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August 13, 2007

August 14th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 3 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for August 14th are Glorious.


We need funds for the Church newsletter.

Also funds for the Building Payment.


Retreat in Florida

August 19th - 22nd

Retreat starts at 1:00pm on the 19th

August 19th is the 90th anniversary

of Mary's apparition at Fatima

after the children were jailed.

August 22nd is the Queenship of Mary.

Rita will be here to sign books.



Given August 12, 2007


                    The devil works the opposite
                of God's will.

                    Adam and Eve were told to not
                eat the apple — the devil tempted
                them to eat it.

                    God's way is harmony,
                oneness, love, unity — like
                a watch keeping perfect time.

                    The devil's way is dominance
                for dominance sake, control,
                changing an existing harmonious
                system for control, confusion —
                dominance — to take over —

                    Where God's way is at peace —
                another moves in with rules in
                place for chaos, disharmony —
                dominance —

                    Satan will attack families,
                institutions with strong willed
                persons seeking their own gratification
                of control —

                    Satan goes for the jugular
                vein — he wants disharmony —
                control — disharmony

                    A house divided against it
                self will surely fall —

                    The main stream of religious
                orders is obedience to a superior
                and celibacy — In this connection of
                obedience to the head — the power
                from God is passed on in this

                    God works in structure —
                Parents are over children — The fourth
                commandment states this.

                    As one may promote spirituality,
                love and harmony — another with tension
                can act out this tension in disharmony,
                control — causing division, confusion,
                lack of peace.

                    Satan is confusion.

                    The battle strategy was complete —
                a small group was stationed on the
                front line to attack — the commanding
                officer retreated — over and over again —
                allowing the enemy to advance on
                their land.

                    The head of strategy never had to
                ask the leader of the small platoon
                why he retreated — at the precise
                moment he had the ability to advance
                and win, but instead he retreated over
                and over again until finally his company
                became the prey of the enemy —
                some were captured and persecuted —
                most were killed in slow battles
                acting in defense rather than
                advancing as commanded —

                    They lost the front — the land
                behind and the strategy of the
                whole army plan was thrown
                into utter confusion, utter chaos
                and so many lives were lost — almost
                too many to count.

                    Why did the commander of the
                small group retreat — he wouldn't
                take orders, he wanted his way — he
                changed plans against the plan which
                would have worked and saved the front —
                he caused utter chaos by disobedience
                and a new plan of his own he did
                to be in control — the front
                was lost, land behind, men's
                lives and utter chaos.

                    Satan works like that in
                marriages, relationships with children,
                a person wants control at all costs —
                lack of trust is not developed —
                sterility — rigidness — tension —

                    In homes foster love — trust
                is paramount — people can work without
                controlling others, but there is a
                plan and in trusting embrace it
                is followed.

                    Satan works in secrecy —
                satan prompts the other to change
                the strategy and to seize control —
                there is always confusion, lack of
                trust — a surprise in the battle

                    God is not like this — God gives
                us the commandments up front —
                God gives us His Word — The more
                the truth is in us — the more we
                will act as God desires — in harmony —
                love, building the Kingdom of God for
                God's honor and glory

                    The men were working together in
                peace — for no reason but utter
                control an officer demanded a big
                job accomplished that caused utter
                chaos and lack of harmony — He wanted
                to have men obey him — he wanted
                power — he was feeling weak — so he
                demanded a big job get done in
                less time than it was possible — he
                frustrated the men whose hearts were
                given to the mission — after repeated
                times he did the same thing weary
                men had to leave for health reasons —
                others had a hurt, wounded, weary
                attitude — where before they were willing,
                full of fervor and trust — the basic
                elements of trust were now shattered
                by a strong power manager boss who
                did this for power when he lost it
                somewhere else —

                    It was anything but loving

                    It was never done because it was
                God's will — It had to do with his
                addiction to control and his seeking
                of power —

                    Soon the troops were beaten up
                spiritually — wounded in heart —
                disharmonious like him, tense and
                without solid direction of living to
                do the will of God —
                    the focus became manipulating for power


                Abraham and Sarah —

                    They obeyed
                    Moses obeyed

                When God tells us what to do and we
                    disobey it is satan who wants
                    disobedience against God.

                A person is called to do something to
                    promote spirituality and love —
                    when asked to help a person
                    always added more that
                    caused tension chaos —
                    when asked to do a chore —
                        the leader always changed
                        everything which added
                        confusion, chaos and not
                        the request given being fulfilled.

