Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests
with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

August 16, 2003

August 17th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 6 Period II.
The Novena Rosary Mysteries for August 17th are the Sorrowful.


There will be a Blue Book Reading
on Sunday at 4:35.

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Schedule for August 17, 2003

4:00 a.m. - Mass

4:37 a.m. - Morning Offering and prayers

4:49 a.m. - Newsletter 1999 Issue 3 (Personal Uniqueness)

6:16 a.m. - Morning Offering

6:20 a.m. - 6:20 prayers led by Father Carter
                 Holy Spirit Novena
                 Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual

7:24 a.m. - Children praying the Shepherds of Christ prayers

7:42 a.m. - Mary's Message and 
                    talk given by Father Carter from February 13, 1997

8:22 a.m. - Live Rosary February 13, 1997

9:45 a.m. - Nursing Home #15

10:23 a.m. - Children's Glorious Rosary
                    July 15, 1995

11:16 a.m. - Morning Offering & Prayer for Union

11:21 a.m. - Choose Life

12:23 p.m. - Children's Joyful Rosary
                     December 25, 1994

12:57 p.m. - Response to God's Love chapter 2

1:40 p.m. - Children praying the Shepherds of Christ prayers

1:58 p.m. - Songs

2:19 p.m. - Nursing Home #4

3:00 p.m. - Mary's Message

3:07 p.m. - Songs

3:51 p.m. - Morning Offering & Prayer for Union with Jesus

3:56 p.m. - Song from Jesus

3:58 p.m. - Prayer before the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

4:00 p.m. - Mass

4:37 p.m. - God's Blue Book reading

6:20 p.m. - 6:20 prayers led by Father Carter
                   Holy Spirit Novena
                   Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual

7:24 p.m. - Children's Sorrowful Rosary November 2, 1996

8:23 p.m. - Rosary of Light from July 10, 2003 #2

8:54 p.m. - Blue Book reading from July 12, 2003

10:19 p.m. - Morning Offering & Prayer for Union with Jesus

10:24 p.m. - About Shepherds of Christ - talk given June 29, 2003

11:44 p.m. - Handbook read by Father Carter 

1:18 a.m. - Songs

1:37 a.m. - Tell My People read by Father Carter

3:08 a.m. - Rosary of Light from November 14, 2002

3:41 a.m. - Morning Offering & Prayer for Union with Jesus

3:46 a.m. - Mary's Message

3:52 a.m. - Songs

4:00 a.m. - Mass


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A Prayer for Intimacy with the Lamb
the Bridegroom of the soul

    Oh Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, come and act on my soul most intimately. I surrender myself, as I ask for the grace to let go, to just be as I exist in You and You act most intimately on my soul. You are the Initiator. I am the soul waiting Your favors as You act in me. I love You. I adore You. I worship You. Come and possess my soul with Your Divine Grace, as I experience You most intimately.


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August 16, 2003

Messenger:            It is purity in our actions God wants. Sometimes

                            we are so concerned with pride and how we did

                            better than someone else we do not focus on

                            what is best. We want what God wants. Our pride

                            should not get in there - "I did it better," what

                            matters is how it is done - likewise if someone

                            needs to give a direction and tell us another way

                            then we do not act upset, we correct it to

                            make it better, more pleasing to God.

                                It is purity in our actions, we do our actions

                            to please God, jealousy, pride, should not

                            effect our decision only what is best.

                                When someone has to wait or do some

                            performance there may be anxiety, it is then

                            too, we do not want our tension inside

                            to alter God's will. We must be pure in

                            how we do things and what we do in everything.

                                The Blessed Mother was the perfect handmaid

                            of the Lord.

                                August 16, 1993 - ten years ago today -

                                I was on a plane on the way to California and I

                            received this message.


Message given August 16, 1993

Messenger:  Dear Jesus, Please come to me and write to me now, I really need to be alone with You and hear Your words, please talk to me.

Jesus speaks:  My dear child, put your fear and anxiety aside. You are coming for My truth. I am the Truth. I live in you and you are watered by My words of truth. Deception is very troublesome to you when you live in My truth. On any scale deception is not at all funny. I know you cannot watch a movie anymore, it is not of God. Do not give in to the ways of this world. Feed yourself with only that which is of Me. Turn your entire life over to Me, trust in My ways and make them your own. Read and reread each letter, go back to your old letters, know them by heart so My words and thinking will become engraved in you. You must speak from My truth. You must be filled with My wisdom. You must not falter or wonder, but be confident in these words I write to you. My work for you is to speak My truths. You must study them and know all I have taught you. Those are your lessons. All that is not of Me will become so foreign, you will want only to choose My way, but you must teach yourself with My letters. I am the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE and he who abides in Me will have the light of life. The life I give you is not of this world. It is rooted in My words and My truth. Only I can teach you My truths. This world is so full of error. Unless you keep constant in My teachings by reading My words, you will go astray. My words are the food by which you are nourished and fed. My words are your drink, they are your food, they are your all. You will run and not grow weary, you will fly like an eagle. Joy will abound in your heart and you will know that true joy comes only from Me. All other joy is momentary. My joy is everlasting and full to the brim, You, My child, can have this joy if you stay fixed in My words. Savor them and decipher all their meanings for you, this is your truth, this is your victory over Satanís lies. This is how you will help others to know Me. Your instructions are very clear, My child. STUDY each letter and try to understand all of its contents. They are words meant for you so you can speak these truths to others. It is not by chance you were chosen by Me, My child. You are a teacher, you are convincing in all you believe in. Believe in these letters and memorize My teachings until they flow from you as from your very soul. You must put aside your doubts now. Keep these letters by your side. Your life here will be always put into perspective. You will not get caught up in foolishness, or worry for any reason. I AM HE, I AM here. Your work is clear, study and learn My words so they become engraved in you. Speak of My words to all. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and you are My messenger. I speak the truth to you that you will speak the truth to all. No time to wait, time is so short. Be busy studying My teachings now. Keep them in your purse, underline and read them again and again. These are not just for you, they are teachings of My love for all My children. Each child needs to be told about My love. Reach as many as possible through your speech. I am by your side, giving you what you need. The crooked ways are made straight, the weary are sent away in rest. Your voice will be My tool to reach many. Make yourself like jello. I will form you into what I want you to be. You must remain formless and be molded by Me. I am this close to you, My child. You will take some knocks, but you will be the key to unlock many doors. Use you I will, let all busy things behind. Focus on Me at every moment. This is My desire for you to speak My truth. I will be with you, little one, do not be afraid. I will tell you the way.

