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We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests
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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

July 22, 2003 - Feast of St. Mary Magdalene

July 23rd Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 8 Period I.
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A Prayer for Intimacy with the Lamb
the Bridegroom of the soul

    Oh Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, come and act on my soul most intimately. I surrender myself, as I ask for the grace to let go, to just be as I exist in You and You act most intimately on my soul. You are the Initiator. I am the soul waiting Your favors as You act in me. I love You. I adore You. I worship You. Come and possess my soul with Your Divine Grace, as I experience You most intimately.


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July 22, 2003

Messenger:            Tomorrow will begin the 9 days for the

                            Novena of St. Ignatius. All month we have

                            reflected somewhat on the writings of St.


                            Dear St. Ignatius

                                We pray through your powerful intercession 

                            to be holy. We pray through the intercession of 

                            Our Lady of Clearwater and Fr. Carter for help

                            to be holy. Help us to let go of attachments that keep 

                            us stuck. Help us to do God's holy will. Help us

                            to act for the honor and glory of God.

                            We pray for healing of our memory and

                                hurts in our heart.

                            We pray for grace.

                                St. Ignatius help us.

                                Today I want to begin, so those wishing

                            to think especially about the Feast of

                            St. Ignatius, can use these writings as a

                            special time before the Feast of St. Ignatius.



July 22, 2003 message continues

Messenger:         Fr. Carter is our founder — he gave us a good example.

                                I love St. Ignatius so deeply. It is a love I feel God

                                has given to me. I feel God has helped me

                                to have this love. On the Masses on the Feast

                                of St. Ignatius I would be given special ecstasies.

                                I so deeply love the readings of the Feast of 

                                St. Ignatius. Fr. Carter had a special Jesuit

                                book that had very special readings.

                                Today is a very special Feast. I see Mary

                            Magdalene and Mary under the cross above

                            our altar in our Eucharistic Center of

                            China, Indiana.



July 22, 2003 message continues

Messenger:             Here is a message I got from Our Lady.

                            That day I had a car accident.


January 2, 1999

Mary speaks:  I am Our Lady of Snows. I come to cover the earth with a soft white blanket of my love.

I come to bring peace to the earth. I tell you to let go of the anxiety in your heart and experience my peace and His love.

I am your heavenly Mother. I come to hold you and caress you and take you to my Immaculate Heart.


July 22, 2003 message continues

Messenger:             We are imperfect, we are human creatures —

                            In looking under the cross we see St.

                            Mary Magdalene that once was a sinner, but

                            changed and loved Christ so very much —

                            We see Mary, Our Spiritual Mother, Mother

                            so pure.

                                We see St. John.


John 19: 25-27

Jesus and his mother

Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother and his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary of Magdala. Seeing his mother and the disciple whom he loved standing near her, Jesus said to his mother, ‘Woman, this is your son.’ Then to the disciple he said, ‘This is your mother.’ And from that hour the disciple took her into his home.


July 22, 2003 message continues

Messenger:             In our spiritual journey here below we

                            struggle with relationships — relationship

                            with God, relationship with others, relationship 

                            with ourselves.

                                Fr. Carter called this — the Three Loves —

                                    1)  Love of God

                                    2)  Love of Others

                                    3)  Love of Ourselves

                            Jesus showed Himself to Mary Magdalene

                                after the Resurrection.


John 20: 1-2, 11-18

It was very early on the first day of the week and still dark, when Mary of Magdala came to the tomb. She saw that the stone had been moved away from the tomb and came running to Simon Peter and the other disciple, the one whom Jesus loved. ‘They have taken the Lord out of the tomb,’ she said, ‘and we don’t know where they have put him.’

The appearance to Mary of Magdala

But Mary was standing outside near the tomb, weeping. Then, as she wept, she stooped to look inside, and saw two angels in white sitting where the body of Jesus had been, one at the head, the other at the feet. They said, ‘Woman, why are you weeping?’ ‘They have taken my Lord away,’ she replied, ‘and I don’t know where they have put him.’ As she said this she turned round and saw Jesus standing there, though she did not realise that it was Jesus. Jesus said to her, ‘Woman, why are you weeping? Who are you looking for?’ Supposing him to be the gardener, she said, ‘Sir, if you have taken him away, tell me where you have put him, and I will go and remove him.’ Jesus said, ‘Mary!’ She turned round then and said to him in Hebrew, ‘Rabbuni!’—which means Master. Jesus said to her, ‘Do not cling to me, because I have not yet ascended to the Father. But go to the brothers, and tell them: I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.’ So Mary of Magdala told the disciples, ‘I have seen the Lord,’ and that he had said these things to her.


