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July 29, 2016

July 30th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is 
Day 3 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries 
for July 30th


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                July 29, 2016 - Feast of St. Martha

                Today's Readings

Jeremiah 26: 1-9

    At the beginning of the reign of Jehoiakim son of Josiah, king of Judah, this word came to Jeremiah from Yahweh, ‘Yahweh says this, “Stand in the court of the Temple of Yahweh. To all the people from the towns of Judah who come to worship in the Temple of Yahweh you will say everything I have ordered you to say, not omitting one syllable. Perhaps they will listen and each turn from his evil way: if so, I shall relent and not bring the disaster on them which I intend because of their misdeeds.” Say to them, “Yahweh says this: If you will not listen to me and follow my Law which I have given you,and pay attention to the words of my servants the prophets whom I have never tired of sending to you, although you never have paid attention, I shall treat this Temple as I treated Shiloh, and make this city a curse for all the nations of the world.” ’

    The priests and prophets and all the people heard Jeremiah say these words in the Temple of Yahweh. When Jeremiah had finished saying everything that Yahweh had ordered him to say to all the people, the priests and prophets and all the people seized hold of him and said, ‘You will die for this! Why have you made this prophecy in Yahweh’s name, “This Temple will become like Shiloh, and this city become an uninhabited ruin”?’ And the people all crowded in on Jeremiah in the Temple of Yahweh.


Psalm 69: 5, 8-10, 14

God, you know how foolish I am,
    my offences are not hidden from you.

Those who seek you must not be disgraced,
    God of Israel, because of me!

I am estranged from my brothers,
   alienated from my own mother’s sons;
for I am eaten up with zeal for your house,
   and insults directed against you fall on me.

I mortify myself with fasting,
   and find myself insulted for it,

Rescue me from the mire before I sink in;
    so I shall be saved from those who hate me,
    from the watery depths.


John 11: 19-27

and many Jews had come to Martha and Mary to comfort them about their brother. When Martha heard that Jesus was coming she went to meet him. Mary remained sitting in the house. Martha said to Jesus, ‘Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died, but even now I know that God will grant whatever you ask of him.’ Jesus said to her, ‘Your brother will rise again.’ Martha said, ‘I know he will rise again at the resurrection on the last day.’ Jesus said:

            I am the resurrection. 
            Anyone who believes in me, even though that person dies, will live,
            and whoever lives and believes in me 
            will never die. 
            Do you believe this?

‘Yes, Lord,’ she said, ‘I believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God, the one who was to come into this world.


16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 21, 2013

INTRODUCTION – (Genesis 18:1-10; Colossians 1:24-28; Luke 10:38-42) God is always with us, but there are those times when God’s presence becomes tangible. It’s always a surprise when it happens. Sometimes God’s visits come in the form of a good idea or with a strong awareness that we’re not alone. Sometimes they come with a deep sense of peace or with a twinge of conscience. And, of course, God comes to visit us as our life in this world reaches its end.

    Our first reading is about Abraham who welcomes three strangers. Abraham didn’t realize at first that it was God whom he was entertaining. God had come to tell him that his lifelong desire that he and his wife, Sarah, would have a son would finally be fulfilled. Our first reading prepares us for the story of Martha and Mary (illustrated by our stained glass window) as these two sisters are visited by Jesus – whom they had not yet come to know was the Son of God, the giver of every blessing, and the One who spoke words of eternal life.

HOMILY – I would like to begin with last week’s gospel. It is connected with today’s. If you will recall, a scholar in the Jewish law asked Jesus a question: “what must I do to inherit eternal life?” Could there be a more important question in our lives than this one? And yet, it’s a question a lot of people in our society do not seem to have much concern. Somehow many people figure we are all going to be saved in the end, no matter how we’ve lived. That’s not the message we get from the gospel. Once Jesus was asked: “Lord, will only a few be saved?” Jesus answered: “strive to enter through the narrow door, for many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able.” (Lk. 13:23-24). We would be considering Jesus a fool or a liar if we did not take seriously the many parables Jesus spoke regarding the importance of being ready to enter God’s kingdom.

    To get the answer to the question: “what must I do to inherit eternal life?” Jesus asked the scholar in Jewish law what he thought was the answer. Of course, the scholar answered correctly: to love God with our whole heart and soul and mind and strength and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Then he asked Jesus for a definition of neighbor, which led into the parable of the Good Samaritan.

    I feel sure that St. Luke put today’s gospel right after the story about the Good Samaritan for a reason. It is an illustration of the first and greatest commandment: to love God with our whole heart and soul and mind and strength. The story of Martha and Mary does not imply that Martha did not love God, while Mary did. Martha loved God too. She was demonstrating her love by getting a big meal together for Jesus and the twelve apostles. But Jesus told her, “you are busy (the Greek word also means “distracted”) about many things.” While the gospel of the good Samaritan tells us to care about one another (which is what Martha was doing), Jesus tells us sometimes we have to stop being busy and give him our undivided attention (and that is what Mary was doing). Another word for that is “prayer.” In other words, we need to pray as well as do good works to be a good disciple.

    Whenever most people think of prayer, they think of “saying prayers.” That is a good way to pray, but we can also pray by listening, thinking about what Christ has taught us, or just being with Christ and giving him our attention without saying or thinking anything. That’s what Mary was doing. That’s what Jesus was suggesting to Martha she try doing and to stop being so busy all the time. “Martha, Martha, you are worried and distracted about many things (meaning too many things) there is need of only one thing.” The story is telling us that in our busy lives, we need to make some time to spend with God.

    We do call Sunday the Lord’s Day and that’s why we are here. Thank you for making time for God today. These days, on the Lord’s Day, the Lord is fortunate to get even a minute’s thought from some people. Fulfilling our Sunday obligation is the first and most important way we are to express our total love of God for the Mass is the greatest prayer we have, the most perfect act of worship we can offer God. In my own spiritual life, besides the Mass and the Divine Office which I say every day and my weekly holy hour. I mention these things simply as an illustration of the various ways we can pray. I enjoy studying the Scriptures daily, I say the rosary frequently, and every day I just sit quietly in church for a while. I talk to God about whatever comes to my mind, or I just listen for him to speak. Some people pray through singing hymns or the psalms. I assure you my daily prayers have been a great blessing for me throughout my life. I believe the hardest thing about prayer is making time for it. When I feel as if I’m too busy to pray, I always say to myself: if you don’t schedule it in, you schedule it out. So I schedule it in. I often recommend that people who do not go to Mass on Sundays should sit down and pray for an hour so they stay in touch with God. Prayer is as important for our relationship with God as communication is for our relationships with one another. Amen.


                R. If we want to be happy we must
                    cultivate gratitude toward
                    God and toward others.

