Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages
rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

June 20, 2006

June 21st Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 1 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for June 21st are Liminous.


June is the month of the Sacred Heart.


2 Chronicles 33: 1-13

   Manasseh was twelve years old when he came to the throne, and he reigned for fifty–five years in Jerusalem. He did what is displeasing to Yahweh, copying the disgusting practices of the nations whom Yahweh had dispossessed for the Israelites.

   He rebuilt the high places which his father Hezekiah had demolished, he set up altars to Baal and made sacred poles, he worshipped the whole array of heaven and served it. He built altars in the Temple of Yahweh, of which Yahweh had said, ‘My name will be in Jerusalem for ever. He built altars to the whole array of heaven in the two courts of the Temple of Yahweh. He caused his sons to pass through the fire of sacrifice in the Valley of Ben–Hinnom. He practised soothsaying, divination and sorcery, and had dealings with mediums and spirit–guides. He did very many more things displeasing to Yahweh, thus provoking his anger. He put a sculpted image, an idol which he had had made, inside the Temple of which God had said to David and his son Solomon, ‘In this Temple and in Jerusalem, the city which I have chosen out of all the tribes of Israel, I shall put my name for ever. Nor shall I ever again remove Israel’s foot from the soil on which I established your ancestors on condition that they were careful to observe all I commanded them as laid down in the whole Law, the statutes and the ordinances, given through Moses. But Manasseh misled Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem into doing worse things than the nations which Yahweh had destroyed for the Israelites. When Yahweh spoke to Manasseh and his people, they would not listen.

    Yahweh then brought down on them the generals of the king of Assyria’s army who captured Manasseh with hooks, put him in chains and took him to Babylon. While in his distress, he placated Yahweh his God by genuinely humbling himself before the God of his ancestors. When he prayed to him, he was moved by his entreaty, heard his supplication and brought him back to Jerusalem to his kingdom. Manasseh realised then that Yahweh is God.


Messenger:            Adam and Eve sinned —

                             God so loved the world He sent His
                                only begotten Son, Jesus —
                                Savior of the world —

                            Song:  A Song from Jesus


June 20, 2006 message continues 

Jesus says:                                   

Revelation 22: 20

The one who attests these things says: I am indeed coming soon. Amen; come, Lord Jesus. 

Messenger:            God allows us to suffer —
                             He wants us to turn from our evil ways.
                             He wants us to admit our sins and
                                 to beg for mercy —

                             In the Mass we begin with the
                                Penitential Rite.

                                God does forgive our venial sins at

                                We tell God we are sorry for our

                                God feeds us with His Word —

                                We offer sacrifice
                                We beg for mercy.

                            At the Consecration of the Mass, I
                                unite with the Holy Sacrifice —
                                I empty myself —
                                I bring the good deeds I have
                                done to serve Him and I
                                unite everything I am, my whole self —
                                I give myself as completely as I can —
                                I let go —
                                I am filled with love for my Master —
                                I desire so deeply that the souls
                                    of this earth be as He desires —
                                I pray for all souls —
                                Longing for all to be as God wants us.
                                I love the Our Father.
                                I plead for mercy, at the Lamb of
                                    God — I want to sing it and

                                    "Lamb of God who takes away
                                    the sins of the world,
                                    have mercy on us"



June 20, 2006 message continues 

Messenger:            Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus —
                                    Heart of endless mercy —

                             I beg for mercy for the sinful human
                                    race —

                             I am sorry we have offended God.

                             Talk in plain talk —
                             Do not be afraid
                             Get to the heart of the matter —

                             Make a pure offering —
                             Unite deeply with the sacrifice
                                    of Jesus at the Mass.

                             One, holy sacrifice —

                             The sacrifice of Calvary, sacramentally
                                made present through our
                                precious priests.



June 20, 2006 message continues 

Messenger:        We come to worship our God.
                          We come to offer sacrifice
                          We cry Holy, Holy, Holy.