                A child is given a simple order
                    for obedience —
                    the child always added things —
                    changed the command —
                    it was disobedience

                And yet a parent can demand obedience
                    with a strict touch, but when
                    asked to do what is required
                    of them —
                    instead of doing things
                    they put things together
                    add time limits
                    change things around —
                    they set up an argument —

                for when a simple director says,
                    why did you do this causing
                    confusion, they begin an
                    argument to prove they are
                    right and the leader wrong —

                Satan wants disobedience
                Where Jesus shows us about obedience
                    to His death on the cross —
                    How He is the Son of God.
                        He obeyed His Father.
                    Jesus did not change the
                        will of God.

                    Setting up a fight by disobeying,
                adding things, putting several things
                together, then arguing you are right
                and the leader is wrong is from

                    A book Pope John Paul II wrote was
                about taking responsibility is love.

                    To not take responsibility for
                our actions and blame another
                is lying.

                    I love John's Gospel —


John 16: 7-15

Still, I am telling you the truth:
it is for your own good that I am going,
because unless I go,
the Paraclete will not come to you;
but if I go,
I will send him to you.
And when he comes,
he will show the world how wrong it was,
about sin,
and about who was in the right,
and about judgement:
about sin:
in that they refuse to believe in me;
about who was in the right:
in that I am going to the Father
and you will see me no more;
about judgement:
in that the prince of this world
   is already condemned.
I still have many things to say to you
but they would be too much for you
   to bear now.
However, when the Spirit of truth comes
he will lead you to the complete truth,
since he will not be speaking
   of his own accord,
but will say only what he has been told;
and he will reveal to you
   the things to come.
He will glorify me,
since all he reveals to you
will be taken from what is mine.
Everything the Father has is mine;
that is why I said:
all he reveals to you
will be taken from what is mine.


                    Our mission in the Shepherds of Christ is to
                help bring oneness to the world,
                the Church, families, schools —
                by spreading the consecration to
                the 2 Hearts —

                    The purpose of this is to obey
                God's will —

                    To disobey by changing directions
                and arguing you are right, the
                other is wrong when you are to obey
                is from satan and lying.

                    Lying is a sin.
                    Sin is sin.
                    Satan is the Father of lies —

                Satan tries to mask the truth —

                Adam and Eve sinned

                God said don't eat the forbidden
                    fruit — they did

                To prove the gravity of the sin —
                    we human creatures all have a wounded
                    human nature, but Mary

                The beginning of the Bible starts
                    with the story about obedience,

                Satan wants us to disobey
                Adam and Eve disobeyed
                Jesus the New Adam took on flesh and died
                    obeying His Father's will

                    Aaron and Miriam wanted to be
                recognized like Moses.


Numbers 12: 1-13 

Miriam, and Aaron too, criticised Moses over the Cushite woman he had married. He had indeed married a Cushite woman. They said, ‘Is Moses the only one through whom Yahweh has spoken? Has he not spoken through us too?’ Yahweh heard this. Now Moses was extremely humble, the humblest man on earth.

Suddenly Yahweh said to Moses, Aaron and Miriam, ‘Come out, all three of you, to the Tent of Meeting.’ They went, all three of them, and Yahweh descended in a pillar of cloud and stood at the entrance of the Tent. He called Aaron and Miriam and they both came forward. Yahweh said: Listen to my words! if there is a prophet among you, I reveal myself to him in a vision, I speak to him in a dream. Not so with my servant Moses; to him my whole household is entrusted; to him I speak face to face, plainly and not in riddles, and he sees Yahweh’s form. How, then, could you dare to criticise my servant Moses? Yahweh’s anger was aroused by them. He went away, and as soon as the cloud left the Tent, there was Miriam covered with a virulent skin–disease, white as snow! Aaron turned to look at her and saw that she had contracted a virulent skin–disease.

Aaron said to Moses: ‘Oh, my Lord, please do not punish us for the sin we have been foolish enough to commit. Do not let her be like some monster with its flesh half eaten away when it leaves its mother’s womb!’ Moses pleaded with Yahweh. ‘O God,’ he said, ‘I beg you, please heal her!’



                Pride keeps someone stuck
                    lying is wrong
                    Seeking dominance for dominance
                        sake — comes from our
                        wounded human nature

                God called the retreats in China to
                    help bring down great grace

                Jesus called the 13ths
                Mary called the 5ths

                Jesus told us to gather December 17 and

                These days of prayer and direction
                    are a gift and the prayer
                    is needed to help bring down
                    grace as God has told us.

                The 5ths are to help make reparation
                    for the blasphemies against
                    Mary and Jesus' wounds.

                There was one way to obey
                    God the Father
                    Jesus had to die on the cross

                    Instead of talking about the
                mystery of God's love — because of
                satan's tactics to gain ground
                through disobedience and confusion
                we state clearly that disobedience
                against God's will is what Adam
                and Eve did —

                    Jesus showed us the New Adam
                obeyed His Father to His
                Death on the cross —

                Jesus did not change His actions —
                    He did God's will

                Satan wants disobedience —
                    disobeying structure




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