Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages
rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

July 28, 2006

July 29th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 3 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for July 29th are Glorious.


Please pray for all urgent intentions.


Messenger:           When a baby touches you or a little
                        child their fingers are very small and gentle —
                        I see the rain with its gentle touch, like
                        a little child — refreshing the earth, but I
                        hear the gentleness of the rain — it is a gift,
                        a needed gift from heaven.

                            Did you ever look out after a nightly
                        snow. It can cover the earth with a magnificent
                        blanket and there is no sound. When Fr. Carter died
                        we went to Columbiere and the snow came down
                        like a sweet blanket of peace and beauty
                        upon the earth. My heart was so sad, I thought
                        it was breaking and yet the earth had such a
                        beauty at Columbiere where he died. The earth,
                        the trees, the banister — all dressed in white
                        beautiful snow.



July 28, 2006 message continues

Messenger:       On December 18, 2000 3:00 A.M. after the
                        17th prayer service anniversary I had a
                        vision of Fr. Carter dressed in white and the message
                        "Would you have Me deprive a soul of their
                             just reward?"

                            White covered all the fir trees at Columbiere and I was
                        with John and we took these pictures of the calm
                        refreshing beauty, but it felt as if our hearts
                        were bleeding and we still yielded to the Plan of
                        the Master — to take Fr. Carter back — he gave him
                        now, his reward was at hand.

                            Soft, white beautiful snow.
                            And it felt as if our hearts were bleeding.
                            But in God's goodness He covered the rough
                                spots of the earth and made it new and

                            New and white.

                           I remember this message.


January 2, 1999

Mary speaks: I am Our Lady of Snows. I come to cover the earth with a soft white blanket of my love.

I come to bring peace to the earth. I tell you to let go of the anxiety in your heart and experience my peace and His love.

I am your heavenly Mother. I come to hold you and caress you and take you to my Immaculate Heart


July 28, 2006 message continues

Messenger:       I remember coming out April 13, 2004 from
                        the 13th prayer service and the snow
                        flakes were bigger than silver dollars and
                        the earth was covered.
                        What was the message He delivered
                        that day — I remember a full, deep
                            day of prayer with a
                            whole church of people in China —



July 28, 2006 message continues

Messenger:     The Eucharist is snow white



July 28, 2006 message continues

Messenger:      God knows everything going on —

                        During the prayer services on the 5th I would
                            see the image change so beautifully
                            before my eyes and I was in such awe.







October 5, 2001

October 5, 2001

October 5, 2001

October 5, 2001


July 28, 2006 message continue

Messenger:        I walk unafraid and keep my gaze on Jesus,
                                my Savior, Savior of the

                                Some day I will not write any more, but I
                          remember a cry to Jesus October 5, 1992 —
                          "If you wrote a book to the world — what would
                          you say and then God please use my hand."

                          He gave me this message.
                                October 5, 1992 and more and more and more books —
                                He wrote through me to the world.


October 5, 1992 - 3:30am

Messenger:  Dear Jesus, Give me Your hand to write this book for you. I am your servant. I want to be Your hand to this world. If you, Lord Jesus, would write a book, what would you say?

Jesus:   My dear children,

   Today I come to deliver a message to each of you. I want to tell you of each person's dignity, of their beauty and their self-worth. Each child is, oh, so uniquely precious to My Most Sacred Heart. Each child is full of the talents I have given to them. Each person is divinely created by God and given all these gifts to be happy and love one another.

   The problem comes when you feel you will be left out. That you will be left by another who has trodden on you and will do it again. I see you all as My most precious children. I watch your every move and know all pain and anguish in your heart. My Heart aches, you have insecure feelings about yourself. I came to this earth I died for you. I felt cold, hungry, lonely on this earth. You need not worry that no one knows the pain and anguish in your heart. God created you with such special gifts and talents. It is important for you to raise above your wound and forgive those who hurt you.

   You need only turn your will and your life over to Me and I will guide you in all your ways. I have all the Power. Many are not of My ways. The key to life is to recognize your faults, but still know you are this precious gift of My Father a gift to this world. This world is in need of your strength. Running yourself down, blaming others hurting them can cause you misery and pain. At this very moment, you are the precious creation of God!! You must operate with Me in your heart.