                          The Blood of the Lamb
                          Oh God we love You so very much —
                          Feed us with Your Body and Blood

                         Oh God —
                         Help us to be pure
                         Help us to be holy uniting to this
                            Holy Sacrifice at Mass

                         Oh God for the sake of souls
                            help us



Prayer for Union with Jesus

    Come to me, Lord, and possess my soul. Come into my heart and permeate my soul. Help me to sit in silence with You and let You work in my heart.

    I am Yours to possess. I am Yours to use. I want to be selfless and only exist in You. Help me to spoon out all that is me and be an empty vessel ready to be filled by You. Help me to die to myself and live only for You. Use me as You will. Let me never draw my attention back to myself. I only want to operate as You do, dwelling within me.

    I am Yours, Lord. I want to have my life in You. I want to do the will of the Father. Give me the strength to put aside the world and let You operate my very being. Help me to act as You desire. Strengthen me against the distractions of the devil to take me from Your work.

    When I worry, I have taken my focus off of You and placed it on myself. Help me not to give in to the promptings of others to change what in my heart You are making very clear to me. I worship You, I adore You and I love You. Come and dwell in me now.

-God's Blue Book, January 17, 1994


Messenger:            Sing the first paragraph

                         Pray to the Holy Spirit


click on book for prayers


June 20, 2006 message continues 

Messenger:        How can I tell You God how I love
                            You. I look at my battered
                            Bible I have used that Fr. Carter
                            gave me and told me "get a cover,
                            Rita." I never did, but I used this
                            precious gift of the Word of God —
                            I loved my Bible and
                            I loved the precious Word —
                            If my book was not so precious
                                it would not look so battered —

                         My gift to all in this message is
                             to share my heart because Jesus
                             told me to.

                          To love is to give, to not count the
                             cost, to walk when you are fearful,
                             even in tears —
                             to His altar and to lay yourself bare
                             before His Holy Majesty —
                             Bear — giving oneself —

                          Did He tell us by His death on the
                              cross — How He died for His
                              precious souls and
                              He did not count the cost —
                              He gave His all.

                         And He rose on the third day
                              Death - Resurrection.

                         Our life is a oneness with God —

                         Sensitive to His touch

                         Loving His Word and the Eucharist

                         Seeking Him and knowing here — I
                            will never be satisfied —

                         Having faith and trust

                         Doing God's will —

                         For what good does it do to not do
                            His will.

                         A good work is doing as He desires —

                         We may pay a precious price —

                         When I say
                             "I give my heart to Jesus and Mary
                                    with you in love."
                          I realize the gift of myself given
                              as He wants me to give.

                          In 1994 before they published the
                                Blue Books, I was afraid when
                                the letters in the Blue Book may in
                                anyway show my weakness
                                but I went to the Cathedral and prayed
                                and over the tabernacle was a
                                gold crucifix with His arms
                                spread open —

                          He gave His all and
                          He told me to write His letters and
                                to do it not focusing on what
                                people would think.

                           That was 12 years ago and lots and lots of
                                people were changed from Jesus'
                                letters of love —

                            I could have been His instrument
                            Or I could have thought of myself and
                                blocked this mission.

                            What does God say to you when He spreads
                                His arms and you gaze at the

                            What does that say?

                            Every person has an important role
                                on this earth —

                            God wants us to help build the kingdom —

                            To pray for each other —

                            I know God is telling me to not be angry
                                at my brother —
                                to love them —
                                to pray for them —

                            And someone can say — I've been praying
                                for him for over 35 years and
                                Jesus says and that has led you
                                    closer to Me — what a gift —

                            The gifts can be found — the victory won
                                in living in the sufferings — being
                                one with God —

                             I think of one of our beloved servants, he
                                was in a train accident at a very
                                young age, early teens, the car
                                was hit by the train —
                                He was happy he got the passenger
                                seat that day and his twin brother
                                in the back —
                                But the train hit him —

                             He had a lot of every kind of therapy
                                to survive from this —
                                but I cry as I write this —
                                He is our gift —
                                He is always praying in China
                                    before the tabernacle, wherever
                                    he is — every half hour —

                               This tragic accident led to a gift
                                    for this world, for he loves, —
                                    the priests and the Church and the world
                                    and when he is helping us on a house
                                    or a trip or in front of the
                                    tabernacle in China —
                                    things always work good because he
                                    stops every half hour and prays —
                                    His special vocation in the Shepherds of Christ
                                        is to pray —