July 22, 2003 message continues

Messenger:         We are in slavery.

                            We are the daughters and sons of Adam and Eve.

                            Here is today's first reading


Exodus 14: 21 -- 15:1  

Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and Yahweh drove the sea back with a strong easterly wind all night and made the sea into dry land. The waters were divided and the Israelites went on dry ground right through the sea, with walls of water to right and left of them. The Egyptians gave chase, and all Pharaoh’s horses, chariots and horsemen went into the sea after them. In the morning watch, Yahweh looked down on the army of the Egyptians from the pillar of fire and cloud and threw the Egyptian army into confusion. He so clogged their chariot wheels that they drove on only with difficulty, which made the Egyptians say, ‘Let us flee from Israel, for Yahweh is fighting on their side against the Egyptians!’ Then Yahweh said to Moses, ‘Stretch out your hand over the sea and let the waters flow back on the Egyptians and on their chariots and their horsemen.’ Moses stretched out his hand over the sea and, as day broke, the sea returned to its bed. The fleeing Egyptians ran straight into it, and Yahweh overthrew the Egyptians in the middle of the sea. The returning waters washed right over the chariots and horsemen of Pharaoh’s entire army, which had followed the Israelites into the sea; not a single one of them was left. The Israelites, however, had marched through the sea on dry ground, with walls of water to right and left of them. That day, Yahweh rescued Israel from the clutches of the Egyptians, and Israel saw the Egyptians lying dead on the sea–shore. When Israel saw the mighty deed that Yahweh had performed against the Egyptians, the people revered Yahweh and put their faith in Yahweh and in Moses, his servant.

Song of victory

It was then that Moses and the Israelites sang this song in Yahweh’s honour: 

        I shall sing to Yahweh, 
                for he has covered himself in glory, 
            horse and rider 
                he has thrown into the sea.


Exodus 15: 8-10,12,17

A blast from your nostrils 
    and the waters piled high; 
the waves stood firm as a dyke; 
the bed of the sea became firm ground. 

The enemy said, 
    ‘I shall give chase and overtake, 
‘I shall share out the spoil 
    and glut myself on them, 
‘I shall draw my sword, 
    my hand will destroy them.’ 
You blew with your breath, 
    the sea closed over them; 
they sank like lead in the terrible waters.

You stretched your right hand out, 
    the earth swallowed them!

You will bring them in and plant them 
on the mountain which is your heritage, 
the place which you, Yahweh, 
    have made your dwelling, 
the sanctuary, Yahweh, 
    prepared by your own hands.


received Feast of Holy Rosary
October 7, 1994


July 22, 2003 message continues

Messenger:         Here is the end of the Bible — 


Revelation 22: 16 -21


I, Jesus, have sent my angel to attest these things to you for the sake of the churches. I am the sprig from the root of David and the bright star of the morning. 

    The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come!’ Let everyone who listens answer, ‘Come!’ Then let all who are thirsty come: all who want it may have the water of life, and have it free

    This is my solemn attestation to all who hear the prophecies in this book: if anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him every plague mentioned in the book; if anyone cuts anything out of the prophecies in this book, God will cut off his share of the tree of life and of the holy city, which are described in the book.

    The one who attests these things says: I am indeed coming soon. 

    Amen; come, Lord Jesus. 

May the grace of the Lord Jesus be with you all. Amen.


July 22, 2003 message continues

Messenger:         The BIBLE

                            Beginning ADAM & EVE sinned


Genesis Chapter 3

 The Fall

   Now, the snake was the most subtle of all the wild animals that Yahweh God had made. It asked the woman, ‘Did God really say you were not to eat from any of the trees in the garden?’ The woman answered the snake, ‘We may eat the fruit of the trees in the garden. But of the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden God said, "You must not eat it, nor touch it, under pain of death." ’ Then the snake said to the woman, ‘No! You will not die! God knows in fact that the day you eat it your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods, knowing good from evil.’ The woman saw that the tree was good to eat and pleasing to the eye, and that it was enticing for the wisdom that it could give. So she took some of its fruit and ate it. She also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate it. Then the eyes of both of them were opened and they realised that they were naked. So they sewed fig–leaves together to make themselves loin–cloths.

   The man and his wife heard the sound of Yahweh God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from Yahweh God among the trees of the garden. But Yahweh God called to the man. ‘Where are you?’ he asked. ‘I heard the sound of you in the garden,’ he replied. ‘I was afraid because I was naked, so I hid.’ ‘Who told you that you were naked?’ he asked. ‘Have you been eating from the tree I forbade you to eat?’ The man replied, ‘It was the woman you put with me; she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.’ Then Yahweh God said to the woman, ‘Why did you do that?’ The woman replied, ‘The snake tempted me and I ate.’

