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August 19, 2009

August 20th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 5 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for August 20th are Sorrowful.



92nd Anniversary of

Our Lady of Fatima 



5 months later on the

87th Anniversary

of when the children were jailed

the 1st hurricane hit.



24 hour adoration

began in China

5 Years Ago






Rita delivered this before the exposed Eucharist with her eyes closed to the people at the retreat while the hurricane was going on in Florida. 


I transcribed it from the tape. Doris   



This talk was delivered from Jesus through Rita that day 
as she knelt before the Blessed Sacrament 
transcribed from a tape.


Here is part of a talk given before the Blessed Sacrament 
August 13, 2004 transcribed from a tape.

The apostles, servants and handmaids
had just made their commitment.


August 13, 2004

Messenger:   I give my heart to Jesus and Mary with you in love.

    The commitment that we made is a serious commitment that our Lord wishes us to give ourselves especially to this Movement to help to spread this consecration to the world and to deliver the message that He has given to us through the priestly newsletter, through the Blue Book writings, through the rosary meditations. We have been given many gifts and God has called each one of us in a different way to respond.

    It is in living the vocation that God has given to us to the full as much as we can in the capacity that He has called us that is important.

    For some it may be to give their life as a servant and a handmaid, to another it may be to give themselves as an Apostle of the Sacred Heart of Jesus or an Apostle of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, to others it may be to serve Him as an Associate.

    These levels were given to Fr. Carter in the beginning by Jesus. And as early as 1994 he knew that the Movement would be this way with these different levels of commitment.

    He desires that the Shepherds of Christ Movement, the servants and handmaids become an order and we have worked in any way that we can in order to begin this. There will be much preparation and prayer in order for us to really do what Our Lord wants with the Shepherds of Christ Movement. But it is not a little call to establish an order to help renew the Church and the world. It will be through very much sacrifice and commitment and giving of oneself and obedience to the messages that God has given.

    Never have I been given messages from Jesus and not followed them to the T and not been rewarded. The Movement that He wants is a Movement of sisters and brothers that will be very, very committed to His Sacred Heart that will live the bridal union that He so desires of His sisters and brothers in the Church. But it is in not letting down any of the rules that God has given to us in what some may consider an ouster prayer life.

    But in following the direction that God has given from the beginning when Fr. Carter received the message in 1994 of the different levels of commitment that would come from the Shepherds of Christ Movement. It doesn't take a lot of intelligence to see that this Movement is structured as it is, was established far beyond our capability. For I was a Math teacher and a mother raising children and Fr. Carter a Jesuit priest, but through the messages that God has given, it has taken us to the place where we are today.

    And as the message said that I faxed around the day before I got the Birthday Video, it said that we were at the top of the mountain with the Priestly Newsletter that we will now circulate to the 85,000 priests. And it entails a lot of prayer and commitment on your part in order to do what Our Lord wants to with the Shepherds of Christ Movement. With the support of Father and his provincial and his rector and the people that stand behind the newsletter we can do much of what God has wished us to do from the beginning.

    The Shepherds of Christ Movement is in the infancy stages and you have been called by Jesus to respond, to be in the foreground, to be the ones that will help this come about. But satan wants to keep people at the bottom of the mountain instead of at the top. And God has given us many visions, insights into the ecstasies to lead us to a wider vision, to know just a taste of what it will be in eternity.

    And what a loss for the souls, the souls that Mary cried about when she appeared to me every day for the 14 months, the ones that could be lost for all eternity because they continued a life of sin and did not do what God asked them to do in the commandments. This is a serious commitment. It is not a little thing. And the message that I got yesterday morning is very, very important.

    When you think of one soul that didn't make it to heaven for all eternity. It brings tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat. For I long to be there with such desire myself and the fact that any person might not make it just makes me want to cry. God has called you and me to be the helper to lead souls so that they will be in heaven for all eternity.

    It is not a little commitment when the Blessed Mother appears as she did on the building in Clearwater. It is an enormous calling. We see the impact that the Fatima message had on the world and the calling of the Blessed Mother to the three visionaries. But the calling has been given loud and clear to you and you have answered the call. It is with enthusiasm and love and gratitude that God wants us to respond. It is with the vision that He has given to us over and over again in the Blue Book writings and the rosary meditations. The vision that God has called each and every one of us with all of our talents and prepared us for this commitment.

    To me it may have been certain testing that I went through in order to say yes, to have the faith to keep moving on when there was so many people that surround me that thought that I might have been a little funny. To you it was a different commitment. It was a commitment of your time, your talents, your love for Jesus, whatever it was, that God has called each one of us. It's not like one of can say, I am going to do this on my own because I am going to get divided with you. It isn't like that. Time and time again when I know I feel that it is most difficult to be able to communicate, it is in those times that I look and I focus on the will of God. And I focus on the fact of not how I feel about the situation but about what He wants. And it takes discipline and sometimes suffering in order to keep going on and going on and climbing that mountain when you feel like someone should know because God said it to you so strongly. And they just don't seem to hear when you say it over and over again.

    I call you today as a messenger from God to pray fervently for the grace to live out this vocation, to join hands with me, to help me to do what God has called us to do in the Shepherds of Christ Movement, to form an order and to pray for that, to pray for the Bishops and the Pope and the people over us, to spread the Blood of Jesus on the Movement and consecrate the hearts of all in it, to cast the devil far away and to pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit. And also to pray for all those, every day, some of you can pray more than others, that touch the Movement, that this will give us added protection when the Blood of Jesus is spread on the Movement and the people respond more in tune with God's will instead of in adversity.

    God has called me to deliver this message to you today. To tell you how important it is for one soul that is lost for all eternity is a great loss. Because He suffered and He died and He came to this earth for each and every soul. 

    And He has called us to help Him. I am not asking you to do anything that is not God's will. I am asking you to pray about this and to do God's will in the capacity that He has called you to respond. And to not to focus on me as the messenger or trying to please me, but to see my own struggle in the situation and realizing that God speaks to me. And it is most difficult in my heart to realize that some souls will not make it to the top, to the arms of God. And we have a hand it that.

    The day that Mary appeared on the building as she did, and the day that we were able to begin spreading the materials and being there and the fact that we have the building today gives us an important mission. But He gives us also the commitment of the heart, the desire to be able to do what God has asked us to do, to pray for the discipline, to not give into the temptations sometimes when we know God is calling us to do something and to give into our feelings when God is telling us to do something. God sends people to the Virgin Mary Building that they will receive this message, that they will help, they come from afar and they come from all over the world.

    Remember long ago, remember. Mary would appear to me very day at 6:30 at the Holy Spirit Center and this was in August of 1994, 10 years ago. And every day I would anxiously wait and Fr. Carter would go and so would my two children. And then we would start the Shepherds of Christ Movement after that. And sometimes I would see Mary again and other people would see things. 

    And very strongly I would deliver the messages that are now in the Red Rosary Book from Jesus and Mary that would say that we were the apostles that He is sending into the world and so far we hadn't left that seat in the back of the Holy Spirit Center. A lot of nerve you say for me to sit there, to sit on that chair and to say that I was speaking for Jesus and say that we are the apostles that He is sending into the world. It was not nerve. It was the fact that I saw Our Lady before me, that I had Fr. Carter by my side then, a tremendously talented Jesuit theologian who would receive the messages himself. The messages that he knew the direction that this Movement would go in. 

    And he knew too that he would die someday because he kept saying to John and me, he would say "You and Rita are going to be left and then you're going to have to run the Movement." And I would never listen because I never thought that he would really leave. And I thought Our Lady of Clearwater would heal him. But on December the 18th, he died of the year 2000.

    And I didn't know how we would get that money to put the first newsletter out but he told me to. And I struggled and I remember sitting on the floor in my living room with Jane and Emily and I was so sore from the sorting of the pages and all the stuff that went into these letters begging for donations. And that's how it's been since 1994 one little mountain to the next. People that would say to me in 1994 "Why do you go in there, nobody believes you that the Blessed Mother is appearing to you." Tables of men and priests and people that would say "Well people don't believe the Blue Books." Look at how the Blue Book has changed your life. 

    It has called upon my faith and your faith to give yourself as you have over these ten years and we may not have done it as perfectly as we wished. But did we do anything our whole life as perfectly as we wished? When God was teaching me the lessons to help prepare me for this journey, I remember lots of times, I just did not want to take the way to learn the lesson because it hurt so much. But they were lessons that God gave that gave me the strength to be able to do this. And there were lessons that God gave to each and every person in this Church to give them the strength and the people at the Florida site and all those that are listening. 

    And today I come to you 10 years later. And I'm not in the back of the Holy Spirit Center with the statue of the Sorrowful Mother that you may not see that is appearing to me. And we hadn't gone any where but out of that corner when we went to our cars. And with the strong voice that came out of me that said that "You are the apostles that will go into the world, that will take My light to the long ends of the earth." We did that. 