                We also must try to be kind
                    and compassionate toward
                    others –

                Yesterday we put a homily Fr. Carter gave
                    on living in the present moment –

                Here is a song I wrote about this –

                Song: Live This Day


                Song: Why Do We Hurt the Ones We Love


                R. We must learn to forgive if
                    we want to be happy

                And work in relationships –
                with God and others because it
                is God's will –

                We can choose to think positive
                    thoughts or
                    depressing thoughts that
                    things will not work out –

                We are in charge of our
                    thoughts –
                    we have a free will –

                We are most grateful for all
                    Fr. Carter did to help
                    begin this Movement –

                Every year Fr. Carter would take me
                    through the Spiritual Exercises
                    of St. Ignatius –

                Here is the first Principle and Foundation.

From The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius
    by Louis J. Puhl, S.J. p. 12

                        23. FIRST PRINCIPLE AND FOUNDATION

                            Man is created to praise, reverence and serve God 
                        our Lord, and by this means to save his soul.


                R. Here is the Purpose.

From The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius
    by Louis J. Puhl, S.J.

21.                     SPIRITUAL EXERCISES

    Which have as their purpose the conquest of self
    and the regulation of one's life in such a way that
    no decision is made under the influence of any
    inordinate attachment


                R. So we have to let go of the
                    inordinate attachments
                    in our lives that we are
                    addicted to –

                Negative thinking is an inordinate
                    attachment we need to change –   

                God has taught us in the Shepherds of Christ
                    how to pray –

                God tells us to rejoice in many
                    of the readings –
                    We have a free will –
                    We need to be so one with
                        God and united to Him
                        in everything –

                Fr. Joe says – God is always
                    with us – when he
                    begins his homily on the 16th
                    Sunday of Ordinary Time –
                    God came to visit Abraham –
                    God told Sarah and Abraham
                        they would have a son –

                Martha and Mary were visited
                    by Jesus

                Jesus comes to us – the Son of God
                    in the Eucharist,
                    Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity

                Jesus gives us so many blessings
                    in our lives and we
                    can focus on negative things
                    and not thank Him or
                    even recognize His blessings.

                Jesus tells us about eternal life.
                We can listen to Him and work
                on our relationship with Jesus
                and others or we can ignore
                Him and His gifts and blessings.

                    God created us to know, love
                and serve Him. God created us
                for relationship with Him and
                to love our neighbor as ourselves.
                Love means going out as God
                wants us to –

                Love means giving –

                Who will be saved?

                What must we do to inherit eternal
                    life –

                God tells us we are to love God
                    with our whole heart, our
                    whole soul and our whole
                    mind and love our
                    neighbor as ourselves –

                This is a very good homily
                    Fr. Joe gives us.

                I am grateful for my brother
                    Fr. Joe –








                R. We have been able to send about
                    400,000 books to priests and hierarchy
                    of Fr. Joe's homily books.

                We sent about 17,000,000 Priestly Newsletters
                    of Fr. Carter and other priests to
                    priests and hierarchy in books
                    and loose –
                    spreading these spiritual
                    writings and devotion to the
                    Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary –

                If we want peace in the world –
                    Mary told us at Fatima we
                    needed to spread this devotion
                    to the Two Hearts –


Vision as seen by Rita Ring,

March 20, 1997

Junior Shepherds of Christ Meeting
Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center

R. Mary appeared as Our Lady of Fatima for one hour and 15 minutes. Mary appeared in the Sorrowful Mother statue at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center.

I was at Our Lady’s House for the Junior Shepherds of Christ meeting. I cannot remember any great apparition of Mary in the Sorrowful Mother statue since August 12 and 13, 1996. She appeared all night and two times on August 13, 1996, once right before I went to the rosary at Tom’s farm about 5:30 p.m. (the night John was there and St. Michael came out of the water). Mary comes when you least expect her.

Tonight I went to the Holy Spirit Center for the rosary with the Junior Shepherds of Christ. We could not pray in the Rosary chapel because Fr. Smith was going to say Mass. We could not pray in the Sorrowful Mother’s chapel because the pews were draped with work clothes. We could not pray in the social hall because the band was playing. The only place left was in the hall on the other side of the wall from the band. The youth in the Shepherds of Christ chapter decided this was the place and moved pews in front of the statue.

As we began the rosary I began to see Mary, covered with a mist. Then I saw light around her. She got bigger than the statue, her face softened to that of the most beautiful woman – the same as the picture I took on Mother’s Day 1995 when she told me to buy film and take her picture. She was all adorned in light. She changed, around her head and she became a young, beautiful girl. She then changed into a lady of immense light, all white, beautiful and young. I wanted to cry in awe looking at her. I wanted to stop the rosary and just see the apparition, but I continued to speak as she spoke through me.

The whole rosary was on Our Lady of Fatima. She turned into Our Lady of Fatima, so white, so beautiful, young in her face. I have seen many statues of Our Lady of Fatima. I have seen her all white and adorned in light before – Our Lady of Light, that is what she called herself.

On October 5, 1996 I saw her at Immaculata in the grotto. She had told me earlier that day she was Our Lady of the Rosary and gave a very strong message.

I do not recall seeing her in an apparition in the Sorrowful Mother’s statue since August 13, 1996.

She was clearly, clearly, “Our Lady of Fatima” - LIVE. I saw her. I am in awe and wanted more, it was so beautiful!

She may have appeared as Our Lady of Fatima the first time. She was covered with the greatest light - a light as from a fire and all white, but on July 5, 1994 when she first appeared,

I did not know what Our Lady of Fatima looked like.

I know tonight she was like every statue I have ever seen of Our Lady of Fatima, glistening,, and all white. She had beads or embroidery around her cloak. I know she looked like the Lady of Fatima statues but LIVE.

Every time we sang A Song From Jesus she would shine with the brightest light and her face would fill with the greatest joy.

Even in a lighted hall, Mary would appear to me.

There was no place for Jesus to be born – He was born the Light of the World in a stable in Bethlehem and the brightest star shone above His bed.

This rosary on Fatima needs to circulate to the youth. Mary appeared to tell us to tell the youth this rosary. It does not have any message from Mary, only information from her for the youth.

Mary’s message for the youth: a rosary on Fatima – as she appeared to deliver it.

This is a great comfort to me. She appeared, Our Lady of Fatima, to tell us that this is truly a major part of the completion of the Fatima message.

The youth told me they could not hear the rosary, only the loud music of the band. I did not hear the band at all - but was in awe with Mary’s appearing and the rosary!

At one point I saw a little blond hair sticking out from under her veil at the top of her head.

At least three times I saw this immense Lady of Light turn into Our Lady of Fatima. It was as if she was transformed from the Lady of Light into the Lady of Fatima.

The room was a brightly lighted hallway with big balls of light that came down from the ceiling.

She was adorned in light, brighter than the hallway, light as bright as seven suns, the Lady of Light.

It is in her womb we see the light, the light of knowing God through the power of the Holy Spirit. 3/20/97


Joyful Mysteries

March 20, 1997

The Annunciation

1. R. Our heavenly Mother Mary, gave messages associated with the major Fatima apparitions. She told Jacinta, one of the three visionaries at Fatima...