   Then Yahweh God said to the snake, ‘Because you have done this,

    Accursed be you of
    all animals wild and tame!
    On your belly you will go
    and on dust you will feed
    as long as you live.
    I shall put enmity
    between you and the woman,
    and between your offspring and hers;
    it will bruise your head
    and you will strike its heel.’

     To the woman he said:

     I shall give you intense pain
        in childbearing,
     you will give birth to your children
        in pain.
     Your yearning will be for your husband,
      and he will dominate you.

   To the man he said, ‘Because you listened to the voice of your wife and ate from the tree of which I had forbidden you to eat,

     Accursed be the soil because of you!
     Painfully will you get your food from it
     as long as you live.
   It will yield you brambles and thistles,
     as you eat the produce of the land.
   By the sweat of your face
     will you earn your food,
     until you return to the ground,
     as you were taken from it.
     For dust you are
     and to dust you shall return.’

   The man named his wife ‘Eve’ because she was the mother of all those who live. Yahweh God made tunics of skins for the man and his wife and clothed them. Then Yahweh God said, ‘Now that the man has become like one of us in knowing good from evil, he must not be allowed to reach out his hand and pick from the tree of life too, and eat and live for ever!’ So Yahweh God expelled him from the garden of Eden, to till the soil from which he had been taken. He banished the man, and in front of the garden of Eden he posted the great winged creatures and the fiery flashing sword, to guard the way to the tree of life.


near the 
end of the 

Revelation 21: 1-4

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; the first heaven and the first earth had disappeared now, and there was no longer any sea. I saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride dressed for her husband. Then I heard a loud voice call from the throne, ‘Look, here God lives among human beings. He will make his home among them; they will be his people, and he will be their God, God–with–them. He will wipe away all tears from their eyes; there will be no more death, and no more mourning or sadness or pain. The world of the past has gone.’


July 22, 2003 message continues

Messenger:         In between is the story of our Savior

                                His life, His death and resurrection.

                            The Divine God is our Savior to save

                                us from our sins.

                            The devil tries to get us to sin.

                            God comes to save us.

                            We have a fallen human nature.

                            We must model our lives after the New

                                Adam and the New Eve, Jesus and Mary.

                            The priest said the crossing of the

                                Red Sea is a symbol of baptism —

                                We see we must keep living out

                                our baptismal vows to

                                partake in the resurrection.

                            Some people have had to live in homes

                                where they had to live in a survival

                                mode —  they lived as victims —

                                today they may still be trying to

                                live this victim life by projecting

                                their problems on others and accusing

                                others of victimizing them.

                                They may always live in a dark

                                cloud seeing those over them as

                                victimizing them and holding

                                them bound. They heap all

                                their hurts from the past on the

                                new person in authority they 

                                themselves believe has victimized

                                them. They live in a survival mode —

                                feeling the world is not a safe place —

                                people above them are thinking things 

                                about them, people underneath give

                                them problems too.

                            The key is within — they live in this

                                survival mode from youth —

                                they still live this way —

                                They create problems with those in

                                authority by disobedience and other

                                measures, then they play their

                                victimization out on the leader.

                            Who would want the venom and hurt

                                of a wounded child giving their load

                                to someone else. The superior of a

                                wounded child must recognize this

                                patterned behavior and address it.

                            We see in St. Ignatius Exercises the 

                                discernment of spirits. On retreat 

                                Fr. Carter always had me begin

                                with the discernment of spirits.

                                The devil works in the memory of many.

                            A grown person can have so much hurt they

                                don't really remember all the events only

                                the hurt. In the pain in their adult life

                                they may "heap" all the reasons for that

                                pain of the past on the authority figure now 

                                or others around them now. A person

                                in authority may find it very difficult

                                to correct this person in anyway

                                because they revert back to the

                                old mode of being mistreated by

                                the authority as a child. They never 

                                want any corrections.

                            How does one in authority communicate

                                and get any work accomplished if

                                one underneath them goes into this 

                                mode of the wounded child if any

                                correction is given. It is in

                                working toward a goal, in teaching

                                and doing things correctly things get

                                done properly. How do you instruct 

                                them or tell them what they are to do?

                                They may pout and act wounded as a

                                child for over a week.

                            Some will attach themselves to others, in an

                                attempt to finally work out hidden

                                hurts. They think this person, this

                                place will be the perfect place to

                                undo all that unfinished hurt

                                instances of the past. An attempt

                                is made to make it all work right,

                                this time with new players —

                                AND THEN, THEY THINK, THAT

                                    UNFINISHED SINERIO, the PAIN

                                    in the past will end with a happy ending

                                    (everybody loving & supporting them).