    For six and one-half years we sent that Priestly Newsletter almost 6 times each year to far corners of the earth. We sent the Priestly Newsletter Book II to 85,000 priests, the last mailing we did after 8 years of mailing things. We sent it almost 90,000 priests with Fr. Carter's Spirituality Handbook which is a real gem because it's a synopsis of the spiritual life from a holy Jesuit doctor priest who wrote 18 books and worked his whole life trying to write a synopsis of the spiritual life. And he wrote 3, that one, the 20 page newsletter and the book Tell My People that Jesus and Mary gave to him. 

    I ask you today and for those who stay through the rest of this retreat — to take the commitment that you have made to your heart. To beg God for the grace to help you to stay united to the Mass and to pray for us, to pray the prayers everyday if you can because you are the core. It is the grace that God will grant that will help us save that one soul. It could be my son or my daughter or your son or your daughter or one of your grandchildren or mine. What would that mean to us? For all eternity that they went to heaven or they went to hell. Think of that. 

    And then think of Mary when she appeared to me every day for 14 months, begging me to reach her children, begging all of us when she appeared to all of us for 7 years. I hear the voice of Mary. I hear it every time I did the joyful mysteries and they were not joyful when she got to the fifth mystery for she lamented about her children that were lost. And I would cry over at Immaculata because I didn't know how to get the School Rosary Program in the schools. 

    Jesus does not want you to think of this Movement as my Movement. Jesus does not want you to be prideful or jealous of me for delivering the message which has affected so many souls of the earth and help to lead them to heaven. Jesus wants you to pray with me that we all answer the call He has given to us. 

    Look at the Apostles. He called them very carefully one by one, Peter the rock. And I was listening to a tape by Bishop Sheen and he was talking about Peter and he said that when he went to school there was a skinny boy that looked like a wind would blow him away. And they called him Hercules. And he said Peter was anything but a rock. That's how we are, we bounce back and forth, we're imperfect, we don't do it all right. 

    But the important thing is, is that today, that we ask God to give us the grace to do His will, to not be tempted by the division that satan wants to create to stop a big advancement from happening. To realize that sin is real and that if we sin, God knows that we will sin, it is the fact that we lie to ourselves and to others. It is to be humble and to move out of that sin, to not give into the temptation, to look at the fact that whether you do this help or you don't do this help can affect so many souls. 

    Sometimes I feel like I am screaming at the top of my lungs because of the intensity within me from seeing Mary appear to me  every day for 14 months. Or for Mary and Jesus speak as He did yesterday for 2 hours and I write that on a piece of paper and I look at it and it doesn't seem like much. 

    But I know that this retreat is very important to God, and how we stay united and how we pray, telling Him that we are sorry for our sins, that we are sorry for the sins of the people of this earth, that we are begging for mercy, that we're asking Him to help us with the newsletter and Father and my daughter and all the people that help us get it out, Sycamore Printing, the people that don't go to Mass every day. 

    God has told us how to do everything to get to this point and look at how beautiful it all is. Indeed it is beautiful. God we thank You and we love You and we pray for the grace for our vocation and we pray for the priests, the Church and the world. This is not to make you run out of here and say that I am putting pressure on you. This is for you to hear in your heart that God has called you. And in the capacity that He has called you for you to serve, not more not less. That doesn't mean that you do it all, that means that you do it exactly the way that God wants you to. People that have a full time job can't do everything. But you can offer up what you're doing at work united to the Mass. And all of us can be united as a strong body praying for the intentions of the Shepherds of Christ to help get this newsletter out there. We need your prayers, your commitment, your love. 

    Jesus hung on the cross and when it didn't feel good He didn't get down and walk away. When He hung on the cross, He hung there no matter how it felt, no matter how bad the pain was, and the thief said to him "Get down and save yourself." And Jesus hung there and He saw my face and your face and the face of our grandkids and our husbands, our son-in-law, He saw them all. And He said "There is the soul I love and want with Me for all eternity." 

    And when Mary delivered the message to me it was the cry for her children that were falling into hell like rain she said. So Mary Elpers may work, like I don't know how she ends up doing it with the rosaries and I know she's getting a lot of help from a lot of people in Southern Indiana. But that's what Mary asked for when she appeared to me 500 times. It might be a little thing. It might be $25 that you can send to help us for the rosary beads or it might be your prayer at work all day when it's unusually hard for you. And you know that suffering is a big thing to help to bring down grace. And this is not talking about suffering just for the sake of suffering, it's suffering that God allows us to undergo. Not letting somebody abuse us or do stuff that isn't God's will. 

    It's about doing God's will. It's about doing God's will and looking at that picture of Jesus on the cross and remembering this, when it hurt and when His head was crowned with thorns, when the blood ran into His eyes and His ears, He did the Father's will. When we celebrate the Christmas dinner and we're around maybe with all our families and we feel our heart is swelling with such joy and we know that it's good, it's the Father's will. But then the next day, when we have to do something hard, it may be the Father's will too. 

    And I said to Father before Mass, I said, "You know this is how it is one day I said the thing for me is doing God's will and I can't measure it by how I am feeling because sometimes God asks me to do some things that are really hard and they don't feel too good." And he says "Well", he says, "It's like a marriage, some days it's different, harder than others." And that's exactly it. We are the spouse of Christ. And in the suffering many times there is joy because we know that in the suffering great things are accomplished. But they take suffering.

    And He hung to His death on the cross. He hung there and as Fr. Carter would say "He knew us by name." Amen.

end of August 13, 2004 talk


In the middle Rita moved to the piano. 

This is the second part of that talk.

Note again this was deliver from Jesus at the same time as the devastating hurricane in Florida going to Clearwater and then being averted. Joe said she sounded like the hurricane.

When I transcribed it from the tape it seemed she didn't take a breath. This is one of the loudest, forceful rosaries I have ever transcribed. Doris


August 13, 2004 Rosary

in China, Indiana


Divine Mercy


From the Rosary Aves

The Agony in the Garden

  1. Be with Jesus in the garden. Kneel beside Him and feel the pain in His Heart.

  2. How tenderly He loves us, that God came to this earth and gave Himself for love of us.

  3. Jesus is a Person. He loves each one of us with a most personal love.

  4. He is a Divine Person. He loves us more than any human person could love us.

  5. Jesus saw before Him all His suffering.

  6. He knew the sins of all men from all time.

  7. Because of His great love for us and for all men His Heart was in such pain.

  8. He knows and loves us more than we know and love ourselves.

  9. He is alive this day and He lives in our hearts.

  10. He wants us to love Him at every moment and He is forgotten and ignored and He is God.


The Scourging at the Pillar

  1. Jesus saw in the garden all the events that would happen and He suffered so He sweat blood.

  2. They led Jesus away as a criminal and they tied Him to a pillar.

  3. At any moment Jesus could have stopped the men, but. because of His great love for us, He allowed them to whip Him.

  4. Jesus did this, allowed them to whip Him, for me.

  5. Hail Mary...

  6. Many times, when others are cruel to us, we feel alone and very hurt.

  7. Many times, when we pray and talk about God in the world today, others treat us cruelly.

  8. God is almighty, He controls everything. Our every breath and heartbeat depend on God.

  9. God first loved us and commands us to love Him.

  10. The greatest commandment of all is to love God with our whole heart, our whole soul and our whole mind.


The Crowning with Thorns

  1. God commands us to love Him first and to love our neighbors.

  2. He suffered for us and paid price for our sins with His blood.

  3. Why are men so willful, so full of pride that they ignore the Almighty God who gives them their very breath?

  4. Look at Jesus, crowned with thorns, His face covered with blood. He suffered because He loves me.

  5. God is offended by the willfulness of men today.

  6. Whether we go to heaven or hell depends on whether we love God and love one another.


Song: Were You There When They Crucified My Lord

Song: Song From Jesus

Song: The Rosary Song


Messenger:          Jesus wants us to read a little bit of this
                        message anyway. The message that I got
                        yesterday and today is really an important
                        message for all of us. And if you can try to
                        study those messages it would help us.


From August 13, 2004 Daily Message

Messenger:        The priest is called by God.

                            Christ says
"I have chosen you"

                            The priesthood comes from Christ.


August 13, 2004 Talk

Messenger:  Think of all the boys that could be out there today that could have a vocation. And because the stimulation is not there, because the prompting is not there, that they may not even consider becoming a priest. 

    And then think of the shortage of priests and the fact that — like in West Virginia there were 5 parishes — 3 were all under one priest and they just plain closed 2. Think of all the places that I keep going to that I travel and they just don't have weekly Mass. 

    Or the fact that here on Monday they don't have one so they have to go to Batesville and it takes them 3 hours to drive there to get to Mass on Monday. 

    The shortage of priests is closer than we think that it is. And the Movement that God gave to us in 1994 to pray for His priests was an important Movement that may have helped some of this shortage. 

