Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

July 20, 2005

July 21st Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 7 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries
for July 21st are Glorious.

Pray for an urgent intention


Here are new entries from God's Blue Book 4




August 16, 1994

No One, Nothing Can Ever Stop My Interior Relationship With God And Mary

Jesus speaks: My dear child, if the whole world falls under your feet, if the stars cease to shine and the moon not give its light, I will be your rear guard, your foreguard, your mighty God Who protects you from the enemy.

Messenger: My life is interior. My relationship with God is interior. If the floor gives out, if you hate and persecute me, if anything from the outside befalls me, my life is still with me, the life of God rooted in my soul. No one can ever take away my relationship with Jesus, the Father, the Holy Spirit, Mary and St. Joseph. No one can ever touch this - even if I cannot receive the Eucharist, Jesus is still alive within me. I can spiritually ask Him to be present in a special way to me.

The bottom line is, no one can ever touch my relationship with God and Mary, and nothing else that is taken away matters. If it is happening, He knows it and is allowing it. Jesus, I trust in You! What a treasure to always be assured of my relationship with Jesus. He never will leave me. He will always be there. His love is always with me. I want to shout it from the rooftop - this is my God and He loves me! He will never go, no one, nothing can ever stop my interior relationship with God and Mary. If I have that, what can harm me?

Jesus speaks: Though earth pass away, My love is steadfast, My presence forever within you, every minute of every day. I, God, am with you, child. I never leave you. What else matters?

Little child, little child. I love you so much. Focus on My love, ever present and poured out in such measures to you. I am Who Am. I am Jesus, Son of God. I speak to you, My little one. Open your heart and let Me embrace you. Your oneness with Me is achieved in your heart. You will stand as the strongest pillar against a raging storm, because My might is within you. If the winds come and the rain, if the earth shakes the roots of the trees, the Lord will hold you in your place. You are a mighty tree, standing on the earth. The roots which grow from within the tree are thick and well nourished. The wind can come. The winters with its cold and blizzard can press on the tree. Birds of prey can pick at the tree, but the strength of the mighty oak within will sustain it.

Your life is the life of God's grace flowing in your soul. The Spirit is a mighty force that rages in your soul. You are nourished and fed by My life. You stand strong against the wind and pestilence. You do not falter. My might is within you. If the earth quakes, you are held up by My might. I am, dear one, the Almighty God! The torrent winds cannot harm you. It may blow and blow and you will sway in the breeze but your roots are firm. You are fed My living water. I give you My very Flesh for your food, you drink My very own Blood, and you, child, are sustained by the Body and Blood of Christ.

I am the Almighty God come to give life to this world. I am a force that can withstand any trial. I dwell in you and live in you and you are afraid. Oh, child, pray for vision, pray for the fearlessness of the Apostles. They were in the upper room and full of fear, and the Spirit of the Lord descended upon them and they were fearless.

Pray for the Spirit of God to enkindle in your hearts the love of God. When the earth rocks and moves about, your inner candle never flickers. You are steadfast in His love by your interior union with God and Mary. Be alone with Me, be with Me. Pray to your Father and the Holy Spirit and to Mary. You, child, are never alone, for God lives in your heart. You become one in Him and you operate with this love in a troubled world. And the winds came and blew down some that were undernourished, but he who was fed by the Bread of heaven did not fall. I am the Bread of life. My life I give to you so you will have life and have it more abundantly.

Come and sup with Me. Develop your interior life, not life as this world knows life, but My life alive and in your soul.



August 16, 1994

The Invisible Wounds

Messenger: The invisible wounds of Mary: Mary stood by His cross, she had watched what her Son had suffered. She watched this horrible sequence of events that led to this final hour. She did not bleed, she did not have a mark on her body, only the teared, red ridges from her deepened crying. She stood, held up by the arms of her beloved John. This was her precious Son, her Baby at birth, her Baby at His death.

Invisible wounds: The pains of the heart, the sufferings of the mind, the sights seen with her loving, motherly eyes, the knowledge of His love for all!

She appears to me with a face, reflecting the ridges from her deep crying, so sorrowful no words could describe. What can we say for the sorrow of this face? I cannot describe it. It looked as if it was ready to crack! This face tells the story of His love for us.

Her Heart was so torn inside that to know her suffering is to tear at my heart.

The invisible scars: To watch Him stripped and beaten and to silently stand by and cry. She appears to tell us of her invisible scars. She appears and shows me her faces, young and old, sorrowful and joyful. She appears to tell us the story of His love for us. Do we listen, do we see?

She saw His Blood all over. I remember seeing one of my children bleed and he had to get stitches -- it was such a horrible sight. He kept bleeding and bleeding. Blood comes from deep inside, it is scary because we have no control over it. If you bleed enough, you die. My child was bleeding, it was very upsetting! Mary watched Jesus bleed and bleed. It was as though He could not have had all the Blood He had. He stood in a puddle of Blood when He was scourged... ran from His face and from His mouth -- from the blows to His head. It was so awful to watch my child bleed, but to watch others beat Him and make Him bleed more and make His body raw! There is such a bond between a mother and her children, such wanting to protect and help them. Mary helplessly watched this horrible massacre of her Son, knowing He did it for love of us. She could not help Jesus. She was not allowed, only to watch more and more bleeding!

