Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages
rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

July 11, 2006

July 12th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 4 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for July 12th are Glorious.



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July 11, 2006

Messenger:            The bottom
                    line is I don't care
                    what you think of me —
                    I must do God's will
                    for me.


                        The purity of my heart
                    is my concern —
                    My concern that I learn to
                        love —

                        Love You God and
                        Love others —

                    Not what they can do for me,
                        but what You want
                        me to be — how You want
                        me to decrease and You
                        to increase,

                    But as long as I focus on
                        my gain — I plug the
                        message coming to me
                        like one jamming a
                        fax when the paper is

                    Oh that I could focus more
                        on Your Holy Sacrifice
                        of the Mass offered now —
                        to be so very one in
                        You my beloved God.

                    I pray that grace is poured
                        all over the world from
                        the Masses being celebrated —

                    I am one in the offering —

                    So one with Jesus —

                    I give myself united to Jesus
                        to the Father in the Spirit
                        with all the angels and saints
                        through the intercession of
                        Mary —

                    Oh Divine God — fill me
                        with compassion and love —

                    Let me reach for Thee — for
                        only in Thee do I find the
                        rest I seek —

                    I stoop to please —
                    I search to answer —
                    I give to love and

                    Yet it all seems so impurely —
                        only as You give in me
                        can I be as You desire—

                    As I surrender and You operate
                        my soul —

                    Oh God I seek selfish recognition
                        which indeed jams my
                        fax and I find the treasure of
                        Your love in my suffering —

                    One night may feel as a billion
                        years and one night in 60
                        years is really so little, but
                        I live in suffering trapped
                        in my unworthy ways —
                        watching light before me —
                        knowing it in my soul to
                        such heights and
                        searching, searching more and
                            more for Your ways and
                            for Thee

                    What little indeed I know —

                    What I have to teach is but a
                        thimble as I search for
                        greater knowledge of Thee

                    My prayer is heartfelt, but
                        my answers empty for I
                        am but an empty vase
                        waiting more and more to be
                        filled by Thee —

                    When night falls again, oh God,
                        what will it be in my
                        endless search for Thee and
                        Your answers for me —

                    For although I considered myself
                        so filled with knowledge —
                        I found fear in my heart —
                        I was griped by suffering —
                        I wanted relief —
                        I wanted a road paved with
                            solid bricks and
                        I felt as if the road under me
                            was a walk in the air and
                            you suspended me with
                            untouchable arms to
                            let me experience my
                            life surrendered to Thee

                    Surrender, when the day seemed
                        so solid — when I bask in
                        Your creation, smiled at
                        Your beauty in the children,
                        so very intently beautiful,
                        when I thought I had a grip
                        and knew Your Father, my
                        Father so well — my heart
                        filled with the joy of
                        touching God so deeply and
                        then —

                        the lesson began once again —
                        a grip of fear —
                        a call to total surrender —
                        gasping for the solid hand —
                        the comfort of a friend —
                        the sharing of the deep place
                            of mystery I know from
                            your revelation and

                        You wrap me in the air of
                            letting go — once again
                            and the mystery you reveal
                            to me is in my intimacy
                            with You, my God.

                    The place of reality —
                        So real to me —
                        The words unspoken —
                        The ineffable way to even
                            be able to speak of this
                            reality to all who
                            surround me and not
                            one to care or even

                    The isolation of knowing Thee —
                        the reality of it all —
                        the place of depth —
                        the blindness of the world —
                        the suffering for me of this
                            blindness —
                        the longing for souls to know
                            You —
                        the hope of tomorrow when
                            Your mercy, grace and light
                            will transform the blind ones and

                    I know how you have promised
                        me that the light will steel
                        across a dark sky and slowly,
                        slowly — like a can of sardines
                        opening —
                        that darkness peeled back
                        for all to watch your marvelous light —

                    Oh nakedness I feel to lay myself
                        bare — while others discern my
                        heart and advance to be
                        ever closer to You —

                    But in this consolation I do not
                        stoop to be higher, but
                        to be chosen to serve You
                        by revealing Your revelations
                        to me

                    For my heart is to be open and my
                        story like an open book
                        You tell me and I obey

                    Where others count their money and
                        worry for their change —
                        I measure Your mystery
                        only to find it immeasurable
                        and yet in this I live my
                        life —
                        seeking You —
                        searching You —
                        studying Your creation —
                        Enjoying Your splendor —
                        Seeking Your ways
                        Laying bear my heart —

                    I am majorly imperfect myself —
                        consumed with fear —
                        knowing Your light —

                    Opening my heart and
                        letting You mold me —
                        Walking in faith —
                        Wanting more —
                        Seeing Your beauty in the smallest
                            rain drop and
                        Knowing I am but a baby
                            in Mary's arms — when
                            I am left in the air

                    I seek the vision of her
                        arms holding me —

                    But you have left me to
                        walk by faith —

                    You have — it feels — stood back
                        and said

                    "If I take them from you —
                        all of them and leave you
                        by yourself — will
                        you run to Me when
                        you do not feel that
                        embrace of My comforting arms" — (Jesus said)

                    And I say —
                        Jesus, I love You so —
                        Now I know Your presence —
                            the presence of Father,
                            Son and Holy Spirit in me