    But just as Our Lady warned when she appeared at Fatima and she said that we must obey what she was telling us and we must pray the rosary. They did not listen to the Queen of Peace and look at how much damage was done by World War II. I remember seeing the video with the bodies thrown on the heaps. It was so awful, all of the destruction and the loss of lives. (The hurricane was going on while I was saying this.)

    God is speaking to the earth. At the beginning of the century and at the end. And God is telling us what to do about the shortage of priests but when we try to tell people they do not want to listen even after Mary appeared all that time on the building. 

    And they crowned Him with a crown of thorns. And it was 10 years ago today that Our Lady appeared to me August the 13th, 1994, she appeared every day then. She appeared to the children at Fatima, August the 13th of 1917. How many years ago was that today, because today is August the 13th, 2004. And yes, they jailed the children and so Our Lady could not appear on that date August 13th as she desired, she then appeared on August the 19th. If I said she appeared on the 13th of 1917, I meant she didn't get to appear cause the children were jailed. The message is coming from God, for God is contacting the earth in these messages but we are not listening. 

    The priesthood comes from Christ. There are boys that are out there that God would like to have to be priests. But there are many things, for the kids today do not even hear about how wonderful it is to be a priest and what a gift it is. And that's why God gives to us the Blue Book writings and the Mass Book and the Priestly Newsletter so that the priest will tell the youth how wonderful it is to be a priest. How they should listen to that calling that God may be giving to them. 

    If they prepared the children of this earth so exactly how to be scientist and business people and sports people, I know when they study for the sports thing, they practice rigorously, day after day after day after day, to bring us the gift of the sports. But what about the Mass and what is needed for our spiritual feeding from our Church? Shouldn't we be telling our youth as avidly as we tell them about how to practice so that they can play a good basketball game, so that they can go out and be a leader, so that they can go and be a business person, a banker or whatever it is. Shouldn't we be telling them about what to do to prepare us so that the Church has Masses? Is it more important that we have bankers in the bank than priests in the churches? Is it more important that we have more actors, that we have more people in the sports field? What is wrong with us and why do we not see? And yet Jesus comes to us quietly in a gentle man like Fr. Carter, 10 years ago, and he says this is what you must do, you must pray for the priests, the Church and the world.


From August 13, 2004 Daily Message

Messenger:       Jewish and Pagan priests always offered a
                                sacrifice distinct from
                                himself ––
                                a sheep, etc.

                            Our Lord offered Himself.

                            Christ is the Lamb.

                        What follows is taken from a tape 
                            by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen (this was a conference for priests

                                    The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

                            Archbishop Sheen says
                                Vatican Council says –– the 
                                priest offers the Eucharistic
                                sacrifice of Christ.


August 13, 2004 Talk continues  (Rita)

Messenger:  What an honor that God picks a man to be a priest and that he has the ability to change bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.


From August 13, 2004 Daily Message  (ref: Bishop Sheen):

Messenger:       The Eucharistic Sacrifice is
                                offered through the priest
                                who is related first to
                                Christ and then to them. (the people)  

                            Priests are ordained to offer a

August 13, 2004 Talk continues  (Rita)

Messenger:  Think of that, all the things that priests are thrown into today, the workings in the parishes, etc., etc. But God gives them this great gift of being able to celebrate Mass. How many of our priests do we want to go on vacation from saying daily Mass? Bishop Sheen said "What about the priests that go on vacation and don't celebrate daily Mass?" Should a priest ever go one day if he can help it and not celebrate Mass? Let us pray more fervently than ever before all through the day as we unite to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for our priests, for the Church and the world.


From August 13, 2004 Daily Message  (ref: Bishop Sheen):

Messenger:       Let us go through that sacrifice.
                            What is the Mass?

                            The Mass is a drama –– not a
                                tragedy because there
                                is a resurrection.

August 13, 2004 Talk continues  (Rita)

Messenger:  Out of going to Mass and participating we become more deeply united and one in Him. We share more deeply in His life. 

    God went to the cross and He suffered. But look at the gift that we have from His suffering.


From August 13, 2004 Daily Message  (ref: Bishop Sheen):

Messenger:       Second long rehearsals
                                choosing of characters and types
                                opening night and
                                road companies.

                            The Drama, the Mass was conceived in the
                                mind of the Eternal Dramatist
                                for the Lamb was slain
                                from the beginning of the


August 13, 2004 Talk continues  (Rita)

Messenger:  The Lamb of God, the one that came and gave Himself, that shed His blood for our sins. And the message yesterday talks about this. It says in Genesis that when Adam and Eve sinned that God made for them skins to clothed them. It said that the sacrifice is — that God is doing something and there is that shedding of blood in the sacrifice. Like with Adam and Eve God clothed them with skins. Archbishop Sheen says that there had to have been that shedding of blood for them to be clothed with the skins. Also in that sacrifice we see that God gave to them, clothed them with these skins from animals which were sacrificed or whatever, they shed their blood. But the thing of it was, is Adam and Eve were the ones that sinned. 

    And there was a little story in the writing yesterday and it talked about a little boy who went to school and he cheated. And so the head of the school came and he said, "Well this little boy cheated." " So", he says, "He's going to have to be expelled." And his brother came in and his brother said "Oh please don't expel my little brother, expel me instead." 

    And that's what we see with Christ. Christ is the sinless one. We are the sinners. The sacrifice that He gives to us is Himself and in that offering He gives Himself for us. It is because we are the sinners. Adam and Eve sinned and He clothed them with the skins of animals. In a sacrifice God does something and then there is the shedding of blood. And a lot of times the sacrifice is because it is not the person that sinned but it is someone else that is the sacrifice, like a lamb, like Jesus is the lamb sacrificed for our sins.


From August 13, 2004 Daily Message  (ref: Bishop Sheen):

Messenger:       Then there were the types,
                                the rehearsals, the choosing
                                of characters, the paschal
                                lamb, the serpent and
                                the many other instances
                                and prototypes of sacrifice
                                in the old testament.

                            And the opening night, the last supper
                                was looked forward to the cross.

                            (Archbishop Sheen is talking to priests at this conference.)

                            And then the Lord sending out His
                                road companies, which we are, –– 
                                     Do this in memory of Me. (talking to the priests)

                            Same action, same words, same
                                drama, only different characters pronouncing
                                the lines.

                          (end of talk Bishop Sheen)


August 13, 2004 Talk continues  (Rita)

Messenger:  What an awesome thought that the priest can change bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus. 

    What an awesome thought that the Son of God came to this earth, that He put on the body of a man and that He gave Himself to His death on the cross that we would share in His life.


From August 13, 2004 Daily Message

Messenger:       We offer ourselves
                                under the form of
                                bread and wine.

                            These substances represent
                                unity ––
                                they are used for nutrition.


August 13, 2004 Talk continues

Messenger:  But although I speak of these things in words in which it may help us to understand more the idea of sacrifice and how much God loves us that He gives Himself as He did on the cross for love of us. And that today He gives us the priests and that He gives us the Mass. 

    Although I may speak of this, it is nothing as the knowledge that I possess from the ecstasies and the union from going to the Eucharist and sharing most intimately with the Divine God. 

    From the moment many of us received the Blue Books and we started praying more before the Blessed Sacrament, we received tremendous grace from God who has drawn us into a most intimate union with Him, like a husband and a wife knows each other from living with each other. 

    We receive special knowledge within our heart and our soul from going to the Eucharist. Not a bookish kind of knowledge but a knowledge of knowing God deep within our soul from attending Mass, from His outpouring of His life within us, from the sharing of Himself when He gives Himself to us in the Eucharist. 

    What a gift that the Divine God comes to this earth, that He gives Himself as a sacrifice to His death on the cross for us sinners, that He gives us a sharing in His life and that He remains with us today through the hands of a priest. The grace that God outpours through the Eucharist is so much grace and the devil knows this. And it is the devil that is the enemy. It is that poisonous bite of the serpent. 

    And in yesterday's message it talked about Moses and how God told him to make the brass serpent and to hang him on a tree. And when people looked on him that were bitten by the poisonous serpent then they would be healed. 

    And we look at Jesus, as we look at the picture of Him hung on the tree, that He asked us to look at today, and we think of how God gave Himself for us, and in knowing how God loves us and gazing upon His picture with love, recognizing Jesus as Savior, the Son of God, we too can be healed, we too can be saved.

    I haven't forgot about the rosary. Jesus wanted me to read this because it is so important out of this retreat to see the focus once again as we talked about before and is in the Mass Book. The focus which is for us to be these intercessors united to the Mass all through the day. 

    The message I received yesterday does not display the intensity to which God spoke to me and how He truly is calling us to pray for the souls of this earth. 

    Think of our own children and grandchildren and how it would be to think that one of those may be lost. Then think of Mary because she appeared to me over 500 times asking me to try to do all that I could to help that her children would not go to hell. But it wasn't to me, the message was given to you. You are the Shepherds of Christ called by Jesus and Mary to spread this mission to the ends of the earth. And that is what has happened from the time she first appeared and we sat in that little chapel, look at how far it has gone. And it's only at the beginning. 