                            Attachments to others to make us happy is

                                very silly — only God can really make

                                us truly happy — the thirsting within

                                ourselves will never be satisfied here

                                in this life —

                            I have longed for completeness in Him

                                so deep the pain is awful.

                            I know Him in the ecstasies and I want

                                Him more and more and more and I long

                                for heaven —

                                this is the state of the man here below

                                to be hungering for completeness in

                                God — to desire to be possessed

                                by Him — to have the heavenly embrace

                                and live forever in the bliss of the

                                beatific vision.

                            We are hungering souls here below and

                                our souls are not at rest until

                                we rest in Him forever.

                            Unhealthy attachments to others will only

                                leave us frustrated — no human person

                                can satisfy the craving of the soul.

                            I long to be in a place of union with Him

                                here below especially in the Eucharist,

                                where I can put aside the worldly

                                distractions and be united to Him.

                                Some people see interaction with others

                            a threat to the spiritual life.

                                Fr. Carter speaks of 3 loves

                                (1)  love of God

                                (2)  love of others

                                (3)  love of oneself 

                            If any of the three are missing we are not 

                                going to develop properly on our

                                spiritual journey.

                            We may not wish to deal with someone

                                who projects their hurt feelings on

                                us. Some like a baby crying out

                                who have been robbed of the love

                                they deserved and security as

                                children are searching life long

                                for the arms of the accepting parent

                                who may have been a workaholic, sex addict, 

                                alcoholic, but literally left the child

                                feel abandoned many times and aching in

                                their little hurt. Or the child cries for the

                                imperfect ways the parents raised them.

                            What big parent could they find to heal —

                                how do they even know when they

                                hold on so tightly to their mates and

                                "holler" at them because the child

                                inside cries to be held and accepted.

                            It is in relating with others in intimate

                                relationships and in communities,

                                at work, we see the little wounded

                                children come out of the adults.

                            It isn't always helpful for one to go live

                                alone, since they can't get along —

                                When every one tells you, you need to

                                change something — it is for your

                                own growth to be more perfected

                                like Christ, that you must listen or

                                be a menace to all around you.

                            Some people do things years after years

                                after years and blame everyone

                                around them when they make

                                everybody wait or do something

                                likewise offending.

                            Some things are so habitual, for example

                                being in a survivor mode from

                                youth, that someone carries on these

                                things into adulthood — projecting

                                the unaccepting eyes of parents

                                etc. onto new people, always having

                                a survival mode to deal with inside —

                                thinking — "this is not safe, the place and

                                people are hostile", new place, new

                                players, same old play from the

                                mind of a little child with hurts deep

                                inside, always looking for unfinished

                                business to have a happy ending, to

                                once and for all be loved like the little

                                child from all around them.

                            Life is tough, we must live in the moment,

                                we can't hide — to live out our imperfect

                                ways or we will never see how we have

                                to change.

                            Being with others helps us see what we need

                                to change.

                            As married couples grow in greater oneness

                                in God, they must let go of destructive

                                behavior patterns that have developed —

                                and seek perfection, seek greater oneness.

                            Some married couples just settle in dealing

                                with each other's imperfections living

                                very dysfunctionally.

                            A person that is very dysfunctional will go into

                                a community and do all they can to

                                change that community to be dysfunctional

                                like them, because they want the

                                familiar, they want all to do their dance.

                                In many dysfunctional homes, the parties

                            got more dysfunctional because of force,

                            abuse etc.

                                Alcoholic homes are usually very dysfunctional,

                            abuse is used to keep the family in line. The

                            rules are imposed on others.

                                A community of religious cannot function

                            and do a particular task if there is not

                            the element of structure and support.

                                A person entering a community taking the

                            vow of poverty, chastity and obedience must

                            willingly submit to the vows of the order.

                                If they enter a community and do not

                            want to submit to obedience they will

                            perform all tasks as one being

                            oppressed and not with a whole heart.

                                Ignatius called his Jesuits to poverty,

                            chastity and obedience. When one goes

                            into religious life they must pray to be

                            faithful to those vows. They willingly

                            submit themselves to those vows. The

                            secret in peace is saying yes to the

                            superiors placed over them. If a person

                            feels God is calling them to live out their

                            vocation in a particular order, they must pray

                            for the grace to be faithful to the vows and

                            be loyal to the order. St. Ignatius wanted

                            holy men, not attached to inordinate attachments,

                            giving themselves willingly to serving God for

                            His honor and glory.