 “‘Tell everybody that God gives graces through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Tell them to ask grace from her, and that the Heart of Jesus wishes to be venerated together with the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Ask them to plead for peace from the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for the Lord has confided the peace of the world to her.’27

“This last message offers us an excellent opportunity to summarize the Fatima message. It tells us “that the Heart of Jesus wishes to be venerated together with the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

“At the center of the veneration for which Our Lord calls is the act of consecration to His Sacred Heart and to Mary’s Immaculate Heart.” 28

2. R. You should not be afraid, for Jesus and Mary are with us. They are watching us, and they are helping us in everything that we do. God is in charge.

3. R. So we come to this rosary to gather and to pray as the Junior Shepherds of Christ Associates. It is in this rosary that we will receive help to not be afraid, to help to take the light to the dark world.

4. R. It is in going through our Mother Mary that we will be formed more and more into the image and the likeness of Jesus.

5. R. The Child Jesus was formed in the womb of the Virgin Mary, through the power of the Holy Spirit. When we go to the heart of Mary, the spiritual womb, we are transformed more and more to be children of light.

6. R. How Mary loves the children of this world. She guards them and mothers them more than any earthly mother. Mary guards us with her motherly care, and watches over us, and wants to lead us to the Heart of her Son, Jesus.

7. R. Christ showed us. He was born of the Virgin Mary. He came into this world in the Virgin Mary. We too must go to the Virgin Mary in order to have this close union with God. Mary is the gateway into the Heart of Jesus.

8. R. At Fatima, Mary spoke to the children and she called them her children. We must realize that she is calling us, her children, to the Heart of her Son, Jesus.

9. R. What of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary? The Hearts of Jesus and Mary are our refuge in this life. They are the Hearts of true love. It is in giving our hearts to Jesus and to Mary that we will have hearts filled with holy love.

10. R. So much of this world has turned to hearts that are cold. Jesus wants love, burning love, from the children of this world, and He is given a cold heart.


The Visitation

1. R. We carry Jesus within our hearts.

2. R. When we visit others we bring the Jesus that lives within us to the other person. We embrace Jesus when we embrace each other in love.

3. R. Mary went to visit her cousin, Elizabeth. The Child Jesus was within Mary’s womb. We carry Jesus within ourselves. We receive Him in the Holy Eucharist. When we go to Communion, we go to our pews, and we have the Son of God within our hearts. He is as present in our hearts as He was when He was carried in the womb of Mary, when she went to visit her cousin, Elizabeth.

4. R. We do not even realize the great gifts God has given to us when He gives Himself to us in the Holy Eucharist. Think of what it would be like if He took away the gift of the Holy Eucharist, if He took away the Mass.

5. R. We must be strong. We are the youth that are being sent to go into a world that has turned sinful. Some have turned their backs on God. We must realize, that we must be strong. It is hard in this world, but we must go to Jesus. We must spend time with Him everyday.

6. R. Jesus is the Son of Mary. Jesus and Mary are with us.

7. Hail Mary...

8. R. We must listen to the words of scripture, the words that we are given as teachings. We must pray to the Holy Spirit that we will comprehend the word of God, for God is speaking to us in His word. The Holy Spirit gives us understanding into these words that we will know God and love Him.

9. R. Mary brought forth an infant child. She watched Him. She cared for Him. All through His life, she stayed close to Him. All through our lives our Mother Mary is forever by our sides.

10. R. We must be strong, for we are being called by God. It is not a myth. He is calling each one of us to be leaders to help to lead the other youth to God.


The Birth of Jesus

1. R. The heavenly Father allowed Mary to appear at Fatima, and she told us what we must do. She told us that in order to have peace in the world we must give our hearts to her and give our hearts to her Son, Jesus.

2. R. She said that if we did not pay attention to her there would be a great war. Man ignored the pleading of Our Lady at Fatima, and there was World War II. Many, many, many people were killed. They suffered a brutal death.

3. R. At Fatima, she showed the three young children the fires of hell. They were very young, and they said they would have died of fright had Our Lady not assured them that they would not go to hell.

4. R. Why would Our Lady appear to children and show children the souls suffering in the fires in hell?

5. R. Mary appears at Fatima, and she is ignored. To this very day we do not do what Mary told us to do at Fatima. At Fatima she promised in the end the Sacred Heart of Jesus will reign, and her heart will triumph.

6. R. Jesus Christ came into the world in the womb of the Virgin Mary. He came as the Light of the World. He will be, in this great era of peace to come, the King and the center of all hearts.

7. R. He came in poverty. He was born in a stable. He came to show us that the great riches are not found in the riches of the world, that they are found in Him. He is the King, but He comes into this world in poverty.

8. R. The greatest riches are found in the Heart of Christ.

9. R. It is so simple. Why do we not love God, why do we not love one another?

10. R. Why does man think that he can ignore God, that he is in control, that he can do his own will?


The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple

1. The old man Simeon said in the Temple that “Look, he is destined for the fall and for the rise of many in Israel, destined to be a sign that is opposed-” (Lk. 2:34)

2. And he said to Mary, “and a sword will pierce your soul too - so that the secret thoughts of many may be laid bare.” (Lk. 2:35)

3. R. Mary is the Mother of all the children of the world, and look how she is treated by so many of her children. Many abuse her name. They abuse her images. They do not love her. She is their Mother, and they do not love her.

4. R. Mary told us at Fatima what we must do in order to have peace in this world. The fourth commandment tells us we must obey our earthly mother. What makes us think that we do not have to obey our heavenly Mother?

5. R. She said that man was sinful and that he was offending God. She said to Jacinta before she died, “I can no longer restrain the hand of my Divine Son from striking the world with just punishment for its many crimes.” 29

6. R. Here it is 80 years after Fatima and we have disobeyed our heavenly Mother and the wishes that she gave to us when she appeared at Fatima. After World War II you would think that everyone would have heeded her message of Fatima.

7. R. Satan goes about the earth as a roaring lion, searching for souls to devour. When Mary showed the children at Fatima the fires of hell, she was telling them that hell was a reality and that we must go about the world and try to lead others to her Son.

8. R. What if you were one of the children at Fatima and our Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to you, in her light, and in her beauty? What if she said, “You have seen Hell, where the souls of poor sinners go...If my requests are granted, Russia will be converted and there will be peace. If not, she will scatter her errors throughout the world, provoking wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, and various nations will be destroyed...” 30 What if she showed you the fires of hell and the souls suffering? Would you help?

9. R. Would your life change if Mary appeared to you and told you these things? Would you go and spend your life trying to tell others about the vision that she gave to you? Would you take this with the utmost urgency? If Mary was appearing to you, would you do something to heed her warnings?

