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August 16, 2010

August 17th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 7 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for August 17th are Glorious.


 Mary appeared
at Fatima
August 19, 1917



Rita will do a Prayer Service
August 19, 2010




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                         R.  I was on a plane on the way to California and I received this message.

August 16, 1993

R.  Dear Jesus, Please come to me and write to me now, I really need to be alone with You and hear Your words, please talk to me.

Jesus: My dear child, put your fear and anxiety aside. You are coming for My truth. I am the Truth. I live in you and you are watered by My words of truth. Deception is very troublesome to you when you live in My truth. On any scale deception is not at all funny. I know you cannot watch a movie anymore, it is not of God. Do not give in to the ways of this world. Feed yourself with only that which is of Me. Turn your entire life over to Me, trust in My ways and make them your own. Read and reread each letter, go back to your old letters, know them by heart so My words and thinking will become engraved in you. You must speak from My truth. You must be filled with My wisdom. You must not falter or wonder, but be confident in these words I write to you. My work for you is to speak My truths. You must study them and know all I have taught you. Those are your lessons. All that is not of Me will become so foreign, you will want only to choose My way, but you must teach yourself with My letters. I am the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE and he who abides in Me will have the light of life. The life I give you is not of this world. It is rooted in My words and My truth. Only I can teach you My truths. This world is so full of error. Unless you keep constant in My teachings by reading My words, you will go astray. My words are the food by which you are nourished and fed. My words are your drink, they are your food, they are your all. You will run and not grow weary, you will fly like an eagle. Joy will abound in your heart and you will know that true joy comes only from Me. All other joy is momentary. My joy is everlasting and full to the brim, You, My child, can have this joy if you stay fixed in My words. Savor them and decipher all their meanings for you, this is your truth, this is your victory over Satan’s lies. This is how you will help others to know Me. Your instructions are very clear, My child. STUDY each letter and try to understand all of its contents. They are words meant for you so you can speak these truths to others. It is not by chance you were chosen by Me, My child. You are a teacher, you are convincing in all you believe in. Believe in these letters and memorize My teachings until they flow from you as from your very soul. You must put aside your doubts now. Keep these letters by your side. Your life here will be always put into perspective. You will not get caught up in foolishness, or worry for any reason. I AM HE, I AM here. Your work is clear, study and learn My words so they become engraved in you. Speak of My words to all. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and you are My messenger. I speak the truth to you that you will speak the truth to all. No time to wait, time is so short. Be busy studying My teachings now. Keep them in your purse, underline and read them again and again. These are not just for you, they are teachings of My love for all My children. Each child needs to be told about My love. Reach as many as possible through your speech. I am by your side, giving you what you need. The crooked ways are made straight, the weary are sent away in rest. Your voice will be My tool to reach many. Make yourself like jello. I will form you into what I want you to be. You must remain formless and be molded by Me. I am this close to you, My child. You will take some knocks, but you will be the key to unlock many doors. Use you I will, let all busy things behind. Focus on Me at every moment. This is My desire for you to speak My truth. I will be with you, little one, do not be afraid. I will tell you the way.

R.  Oh my Jesus, how You want me to do this I do not know. Show me how it is to come about or put me somewhere and I will now study Your words for me. For He made me humble and taught me His ways, which are the only ways to go. All other ways are not of any account. His way is the way to victory, the cross that leads us to glory, joy and peace in this life and glory and salvation in the world to come. He bound up my foolish ways and taught me His truths. My tongue was made clean, and my heart was full of His love. He cast away my doubts and fears and filled me with the gifts of the Spirit. His light He shined deep into my soul and He washed me in His Blood and I was made ready to do His work, an honor that I do not deserve, but long to fulfill for Him, my God, my All, my Jesus. Him I love and He has bestowed on me a great dignity. With love and respect He clothed me and made my broken heart and soul whole in Him. I am the fortunate one to know this one, true magnificent God. I bow in awe at all His greatness.

I am in awe at His love for us all. In our lowliness and sin He reached out and clothed us with dignity and showered us with His love and we were like the flowers after the rain, blessed by Him in His greatness. We are His children, Alleluia, Alleluia. Praise the Lord. Amen.

            August 16, 2010

                That God's will may be done in
            each one of us  —

                That men realize that life is
            a gift and men use their talents to
            promote God's Kingdom.

