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June 23, 2008

June 24th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 6 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for June 24th are Glorious.


We really need money for the building

and money for the Priestly Mailing.




 July 5, 2008 is the 10th Anniversary

for the Shepherds of Christ

being in the Virgin Mary Building

in Clearwater, Florida.



June 23, 2008

                    Evil lurks in the heart.
                It comes from an evil seed.
                Where one's heart is pure and loving
                the intention of that of unity, joy,
                truthfulness, wishing the other well.

                    Because people have been wounded
                they can act out anger inside on others.
                There could have harmony, joy and love.

                    The devil can press on an individual
                tempting them to provoke others
                because they are angry inside.

                    The more we go to the Eucharist
                and read the Word of God, our wounded
                human nature can be healed more and more.

                    The Father, Son and Holy Spirit live
                in the graced baptized soul.
                We seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit,
                    to live in the Spirit,
                    to be more likened to God,
                    to grow in the image and likeness of God.

                    God feeds us with the Word and the Eucharist.
                The Word and the Eucharist are the bread of life.


Romans 8: 5-9

Those who are living by their natural inclinations have their minds on the things human nature desires; those who live in the Spirit have their minds on spiritual things. And human nature has nothing to look forward to but death, while the Spirit looks forward to life and peace, because the outlook of disordered human nature is opposed to God, since it does not submit to God's Law, and indeed it cannot, and those who live by their natural inclinations can never be pleasing to God. You, however, live not by your natural inclinations, but by the Spirit, since the Spirit of God has made a home in you. Indeed, anyone who does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to him.


                    The evil one comes and wants us to
                disobey God. The disorder human
                creatures deal with came from the fall.
                Adam and Eve doing their own will and
                not God's will, giving into satan.

                Adam and Eve disobeyed God's commands,
                    and we all suffer from original sin,
                    except for Mary.

                Jesus is the New Adam
                He is God, sinless and pure
                Mary, the New Eve, sinless and pure.

                The more we obey what Mary said at
                Fatima in spreading the consecration and
                praying the rosary, the more we will have
                peace in the world.

                Jesus died on the tree for our sins.
                Jesus came to give us new life.

                Jesus gave to Fr. Carter the Shepherds of Christ
                Movement to help renew the Church
                and the world.

                Mary's image appeared at CLEAR - WATER (Clearwater, Florida)
                as a sign to the world
                    the sign of love of the Two Hearts.

                Water is used in baptism.


Age of The Two Hearts

Jesus: "My beloved priest-companion, I have allowed you to experience in extraordinary fashion the riches contained in My Heart and My Mother's Heart. I desire that you tell all My people about these riches. I desire that My people consecrate themselves to My Sacred Heart and to Mary's Immaculate Heart. My people are living in the beginnings of the age of the Two Hearts.

"After the time of the purification is completed, this new era of the Church and the world will become firmly established. This era will be characterized by the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the reign of My Sacred Heart. All those who consecrate themselves to My Heart and to My Mother's Heart will help to establish this glorious new age. I am Lord and Master. Please listen to My urgent request. Within Our Hearts you will experience the love and security, the peace and the joy, which you all desire. I love My people with a tremendous love, and in My love I give them this message!"

Reflection: This is the Age of the Two Hearts! The surest road to sanctity in these our times is through consecration to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. In making this consecration, and striving with God's grace to live it as best we can each day, we are contributing to the establishment of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and to the arrival of the reign of the Sacred Heart.

end of excerpt from Tell My People


1 Corinthians 15: 20-28

In fact, however, Christ has been raised from the dead, as the first-fruits of all who have fallen asleep. As it was by one man that death came, so through one man has come the resurrection of the dead. Just as all die in Adam, so in Christ all will be brought to life; but all of them in their proper order: Christ the first-fruits, and next, at his coming, those who belong to him. After that will come the end, when he will hand over the kingdom to God the Father, having abolished every principality, every ruling force and power. For he is to be king until he has made his enemies his footstool, and the last of the enemies to be done away with is death, for he has put all things under his feet. But when it is said everything is subjected, this obviously cannot include the One who subjected everything to him. When everything has been subjected to him, then the Son himself will be subjected to the One who has subjected everything to him, so that God may be all in all.