   You need not run yourself down. I am with you every day guiding your ways, lest your foot stumble and you lose your way. You will not wander far from your path if every day you keep bringing your focus back to Me. If you dare let Me be at the helm, if you dare to really let Me run your life, I will do with you such wonders that you yourself would be amazed. But you will know with such ease when you did these things that you did not do them alone. You will know My power, moving the mountain, My power chipping at the stone, My power working on your hardest problem and you will be set free.

   Oh yes, you will be set free and know a serenity that only comes from letting go and letting Me run your life. To you, My child, I have given all that is good. I made you My holy soldier, My warrior in a world of pain and hatred. You are the light that shines in the darkness, you are the coat to a cold child, you are the smile that warms a troubled and lonely heart. You are the comfort for everyone you meet, because My most precious Heart powers you, smiles through you, understands and loves through you.

   Love your fellows for Me. There are so many troubled hearts that need to know My love. I can love through you if you let Me, I can be their friend through you if you let Me. I am He who comforts you and you are he who comforts them. My power is endless, it never runs out, there is not a power failure EVER. In your darkest hour, My light shines in the darkness and I say to you, "Oh blessed of My Father, look at yourself with awe, you are My creation, you are indeed so precious to Me, you are My light to this world, you are My hands and My feet and most of all My Heart."

   Oh, you are My loving Heart, to those who are bowed down, to those who are lost in the darkness, you carry My smile and wear My armor in a world that is trying to tear one another down with hate and ugliness. There is gentleness, there is love, there is hope in you, if you open yourself up to Me. Be My knight to the world, wear My armor. I am your God and I will protect you from the darkness. Plug into My power, be not afraid, I go before you always and you can rest in My arms when you feel weary. You can put your head in My lap and weep, you will know, I am truly with you and you are My light to this world. I created you so special - to cast out fear in the darkness, to clothe the naked, to give hope to the oppressed, to be as I live in you and love through you and you are My smile and I touch My hurting ones through your love.

   You are he who loves this world. You must stay plugged into My power-source. This world is hungry for My love. It needs My love, I give to them through you. I am your God and I made you as a gift to the world. You are filled.

    Focus on Me and your life will be abundant and whole, joy in suffering, freedom -- but  you can take the knocks because you will know you do not go it alone, but with Me. I love you My precious child.

end of October 5, 1992


July 28, 2006 message continue

Messenger:        Well the gentle rain waters the earth.

                          The snow covers it silently with radiant
                                beauty —

                          The sun dances on the ocean —

                          The leaves of Autumn make the lake look on
                                fire with reddish tones — or can reflect
                                red and a white capped mountain too from
                                the shore.

                          The yellow of the aspens can dance and
                                the white barks of trees can be so very
                                beautiful —

                         Where I dress myself — God dresses the beautiful
                                earth He made —

                          Some hearts are so very crabby and I pray —
                                Oh God change them and
                                He can — He can change my heart and I
                                know my heart and its joy to behold

                          I know the joy of the Eucharist —

                          The joy of the priest at Mass —
                                holding up the host —
                                reading the Word —

                           I know sunlight and moonlight —
                                sandy land and fields of the richest grass
                                little dainty flowers and big chunky ones —

                           A tree with gentle buds —
                                the fruit of marvelous apples, pears,
                                cherries —

                           I know my beloved God the Creator —
                                the Redeemer, the Savior, Sanctifier —

                            I know His touch — gentle and tender —
                                hard and strong.

                            Why when rain covers us we see so
                                little - just wet —

                             When wind blows — we see so little —
                                  the wind appears hidden to the eyes —
                                  the eye sees it moving the leaves —
                                  trees, the hair, the golf ball —

                            Oh hiddenness of God — I know You even when
                                  I do not see You — I know Your
                                  gentle touch or one much stronger
                                  I know Your love —

                            Trees do bend though straight and tall —
                                  so must we — bending with the breath
                                  of God — being watered by His precious
                                  grace — bend, be docile to His touch —

                            Refresh me Lord and send Your rain on a
                                  hot, dusty day — send words from the
                                  priest to enlighten me —
                                  Word from Your Gospel to fill my heart
                                        with joy.

                                 Oh touch of gentle rain and sweetness of sweet surrender —
                            when the grip of pain and disappointment grip the sleeve and
                            we put on the garment like one wearing the gloom of a
                            dark cloak and He stands by us, Jesus, by our side
                            saying "Oh ye so richly blessed your light comes and you
                            grasp a dark mantle, like one wanting a bottle, a
                            baby crying, 'but this way my God' and I continue
                            to give You My Plan and you hold onto foolish
                            whims of how you ought to be comforted in your
                            trials and how the faith I am calling you to have — you
                            say — 'Oh God, show me, so I am sure' and I answer
                            I call you to faith and you call back 'Oh God
                            comfort and assurance in my game.'