10. R. Remember Noah and the Ark? The people were sinning up to the time that Noah entered the Ark.


The Finding of Jesus in the Temple

1. R. They were warned. They were warned over and over again of their sinfulness. They were told that they must change, but they would not obey and so God told Noah to build an Ark.

2. R. And all men were destroyed, but those men on Noah’s Ark.

3. R. Mary searched for the Child Jesus in the Temple. Today, there are many searching for those things that will make them happy. We will not be happy if our lives are not rooted in God.

4. R. We must go to Mary in order to be close to God. As Noah went into the Ark for his refuge, we to must go to the heart of Mary. She is the Ark that will lead us to the Heart of her Son.

5. R. So many this day are sinning. They must go to the temple. Mary is the temple that we go to, in order to find God. We go to her spiritual womb, to her heart, and we find God. We must do as Our Lady told us at Fatima, and give Mary our hearts. All through the day we give Mary our hearts and Jesus our hearts.

6. R. This is our job, to spread the Fatima message, to do what Mary has told us to do at Fatima, to give Jesus our hearts, and to tell all the other youth that we must do what Mary said at Fatima. We must give Mary and Jesus our hearts, pray the rosary, go to church on first Saturday, and tell Jesus and Mary we are sorry for the sins in this world.

7. R. Mary’s peace plan is so simple to follow. We have disobeyed our heavenly Mother at Fatima. Mary appeared on July 13, 1917 to the three children. Mary showed the three children a vision of hell. She told them, “You have seen Hell, where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish, in the world, devotion to my Immaculate Heart. If people do what I tell you, many souls will be saved and there will be peace.”31

We must obey Mary. The plan is the same plan today. We must reach the youth of this world with the consecration We must tell them to give their hearts to Jesus and Mary.

8. R. Mary is the temple. We will find Jesus if we go to Mary.

Song: “Oh Holy Dwelling Place of God...”

9. R. We have been given great gifts from Our Lord and from Our Lady. We want to be leaders, to lead other young people to Jesus and to Mary. We must thank them for the gifts we are given, for what we do with our lives will make the difference to so many souls. She showed the children the souls in hell. Visualize this as clearly as possible in your mind. What you do to help to spread the message of His love will make the difference to so many souls.

10. R. Can we truly look at our Mother, Mary? See her before us, adorned in the greatest light. See her glistening? Look into her beautiful face, into her eyes. Tell her we must help to lead her children to the Heart of her Son, that you will help her to help others so they will not be lost to the fires of hell forever.


27. Our Lady of Fatima’s Peace Plan from Heaven [Rockford: TAN Books and Publishers, Inc., 1983], pp. 9-10.
28. Rev. Edward Carter, S.J.,
Spirituality of Fatima and Medjugorje, [Milford: Faith Publishing Co., 1994], p. 18.
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Ibid., p. 4.









Excerpt from June 9, 2003

Mary by day
July 5, 2000

by night
July 5, 2000


                R. The corner fell off old seminary on
                    Lucia's birthday March 22, 1994.






Excerpt from August 8, 1999

Messenger:  Mary had appeared almost every 5th for two and 1/2 years beginning July 5, 1994.

On December 5, 1996, instead of Mary appearing Jesus appeared on the cross in utter anguish at the point of death at Holy Cross-Immaculata Church.

He spoke not a word, but His mouth moved profusely. I was horrified by the apparition.

end of excerpt



June 9, 2003 message

Messenger:           Mary had also appeared daily for

                                    14 months at the Holy Spirit Center.

July 5, 2000

September 5, 2000

October 5, 2000

November 5, 2000

December 5, 2000

January 5, 2001

February 5, 2001

March 5, 2001

April 5, 2001

May 5, 2001

June 5, 2001

July 5, 2001

August 5, 2001

September 5, 2001

October 5, 2001

November 5, 2001

December 5, 2001

January 5, 2002

February 5, 2002

March 5, 2002

April 5, 2002

May 5, 2002

une 5, 2002

July 5, 2002

September 5, 2002

October 5, 2002

November 5, 2002

January 5, 2003

February 5, 2003


June 9, 2003 message

Messenger:           Here is how she is still appearing on

                                    the 5ths in Florida.

                                I had asked the Father for a strong sign that would 

                                    link me to the appearance in Florida. This is what I got.

                                Here is the pictures from the video January 5, 2003

                                    and the message she delivered.


Transcribed from a live tape given by Mary and Jesus
during the Nursing Home video on January 5, 2003


January 5, 2003
Feast of the Epiphany

(Taken from the video at that moment 1-5-2003)


(Taken from the video at that moment 1-5-2003
during the Song from Jesus)


(Taken from the video at that moment 1-5-2003)


Song: Ave Maria  

Mary speaks:  My beloved nursing home ones,  
And I call you children for you are my children and I am your Mother Mary. Oh my beloved people of the earth, oh my beloved elderly, I ask you to offer your days every day


(Taken from the video at that moment 1-5-2003)


Mary speaks:   whatever it is that you do that day in trying to do God’s will offer it as a sacrifice and an offering to God in union with the Mass to help to bring down grace for the souls of this earth. 


(Taken from the video at that moment 1-5-2003)


Mary speaks:  Your life is so important. There are so many today that are sinning and in need of healing grace. 


(Taken from the video at that moment 1-5-2003)


Mary speaks:   In your suffering at the nursing home think of the souls of the earth that are crying out because of their pain and how they need to know of God’s love. Offering up your days in the nursing home and the elderly can make such a difference to the souls of this earth when you offer your days as a sacrifice united to the Mass that grace will be released for the souls that are hurting. I am the Mother of love and I want the children of this earth to know the love of my Son Jesus. I appear here 


(Taken from the video at that moment 1-5-2003)


(Taken from the video at that moment 1-5-2003)


Mary speaks:    on this building in Clearwater and you are given this recording as a special gift to circulate it and to show it to your friends and others so that all the earth will know that I am Mary your Mother and I appear here to reach my hurting children of this earth in need of grace. 


(Taken from the video at that moment 1-5-2003)


Mary speaks:   I ask you my elderly to especially offer up your lives for the souls that are hurting in this world. Your life is so important for the souls of this earth. My Son Jesus gave His life on the cross for the precious souls and He has asked me today to ask you to offer up the little things that you do everyday in trying to do God’s will in union with the Mass that grace will be released for the souls of this earth. I am Mary your Mother. My children are hurting and many are dropping into hell like rain. My children will you help me? 


(Taken from the video at that moment 1-5-2003)


Mary speaks:   Will you hear the plea of my Son Jesus? For He wants them to know that He loves them so dearly and He wants them to love Him in return.


(Taken from the video at that moment 1-5-2003)


Mary speaks:   The prayer has been given to you. It is on a card and it is a very small prayer. Say it every day and throughout the day to remind yourself how important your life is when you offer it up in trying to do God’s will for the souls of this earth. I am Mary your Mother. Will you hear my cry to you today? 