                On July 5, 2008 we will celebrate 10 years in
                    the building —
                    lately we had some added expenses on the loan
                        in the building


                    Don't forget what a gift it is that Mary's
                        image appeared like this for
                        7 1/2 years on the building —

                    Many people's lives have been changed who
                        went to the building

                    Many people report spiritual and
                        physical healing because of
                        the glass in the statue and the
                        prayers, the prayers at the building,
                        the Jesus water from the well
                        at the building

                Please come to the building July 5, 2008
                    if you can or help us by tuning
                    and praying with us at 6:20 and
                    a donation for the building

                The Jesus water and Mary water is a gift —
                I have experienced great favors from Jesus
                    after using the water

                Jesus wanted these books published
                    Fr. Carter's little book Masterpiece
                        Newsletters 2000
                    Jesus wanted this sent with the
                        mailing in July

                    Please pray for the priests, the Church
                        and the world — they thank us
                        for our prayers and the
                        Newsletters and Books —

                The Our Father Newsletter needs to go to
                    print — it is to circulate
                    July 2008 — we need funds —
                    some old bills from the printing

                    and old bills for the statues

                Those who help us have reported —

                    When you pray the Shepherds of Christ Prayers and
                        support the Shepherds of Christ Newsletter
                        our families and
                        we are richly blessed

                    More than one person has said

                    Look at all the disorder in the

                        After the fall
                            there was disorder in the elements


                    killing babies is disorder against God's plan
                    homosexuality is disorder against God's plan


                Holy Spirit


Romans 8: 5-9

Those who are living by their natural inclinations have their minds on the things human nature desires; those who live in the Spirit have their minds on spiritual things. And human nature has nothing to look forward to but death, while the Spirit looks forward to life and peace, because the outlook of disordered human nature is opposed to God, since it does not submit to God's Law, and indeed it cannot, and those who live by their natural inclinations can never be pleasing to God. You, however, live not by your natural inclinations, but by the Spirit, since the Spirit of God has made a home in you. Indeed, anyone who does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to him.


                God has allowed Mary's image and
                    Jesus' face to appear in
                    Clearwater, Florida and
                    asked us to pray these prayers



                Praying for the priests, the Church and
                    the world

                We are praying for the era of peace
                    Mary promised at Fatima and

                    the Reign of the Sacred Heart and
                    triumph of Mary's Immaculate
                    Heart Jesus promised Fr. Carter
                    in 1994 when he told him to
                    begin the Newsletter —

                Mary and Jesus are offering us hope

                    We must spread the consecration as
                        Mary asked for at Fatima


Excerpt from The Spirituality of Fatima

    ...Tell everybody that God gives graces through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Tell them to ask grace from her, and that the Heart of Jesus wishes to be venerated together with the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Ask them to plead for peace from the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for the Lord has confided the peace of the world to her. (19)


19. For background material on Fatima, I am particularly indebted to
        Our Lady of Fatima’s Peace Plan from Heaven
        TAN Books and Publishers, Inc., 1983). p.9.


                    We must do what Mary the Queen
                        of Peace told us

                    Mary said to spread the consecration

                    Mary said — until a sufficient number
                        of people have consecrated their
                        hearts to Jesus and Mary there won't
                        be peace in the world

                Mary said bishops and archbishops
                    must consecrate their dioceses
                    to the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart 



Fr. Carter, the Founder

Fr. Edward Carter, S.J., (Doctorate in Theology), began the Shepherds of Christ Priestly Newsletter in 1994. We have since circulated 6,000,000 Priestly Newsletters to the hierarchy and the priests in English and Spanish in 14 years since Fr. Carter began it. In a tainted world the Priestly Newsletter is sent to priests to help strengthen and encourage them and show them our love and appreciation for all they do. It is written in the vision of the Father, the voice of the Good Shepherd, it is made up of the Scriptures, writings of the popes, encyclicals, the writings of the hierarchy, the Catechism, the wisdom of the saints and prominent theologians.

Fr. Carter, S.J. sent the Priestly Newsletter every other month to 75,000 priests until the time of his death.




