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August 14, 2010

August 15th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 5 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for August 15th are Luminous.


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August 14, 2010

                    Where are you going
                 in your busy lives  —

                     People are dying  — accidents
                every day  —

                     Enjoy the moments of your
                life and live  —

                     The beauty of the world  —

                Some are blind and cannot see  —

                But some can see and are blind  —

                very blind in their vision  —

                     What good does it do a

                 man to control the world and lose

                their soul  —

                     Tick, tock  —

                     Tick, Tocks

                     Some children lose one parent  —

                     A baby whose mother died in birth  —

                    They must continue to live and

                    Give love to others  —

                    Feel the rhythm of the band
                            within you  —

                    The harmony of living according
                             to the Creator  —

                    Take off your shoes and socks and feel

                             the earth under your feet and

                             see the sky above  —

                     When it rains  — the rain
                             waters the earth  —

                     Not false promises from an untruthful
                            heart  —

                     Jesus sticks to His word  —

                     Jesus is faithful in the words He speaks  —

                     Jesus speaks love  —

                     His voice is loving  —

                     He teaches in the tone of His voice  —

                     He teaches of truth in His Heart  —


            Song:  Give Me Your Heart Oh Jesus


                     Jesus voice doesn't hide an
                        angry heart  — tense and
                        without love and feeling and
                        without truth  —

                    Most Sacred Heart of Jesus I place
                        my trust in You.

                    I have heard Jesus and Mary
                        speak  —

                    Jesus love swells in me
                        as He speaks through me.

                    Quit controlling being a rival
                        to God's will  —

                    To be in touch interiorly
                        with God  —

                    To see the light as a person
                        so interiorly one with
                        God  — God is light  — God is love  —

                        You don't need eyes to see  —

                    I hear the love in the heart
                        in the voice  —

                    Jesus is love  —

                    His voice is always loving  —

                    His voice is intense  —

                    His voice is truthful  —

                    No deception  — no lies  —

                    Never wearing a mask of
                        self-consciousness  —

                    Never selfish

                    Always open  —

                    Always true  —

                    Even in admonition  — He gives love  —

                    He loves and forgives the contrite
                         sinner  —

                    Not stiff because of disharmony
                        with God's will  —

                    Perfect harmony  — a song of
                        the will of God  —

                    His voice tells us the way  —

                    He is the suffering servant  —

                    His voice tells of life in Him  —

                    Jesus is authentic  — not a mask  —

                    Jesus' voice  — not manipulative  —

                    Loving ourselves because we
                        know how much God loves

                    Jesus died and rose for us

                    Jesus gives us Himself in the
                         Eucharist today  —

                    Jesus gives us His Church.



                            The Three Loves  Fr. Carter said

                                Loving God
                                Loving others
                                Loving ourselves

                            without all 3 we have a big
                                problem  —

                            people hurting others, don't love themselves  —

                        God is light and

                        when we know how God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

                                dwell in us we know
                                light inside  —
                                God is with us  —

                        Giving into satan  — makes it dark, cold and
                                isolated inside  —

                        darkness where there could be light  —

                        Interior vision  — seeing the brightest
                                light does not take eyes  —

                        It takes being one with the Father's
                                vision and knowing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
                                dwelling in our graced baptized
                                soul  —

                                Be holy  — don't sin mortally  —

                                    say  you are sorry when you
                                    sin venially

                                lying about sin blocks relationship.

                         Mary's voice is so sweet  —

                         It reveals her pure love  —

                         You do not need eyes to know
                                Mary  —

                          When she delivered Mary's message
                                 her words filled my neck
                                 and I was choked up with
                                 sorrow as she spoke through me.

                           Our parents sacrificed for
                        most of us to bring us to where
                        we are today  —

                            We are to know gratitude
                        for us in our hearts to have
                        real happiness  —

                            Did you ever see a fruit
                        bowl  — It is interesting for it
                        draws us to action  — what
                        should we eat  — right away
                        we are involved  —

                            So many gifts God gives to
                        each of us  — like a big bowl
                        of fruit made by God the Father.
                        All fruit, but different in our
                        uniqueness and the unique way
                        we see things and love  —

                            Which is more interesting
                        a bowl of all apples, or one
                        of many different fruits.