    But if you say no or lack the enthusiasm or commitment that God is asking of you then it will not do what it is to do. For He needs all of us, He needs all of us to pray hard for our vocation, to pray to be intercessors, to unite to the Mass, to try to understand the messages that we can be better intercessors, that we can offer our lives — offer our lives. Can we do any less? Think of Jesus, the Son of God, who comes to this earth and He gave His life, beaten, crowned with thorns, His body maimed because of His love for us, that is what Jesus says. Can we not offer united to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the souls, the precious souls that He died for? It could make the difference to one soul, one soul that would be in heaven for all eternity. 

    And she came and she appeared everyday for 14 months and the last 9 months she cried out every day about that School Rosary Program. And it may seem like a little thing but to our little efforts God applies His might and much is happening all over the world. We must look at Him and thank Him, praise Him and remain encouraged for a job well done. Even in our imperfections God has magnified our efforts. 

    God has brought us to a place where we are today, an international Movement circulating the Priestly Newsletter as we did for at least 8 years to, it got to 85,000 to 90,000 priests in the world. God, thank You for loving us, calling us and giving us this mission, and for the success that we have received. We have suffered setbacks but look at how we have steadily advanced ahead. 

    Look at this church and the fact that Jesus is here and that we have been here so many years on the 13th, that we have been permitted by the Archdiocese to have the Blessed Sacrament here. Steadily ahead, step by step, we walked sometimes as it felt as if we were walking over rocks and thistles but we still kept going.

    And the message that I give to you today is we will keep going. But the serpent is going to try to stop us. And we must focus on what is the will of God and if God allows us to go through suffering or if we feel divided with someone that we know that we need to work with to accomplish a big task. Then we have to pray for the grace to be able to get over the feelings and continue to do the will of God. For it is in doing the will of God and, step by step, that we will be able to advance. 

    God give us the grace that we need, strengthen our faith and our hope and help us to grow in holiness from this mission from this place today, from your presence, dear God truly present and with us.

Hail Mary
Hail Mary
Hail Mary
Hail Mary
Glory Be

Carrying of the Cross

Hail Mary

The lamb that was slaughtered, Jesus who carried His cross, Jesus who did it for you and me. He knew us by name.

Hail Mary

And He fell to the ground, He fell under the weight of the cross. He carried our sins on the cross. He carried the sins of the world. Dear God forgive us for our sins and the sins that we commit today in not obeying your commandments, outpour Your grace and help the world to be the way that you want it to be. 

Hail Mary
Hail Mary


Words from Jesus in the Stations


The Third Station

Jesus:  The cross was so heavy I could hardly walk. I held on to My cross for greatest love of you and in compliance with the Will of My Father. It became so hard to walk! The cross was so heavy! I fell. I fell and the cross fell on Me. They poked at Me, they struck Me, they demanded I get up. The pain from the instruments they used to poke Me and strike Me was so great! I somehow managed to get up.

When you fall under the weight of your cross, come to My Eucharistic Heart. I am no less present in the tabernacle and in the Eucharist than on the day I carried My cross. I wait with the same love that I had for you when I carried this cross and suffered such agony. Oh, how I love you!


Hail Mary


The Fourth Station

Jesus:  I saw the face of My beautiful Mother. She was weak, her face reddened and full of tears. I saw her tender heart, her love, her anguish, her pain. I saw My dear Mother Mary. My Heart was comforted by the sight of her, but torn by her suffering.

Mary:  As I looked into the eyes of my beloved Son, I saw His love. His head, bleeding and wounded. His body weak. His clothes covered with blood. I looked into His eyes and I saw His love for you. I call out to you today. I appear today with a face full of anguish and tears. I appear to call you back to the love of my Son. See through my eyes, as I peer into His eyes, the love He has for you this day to give of Himself for you. Oh, He loves you so much, my little children. See through my eyes the love of my Son. Oh, how He loves you!


Hail Mary
Hail Mary
Hail Mary
Hail Mary
Glory Be



Photo of Eleventh Station

The Eleventh Station

Messenger:  See Mary as she holds the little Baby Jesus. See her as she washes His tender hands and feet. See her now as she watches as they pound into those same hands and feet the gigantic nails that fix Jesus to the cross.

  Oh, my dear ones, my heart was torn in my chest as they nailed His hands and feet to the cross. I ask you this day to walk the Passion with me and see through my eyes the love He has for you. He truly was nailed to the cross.

  They pounded the nails into My first hand, then they stretched My body and nailed My other hand. The blood poured from these wounds that went totally through My hands. My pain was so immense, but then they nailed My feet! You do not know what pain I suffered, My child. My children, My children, for each one of you I suffered this pain. Oh, how I loved you!


Hail Mary


Rita moved from before the alter 
and expose Eucharist and then delivered the rest of the talk and prayers from the piano.



Sing: "Today as the mountains still cling to the vine, 
            I'll taste your strawberry, I'll drink your sweet wine 
            A million tomorrows shall all pass away 
            err I forget all the joy that is mine today."

Song: I Rocked Him As a Baby

Messenger:         Hear Mary as she speaks. 
                            Hear Mary as she speaks and she says —

Mary speaks:      My little ones,

                                How I love my precious children, my souls. 
                             And the youth today are suffering and there 
                            are so many divorces and the impurity that 
                            displease your God. 
                                And the souls are dropping into hell like rain. 

                                I appear, I appear, I appear and  I am ignored.

Song: I Rocked Him As a Baby

Mary speaks:      My children,

                                I have called you here that you will pray 
                            as you have never prayed before for your Church 
                            and for the souls that they will not be lost.

Song:  I Rocked Him As a Baby

Messenger:             And so we can look at Jesus as He hangs 
                            on the cross and you can hear this message 
                            that God gives to you. 

                                For He has called us to lead the world into 
                            this special spousal union.

                                And He wants us to recognize Him as our 
                            spouse and He told me to sing this to you. 

Song:  The Wedding Song

Messenger:         Jesus is our spouse, 
                            Jesus is the bridegroom of our soul.

Song:  The Wedding Song

Messenger:             And we have to realize that the priests, 
                            and the brothers and the sisters 
                            and the handmaids and the servants 
                            that give themselves in a special way
                            are helping to heal those wounds
                            that Jesus suffered during His bitter Passion
                            for all the sins of the flesh in the world today.

Song:  The Wedding Song

Messenger:             Jesus our Savior, we love You. 
                            We are most grateful for the gift that You 
                            have given to us. 

                                And He speaks and He says to us —

Jesus speaks:        It is because I love you that I remain with you today 
                            and I gave Myself on the cross. 

                                My people, reach the souls of this earth for I have 
                            called you to reach them with My words of love.

Song:  The Wedding Song

Messenger:             And Mary speaks and she says —

Mary speaks:          My children are starving for love and 
                            Jesus wants them to have this message.

Song:  The Wedding Song

Messenger:             The Son of God who gave Himself to His death 
                            on the cross, that is something to talk about. 
                            Have you heard people scream at the ball games 
                            because somebody makes a homerun or a basket?

                                And the Son of God is truly present and remains 
                            with us today.

Song:  The Wedding Song

Messenger:              Jesus Christ, the Son of God was beaten, 
                            crowned with thorns and He remains with us today. 
                            And the message is this — "There is Love"

                                And the souls are hungry and they are begging 
                            for the message.

                                This is the message that Mary wanted with the 
                            image window in Florida.

                                After all those apparitions and then they knock 
                            her head off. 

                                What is this day about in this retreat?
                                What are the 5ths about? 

                                The biggest blasphemy to knock the head off 
                            the Blessed Mother after God the Father 
                            has allowed her to appear.


Mary's Message
from the Rosary of August 27, 1996

Mary speaks:  I stood beneath the cross of my Son, and my Heart was in such pain for I saw Him before my eyes. I saw Him covered with blood. I saw Him die. My Heart, my children, my Heart to watch my Son, but my Heart, my Heart, how I suffered for my little children of the world that give in to this world and give up the love of my Son. O my little children of light, I give you this message. Carry this light into the darkness for your Mother Mary, for I stood beneath the cross and I cried. I cried for the little ones. I cried for the young ones, the ones that do not care and will lose their souls. How do I make you see for you will not listen to me? What can I do? I come. I appear. I beg. I plead. I give you these gifts from my Son, and you reject me. I do not deliver messages very often anymore for I have been ignored. The message is the same. You do not read the messages I have given to you. Please help me. Help the little children. I appear. I appear. I appear, and I am ignored. I stood beneath the cross, and I cried. I cried, and my Heart was in such anguish for my little children, for I am searching for them this day as I searched for the Child Jesus. Please, please help me. I cannot hold back the hand of my Son any longer. I am Mary, your Mother. I ask you to help my children. You are my children of light.

end of Mary's Message, August 27, 1996


Glory Be

Sing:  Ave Maria

Sing:  Our Father

Sing: Come and Fill Your Lambs


August 13, 2004 Talk continues

Messenger:  And as we say these Hail Marys let us think of God who came to this earth and gave Himself to His death on the cross. And every time that we've got a suffering that we know it's God's will that we undergo, let us pray for the grace to be able to think He didn't come down from the cross. That's the thing. 