Jesus speaks: Oh, you are so senseless. I write to you of My love and no one listens. Mary appears to tell you how much I suffered for love of you. My Passion is My proof of how I love you. I gave every drop of My Blood for you. You don't understand, this is the reality, that I am God and I suffered so brutally for love of you!

Mary speaks: Turn your lives toward my Son. What do I say to get you to listen? Life on earth is only passing. I appear, I show you my face, you will never comprehend how my Son suffered for love of you! This is the real world, this is the truth that He bled and bled for love of you, that He stood there silently in all the beatings. He accepted this awful treatment. He came to show you the way. I watched my precious little One. I watched and my Heart was torn in my chest. I experienced such suffering, watching this massacre of my beautiful Son, for love of you!

I appear with blood in my eyes. My eyes shed invisible blood during His Passion, to watch Him bleed and be beaten raw by His attackers.

And what does He ask in return? He asks you to love God and love one another. Do this, for your reward is everlasting life.

Messenger: I just wanted to crawl up in a ball and feel her pain. This is how I have felt before the last letter August 10, coming home from church in the car. Such intense sufferings realizing the pain! The sufferings started when the priest raised up the Blood -- this is what Jesus did, He shed His very own Blood, the Blood in His veins. He gives it to us now so that we may have His life.

I have experienced on many occasions Jesus' and Mary's sufferings. She suffered so watching Him being taken down from the cross. I experienced such emotion seeing Mary hold the Baby Jesus in her arms and seeing her hold His lifeless body under the cross. I experienced such emotions seeing Jesus nailed to the cross and during the Sorrowful Mysteries and Stations led by Father Smith. I feel immense oneness with the sorrow and experience the sorrow.

The depth of her suffering is inexpressible in words. Mary may have cried, but there is not a way that a human being could relieve this immense sorrow. She endured the sufferings by Christ's side. She did not have His wounds, her Heart was pierced with a sword.   

Luke 2:34-35

Simeon blessed them and said to Mary his mother, 'Look, he is destined for the fall and for the rise of many in Israel, destined to be a sign that is opposed -- and a sword will pierce your soul too -- so that the secret thoughts of many will be laid bare.  

Messenger: This is the Blood Mary watched Him shed. She watched Him from under the cross. We stand with her and give ourselves with Him to the Father.

Oh, Father, I love You so much, You gave Your only Son for love of us! Please accept my sacrifice with His as my love for You!

It just becomes evident to me -- how He truly gave His flesh and Blood for us! It is so clear to me, like a vision, this is truly His Blood given up for us! I feel this so intensely and He keeps giving me more and more to better realize His Sacrifice.

Mary is so involved with us: We stand with Mary, we suffer with Mary, we give ourselves in an act of love to our heavenly Father. What an offering, to stand under His cross and give ourselves with the Body and Blood of Christ, in union with Mary and everyone under the cross, with the Church! We offer ourselves up with Christ to the Father!

I feel so connected to Jesus and Mary and God through the Passion It is there I see Their oneness. I see her role as His Mother and my Mother. I see Their immense love for us to undergo such suffering for love of us.

Mary speaks: I am your Mother. I am Mary. I come to bring you so close to my beloved Son. I stand with you at the foot of the cross. Open your hearts to His love for you. This is reality, that He truly died for love of you and has risen so that you will have new life! I am your Mother and I love you so very much, my precious little children. You will never fully know this great love God and I have for you. Meditate on Our sufferings, this will lead you to the life only God can give you.

Messenger: I must understand Their relationship: Baby to young life, joys and suffering. She was a mother in the fullest sense of the word, such a motherly Heart -- her love for Jesus is the dearest motherly love! In order to understand the relationship between Mary and Jesus, I must not just look at the individual events of the Passion and her sorrow, but see Their lives together from the Annunciation to the Ascension. It is the relationship, the bond, the joys, the sufferings They both shared during the Passion.

This is truly where Their Hearts are united -- in the meeting of the eyes. The more I meditate on this, the more I am linked with Their immense love for us. The two Hearts -- They are so closely united! The rosary is this journey from the Angel Gabriel to the Ascension. Her suffering and His suffering during the Passion link me so closely to Them. This intensity is forever growing as They give me bits and pieces of this union between Them.



August 16, 1994

Focus On This Love. Silence Satan.

Messenger: He loves us unconditionally. From Him I do not have to hide. He loves us as we are. He calls us to be as good as we can. He calls us to be humble. He calls us to love.

He calls us to be of the heart, not to be proud, to be kind and loving. He calls us to put on Christ, to constantly die to self. I am a human being. I am growing; I am created in His image, I am learning His ways, I am imperfect.

Oh, Lord, show me Your ways. Let me realize Your love. Let me know You more so I can love more. Help me to focus on You and Your love, to silence Satan who constantly points to my weakness and tells me such things that make me unaware of Your tremendous love for me.

