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We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages
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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

August 24, 2006

August 25th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 3 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for August 25th are Glorious.


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August 24, 2006

Messenger:           It is an awesome gift that God
                        gives us Himself in the Eucharist.


Revelation 21: 9-14

One of the seven angels that had the seven bowls full of the seven final plagues came to speak to me and said, 'Come here and I will show you the bride that the Lamb has married.' In the spirit, he carried me to the top of a very high mountain, and showed me Jerusalem, the holy city, coming down out of heaven from God. It had all the glory of God and glittered like some precious jewel of crystal-clear diamond. Its wall was of a great height and had twelve gates; at each of the twelve gates there was an angel, and over the gates were written the names of the twelve tribes of Israel, on the east there were three gates, on the north three gates, on the south three gates, and on the west three gates. The city walls stood on twelve foundation stones, each one of which bore the name of one of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.


August 24, 2006 message continues

Messenger:           The Divine God is truly present
                        in the Eucharist no less present
                        than the day Jesus walked the earth
                        in His Divinity and humanity.

                            Many on the earth ignore Jesus.
                        Think of how it is that we, who
                        have been given great grace to know
                        Jesus, to work in Church, to work
                        in the parish, could become less
                        honoring of the Blessed Sacrament
                        and forget the great gift of
                        Jesus, truly present in the Eucharist.

                            A priest is a great gift from God
                        many today do not cherish this gift
                        of the Eucharist and the Church.

                            Think of how it would be to
                        not go to daily Mass.

                            Think of how it could be to
                        not be able to go before the tabernacle.



August 24, 2006 message continues

Messenger:           In the Mass the Divine God
                        gives Himself to us. What a gift
                        I give myself to Him in the Mass
                        I love Him so much.

                            People who are focused on the world
                        or who do not see may not cherish the
                        gift of the Mass as they should.

                            In praying we can receive a
                        special grace to love the Eucharist,
                        to see the magnificence of this

                            God comes to us so humbly
                        Jesus comes to us under the
                        appearance of bread and wine.

                            Oh it is because of grace I
                        know and love Him so much and it
                        isn't a problem to give Myself
                        to Him. I want to give myself to Him
                        He is the bridegroom of my soul
                        I want to give myself to Him for the
                        sake of souls.

                            A mother and father may give so very
                        much of her/his life to her/his children.

                            A mother even carries the
                        baby inside of her she surrenders
                        to all that takes. She knows it is
                        God's will for her she accepts it
                        with joy.

                            Another person can carry a baby
                        and reject it, not want to give
                        themselves to the baby. They may hate
                        being pregnant and cause much
                        emotional pain for themselves while
                        another gives freely with joy.

                            We are the bride of Jesus, Jesus wants
                        us to give ourselves to Him in love. It
                        is a great gift to have a deep spiritual
                        relationship with the Divine God.

                            Some may not cherish this gift
                        they don't even want to go to Church
                        on Sunday. When they go to communion
                        they may not focus on Jesus
                        ignore Him and think of other things.

                            Giving of oneself to anything
                        is an act of the will.

                            A person in a vocation to be
                        a sister and brother is there to give
                        themselves completely to God. They
                        will have a hard time if they
                        ride the fence its like a motor
                        running in a box.

                            Giving oneself to one's vocation
                        as a religious should be done
                        without constant anxiety of leaving.
                        There is a peace in commitment.
                        Why stay there making discomfort for

                            How did Jesus show us He
                        gave Himself on the cross






August 24, 2006 message continues

Messenger:           How can I have oneness with
                        God if I do not give myself to

                            In giving myself to God in love
                        I learn about loving.

                            I give myself to this Movement. I
                        care for the lives of the people. We
                        provide for those who are servants
                        and handmaids.

                            A man married a woman and he
                        had other affairs he was not
                        happy he was divided.