Messenger:  Oh my Jesus, how You want me to do this I do not know. Show me how it is to come about or put me somewhere and I will now study Your words for me. For He made me humble and taught me His ways, which are the only ways to go. All other ways are not of any account. His way is the way to victory, the cross that leads us to glory, joy and peace in this life and glory and salvation in the world to come. He bound up my foolish ways and taught me His truths. My tongue was made clean, and my heart was full of His love. He cast away my doubts and fears and filled me with the gifts of the Spirit. His light He shined deep into my soul and He washed me in His Blood and I was made ready to do His work, an honor that I do not deserve, but long to fulfill for Him, my God, my All, my Jesus. Him I love and He has bestowed on me a great dignity. With love and respect He clothed me and made my broken heart and soul whole in Him. I am the fortunate one to know this one, true magnificent God. I bow in awe at all His greatness.

I am in awe at His love for us all. In our lowliness and sin He reached out and clothed us with dignity and showered us with His love and we were like the flowers after the rain, blessed by Him in His greatness. We are His children, Alleluia, Alleluia. Praise the Lord. Amen.

(end of message given August 16, 1993)



August 16, 2003 message continues

Messenger:            From then on came all the writings and

                            rosaries - live. I received them after this 

                            message. I never knew what was in store.

                            December 17, 1991 Heart - December 17, 1996  5 years later Mary appeared
                                                                                            on the building in Clearwater.


December 17, 1991

Excerpt from daily message

Jesus speaks: I am Jesus. I have spoken as never before, you will spread My love to all souls on this earth.

Messenger: When I received this message and saw the vision on March 26, the bells tolled at 8:00 a.m. and at 9:00 a.m.Picture of Jesus' Heart on fire.


The vision of Jesus' Heart on fire I had in the same pew at All Saints Church, December 17, 1991. The heart that is on the 2nd Blue Book. The first vision March 26, 1996, I had in the same pew on the other end of the pew toward the center aisle, the first pew on the right side of the church as I faced the altar.

end of excerpt from daily message



December 17, 1991 His Burning Heart

Messenger:  I was alone in All Saints Church after Mass and Communion, in front of the tabernacle, when I saw the Sacred Heart. It was red around the outside, then a layer of yellow and then the brightest light in the center. I felt heat and it looked like an open furnace.

    I thought about it all day and it instantly gave me peace and warmth in my heart. This is the purpose of these lettersóto draw hearts to the ardent on-fire love of Jesus. I received the following message that day:

    "Open your heart to the fire of God's love. He is ablaze in your heart. He wants to dwell in you and love you and others through you. Love God, yourself and one another and experience the fire set aglow in your heart and experience the warmth of His love."

end of writing about December 17, 1991



August 16, 2003 message continues

Messenger:            We have been doing the prayers at Our

                            Lady of the Holy Spirit Center now for 4 years following

                            this message.


August 14, 1999 - Vigil of the Assumption

From Mary delivered at 3:00 a.m., awakened at 2:00 a.m.

Mary speaks: I appeared at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center daily. I ask this day that a prayer meeting as directed by my Son be held daily at 6:20 p.m. before the Sorrowful Mother statue, if possible, and the exposed Eucharist, if possible. It will go as follows, the format being that given in the February 23, 1999, message from Jesus.

    I wish the main prayers of the Novena to the Holy Spirit to be prayed as directed by my Son, followed by the Shepherds of Christ prayers and the rosary. I wish my messenger or any person of Shepherds of Christ to lead this prayer service. I wish the freedom for the messenger to be there. I wish a worthy-standing apostle in the Shepherds of Christ to lead the prayers. This is my request. I am Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Clearwater, Our Lady of the Rosary, Our Lady of Sorrows - Our Lady of the Holy Spirit. This is my Center, this is my request. I cannot tell you the importance of this message to the plan of the Father. Because of willfulness it has been blocked. Because of the workings of Satan, it has been blocked. I am Our Lady of Light. I appeared there daily from July 5, 1994 - September 5, 1995. I ask for this: a simple prayer meeting to comply with the format set by Jesus, February 23, 1999. I am Our Lady of the Rosary. I wish this to be begun immediately. You will pray as I have instructed because you love me. I am Our Lady of the Holy Spirit. For this prayer meeting the Holy Spirit Prayers to be recited are those given by my Son.

    I am Our Lady of the Holy Spirit. This is my Center. You will listen if you love me and Him. I am Our Lady of the Holy Spirit. I am Mary your Mother, Queen of Peace.

    Special graces are given for healing (especially spiritual healing) wherever and whenever these prayers are prayed at 6:20 p.m. Tuesday.

    I wish the youth to come on Sunday (and on Thursday at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center) at all places where the prayers are recited. These prayers can be recited in about one hour or less. I am Mary, please answer my request.

               end of August 14, 1999 message



August 16, 2003 message continues

Messenger:           Here is a message on the Passion I received

                            August 23, 1993.   


August 23, 1993 - Message from Jesus

On His Passion

Jesus: My dear child,

I was condemned to death, death on a cross. They gave Me a big cross and made Me carry it. They stood around and glared at Me. It weighed on My shoulder and I pulled at it until it finally moved. Every step was almost impossible as I dragged it, weighing so heavily on My shoulders.

My shoulder felt as if the bones inside would crack and the cross would fall through to the ground. I couldnít drag it any more. I tried, I fell. I fell and its weight fell on Me. A guard hit Me with something sharp. It really hurt because he wanted Me to move, and fast! People were watching -- on with the show! How dare I fall in the middle of the show! He hit Me again and the blow really stung Me. I got up because it hurt so badly. I tried to walk on.

My Mother was in the crowd. She looked at Me and her face looked red and hurt. Tears rolled down her cheeks like rain and as her eyes met Mine, I was hurt so by her sorrow! She was always by My side, silent and loving. She was My Mother of love! She is always there next to you when you suffer.

I fell again and he (the guard) really hit Me. It (the cross) was so heavy that he and I together could barely move it. It seemed as I walked, heavier with the sins of the world heaped on it. My hands were bleeding. Blood ran from the wounds of My thorns and My head throbbed, seeming to make the wounds in My head bleed even more. Some of the Blood was dried, some of it running all over My Body. I had so many cuts and bruises -- and people watched and laughed!

I am Jesus, Son of the Living God, and they laughed and mimicked Me! Oh, such hardened hearts! How vile can menís hearts become? The devilís grip is paralyzing and crippling.

