Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

August 26, 2002

August 27th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 2 Period I.
The Novena Rosary Mystery
for August 27th is Sorrowful.


We  desperately need
funds for bills for running
of the movement, telephone, water, etc.

Please if you can help us.

Pray for the Cardinals, Bishops and the Pope, pray hourly.

Pray for a personal intention.

Pray for 2 very urgent intentions.

We are praying on the
hour for funds. Please
pray with us.

Credit card donations accepted.

  Shepherds of Christ Ministries
P. O. Box 193
Morrow, Ohio 45152


We need funds to send our President to Florida
to set up a permanent camera on Mary's Image.


Please pray for a special intention.

2 urgent intentions - Fred and Mark.



August 26, 2002

Messenger:        It is very difficult many times in our

                            Don Meyer lost his sister. The grandchildren

                        and daughter and neighbor got up to talk at
                            the funeral.

                        They were in tears. I could tell how deeply

                        loving she was, she lived for her family,

                        she was so very loving.

                            Don gave us the saying "I give my heart to 

                        Jesus and Mary with you in love". 

                            Don and his wife Nancy is in charge of Sidney 

                        and they were leaders in Florida.

                            It is so obvious how temporary this life is.


Shepherds of Christ Servants, Handmaids, and Apostles at
Father Carter's coffin - St. Xavier's Church


August 26, 2002 message continues

Messenger:         Here is a quote from Cardinal Bernardin

                        from the Newsletter.


Excerpt from Priestly Newsletter 1998 - ISSUE FOUR

    Shortly before he was to die from cancer, Joseph Cardinal Bernardin left us these inspiring words about peace: "It is the first day of November, and fall is giving way to winter. Soon the trees will lose the vibrant colors of their leaves and snow will cover the ground. The earth will shut down, and people will race to and from their destinations bundled up for warmth. Chicago winters are harsh. It is a time of dying.

    "But we know that spring will soon come with all its new life and wonder.

    "It is quite clear that I will not be alive in the spring. But I will soon experience new life in a different way...

    "What I would like to leave behind is a simple prayer that each of you may find what I have foundGod's special gift to us all: the gift of peace. When we are at peace, we find the freedom to be most fully who we are, even in the worst of times. We let go of what is non-essential and embrace what is essential. We empty ourselves so that God may more fully work within us. And we become instruments in the hands of the Lord."


3. Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, The Gift of Peace, Loyola University Press, pp. 151-153.

end of excerpt from Priestly Newsletter 1998 - ISSUE FOUR




August 26, 2002 message continues

Messenger:          Here is the account we put in the

                        Newsletter after Fr. Carter's death.


Excerpt from 2001 - Issue 1

On September 22, 2000, Father Carter went into surgery. They opened him up and found out he had cancer. His disease was very advanced. He spent the last days preparing this writing to continue his mission – to write the priestly newsletter for priests and others interested in the spiritual life. He is the founder of the Shepherds of Christ Movement. Father Carter, S.J., authored some 17 books revealing deep insights into the divine mysteries. His writing is not complete in the 33 newsletters he was permitted to edit. His writing is seen in the whole body of material he authored in the 33 years he wrote. He wrote the following prayers for prayer chapters to pray for the priests, the Church, and the world. For the past six years the newsletter has been distributed around the world with circulation increasing to approximately 75,000 priests in English and Spanish. Now the newsletter is translated into French and we are currently translating the first twenty page newsletter into Portuguese.

The first book Father wrote in 1967, Response in Christ was soon published and became the book of the month. It was then translated into Polish, Italian, and Portuguese. This began Father’s writing career. Thirty-three years later, God has called him home after touching so many souls with his writing and his work to help bring about the Reign of the Sacred Heart through all he did for sisters, priests, and laity. He founded the Shepherds of Christ Ministries to pray for priests and to help bring about the renewal of the Church and the world.

In addition to circulating the newsletter to approximately 75,000 priests, bishops and cardinals, he began prayer chapters praying prayers for the priests, the Church and the world, honoring the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

For the past six years, a strong body of people have given their lives supporting this effort to get the newsletter into the hands of the priests and to pray for them and for the renewal of the Church and the world.

We try to get as many people as possible, in nursing homes, prisons, schools, and families to say the morning offering and offer their lives as a sacrifice united to the Mass for the priests, the Church and the world.

We try to tell people all over about the prayers in the red prayer manual Father Carter wrote so we can pray them for the priests, the Church and the world.

People all over the world gather every evening at 6:30 and pray these prayers for the priests, the Church, and the world.

