Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

August 17, 2001

August 18th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 6 Period 1.
The Novena Rosary Mystery
for August 18th is Glorious.

We're going to have a big

Sidney Rosary on August 28, 2001

It's the 7th year anniversary

of when the 1st Shepherds of Christ core chapter started!


August 17, 2001 - very early morning

Messenger:    The song of the soul

                        For it isn't in the words spoken, but what

                        is in the heart for which I speak.


                        It isn't that every moment even in deep union

                            with God may be a celestial moment of

                            bliss, but a moment to touch and

                            unite deeply to Him.


                        In the moments of greatest suffering we

                            can be deeply united and this gives

                            joy to the soul.


                        Look at the moments Christ endured the

                            sufferings on the cross, but His

                            union was so deep, so consumed

                            with deep love in His Heart.


                        I am consumed with the deepest love

                            in my heart, the more I become

                            one in Him, the deeper my love

                            in my Heart.

                        For I exist in Him deeper and deeper.


                        And I can cry in sorrow for I may feel

                            so much pain and

                            I may look for an earthly reason

                            here below for my pain.


                        But the desire is so deep within me

                            for oneness with my Divine God

                            for completeness in Him, that

                            anguish is the constant state

                            of my soul.


                        To describe it as anguish may not

                            please those of theological learning,

                            but to write the story of my

                            soul and the depth to which

                            I experience love is so far, so

                            far indeed beyond expression

                            in words.


                        He was consumed with love so deep in

                            His anguishing Heart, He proceeded

                            to the hill of Calvary,

                            mounted the cross

                            and poured Himself out so 

                            completely for love of men.


                        The perfect sacrifice


                        God-made-man giving Himself

                            in love for souls.


                        I give myself more and more as I advance

                            in the ways of loving.


                        My depths of loving becomes even

                            greater with each Eucharist

                            I attend.


                        My union with God and all men now

                            so deep in my heart.


                        My depth of union with GodFather,

                            Son, and Holy Spirit is what

                            I sing!!


                        I feel this connection so deep in my

                            soul now.


                        I am consumed with love for God.


                        Consumed with love for My Beloved


                        Wed in the deepest union with God.


                        My soul so united so intimately to all


                            Three Persons and I know Them


                            and the flutter in my soul, I feel,


                            it is joy in loving God deeper and deeper.


                         I hear the song of the morning, the little


                            birds chirp in the trees, the sounds


                            He has made for me today.


                        A spray of light steals across a darkened

                            sky and I see the magnificence


                            of the one I am wed toMy Divine




                        He is this magnificent and more

                            for the light changes in the sky by

                            His command.


                        A symphony of nightly creatures seize


                        And the sounds of morning, the sweetness


                            of the birds chirping in the trees


                            come with the light.


                        My ears are pleased, as are my eyes, but


                            the real satisfaction is inside, in


                            my heart.


                        I am consumed with love for God and all


                            His creatures as I exist in a depth


                            in my soul in Him, as I unite


                            so deeply to the Father, Son and

                            Holy SpiritMy Divine God

                         I am mystically married to Him.

                            I dwell in the Heart of Jesus.

                            I am united to My Maker.

                            He is My Bridegroom.

                            My Heart is consumed with love

                                    for Him and every soul of the 

                                    earth and 


                            I KNOW HIM, MY GOD, IN A DEEP


                                    INTIMATE WAY.


                        Oh the power of the heart.


                        The power to be so united,


                           to connect so deeply to


                           God, and to all His creatures.


                    I remember moments of ecstasy in the


                            Mass of being so satisfied,


                            so one in Him.


                    My thirst for the Eucharist is so great


                         for it stretches my soul deeper and


                         deeper to be united to God.


                    Please do not fault me for the way I 


                        speak of the mystical life.


                    Do words ever exist to explain any of


                        it or the depth of love I feel in


                        my heart.


                    The love in the heart is beyond words.


                    The love is so deep and yet


                        it is inexhaustible for us earthly creatures


                        here below.


