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July 27, 2007

July 28th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 7 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for July 28th are Glorious.


August 5, 2007 Florida
Please come and pray!!
Retreat in China
August 10th - 13th
Retreat in Florida

August 19th - 22nd

August 19th is the 90th anniversary

of Mary's apparition at Fatima

after the children were jailed.

August 22nd is the Queenship of Mary.

Rita will be here to sign books.



July 27, 2007


                    Fr. Carter passed from this
                life and I still deeply love him.
                Love does not end because someone
                is not with me.

                    My mom died when I was 5, there
                was a deep connection in my heart,
                my blood to my mom  — I never stopped
                loving mom.

                    When Mary appeared every day for
                14 months it ended — then I got a much
                deeper union with Jesus during September 95
                and on because Jesus gave me this
                grace to write the Mass Book.

                    This is the mystery of love — I do not
                see the Father — He lives deeply in me and
                I love Him so very much — I love my
                grandma and my dad who died even though
                I do not see them — love lives on in my

                    I know the Holy Spirit alive in me —
                I do not see the Holy Spirit — I do not see
                Fr. Carter anymore, but I so deeply love
                him and all he did in love for all of us
                I cry to think of him — I know my mom
                who died when I was 5 is still very
                one with me — she was very holy.

                    I long because of the absence of another
                I once saw, my mom, step-mom, dad,
                Fr. Carter, but I know they live and are still
                united to me in heaven — I know the
                saints — I know them very deeply — I
                love them so very much. I have my favorite

                    I know Mary, whose image once appeared
                in Clearwater — she is my spiritual mother
                and I love her so very much.

                    Being without friends around me now
                gives me special time to be united to those
                in heaven — but I am always united to the
                Mass — always united to Jesus and the Pascal
                Mystery I am always united to the Mass — the
                sacrifice of Calvary sacramentally made

                    God is teaching me to love — everyday
                of my life I learn about His love — I love
                more deeply some saints, I know them — God
                has given me special grace to know them
                and have great devotion to them. God has
                united my heart more deeply to some then
                others — I am a creature of love — In
                baptism we are giving a sharing in God's
                knowing and loving capacity — The more
                I am saturated with His grace - the more
                I am filled with His life - the more
                deeply I love.

                    I love our priests so much. From
                praying the Shepherds of Christ prayers and giving
                my life for the priests God has given me a great
                respect and love for the priests. I deeply love
                the Church — the gift God has given to us, the
                fountain of life — I love the Church more and
                more every day I live — I deeply, deeply
                love the souls Jesus died for — to identify
                with Jesus is to deeply love the souls He
                died for.

                    That is why we pray in the Shepherds of Christ — we
                give our lives to prayer for the priests, the Church
                and the world because we deeply love more
                and more like Jesus. Jesus outpours His life
                to us in baptism and going to the sacraments -
                we are filled with His life — We suck at the
                table of the Lord — We become more one
                in God — saturated with His life. God is
                love — to be filled with Him is to love —
                to be one in Him - is to love — it
                is as - we exist in Him — our peace
                is not shattered even if we are tested and
                struggle are tired and hungry — God lives
                deeply in us.

                    There are degrees of being saturated
                more and more with His grace — We are
                filled more and more with His grace through
                the sacraments, from the Eucharist, from
                Adoration, from confession, God lives
                in us in different measures — His life is
                alive in us, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit live
                in the graced soul. Mary was full of
                grace — Mary was most likened to God
                more than any human creature.

                    We are sinners, Mary was sinless.

                    The more we are saturated with
                His life — the greater our capacity
                to love — To be filled with Him — to
                be likened to Him — to have a deeper
                capacity to love.

                    Mary is so very loving —
                    His life in her shines from

                    When she appeared she was so
                full of light — so loving.

                    The saints in their lives were so loving —
                focused on the souls — self-giving,
                having a great capacity to love —

                    Being saturated with God's grace
                helps us to be deep persons of

                    Pope John Paul II was loved
                by men because he himself had
                such a capacity to love like

                    God is love — God created us in
                His own image and likeness — to love               

                Jesus' love is a self-less love — He loved
                those who put Him to death — those who whipped
                Him —

                    He loved Judas deeply who betrayed

                    We see the fast track world and the
                pushing ahead — me - me - me
                many say — argumentation — war —
                fighting just to fight and God gives
                us His holy will — His truth —

                    He gives us the principles to live
                by — He gives us the Word — He gives
                us the commandments —

                    In following God's way - we can have
                peace amongst nations, peace in
                hearts — love as the family of God
                love in the Church — love in our
                communities — love in religious
                orders — all for a common purpose
                to promote God's Kingdom on earth —
                to do all things for His honor and glory.

                    God is love — even though we
                struggle to get along, we are always
                held together in the bonds of love
                and service for His honor and glory.

                    Mary is the sinless human creature —
                she did not act taintedly — she loved —
                she struggled, she suffered, she was
                not angry and lustful, prideful, envious,
                gluttonness, slothful — Mary suffered,
                but acted purely.

                    Love gives —
                    Love seeks God's will —
                    Love mends fences — especially
                        when families are torn apart
                        by bitterness — seeking
                        self - promotion

                    Ah sweet mystery of life at last
                I've found thee.

                    It is love —
                    Love likened to Jesus —
                    Love for God's will —
                    Love wanting to serve Him and
                        not giving into pressure of
                        others to lead us off

                    Love is doing God's will, not being
                        a wishy, washy push over —
                        or giving into pressure from
                        others that takes us from
                        God's will —

                Love seeks God's will for His honor
                    and glory —

                In this lies our peace —

                Wanting to serve God and His will before
                    falling into pressure from others

                I have found many times when I must
                    do something God wants — it seems
                    satan will send someone to lead
                    me in another direction —

                If I know God wants me to do something
                    I do it with conviction — even
                    when others are disappointed —

                I must serve God — being in the
                    right place at the right time.

               It's really important, it is the loving thing to do —
                    to surrender to the will of God —
                    even when others don't like it

                Our peace is found in this
                    loving surrender to God's will
                    seek first the Kingdom of God.




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