(Taken from the video at that moment 1-5-2003)


Mary speaks:   Will you circulate these videos that my children of the earth will know that I am Mary and I appear here? These videos are not only for the nursing homes. They are for all the souls of the earth that they will be able to see me.  


(Taken from the video at that moment 1-5-2003)


(Taken from the video at that moment 1-5-2003)


Mary speaks:  I am Mary your Mother. This is a gift that God the Father has given to this earth. I have appeared on this building every day for over 6 years. I ask you to help circulate the pictures of this image that people will know that I am speaking to them, that my Son Jesus is calling out to the world to obey the commandments.


(Taken from the video at that moment 1-5-2003)


Mary speaks:   My children God loves you. This is the love your heart craves. Your time is so short on this earth. Please hear the words that I speak to you today and see Our images as We appear here before you.  


(Taken from the video at that moment 1-5-2003)

Song: Song from Jesus  

Jesus speaks:  This is My message to you My beloved Nursing Home ones that I love you. This is the song that I give to you today that you know that I am with you at every moment, that you are not afraid. I am Jesus the Son of God.  

Song: Song from Jesus

end of January 5, 2003 video



June 9, 2003 message

Messenger:           Once before I had prayed hourly on the way to

                                    Florida for a sign because a Bishop told me to

                                    ask for a sign so that they would believe 

                                    and here is what I received. Nothing happened

                                    after Mary gave this sign for the Bishop.


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


May 5, 2001


June 9, 2003 message

Messenger:           This is the sequence Mary goes

                                        through on the 5th.  

                                    Moses went to the mountain he came

                                        down and they were worshipping

                                        the molten calf.

                                    I am taken to these ecstasies, I come

                                        down and who will listen

                                        to the words of Jesus.


Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sufferings Will Befall You

January 19, 1994 4:45 a.m.

Jesus: I write a message for the world. I write this message for you. I want to tell them to pray and not to underestimate what sufferings will befall them all. Pray constantly. You suffer this weather, you see the earthquakes and you still do not comprehend a power greater than yourself. I have all the power. I want men's minds and hearts to turn back to God. I want God first in their lives, but they are so blind. What do they need to shake them to such great power!

All things are under My control. There is not one thing that happens that I do not allow. You are so comfortable in such evilness. Why are you not on your knees asking, "Lord what is happening?" One suffering will come after another and you will, in your blindness, have to admit to My Might. My mother comes and people pay no heed. Spread these messages. Spread her messages. Do not think of what others think of you. They will know soon enough of their blindness. Do not spend a day without telling someone news about the Blessed Mother and why she comes. Tell all of My might and tell them to pray. Prayer is your weapon in a sick world. Open up the minds of your friends. What will rock these children off their rockers? If the earth moves under them, they still stay steadfast in their ways. So stubborn, indeed. They want to be blind because they do not want to change to the ways of God!

I am He Who comes to you this way. I am He Who wants you to pray constantly. I am He Who is calling out an alert for a change in your lives. I am He Who wants you to pray, yet you sit. You idle and hold on to such trivial things while the earth moves under your feet! I will rock the heavens. I will tell you of My might. Sit, you idle ones, but you will suffer for not praying. I am God. I am Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, and I am ever present in your midst. You are blind and look for idle pursuits.

You have become so comfortable in this evilness that you do not even sit up and take notice. "Oh, it is okay. I don't like it, but it is okay." Your children are being poisoned by the world, as if someone gives them constant poison, and you worry about your sports and what have you!

Where in the world do you think you are going? Man thinks he is here to stay. He spends his days making his life "better" he thinks: more things–more things, more money, better bodies, clean breath, better smelling feet–oh, such insane pursuits! Let's make these bodies so perfect! Our lives should reflect the perfect life! Our children run races for glory every day, not even knowing the Ten Commandments! You make every moment a pleasure in itself. Make yourselves happy. Eat, drink, be merry, be beautiful, be smart, be perfect. Forget God–who is He? We have a life going on here and we are going to enjoy every moment! This society is sick, sick, sick. What they are enjoying is destroying their souls. Children are not even aware that I exist and their lives are totally secular. They are so blind. Oh, America, I lament everything you do. It is senseless and without meaning!

The Son of Man is in your midst and you do not even know who He is. What more can I say. Spread My good news that Jesus is Lord and He is Coming, that you had better turn your lives back to Him now. Mary, My mother, is coming. The sun spins. What do they need? Such attachments to their sick ways! Pray constantly. Tell others about Me. Tell them to read the Bible and amend their ways. Tell them that I am God and that they need to turn their lives back to Me. Tell them to repent and pray. My mercy is great and I am waiting with open arms.

Pray, America, pray. You will soon know My might if you continue your foolish ways. Every soul who is fixed in Me is My messenger. Go to the highways and byways and tell all: Jesus is Lord and He wants you to amend your lives. He will rock the earth and you will know His might. Time is short. Repent and pray constantly. What do I do to shake you? This earth is very insecure, here today, gone tomorrow. The only things that remain are the things of God.

I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. Hear Me, America. Listen and be attentive! I do not come to give a message for one or two. This is My message for all. You will know My might in big proportions. I will rock you off your rockers. You must turn your lives to God. You are not here for fun and sin and whatever you are doing. Oh, little ones, you miss My tremendous love for you. You have missed all the good I have for you. You are stubborn and willful. You are silly and sick. Pray for your brothers. Pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray. Offer everything you do as a prayer and know I never ever leave you! I love you, My child. This message is an act of love!

I gave Myself that you might live. I am He Who comes to deliver this message to you and you are blind. Look beyond the cup and the drink. This is your miracle, that I am truly present in the Eucharist.

I am here. Open your eyes and see Me here in your midst. Come to Me all who labor and are heavily burdened and I will give you rest. I am your God and I comfort you on your way. I am waiting for you to come and be in union with Me.

You, My faithful ones, can no longer be silent. Don't worry. Speak out. Others need you!

end January 19, 1994


June 9, 2003 message

Jesus speaks:         I would like My 3 rosaries be put in

                                    order here June 1, June 2, June 3     




A Prayer before the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

    Let me be a holy sacrifice and unite with God in the sacrament of His greatest love.

    I want to be one in Him in this act of love, where He gives Himself to me and I give myself as a sacrifice to Him. Let me be a holy sacrifice as I become one with Him in this my act of greatest love to Him.

    Let me unite with Him more, that I may more deeply love Him. May I help make reparation to His adorable Heart and the heart of His Mother, Mary. With greatest love, I offer myself to You and pray that You will accept my sacrifice of greatest love. I give myself to You and unite in Your gift of Yourself to me. Come and possess my soul.

    Cleanse me, strengthen me, heal me. Dear Holy Spirit act in the heart of Mary to make me more and more like Jesus.

    Father, I offer this my sacrifice, myself united to Jesus in the Holy Spirit to You. Help me to love God more deeply in this act of my greatest love.