                            Enjoying the Plan of God and
                        recognizing our special talents  —
                        seeing our role in the Father's Plan  —
                        knowing that He created us with
                        a purpose  —

                            Music in our soul, a dance
                        to the will of God  — a dance
                        with the most perfect steps  —
                        an opening of our eyes to the
                        sky  — the ground under our
                        feet  — the waters of a beautiful
                        lake  — the green of the beautiful
                        vegetation created by God  —

                            Why are we so blind to our
                        own uniqueness and our specialness
                        to God  — why do we hold onto
                        darkness many times and tie a
                        ball and chain around our ankle  —
                        listening to satan.

                            Do not be afraid to love  —

                            God commands us to love  —

                            To empty our hearts of unforgiveness,
                            bitterness, anger and envy,
                            possessiveness  —

                        Learn to live as we live in Him  —
                        feel the grass under our feet  —
                        breathe in the air  —

                                know life  —

                                know God's fathomless
                        love keeps us in existence  —
                        Life is promised to no man  —
                        we can never live the moments
                        of this day again  —

                           Capture your precious
                        moments in your heart like
                        a photographer tries to
                        capture moments on film
                        or digitally  —

                            The excitement of knowing
                        God's love  — to not be bored and
                        addicted to excitement  —

                            The gifts God gives are
                        taken for granted many times  —
                        seeing is not with the
                        eyes, but with the heart  —

                            Jesus calls us to give our hearts to
                        Him and Mary so we can see more and more
                        the vision of the Father  —

                            Love is living according
                        to God's will  — for we give
                        what is due to God and to others  —
                        God the Father has the perfect
                        Plan  —

                        He wants us empowered in our
                        vocation  — He wants us
                        enthusiastically embracing
                        God's Plan.

                            The beauty God gives us may
                        look beautiful with our
                        eyes, but it is with our hearts
                        we see real beauty and know
                        happiness in Him  —

                            Love is forever  —

                            Seeing is in the heart

                                with the eyes of love  —

                            Not being possessive,
                                jealous, envious, but
                                wanting God's will
                                for others in our
                                life  —

                        Music to more than the ears.

                        Music deep in the hearts

                        Music with love for

                                  God who gives us
                                  a free will to love
                                  or not to love  —

                        We must not want what
                                we want for others
                                opposed to God's will
                                or it blocks the
                                harmony of God's song  —







                                    We make things complicated
                                          when we try to force
                                          our will against
                                          God's will  —

                                    God wrote a song for
                                           our lives and we
                                           want to write one
                                           that is our tune.

                                     Harmony is in the heart.

                                     Life is a song of beautiful music played according
                                             to the Father's will  —

                                     Hatred for our brother


                                     Trying to rule against God's rule.




                                     IS like banging a big
                                     spoon on a big tin
                                     can lid and it hurts peoples
                                     ears  —

                                     There is a song in your heart
                                            called "God's will".

                                     Those with stone hearts never
                                            hear it.

                                      So they in boredom or to
                                            get excitement  — can
                                            start things provoking
                                            and hurting others and

                                      Then they can feel as they watch
                                            the fires they started in
                                            anger burn people from
                                            babies to old men  —

                                            The noise is the clamor of
                                            chains around their
                                            ankles  — enslaved to
                                            the temptations of satan  —
                                            who wants you to make wrong  — right
                                            and Satan who wants you to write
                                                rules like this and
                                            Satan who wants right to
                                                look wrong  —

                                        Wise is the man whose fountain
                                              is fed by living water and
                                              whose foot does not stumble
                                              on snakes.

                                        Pray to see  —

                                        Pray to the Holy Spirit to be
                                                filled with light.

                                        Take the rags from your
                                                eyes  —

                                        See the ways of the
                                                heart  —

                                        God gives us so many gifts
                                      we are to thank God and
                                      dream the dreams He wants
                                      for our lives.

                                        We are to live our vocation
                                      in enthusiasm to show God
                                      how much we love Him and
                                      surrender to Him  —

                                        A man cannot try to
                                      stop another from being
                                      the man God wants him
                                      to be  —


                                        Live your vocation

                                        with enthusiasm  —

                                        It is a song written

                                        by God the Father  —

                                        Don't play sour


                                        Don't play with

                                            no love  —

                                        Don't write your own song.

                                        God the Father's song

                                                is perfect  —

                                        Bear fruit that lasts


                                        Build the Father's Kingdom.

                                        Give your energy to His Plan.

                                        Play His Song for your life.

                                        A Song of love in the soul!!



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