                                The Jesuits require that the men examine

                            their conscience for ten minutes twice daily

                            and do the daily office and make an 8 day

                            retreat yearly from St. Ignatius Spiritual 


                                The world is preaching to us — 

                            sex outside of marriage, be number

                            one, be selfish; the world tells us

                            things that weaken authority — go

                            over the parents, spreading some lies

                            about the Church because of individuals

                            sins; the world has violent movies,

                            sexual allurements — and in the

                            middle of all this comes this message

                            from Jesus on the Feast of St. Ignatius


Given to Father Carter
on the Feast of St. Ignatius

July 31, 1994

Words of Jesus to Members of
Shepherds of Christ Associates:

"My beloved priest-companion, I intend to use the priestly newsletter, Shepherds of Christ, and the movement, Shepherds of Christ Associates, in a powerful way for the renewal of My Church and the world.

"I will use the newsletter and the chapters of Shepherds of Christ Associates as a powerful instrument for spreading devotion to My Heart and My Mother's Heart.

"I am calling many to become members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. To all of them I will give great blessings. I will use them as instruments to help bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the reign of My Sacred Heart. I will give great graces to the members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. I will call them to be deeply united to My Heart and to Mary's Heart as I lead them ever closer to My Father in the Holy Spirit."

- Message from Jesus to Father Edward J. Carter, S.J., Founder, as given on July 31, 1994,
feast of Saint Ignatius Loyola, Founder of the Society of Jesus (The Jesuits)

end of July 31, 1994 message given to Fr. Carter


July 22, 2003 message continues

Messenger:         This message from Mary at Fatima —


Excerpt from The Spirituality of Fatima

    Besides the messages associated with the major Fatima apparitions, there were other revelations given by Our Lady. Before Jacinta died, she told of other messages given her (during her illness) by Mary:

    ... Priests must be pure, very pure. They should not busy themselves with anything except what concerns the Church and souls. The disobedience of priests, to their superiors and to the Holy Father, is very displeasing to Our Lord... (19)


1 9. For background material on Fatima, I am particularly indebted to 
    Our Lady of Fatima's Peace Plan from Heaven
(Rockford: TAN 
    Books and Publishers, Inc., 1983). p. 9-10.


July 22, 2003 message continues

Messenger:         Ignatius wanted holy men in his order.

                                Men who live by this retreat of St.

                                    Ignatius will come to be more

                                    perfected in their way of life.

                            Fr. Carter lived his vows of poverty,

                                chastity and obedience.

                            He was obedient to his superiors.

                            He suffered persecution and heartache

                                from what he was asked to do and

                                how he was received.

                            I have a whole wall full of Fr. Carter's books —

                                they are centered in love and Christ.

                            Every book —

                                Fr. Carter was humble — he believed

                                    the messages — he supported

                                    me, he stood up for the messages

                                    and he said if people didn't

                                    believe they could not be leaders

                                    in the Shepherds of Christ Movement.

                                Fr. Carter told me in June, 1994 that Jesus

                                    told him to take care of me and

                                    help me anyway he could to do

                                    what Jesus was telling me to do.

                                Fr. Carter was there daily about 4 months

                                    when Mary first appeared —

                                but the Movement wasn't for the followers

                                    of Fr. Carter —

                            Fr. Carter made it clear Jesus was running

                                the Movement through these messages.

                            Message after message the Movement

                                unfolded and Mary appeared to me about

                                500 times in an old seminary where the

                                corner fell off giving me and Fr. Carter

                                messages to form this Movement

                                Shepherds of Christ.






July 22, 2003 message continues

Messenger:         The corner fell off the old seminary on Lucia's

                                birthday March 22, 1994.

                            I never thought I would live my life doing

                                this, I taught math 20 years part-time,

                                college math and several years in high school -

                                I had 4 children and nursed babies.

                            God called me —

                                I heard my name in the Church in Dayton

                                    after communion —

                                    in an audible voice from right

                                    behind me, it was silent and I heard —

                                    RITA — the voice said

                            I looked around and there was no one.

                            No one was even close to me.


                            We must want holiness

                            No matter how far the world is off

                            That doesn't mean reciting a "battery" of


                            That means holiness

                                that means love in our hearts

                                that means praying for our vocations 

                                    Fr. Carter said


Excerpt from February 1, 1998

    Perseverance in the Movement—all vocations, all callings need perseverance. I pray for perseverance as a Jesuit every day of my life. I pray for perseverance. I’m suggesting to all of us that we pray for perseverance in the Movement and not just a status quo type of perseverance, but pray for a perseverance which will allow us to dynamically grow and be greater apostles in the Movement. And we have to take the means to persevere.