    Give me the grace to grow in my knowledge, love and service of You and for this to be my greatest participation in the Mass. Give me the greatest graces to love You so deeply in this Mass, You who are so worthy of my love.

-God's Blue Book, December 27, 1995


Prayer for Union with Jesus

    Come to me, Lord, and possess my soul. Come into my heart and permeate my soul. Help me to sit in silence with You and let You work in my heart.

    I am Yours to possess. I am Yours to use. I want to be selfless and only exist in You. Help me to spoon out all that is me and be an empty vessel ready to be filled by You. Help me to die to myself and live only for You. Use me as You will. Let me never draw my attention back to myself. I only want to operate as You do, dwelling within me.

    I am Yours, Lord. I want to have my life in You. I want to do the will of the Father. Give me the strength to put aside the world and let You operate my very being. Help me to act as You desire. Strengthen me against the distractions of the devil to take me from Your work.

    When I worry, I have taken my focus off of You and placed it on myself. Help me not to give in to the promptings of others to change what in my heart You are making very clear to me. I worship You, I adore You and I love You. Come and dwell in me now.

-God's Blue Book, January 17, 1994



A Prayer for Intimacy with the Lamb, the Bridegroom of the Soul

     Oh Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, come and act on my soul most intimately. I surrender myself, as I ask for the grace to let go, to just be as I exist in You and You act most intimately on my soul. You are the Initiator. I am the soul waiting Your favors as You act in me. I love You. I adore You. I worship You. Come and possess my soul with Your Divine Grace, as I experience You most intimately.



Prayer for Priests

"Lord Jesus, Chief Shepherd of the Flock, we pray that in the great love and mercy of Your Sacred Heart You attend to all the needs of Your priest-shepherds throughout the world. We ask that You draw back to Your Heart all those priests who have seriously strayed from Your path, that You rekindle the desire for holiness in the hearts of those priests who have become lukewarm, and that You continue to give Your fervent priests the desire for the highest holiness. United with Your Heart and Mary's Heart, we ask that You take this petition to Your heavenly Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen"



June 3, 2000

Month of the Sacred Heart 
The Rosary

The Joyful Mysteries to be used on June 4, 2000.



Jesus speaks:
1. My Heart is an endless furnace of love.
2. My Heart is that of the Divine God.
3. The angel Gabriel appeared to Mary.
4. I am the Son of God.
5. I am He Who comes to fill you with My life.
6. My staff I hold in My hand.
7. I come announced by the messenger (the angel).
8. Mary accepted.
9. Let My life transform you.
10. The incarnation goes on in you.




Jesus speaks:
1. I come a Babe in the arms of Mary.
2. I am the Savior of the World.
3. My love is eternal.
4. My Heart is on fire for you.
5. A child carried in the womb of the Virgin Mary.
6. A Heart filled with love.
7. My endless love I pour out to you now.
8. Come and be with Me.
9. On the long hot days of summer, feel the love I give to you.
10. Sufferings are gifts I give you. The sufferings are given to draw you closer to Me.



Birth of Jesus

Jesus speaks:
1. A little Baby carried in the womb of the Mother.
2. Mary takes you as a little baby into her Immaculate Heart.
3. In her Heart, the Holy Spirit transforms you more and more into My image, if you cooperate with the grace I give you.

4. O Holy Spirit, come and fill the hearts that are weary.
5. O Holy Spirit, fill them with fire.
6. O Holy Spirit, enlighten the blinded minds.
7. O Holy Spirit, spark a fire burning in the children of Mary.
8. O Holy Spirit, it is a light and love the children of Mary seek in their hearts.
9. O Holy Spirit, enlighten the little babies' eyes.
10. O Holy Spirit, let them see God and hear the voice of the Good Shepherd.



1. Oh a little Child, God-made-man.
2. Taken to the temple.
3. Simeon foretold, ...'Look, he is destined for the fall and for the rise of many in Israel...' (Lk 2:34).
4. Oh Heart of Mary pierced by a sword, oh Mary help us endure the sufferings of life.
5. Oh Heart of Mary, help us to spread the rosary.
6. Oh Heart of Mary, help us to teach the world how to pray the rosary.
7. Oh Mary so fair, protect us from the devil and all that could come against us as we spread the rosary.
8. Oh Mary most pure, we humbly pray for this grace.
9. On this first Saturday of June, 2000, Mary help us, Jesus help us. Dear Father, Son and Holy Spirit help us. Amen.
10. Into the arms of our Mother we give ourselves as little dependent children of our God.



Finding in the Temple

Jesus speaks:
1. You must obey your God.
2. I am a just God. All your deeds will be judged.
3. I am just!!
4. So many are lost, today.
5. At the end of this rosary, I ask you to see Me, My hands on either side of My Heart. I want you to see the fire, I want you to see My eyes, I want you to see Me, a Child in the temple, 12 years old. I want you to know I gave My life for you.
6. My life is given for you. My love is an endless furnace of love that does not flicker.
7. I am the Son of God.
8. Pray for the children of Mary to find their way home to My Heart.
9. Oh children, be humble.
10. Oh children pray for enlightenment, go to the spiritual womb of your Mother, she is your spiritual mother. Oh My children go to her now.

On this 3rd day of the month of My Sacred Heart, I ask you to show My picture before this rosary.

On the left I want Mary with the babe, as in the church in China, Indiana. On the right I want My Sacred Heart.

I want you to see yourself as a little babe in the arms of Mary. Put your little body in her arms. I want you to see yourself this way now. 

I want you to think of yourself as a child, a child of God, learning to be like God in your ways.

God is your Father, Mary your Mother, pray this rosary to your Father and Mother for help.

See yourself in the spiritual womb of your Mother being more and more formed in My image.

My little sweet baby, I love you so much.

I am the Sacred Heart.

    end of June 3, 2000 rosary


June 9, 2003

Mysteries of Light



    Baptism of Jesus

                    1.  Jesus speaks:  I love you.

                    2.  Jesus speaks:  I was baptized in the Jordan by John.

                    3.   Matthew 3: 16-17

    And when Jesus had been baptised he at once came up from the water, and suddenly the heavens opened and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and coming down on him. And suddenly there was a voice from heaven, ‘This is my Son, the Beloved; my favour rests on him.’

                    4.  Jesus speaks:  I am your Savior.

                    5.  Jesus speaks:  I come to save the Fallen Race.

                    6.  Jesus speaks:  My Sacred Heart is a Heart on fire for
                                                    love of you.