    I hope I don't suffer tomorrow for saying this. I hate this but whatever it is, it is. When God gives us a suffering, no matter how hard it is, that's how we take it. If we know it's God's will that we have to endure something and a lot of times it's to get some work done that God's asking us to do. And I'm not telling you to push yourself and to do work that God is not asking you to do or to do something that's not God's will.

    But the devil is there when you got to do something that's real important and he can almost make you feel that you can't work with somebody else or whatever the pain is, I don't know. It can be being at the site and just being tired. And here comes some person that's really a person God's called to do a lot of work, and you just get a seat, your just going to sit there and do nothing. Oh I don't care or go look at the computer and read your e-mail. I mean you' are in there to do this. 

    I remember the car dealership during the recessions. And I mean it was tough. And when somebody came in there you sold them a car, that's how it was. It was either that or you were going to go out of business, like 11 out of 15 places would go out of business during the recession. 

    So we got these messages from God, these messages. Why did God choose the site to have the Blessed Mother appear on the building? With the enthusiasm of knowing that God gave Himself to His death on the cross, we have a message to deliver to the person that God sends our way that He loves them. If you are on the phone there should be enthusiasm because God has called us to this mission. 

    And the proof in the pudding is the fact that the Blessed Mother appeared for 7 years. This no ho-hum little job, this is a job to tell the world that Jesus loves them. 


February 5, 2004


April 5, 2004


August 13, 2004 Talk continues

Messenger:  And Jesus gave us Mary on the building and His face on the building to help our own waivering faith. He's taking us down that road of saintliness more and more because you can tell in your own life since her head got knocked off and since Fr. Carter died, He keeps drawing you closer and closer to Himself and you let go of more and more things or you understand suffering a little better or whatever it is. 

    But some of us can be like a kicking mule. Where we are still holding on to something and I can't quite figure out what it is. Is it the disposition or is it like the three classes of men that Ignatius talks about where the person puts the humpf in there. When the Blessed Mother appeared to me 500 times I got the humpf in there to say that we got to get the rosaries in schools. 

    And if nothing comes out of this today but a bunch of people that go out and realize that the message is the message God gives to us. The message of the Shepherds of Christ is to help in the renewal of the world. If I get louder and stronger and you get quieter and more laid back what's going to happen when I die? Fr. Carter died. That's not the idea. The idea is to deliver the message. 

    Let our hearts be joined in the deepest love as we go to the Heart of Jesus and pray for our vocation for this mission. Because God has picked us and the proof in the pudding is the Virgin Mary on that building. Pray with this fervor within your heart. Take the suffering that you know that you have been asked to endure and make it work for this mission. 

    What if Fr. Carter when he was dying of cancer those last three months let all that suffering just fssssh. We got 250,000 rosaries in the school but it was because he knew discipline. He knew how to make his suffering work. 

    First of all, we have to look at St. Ignatius Spiritual Exercises and we have to say to ourselves what is God telling us to do. First of all, that man is created for the honor and glory of God. Once we've got that embedded in our brains that we're not doing this stuff for our own vain glory, we're on our way down a new road that's a good one. 

    Then at every retreat we look at ourselves, we pray for the grace that God shows us more our imperfections, that God helps us to deal more lovingly with one another, that we don't play games on our partners and the people we got to work with, that we keep going in humility and docility and asking God to mold us as the potter in the way that we need to be molded to do this mission because I'm telling you I'm now 58. That might not sound too old but my mom died when she was 48. This life is promised to no man. And if that burning desire to one with Him is in our hearts, our vision is always there and in the sweetness and love for us Our Lord may reach right down and take us up there at any time. 

God wants an order, the Shepherds of Christ order. And it's not going to come out of me becoming more dramatic and you getting less dramatic. It's going to come out of a consumption within your soul to take the vocation that God has given to you to help get the rosaries in the schools, to pray more fervently all through the day as you unite what you do to the Mass. A lot of our problems is, and I've said to myself, "Would God put Mary back on the building?"

God wants us to be loving, 
God wants us to be like saints, 
God wants us to work more and more in that union with one another where we are more perfected in doing God's will in every relationship and that is not going to happen, I'm telling you, 
brothers is what I hear in my mind from God,
that is not going to happen unless we pray for His grace for ourselves, grace to be the way God wants, 
more identified with Him in every moment.

I didn't call you to this.
Jesus called you to this.
Jesus called you to be a saint,.
Jesus called all of us to reach the ends 
of the earth with this mission.

If you get a calling that you feel 
that you are suppose to do something 
and you don't really end up doing it, 
getting upset with me is not going to help nothing.

It's just going to make it harder on me
and you're just going to keep getting the same inkling in your heart 
that the Lord is telling you to do something 
until finally you do it or you just I don't know. 

    Life is going to be the simplest for all of us when we progress more deeply in this spiritual realm of identifying with Him exactly the way He wants. 

    Ignatius has it so cool with the 3 classes of men, I mean that is exactly it. How is the attitude, the old bagger that takes the food and throws it at the people.

    Or the person that, I see Kathleen, she'll go up to these kids and she will say, "What's your name, how are you" and she'll bring a smile to their face but that's the love that's in her heart. She works on that love. And I'm not putting Kathleen on a pedestal and saying Kathleen is perfect. Kathleen is living the life that God wants her to live. 

    And that's not saying that you aren't doing it because I can go through this church and pick each and every one of the people in here and they are holy. I am here as a messenger to help us, to be able to reach more souls with this mission. And we will do that as we advance more spiritually. It's not like black or white, so if we get, something Bishop Sheen said today, "If you think you are in the same place that you were a year ago, you're behind." 

    Because if we're living we're always growing. We should be a lot further ahead in the spiritual life than we were last year. I think we had a few land marks that helped us to move ahead. But we are living to advance more deeply in the spiritual life and what that takes. One thing is, is it takes the truth. That other thing that I got yesterday was really good. It's like we're all sinners, we're all imperfect. And the way the world is today, that the world is thinking that, you know, a lot people think that sin is a thing of the past. Then we look at the ten commandments and then we see — well are they obeying the commandments out there. 

    And then we see — You see this thing with God, so God comes, the Son of God, He's sinless and He dies on the cross for the souls. Now you're being asked to do the same thing. (Rita got really, really loud here like the hurricane that was advancing at the same time she was speaking headed for Clearwater that miraculously turned.) You're being asked to pray as an intercessor, unite to the Mass because of your brothers that you love like Christ loved. We unite to that sacrifice, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, to help to bring down the grace for our brothers that we love. There's that same — what was that word John — John, are you awake — what was the word — how do you say it — vicarious — that's what it is.

    But it's, it's the little story of the kid that went to school and he cheated and they were going to expel him and then the brother comes in and then the brother says, "Oh don't expel my little brother, I'll take it. "

    That's what we're doing in this intercession that we're doing, we are seeing ourselves as intercessors. We are seeing our own sins but we are also seeing a lot of people that aren't obeying the commandments and we are uniting to Jesus in the Mass and offering ourselves, holy.

Did I ever finish the last mystery? 

I am just filled up, I'm filled up because it started yesterday with a 2 hour message from Jesus and that message on the internet is really important. These retreats take us to a different place. The more that we live the retreat, the more that we use the things that Ignatius is giving to us which I believe came from the Blessed Mother, the more we grow in the spiritual life and God is calling that of us. 

    We can't handle this stuff that he's giving to us unless we advance more deeply, to tow the mark, to realize how God hung on the cross and He didn't get off. To realize the joy of suffering, to say yes to what God has given to us, to be brothers in this mission because Christ is our brother and has called us to help to be intercessors for the precious souls He gave His life for. Just think of that, the loss of one soul. Doesn't that make you want to cry?

    We can get the attitude that every body that dies is going to heaven. I mean, we are down here for this purpose — to serve, to love God, to keep the commandments. 

    You have been called to be a Shepherds of Christ member is some way, shape or form or you wouldn't be here. Live your life more deeply united to the Mass and help me do what God has called us to do. With all your heart pray for this vocation and for the grace to advance more at every moment in the spiritual life because He has really called us to do things that are hard. 

    And the world will not understand what we are doing. The world says you're suffering, you take a pill. Jesus is saying look at me hanging on the cross, through the death there is the resurrection. And that is not saying that you go out put yourself a hair shirt on. That's saying that when you don't want to make up with Suzie Q. because she just really rubs you the wrong way, well probably the devil was in there doing that, you got to say, but God I do it for you. And that's not saying not to say something when something has to be said. God help me to do it right. Amen.