June 20, 2006 message continues 

Messenger:   There are people praying in China
                        24 hours a day before the
                        Blessed Sacrament














June 20, 2006 message continues 

Messenger:            You can click in and pray with the person praying
                                before the tabernacle
                                a live camera is on them

you can turn down the radio or listen

                        The 6:20 prayers are said live
Jesus loves this

                              Did you ever call Morrow —
                                now we are moving to China —
                                Sophie the retired sacristan
                                    is going back —

                                    She was the sacristan at Our Lady
                                        of Consolation Shrine and
                                        moved to China long ago
                                        to pray for
                                        the priests, the Church and
                                        the world and be the sacristan in China.
                                        Then she retired to pray at Morrow.




June 20, 2006 message continues 

Messenger:            We pray in China for all the world —
                                    all day someone is praying —
                                    it would help if you pray
                                    with us, or especially go to
                                    China, tune in the web

                                Our job is intercessory prayer and
                                    reaching the world with the
                                    message of Jesus' love —

                                We are the members of the Shepherds of
                                    Christ praying for the priests,
                                    the Church and the world.

                                Pray with us












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  6:20 live radio daily
















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   6:30 live radio daily






                                I know God listens to our prayer —
                                    I know God helps us when
                                    we pray.

                                Friday is the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

                           Jesus is so good to us!

                           Jesus loves us so very much!

                           Fr. Carter would do the Mass of the Sacred
                                    Heart when ever it was permissible.

                                I would go in to Mass and read the entrance
                                    antiphon and almost cry —
                                    I cannot hardly stand to hear it now, it
                                    is so deeply engrained in me with
                                    joy — love and emotion.

                                Here it is



Psalm 33: 11, 19

but Yahweh’s own plan stands firm for ever,
his heart’s counsel from age to age.

to rescue them from death
and keep them alive in famine.


June 20, 2006 message continues 

Messenger:            To hear it makes me want to cry —
                            I love it so much — I love the Word —
                            don't you love the Word and the Eucharist.

                            God thank You —
                                I speak for the human race

                            Thank You most Sacred Heart of Jesus

                            WE LOVE YOU

                            WE TRUST IN YOU

                            Then I could pick different psalms —

                                For the Mass of the Sacred Heart
                                was Psalm 23

                                I read it so many times









June 20, 2006 message continues 

Messenger:        Fr. Carter had a little picture of Jesus
                            with a Sacred Heart as a little
                            boy holding a little sheep and
                            he said he never saw one
                            like that. Fr. Carter loved it.

                        He said he loved to look at the face
                            of the Good Shepherd — he
                            liked the tenderness —
                            He looked at lots of pictures
                            of the Good Shepherd.

                        He loved the Good Shepherd pictures!!


John 10: 11-18

I am the good shepherd: 
the good shepherd lays down his life 
    for his sheep. 
The hired man, 
    since he is not the shepherd 
and the sheep do not belong to him, 
abandons the sheep 
as soon as he sees a wolf coming, 
    and runs away, 
and then the wolf attacks 
    and scatters the sheep; 
he runs away 
    because he is only a hired man 
and has no concern for the sheep. 
I am the good shepherd; 
I know my own 
and my own know me, 
just as the Father knows me 
and I know the Father; 
and I lay down my life for my sheep. 
And there are other sheep I have 
that are not of this fold, 
and I must lead these too. 
They too will listen to my voice, 
and there will be only one flock, 
one shepherd. 
The Father loves me, 
because I lay down my life 
in order to take it up again. 
No one takes it from me; 
I lay it down of my own free will, 
and as I have power to lay it down, 
so I have power to take it up again; 
and this is the command 
    I have received from my Father.


