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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

August 3, 2005

August 4th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 4 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries
for August 4th are Joyful.


Special Jesus Rosary
August 4, 2005

Please connect at 6:20

We are doing 3 days
of special prayer
before the 5th rosary.

Please tune in at 6:20 and pray -

Rita will lead the prayers
from Florida


The retreat will start on the 10th
in China, Indiana
and go through to the 13th.





Here are new entries from God's Blue Book 4



September 25, 1994

Title:  See with the Eyes of Love

R.  I realize more and more my self-centeredness.  I realize how I need to love all God's creatures. I cannot look at one person and decide I do not like him or think I am better than him. If I am to love and be like Christ, I must look at all my brothers as God's creatures that He loves. I must see with the eyes of love, every man. I cannot look critically at anyone, I must see them with the eyes of love.

  God loves every man. God, the Father, created them. God the Son died for them. God the Holy Spirit loves and sanctifies them. I must see every creature as so dear to God.

  I must see with the eyes of love. This takes grace. I must pray for the grace to share more deeply in His life. I must be open to grace He gives me to love Him and my brothers. 

  If He pours out His graces on me to love my brothers, but I continue to look on them with unloving eyes, then I am not cooperating with the grace He is giving me.

  I need to pray to the Spirit to open my mind and my heart to see. I need to see. I must see more and more with the eyes of God. I must see all men with the eyes of love.



September 26, 1994

2:30 a.m.

Title: I Searched For You - I Love You in My Brothers

Jesus:  Little one, little one, are you learning the lessons I so sweetly teach you, the lessons of My love?  You, child, are never alone.  If the earth shakes and the sun ceases to shine, My heart forever burns for you. (You saw My heart pulsate on the picture.  Does My heart ever cease to beat with such love for you?)

  I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am your all. I am Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God.  You, My child, run to My arms.  Let My beloved Mother place you in My most tender heart.  There you will know such love, love as is not found in this world. This is the love I have for you, sweet one.  My love, My ardent burning love!

R.  Enkindle in me, Lord, the fire of your Spirit.

Jesus:  You will radiate with My glow within your very soul.

I want to be ever more united to you in deeper love. Let go. This union is enhanced by loving others. See the God that lives in them. Your brothers were created by the hand of the Father. I am in your brothers.  Love Me in each person. Do not look to criticize your brothers, look to love them.  Love your brothers, I am in them. They are the reflection of the God who created them.

  Love, love, love. I loved those who persecuted Me.

Go to the Father. Dwell in My most precious heart. Live in the love of the Spirit through your beloved Mother. You are our most precious child.

R.  I forever want to be saturated with Your grace. I love Your life alive in me, God. To know you, Lord, is to seek you. I know You in my children, in my husband, in my brothers I talk to.

  Oh, Jesus, how little I know you! In your infinite wisdom, you impart to me little bits of your love and knowledge. I have such a hungry appetite for you. I want you more and more, Lord. I seek you, I love you, I want you, I thirst after you. Help me to see you in my brothers.

  I am as a speck in your infinitude. I see so little, I want so much more.  I am so thirsty, my Lord, for you.  I love you with all my heart and soul. I want to be lost in the infinite love of Your Heart. I stand knocking to go deeper and deeper into your love. 

  I want greater knowledge of you to love you ever more. It is for you I live. Let me go into Your Heart. I want to be so deep in Your Heart as to be lost and surrounded by Your love. I want to be deep, deep within Your Heart. I ask Your most loving Mother to place me deeply in your beating Heart.

  I love you so much! I need you, Lord.

  My thirst is only satisfied by you. My longing is for you. As I grow in your love, I seek you more. I am searching for God. I seek you, God, where I am. I have joy and peace as I seek you. It is the will of the Father that I am here at this very moment. You are alive this day. You are in our midst. I know You created the little child that smiles at me. I know You created the beauty in the green trees. I am so grateful for Your gifts given to me, God, in Your creation. I long to behold You, God. Every person was created by God the Father.

  I searched, Lord, for your love. I find You in my brothers. You live and dwell in their hearts. To put on Christ, I must love as He loved. He loved those who persecuted Him and tore His flesh. He loved all that put Him to death. He showed us the way. May I forever grow in my deep love of Him. I must see Him in you. We were created to know, love and serve God. We were created to follow His commandments. He wills us to love Him and love one another.



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