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September 12, 2006

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September 12, 2006


Excerpts from Mass Book II





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The excerpts from the Mass Book II can be found on these days:

1. July 4, 2001

2. July 5, 2001

3. July 7, 2001




    This is not a complete study on the Mass. I am not a theologian. I am accounting here my personal experiences on my journey into the Heart of Jesus. I am not an English major. I majored in math and taught this subject in high school and mostly in college. I am a house-wife and mother of four. I have been married for 27 years. I write this book because I want to share my love for my beloved Jesus. I love the Eucharist and the Mass so much. I want to write about that. I am accounting my experiences in the Mass and before the tabernacle. Many experiences in this particular book were received at Holy Cross-Immaculata Catholic Church in Mt. Adams and during Holy Mass.

    Under the guidance of my spiritual director, Fr. Edward J. Carter, S.J., I have accounted my experiences here. He is a major part of all of my enlightenments. I am most grateful for all his gifts and time he has shared with me. This book, which contains my daily journal experiences, is a joint effort of his guidance and my accounting these experiences.

    This book, I hope, will lead you more deeply into the Sacred Heart of Jesus through Mary, our Mother, through her pure and Immaculate Heart. I hope it will help you to love God more and more through the Mass and the Eucharist. I love you. Rita.



~ April 28, 2000 ~

    So good is our God to give us this visible sign. My heart hungers and thirsts for Him in this great gift given.

    Today at the consecration of the Mass the priest consecrated the Host in a silver dish. My heart longs to see the beautiful white consecrated Host so much I could hardly stand it, I desired it so much. He lifted the dish and took out the beautiful consecrated Host and a see-through Host the same size appeared above the Host. I often see a small transparent halo surrounding the top of the Host. This appeared as such:

    I had such a burning in my heart to see the consecrated Host and I heard the words "are not our hearts burning within us."

    My heart ached with joy and wanting to be in this ecstatic state forever, but I was so aware of souls and the Sacrifice being offered, longing to be so one with Jesus as I dwell in Mary’s pure Heart, so that my heart would be so deeply united to Jesus’ in this Holy Sacrifice to the Father.

    I want so much in that moment of consecration. I want my sacrifice united to His so deeply so that grace will be outpoured for our needs. I beg and I cry for the souls in the world, all of us who so desperately need God’s grace and mercy.

    Oh, I want to offer such a Holy Sacrifice from the depth of my soul for grace and help from God. Oh, God, I am so sorry for our sins. Oh God, oh God, help us, I plead and I beg and I cry, I want it so much. I want all souls to love Him as I love Him and to unite in this Sacrifice as holy little children of the Father, pleading to God for help.

end of April 28, 2000 writing (from September 20, 2000 Daily Message)



~ On April 3, 1996, at All Saints Church I wrote: ~

    I was at All Saints, April 3, at the 6:45 a.m. Mass. At 7:00 a.m. the bells rang at the Consecration of the Mass. The Sacrifice of Calvary rings out all over the world and I can be joined at every moment to this Sacrifice. We unite to this Sacrifice praying for ourselves and our brothers. The bell tolls at every moment I live. Whether I am doing dishes, being with my family, or whatever, I make this my offering united to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass being offered around the world. I make my Morning Offering. United to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass being celebrated around the world, I give myself completely to the Father in the name of Jesus in the Holy Spirit with all the angels and saints. I make this offering of my life to help in the salvation of souls. My offering is most pure and holy as I unite to the pure and holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

    What is pleasing to my Father is that at every second I am trying to live in His will operating in love. My heroic or mundane tasks are most important as I give them in sacrifice united to Jesus in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

    I live in this way, always united to the sacrifice of Calvary being made sacramentally present on our altars around the world through the hands of His beloved priests.

    This is the moment of sacrifice. The bells toll all over the earth and Christ, Chief-Priest and Victim, gives Himself in the Mass through the hands of the priest. I give myself in love to help in the work of redemption.



~ From April 3, continued (written on a napkin) ~

    We unite in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to help in the work of redemption of souls.