The walk was so long up a hill and over rocks -- the cross had to be lifted over the rocks. My Body was bleeding so badly! My Heart was pounding. I knew that the salvation of all men depended on My love. Therefore, I went through such agony.

I thought of My intense love for you -- that many would go to heaven because of My suffering -- and I continued to the top of the hill. At the top they laid Me on the cross and with a big hammer nailed My hands to it. It was the worst (suffering) yet. My hands were nailed with big nails and the big hammer. Then, as if that werenít enough, with a big nail they nailed through both feet.

Then they lifted the cross and banged it into (a hole in) the ground. My shoulders ached from how I hung. My head bobbed and My neck ached and they laughed and said, "Now save Yourself." I hurt so much! I suffered this way for hours -- which seemed like forever -- and they glared at Me and laughed! My Mother watched in such agony.

For love of you, to My death I gave you My Body. My child, I shed My Blood and gave you My life that you might be with Me forever in heaven -- not for a day, a month or a year, but forever with Me in heaven.

I am the true Bread come down from heaven. He who eats My Flesh will have life forever. For the drink I give you is My Blood and food you eat is My Body. Who would lay down his life for a friend? I did, for you. I love you this much, child. Forget about those who reject you. You have My life that I gave you and I give you life eternal.

I am the One true God. I am the Light of life. He who abides in Me will have life eternal, for the drink I give is My Blood and the food I give is My Body. Drink and eat and have everlasting life.

My child, that is all you need to know. Love one another and be good that you may enter into My Kingdom.

(end of message given August 23, 1993)



August 16, 2003 message continues

Messenger:           Here are some important messages from

                            Blue Book I.

Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

I Am a Jealous God

August 23, 1993

I am your God and you shall have no gods before Me, not money or power or man. You must make Me the center of your life. Whenever you are filled with anxiety you have made something else your God. You must hold fast to My presence by your side and know I am there and nothing can harm you. Though the earth be shaken and the sun not give its light, I will hold your hand and you will be My child. You needn't worry. Let go of it all, My child. The very hairs of your head are numbered. I am by your side in this cross. Sit back and enjoy this air, the freedom and silence. You need to be with Me. I am a jealous God. I do not want you to block My way to you with sorry thoughts of remorse. I am here and I am loving you at every turn. I am the God of all your Fathers. I am all power. You must only trust Me. Put all your doubt aside and know that I am present to you, My little one. I am God. Quit putting so much importance on what your friends have said to you. The devil uses them to get to you. You are very distracted and hurt. Snap out of it. I am Jesus and I am your God. They are not. They do not matter, My child. I am running the show. I could stop this whole world at this moment if I so desired. I am licking your wounds with My divine healing. You will not suffer this pain any more this day. This is a day created by Me to show you My love. Have the day and enjoy its fruits. Focus on My great love for you. I care for you as no other can. I miss your attentiveness to Me when you are distracted and bowed down.

I am a jealous God. I want your all. I want you doing My work. You are not spreading My love when you are engulfed in a sea of despair. A day lost without My love being spread through you is a day lost for all those around you. Forget them. They make you feel guilty and bad. They are being operated by Satan's snares. He is so cunning. You, My child, can't go there. You are loved dearly by Me. I am hurt by your pain. Ask for My grace to wash away all memory of this scourging, but to remember only how deeply I am affected by neglect in Communion from those who do not love Me.

You know how people hurt you, but you don't feel the pain. You know the evilness in cruel remarks, but you don't feel the pain, for My love is a balming ointment for you in the day of battle. I have felt all the pains. Meditate on My passion. I have suffered.

You need to let light flow through you. You need to cooperate with My grace to erase those feelings from your heart and trust in Me, My beautiful child. Trust that I am the God Who truly loves you. Unto death I have suffered for you. Meditate on this. I love you, little one. I love you.

end of August 23, 1993


Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Come To My Tabernacle

August 28, 1993

Jesus speaks:  My precious child, I long to be with you. I am here. You must find a way to be with Me every day in front of the tabernacle. If others distract you, you must find a way.

Satan is trying to stop My time with you. I am your true love and I long to spend time with you each day. Hold tight to My face. I am here little one. Don't ever doubt that again. My words are simple. They are truth. No one knows My intense love for them. I long for these moments with you. I am indeed here. If you have to come and be with Me during the day, I want these moments with you in front of the tabernacle. I am truly sitting here with you, Body and Soul.

I am Jesus, Son of the living God. Never doubt Me again. I have made myself known to you, My child. You offend Me so with your doubt and your busyness on other matters. You spend time fuming and fretting and feeling sorry for yourself when I am waiting here to be with you and talk to you. I don't care about other matters. I am very jealous. I want this time every day. You feel so bad inside when you are not alone with Me in church. That is where your comfort comes from. You are so upset inside when you do not spend it here. Don't you know these things? Being home is not the same. I am truly present in the tabernacle. You needn't run anywhere. You have a key to the church. I love you. I don't want to remind you that this is where it all is. I want you to love Me so much you don't even think you can function without time alone with Me in church. Come to Me every day. You do not go a day without food. You can't go a day without time absolutely alone with Me. If you do, it will be a disaster. Have you not felt the gnawing in your heart when you didn't do it yesterday? You crave this time alone and your tears are from not being alone with Him Whom you truly love.

I am Jesus Christ, Son of the one true God. I have chosen you to write these messages which are meant for all and you are busy-doing what, My child? Did you not cry and feel bad most of yesterday? This is your proof. You knew you wanted to be with Me here so badly you almost drove back out. You have to be alone with Me. In front of the tabernacle is best. I am the living God and I am in the tabernacle. You must be here or you will be so lost inside. Spend time with Me, My child. Nothing else matters. I am the one, true God and you shall not have other gods before Me. I command this because this is how you were created and this makes you most happy. Come to Me all you who labor and I will give you rest. I will give you peace, not as this world gives you peace, but My peace, which only I can give.

The gift I give to you, My child, is My Son. Would you refuse My gift? He waits for you every day and where do you go-to the grocery?- to do your wash? What do you do, child?

I am waiting for you. Would you keep Me waiting and turn your back? Is one hour too much for the Son of God? I give you 24 hours. One hour is so little to ask. This is where your peace lies. All else is fruitless.