                    My desire is to be possessed by the


                    Divine God, My Maker, for all




                    There is always more for me with God, there is


                        always a deeper way for me to love,


                        there is always a greater purification


                        and perfection for me here below.


                    There are always great moments of


                        intimacy even in the dark night


                        of the soul, there is a hope of


                        a deeper love to come soon, of the 

                        love with Him for all eternity.

                    I write as best I can and I want to dig so

                        deep into my heart and write of the

                        depth, the place of love that

                        never ends, that exists that is

                        ever deeper.

                    LOVEin so many ways and we can't

                        judge others and their love by what

                        comes from their mouths, for the

                        heart is so many faceted and the

                        way one gives must be weighed

                        against their words.

                    Love is a mystery.

                    I love so deeply My God.

                    I want to be quiet and just be so one

                        in Him. 

                    I want to feel that deep union

                        in my soul to Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

                    I want the quiet moments I have with

                        God when He wakes me and in

                        the quiet night it is me and

                        Him and I know the reality

                        that God is real and He

                        loves me so much.

                    The Father is real, the Son is real,

                         the Holy Spirit is real and I

                         am wed to my God.


                    The morning steals across the sky and


                        this experience of my deep union with


                        Him at this quiet moment


                        remains in my memory, so deeply


                        planted. I touch Him, I experience


                        Him so deep in my soul and I love


                        Him so much.


                   And in these moments the depth of my


                        love for all others floods my soul


                        and I am consumed with joy.


                   No matter how frustrated things may get,


                        and they do for the devil wants us


                        to give into things and give up


                   The reality of knowing God more and more is my




                    We are on a journey.


                    We are here to be more perfected in our

                        love relationships with Him and all



                    He floods My soul with grace.


                    I experience Him most deeply.


                    I know there is even deeper ways to know



                    My heart craves to be more and more

                        filled by Him.


                      My joy is in this.


                      My depth of love for God and others

                            ever increases.


                    My learning experience of love




                    It is a fabulous journey.


                    I see Him carry His cross.


                    I look into His eyes.




August 17, 2001 message continues

Messenger:     I see LOVE.


                        I see inexhaustible love.


                        I see depth far beyond anything I

                            can imagine.


                        I see God, consumed with love for

                            souls, mounting the cross.



August 17, 2001 message continues

Messenger:     I see Him mount the cross.


                        I see Him give Himself to the

                            bitter end.


                         I see Him die!



August 17, 2001 message continues

Messenger:   I see the Eucharist


                    I see God give Himself to Me.


                    I see My Maker,


                        My Divine God,


                        I am consumed with love for Thee.


                    This is reality.


                    We live for this.


                     God is real.


                     We cannot even fathom the gifts


                        God has for us in everlasting life if


                        we love and serve Him.


                    GOD IS REALalleluia


                    He is My Maker.


                       I am married to God.


                        The lights of heaven


                        Shine a little ray


                        Through the beauteous clouds


                        I know that beyond


                        There is a place called


                        Heaven and it waits


                        For me.


                        For I love Him and I want 


                            to be with Him


                        Wrapped in His embrace




                        And I will see the face


                            of God and live.


                        The pains, the aches,


                            the cancers, even the


                            body that withers and


                            dies, cannot stop


                            the reward promised


                            to those who love and


                            serve the Lord.


                            AlleluiaGod is so


                                Good to us.


                          God is love.


                      The more I know Him


                            the greater my


                            capacity to love.


                        My God


                                Thank you for your


                                love and your Son


                            Jesus who gave 


                                    Himself for


                                        love of 





August 17, 2001

Messenger:    There is such power in the hands of the priest.
                           God is so good to us, He remains with us
                            through the hands of the priest in the
                            consecrated host.

                        The Mass is so powerful.
                        A young boy just graduated from high school died
                            of cancer. Father Mike spoke of spiritual


August 17, 2001 message continues

Messenger:        At funerals I feel so close to heaven.

                           The deceased one, in this case, a young
                                boy has passed on. It was so sad, but
                                the joy was felt in the Mass.

                            I have children myself and I love them so
                                deeply, I felt the pain of the
                                        suffering parents.