Hail Mary

    And in the beauty of this piece that Our Lord ask me to play and in the words of our Holy Father that tells us this. See the thing of it is, is in the world today, you're not allowed to make a mistake. Your feet are not allowed to smell, you're not allowed to do something stupid. But the thing of it is, it's against our human nature, we're imperfect. We make the mistakes then we say we're sorry. If you're not allowed to be imperfect then we're going to have a problem every minute. The peace comes in living to love and serve Him, and in docility in recognizing our faults.

Sing: Be Not Afraid... Messenger:  Look at the barrenness of Abraham, the barrenness of Elizabeth, the barrenness as it seems of our world today and yet God shows us how the fruit was brought forth. In the end the Sacred Heart of Jesus will reign and there will be people living according to God's will. Barrenness.

Sing: Be Not Afraid... Messenger:  He's given us His face.

Messenger:    That says it all doesn't it? "Come follow Me and I will give you rest." Amen. Please read the messages from today and stay united because I can't do what He's asking me to do without you, that's all I got to say. Amen.





Fr. Carter had a dream


Climb Every Mountain



                From August 18, 2009

                Mary from Florida

                Mary: My Dear Child,


Judges 6: 11-24

The Angel of Yahweh came and sat under the terebinth at Ophrah which belonged to Joash of Abiezer. Gideon his son was threshing wheat inside the wine'press, to keep it hidden from Midian, and the Angel of Yahweh appeared to him and said, 'Yahweh is with you, valiant warrior!' Gideon replied, 'Excuse me, my lord, but if Yahweh is with us, why is all this happening to us? And where are all his miracles which our ancestors used to tell us about when they said, 'Did not Yahweh bring us out of Egypt?' But now Yahweh has deserted us; he has abandoned us to Midian.'

    At this, Yahweh turned to him and said, 'Go in this strength of yours, and you will rescue Israel from the power of Midian. Am I not sending you myself?' Gideon replied, 'Forgive me, my lord, but how can I deliver Israel? My clan is the weakest in Manasseh and I am the least important of my father's family.' Yahweh replied, 'I shall be with you and you will crush Midian as though it were one man.' Gideon said, 'If I have found favour in your sight, give me a sign that you are speaking to me. Please do not go away from here until I come back to you, bringing you my offering and laying it before you.' And he replied, 'I shall stay until you come back.'

    Gideon went away, he prepared a young goat and from an ephah of flour he made unleavened cakes. He put the meat into a basket and the broth into a pot, then brought it all to him under the terebinth. As he approached, the Angel of Yahweh said to him, 'Take the meat and unleavened cakes, put them on this rock and pour the broth over them.' Gideon did so. The Angel of Yahweh then stretched out the tip of the staff which he was carrying, and touched the meat and unleavened cakes. Fire sprang from the rock and consumed the meat and unleavened cakes, and the Angel of Yahweh vanished before his eyes. Gideon then knew that this was the Angel of Yahweh, and he said, 'Alas, my Lord Yahweh! Now I have seen the Angel of Yahweh face to face!' Yahweh answered, 'Peace be with you; have no fear; you will not die.' Gideon built an altar there to Yahweh and called it Yahweh'Peace. This altar stands in our own day at Ophrah of Abiezer.


Psalm 85: 9, 11-14

His saving help is near for those who fear him,
his glory will dwell in our land.

Loyalty will spring up from the earth, 
and Justice will lean down from heaven. 

Yahweh will himself give prosperity, 
and our soil will yield its harvest. 
Justice will walk before him, 
treading out a path.


Matthew 19: 23-30

Then Jesus said to his disciples, 'In truth I tell you, it is hard for someone rich to enter the kingdom of Heaven. Yes, I tell you again, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for someone rich to enter the kingdom of Heaven.' When the disciples heard this they were astonished. 'Who can be saved, then?' they said. Jesus gazed at them. 'By human resources', he told them, 'this is impossible; for God everything is possible.'

Then Peter answered and said, ‘Look, we have left everything and followed you. What are we to have, then?’ Jesus said to them, ‘In truth I tell you, when everything is made new again and the Son of man is seated on his throne of glory, you yourselves will sit on twelve thrones to judge the twelve tribes of Israel. And everyone who has left houses, brothers, sisters, father, mother, children or land for the sake of my name will receive a hundred times as much, and also inherit eternal life. 'Many who are first will be last, and the last, first.'


                Mary: I am the Queen of Peace

                Harken to the call of the Lord

                For you were hungry and He fed you,
                But you must stay focused on God

                Do not falter from what He commands you, any longer.
                Go to Him and He will hear you cries.

                Jesus gives you Himself —
                You must focus on this, my child —
                The night comes and you want to give up your
                    hope my people

                God has spoken for the night —
                That your hope in Him never falters

                I am Mary from sunny Florida —
                I appear to deliver this message to you
                open your eyes, so you see with the light of
                    7 suns

                Your eyes will see the light as you go to My Immaculate
                    Heart and allow the Holy Spirit to fill you with Wisdom —

                Seek not the council of the stupid
                    Look at God
                    Keep your eyes focused on heavenly things —
                    Do not be swallowed up by the earthly that
                        are rooted in the world

                When night comes let your lamps be ready —
                    do not be caught unaware or enslaved
                    to the worldly allurements —

                Let children know safe harbor —
                    The womb is precious to the Lord
                    God creates each soul and wedges it in a body —
                    Do not take a knife to a precious little one
                        created by God
                    Oh slaughter not your brother whether old or
                        young or in the womb —

                Remember always the commandments of God
                Thou shalt not kill —

                God gave Moses the 10 Commandments —
                    My children you must obey your God —
                    Not deceive yourself thinking you can disobey
                        and not receive the consequences

                Sun shines so you can see,
                    but a blind man sees in his heart —
                    Your lamps show the light of God in the
                        sunlight and the black, moon beaming night

                    For you are children of the light
                    You walk following the Light of the World —
                    You walk following Jesus

                    Let your light shine so they will
                        praise your Heavenly Father and that
                        you will teach others by your example —

                Let not your hearts be crushed by holding onto
                    vain glory —
                    the things of the world perish and die —
                    You were made body and soul to praise your God
                    and help to build His Kingdom —

                Jesus gives you His letters of love, my children, in
                    the Blue Books —
                    spread these to my hungry children,
                    thirsting for God's love
                    thirsting to be fed by the Eucharist

                God gives you the Bread of Life
                    You have the Scriptures — His Word
                    You have the Eucharist

                Song: God's Love

                Choose Life

                Jesus gives you the Bread of Life


Matthew 4: 3

and the tester came and said to him, ‘If you are Son of God, tell these stones to turn into loaves.’ But he replied, ‘Scripture says: 

    Human beings live not on bread alone 
    but on every word 
        that comes from the mouth of God.’ 



                    Do not be tempted by the things of the world —

                    Do not give into the wounded human nature
                        that seeks dominance for dominance
                        sake, that is impure with jealous
                        eyes, lust —

                    Let your hearts be pure —
                        for your heavenly Father wants you to
                            grow in greater perfection — likened to Him

                    Come away with my, my children dwell in
                        my heart and the Heart of my Son your
                        little heaven on earth —


Act of consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

"Lord Jesus, Chief Shepherd of the flock, I consecrate myself to Your most Sacred Heart. From Your pierced Heart the Church was born, the Church You have called me, as a member of Shepherds of Christ Associates, to serve in a most special way. You reveal Your Heart as a symbol of Your love in all its aspects, including Your most special love for me, whom You have chosen as Your companion in this most important work. Help me to always love You in return. Help me to give myself entirely to You. Help me always to pour out my life in love of God and neighbor! Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in You!

"Dear Blessed Virgin Mary, I consecrate myself to your maternal and Immaculate Heart, this Heart which is symbol of your life of love. You are the Mother of my Savior. You are also my Mother. You love me with a most special love as a member of Shepherds of Christ Associates, a movement created by your Son as a powerful instrument for the renewal of the Church and the world. In a return of love, I give myself entirely to your motherly love and protection. You followed Jesus perfectly. You are His first and perfect disciple. Teach me to imitate you in the putting on of Christ. Be my motherly intercessor so that, through your Immaculate Heart, I may be guided to an ever closer union with the pierced Heart of Jesus, Chief Shepherd of the flock."



                My children pray these prayers Jesus told Fr. Carter to


Fr. Carter had a dream.


July 31, 1994

Words of Jesus to Members of
Shepherds of Christ Associates:

"My beloved priest-companion, I intend to use the priestly newsletter, Shepherds of Christ, and the movement, Shepherds of Christ Associates, in a powerful way for the renewal of My Church and the world.

"I will use the newsletter and the chapters of Shepherds of Christ Associates as a powerful instrument for spreading devotion to My Heart and My Mother's Heart.

"I am calling many to become members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. To all of them I will give great blessings. I will use them as instruments to help bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the reign of My Sacred Heart. I will give great graces to the members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. I will call them to be deeply united to My Heart and to Mary's Heart as I lead them ever closer to My Father in the Holy Spirit."