Not one day should be spent without one hour of private prayer with Me, preferably in the church in front of the tabernacle. Come to Me My little babies. I want to comfort you. I want to care for you. You are all mixed up with your priorities. I grow tired that you don't listen and tell others of My great and glorious love for all My children. This is your main goal. Pray with Me and spread My intense love for all My children. Yes, and I will give you all you need, child. Quit thinking you have to do other things. You have to be with Me and I will make it all work out. I want all to know of My intense love for My children. I died that you might live, not in this world, but in the world to come. I am the way, the truth and the light. All else is useless if it is not rooted in Me and for My work. Time is very short, little one. Listen to My words. You have wasted enough time. Don't delay. All must know of My love for them. It is in Me that they are made whole. Nothing else matters, My child.

end of August 28, 1993


Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

I Died In Peace

August 31, 1993

Jesus speaks:  You are hurried. Relax and soak in My peace. Only My peace will quiet you. Your days are full of changes. You are adapting well, but always come back to My peace. Breathe in Jesus, out anxiety and fear. In Jesus, out anxiety. Quiet your mind and focus just on My face. See My sorrowful face, see Me with thorns. Bring yourself back to the Passion. It is because of you and your sins I suffered and died for all My children. How great is My love for you that I would die for love of you. Think of this-that you have a friend Who died for you. Oh, how I love, how I long to be with you to tell you of My infinite love for you. Your human minds cannot even comprehend My Divine love! In your deepest meditation you couldn't come close to all the love I have for you. But you must keep trying to know and feel this love. This is your salvation. This is what sets you free in a world of hate. You can always be drawn back to My love and know it is waiting for you always. It never stops. It is infinite. This is what comforts your troubled soul. When they scorn you and mock you, think of Me loving you. I am the all-perfect love. Always come back to Me. Don't let the world get to you. I am here, with peace, love, joy, rapture, being connected to your heart so divinely. I love you so much! I wish you would totally feel this love the way I want you to.

The only way you can experience Me more is to let go of the world more. In this bustling world, My peace reigns. It is in the quiet of your heart. It is within you and you can stay connected at every moment. You never have to lose this peace no matter what goes on around you. You can be a pillar of peace because I am peace. I am joy. I died in peace and dignity. My peace was not shattered even to death. You can experience this peace if you stay in Me. It is My gift I give you. Remember I was at peace at My death. You are being strengthened in your trials. You are growing in My peace. You are learning not to shatter to anything, that if you stay rooted in Me I never leave you and you remain at peace though the earth be shaking. For I am He Who lives in you. You can have this same consistency, but you must stay so connected to Me every minute, every second. Breathe in Jesus, out fear. Look at My face. It is there for you. Look and see Me, I am your rock. You will not falter or fall on your face. Your heart is rooted in My peace and My love. It is consistent, it is everlasting, it is intense and it is My gift to My children who remain fixed in Me. I love you.

end of August 31, 1993


Messages from Blue Book 4

August 18, 1994

The Oneness Between Mary and Jesus

Messenger: I see her hold His lifeless Body under the cross. I see her tenderness, holding Him as a Baby. I see their oneness in the peering eyes. I see her with the sword in her Heart, pierced because of the sufferings of her Son. I see her giving birth to her beautiful Baby.

I see her sorrowful face, her beautiful face, her old face, her young face; all reflections of her life and His life, joined in joy, joined in suffering, joined - Mother and Son - all through Their lives, during the Passion, now joined in heaven. They want to draw us to eternal salvation.

A loving Mother, truly by our sides, waiting to listen to our problems, and Jesus forever with her.

She stands under the cross and places our burdens there with us as we, hand-in-hand with our loving Mother, give up our frustrations, our crosses to Him, our loving Savior.

This is life, to be fixed so closely united with the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, all day surrendering ourselves to Their loving Hearts.

This is warmth and security to me. I realize so very much Their presence. This is the reality of this world. It is Godís world. We dwell here in the hope of achieving everlasting life. Jesus Christ is truly present this day in the Eucharist, no less than the day He walked this earth.

Mary is so closely united to her Son. To love Jesus is to love Mary, to love Mary is to love Jesus.

Mary, help me to love your beloved Son.

Jesus, help me to love Your beloved Mother.

Mary is always leading me to the love of her precious Son. All the meditations on the rosary about Mary lead me to Him. She is our spiritual Mother. To think of His being formed in her womb is so beautiful. I ask Mary to form me in her womb so I can be more closely united to her Son. For nine months He was formed in the womb of His loving Mother. For my lifetime, I am forever formed in her womb to deepen my union with Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Father.

The protection and security, to be surrounded by Maryís womb, is so beautiful. She delivers us up to union with her precious Son.

The more I meditate on Their lives in the rosary (I really meditate on each bead), these beautiful mysteries of Their lives, the more I am so closely joined to the union of Maryís Heart and Jesusí Heart. This is my refuge. This is our life, to be joined so intimately to Their Hearts!

She draws me to her and draws me to praying the rosary, like steel to a magnet. I get such comfort sharing Their lives. It is there I realize so much Their reality. They are truly here, this very day -- we are not ever alone!  I am united to Their lives. This comfort exists all through the day, for They are with me.

I pray in front of the big statue of Mary and she is alive to me.


August 20, 1994

My Sufferings Were For You, Child

Mary speaks: My suffering was so deep, only by God's grace could a human person experience such suffering.

There were not wounds, there was no blood, there was, my Child, only the experiences of my Heart. My Heart was pierced so deeply with a sword. Such deep pain, a sword piercing would not describe the pain I had. Do you wonder how deep did the sword pierce my Heart? The depth was incomprehensible. My life was lived in such connectedness with my Son, in such intimacy with Him. I watched my beloved Son, to Whom I was so closely united for 33 years, suffer so dishonorably.

My sufferings were for you, child. I love you as no earthly mother ever loved a child. I am your most loving Mother. If I underwent such suffering for you, do you think I would not be protecting and loving you now? I have not gone. I am with you!

If I could only tell you what I saw: my Son suffering for love of you. If I could let you see through my eyes what He suffered for love of you!

If you meditate on His Passion in the rosary and the Stations, you see His immense love. I will help you to see His love more and more through my eyes.

I appear to tell all of this suffering. This is the key to understanding how much you are loved. Think of what I saw, look through my eyes, hold His lifeless Body under the cross, meditate on the Seven Sorrows that I hold deep in my Heart. It is there you will know His immense love. Look at my Son through a mother's eyes. Look at Him as He dragged the heavy cross on His way to the Crucifixion. Stand by and watch them pull His hair and drag Him away, and beat His precious bare Body. Stand with me, little ones, as I walked with Him and look through my eyes. You will realize more His great love for you.

