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We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

July 22, 2004

July 23rd Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 6 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries
for July 23rd are Glorious.


Next Retreat night of August 11th,
August 12th thru August 15th


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July 22, 2004

Jesus speaks:     Shepherds of Christ has a real message 
                                to deliver to the priests. 
                            I have been giving this message since 
                                the beginning to help lead the Church 
                                into this great era of love and peace. 

                            I want an intimate spousal union with My priests 
                                and My people. 

                            I want this deep oneness with My priests 
                                and My people. 

                            I want My people to go to the Eucharist 
                                and to love Me so deeply.  

                            I want you to help lead the Church and 
                                the world into a deep, personal love affair 
                                with Me. This is My desire. 

                            This mission is not for the priests 
                                of this day only, 
                                but writings are to help lead 
                                the Church of the future. 

                            The writings are to help the priests 
                                and the people to love Mary more deeply 
                                and recognize Mary in the vital role 
                                she plays in the Church and in the world. 

                            If the people recognize Mary as they should, 
                                Mary's Image would have never been destroyed. 

                            What happened in Clearwater shows you 
                                to a small degree of the lack of regard 
                                that people have towards Mary. 

                            Mary is your spiritual Mother. 
                            Mary is Mother of the Church. 
                            Many of her children and priests do not 
                                recognize her as such. 

                            The role of the Shepherds of Christ is 
                                to reach the priests with these writings 
                                which are to be passed down also to 
                                future generations in the Church. 

                            The Blue Book writings were given 
                                to feed the hungry souls -
                                to lead the people into this deep 
                                appreciation of the Eucharist 
                                and to live the spousal union with Me - 
                                they are the messages I give 
                                and I write the letters of love 
                                on their hearts. 

                            You can talk about the Eucharist 
                                as a history class or you can realize 
                                how intimately I want to unite 
                                with My people. 

                            Some may focus on writings as a textbook, 
                                focused on their heads. 

                            The love affair I desire is love from the heart. 

                            The souls are oh so hungry for the messages 
                                I have given. 

                            They need this deep appreciation 
                                of the gift given in the Eucharist. 

                            I want My people to have a spousal union 
                                with Me. 

                            It isn't a lot of head knowledge as much as 
                                loving intimate union with God,
                                Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, 
                                from the heart. 

                            I am Lord of heaven and earth 
                                and many do not recognize Me 
                                as a Divine Person. 

                            You are losing Catholics who do not have 
                                this intimate love union with God,
                                Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Messenger:          I figured God wants us to be loving 
                                and allows us to be tested to see how well 
                                we will grow in love and allows us to 
                                undergo tremendous differences 
                                so that the maturity will take place 
                                to grow as people of love.

                            He is love. If we are to teach of Him, 
                                but cease to love why should He 
                                continue to allow us to be His 
                                spokes persons about His love. 

                            We are but a sounding gong, 
                                a clanging cymbal.

                            From the time I spent in Florida this weekend 
                                when I was so close to Jesus and He appeared 
                                so beautifully on the window for all to see 
                                and the lessons He is teaching us - 
                                God wants honor and praise and LOVE -
                                He told me so strongly Ascension Thursday 
                                May 25, 1995-I am alive! I am alive 
                                I am alive. Jesus said many treat Him as a dead object)

                            My heart is consumed with emotion for the 
                                message God has given to me over these 
                                past 13 years and it is real - 
                                It is not weird or against scripture -
                                it is solid rooted in His Word -
                                the words of the Mass - 
                                the writings of the Church. 

                            What we must look at are the ways 
                                and practices of how we are 
                                showing love to God and to others. 

                            Are we loving God the way He really wants?

                            From knowing all the different ways 
                                a couple can share love in marriage 
                                from a beautiful relationship like Steve and Sheila 
                                to mere tolerance and all the ways in-between, 
                                we recognize there are many ways that couples 
                                that are wed to one another share love. 

                            How many books have been written about 
                                intimate relationships with God. 

                            You can see that God's love is so real. 

                            He died for us. 
                            He rose on the third day. 
                            He shows us in His bitter passion 
                                how deeply He loves us. 

                            He could have come with cold hands 
                                and delivered a stiff message in dry words, 
                                but to tell us about His love - 
                                God - the Son of God 
                                took flesh and came as a man, 
                                a baby in the world -
                                His ways are not hidden so children 
                                can not understand -
                                St. Bernadette (Mary appeared to her at Lourdes) 
                                had trouble in school. 

                            Why did he pick children at Fatima? 
                                These children knew the love of Jesus and Mary. 

                            Mary appeared to children at Fatima. 

                            Bernadette had much difficulty with school.


Matthew 11: 25

At that time Jesus exclaimed, I bless you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for hiding these things from the learned and the clever and revealing them to little children.