Father Carter’s vision was that the Sacred Heart of Jesus would be the King and Center of all men’s hearts and that the Sacred Heart of Jesus would be honored and loved by men.

Father Carter’s love of Our Lady is shown in his writings. He always saw himself as a little baby in her arms. In his room that last day was a holy card of Mary holding the Child Jesus, which was the only holy card we saw in his room. It looked as if he had held it. It looked used. In going through his personal holy cards, he had so many holy cards of Mary holding the Child Jesus.

He worked hard to publish the twenty page newsletter. It was a review of the spiritual life. He said he had to do it. He went into surgery September 22, 2000. His funeral was December 22, 2000, exactly three months later.

In these months he struggled with chemotherapy. He wanted the newsletter to continue and directed how it should be done with his writings. This newsletter was reviewed by him in those sick days and finished on October 16, 2000. Here is the holy card from his funeral Mass.

This picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was his favorite one. He said how it helped him to become closer to Jesus. It was on his ordination card and now on his obituary card.

end of excerpt from Newsletter 2001 #1





August 26, 2002 message continues

Messenger:          I was thinking of how much went on in China, 

                        Indiana, 5 years ago when Fr. Carter said his first

                        Mass, August 26, 1997.

                            I just didn't think it would ever end when

                        Fr. Carter went with me on the long drives to

                        China and we talked always about Jesus

                        and heaven and the future of the Movement.


On the way to China






August 26, 2002 message continues

Messenger:     There was so much time to get it all in order

                        and the plan Jesus had for the Movement. 

                        We talked about the writings and Jesus gave

                        me deep insight into things and I would soon

                        see the topic in the Newsletters.

                            Father Carter's Newsletters and my writings

                        are so interlocked. He was the mystical priest,

                        the doctor theologian, the Jesuit, the one

                        who stopped to do his 10 minute examination,

                        in the car on the way to China

                        or pray his office, which he prayed every day.

                        He stopped in the car to prepare for his homily

                        he delivered in China to the servants and

                        handmaids and Fred.



August 26, 2002 message continues

Messenger:          The sunny days of so much light—

                        I felt the light in the car when I was with

                        him and many times I wished I had a tape

                        recorder for I knew Jesus gave me lights

                        just to tell him about things and soon it did go out

                        in the Priestly Newsletter, material about the spiritual

                        life with the mixture of insight from Jesus and the

                        writings of Fr. Carter, priest, doctor, Jesuit, mystic and  

                        finally my influence, in the Priestly Newsletter, 

                        as mother, wife, woman.



4 days before Father Carter's death
Father Carter and Rita Ring




August 26, 2002 message continues

Messenger:          I know the Church is mother - and having

                        four children, the slant that Our Lord added through

                        my contribution, to the tender loving heart of

                        Fr. Carter, was a motherly touch,

                        the woman's heart added to his writings.

                            The Church is mother.

                            The Church is the bride of Christ.

                            The Church is mother of her children.

                            The Church has children, that are

                                to bring forth fruit for the 


                            What does the word impregnated mean?

                            The Church should be a place in

                                which fruit comes forth,

                                fruit for the Kingdom.

                            I see Our Lady of Guadalupe,

                                she looks pregnant.



August 26, 2002 message continues

Messenger:          I know many married girls who have had

                        trouble getting pregnant and went to Mary's

                        image. They have reported getting pregnant

                        after they went to Our Lady of Clearwater and

                        prayed under the image for help with getting

                        pregnant in their marriage.

                            I want to include a message Jesus

                        gave to Fr. Carter in the book

                            Tell My People


Excerpt from Tell My People 
(messages received by Father Edward Carter, S.J.)

Life in the Holy Spirit

    The Holy Spirit is given to us to transform us in the likeness of Christ. This is an ongoing process. Here is a message of Jesus which speaks to the issue:

    My beloved friend, tell My people to pray daily to the Holy Spirit. They are to pray for an increase in His gifts. My people must realize that the Holy Spirit comes to transform them. The Spirit desires to transform you more and more according to My image. Those who are docile to His touch become increasingly shaped in my likeness. He performs this marvel within My Mother's Heart. The more one dwells in My Mother's Heart, the more active are the workings of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit leads Mary to place you within My Heart. In both of Our Hearts, then, your transformation continues. The more you are formed after My own Heart, the more I lead you to the bosom of My Father. Tell My people all this. Tell them to pray daily for a greater appreciation of these wondrous gifts. I am Lord and Master! All who come to My Heart will be on fire to receive the gifts of the Spirit in ever greater measure! I love and bless My people! (Message of Jesus given to Father Carter).

end of excerpt from Tell My People


August 26, 2002 message continues

Messenger:         Look at this picture of March 5, 2001.