Go to Him, love Him, He is in the Eucharist this day. He longs, longs for your individual love. He is your lover, on FIRE for love of you. I love you so much.

I am Mary, your Mother.


August 21, 1994

Am I Acting Like Christ To My Brothers?

Messenger: We must see Christ's love poured out to us through one another. He operates in our brothers. One of the ways He loves us is through others. We must see Christ in each person.

Am I acting like Christ to my brothers?

Am I the reflection of the Christ Who lives within me?

Christ wants to love His beloved ones through me. Am I loving my brothers as He wants me to?

Did I act like Christ would?

Jesus, help me to let You live through me. Help me to be the empty vessel You use to spread Your love to others.

I love You so, thank You for the love You pour out to me this day. I am Your grateful child and I love You.


August 21, 1994

Experience My Love Poured Out To You This Day

Jesus speaks: I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I am the tenderest of all hearts. I love you so much, let go and experience all the love I pour out to you. You do not see the abundant blessing I am pouring on you. I am Jesus and I am forever guarding you. Hold tight to My hand, focus on My ardent burning Heart on fire for love of you. Release all anxieties and fears as you find such shelter in My Heart.

You are surrounded by My enfolding love. You are warmed and cradled by My arms. I am your tender Jesus, gentlest of all hearts, come to love you so ardently this very day.

Let go into My most waiting arms. My Mother will place you in the very recesses of My Heart. She is your most loving Mother. Come to Me through her Immaculate Heart.

I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus, you are My chosen ones. Experience My love poured out to you this day, My beloved ones.



August 22, 1994

When I Received The Blows I Thought Of You

Messenger: What did You do, Lord, while they whipped You? What did You do when You knew the next horrifying blow would come?

Jesus speaks: I thought of My love for you. I suffered such anguish, but to know one day you would sit and be with Me in this Church, I loved you so much, I thought of you. With each blow, child, I knew how you would eagerly want to be with Me because you love Me so. I knew you would wait so anxiously to be united with Me in the Eucharist. When I received the blows I thought of you and your love. I knew constantly the love of the Father. I knew this love as I was scourged. This love that exists between the Father and Myself gave Me the strength to withstand the torture. His grace and love is being outpoured to you at every moment. Be forever attentive to such love, constantly within you. The more focused you are on Our Presence, the more you will be one in God!

Mary speaks: The young Life of Jesus grew in my womb. I felt Him as He grew and knew He was God. I felt Him inside of me. I felt Him move in my body. I knew His Life as it grew within me. I loved Him so before His birth from His presence within me. He, child, is alive in your heart. He is present in His Divinity. You are His temple. He loves you so much He chose to live in you. Do you carry this life with such awareness? His presence is forever in your heart. Who are you that the Son of God enters your heart after Communion, that He Who is no less present than the day I carried Him in my womb, enters you in the Holy Eucharist and dwells within your body?

Do you realize what honor is bestowed on you to receive the Son of God inside of you? He is alive. He dwells within you constantly in His Divinity. He is within your heart when you are in the state of grace. Child, He is no less present to you after Communion than when He was inside of me. He comes to you in His Divinity and Humanity, under the appearance of bread and wine.

Oh divine creation of the Father, open your eyes and look at the honor bestowed on you this very day. Today He comes to you with such love in the Eucharist. Shout it from the rooftop, "Jesus is Lord, and He has died and He has risen!" He is alive this day, and He comes to you and dwells in your hearts in the Eucharist in His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.


August 23, 1994

Let Me Lead You To Such Union With God

Mary speaks: I felt His Life grow within my very body. This connection between myself and my Son began from the first moment of conception. For nine months I carried the Son of God growing within me. What joy, what honor to carry the Child Jesus within my womb! The Spirit filled my being constantly.

Carry His Life within your being. Jesus wants to be alive in your very heart. The Spirit wants to be a force alive in your heart. The Spirit wants to possess your very being and make you alive with the fire of Godís love. The Father is present in your heart. Your Father loved you and molded you in your motherís womb. He cares for you as no father ever cared for his child. You are His loving creation.

You are truly a child of God and my tenderly loved child. I mother you as I mothered my Son, Jesus. Oh little child of mine, turn to me as your most loving Mother. Do not try to go it alone. From the love I have for Jesus, I will lead you to His precious Heart. Come to me and let me lead you to such close union with my Son. The Father is my Father; the Spirit, my Spouse. Come and let me lead you to the unlimited love of God!

He truly guards you every minute of the day. His love is constant. Jesus forever is a burning furnace on fire for love of you. Come to His Heart through my Immaculate Heart. It is truly the love of Our two Hearts that will lead you to such union with God!

I am the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I am your loving Mother. I am here with you this moment. Take my hand and let me lead you to such union with God.

I am your Mother and I thank you for responding to my call.


August 25, 1994

Mold Me Into Your Instrument To Spread Your Love

Messenger: Jesus, You died for each and every soul. I want to do all I can to lead souls to Your infinite love. You love each person so much and want to give them Your love. Help me to use my life to spread Your love however You wish me to.

You are so beautiful, Jesus. I love You so much. I want others to know Your great love, that You died for them, that this is reality, that You are God. You have died and You have risen and You are in our midst this very day with such love for each and every beloved soul!

Each child of God is divinely created by Your Father and my Father. We are brothers in Christ. How can I not pray for my beloved brothers, the sons of my very own Father? To You, Lord, I lift up my soul and ask for all I need to spread this love to my brothers.

Mold me, fashion me into the instrument of Your most precious love so it is no longer I who live, but You Who live in me. Into Your hands Lord, I commend my spirit.

Spirit of God, fill me with the fire of Godís love so that where I was full of fear, I am now fearless to spread this love of God. I am Yours Lord. Take me, mold me into Your instrument to spread Your love, the love of Your most Sacred Heart and that of my loving Mother, the love of her Immaculate Heart, to this world.


August 25, 1994

You Are The Unique Creation Of The Father

Jesus speaks: Oh child, how uniquely I love you. You are far more precious than the finest pearls. You were divinely created by My Father. You are the product of His great love. You are the chosen child of the Father. The Spirit breathed into you His life and love and you were given the fire of Godís love. Do not let anything in this world snuff out the love of God that burns within your soul. Keep your heart ever pure and open to the Spirit of God that dwells within your very heart.

You are the creation of My Father. You are so precious to Me, child. You, I so love that I would give My life for you this very day. Oh beloved of My Father, come to Me and I will give you rest. You will be filled with the peace and love of God.