Fr. Pasquini, the Author

Fr. John J. Pasquini is a columnist, author of more than a dozen books, guest speaker, lecturer on topics of systematic, moral and spiritual theology, a retreat leader, and a parish priest in the Diocese of Palm Beach, Florida. He feels blessed to serve the Shepherds of Christ as the editor of their newsletter. The newsletter is dedicated to renewal, fraternity, and the building of the Kingdom of God. It is a spirituality newsletter particularly dedicated to priests, religious, and all interested in the spiritual life. Comments and insights are always welcome.

We have sent the enclosed newsletters written by Fr. Pasquini, every other month to about 80,000 priests.

He began editing the Priestly Newsletter August 15, 2006. Since we have circulated 2,000,000 Priestly Newsletters to the priests and hierarchy spreading the devotion to the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart, promoting love for the Eucharist, greater love for the Church, the Priesthood, Mary and the Holy Spirit, the Mass, Prayer, and greater intimate relationship with God. We have circulated more than 200,000 of Fr. Carter’s books and 100,000 of Fr. Pasquini’s books to priests and hierarchy spreading further devotion to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart, love of the Eucharist, intimate union with Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and the Spiritual Life.


                Do you know after Mary's image head
                    was destroyed
                    hurricanes ravaged the state of Florida

                Disorder in the elements came after
                    the fall of Adam and Eve

                We tried to spread the prayer manuals,
                    Newsletters, Blue Books at Falmouth and
                    on March 3, 1997 Falmouth Flooded

                Mary's image head was destroyed

                    March 1, 2004 — 7 years later

                Mary's image was on the building
                    for 7 years

                    December 17, 1996 — March 1, 2004

                At the time of Noah God allowed
                    the earth to be flooded and
                    only Noah's descendents



Genesis 7: 11-12

    In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, and on the seventeenth day of the month, that very day all the springs of the great deep burst through, and the sluices of heaven opened. And heavy rain fell on earth for forty days and forty nights


Genesis 9: 12-16

    ‘And this’, God said, ‘is the sign of the covenant which I now make between myself and you and every living creature with you for all ages to come: I now set my bow in the clouds and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. When I gather the clouds over the earth and the bow appears in the clouds, I shall recall the covenant between myself and you and every living creature, in a word all living things, and never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all living things. When the bow is in the clouds I shall see it and call to mind the eternal covenant between God and every living creature on earth, that is, all living things.’ 


                On December 17, 1991

                    I got this message and this vision
                    Jesus said I didn't know what
                    this image would do to
                    lead souls to His Heart


December 17, 1991

His Burning HeartPicture of Jesus' Heart on fire.

Messenger:  I was alone in All Saints Church after Mass and Communion, in front of the tabernacle, when I saw the Sacred Heart. It was red around the outside, then a layer of yellow and then the brightest light in the center. I felt heat and it looked like an open furnace.

    I thought about it all day and it instantly gave me peace and warmth in my heart. This is the purpose of these letters—to draw hearts to the ardent on-fire love of Jesus. I received the following message that day:

    "Open your heart to the fire of God's love. He is ablaze in your heart. He wants to dwell in you and love you and others through you. Love God, yourself and one another and experience the fire set aglow in your heart and experience the warmth of His love."

end of writing about December 17, 1991


              5 Years later
              December 17, 1996

                Mary appeared in Clearwater




shipped from the printers
December 17, 1996

Mary appeared
December 17, 1996


                God wants us to pray



                Mary's image appeared for this

                    (1) To spread the Priestly Newsletter
                    (2) To spread the Prayer Chapters
                    (3) To spread the Consecration
                    (4) To tell people of Rosary
                        Meditations and Blue Books
                        and to tell them to pray
                        the rosary

                    (5) To lead people to the
                        Medicine of Immortality
                        that helps heal the
                        wounded human nature


                        To lead them to the
                            Word and the Eucharist



                Help us publish

                    Fr. John's homilies
                    Fr. Joe's homilies

                and spread the Priestly
                    Newsletter and
                    the Prayer Chapters —

                Your life will change and

                You will be helping

                    to do what Mary

                    the Queen of Peace


                You will be helping

                    to renew the Church

                    and the world

                Be Not Afraid Pope John Paul II

                Help us —

                Mary appeared here

                    for a reason


July 5, 2000 July 5, 2000




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