July 22, 2003 message continues

Messenger:                 then Fr. Carter left in tears



July 22, 2003 message continues

Messenger:                 that means asking to help to die to our imperfections.

                                What a leader God picked for us

                                    a Jesuit priest with a doctorate in

                                    theology, author of 18 books on

                                    the spiritual life, but gentle, docile,

                                    open to the messages that formed his

                                    life later on and influenced the Priestly


                                He said they were our Newsletters.

                                Jesus through His messages led Fr. Carter

                                    deeper in the heart to express his

                                    deep feelings of love of God and love

                                    for all men in the Priestly Newsletter.

                                Deeper and deeper — each Newsletter a

                                    Spiritual Direction from Jesus

                                    to lead the priest into this

                                    deep era of love in the

                                    Reign of the Sacred Heart.

                                So many in the world, don't believe

                                    in Jesus and Jesus gives these



Given to Father Carter
on the Feast of St. Ignatius

July 31, 1994

Words of Jesus to Members of
Shepherds of Christ Associates:

"My beloved priest-companion, I intend to use the priestly newsletter, Shepherds of Christ, and the movement, Shepherds of Christ Associates, in a powerful way for the renewal of My Church and the world.

"I will use the newsletter and the chapters of Shepherds of Christ Associates as a powerful instrument for spreading devotion to My Heart and My Mother's Heart.

"I am calling many to become members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. To all of them I will give great blessings. I will use them as instruments to help bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the reign of My Sacred Heart. I will give great graces to the members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. I will call them to be deeply united to My Heart and to Mary's Heart as I lead them ever closer to My Father in the Holy Spirit."

- Message from Jesus to Father Edward J. Carter, S.J., Founder, as given on July 31, 1994,
feast of Saint Ignatius Loyola, Founder of the Society of Jesus (The Jesuits)

end of July 31, 1994 message given to Fr. Carter



August 1, 1994

given to Rita Ring

Pray For The Success Of The Priestly Newsletter - Shepherds of Christ

Messenger: The following is the first official message I received before the statue of Mary at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center. It is a personal message for Father Carter.

Mary speaks: (in front of the glowing statue of Our Lady of Sorrows) I am the Immaculate Heart. My Heart is glowing for love of all my beloved children. I am your most loving Mother. I am with you this day. Pray for the success of the priestly newsletter Shepherds of Christ. I am guarding your way. You will receive such graces to accomplish this task! Grace from God is so abundantly bestowed on you and will lead to the success of this endeavor! Pray for this cause at the Center. The priests will lead the people to the love of My beloved Son. This is no little task. It will take many prayers and graces. Pray hard, little one. Your prayers will change many hearts.

I am Mary, your Immaculate Mother. I bring this message to My beloved priest-son.

end of August 1, 1994 message



October 13, 1994

The Birth of the Full Ministries
of the Shepherds of Christ

    "I wish to share with you part of a message which Jesus gave us on October 13, 1994. The message tells us about the expansion of the Shepherds of Christ movement:

    'My beloved priest-companion, today I come to you with another mission. I am asking you to establish Shepherds of Christ Ministries. At My request you have already begun the priestly newsletter, "Shepherds of Christ", and the prayer chapters, Shepherds of Christ Associates...

    'I am giving you this message on this day, the 77th Anniversary of the Great Apparition at Fatima, because of the close connection between the Shepherds of Christ movement and the Fatima message. The Fatima message is centered in devotion to My Heart and My Mother's Heart, especially in consecration to Our Hearts. Shepherds of Christ Ministries is also centered in devotion to Our Hearts. I will use Shepherds of Christ Ministries as a great instrument in helping to bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the reign of My Sacred Heart. When this occurs, My Church and the world will be experiencing the great era of peace promised by My Mother at Fatima.

    'Today, then, October 13, 1994, the 77th Anniversary of the Great Apparition at Fatima, marks the birth of Shepherds of Christ Ministries. I pour forth the great love of My Sacred Heart to all. I am Jesus, Chief Shepherd of the flock.'

end of October 13, 1994 message given to Fr. Carter



Apostles of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

My dear fellow Associate Members,

Jesus is calling special apostles to join a new division of the Shepherds of Christ Movement. Here is a message from Jesus given to Father Carter:

    My beloved priest-companion, I am requesting that a new prayer movement be started under the direction of Shepherds of Christ Ministries. I am asking for volunteers who are willing to pray before the Blessed Sacrament for one hour, twice-weekly. Members of the Shepherds of Christ prayer chapters, as well as others, are to be invited to join this movement.