                    And I love Your gifts —

                    I know joy of You my
                        Savior and

                    Yet You have allowed me
                        to know the grip of
                        some fear like boney
                        fingers gripping my heart —

                    A pulling me in a direction
                        of greater faith and surrender —
                        a way of joy and yet a
                        clutching of pain —

                    I know the reality of Your
                        stretching me —
                        touching me in a new
                        way without any hands —

                    Of looking at Your crowned
                        head and blood bathed face
                        seeing Your eyes stained
                        in blood — the suffering of
                        Your face


April 5, 2001


July 11, 2006 message continues

Messenger:        And knowing my peace is in
                        letting go —
                        accepting the pain
                        allowing the stretch of your hand
                        pulling me in ways that
                        will lead me closer and closer
                        to Thee
                        My Victory is in this, Lord

                    Knowing more deeply the reality
                        of You and Your magnificence,
                        splendor — magnitude —
                    Knowing more the mystery
                        of God

                    Reaching with the eyes of faith —

                    Scoping the tissues of Your
                        fiery heart and finding it
                        is not like what men
                        think at all

                    Walking a cobblestone path —
                        feeling coldness under
                        your toes and your heart
                        burning with insight into
                        Your hidden mystery

                    A clenching of a boney finger,
                        pulling on my heart —
                        knowing the reality of You
                        stretching me to the greatest
                        heights in You

                    A Surrendering and letting go
                        to You

                    A welcoming that which is
                        painful —

                    A cry for Your touch — knowing
                        it comes in coldness and
                        the fire of revealing to
                        me Your crowned Head
                        of thorns — Your Bloody face —

                    Stretch me Lord, but keep my
                        motives pure, let me endure
                        this suffering in purity,

                    But do not try me too long for
                        I want that place of
                        relief where I bask in
                        Your embracing arms in
                        the Eucharist —
                        I burn with consolation
                            at the consecration of the

                    I love the touch of the baby
                        tugging at my skirt —

                        "Grandma" and see her
                            little body bend with
                            little postures that I scarce
                            can take the moment of joy
                            in —

                    One glimpse at the vastness of the
                        ocean and my heart is in wonder
                        of Thee and yet the boney fingers
                        of that grip around my heart
                        stretching me —

                        Leading me to a new place with Thee —
                        A greater reality of the Divine

                        A deeper love —

                    My husband dives and I do not swim
                        too good —

                    I can imagine one dip in the
                        ocean and down below the
                        splendor from the movies and
                        pictures I have seen of the
                        world below the surface of the ocean

                    One dip, feet off the ground —
                        letting go and
                        God dips me into the mystery —
                        I see it, I know it —

                    I experience the suffering of
                        this life — not having the
                        fullness of life, yet,
                        here below

                    Some of us dive, some do not

                    Some of us know greater insights
                        into the Mystery of God —

                    Some stay on the boat and never
                        dip into that world to

                    Once I went out on the boat when
                        he was diving, but I only
                        went on the ladder —

                    They all went far below — they
                        saw fish and corals and sometimes
                        wrecked vessels —
                        I missed it all because I
                            could not swim

                    Some may miss this deep insight
                        into the mystery because
                        they will not go to the
                        Heart of Jesus — where in
                        is found the treasures of
                        this deep mystical love —

                    Mystery — God is the ultimate
                        mystery, unless He chooses
                        to reveal Himself to us —
                        through the mystery of
                        His Son —


                    GO MEN TO THE

                        HEART OF JESUS

                        THERE IN IS

                        FOUND THE MYSTERY

                        OF HIS MAGNIFICENT LOVE


                    And the Father gave His Son for
                        love of us and to
                        those who believed they knew
                        His ineffable love —

                    I cannot explain it —

                    Like one who dives really can
                        only tell us about the
                        world below the surface
                        of the sea

                    Why so many seas —
                        the Red Sea —
                        the Atlantic Ocean
                        the waters of the Caribbean
                        the waters off Australia

                    Do you know the wonders of
                        the sea below —

                    The Titanic sunk — I saw the
                        wreckage on a DVD —
                        I never saw the real thing —

                    I know more and more the ineffable
                        mystery of Christ —

                    The doorway to knowing the
                        Father in the Holy Spirit —

                    But is doorway right to say —
                        when They are one —
                        Jesus took on a human nature.
                        The Father, Son and Holy Spirit
                        are one.

                    I know the oneness of God and
                        I deeply know
                        the Persons of the Trinity —
                        I know God the Father, I love Him —
                        I know God the Son, I so deeply love Jesus —
                        I know the Holy Spirit and my heart burns
                            with fire for love of God

                    In the ecstasies I knew God —
                        I knew the Persons
                        I knew rapture —

                    I knew so much
                        the joy curtsey of a little
                            one year old —

                        the vastness of an ocean —
                        the beauty of a person's heart —

                        the handsomeness of a human
                            face from one we
                            love deeply —

                        the beauty of those in the
                            Movement —

                        the priest at Mass

                    I know and love God and
                        His creation, but I
                        have little answers and
                        when He stretches my
                        heart I may experience
                        pain and consolations, but
                        He works in both —

                    I must surrender — I know so
                        little in this vast mystery and
                        my life here is short to learn —
                        but sufficient in His Plan for me

                    Sing:  From the Day You Were Born






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