July 22, 2004 continues

Messenger:         I did not know any theology 
                                I got it in a slit second when He gave me 
                                special graces - 
                                Fr. Carter did not teach me - 
                                he was quiet most of the time -
                                The Newsletter was formed more and more 
                                and there is a direct correlation between 
                                his writings and what he discerned at the 
                                same time in the daily messages. 

                            He was always working more with 
                                my writings than his own -
                                but the Newsletter and my writings 
                                emerged the way the Lord was teaching 
                                the world and the Church about intimate love - 
                                union with all the Persons of the Trinity -
                                There is a definite plan for this Mission 
                                and it is centered in what He is saying. 

                            The how -the ways God wants us to love Him 
                                and to love others. 

                            The secrets of oneness in community life 
                                in relationships - in love of friends 
                                are being taught to us from Jesus, 
                                of working together to help promote 
                                God's kingdom.

                            A lady cut the end of the ham off 
                                and when asked by her husband why -
                                she said her mother did it.

                            Do you not think that God would speak 
                                to people about intimate love union 
                                when He is love - 
                                people are starved for love - 
                                ills are abundant in the world 
                                and God is not honored and praised 
                                as He should be by many.


Revelation 7:14-17

I answered him, 'You can tell me, sir.' Then he said, 'These are the people who have been through the great trial; they have washed their robes white again in the blood of the Lamb. That is why they are standing in front of God's throne and serving him day and night in his sanctuary; and the One who sits on the throne will spread his tent over them. They will never hunger or thirst again; sun and scorching wind will never plague them, because the Lamb who is at the heart of the throne will be their shepherd and will guide them to springs of living water; and God will wipe away all tears from their eyes.'


July 22, 2004 continues

Messenger:         Are we bowing to God truly present 
                                in the Blessed Sacrament? 

                            Are we teaching this reverence and importance 
                                of the Holy Eucharist to the children 
                                in the schools? 

                            Are we teaching the children in the 
                                Catholic Schools about the 
                                Catholic faith in all the 

                            The priests must teach the people 
                                the ways Jesus wants to be loved. 

                            Some day in the future the traditions 
                                passed on to the people will be about 
                                the intimate love of Jesus. 

                            There are many "ways of loving" books 
                                that people use to learn how to love 
                                in relationships. 

                            You must see that God is giving 
                                God's Blue Book to us and He is 
                                writing His message of love 
                                on our hearts. 

                            He tells us in God's Blue Book 
                                how he wants to be loved.

                            The message of God's love is written 
                                on our hearts when we read 
                                God's Blue Book.

                            A priest told me - my life was so different 
                                before I got God's Blue Book - 
                                my relationship with Jesus was not 
                                very intimate with Him and 
                                then I got God's Blue Book 
                                and my whole life changed - 
                                I spent one hour daily before 
                                the Eucharist and 
                                he told my brother he wanted to meet me.

                            The Mass book has a message too -
                                I know when a priest is in the room. 
                            I feel a special presence. 
                            God has gifted our priests so much. 

                            I can feel the presence of Jesus radiate 
                                from the holy soul. 

                            God loves our priests so very much. 

                            I truly love the priests because I feel 
                                this special gift God has given to us 
                                through them. 

                            I love it when a priest prays with us 
                                and is in the room.

                            I want to deliver the very important message 
                                God has delivered to me. 
                            This is the message of the Shepherds of Christ.

                            Generations upon generations have passed down 
                                ways of doing things. 

                            A man can work on his golf swing for 34 years -
                                he may analyze every aspect of his swing, 
                                go to instructors and play avidly. 

                            A person can analyze every aspect of their food, 
                                count every fat cell, carb, sugar, etc. 

                            They may think that their life here is so important 
                                and not even think about the life hereafter. 

                            There are millions of people who think life 
                                is found in things here below.

                            Ways are passed on about 
                                how to be in the Church -
                                but few about real love relationships 
                                with Jesus in the way He really 
                                wants to be loved.

                            Lou B. who wrote about love 
                                talked about the guy whose wife 
                                wanted a red dress. 
                            He never bought it for her while she was alive - 
                                so he buried her in it.

                            God is love. 
                            God wants to be loved.

                            God remains truly present in the Eucharist 
                                the same as He walked the earth.

                            If children in grade schools knew 
                                the gift of the Eucharist and 
                                children in high schools knew 
                                the gift of the Eucharist -
                                they would not be going to other religions -
                                that don't have the Eucharist - 
                                they do not realize the power 
                                of the Eucharist and that God is 
                                truly present as they should. 
                                (Are they being instructed about this,
                                the writings and rosary meditations 
                                God has given to me speak constantly of this.)

                            The way Jesus wants to be loved 
                                in the Eucharist is told in these writings.

                            Satan knows the power is in the Eucharist.




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