                            We call this image the bridal Mary.


March 5, 2001


August 26, 2002 message continues

Messenger:         It was taken about 6:20 on March 5, 2001

                        as our daily prayers began under the image.

                        In the bottom left two panes where I usually

                            see Jesus—I see a woman with a baby, I 

                            think it looks like Mary with Jesus in her arms.

                        I have never, ever received a picture

                            like this again.

                        Sometimes Jesus would tell me to take

                            a picture at a certain time.

                        The picture of Mary is so beautiful.

                        The same night we got this white Mary picture

                            later in the service we got this 

                            picture of Jesus' face.


March 5, 2001


August 26, 2002 message continues

Messenger:       Remember B&M, they printed everything

                            for us, a card with these pictures on it.



August 26, 2002 message continues

Messenger:     They printed prayer manuals, all the Newsletters,

                            the school rosary program, the

                            Holy Spirit Novena book.

                        Well now they have gone out of business

                            and we still owe them about $10,000.

                        Funds have been very tight.

                        If you know anyone who would help us

                            with the mailings to the priests we

                            do need the financial help.

                        Today we finally mailed lots of packages

                            to Bishops and priests and others

                            with prayer manuals because

                            some person helped us get it out.

                        I remember Jesus saying

                            "The seeds of time move exceeding slow."

                        I never understood it, but he said it

                            over and over again.

                        A lot of information is given in the


                        This little message I got from Mary on

                            the way to the Sidney Rosary last

                            Tuesday, Sidney is about 2 hours

                            from Cincinnati.

                        Don's sister died Tuesday during the prayer service,   

                            we figure about the time we started

                            the rosary and prayed in the candlelight

                            and Mary gave the message


                    "I am Mary your Mother and 
                          I must tell you that sufferings 
                          are about to befall the earth."


August 26, 2002 message continues

Messenger:     Listen to the message I got on the way to

                            Sidney after I heard a young child

                            and chanting in the car.


   Excerpt from August 21, 2002 message

                        On the way (to Sidney for the rosary)
                            I heard the audible
                            voice of a child in the car as if
                            it was on the radio or something,
                            the child was in suffering.

                       Then again I heard audible voices 
                            as on the radio or something, it
                            sounded to me like Africans chanting,
                            I listened and knew the radio
                            or nothing was on, but it was
                            voices surrounding me,
                            it had a different fullness other
                            than a radio or speakers, I cannot 
                            describe it, it was as if I was in the 
                            middle of it.

                            Mary spoke to me immediately after

                        I heard this in the car.

                            She said very clear and strong!!



Mary speaks:          "Oh America
                           Land of Plenty,
                           I appear to tell you to pray.
                           Oh America,
                           you have so many riches,
                           but you will not help me.

                           Oh in the dark night
                           do you see the candles shining bright,
                           it is a candle that tells the world,
                           the love of Jesus is alive in the
                           hearts of those who pray and answer
                           my call.

                           Oh hear me, giant coastlands,
                           the waves flow in and out
                           heralding a light 
                           to those in darkness.

                           A light house shines to a darkened

                           It is the light coming
                           from the Sacred Heart
                           of my Son Jesus. He calls
                           His people to come under
                           His rule. He is their King.
                           He calls them beneath
                           His throne and
                           I stand the Queen
                           before her children
                           a Queen of Peace to
                           a darkened world
                           in pain and suffering."

                            end of excerpt from August 21, 2002 message


August 26, 2002 message continues

Messenger:     Reading this message of Mary over and

                            over again is important—there

                            is very much information in it.

                        Mary is telling us strongly we must

                            pray for mercy.

                        We must tell God we are sorry

                            for offending him.

                        Mary is Mother of the Church.

                        Mary is Mother.

                        Jesus has worked in all of the writings

                            of Fr. Carter's and mine to give

                            deep messages to the Church and the


                            Fr. Carter and I worked as a team. The 

                        writings Our Lord said are most important

                        Jesus told me these writings are what He 

                        wants me to do. Jesus said Fr. Carter and my

                        writings should not be separated. Fr. Carter 

                        said Jesus told him the Blue Books were as 

                        much his as mine.

                        When Fr. Carter died, they put his body

                            to rest, but his writings are

                            now Mothering the Church, leading

                            the priests deeply into the Hearts

                            of Jesus and Mary to help bring forth

                            fruit for the Kingdom.