            God gifts us with our talents to
                    serve Him  — to love Him and
                    to love others as ourselves  —

            We offer you God our lives.

            We give ourselves and you
                    give us Yourself in the

            At the Consecration of the Mass
                    We see how Jesus on the night
                    He was betrayed  —
                    offered praise and thanksgiving
                        to His Father and
                    He gave Himself to the Apostles  —

            Jesus gives us Himself
                    in the Eucharist and

            Jesus wants us to give ourselves
                    to Him.

            Jesus says in the Blue Books  —
                    we must take up our cross  —

            He is the divine dresser  —
            Jesus covers the grass with frost  —
            He is there all the time.

            Nothing happens in this world
                without Him knowing it  —

            The very hairs of our head are
                 numbered  —

            God is with me always,
                    I am never alone  —

            Do not fear  — for He allows suffering
                    in His love to take us to a better
                    place  — if we let Him  —
                    to draw us closer to Him  —

            We flower and we fade in our
                    life here below, but
                    hopefully we are more loving  —
                    more prepared for heaven  — even
                    in suffering  —

            We are His now, today and always  —
                    God loves us so much  —
                    Jesus died for us  —

       Jesus says:    Come to Me all who labor
                                and are burdened and find rest
                                for your soul  —

            If you tell yourself you shouldn't
                suffer with the human condition
                you are wrong  —

            You will suffer, but I am with you.

            Come to Me  — all who are weary and are
                heavily burdened and find rest
                for your soul.

            The devil tells us "you never
                had any love" and I have
                given you My letters of love in
                the Blue Books  —

                I have given you the building in
                    Florida to tell the people
                    about the love of My Heart  —

                The devil wants you to block the
                    mission I gave you and you
                    are to be living it and telling
                    others of My gifts given to the
                    world in My Blue Books  —

                I love you so much  —

                I love My precious souls and I
                    want them to receive My letters
                    of love  —

                Spread My letters of love to My precious souls  —

                    Use them yourselves -
                    Don't listen to satan  —
                    I love you so much  —

                    You have a treasure here.

                    The very hairs of your head are counted  —

                 The beauty of love  —

                 The Love God has for us  — that will
                        never end  — if we give ourselves
                        to grow in love.



            We must give now to God  —

            To know God really dwells in the
                 graced baptized soul  —

            The devil wants a person to
                  close in on themselves when
                  wounded by others in relationships  —
                  to not want to trust in love
                  again  —

            Closed down is the devil's game  —

            Jesus spread His arms wide  —
                We must open ourselves  —

            Love is a choice  —

            Love is an act of the will  —

            Turn to God  —

            Sing Song: Turn to Me  —

            Are you afraid  —

            Open your eyes  — see the love
                God gives us in all the
                beauty of His love  —

            God has called us to live our
                vocation  —

            To see Mary's 'yes" to say 'yes'
                to our Creator  — who
                created us  —

            In the world is all kinds of
                people  — we are all imperfect  —



 The most perfect song  —

 The winning song  —

 The song that leads to the
         building of God's Kingdom
         for why we were

                                        The Fourth Commandment

  1.                                    Honor your father and your mother.

                                      We are taught about obedience
                                            obeying our earthly father  —

                                      God calls men and women in marriage  —
                                            in love to be one with the
                                            Heavenly Father and build a
                                            Kingdom of love to help
                                            build the Kingdom of God  —

                                      God gives men & women in
                                            marriage children most
                                            of the time  —
                                            they have the power to
                                            co-create  —

                                      God calls others in the religious
                                            vocation to help build His
                                            Kingdom on earth  —

                                      Priests and religious He calls to a
                                            special marriage with Him  —
                                            to help build the Kingdom
                                            of God in serving the children
                                            in the Church and the
                                            children of the world  —

                                      The Church is, Mother  —

                                      Listen to Mary's message she
                                            wanted with her vision
                                            in Clearwater.