                            A man married a woman and he
                        gave himself to His wife and to Jesus
                        he was at peace, he was a good

                            Should God expect any less of
                        us when we receive Him in communion.
                        He wants us to give ourselves to Him.
                        We can give ourselves a little and then
                        think more of our molten calves than
                        Jesus. This is violating the first

                            1.  I, the Lord, am your God.
                                You shall not have other gods besides me.

Messenger:           Our soul is not at rest - until
                        it rests in Jesus.

                            How can one say they give themselves
                        to a vocation then really lie.

                            I have given myself to this calling
                        God has given to me and I obey Jesus,
                        I listen to my priests who help me,
                        but I obey the Church and the
                        messages Jesus has given us.


                            How do we love?

                            What is giving?

                        A person not giving in a marriage
                            is unhappy, really deep

                        A person not giving in their
                            vocation is not at peace.

                        God operates in structure.

                        God gives us Himself in the Eucharist.
                        He is always there for us.

                        In baptism God gives us a sharing
                            in His life

                        God is love

                        Doing work and being unloving
                            is not being like Jesus.

                        Becoming more and more self-
                            centered, unloving, like a
                            ship in the night, being
                            disharmonious is not
                            living like God wants.

                        The Shepherds of Christ exists to
                            help lead the world into oneness.

                        The gifts God gives us to be one

                        We say

                        "I give my heart to Jesus and Mary with you in love."

                        What does that mean to give my heart
                            to Jesus and Mary?

                        Mothers and fathers give themselves to their
                            children, they work, but provide
                            for the children.

                        Being committed to our vocation
                            brings peace.

                        Living to love brings peace.

                        Loving and forgiving as God desires
                            brings oneness.

                        In the Shepherds of Christ Jesus wants us one in
                            His Heart and His Mother's heart.

                        That is the mission giving our
                            hearts to the Hearts of Jesus
                            and Mary in love.

                        Giving in love

                        Living according to God's will in love
                            helps us to see the harmony
                            in which we are to live in God's

                        The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one.

                        Living in greater perfection and
                            oneness is the goal of the
                            members of a community
                            doing God's work
                            not focusing on our selfish
                            relationships what am I
                            getting and forget to work in
                            oneness to build God's
                            all for the honor and glory of

                        Heaven is the fullness of life

                        In heaven there is perfect living
                            in the Father's will.

                        There are no marriages in heaven
                            there is love
                            fullness of life

                        In hell there is isolation

                        God is love

                        Working on a vocation for 7, 8, 9
                            years as a religious should
                            bring us closer to living
                            more in God's will in love,
                            having more joy and peace,
                            focusing on God's gift.

                        Anyone who has the love of God
                            in their heart should be
                            joyful going out to others in love.

                        It is an act of the will.

                        Do we try to pull others to our dysfunctional
                            ways by being argumentative, disharmonious.



August 24, 2006 message continues

Messenger:       "I give my heart to Jesus and Mary with you in love."

                        Or do we beg God for grace to be one
                            forgiving when someone says they are sorry and
                            trying to all grow to be like Jesus,
                            loving and living in peace.

                        We are always focused on heaven
                            focused on our salvation and
                            the salvation of others

                            peace is found in doing
                                God's will in love.

                        See the harmony in God's creation

                        See how beautiful all things work
                            see the little berries, fruits
                            fed by the earth
                            watered by the rain
                            receiving sun light.

                        See the day filled with light.
                        See the night dark for sleeping.

                        See the order in the universe

                        See how things work together in
                            God's creation

                        See the goodness of God

                        Sing:  Taste and See

                        Do you want to focus on the balcony
                            or the dirt?

                        The devil wants to stop those living
                            to help build up the Kingdom
                            see a cannon and the devil
                            behind it
                            sticking in his fire from hell
                                with a pitch fork and
                            he wants souls to get shot
                                out of their relationships
                            he wants division!!

                            He wants you to fall
                                in his trap.



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