving - giving - giving
                    to spread the message of God —
                    Jesus giving Himself on the cross —
                    What is love, but giving
                    When one is selfish, it's hard to
                    Satan helps to blind the person
                        in the spiritual battle of
                        advancing more and more and more
                        and the blind person just sees
                        less and less light —

                Diabetes can cause blindness

                Feasting on sugars of this earth causes
                    spiritual blindness

                Diabetes can lead to a loss of a

                Feasting on the sugars of this earth
                    can lead to the loss of one's

                When Our Lady appeared in rainbow
                    color in Clearwater and her
                    head (the head of the image was
                    knocked off) This was followed by
                    a series of hurricanes on the 5th and
                    13th in Florida — that same year —
                    Mary's head knocked off March 1, 2004
                    the hurricanes followed 2004

                The sweetness of love as Mary wanted to
                    tell us of the love of the two Hearts
                    can be replaced by broken homes,
                    competition, argumentation,
                    seeking dominance where there
                    should have been security,
                    love, harmony as it says in the
                    Our Father.

                "... thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven"

                Wounded parents can try to even get
                    attention from their children — proving
                    to them they are really great — children
                    need attention they don't need an
                    adult teaching them the unloving
                    ways of the world, divorce is more
                    and more prevalent, broken homes,
                    killing babies in the womb — all for
                    selfishness — People seeking love, appreciation
                    in people and things of the world can step
                    on others.

                    When we know and really love God —
                know what it is to be a member of the
                mystical body of Christ — we are
                secure — we are a family of God's
                love — We are the body of Christ —
                This is my mission to talk about
                mysticism — insight into the hidden
                mysteries — living as a member of the
                mystical body — being Mystically
                married to God — preparing us more
                deeply for the heavenly banquet.

                    The self-giving love of Christ on
                the cross teaches us about the
                love of God — The Church was born
                from the pierced side of Christ —
                water for baptism
                Blood for the Eucharist —
                    The fountain of life —
                    The fountain of life — the Church
                    The gift of the sacraments

                    What does God teach us - with rain
                and water and sun and storms? Is God
                always teaching us in His creation?
                Do we fail to see the harmony in the
                beauty of God's creation?

                    So sin entered the world —
                    The spiritual battle —
                    as things keep progressing in this
                secularistic world —

                    God has sent His Movement Shepherds
                of Christ at the end of the century
                to tell His love to the world.

                    The hungry world


Excerpt from To The Reader

All of us possess everything we need to have an intimate union with Him. He has written to me since October of 1991. For at least a year I sat in front of the tabernacle and begged him to talk to me. I wanted words. I prayed to the Holy Spirit and begged and begged Him to baptize me. After a long and seemingly endless search, trying to hear God, He told me to "feed the hungry." For six weeks this was all I heard. I thought maybe I wasn't feeding my children well or eating well enough myself. What a long wait for three words! At long last one day, as I was writing to Jesus, I received a letter back. He told me, "I am Jesus, Son of the Living God." I did not want to write this but it kept coming-and so many other messages. I knew nothing of anyone getting messages. I wrote them, reluctantly, and hid my notebooks. The letters kept coming-a lot in the night-and I would be awakened by long letters which I felt compelled to get up and write down. I read these letters privately and my life began to change. I felt a new life within me.

end of excerpt To The Reader


                December 17, 1991 — I had a vision of the
                    open Heart of Jesus — like a pot bellied
                    stove — burning with intense white
                    light and the message —
                    You never know what these messages
                    would do to draw men to My Sacred Heart.
                5 YEARS LATER TO THE DAY   
                December 17, 1996 Mary appeared on the building
                    in Clearwater with this message

Mary appeared
December 17, 1996


shipped from the printers
December 17, 1996

                The story is we were created in the
                    image and likeness of God
                The Red Rosary Book at the same moment
                    as the image in Clearwater was to
                    call out the message to the hungry
                    world — love from the Hearts of
                    Jesus and Mary
                The spiritual battle is real
                The battle is between husbands and wives
                    who once loved each other and the
                    devil tries to drive the family
                    with children apart — with his
                    lies in their thoughts.
                The battle is between priests and religious
                    who do not even spend time before
                    the blessed Sacrament or go to
                    daily Mass or priests celebrate
                    daily Mass — when they are espoused
                    to Jesus.
                A religious, a priest is married to God
                    in a special way.
                I cry from disunity - I know the union
                    more and more of the Persons of the Trinity —
                I want the world to know the truth —

                The love of God — the love like Jesus in
                    the Blue Books, Jesus and Mary in
                    the Blue Books.
                The Blue Books have changed lives, lives
                    of priests.
                On December 27, 1995 I got the Prayer before Mass
                    and that special writing — the love of
                    the 2 Hearts in the Mass.
                On December 27, 1993 from Blue Book I
                    Jesus gave me this message. 


The Bridegroom Awaits

December 27, 1993 - 4:00a.m.