Mary's Message
from the Rosary of August 27, 1996

Mary speaks:  I stood beneath the cross of my Son, and my Heart was in such pain for I saw Him before my eyes. I saw Him covered with blood. I saw Him die. My Heart, my children, my Heart to watch my Son, but my Heart, my Heart, how I suffered for my little children of the world that give in to this world and give up the love of my Son. O my little children of light, I give you this message. Carry this light into the darkness for your Mother Mary, for I stood beneath the cross and I cried. I cried for the little ones. I cried for the young ones, the ones that do not care and will lose their souls. How do I make you see for you will not listen to me? What can I do? I come. I appear. I beg. I plead. I give you these gifts from my Son, and you reject me. I do not deliver messages very often anymore for I have been ignored. The message is the same. You do not read the messages I have given to you. Please help me. Help the little children. I appear. I appear. I appear, and I am ignored. I stood beneath the cross, and I cried. I cried, and my Heart was in such anguish for my little children, for I am searching for them this day as I searched for the Child Jesus. Please, please help me. I cannot hold back the hand of my Son any longer. I am Mary, your Mother. I ask you to help my children. You are my children of light.

                        end of Mary's Message, August 27, 1996


            God also calls people to the
                    single life  —

                    So they can serve Him in
                         this way in a special
                         way  — in great oneness  —
                         to build the Kingdom of
                               God  —

            Whatever the calling

            God created us to be what He wants us to be  —

            Nobody is like us  —

            We are unique  — no one is like us  —

            No one can love in our unique
                  way of loving  —
                  No one can love God and others
                        like us  —

            When we are unloving  — we take
                  away from the contribution
                  of giving the love only we can give  —
                  We deprive others to our part  — planned
                        by God to build the Kingdom as
                        He wants us to  —

            When we are unloving we are not
                  giving to our relationship
                  of growing deeper in love
                  with God  —

            Will we say 'yes' to our calling
                 to love God as only we can do  —

            Will we say 'yes' to our calling of loving
                 others, as only we can do  —
                to make our contribution for
                why God has created us for the
                building of His Kingdom and
                helping others to grow in love
                    of God and others  —

            Our life is so short  —

            When some lose someone in
                  their life  — they may try
                  to manipulate others lives to
                  fill the void they have  —

            God gives us a free will  —

            Mary said 'Yes' to God's will  —

            Jesus died for us doing the Father's will.

            God has a Plan for us  —

            The devil wants us to say

            "I will not serve God"

            The devil wants us to oppose God's will  —

            The more we work against God's will  —
                   become a rival to God  — we
                   grow in deeper and deeper
                   darkness  —

            Where as a person giving in love  —
                    growing in virtue  —
                    grows in love
                    preparing themselves for their true
                        home in heaven  —
                    they become better and better at loving  —

            Jesus and Mary are the Hearts of greatest
                    and pure love  —

            We are to live always being aware
                    we are in the Father's Family  —
                    obedient to our Heavenly Father  —

            Sisters and brothers, priests are married
                    to God  —

            Being a winner is not ruling
                   men with dysfunctional
                   rules  — being a winner is
                   following God's rule  —
                   Obeying God's rule  —
                   Living under Him  —
                   We don't straddle the fence  —
                   We do God's will  —
                   We obey the Divine Coach  —
                   We don't say to God - - "I want
                        what I want  — so I do my
                        will, God, when I want."

            We obey  —

            We are not in the state of disobedience  —

            Or do we say "I do what I want
                    when I want."  Such a person
                    is in control  — not God  —

            What is the song of your soul  —
                    Is it God's will  — or
                    Is it the song "I'm in charge."

            This song "I'm in charge"
                    is like singing
                    a tin can lid and a big
                    spoon making big clangs  —

            Christ fell on the way
                    to the cross  —

            He got up again and
                    again and again  —

            The music of love  —
                    in our soul  —

            God loves us so much  —
                    Read the Blue Books

            Not being afraid to win
                    for God  —

            In a world where the devil
                    wants people to make
                    him the winner  —

            Saying to God

                    I believe, I adore,
                        I hope and I love You  —

            A person can be so selfish
                    trying to stop another
                    from doing God's will  —
                    instead of helping them
                    and working together  —

            Being possessive when everyone
                    has a unique calling to
                    build God's Kingdom,
                    but we work together  —
                    all of us are one  —
                    doing God's will in
                        love  —

            God is the best coach  —
                We are to obey Him and
                 do it His way  —

            Going against God's will
                causes tension in us  —
                disharmony  —
                sadness  —
                seeking dominance for
                    dominance sake  —

            Others hurt us and because
                 we put too much emphasis
                 on them and not what
                 God wants  —
                 we can hurt ourselves really bad  —