You are far more precious than the finest treasure. You are the unique creation of the Father. See your specialness to Me, oh beloved one. You are so special to God!

Alleluia! And He breathed on their soul and the Spirit of God filled their hearts and the burning love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit dwelt within their hearts and they were present as His love shining in the darkness and they were called to be His light shining in a dark world.

Alleluia! Praise the Lord.


August 25, 1994

You Are Given Such Honor By God

Jesus speaks: I am Jesus, Son of the living God. I am so present to you, My beloved children of My Father. You were created with such love, the love that is being poured out to you this very day from the hands of My Father. Strive to do His will. His plan is your way to everlasting happiness. You are so abundantly showered with love by the Father, through Me, in union with the Holy Spirit and by your loving Mother. Focus on this love. It is in the interior realization of the love We constantly give you that you will find peace and joy.

Oh beloved of My Father, you are given such honor by God. You are His very own creation, uniquely designed by His own hands and He gave His only Son so you could have life. His Son, He gives to you. I, Jesus, give Myself to you in the Eucharist. I am your beloved God, come to you with such love. Oh I love you so, My dear ones. I am Jesus, Son of God. I come to you. I knew that you would love Me some day.

Messenger: Jesus no more lives in the womb of His Mother. He is our Savior. He has been born to save us from our sins.

Jesus speaks: I am the Way, the Truth, the Life, and was born to My beloved Mother into this world. I came to save you from your sins and give you new life.

What this single event, the Incarnation, did to change the lives of so many! And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among you! You child, this very day, are sharing the benefits from this Incarnation.

Your life in Me is renewed in My Church. You share in My Life in Baptism.

I am the Almighty God. You are My beloved, chosen children. I come to give you new life that you may have it to the fullest.

Messenger: Oh glorious day for this world, the day Jesus, the Son of God, was born to this earth!

Jesus speaks: I am the Almighty God. You are not worthy to behold Me, yet in such love for you I was born and died for you. I remain in the Eucharist awaiting your love today. Do you come little ones? What treasure do you possess that compares to Jesus Christ, coming to you with such love in the Eucharist?

I am the Bread of Life. He who comes to Me will have everlasting life!


August 27, 1994 - After Communion - Priestsí Residence Chapel

Her Face Tells The Story Of The Horror She Saw

Messenger:  Mary, so young and beautiful, her beautiful young face, her bright eyes. She looks so tenderly at the Baby Son and His beautiful eyes.

Her face, her horror, her sorrow, looking down at the lifeless Body of her Son. Her face tells the story of the horror she saw. Once a Baby, bright and beautiful, His Body now bloodied, her beloved Child dead in her arms.

His side a bloody mess where He was lanced. His hands were pierced.   His feet were pierced. The nails and the crown, now removed. All that remains are holes and punctures. Her precious eyes behold this sight, the dead Body of her Baby.

I keep seeing the faces, the face I saw on the statue, the joyful face, the young face, the sorrowful face that looked as if it would crack, all glistening and aglow to accent the event.

Do we listen? Do we see? Do we feel? Do we know that Jesus is still pouring out His love this very day? This is the same Mother at our side. This is the same Jesus I just received in the Eucharist. He gave Himself then, He gives Himself now to me, in Holy Communion!

When will I let myself feel His true Life within me? When will I hear His plaintiff cries that He loves us so much to have died for us? When will my heart be open to this reality? Life is a fleeting moment and the reality is that this same Jesus enters my soul in such love this day!

Do I hear Him? I, who hear His words, take so lightly this tremendous love. Do words even exist to describe this love? Is "tremendous" a word that sums up the love He has?

He says He is a furnace burning for love of us. These are words. These are not sufficient to explain His love. He shows me, in the face of Mary, the reality. He has truly given His very own flesh, His very own Blood. He was human. He gave Himself. He gives Himself to us this day.

I hear His pleading cries after Communion, "I give you Myself. Tell them, tell them."

And they run, they run to do useless tasks and He is still in their bodies.


August 28, 1994

Strive Always To Serve The Father

Jesus speaks: Keep your hearts pure, My little ones. Never, never do I go from you. I want to constantly live and dwell inside you! You should do as you think the Father wills. Doubt, confusion is from Satan. You should strive always to serve the Father and then your hearts are at peace. I call you to love. Love, My children. Satan is the great deceiver. My ways are peace and joy.

I am the Good Shepherd. I know Mine and they follow Me. I truly love you so very much, My little children.



Mary's Message
from the Rosary of August 27, 1996

Mary speaks:  I stood beneath the cross of my Son, and my Heart was in such pain for I saw Him before my eyes. I saw Him covered with blood. I saw Him die. My Heart, my children, my Heart to watch my Son, but my Heart, my Heart, how I suffered for my little children of the world that give in to this world and give up the love of my Son. O my little children of light, I give you this message. Carry this light into the darkness for your Mother Mary, for I stood beneath the cross and I cried. I cried for the little ones. I cried for the young ones, the ones that do not care and will lose their souls. How do I make you see for you will not listen to me? What can I do? I come. I appear. I beg. I plead. I give you these gifts from my Son, and you reject me. I do not deliver messages very often anymore for I have been ignored. The message is the same. You do not read the messages I have given to you. Please help me. Help the little children. I appear. I appear. I appear, and I am ignored. I stood beneath the cross, and I cried. I cried, and my Heart was in such anguish for my little children, for I am searching for them this day as I searched for the Child Jesus. Please, please help me. I cannot hold back the hand of my Son any longer. I am Mary, your Mother. I ask you to help my children. You are my children of light.

end of Mary's Message, August 27, 1996  



Excerpt from the rosary of August 19, 1997

Jesus: Come away with Me, My young ones. Come into the field and taste of the beauty of the air and the beauty of this day with the most beautiful flowers that I have created for you. Do you see the beauty in each petal of the flower, or are your eyes covered with mud that you do not see? I have lifted the veil for you today and I have showed you My way. My way is the way of trust and faith and I told you in the message on Sunday that you must have faith and endurance, for I took you to the darkest night to the pointiest tunnel, to the place where you thought that you would never return and at that point I opened up through a little hole the light of day and it came streaming in and you perceived and you felt My presence, which is greater than all the things of this earth.