Jesus speaks:  Dear child, the Son of Man waits and you sleep in the night. I wait for you and you sleep. You know I am waiting and you are dead in your bed. Awake, My little one, when I call. You must not give in to the desires of the body. I care for your needs. Your strength comes from Me. Jump from your bed, sound the trumpet and arise, for your Savior comes in the night to bring you a message for all His children. Ready yourself, for I do not like to wait. Get up and come, child. I am God.

I am He Who made the world, He Who makes the sun shine and the baby in the womb! You make Me wait while you sleep. Rise and run, for the Lord is at hand. God awaits you and beckons you to be attentive to your calling. Sound the trumpet! Arise in the night. I am He Who comes to you. You must harken to the call. Come pronto to My request and do not tarry. I wait and I wait and I eagerly want to talk to you.

I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. Oh, child, I want these messages to reach the ends of this earth. I deliver each with such love. Will you deliver My messages to all My loved ones? They eagerly need to hear My words of love. They need to know how I feel about each one of them. They need to know that I am God. I love each child uniquely and My love is the love of God. What can you get on this earth that can compare to the love of God? You have a message declaring My love for each of My children. They are My love letters to them. Please see that they receive this letter. This is your top priority. It is a love letter to My beloved ones.

I am your Savior. I am not a myth. I am alive and I come to you. I wait in the tabernacle every day as a prisoner. Waiting and waiting in the tabernacle and who comes to be with Me? I await you, My children, to come and realize that God is in the tabernacle. I am Jesus, the Son of God, and I wait for you every day. Come to Me in your busy day. Come to Mass. Make ready your hearts and receive Me in Communion. I am there awaiting you as a groom awaiting his bride. I want to be with you, united in Holy Communion. I am truly present there, but which of you come? I wait for each of you. I am God. I can love you each so intently you do not understand. Your brother does not make up your love to Me. I wait, you little ones. Will you come and receive your love this day?

Ready your hearts and keep them holy. God will enter there. Prepare the way for Me. Do not sin. Do not lie to yourselves and tell yourself that some sins are of no account. Every sin is wrong. I tell you what is right and wrong in your hearts. You know the Ten Commandments. Satan tells you "but in this case, you are exempt", "this is out of date, you are allowed here." No, little ones, sin is sin and your heart knows what is wrong! Keep it pure. The more you lie to yourself about evil, the more right it becomes. Oh, how sad to numb your beautiful heart and accept the things of this world that are evil as okay. Evil is evil and you must guard against any evil the world tells you is okay.

I am the way, the truth and the life. When you abide in My ways, you possess the light of life. Do not be pulled into the world and its evil ways. Ready yourself for My love. I am as a bridegroom awaiting his bride. So pure, so white, so untainted she appears, just for her loved one. Her ways are gentle and kind and she is a picture of holiness, dressed in a white gown. Dress your soul in a white gown for Me. Keep your soul clothed in a cloth of dignity, a white cloth untainted by any sin, pure as the bride who meets her groom. Our meeting is with such love.

You enter My church, you walk My aisle. Your bridegroom awaits you in Communion. I am the bridegroom of your hearts. I come with such love to enter your soul. I am He Who walks with you to be united in Communion. I am Jesus. I am your true Love. I wait for you, My child. Please clean yourself up for My arrival! Think of My coming the day before and eagerly await our union. This is the greatest event of your life, union with God. Anticipate it with such eagerness, as the wedding of our hearts. I await you, little ones. I am God. What could this world ever give you that can be likened to God's entering your soul?

I am God and I come to you in Communion. Do you wait for Me, the bridegroom of your soul? Do you wait as one who is going to one's own wedding? This event far surpasses any wedding. It is you who are missing the significance here. I am here every Mass waiting, just for you. Get dressed, purify yourself, see the priest, go to confession, guard your tongue as the opening to your soul. I enter therein and you receive God, my child. Do you not comprehend this a little?

Read My words here. They are as real as the eyes you use to read them. It is you who blind yourself to all I have to give you. You do not reach with the things of the soul. You look for explanations in bodily things. To see the soul and the things of God you must reach with the eyes of God. You must be opened by the faith I eagerly want to give you. Beg to be open to Me so I can give you all you need to know Me. This world is blurring your Godly vision. It is hard to see through the mask of evil it has created. Every day the mask becomes more dense.

I am here, little one. You must die to this world to see Me. You don't need more of the world. You need less of the world. As the world decreases, your knowledge of Me increases. Take the mask off your face. Make your hearts pure. Pray to the Holy Spirit for His gifts of wisdom, understanding, counsel, fear of God-all gifts that only He can give! Fill your hearts with the gifts of the Spirit. He will remove the blinders from your eyes and dwell in your soul. You will know a new life and I will become so much more alive to you. You, child, need the Spirit!