Messenger:        Fr. Carter loved this passage —

John 19: 31-37

It was the Day of Preparation, and to avoid the bodies’ remaining on the cross during the Sabbath—since that Sabbath was a day of special solemnity—the Jews asked Pilate to have the legs broken and the bodies taken away. Consequently the soldiers came and broke the legs of the first man who had been crucified with him and then of the other. When they came to Jesus, they saw he was already dead, and so instead of breaking his legs one of the soldiers pierced his side with a lance; and immediately there came out blood and water. This is the evidence of one who saw it—true evidence, and he knows that what he says is true—and he gives it so that you may believe as well. Because all this happened to fulfil the words of scripture: 

    Not one bone of his will be broken; 

  and again, in another place scripture says: 

    They will look to the one 

        whom they have pierced.







Psalm 23 

Yahweh is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
In grassy meadows he lets me lie.

By tranquil streams he leads me
    to restore my spirit.
He guides me in paths of saving justice
    as befits his name.

Even were I to walk in a ravine as dark as death
I should fear no danger, for you are at my side.
Your staff and your crook are there to soothe me.

You prepare a table for me
    under the eyes of my enemies;
you anoint my head with oil;
    my cup brims over.

Kindness and faithful love pursue me
    every day of my life.
I make my home in the house of Yahweh
    for all time to come.

                           Sing:  Valleys of Green


Excerpt from Response to God's Love by Father Edward Carter, S.J. 
pp. 1-2

...God himself is the ultimate mystery. Radically, God is completely other and transcendent, hidden from man in his inner life, unless he chooses to reveal himself. Let us briefly look at this inner life of God.

    The Father, in a perfect act of self-expression, in a perfect act of knowing, generates his son. The Son, the Word, is, then, the immanent expression of God's fullness, the reflection of the Father. Likewise, from all eternity, the Father and the Son bring forth the Holy Spirit in a perfect act of loving.

    At the destined moment in human history, God's self-expression, the Word, immersed himself into man's world. God's inner self-expression now had also become God's outer self-expression. Consequently, the mystery of God becomes the mystery of Christ. In Christ, God tells us about himself, about his inner life, about his plan of creation and redemption. He tells us how Father, Son, and Holy Spirit desire to dwell within us in the most intimate fashion, how they wish to share with us their own life through grace. All this he has accomplished and does accomplish through Christ. St. Paul tells us: "I became a minister of this Church through the commission God gave me to preach among you his word in its fullness, that mystery hidden from ages and generations past but now revealed to his holy ones. God has willed to make known to them the glory beyond price which this mystery brings to the Gentiles—the mystery of Christ in you, your hope of glory. This is the Christ we proclaim while we admonish all men and teach them in the full measure of wisdom, hoping to make every man complete in Christ" (Col 1:25-28).

    The Christian life, then, is rooted in the great event of the Incarnation. We must, consequently, always focus our gaze upon Christ, realizing that everything the Father wishes to tell us has been summed up in the life of Jesus of Nazareth.

                               end of excerpt


June 20, 2006 message continues

Messenger:        Jesus tells us in John

                                The Father has sent ME !!


John 6: 28-29

Then they said to him, 'What must we do if we are to carry out God's work?' Jesus gave them this answer, 'This is carrying out God's work: you must believe in the one he has sent.'


John 6: 40

It is my Father's will
that whoever sees the Son
   and believes in him
should have eternal life,
and that I should raise that person up
   on the last day

John 7: 16

Jesus answered them: 

    ‘My teaching is not from myself: 
    it comes from the one who sent me;

John 7: 28-29

    Then, as Jesus was teaching in the Temple, he cried out: 

    You know me 
        and you know where I came from. 
    Yet I have not come of my own accord: 
    but he who sent me is true; 
    You do not know him, 
    but I know him 
    because I have my being from him 
    and it was he who sent me.


John 8: 18

I testify on my own behalf, 
    but the Father who sent me 
        testifies on my behalf, too.


John 8: 19

They asked him, ‘Where is your Father then?’ Jesus answered:

    You do not know me, 
        nor do you know my Father; 
    if you did know me, 
        you would know my Father as well. 


John 8: 26

About you I have much to say
   and much to judge;
   but the one who sent me is true,
   and what I declare to the world
   I have learnt from him.