    Wipe the grin off your face you silly earth, for you have ran after so many foolish things, when I stood there adorned in white before you, in the most glorious robes and you did not perceive that the Almighty God was alive and so I have called and I have told you and I have allowed you, My shepherds, to suffer, but the days ahead will be days of great victory, for I come to you clothed in white and adorned in a gold veil and you see that God lives and you will carry the white flag across this earth. You My shepherds, have won and the victory is yours.

    Did you fall in the mud and did you skin your knees, did you feel your head ache as Mine ached in the garden, did you feel the thorns poke deeply into your skull, and did you feel the ripping of your flesh as the sword went into your skin?

    I am Jesus, I am God, I will not be undone. I am Almighty and all powerful to the ends of the earth. You will know My might and you will not be afraid, but you will not know this if you do not trust, for I have told you the secrets in My messages, but you do not read as if you believe, you read half heartedly. You must believe with all your heart that I speak to you to be heard, for you truly are the shepherds that will go across this earth and carry the white flag, but you do not have this conviction within your heart, so therefore you do not do all that I have asked you to do, your belief is wishy-washy and you do not believe with a conviction of a strong heart.

    I am calling you My shepherds this night to renew your faith and your endurance to realize that I am God and I have spoken here to you this evening. I am alive, I am alive, I am alive and I am with you, I am your God.




    You wanted the light all the time and the light was not in the plan of the Father. It comes in light and it comes in darkness, it comes in death and it comes in victory, it comes in death and it comes in Resurrection, it comes in pain, and it comes in joy, but this world tells you today to look for only the joy and when you do not find it to do everything that you can to fill your selfish pleasurish whims that you have within you.

    I tell you that you must fall to your knees, that your knees will be scuffed and that you will suffer and your flesh will be torn and your head will be crowned with thorns, but you will come forth from the tomb with a veil of white across your face and you will say this is the victory that we have won because we have lived in Him.




Your Movement will spread forth to the far ends of the earth, but it is faith that I am calling you to My beloved ones, you must have faith in your hearts, for this is a sign that I give to you this day. If you do not believe, you will not be able to continue ahead, for you must move ahead in faith. It is the only way that you must operate. You cannot operate trying to logically think your way across this world. It is only in believing and obeying the messages that the job will get done. It is My might that will lead this Movement to the far corners of the earth. Open your pockets and let us see your money. Do you have the money to do the things that I have asked you to do? It is in prayer, hourly prayer and begging for the funds, realizing that it is in your prayer, that it is in your endurance, that it is in your faith and your sacrifices that your prayers will be answered. You must pray hourly the Novena to the Infant of Prague and I will answer your prayers, and you My beloved ones will know the results when you pray.

Jesus: I have given to you the greatest gift this day. I am Jesus, and I have come to you and I have asked you to open wide your heart and to thank Me for the gift I have given, for if the answer would have been different how would your hearts be this night, and how was it with the lepers, when I gave to them the great gift and they did not come and say thanks, but you are My holy ones that I am sending into this world and your hearts must be filled with joy. I have asked you over and over again to sing to Me with a heart that is filled with joy. I have given to you songs that I wrote Myself for you to sing of the love of My Heart. I am Jesus, the Son of God and you are the apostles of this new era. As you go out into the dark night the light will shine behind you and many will know the light of My Heart. Do not be discouraged, for the very hairs of your head are numbered and I am with you at this very moment, guarding and watching you, give Me your heart My shepherds. I have given to you a great gift this day, give Me your thanks and continue to pray. It is through prayer that you will accomplish all that the Father intends you to accomplish.

    I am Jesus, the Son of God. I have chosen you, I have called you and you will accomplish the work that the Father intends you to through prayer. Do not be discouraged, but encouraged for I am God and I am with you. Think of how it was before, when you did not share your love with so many others, but I have given you each other and I have bound your hearts in one heart and you come here because your hearts are filled with great joy. The more you love and the more the Movement spreads, the more will be the blessings, for as the love expounds and gets larger, the love is more full, for your love is rooted in Me and the more you love deeply the more full the love you will have. This is how it will be, one body in Me, and you will love many and you will know them deeply in your heart and your heart is full My shepherds, because I have taught you My ways of love and given you each other. You are My holy family and I love you. I have called you and so you say ďwhy me?Ē, and I say to you ďwhy this Saint, or that Saint or why the Blessed Mother, why were you called?Ē. You were called because I love you and I have given to you a great grace to be My shepherd in the Shepherds of Christ Movement.

end of excerpt from the rosary of August 19, 1997









A Prayer before the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

    Let me be a holy sacrifice and unite with God in the sacrament of His greatest love.

    I want to be one in Him in this act of love, where He gives Himself to me and I give myself as a sacrifice to Him. Let me be a holy sacrifice as I become one with Him in this my act of greatest love to Him.

    Let me unite with Him more, that I may more deeply love Him. May I help make reparation to His adorable Heart and the heart of His Mother, Mary. With greatest love, I offer myself to You and pray that You will accept my sacrifice of greatest love. I give myself to You and unite in Your gift of Yourself to me. Come and possess my soul.

    Cleanse me, strengthen me, heal me. Dear Holy Spirit act in the heart of Mary to make me more and more like Jesus.

    Father, I offer this my sacrifice, myself united to Jesus in the Holy Spirit to You. Help me to love God more deeply in this act of my greatest love.

    Give me the grace to grow in my knowledge, love and service of You and for this to be my greatest participation in the Mass. Give me the greatest graces to love You so deeply in this Mass, You who are so worthy of my love.

-God's Blue Book, December 27, 1995



Excerpt from August 15, 2003

Jesus speaks:    Sunday Masses are celebrated every Sunday ó

                            so many Masses, many people attend Mass

                            on Saturday night and on Sunday.

                                I long for souls to come to Me and

                            receive Me and tell Me of their love.

                            Sunday and Saturday are times to

                            especially pray and unite to the

                            Masses being celebrated around the


end of excerpt from August 15, 2003



Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

My Heart Bleeds

Excerpt from March 6, 1994 Sunday Night

Jesus:  Every soul has periods of unrest because the soul was made to love the Lord. Sunday is a day I let you suffer My aching heart. I want you to tell others how I ache for love of them. I allow you to suffer on Saturday and Sunday for My aching heart.

end of excerpt from March 6, 1994



Jiffy Sheet: 108 day Novena beginning August 3, 2003 to November 18, 2003

You will need:          1. This sheet
                                2. Holy Spirit Novena Book
                                3. Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual

I. Begin at 6:20 p.m. by singing, "Come Holy Ghost" (verse 1).

  1. Say, "I want to make a Spiritual Communion." 
  2. "I give my heart to Jesus and Mary with you in love." (This will unite us in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.) 
  3. Cast out Satan: "We cast Satan into the fires of hell, far from us, our families, our Movement, Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, the Church and the world in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."