The way to God is through Jesus. You need the Spirit. You need the Father. You need all three. Pray to be made whole in the Holy Trinity. Pray for union with God. Pray for the things of the soul. When your soul is in order, all else falls into order. You needn't pray for things of the world. Pray to know Me more fully. Pray for unity with God. Pray for opening in your hearts. Pray for holiness. Pray for faith, hope, charity. Pray for knowledge of how to please God. These are the true treasures. All else is of no account. Don't recite prayers for worldly things. Pray for your union with God. This is what it is all about!

I am so eager to make Myself known to you. Our love affair awaits and it depends on you. I am here loving you. It is you who keep us apart. What could you find on this earth that could compare with a love affair with God, child? Your soul was created to know love and serve Me. It craves this union with Me. This appetite is stronger than any other you possess. You hold it back and make light of it because this world has taken God out. This world is messed up. I am God and you are a creature of God. You cannot take God from you or you remain only a creature. What dignity you sacrifice to remove God from yourself!

Prepare for the wedding of our souls. Your bridegroom awaits you. I am Jesus, Son of the one, true, God. I await your union with Me. Child, nothing you ever do on this earth can compare with Communion with God. If you do not behold this as something, you need to pray to know Me more. Go to the Spirit and beg Him for understanding and wisdom. Beg Him for all his gifts to enhance your knowledge of God. Beg the Spirit for His baptism. Let Him shower you with His life and you will become alive and on fire in your heart.

Your bridegroom awaits you. Prepare yourself for the wedding. Come, pure and white, and anticipate this union with eagerness. I love you so, My child. You will never find a speck on this earth that can compare with the love of God. Search, you feeble creature, for worldly satisfaction and you will never satisfy one little part of your soul. Your soul can only be satisfied by the love of God. It stalks your restless heart and is only satisfied in God. It craves God like an appetite except that it is much stronger. What is in your heart that is never satisfied by your worldly way? It is the soul that craves union with God. It constantly keeps you in a state of unrest, of searching, of seeking, of looking for more. The more is found in the Eucharist. It is the answer to the empty heart. It is the love you seek, but cannot find anywhere else. It is Jesus, child. It is your Bridegroom. Come and be in Communion with Him. He awaits you and bids you to come, pure in your heart, to the wedding-the wedding of your soul.

R. I felt as if there was so much I just did not understand and I was overwhelmed by the mystery of God. I opened the Blue Book to this:

Nov. 21, 1993:

Jesus: Oh, what glories I have in store for you when you finally see it all, see all there is to Me! Little glimpses I will give you. These are special treats of My love, but you, in your earthly form, cannot even handle it. My power, My light, My fire would blow you off your feet and you would be out cold.

That is how I am at your side, with a power pack like this, and you worry about a power failure? Oh, how silly, when I am with you. Trust, trust. I am here.

end of December 27, 1993


                Please help us circulate the Blue Books
                    to the hungry world.
                To expect to get the love we crave from
                    another person is silly.
                We were created to hunger for God's love
                    only He can satisfy us
                    and that is a blessing
                    a human person is so limited
                    they love imperfectly
                    they see imperfectly
                The Divine God gives us His Perfect Love

                The Magnificence of God's love and the beatific
                    vision in heaven we cannot even fathom.
                The Blue Books were given to circulate in
                    Florida —
                    If you have a vision of 0 to 1 Blue
                        Books out in a day and the cost
                        of the Virgin Mary Building— Is this
                        why we are there —
                Why can't we spread these Blue Books to
                    help the hungry souls know Jesus —
                I remember Mary appeared daily at the
                    old seminary and I cried I could not
                    get the school rosary program going —
                    I cried to Mary — how do I do this
                John W. came and then the school rosary
                    program became soon 200,000 rosaries
                    to schools a year —
                Had it been the same way — they printed
                    1,000, 5,000 prayer manuals at a
                    time and did nothing to help me with
                    the school rosary program
                    Its all in the person — listening
                to what Jesus and Mary want or just doing
                it their way.
                    A guy sold cars for years and when people
                came — he did little to show them the
                car and sell it.
                    I wanted to buy a pair of my "happy
                shoes" — I went to the mall instead of
                my regular store — they didn't care I
                bought the shoes — they didn't even
                wait on me — I finally left frustrated —
                I really wanted the shoes too.
                    Right now Glaci answers the phone and
                Rosie is always at the site. Jesus told
                me to order 50,000 Blue Book V's and 40,000
                Blue Book IV's — Do you think Glaci
                and Rosie can get rid of 90,000
                Blue Books IV and V's?
                    How has the Blue Books changed your
                life? How has the Shepherds of Christ changed
                your life? Don't you see how God wants
                us spreading the Blue Books. Are you
                the salesman that never tells anyone
                about the Priestly Newsletter,
                Prayer Manual and Blue Books —
                Is that why Jesus told you to spread
                the Blue Books in His messages.
                    Jesus gave me all these messages for
                the whole world — what if all I
                did was keep it all to myself —
                "Well I have a family and no time"
                God does it, but I say yes to His will
                for the sake of souls.
                We are commissioned in baptism
                    to spread the good news.
                Jesus has called you in the Shepherds of Christ
                    to help us.
                        Rita Ring




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