                                Oh little lost baby, when the cross came to you
                            you painted cheeks of gray and you scoffed at the
                            cross and you gave into satan to block the very
                            work I was trying to accomplish through you.
                            You entered doors and when it was time to move on for
                            the great plan — you settled in before your fireplace
                            warming your toes and with a lap cloth you sang
                            songs that stalled My Plan because you wanted a
                            cold night, a warm fire and a little reminiscing when
                            the troops were closing in and at your door.

                                 When I knocked to jostle you — you said "Go
                            away, God, I have to have a little pleasure and
                            I want a hug, an embrace, a kiss, a warm fire
                            and oh yes, I will study how beautiful I look
                            today, so I can feast at the table of vanity a while'
                            and I said — Oh My son today is the day to move —
                            the moment is at hand, the players in place for
                            the proper timing and you said to Me 'Go, away,
                            I'm afraid, I need to sit now and take my rest.' —

                                 Oh that you cared for My Plan, but when I gave
                            you the will, the intellect, the call, you listened
                            part of the time, but when the stage was set —
                            the people gathered for the play — you never
                            entered when the curtains were opened.

                                Timing is of the essence and docility to answer
                            My call, letting the Spirit move and you going
                            in and out of the doors on queue.

                                 But you linger, sometimes, you stall, I
                            call you, at the end of some performances you
                            won't leave the stage because it feels so good
                                to you —

                                 Oh little one, the soft rain came one day, the
                            sun followed in the late afternoon, then like
                            one packing a suitcase for a long journey, the bright
                            light jumped in the suitcase after the blanket of
                            light was rolled back and assembled for packing  —
                            What was left was the black star-studded sky,
                            the night was ready for sleeping, a little light —
                            a darkness for your rest —

                                 But, at morning, without any help from you —
                            the suitcase was opened by heavenly hands and the
                            bright blanket soon was rolled into place for
                            the new day.

                                 In and out.

                                 Morning and Evening.

                                 Right on queue —

                            Do your suffering days go by as you try to bypass
                            them and the days of happiness — you linger a
                            little too long because you lack faith when
                            called to the difficult day —

                                You say — "Oh 'the Ball' can never end — it
                            is fun for me."

                                And My plan resting on your attentiveness to be
                            moving, sits while you scamper like a mule not
                            wanting to move, sitting and resting on the day
                            called to serve, to work —

                                Pray this prayer.

                                'Oh God let me be an instrument of peace and love —
                                Let me be like the falling rain — obedient to the
                                    one commanding the shower —

                                Let me be pure in all my thoughts and actions and
                                Even when the task asked for me to deliver a higher price —

                                Let me step to the front of the line, being a good
                                    steward, a good servant, one who
                                    constantly knows I will answer to You
                                    for my lethargy.

                                I am but a bubbling brook, not a static pond —
                                    I am flowing with milk and honey for the
                                    little ones who are waiting —
                                    You have blessed my hands —
                                    Kissed my cheeks and
                                    My color is pink, loving and ready for
                                    Any weather You bring my way.

                                I move like a torrential rain —
                                    I roll like a mighty wave —
                                    I am Yours —

                                And I gaze now at the rain on this window —
                                    remembering the message of Mary —
                                    "Souls are going into hell like rain." —

                                No, no I say — Lord —

                                    Outpour Your grace for me to be holy
                                    Not afraid of what today may bring —
                                    Not looking for lots and lots of candy and consolation —
                                        unless You desire to treat me —

                                   Help me not to be caught up in the perishable
                                        things of this earth.

                                   Give me purity of heart doing Your will.

                                    Help me not to lie to myself about my faults
                                        or try to keep them like old trophies on my

                                    Help me always to be docile to the touch of the
                                        Spirit moving in me to be molded more and
                                        more into the image of God, to be more
                                        perfected as my heavenly Father is
                                        perfect —

                                    When I am laid to rest — I will go to
                                        Your open arms — carrying my
                                        bouquet of flowers, every moment and
                                        every day a petal lived for You — My God —

                                    Mary my Mother, help me to be pure.

                                    Holy Spirit fill me with the fire of God's love.

                                    Dear God I love You

                                    I am Your Servant _______

                                    Outpour Your grace to me. Amen.'




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