                            This funeral was especially beautiful
                                and the homily was so beautiful
                                for all who heard it.

                            I just feel so many things that seem to
                                be inexpressible in words.

                            It is really what is in our hearts that is so
                                important. Father Mike said, "Kevin's love for 
                                us will remain in our hearts forever, and our love
                                for him goes with him to heaven."
                                (Kevin is the boy who died.)

                            Although the deceased moves on our love can become
                                deeper, our love more pure, our love more
                                  one with them and with God.

                            In the dark clouds we can see a silver lining
                                    if we look closely. We can experience
                                    joy in death.

                            I see the sun shine, the light of day glistens,
                                    the hours of our lives tick away as a 
                                    clock wound tight and wearing down.
                            Some of our clocks tick faster than
                            We just do not know when God will call us
                                    from this earth.
                            Our love goes on and on. The
                                   love we give here are seeds planted
                                    that live on and on in the hearts
                                    of those we touch.

                            One funeral so powerful as this can effect
                                    someone for the rest of their lives. The Mass
                                    was so powerful.
                            I would like to quote from the Sidney rosary
                                    about the Blood on the Rose. (this will follow soon)

                            I want to talk about the deep love I feel
                                    for God and all souls.

                            When someone dies like this we can
                                    learn to love them in a deeper
                                    way as they move on to the 
                                    next life. It can help us grow in our
                                    love of God and all others.

                            I remember Father Carter's words all the 
                                    way up to his death "Our hearts are

                            He went off to die without all his Shepherds of Christ
                            I see Jesus dying on the cross.
                                    Many of his apostles were not there.

                            Jesus loves the time between 12:00-3:00 on
                                    Friday, He wants us to be united to Him
                                    in a special way if we can.

                            The funeral of the young boy was so powerful
                                    and a great gift.
                                    Outside the church, people move about. 
                                    They are busy on this sunny day. 
                                     We see the reality that life here
                                     on this earth is not forever
                                      as we gaze at the casket and
                                      know the body of young boy is in there and
                                      his life here has ended.

                            So many hearts were touched by this most powerful
                                    Mass and the words of Father Mike
                                    so connected to Kevin and his family and
                                    being the holy priest of God he is.
                                    He is so aware of so many children
                                      who have died from Children's Hospital
                                      in the 17 years he was chaplain
                                      there and still is.
                                   He sees so very much and knows so
                                        much about death, and life
                                        here and the life hereafter.

                            Who can write about a child dying? How do we
                                handle death? It is a process, a process of surrender
                                of putting it in God's hands
                                of surrendering to God's will.

                            God allowed Father Willig and Father Carter to
                                die. He allowed many of our Shepherds of Christ friends
                                to die, Don and Mary Ann and others.
                            So many have died and we hope have gone to heaven.  
                                If they did go to heaven, we can
                                unite and pray and ask them to help us.
                            Now I want to unite with all the popes in heaven
                                and all other clergy and pray through
                                their powerful intercession for this Movement
                                Shepherds of Christ and for the priests here on earth and
                                for the Church and the world.

                            This funeral was so powerful and the seeds
                                planted here will live on and on in
                                their hearts as so many grow in
                                a deeper love union with God.

                            Kevin may pass on but his memory and his
                                 love will live on and on in their
                                 hearts, and he will help those
                                 here by the seeds of love he planted
                                 while he was on earth and the love 
                                 he has in the life hereafter.

                            Father Mike said Kevin had spiritual joy 
                                 through his illness.

                            Father Mike said he gave him his last 
                                rites right before he died.

                            Please pray for a special intention for someone
                                for healing (a young man with cancer).

                            We can whine and complain.

                            Time here on earth is really short.

                            Seeing the death of a young one with cancer
                                and the sorrow of their family may
                                make us realize how many gifts
                                we have.

                            We must be grateful to our God and show
                                Him lots of gratitude and love.

                            God the Father loved us so much He
                                  gave us His only begotten Son,
                                  Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

                        God is our Father and He loves us so much.
                            God first loved us.


August 17, 2001 message continues

Messenger:  God loved us so much He died for us.


July 5, 2001


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