Jesus speaks: Satan is the great deceiver. My child, I call you to love. I call you to a new life. I am forever with you, loving you the same as the day I died on the cross. My Heart is an abyss of endless love for you. You do not comprehend fully My great love for you. I love you this much that I truly gave My life for you.

Focus on this love. Silence Satan. I am not looking at you with condemning eyes, I look at you as the divine creation of the Father. I look at you as My beloved child.

I, child, have watched you and watched you. I see you struggle and I bend low in such love and am right by your side. You need to struggle to grow in My love.

It is in your sufferings that you rise to new life. This is My life in you. To grow in your sufferings is My way, not to become bitter and spiral down to deeper depths of pain, but to rise up as I did on the third day. Realize that there is such life for you in the Resurrection!

You, child, are going to My school. My lessons I teach this day. In your pain you grow in deeper union with Me.

Trust in Me, forever focus on My immense love. Look at Mary hold My Body under the cross. I truly love you this much this day. I am the Resurrection, I am the Life. He who believes in Me will never die. I am Jesus your beloved Savior. Come to Me and I will give you such love. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus on fire for love of you. I love you!



August 17, 1994 

Messenger:        As Mary appeared when she began appearing daily.


August 17, 1994 7:55 AM during apparition

she was aglow

Mary speaks:  I am the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I want you and Fr. Carter to spread devotion to Our Hearts.

    Do not be afraid, I am truly here and I want you to write this message.

    I was so close to you then, I am with you now. Continue your rosary.

    I am the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I come to give you this message. You will experience a realm of peace, but first you will know such trials.

    Do not be discouraged for My Son will be close to you in your anguish.

    You must know that all that happens is for reasons you do not comprehend.

    Do not ask questions of me or Him.

    Give yourself in total surrender to Our Hearts.

    No one can take away Our love.

    If the whole world does not believe you, you will still be steadfast in Our love. These are trials you must   withstand to learn lessons you need to learn. I do not want to frighten you. You will sing, you will speak you must be patient and let the plan of the Father unfold as it will.

Do not question ó give yourself in total surrender.

Fr. Carter will be persecuted, this is to strengthen him for his great works that are to come. Stay so steadfast in the love of me and my Son. You will give strength to one another. Do not be afraid, stay forever fixed in Our love.

No person can ever take away Our love.

This is your anchor in all storms, We are forever with you, guarding you and protecting you. Do not wander ever from Our love, it is that which sustains you. Your trials are necessary for your advancement. Do not question. I am forever your beloved mother and always by your side.

Pray the rosary every day here at 6:30 this will be the warmth to a cold night. I love you so much. I will continue to come and be with you here in a special way. You will know my presence. I am forever with you both. I love you so very much.



August 18, 1994

The Oneness Between Mary and Jesus

Messenger: I see her hold His lifeless Body under the cross. I see her tenderness, holding Him as a Baby. I see their oneness in the peering eyes. I see her with the sword in her Heart, pierced because of the sufferings of her Son. I see her giving birth to her beautiful Baby.

I see her sorrowful face, her beautiful face, her old face, her young face; all reflections of her life and His life, joined in joy, joined in suffering, joined - Mother and Son - all through Their lives, during the Passion, now joined in heaven. They want to draw us to eternal salvation.

A loving Mother, truly by our sides, waiting to listen to our problems, and Jesus forever with her.

She stands under the cross and places our burdens there with us as we, hand-in-hand with our loving Mother, give up our frustrations, our crosses to Him, our loving Savior.

This is life, to be fixed so closely united with the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, all day surrendering ourselves to Their loving Hearts.

This is warmth and security to me. I realize so very much Their presence. This is the reality of this world. It is Godís world. We dwell here in the hope of achieving everlasting life. Jesus Christ is truly present this day in the Eucharist, no less than the day He walked this earth.

Mary is so closely united to her Son. To love Jesus is to love Mary, to love Mary is to love Jesus.

Mary, help me to love your beloved Son.

Jesus, help me to love Your beloved Mother.

Mary is always leading me to the love of her precious Son. All the meditations on the rosary about Mary lead me to Him. She is our spiritual Mother. To think of His being formed in her womb is so beautiful. I ask Mary to form me in her womb so I can be more closely united to her Son. For nine months He was formed in the womb of His loving Mother. For my lifetime, I am forever formed in her womb to deepen my union with Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Father.

The protection and security, to be surrounded by Maryís womb, is so beautiful. She delivers us up to union with her precious Son.

The more I meditate on Their lives in the rosary (I really meditate on each bead), these beautiful mysteries of Their lives, the more I am so closely joined to the union of Maryís Heart and Jesusí Heart. This is my refuge. This is our life, to be joined so intimately to Their Hearts!

She draws me to her and draws me to praying the rosary, like steel to a magnet. I get such comfort sharing Their lives. It is there I realize so much Their reality. They are truly here, this very day -- we are not ever alone!  I am united to Their lives. This comfort exists all through the day, for They are with me.

I pray in front of the big statue of Mary and she is alive to me.





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