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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

September 10, 2006

September 11th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 2 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for September 11th are Glorious.


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September 10 - 13, 2006

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September 10, 2006

Messenger:            I look at the cross of Christ and
                        I see His sacrifice

                            Light, darkness
                            A darkened sky
                            A ray of hope —
                            Oh Savior so pure
                            Oh God that we could be like
                                Thee, thirsting after holiness

                        My soul is filled with remorse to be
                            able to speak of Thee as You
                            have revealed to me and yet there are
                            none to listen.

                            Oh the batting of an eye, God so
                        quick and yet quicker than this You can
                        change the darkened earth with Your
                        marvelous grace.

                            At the consecration of the Mass —
                        I empty myself — I see the souls
                        all over the earth He died for — I bend
                        low — I focus, I feel I know each
                        precious soul — I pray so deeply to the
                        Father, uniting my sacrifice to the
                        sacrifice of Jesus, in the Holy
                        Spirit and with all the angels and saints
                        and souls in purgatory through the
                        intercession of Mary — I beg for
                        grace to be poured on the troubled earth —
                        grace and mercy —

                            I empty myself — I have given my
                        life to want this change. I believe
                        in this precious gift of His grace
                        showered upon the earth in the
                        Mass, but not only this Mass — my life
                        is lived uniting to all the Masses
                        going on around the world.

                            A Holy Sacrifice — we are
                        united as members of the body of
                        Christ —

                            Oh why is there not the oneness —
                        Oh Lord I give You myself to do with
                        as You desire — I pray this offering of
                        my life to You is received that I
                        can always be most deeply one in
                        this Holy Sacrifice of the Mass being
                        celebrated through the precious
                        hands of Your beloved priests — Such
                        an honor — The whole Church so united
                        in the Masses going on around the

                            Oh the blind do not see and the deaf
                        do not hear — the words of the Good
                        Shepherd in these writings.

                            It is not sterile inactive
                        love of God — but one that permeates
                        our very lives — Being one in the
                        Holy Sacrifice — when - always united
                        laying down our lives as
                        members of the body of Christ —

                            Offering a pure and holy sacrifice
                        dwelling in deep oneness in the Hearts
                        of Jesus and Mary.

                            In that moment I cry — I love God
                        so deeply — I empty myself — my life lived
                        in laying myself down for the flock —
                        uniting to the Holy Sacrifice —

                            Oh people as the heart ticks do we
                        not see His message — we have a ticking
                        heart — wound like a Big Ben clock
                        and we tick so long here ——
                        then we move on to "clock heaven"

                            The ticker becomes silent — the
                        heart dried and dead — the heart we guarded
                        in an instant we have moved from
                        our place —

                            But the Holy Sacrifice of the
                        Mass — unites us members of the
                        body of Christ — We are one in Him —
                        we are the chosen ones through
                        baptism — living out this baptismal
                        vow ever deeper — the poor banish
                        children of Eve realizing every
                        act we do during the day united to the
                        Holy Sacrifice of the Mass — dwelling
                        in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary is
                        helping in the work of salvation —
                        I am — all day — living according to
                        the will of God in love — laying down
                        my life for the sheep.

                            Oh hear my voice oh people of
                        Zion — your Savior now has come —
                        the Light shines in the darkness —
                        but the darkness comprehends it
                        not —

                        Jesus says: "To a people of stiffs I deliver this
                            message" —

                        Shout it Oh Jerusalem — your borders
                            have cried blood, but you missed the
                            Blood of your Savior —

                        In the batting of an eye the grace
                            can be outpoured —
                            the black — dark corners lifted
                            in tremendous light

                        Shout oh Jerusalem —

                            They conquered satan with the
                        Blood of the Lamb —
                            Death has no power over Him —
                            cool and comfortable a sweet day —
                            the breeze to blow on our earthly
                            cheeks — reminding us —
                            we do not see it - the breeze - but
                            it is there - is it not?

                        Oh harken sweet joy of the Savior —
                            for is not joy in this that the
                            Good Shepherd laid down His
                            life for His sheep —

                                Always hope —
                                Always love —
                                Always peace —
                                The victory is won —
                                but in the blindness — they covered
                                their eyes with the rags of pleasure —
                                they dulled their senses —
                                they dropped their robes —
                                they let the enemy attack their
                                    bare skins —
                                    created to give glory to God.

                        One day — united in love and holiness —
                            the earth on bended knee —
                            the members of the body of Christ — so one in
                            holy love — united to the Mass
                            living in purity —

                        What is pure for you and me
                            It is to recognize our faults and tell
                                God of our sorrow (for our sins) —
                                It is to pray for vision being
                                no longer blinded, but with
                                eyes that see —

                            The suffering souls of hell for all

                        Oh God how do I cry — one more day —
                        to those who possess the treasure,
                        but hold it under a locked box
                        for all to see is my delight —
                        to raise the host and pray for the
                            gifts of the Body and Blood of
                            Christ to rain on the earth —
                            like the torrential rains we
                            have witnessed —
                            but rays of life — of healing
                            grace — until we have
                            sopped up and are saturated with
                            light —

                        Light of knowing

                        Openness of heart —

                            And I walk the isle and I, me,
                        imperfect, receive the Divine God —
                        He cleaned me with His Blood —
                        He gave me His Flesh to eat —

                        Oh Body of Christ — how is it that
                            You come to me —
                            Eat His Body
                            Drink His Blood —

                        All day — one in the Holy Sacrifice —
                            One mind and one heart united to
                            the pure and holy Hearts of the New Adam and New Eve

                        Little creatures are we —
                        Scared and hungry —
                        Let us Feast at the table of the Lord
                        Eat His Body and Drink His Blood


                        Oh God, I thirst for Thee and
                            when I speak the troubled ones may not
                            hear my plaintiff cry —




September 10, 2006 message continues

Messenger:       What must He do to wake us?


From the Vatican



September 10, 2006 message continues

Messenger:       There are so many elderly that can be
                            saying this card



September 10, 2006 message continues

Messenger:       So many children doing the Morning

                        So much of our suffering is being
                            wasted — we can unite our lives
                            to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

                        The key is the body of Christ
                            being so deeply united to the
                            Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
                            going on around the world.

                        Change the earth --

                        Lets be one in the Holy Hearts of Jesus
                            and Mary and not waste a moment
                            our our precious life.





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