John 8: 28-29

So Jesus said:

   When you have lifted up the Son of man,
   then you will know that I am He
   and that I do nothing of my own accord.
   What I say
   is what the Father has taught me;
   he who sent me is with me,
   and has not left me to myself,
   for I always do what pleases him.


John 8: 41

You are doing your father’s work.

They replied, ’We were not born illegitimate, the only father we have is God.’


John 8: 49

I am not possessed;
but I honour my Father,
and you deny me honour.


June 20, 2006 message continues

Messenger:        Jesus says that the devil
                            is the Father of lies.


John 8: 44

You are from your father, the devil,
and you prefer to do
what your father wants.
He was a murderer from the start;
he was never grounded in the truth;
there is no truth in him at all.
When he lies
he is speaking true to his nature,
because he is a liar, and the father of lies.

June 20, 2006 message continues

Messenger:        In Revelation
                            we hear about lies


Revelation 21: 27

Nothing unclean may come into it: no one who does what is loathsome or false, but only those who are listed in the Lamb’s book of life.


Messenger:        Jesus speaks in John Chapter 6, 7, 8 how
                            the Father sent Him and in Chapter 9 He
                            talks about the blind man.


                         Good Shepherd

John 10: 11-18

I am the good shepherd:
the good shepherd lays down his life
    for his sheep.
The hired man,
    since he is not the shepherd
and the sheep do not belong to him,
abandons the sheep
as soon as he sees a wolf coming
    and runs away.
and then the wolf attacks
    and scatters the sheep;
he runs away
    because he is only a hired man
and has no concern for the sheep.
I am the good shepherd;
I know my own
and my own know me,
just as the Father knows me
and I know the Father;
and I lay down my life for my sheep.
And there are other sheep I have
that are not of this fold,
and I must lead these too.
They too will listen to my voice,
and there will be only one flock,
one shepherd.
The Father loves me,
because I lay down my life
in order to take it up again.
No one takes it from me;
I lay it down of my own free will,
and as I have power to lay it down,
so I have power to take it up again;
and this is the command
    I have received from my Father.


John 10: 26

but you do not believe,
because you are no sheep of mine


John 10: 29-30

The Father, for what he has given me,
        is greater than anyone,
 and no one can steal anything 
        from the Father’s hand.
The Father and I are one.



January 18, 1997
Message given through Rita Ring

God the Father: My Dear Children,

I am the Father. My plan is unfolding through you, My beloved priest, Fr. Carter, and Rita and the core group in the Shepherds of Christ Movement.

I tell you all to read the accounts concerning Noah. Nowhere in history has God been offended as He is this day by this sinful world. You will suffer a fate for the offenses against God.

Mary appeared at Fatima to warn you, the sinful children, how they were offending God, but you did not listen. The war did not change the hearts of many evil men.

I warn you through My beloved daughter, Mary. You did not heed her warnings. Disobedience against the Mother I gave you displeases Me greatly. Mary is the Mother of all children. Mary is a gift from Me, but you are willful and abuse the gift I send you.

You do not make reparation to her Immaculate Heart; you continue to offend her. I will not tolerate the deeds of evil men any longer.

My plan will unfold. Any disobedience to these messages given by Me, My Son, or your Mother Mary will cause Me great displeasure.

I am the Father, the Almighty God, the Alpha, the Omega; you are a sinful people, a chosen race sinning against a loving God.

I am angered at your ways for they are not My ways, you have run amuck, you have offended your God, you have disobeyed your Mother and My beloved Son who died to save you.

I will act on all who continue in such sin. The sheep will be separated from the goats; the goats will receive punishment for their deed. Heaven and earth will kiss, there will be love in all hearts, justice will prevail and My children will be children of light, children that obey as I intended from the beginning.

Oh indeed My sweet messenger, I look to the earth and see the darkness, I see the disobedience of men against their Mother. I know the deeds committed and the evil in the hearts of so many. Justice will prevail and I will wipe out the earth. Only the children of light will remain, those who have given their hearts to their Mother Mary.

Do you think I send your Mother Mary as a messenger to be disobeyed by willful children? What do you think about at night, the cat, the dog, the fish? You don't know love. You don't love God or one another. This is My command to you, to love. You are a sinful, willful race, and the devil will vanish from the hearts of the children of light for they will be under the protection of her Immaculate Heart, the other children will be wiped off the face of the earth.