- Message from Jesus to Father Edward J. Carter, S.J., Founder, as given on July 31, 1994,
feast of Saint Ignatius Loyola, Founder of the Society of Jesus (The Jesuits)


                Mary: "Do what Jesus tells you my children"


                Go to Mass every day if you can

                Do adoration before Jesus

                Priests go to the tabernacle — there lies your strength
                You are married to Jesus

                Be not afraid

                Sing Song: Be Not Afraid

                Use these Rosaries from Our Hearts


                Spread my rosary books







                Spread the consecration

                Pray the Shepherds of Christ Prayers at Churches
                    with your family


                Pray the Rosary

                Spread the Rosary Program I gave you
                    to the children

                Spread the homily book now
                    "Tell My People" Jesus and I gave to Fr. Carter

                Hear me my children

                I am Mary your Mother
                        Queen of Peace
                        Our Lady of Guadalupe
                        Our Lady of Clearwater
                        Our Lady of America
                        Our Lady of Fatima
                        Our Lady of the Universe
                        Our Lady of Grace
                        The Immaculate Heart of Mary

                Hear me — I am Mary —
                Maintain my building in Clearwater




Excerpts from August 19, 1996
Blue Book Meeting

Transcribed from a live rosary recorded on a tape.

Jesus:   I am with you in a special way. This is the 19th of August, 1996. On August 19th, 1917, My Mother appeared to the children at Fatima. I am glad that you are here, that you have come to venerate Our Hearts. It is through Our Hearts and through you that many hearts will turn their hearts to the love of Our Hearts. Do not underestimate the importance of this meeting here. Each of you were uniquely selected by Me to participate in this plan of the Father to help spread the love of Our Hearts throughout this world. Come to My Heart now. Come into My Heart and feel the warmth in My Heart, for this period in time will be a time of refuge for you, for you will be comforted by My love and the love of My Mother. I am Jesus, how I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

The Annunciation

5.  Jesus:   You have been called, and you have been chosen by Me, My dear ones, and I will give to you this special grace. Open your heart and let Me comfort you this night. Let Me fill you with My love. I am Jesus. I am here, and I want to love you in a special way.

7.  Jesus:   My dear ones, the times ahead will be hard and will be dark. You must listen to these words that I speak to you. You must come and dwell in Our Hearts, for it is there that you will find refuge from the cold and dark world. I am giving to you this great grace that you will be joined in My Heart. This is My little army that I am sending into this world. Look around you at one another. I have joined you in one mind and one heart in a special way.

10.  Jesus:   I called and I was forgotten by many of My beloved souls that I loved with such love, but I have called to you this evening. My special ones, My Blue Book team I have called, and you have answered this call. I am Jesus, and thank you for coming, coming and spending this time in prayer.

I will nourish you with My Word. I will give you My love, and I fill you with My life.


2.  Jesus:   Do you love each other, My beloved ones? Do you know that I live in you and in your brother? I am calling you to love each other with such love, to join in one mind and one heart, to be kind and loving to one another, for the job will be accomplished. The Father's plan will unfold. Your job, My dear ones, is to love, not to be busy and to run around, but to love, to love first, to love God first, and to love one another. I will work through you, and the work will be accomplished in love, love, love, love. I call you to love, to quiet your heart at this moment for you are anxious and afraid, but I call you to quiet your heart and to turn your heart to thoughts of love, to release all anxiety that you feel at this moment in your heart, to be lifted high in this hot air balloon, to let go of all of the cares in your heart and in your mind, to feel peace wrap you securely in it's embrace, to feel love in your heart, to know this peace. There is no fear. There is peace and love in God. I am Jesus. It is My peace I give to you. I am guarding you, and I am watching you at every moment. Release and surrender to My loving care.

3.  Jesus:   My way is love, love of God, and love of one another. You are busy in your mind for many things, but I am calling you to love, love, love, love. Release your minds and let Me carry the burden. I will walk beside you and guard your every move.

4.  Jesus:   It is joy, My beloved ones, that I ask you to carry in your hearts, joy, peace, and love. Let go of the burdens that you hold in your heart, for My way is love and this is My job. It will be accomplished. You must surrender and let Me work in you. Do not busy yourselves with the papers and the work. Surrender and go to Me, and I will carry the load. Your job is to love.

8. Jesus:   I am alive. I am alive. I am alive, and I live in the hearts of men. Open your heart that I may fill you with My life, that you will be the reflection of this life in the world this day. Surrender. Let go of all of those things that hold you bound, and come to Me as the little, dependent child of your Father.

9. Jesus:   I am with you. I am not far away, but I am close to you. Do you feel Me this close to you? Surrender and let Me touch your heart. Let Me fill you with My love.

The Birth of Jesus

3.  Jesus:   My beloved ones, I come to you and I ask you for your love. I want you to love Me with gentle, tender love. I came into this world a little baby. I was laid in a manger, a little, little, tiny baby. Will you love Me? Will you give Me your love, for I am waiting for this love from you? I am Jesus. I am alive, and I am with you. Come, My dear ones. Come into My Heart and tell Me of your love.

4.  Jesus:   This is My call to you, My beloved apostles that I am sending into this world with hearts filled with My love, that you carry the message of My love into this world, but your hearts must be pure and gentle, tender, loving, and kind. You must come to Me and beg for the grace. You must come to Me that your heart will be turned to a heart of love.

Jesus:  You do not understand the great mission that I have called you to, My beloved ones. You must come to Me. You must beg for purity in your heart for you will be the leaders that will carry this love into this world. You underestimate the importance of this mission to this world and to My Church. You must be born in your heart to a heart that is gentle and loving and kind.

5.  Jesus:   And the hearts will shine across the land as you give your hearts to Our Hearts.

6.  Jesus:   You are My stars that go by in the darkness this day, and it is through you that My light will shine to all those you touch. Give Me your heart. I am waiting for you, and I will fill you with the brightest light, and you will radiate against the darkened sky and shine as the brightest lights in the night. I am Jesus. I am all powerful and almighty. You, My dear ones, will be molded into My image and likeness, and the world will know My life and My love through you.

7.  Jesus:   I am alive. I am alive. I am alive, and I live within your heart.

8.  Jesus:   My way is peace, and My way is love. You must come and dwell in My Heart.

9.  Jesus:   I want you to love Me, My dear ones, all through the day to tell Me of your love, to share with Me all your thoughts that I may be one in you, that I may live in you, that I may operate through you, that I may touch others. As you go about this world, I will touch My beloved souls, and this world will be lighted with My love.

The Presentation in the Temple

3.  Jesus:   My dear, sweet ones, satan is pressing down on My beloved apostles, for he aims to stop you. You will carry the messages of My love to this world. You must pray for strength. You must pray to St. Michael to help you to battle against these forces that are coming against you. I am Jesus. I am protecting you and guarding you. I am allowing you to be tested and to fall that you will know how dependent you are on Me.

4.  Jesus:   You must not waver. You must not give in. You must be strong. You must come to Me. You must pray the rosary all through the day, for the rosary will give you strength against the evil one. I am Jesus. I am guarding you, and I love you.

The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple

8.  Jesus:   You are My little army that I have called here. I have formed you. I have guarded you, and I have given to you this special grace to come to Our Hearts. As you dwell in Our Hearts, you will be saturated with Our love and you will be the reflection of this light in the darkness.

9.  Jesus:   You do not comprehend the immensity of this mission to which I have called you, My beloved ones. I am begging you to pray, pray fervently that you will know the importance of this mission. You have been called, and you have answered this call. Listen to Me for I speak to you. This is an urgent message that you come to Me and give yourselves to Me, and you will be My army marching with hearts of love in the darkened night.

end of excerpts



Excerpt from the rosary of August 19, 1997

Jesus:  Come away with Me, My young ones. Come into the field and taste of the beauty of the air and the beauty of this day with the most beautiful flowers that I have created for you. Do you see the beauty in each petal of the flower, or are your eyes covered with mud that you do not see? I have lifted the veil for you today and I have showed you My way. My way is the way of trust and faith and I told you in the message on Sunday that you must have faith and endurance, for I took you to the darkest night to the pointiest tunnel, to the place where you thought that you would never return and at that point I opened up through a little hole the light of day and it came streaming in and you perceived and you felt My presence, which is greater than all the things of this earth.

    Wipe the grin off your face you silly earth, for you have ran after so many foolish things, when I stood there adorned in white before you, in the most glorious robes and you did not perceive that the Almighty God was alive and so I have called and I have told you and I have allowed you, My shepherds, to suffer, but the days ahead will be days of great victory, for I come to you clothed in white and adorned in a gold veil and you see that God lives and you will carry the white flag across this earth. You My shepherds, have won and the victory is yours.