                        The seeds of time move exceeding slow,

                        I quote from the message October 8, 1997——

                        "Seedless, Barren, no fruit on the vine"


Excerpt from October 8, 1997 Message

Jesus speaks:  I did not put you on the earth and then leave you to yourselves. I dwelt amongst you to guide you in all your ways and the people today spit on Me as they did 2,000 years before. For all these years I waited for the likes of you, My people, and why should you have more time for false joy? Joy is not in the molten calf. It is in the words of the Savior.

end of excerpt from October 8, 1997 message


August 26, 2002 message continues

Messenger:     2000 years after Christ—

                        look at our world—

                        What seeds have we planted to

                            help people grow in their

                            image and likeness of God.

                        When I receive a message it is a gift!

                        I remember someone telling me this story.

                        A man kept walking down a street and

                            fell in a hole.

                        Every time he walked down the street

                            he fell in the hole.

                        Finally he got wise and would walk

                            down the street and not fall

                            in the hole anymore, he

                            would walk around it.


John 12: 35-36

Jesus then said: 

    The light will be with you 
        only a little longer now. 
    Go on your way while you have the light, 
    or darkness will overtake you, 
    and nobody who walks in the dark 
        knows where he is going. 
    While you still have the light, 
    believe in the light 
    so that you may become children of light... 


August 26, 2002 message continues

Messenger:     A man in a dark room can keep

                            bumping into the same

                            furniture and he can get bruised

                            and really hurt himself.

                        Here is a message from Jesus February 12, 1994


Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

To Grow, You Cannot Remain the Same

God's Blue Book II Cover

February 12, 1994
After Mass

Jesus speaks:  I give you this intense love. Look at Me hanging, arms outstretched. Do you see I am giving you My all out of deepest love of you! How do I wake you? I profess it so profusely, but you do not open your hearts. You crave My love, you want it so badly, but you do not realize I am giving it to you now.

    You are My beautiful daughter. I speak to you. You will be rejected but you will plant seeds that will germinate in the hearts of many. You must do My work. Do not be attached to the glory or the persecution. I am God and My might is endless. I am He Whom you love, He Whom you seek. Come to Me and I will fill you!

    Preach the Real Presence. I am truly here, God alone! Preach My love on fire for every soul. People are hungry, they will listen. Lead My people to My love.

R. Jesus is speaking to you in the whispers in your heart. Do you block His words and only do what you want?

Jesus speaks:  To die to yourself you must listen to every word I plant in your heart, even the ones you do not want to hear because you might have to change something. To grow, you cannot remain the same. There is no growth if the plant stays the same.

    I come to feed you, to fertilize you. I give you just the right fertilizer in your heart. Do you want to grow or do you want to remain unchanged? You will not grow if you do not use My fertilizer. It is the quiet whispers in your heart.

    "Oh no, not that, Lord!" Oh, say "yes" to all I send you. It is with the greatest of love. It comes from Him Who laid down His life for you, Who gave you the last beat of His heart. I am Who am. I am God and I come before you, bruised, bloodied and beaten and I say, "Do you love Me so much as to listen to My promptings in your heart, to love your sick brothers, to do as The Father wills you to do?" I gave you the last beat of My heart. Why do you hold back? I am He Who loves you. I send you good things. Even crosses are good things. You grow from your trials and crosses.

    Growth demands a change. Love finds a way into the hearts of others when you love with a heart of God.

    Oh, child, I love you.

end of February 12, 1994 message


August 26, 2002 message continues

Messenger:     A lady had five marriages and she said her husbands

                            all had the same problem, finally each 

                            husband left her.

                        Finally after 5 husbands, she thought maybe

                            she might be doing something wrong.

                        How can we have growth if

                            we do not change?

                        Do we want to fall into the same

                            holes when we are 80 that

                            we fell in at 18.

                        God has lifted the veil in these

                            writings to help us see more clearly.

                            In relationships we can see our faults!

                        Thinking we are perfect and everybody else

                            is wrong when we need to change

                            something can lead us to be by


                        God give us light to see.

                            I love you,

                        Will we ever get in a locked

                            door without a key?

                        Some of us keep all our faults

                            hidden in a locked vault

                            as a treasure to keep, but

                            how can we be more perfected

                            to be like Jesus if we never

                            open the door and look inside.

                                CHRIST IS OUR LIGHT - WE NEED TO GROW-
                                                 CHANGE some things in our lives.


        Pray for 4 very urgent intentions.

        Pray for 2 personal intention.

        Pray for a particular bishop and cardinal.

        Pray for the pope.

        Pray for all the bishops of the world.

          Pray for Sarah.


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