Disobey My messenger, ignore your Mother, ignore the Son in these messages. Ignore My Son who died for you.

Oh you sinful people filled with pride and disobedience, I give you the directions here to turn your hearts to love.

My Son has revealed Himself as never before in history into His tremendous love for men and you treat Our gift with such indifference.

I am angered at the lack of support to spread the messages of My Son's love for all.

You worry for funds, worry more, I am God the Father, the Almighty God. You disobeyed Mary, you disobeyed Jesus, now you will disobey Me?

You must obey My directions, the directions given through My Son, Jesus for the unfolding of the Father's plan.

No longer will I wait while willful men check and deliberate and disobey.

My plan will unfold through the Shepherds of Christ Movement.

I am talking through these messages given by My Son and Mary to tell you how to accomplish this task of carrying out My plan.

You must obey. The directions are given in these messages to spread the fire of God's love across this earth, to renew the Church and the world.

Because of willful men these messages have been held in check.

I am God, the maker of all things. You have made money your god. I want obedience, the funds will come when you obey all of the directions I have given to you.

Anyone who interferes with these messages will be removed.

These are the messages I give to the world. Fr. Carter's newsletter will teach the priests, all they need to know to be holy, loving priests.

Many priests are not loving, they are cold in their hearts. I will instruct the clergy through the newsletter.

My Son is the Chief Priest and Teacher. He has taught the world the secrets of His Heart through the writings of Fr. Carter and Rita, to go to men to check the value of these writings displeases Me.

You must have faith, you must study the entire revelations given here. You are not valuing My great gift to you.

I am the power, I am God, to the ends of the earth, I will be with you. My plan will unfold. You must think big, not on a human level. You must come to Me.

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

I am telling you to circulate the tape of January 13 (1997) as soon as possible. This tape must be released to the world. It is the message to go with the apparition on the building in Florida.

You must make every connection with Mary's message given December 12 (1996) and the messages given by Mary with the apparition of her on the building in Florida.

Time is very short and My patience is very thin. I will strike the earth and the evil men will scatter and there will be a reign of peace where men will love God as I intended. The evil men will be chastised for I sent your Mother to warn you and you disobeyed. I gave My Son as a sacrifice and you treated Him with indifference. I am angry at the creatures on this earth. I will lessen the chastisement if you make reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Oh willful children, you disobey your Mother, you are unloving and willful and your ways are evil. You are a sinful race.

I am sending water, rain to quench your thirst, My beloved children of light; I am sending fire to burn the fields for the sinful children, they will suffer drought and will fall to the ground dead, they will know fire, they will know the wrath of God. For I speak and I am ignored.

I am using the Shepherds of Christ Movement to majorly carry out the plan begun at Fatima. Every day lost is a lost day. I give to you Rosaries from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary as your directions to help the plan unfold. Circulate these rosaries to all chapters and stress their importance.

The tape of January 13 (1997) is important to the world. The tape must be circulated with the apparition in Florida and the messages typed and put on the Internet with the rest of the messages I have given. The connection must be made between the apparition and the Shepherds of Christ Movement.

Satan will attack you strongly, he will create division and give messages through other visionaries to get you off coarse. You must obey My directions given in these messages to help bring about the completion of the Fatima message.

I will weed out anyone interfering with My plan.

I will tell you when you have deviated from My plan, do not taunt My messenger, this displeases Me. Read the messages for direction and obey them.

The directions given are strong to correct a sick world. You must quit focusing on the messenger and obey Me.

I am the Father, these are My messages to bring about the reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart.

You think of money and miss the gift given. You are men bolted to the earth. You must obey Me. I have all the power.

end of January 18, 1997 from the Apostles Manual


February 5, 2001






Jesus wants Blue Books 4 and 5

on sale for $5.00 each plus postage

so you can circulate them to other people.


DVDs and Videos are on sale too for $5.00

so you will circulate and show them to others.


Call Glaci for image wallets to circulate.




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