            When we get more and more focused
                  on our own will opposed
                  to God's, on focusing more
                  on what people think than
                  what God wants  —
                  We write our own destiny  —
                        a blindness  — that
                   robs us of being what God
                        wants of us  —

                God created us with such
                     gifts and talents for His
                     purpose  —


  Cardinal Newman says

                    "... everyone who breathes, high and low,
                    educated and ignorant, young and old, man and woman,
                    has a mission, has a work. We are not sent
                    into this world for nothing; we are not born at
                    random. . . God sees every one of us;
                    He creates every soul, He lodges it in
                    a body, one by one, for a purpose. He needs,
                    He deigns to need, every one of us.
                    He has an end for each of us."
                                    (Discourses addressed to mixed congregations)


            Being a winner is doing God's will  —

            Being a rival to God's will being
                    a loser  — now and it
                    can be forever  —

            God is the Creator  —

                We are the creature

            He writes the rules  —

            He put in us  —

                    a Song for our Soul  —

                    It is harmony  —

                    It is being a winner  —

                    It is love everlasting  —

                    It is building the Kingdom
                        of God  —

            It is a choice to
                    do God's will or
                    to be a rival to God's will  —

            Some people fight their whole life
                    to be right  —

            And they don't see how narrow
                    their world has become  —




            People love us and we can tell
                ourselves they don't

            When we do our own will  —

            When we say no to God  —

            We can block others, we can hurt
                  others  —

            We are like being blind and deaf  —
                  We miss the song God
                        wants to play in our
                        soul  —

            God's hand is extended out to us  —

                    And we can be like a
                    willful child when the parents
                    try to give them their hand
                    so they don't run into
                    traffic  —

            Did you ever see a 20 month old  —
                    fight  — try to pull their
                    hand back in force
                    when mommy
                    tries in a busy parking lot to
                    keep them from the through traffic  —

            Sometimes people are stuck in
                    self-pity and their own
                    energy goes toward their
                    negative self destruction  —

            God has a hand out and we push
                    it back  —

            God has a hand out and we push
                    Him back further and further
                    and say  — I don't need You
                    God  — "I am doing it my way"  —
                    "I will not serve or love You
                        or others because I have
                        to rule and I will force
                        my rules."
                     "Force them on others, even You, God."

            Remember how Joseph's brothers
                      treated him  —
                      who won  —

            God is all powerful and almighty  —
                      there was a famine
                      they had to go to Joseph, but they
                            did not know him  —

            Remember the prodigal son  —
                      He did his own thing,
                      but he had to come home to his
                      Father  —

            Jesus called 12 apostles  —
                      Peter denied Christ  — He was the first pope
                      Judas denied Christ  — He despaired

            The Church is as it is today without Judas  —

            Isn't Pharaoh's fight with Moses  —
                      showing us a man who thought
                      he had all the power  —
                      but God showed him he couldn't win.

            Being a winner  — means we take up
                      our cross and follow Jesus  —
                      Follow, Follow, Follow  —
                      Remember that song

            The creature is to follow God  —

            God is life  —

            Jesus is the Light of the World and
            In Him there is no darkness  —


                            Who made the snow and
                                    the rain  —
                                    the sun and the
                                    delicate balance




                            God made us from nothing  —

                            God made us to know and love Him  —
                                and to serve Him  —

                            The devil wants us to hate and punish
                                 and hurt  —
                                 he lures people with greater
                                        and greater anger  —
                                Being nasty to others is wrong  —
                                        we are doing it
                                        to Jesus when
                                        we hurt our
                                        brother  —

                            Being blind in our heart is
                                      worse than being blind in
                                      our eyes  —

                            God is so good to us and He loves
                                      us so much  —

                            Let our hearts be as God wants
                                      them to be  —
                                      heart of love  —

                            Let the song of our
                                     soul be doing God's
                                     will  —

                            The Goal is His Goal
                                    for us  —
                            not selling ourselves short by
                                  listening to the devil.



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It needs stucco and so does

the community building.

Can you please help us?

Call Shepherds of Christ



Likewise the priest house

is 150 years old.

Jesus told us to repair it

which we have been doing.

We need $13,000.00 for this work.



Crucifix — hand carved by Felix


Available for $750.00



Brand New Internet Store



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