                    7.  Jesus speaks:  Come to My Heart.

                    8.  Jesus speaks:  I love you so much.

                    9.  Jesus speaks:  I give you such gifts in baptism.

                    10. Jesus speaks:  I give you a sharing in My life
                                                    in baptism.



Marriage at Cana

                    1.  John 2: 1-10

The wedding at Cana

On the third day there was a wedding at Cana in Galilee. The mother of Jesus was there, and Jesus and his disciples had also been invited. And they ran out of wine, since the wine provided for the feast had all been used, and the mother of Jesus said to him, ‘They have no wine.’ Jesus said, ‘Woman, what do you want from me? My hour has not come yet.’ His mother said to the servants, ‘Do whatever he tells you.’ There were six stone water jars standing there, meant for the ablutions that are customary among the Jews: each could hold twenty or thirty gallons. Jesus said to the servants, ‘Fill the jars with water,’ and they filled them to the brim. Then he said to them, ‘Draw some out now and take it to the president of the feast.’ They did this; the president tasted the water, and it had turned into wine. Having no idea where it came from—though the servants who had drawn the water knew—the president of the feast called the bridegroom and said, ‘Everyone serves good wine first and the worse wine when the guests are well wined; but you have kept the best wine till now.’

                    2.  Jesus speaks:  Intercede through My Mother Mary for
                                                    greater holiness.

                    3.  Jesus speaks:  Mary is so pure.

                    4.  Jesus speaks:  Mary will help to lead you into deeper
                                                    intimacy with Me.

                    5. Jesus speaks:  You are My precious bride.

                    6. Jesus speaks:  I worked miracles at Cana.

                    7. Jesus speaks:  If you pray for grace and want to
                                                    be holy, I will outpour My grace to you.

                    8.  Jesus speaks:  Doing God's will makes you have joy in
                                                    your heart.

                    9.  Jesus speaks:  I am a God of Justice.

                  10.  Jesus speaks:  I love you.



Kingdom of God

                    1.  Jesus speaks:  I am Jesus, the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

                    2.  Jesus speaks:  I love you so very much.

                    3.  Jesus speaks:  I give you Myself in the Eucharist.

                    4.  Jesus speaks:  I am the King of Kings.

                    5.  Jesus speaks:  I want to be King and Center of your hearts.

                    6.  Jesus speaks:  I call you to holiness.

                    7.  Jesus speaks:  I call you to love.

                    8.  Jesus speaks:  I call you to come to the light.

                    9.  Jesus speaks:  Do not walk in darkness.

                              10.  Jesus speaks:  Come and dwell in My Heart.
                                                    You have a free will.
                                                    You must want to change.
                                                    Others praying for you may help, but
                                                    you have to give your heart in
                                                    surrender to Me.
                                                    I love you so much.




                    1.   Matthew 17: 1-2, 5-7

The transfiguration

Six days later, Jesus took with him Peter and James and his brother John and led them up a high mountain by themselves. There in their presence he was transfigured: his face shone like the sun and his clothes became as dazzling as light.

He was still speaking when suddenly a bright cloud covered them with shadow, and suddenly from the cloud there came a voice which said, ‘This is my Son, the Beloved; he enjoys my favour. Listen to him.’ When they heard this, the disciples fell on their faces, overcome with fear. But Jesus came up and touched them, saying, ‘Stand up, do not be afraid.’

                    2.  Jesus speaks:  I am God, I am the Light of the World.

                    3.  Jesus speaks:  I took them up the Mountain.

                    4.  Jesus speaks:  I show you but you do not believe.

January 5, 2003

                    5.   Jesus speaks:  Many are too busy to even look.

                    6.  Jesus speaks:  My priests I love you, I give you such

                    7.  Song: A priest is a gift from God


                    8.  Jesus speaks:  I take you into My Heart.

                    9.  Jesus speaks:  I give you the Eucharist.


                    10.  Jesus speaks:  I give you Myself in the Eucharist.



Last Supper

                    1.  Mark 14:  22-25

The institution of the Eucharist

And as they were eating he took bread, and when he had said the blessing he broke it and gave it to them. ‘Take it,’ he said, ‘this is my body.’ Then he took a cup, and when he had given thanks he handed it to them, and all drank from it, and he said to them, ‘This is my blood, the blood of the covenant, poured out for many. In truth I tell you, I shall never drink wine any more until the day I drink the new wine in the kingdom of God.’

                    2.  Jesus speaks:  I give you Myself in the Eucharist.

                    3.  Jesus speaks:  I remain with you this day, truly
                                                    present in the Eucharist.

                    4.  Jesus speaks:  Come to Me I am waiting your love.

                    5.  Jesus speaks:  I love you so much.

                    6.  Song from Jesus refrain

                            I come to you with greatest love. 
                            I am your loving Savior. 
                            I am your God. I died for you. 
                            I come to you this day.

                    7.  Song from Jesus verse 1

                            You are My precious little one. 
                            I love you, oh, so dearly. 
                            Come close to Me, My little one. 
                            I loved you to My death.

                    8.  Song from Jesus verse 2 

                            Reach out to Me and do not fear. 
                            I want to be so close to you. 
                            You are My child, My precious one, 
                            I love you tenderly.

                    9.  Song refrain I Love You Jesus

                            I know Your love a little now, so dear You are to me. 
                            Come give me life, abundant life, I thirst to be with Thee.

                  10.  I Love You Jesus verses

                            1. Oh Burning Heart, Oh Love divine, how sweet You are to me. 
                                I see the Host, I know You're here to love and care for me.

                            2. I cannot say. There are not words to say what my heart feels. 
                                I love You so, I scarce can breathe when You come into me.

                            3. Your tender Heart, Oh how it beats for love of each this day. 
                                I want to give You all my love, surrender totally.

                        Jesus speaks:  I love you, I love you, 
                                                    I love you




June 1, 2000


A Burning Heart I give you


(to be used on June 2, 2000)



Agony in the garden

Jesus speaks: 

  1. I loved you so much I gave Myself for you.

  2. You do not fully comprehend how real I am.

  3. You wander a barren desert.

  4. You make this world your God.

  5. This is My Mission to help bring about the Reign of My Heart.

  6. Look at My red rosary, think of the drops of red Blood I shed in the garden for you.

  7. Blood coming from My pores.

  8. Blood mixed with water.

  9. You are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

  10. I give you such dignity - you do not comprehend.



Scourging at the Pillar

Jesus speaks:

  1.  I was whipped for your sins of hatred and disharmony, the stubborn ways you act that come from deep in your heart.

  2. Look at My red rosary, think of My Precious Blood I shed for you.

  3. My Heart is an endless furnace of love.

  4. The men were full of hatred in their hearts, they whipped Me and I loved them so much.

  5. I love the souls today that laugh at Me and make fun of Jesus, fun of My Name, that raise themselves indignantly over Me.

  6. They whip Me today, the way they treat Me.

  7. They tear My Flesh.

  8. My Heart beats for My beloved ones.

  9. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  10. Look at the picture of My Heart on Blue Book II - It is a furnace of endless love.


Crowning with Thorns

Jesus speaks:

  1. In this month of the Sacred Heart spend time reading My personal love letters to you in My Blue Books.

  2. Hear Me whisper My gentle words of love.

  3. See My red Blood pour down My cheeks from the thorns. Look at the red rosary, think how much I love you. Carry it with you. Look at My picture, think of My deep love. Let My Sacred Heart remind you of My burning love.