    This is the secret of the contemplative in action. He hears the bell toll and realizes at every moment of his life that he is united to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and helping in the act of redemption in his very living. He gives himself as a sacrifice, living according to God’s will.

    The contemplative in action unites in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass wherever it is being offered around the world and becomes one in that offering. The Father looks down and sees the Sacrifice of His Son. This is the most pleasing offering we can make to the Father, the offering of His Son. This is for the redemption of souls.

    Christ lives in us in the world today. We give ourselves selflessly in love. We model our lives after the great gift of love -- Jesus giving Himself as a Sacrifice for us that we might be saved.

    Heaven unites with earth in the Sacrifice that continues in the Mass around the world. Our lives are joined in celebration of Christ’s redemptive act for the salvation of mankind.

 end of April 1996 writings (from September 21, 2000 Daily Message)



~ March 10, 1999 ~

Consumed by the Fire of His Love in the Mass

    I adore You, I worship You my beauteous God. I loved Him so intently in this Mass, wanting only to worship and adore Him. My focus was worshipping my beauteous Father. My soul was filled with the presence of God’s love in the Spirit. I had intense oneness with my beloved Spouse Jesus Christ, offering sacrifice to God. I wanted to exist in the depth of union IN HIM, knowing all I know and the struggles, but experiencing all this intently in Him. I want to exist dwelling so deeply in Him. The self unites so deeply with the Almighty God and in that point the self is so completely immersed in the Divine God. My soul was filled with awe for God. He possessed my soul in the Mass and all I crave is deeper union with Him, being existent IN HIM IN SUCH A HEIGHTENED DEGREE. This is joy, to be filled by the Almighty God and living existent in Him in this elevated state in the Mass. Come to me Lord and POSSESS MY SOUL.

    Take me away from this place. I want to be where all I know is myself existent in You. The walls around me drop off and my state is that of an elevated union with my Divine God. He gives Himself to me. I am in awe, I adore and love Him. I want to bend low and worship Him. He is truly all-holy, worthy of all honor and praise. I was consumed with awe for love of Him, wishing only to worship Him and to bend low, filled with awe and thanksgiving for this awesome gift of Himself. God gives us the greatest gift of the Mass. With Christ we offer this most Holy Sacrifice to the Father, wanting only to please Him, worship Him and praise Him. We bend and bow low to our most beauteous God, Lord of heaven and earth. Fill me with Your grace that I will be in awe of You and bend low to Your great wonders in the Mass. My God, I adore You, I worship You, I love You.

end of March 10, 1999 writing (from September 22, 2000 Daily Message)



~ Excerpt from April 21, 2000 ~

    He gives Himself to me so completely in the Eucharist, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.

    My life is in the state of becoming more pure for Him.

    My white a sign of His undaunted love for the Church, His Bride.

    Children are born, the weary travelers grow to be more perfected in Him.

    Our food is His Body.

    The gift to His Bride - Himself.

    The child is born to adore Him, to be wed to Him.

    Was ever a bride so honored as to be the bride of Christ? No man can compare to this Groom, the perfect One Who waits with such love for His spouse.

end excerpt from April 21, 2000 writing (from September 23, 2000 Daily Message)



~ Excerpt from March 26, 2000 ~

    At Mass Friday the priest gave a homily. He said we should only live in the present, not the past and future. It bothered me because I am so united to every minute of my life, my journey to Jesus. At Mass I see Him, as I saw Him at the point of death, I see Him transfigured, I am in the ecstasies when He took me into the highest heights and revealed Himself in the Masses. At every moment I live, I live to be possessed by God for all eternity. My thoughts are so deep in prayer in Him. My whole being past and future is one when I offer sacrifice at Mass and all through the day.

    In questioning the priest later, He said that when he offers Mass he is in that moment so one with God, he cannot worry about the work he must do later for God, even if it is a paper that reaches the world. He is in that moment one with God and must put aside worries past and future.