    These apostles are to pray for the intentions I am giving you. For part of the hour they are to use the prayers of the Shepherds of Christ Associates Handbook. They may spend the rest of the hour as they so choose.

    I will use this new prayer movement within My Shepherds of Christ Ministries in a powerful way to help in the renewal of My Church and the world. I will give great graces to those who join this movement. The name, Apostles of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, is to be given to this movement.

    I am inviting My beloved Rita Ring to be coordinator for this activity.

    I pour out the great love of My Sacred Heart to all. I am Jesus, Chief Shepherd of the flock.

    This is indeed a special calling for us to unite in one heart with His Eucharistic Heart and pray for the following intentions:

  1. For the spread of the devotion to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary culminating in the reign of the Sacred Heart and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart.
  2. For the Pope.
  3. For all bishops of the world.
  4. For all priests.
  5. For all sisters and brothers in the religious life.
  6. For all members of the Shepherds of Christ Movement, and for the spread of this movement to the world.
  7. For all members of the Catholic Church.
  8. For all members of the human family.
  9. For all souls in purgatory.

end of Apostles of the Eucharistic Heart message



July 22, 2003 message continues

Messenger:         Jesus gave these messages to us and    

                                1½ years later Mary appeared on the

                                building and then after Fr. Carter

                                died Jesus appeared like this to me


February 5, 2001


July 22, 2003 message continues

Messenger:         to tell us He will take care of His

                                    Movement and we sent the Priestly

                                    Newsletter Book II to 85,000 priests

                                    that month — with the words of Jesus

                                    to lead the world into the Reign of His

                                    Most Sacred Heart.


           First day

Excerpt of The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, by Louis J. Puhl, S.J.


Further rules for understanding the different movements produced in the soul. They serve for a more accurate discernment of spirits and are more suitable for the second week

329.  1.  It is characteristic of God and His Angels, when they act upon the soul, to give true happiness and spiritual joy, and to banish all the sadness and disturbances which are caused by the enemy.
   It is characteristic of the evil one to fight against such happiness and consolation by proposing fallacious reasonings, subtilties, and continual deceptions.

330.  2.  God alone can give consolation to the soul without any previous cause. It belongs solely to the Creator to come into a soul, to leave it, to act upon it, to draw it wholly to the love of His Divine Majesty. I said without previous cause, that is, without any preceding perception or knowledge of any subject by which a soul might be led to such a consolation through its own acts of intellect and will.

331.  3.  If a cause precedes, both the good angel and the evil spirit can give consolation to a soul, but for a quite different purpose. The good angel consoles for the progress of the soul, that it may advance and rise to what is more perfect. The evil spirit consoles for purposes that are the contrary, and that afterwards he might draw the soul to his own perverse intentions and wickedness.

332.  4.  It is a mark of the evil spirit to assume the appearance of an angel of light. He begins by suggesting thoughts that are suited to a devout soul, and ends by suggesting his own. For example, he will suggest holy and pious thoughts that are wholly in conformity with the sanctity of the soul. Afterwards, he will endeavor little by little to end by drawing the soul into his hidden snares and evil designs.

333.  5.  We must carefully observe the whole course of our thoughts. If the beginning and middle and end of the course of thoughts are wholly good and directed to what is entirely right, it is a sign that they are from the good angel. But the course of thoughts suggested to us may terminate in something evil, or distracting, or less good than the soul had formerly proposed to do. Again, it may end in what weakens the soul, or disquiets it; or by destroying the peace, tranquility, and quiet which it had before, it may cause disturbance to the soul. These things are a clear sign that the thoughts are proceeding from the evil spirit, the enemy of our progress and eternal salvation.

334.  6.  When the enemy of our human nature has been detected and recognized by the trail of evil marking his course and by the wicked end to which he leads us, it will be profitable for one who has been tempted to review immediately the whole course of the temptation. Let him consider the series of good thoughts, how they arose, how the evil one gradually attempted to make him step down from the state of spiritual delight and joy in which he was, till finally he drew him to his wicked designs. The purpose of this review is that once such an experience has been understood and carefully observed, we may guard ourselves for the future against the customary deceits of the enemy.

335.  7.  In souls that are progressing to greater perfection, the action of the good angel is delicate, gentle, delightful. It may be compared to a drop of water penetrating a sponge.
    The action of the evil spirit upon such souls is violent, noisy, and disturbing. It may be compared to a drop of water falling upon a stone.
    In souls that are going from bad to worse, the action of the spirits mentioned above is just the reverse. The reason for this is to be sought in the opposition or similarity of these souls to the different kinds of spirits. When the disposition is contrary to that of the spirits, they enter with noise and commotion that are easily perceived. When the disposition is similar to that of the spirits, they enter silently, as one coming into his own house when the doors are open.