  4. Look at My Mother's picture on the building. God loves you so much, He gave you this gift of Mary on the building. Are you grateful?

  5. See My pierced head.

  6. See the Blood on My cheek.

  7. See the Consecrated Host in the Mass.

  8. See My Blood poured out for you.

  9. Gaze upon the Exposed Eucharist.

  10. I am there, I remain with you in such love.



Carrying of the Cross

Jesus speaks:

  1. A heavy cross I carried on My back.

  2. Why do you think you should not suffer?

  3. My Blood was red, My Heart is a symbol of My great love.

  4. My walk to Calvary was painful.

  5. I paid the price for the sins of today.

  6. Do you have to go with the world? Quit watching the filthy movies and the dirt on television.

  7. It hurts My Heart to see you won't take a stand for Me.

  8. Don't visit places where people are sinning. It hurts My Heart that you do that.

  9. My Heart bleeds when you say yes when you mean no, and no when you mean yes. Don't confuse matters, that is from Satan. Tell the truth.

  10. I called you to be an Apostle of My Sacred Heart. Will you serve Me?




Jesus speaks:

  1. My dear soul, I love you to say to Me when receiving the Eucharist, "I scarce can breathe when You come into Me."

  2. My dear soul, I do love you so, so much, see My red Blood shed for you.

  3. My dear soul, see My bleeding hands and feet.

  4. My dear soul, look at the crucifix.

  5. My dear soul, the most important thing you do everyday is going to Mass and receiving Me.

  6. My dear soul, tell others of the gift of Myself in the Eucharist.

  7. My dear soul, do you like favors, ice cream, candy? My dear soul, I give you Myself, I am the Son of God.

  8. My dear soul, during this month of the Sacred Heart, pray this rosary, look at My red rosary, think of My drops of Blood. Oh My soul, it is Blood I shed for you.

  9. Unite to the Mass at every moment. Feel united as a body.

  10. My dear soul, My Mass is a gift I give to you. Love your priests, pray for them, the Church and the world. Oh My dear soul, the more you do for Me the more you will unite to Me. I am the Chief Shepherd of the Flock, I give My prayers to you. I will give the greatest graces to anyone who says My prayers and promotes My prayers. Churches that have prayer chapters, even small, will experience the greatest grace. They will turn into little cities of light, run by Me to give honor to Me and devotion to My Eucharistic Heart. I will bless abundantly all churches which have prayer chapters. In this month of June, the month of My Sacred Heart, I implore you to spread My prayer chapters. This is My plan to help enormously to renew the Church and the world.

    I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Chief Shepherd of the Flock. My Heart is on fire for love of you, I loved you to My death on the cross. What did I think of on the cross? I thought of you. I knew you by name, I gave Myself as a sacrifice for you. Oh I love you, I am the Sacred Heart, I love you so much. My Heart is a burning furnace of love.

end of June 1, 2000 rosary

end of June 9, 2003 excerpt


Give the gift that keeps giving.

Blue Book 1 & 2 – $4.00 each plus postage



Blue Books 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6A, B, C, 3 – 
$3.00 each plus postage


Blue Books 4 & 5 –$2.00 each plus postage

Blue Books 14, 15 & 16 –$5.00 each plus postage


The more you use the Blue Books and
    become one with Jesus – more
    intimate with Jesus –
    the more your lives are a blessing and
    everything you do in life can help
    to bring down great grace for the world
    because of your being so
    one with Jesus.


Guiding Light Homily Book Series

Fr. Joe’s Books

Cycle A –
Steadfast to the Son

Cycle B –
Focusing on the Word

Cycle C

Feed My Soul

Cycle A
Inspired to be Genuine

4 for $20 plus postage of $6.95 


These books can be given to:

1) All Priests

       2) Good for Music Ministers
       3) Good for DRE's
       4) Good for Deacons
       5) Good for Principals of Schools
       6) Good for Teachers
       7) Good for Mom and Dads



                Given March 21, 2014

                R. Pray for These Things

                1) Pray for the Pope & hierarchy to help us start prayer chapters.
                2) Pray for Dan, Sally Jo, Richard, Carol, Margaret, Sue,
                    Jack, Jean, Amanda, Matthew, Special intentions.
3) Pray for the priests, the Church and the world!
                4) Pray for the spread of prayer chapters,
                    also for the spread of priests doing prayer chapters.
                5) Pray for the spread of Blue Books.
                6) People going to Florida and China.
                7) Vocations to all 7 categories.
                8) Pray for spread of Consecration and Rosary.
                9) Pray for pope helping us.
               10) Pray for Jeff - sales & health. Pray for Nick.
               11) Blue Book 17 and cover and all involved.
                    For our Publisher and all involved
               12) All intentions on my list, Jerry's list.
               13) Priests getting Fr. Joe's book.
               14) Pray for Fr. Joe's new book, cover & funds for printing & postage.
               15) Donors and members and their families.
               16) Healing of the Family tree.
               17) Dan & Melanie, Catherine & mom, Gary, Mary Jo,
                    Jim & statues, Fr. Ken, Monsignor, Kerry, Tom & wife.
               18) All who asked us to pray for them.
               19) All we promised to pray for.
               20) Rita, John, Doris, Sheila, Jerry, Regina, Sanja,
                    Betty, Sophie, Lisa, Eileen, Fr. Mike, Louie, Laverne,
                    2 Dons, Mary Ellen, Fr. Joe, all priests helping us,
                    Ed, Jimmy, Steve, a special couple
, Rosie & all involved.
               21) 2 babies and moms.
               22) Funds and insurance.
               23) Jerry's garage.
               24) In thanksgiving for gifts, graces, & blessings received.
               25) Spread the Blood of Jesus on all of us here.
               26) Consecrate all hearts.
               27) Cast the devil out of all of us here and all in Movement.



 The Wedding Rosary 

Crystal Image Rosary

$40 plus shipping


Original Image Rosary

8mm glass beads
in a matching gift box

$40 plus shipping



Give the gift that counts.

                Give to your priests Fr. Carter's Books plus postage.

Tell My People                    $5.00
Response to God's Love    $8.00
Response in Christ              $8.00



Old Mass Books with the Imprimatur 
$2.00 plus postage


New Mass Book with Imprimatur   
$8.00 plus postage


New Parents & Children's Book with the Imprimatur
$8.00 plus postage


Fr. Joe's Cycle A – Steadfast to the Sun – Starts in Advent
$5.00 plus postage

Give the gift that keeps on giving!

Give to your priest.

Fr. Carter's Priestly Newsletters Book II
$6.00 plus postage


Get a canvas print of Mary's image
with a sliver of glass and a little
bottle of Jesus and Mary water.
The glass will be fixed behind the
back of the picture.
$200.00 plus postage



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