Holy Spirit Novena and Rosary Novena Chart

Day: 1   2 4   5   7  
Period I Aug 3 - J 4 - L 5 - S 6 - G 7 - J 8 - L 9 - S 10 - G 11 - J
II 12 - L 13 - S 14 - G 15 - J 16 - L 17 - S 18 - G 19 - J 20 - L
Period I 21 - S 22 - G 23 - J 24 - L 25 - S 26 - G 27 - J 28 - L 29 - S
II 30 - G 31 - J Sept 1 - L 2 - S 3 - G 4 - J 5 - L 6 - S 7 - G
Period I 8 - J 9 - L 10 - S 11 - G 12 - J 13 - L 14 - S  15 - G 16 - J
II 17 - L 18 - S 19 - G 20 - J 21 - L 22 - S 23 - G 24 - J 25 - L
Period I 26 - S 27 - G 28 - J 29 - L 30 - S Oct 1 - G  2 - J 3 - L 4 - S
II 5 - G 6 - J 7 - L 8 - S 9 - G 10 - J 11 - L 12 - S 13 - G
Period I 14 - J 15 - L 16 - S 17 - G 18 - J 19 - L 20 - S 21 - G 22 - J
II 23 - L 24 - S 25 - G 26 - J 27 - L 28 - S 29 - G 30 - J 31 - L
Period I Nov 1 - S 2 - G 3 - J 4 - L 5 - S 6 - G 7 - J 8 - L 9 - S
II 10 - G 11 - J 12 - L 13 - S 14 - G 15 - J 16 - L 17 - S 18 - G
  1. Pray the Holy Spirit Novena using the Holy Spirit Novena Booklet.
  2. After the novena, read the appropriate meditation. For example: period 1, day 1; period 1, day 2; etc. This will continue until further indicated.
    • It is enormously important that you feel as a body praying together, asking for the special coming of the Holy Spirit.
  3. After the meditation say: "We consecrate the Movement, Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, the Church and the world to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary."
  4. Ask that the Blood of Jesus be spread on the Movement, Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, the Church and the world.
  5. Begin the 6:30 p.m. prayer service as usual.

II. Begin the 6:30 prayer service

  1. Begin praying:  Dear Father in the name of Your Son Jesus, in the Holy Spirit, through the powerful intercession of the Virgin Mary, with all the angels and the saints and the souls in purgatory, we join in one mind and one heart and ask the Holy Spirit to come to all the world in a special way, especially to our priests. We pray all prayers for the priests and the renewal of the Church and the world and for the Shepherds of Christ intentions. By the precious Body and Blood of Jesus we cast out Satan far from this place, our families, the Shepherds of Christ Movement, Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, the Church and the world. We ask the Blood of Jesus be spread on us, the Shepherds of Christ Movement, Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, the Church and the world. We beg for grace and mercy for the world and wish to make reparation to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. We give our hearts to Jesus and Mary with all gathered here in love. We wish to be forgiven for offending one another. We love You God, help us.
  2. Sing A Song from Jesus.   Refrain:  "I come to you with greatest love, I am your loving Savior.  I am your God, I died for you, I come to you this day."
  3. Then begin the prayers of the Good Shepherd (Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual).
  4. Sing The Rosary song   Refrain:  "Oh the rosary, the rosary is the love of Their two Hearts,   Oh the rosary, the rosary is the love of Their two Hearts."
          1) Ave Maria, Ave Maria.
          2) Jesus we love You, Mary we love you.
          3) This is her peace plan, Children must pray it.
          4) We turn to Mary, She is the Queen of Peace.
          5) Oh Sacred Heart Divine, Oh Heart of Mary pure, Ave Maria, We love to pray it!
  5. Begin the rosary. Please use the Rosary Books and the Rosary Aves.  The important thing is to pray the prayers and the rosary at 6:30 p.m., if possible. (Rosary mysteries need to be according to the Rosary Novena.)
  6. Read the Ten Commandments.
    1.   I, the Lord, am your God. You shall not have other gods besides me.
    2.   You shall not take the name of the Lord, your God, in vain.
    3.   Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day.
    4.   Honor your father and your mother.
    5.   You shall not kill.
    6.   You shall not commit adultery.
    7.   You shall not steal.
    8.   You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
    9.   You shall not covet your neighbor's wife.
    10.   You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor.
  7. Pray A Prayer of Thanksgiving then read the Daily Message for the day.
II. List of Important Feasts - 2003    

4-St. John Mary Vianney
5-Dedication of Basilica of St. Mary Major
6-Transfiguration of the Lord
8-St. Dominic
10-St. Lawrence
13-St. Pontian & Hippolytus
14-St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe
15-Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary
16-St. Stephen of Hungary
18-St. Jane Frances de Chantal
19-St. John Eudes
20-St. Bernard
21- St. Pius X
22-Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary
23-St. Rose of Lima
25-St. Louis
27-St. Monica
28-St. Augustine
29-Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist

3-St. Gregory the Great
8-Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary
9-St. Peter Claver
13-St. John Chrysostom
14-Exaltation of the Holy Cross
15-Our Lady of Sorrows
16-Sts.Cornelius and Cyprian
17-St. Robert Bellarmine
19-St. Janarius
20-Sts.Andrew Kim Taegon, Paul Chong Hasang and their companions
26-Sts. Cosmas and Damian
27-St. Vincent de Paul
29-Sts. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, Archangels
30-St. Jerome

1-St. Therese of the Child Jesus
2-Guardian Angels
4-St. Francis of Assisi
6-St. Bruno
7-Our Lady of the Rosary

9-St. Denis & his companions
15-St. Teresa of Jesus
16-St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
17-St. Ignatius of Antioch
18- St. Luke
20-St. Paul of the Cross
23-St. John of Capistrano
24-St. Anthony Mary Claret
28-Sts. Simon and Jude
1-All Saints
2-All Souls
3-St. Martin de Porres
4-St. Charles Borromeo
9-Dedication of St. John Lateran
10-St. Leo the Great
11-St. Martin of Tours
12-St. Josaphat
13-St. Frances Xavier Cabrini
15-St. Albert the Great
17-St. St. Elizabeth of Hungary
18-Dedication of the Basilicas of the Apostles Peter and Paul






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August 15, 2003
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Shepherds of Christ Ministries
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