336.  8.  When consolation is without previous cause, as was said, there can be no deception in it, since it can proceed from God our Lord only. But a spiritual person who has received such a consolation must consider it very attentively, and must cautiously distinguish the actual time of the consolation from the period which follows it. At such a time the soul is still fervent and favored with the grace and aftereffects of the consolation which has passed. In this second period the soul frequently forms various resolutions and plans which are not granted directly by God our Lord. They may come from our own reasoning on the relations of our concepts and on the consequences of our judgments, or they may come from the good or evil spirit. Hence, they must be carefully examined before they are given full approval and put into execution.


                 First Principle and Foundation

                        Man is created to praise, reverence
                         and serve God our Lord, and by
                         this means to save his soul.


                   Sing: Take Lord Receive


           From The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius
                    by Louis J. Puhl, S.J.
p. 25

46. PRAYER.  In the preparatory prayer I will beg God
our Lord for grace that all my intentions, actions, 
and operations may be directed purely to the 
praise and service of His Divine Majesty. 


                —   Remembering my past sins, I will

                                ask God to forgive me for all 

                                the sins of my past life and 

                                tell him I am sorry for my sins.

                            Fr. Carter always told me in each

                                confession to say I was sorry

                                for all the sins of my past life.

                            I went almost every day to confession —

                                now I don't get to go so frequently


                            Think of our sins.

                                Remember how we offend God

                                    when we sin.

                                Tell God we are sorry for

                                    offending Him.

                            Farter Carter always said in his Newsletter

“What have I done for Christ? 
  What am I doing for Christ? 
  What ought I do for Christ?”


                —   St. Ignatius in the Spiritual Exercises

                                wants us to recall to mind our sins —

                                year by year — make a list he says —

                                recall how severe my sins were

                            We must be sorry for those we hurt —

                                tell God we are sorry

                                Thank God for forgiving our sins.

                                Say the Our Father

                —   Think about hell —



Excerpt from The Spirituality of Fatima

July 13, 1917

"During this same July apparition, Mary showed the three children a vision of Hell. She told them:

    "You have seen Hell, where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish, in the world, devotion to my Immaculate Heart. If people do what I tell you, many souls will be saved and there will be peace.(13)


13. For background material on Fatima, I am particularly indebted to
        Our Lady of Fatima's Peace Plan from Heaven 
        (Rockford: TAN Books and Publishers, Inc., 1983).

end of excerpt from The Spirituality of Fatima


Excerpt from January 5, 2003

Mary speaks:   I am Mary your Mother. My children are hurting and many are dropping into hell like rain. My children will you help me? 


Excerpt from Tell My People

Mary: "My beloved priest-son, I have led you to greatly increase your prayers and sacrifices for others. I have often reminded you of my teaching at Fatima--that many souls go to Hell because they have no one to pray and make sacrifices for them. My Immaculate Heart longs that all my little ones be saved.


Excerpt from October 13, 1996

Over and over again I heard Our Lady call out, "Please, please the souls are dropping into hell like rain. You must go out to the world and spread the love of my Son."


Excerpt from February 26, 2003

Jesus speaks:        Your papers, your news, your

                                    scandals and as My Mother

                                    has told you

                                Souls are dropping into hell like rain.


  • pray for forgiveness for our sins

  • thank God for forgiving our sins

                         Tuesday is Healing Night

                          Join us on the radio 6:20

                          Pray the prayers with Fr. Carter tape


Excerpt from November 4, 1998

Jesus speaks:  Every Tuesday the rosary is to be conducted for healing, mostly healing in the hearts. Great grace is given on Tuesdays for healing.



                          Pray for grace to be holy



Novena to the Infant of Prague
(to be prayed hourly if possible)

          O Jesus, who said, "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you," through the intercession of Mary, Your most holy Mother, I knock, I seek, I ask that my prayer be granted. 

          O Jesus, who said, "All that you ask of the Father in My Name He will grant you," through the intercession of Mary, Your most holy Mother, I humbly and urgently ask Your Father in Your Name that my prayer be granted. 

          O Jesus, who said, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My word shall not pass," through the intercession of Mary, Your most holy Mother, I feel confident that my prayer will be granted.


July 22, 2003 message continues

Messenger:         Jesus says to write a letter every day to

                                Him and open the Blue Books.

                                He said He will help us.

                                Pray for grace to let go of attachments

                                    that keep us from being holy.






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