    Did you fall in the mud and did you skin your knees, did you feel your head ache as Mine ached in the garden, did you feel the thorns poke deeply into your skull, and did you feel the ripping of your flesh as the sword went into your skin?

    I am Jesus, I am God, I will not be undone. I am Almighty and all powerful to the ends of the earth. You will know My might and you will not be afraid, but you will not know this if you do not trust, for I have told you the secrets in My messages, but you do not read as if you believe, you read half heartedly. You must believe with all your heart that I speak to you to be heard, for you truly are the shepherds that will go across this earth and carry the white flag, but you do not have this conviction within your heart, so therefore you do not do all that I have asked you to do, your belief is wishy-washy and you do not believe with a conviction of a strong heart.

    I am calling you My shepherds this night to renew your faith and your endurance to realize that I am God and I have spoken here to you this evening. I am alive, I am alive, I am alive and I am with you, I am your God.

    You wanted the light all the time and the light was not in the plan of the Father. It comes in light and it comes in darkness, it comes in death and it comes in victory, it comes in death and it comes in Resurrection, it comes in pain, and it comes in joy, but this world tells you today to look for only the joy and when you do not find it to do everything that you can to fill your selfish pleasurish whims that you have within you.

    I tell you that you must fall to your knees, that your knees will be scuffed and that you will suffer and your flesh will be torn and your head will be crowned with thorns, but you will come forth from the tomb with a veil of white across your face and you will say this is the victory that we have won because we have lived in Him.

Jesus: Your Movement will spread forth to the far ends of the earth, but it is faith that I am calling you to My beloved ones, you must have faith in your hearts, for this is a sign that I give to you this day. If you do not believe, you will not be able to continue ahead, for you must move ahead in faith. It is the only way that you must operate. You cannot operate trying to logically think your way across this world. It is only in believing and obeying the messages that the job will get done. It is My might that will lead this Movement to the far corners of the earth. Open your pockets and let us see your money. Do you have the money to do the things that I have asked you to do? It is in prayer, hourly prayer and begging for the funds, realizing that it is in your prayer, that it is in your endurance, that it is in your faith and your sacrifices that your prayers will be answered. You must pray hourly the Novena to the Infant of Prague and I will answer your prayers, and you My beloved ones will know the results when you pray.

Song: This is Holy Ground

Jesus: I have given to you the greatest gift this day. I am Jesus, and I have come to you and I have asked you to open wide your heart and to thank Me for the gift I have given, for if the answer would have been different how would your hearts be this night, and how was it with the lepers, when I gave to them the great gift and they did not come and say thanks, but you are My holy ones that I am sending into this world and your hearts must be filled with joy. I have asked you over and over again to sing to Me with a heart that is filled with joy. I have given to you songs that I wrote Myself for you to sing of the love of My Heart. I am Jesus, the Son of God and you are the apostles of this new era. As you go out into the dark night the light will shine behind you and many will know the light of My Heart. Do not be discouraged, for the very hairs of your head are numbered and I am with you at this very moment, guarding and watching you, give Me your heart My shepherds. I have given to you a great gift this day, give Me your thanks and continue to pray. It is through prayer that you will accomplish all that the Father intends you to accomplish.

    I am Jesus, the Son of God. I have chosen you, I have called you and you will accomplish the work that the Father intends you to through prayer. Do not be discouraged, but encouraged for I am God and I am with you. Think of how it was before, when you did not share your love with so many others, but I have given you each other and I have bound your hearts in one heart and you come here because your hearts are filled with great joy. The more you love and the more the Movement spreads, the more will be the blessings, for as the love expounds and gets larger, the love is more full, for your love is rooted in Me and the more you love deeply the more full the love you will have. This is how it will be, one body in Me, and you will love many and you will know them deeply in your heart and your heart is full My shepherds, because I have taught you My ways of love and given you each other. You are My holy family and I love you. I have called you and so you say “why me?”, and I say to you “why this Saint, or that Saint or why the Blessed Mother, why were you called?”. You were called because I love you and I have given to you a great grace to be My shepherd in the Shepherds of Christ Movement.

end of excerpt



From August 19, 1998

Jesus: I am Jesus, I have called you My shepherds to teach the world My word and My Commandments. I have given you this great authority, My priests, to change bread and wine into My Body and Blood. My beloved shepherd priests how tenderly I love you and wish you to obey Our Lady of Fatima. Please give your heart to My Mother. Please My priests, I ask you to consecrate your hearts to My Heart and the Heart of My Mother. I ask you to lead My people to give their hearts to Me. I ask that you will be one fold, dwelling in Our Hearts. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I long to hold My little sheep in My arms and comfort and love them.

The Ten Commandments:

  1. I, the LORD, am your God. You shall have no other gods besides me.

  2. You shall not take the name of the LORD, your God, in vain.

  3. Remember to keep holy the sabbath day.

  4. Honor your father and your mother.

  5. You shall not kill.

  6. You shall not commit adultery.

  7. You shall not steal.

  8. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

  9. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife.

  10. You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor.

Jesus continues: I wish My people to obey the Ten Commandments as given to Moses. I love you so much, please My shepherds, honor, love and adore your God. I give you Myself in the Eucharist. I am offended by the way My great gift is treated. You do not come and pour your love out to Me. Many do not make reparation for their offenses against God. I wish you to offer sacrifice for your sins. I wish you to partake in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in thanksgiving, reparation, adoration and petition. I wish you My shepherds to love your God with your whole heart, your whole soul and your whole mind. I will shepherd My flock and lead them into one fold. All who have strayed to foreign lands will be led home to My Sacred Heart. You must give your hearts to Me. Oh, I say again and again, oh, I call out in such lament, My little sheep. I love thee so profoundly and you do not comprehend. It is love I come to give you in the Eucharist. It is love I wish from you. It is a love affair, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I want love, I give love, you bring this love to the world. You must pray for your Church and your world. I beg you My shepherds, My little sheep, My holy ones, I beg you My beloved earth to pray as never before. On this day, My Mother appeared at Fatima because the August 13, 1917 visitation she promised was blocked by the authorities. My churchmen you have been given the authority to shepherd My flock to lead them into one fold. I ask you to give your hearts to My Heart and the Heart of the pure Immaculate one. Your sacrifice will be a most pure offering when you give your hearts to Our Hearts. You will partake in the sacrifice of Calvary sacramentally made present on your altars in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in great oneness with your beloved God. I am the Good Shepherd, I laid down My life for My flock. I ask you My priests and My people to identify with Me in the Mass. I ask you to lay down your lives for the flock. I ask you to intercede all day in the Morning Offering by uniting your every action, your every breath to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that great grace is released on the earth. I wish My priests to be so holy. I wish to be so united to My holy priests and My people. I wish you to pray the Prayer for Union with Jesus. My shepherds in the Shepherds of Christ, pray as never before for your Church and your world. Pray, pray, pray, please consecrate your hearts to Jesus and to Mary. The authority is given to you from your God, My beloved priests. Mary is the Mother of the Church. She has authority over her children, all authority coming from God.

I ask you to put the writing (1 Corinthians 15-26 Christ the first fruits) from the writing of the Assumption. Oh, I want you to be one, My beloved Church, one body, loving God and loving one another. Give Me your heart in the Heart of My Mother, Mary, and you will be united In great oneness.

I am Jesus, I love thee. I love you, My beloved flock. I love you. Include John 17:20-21.

end of excerpt





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July 31, 1994

Words of Jesus to Members of
Shepherds of Christ Associates:

"My beloved priest-companion, I intend to use the priestly newsletter, Shepherds of Christ, and the movement, Shepherds of Christ Associates, in a powerful way for the renewal of My Church and the world.

"I will use the newsletter and the chapters of Shepherds of Christ Associates as a powerful instrument for spreading devotion to My Heart and My Mother's Heart.

"I am calling many to become members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. To all of them I will give great blessings. I will use them as instruments to help bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the reign of My Sacred Heart. I will give great graces to the members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. I will call them to be deeply united to My Heart and to Mary's Heart as I lead them ever closer to My Father in the Holy Spirit."

- Message from Jesus to Father Edward J. Carter, S.J., Founder, as given on July 31, 1994,
feast of Saint Ignatius Loyola, Founder of the Society of Jesus (The Jesuits)






The China Church is over 140 years old

and we pray in there 24 hours a day.

It needs stucco and so does

the community building.

Can you please help us?

Call Kathleen 1-888-211-3041


Likewise the priest house

is 150 years old.

Jesus told us to repair it

which we have been doing.

We need $13,000.00 for this work.







You can help put the Blue Book V

in the hands of 1,000 people

we need $1,200 postage for this

It is ready to go

Call Kathleen



You can help put Fr. Joe's homily

book in the hands of

1,000 priests — it costs $1,100

This can help 1,000 parish priests

talk about Covenant for Lent 

Please help us

It is ready to go

Call Kathleen  1-888-211-3041



Crucifix — hand carved by Felix


Available for $750.00




Brand New Internet Store



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