    This is a key in the spiritual life. Although our souls may be so caught up in the sufferings or anticipations of that day, we bring ourselves to the altar and give all to Jesus and focus on Him. After the reception of the Eucharist, sometimes our souls are troubled about other matters and we are not attentive to Him as we should be. In those golden moments the Almighty God is so one with us, and we must embrace the beauty of that moment and give our attention and love to him, the Divine King that comes to us. We cannot even imagine the grace that could be outpoured if we participate so fully in that Mass, giving ourselves over to that great moment of sacrifice.

end excerpt from March 26, 2000 writing (from September 23, 2000 Daily Message)



~ August 4, 1999 ~

A Prayer for Intimacy with the Lamb, the Bridegroom of the Soul

Oh Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, come and act on my soul most intimately. I surrender myself, as I ask for the grace to let go, to just be as I exist in You and You act most intimately on my soul. You are the Initiator. I am the soul waiting Your favors as You act in me. I love You. I adore You. I worship You. Come and possess my soul with Your Divine Grace, as I experience You most intimately.

About the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

    My God, this is all I care about -- this union with You for all eternity, the rapture of existing in You in the deepest possible, most mature relationship.

    My life is a journey to grow in an always deeper relationship with God here on earth so that my relationship with Him in eternity may be as deep as possible.   Oh, the glory of it all, this rapturous union, existing in such depth with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    Since the writings of the day August 2, 1999, morning Mass and 6:20 p.m. prayers (appeared August 3, 1999 Internet), I understand more fully the idea of total consecration. My life was given to Him at Baptism and now there is that complete surrendering of my life, of my will given to Him.

    I identify so profoundly with Him in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I see the meaning of consecration and the prayer He gave me December 27, 1995, the Prayer before the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It is, indeed, a most powerful prayer, for He acted in my soul so that it would be written for us to pray so we can advance more profoundly to a deeper union in Him in this Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

A Prayer before the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

    Let me be a holy sacrifice and unite with God in the sacrament of His greatest love.

    I want to be one in Him in this act of love, where He gives Himself to me and I give myself as a sacrifice to Him. Let me be a holy sacrifice as I become one with Him in this my act of greatest love to Him.

    Let me unite with Him more, that I may more deeply love Him. May I help make reparation to His adorable Heart and the heart of His Mother, Mary. With greatest love, I offer myself to You and pray that You will accept my sacrifice of greatest love. I give myself to You and unite in Your gift of Yourself to me. Come and possess my soul.

    Cleanse me, strengthen me, heal me. Dear Holy Spirit act in the heart of Mary to make me more and more like Jesus.

    Father, I offer this my sacrifice, myself united to Jesus in the Holy Spirit to You. Help me to love God more deeply in this act of my greatest love.

    Give me the grace to grow in my knowledge, love and service of You and for this to be my greatest participation in the Mass. Give me the greatest graces to love You so deeply in this Mass, You who are so worthy of my love.

                                                                           -God's Blue Book, December 27, 1995

~ August 4, 1999 continues ~

    I must stop here and define sacrifice. A sacrifice is a consecrated offering. The Mass is a Sacrifice. One of its purposes is to make atonement to our God for man's sins. We are coming to the altar of sacrifice as sinners, connected to one another as creatures of God, going to God and begging mercy and forgiveness for our sins. We are sorry we have sinned and we recognize our dependence on Him and His grace.

    Today I was given great grace in the Mass, including the ability to dwell in Him in great depths. He takes over my being as I exist in Him. It is He Who chiefly pleads in the Sacrifice to the Father. It is His emotions I experience. Today...I felt as if the flood gates of heaven opened on the earth as I existed in Him.

    I was with Him on the cross and my heart was consumed with love, the pain and anguish of the body I no longer felt, for the love for the souls He loves consumed my heart.  I felt His love in me and all He wanted was for them to be saved. I wanted them to be loving and as the Father wished from the beginning. The love I felt for each precious soul was so immense, for His desire was that not one be lost, not one, but that every soul be saved . I kept hearing the song One Bread, One Body, as it played within me as my soul joined in.  The emotion was so strong for oneness that it made me cry harder, wanting it so very much. It was as if a chorus sang the song, but it came from the depth of my heart as I was one in Him and existed in Him.

    It is hard to account this, for things happen, so many things happen all at once in the Mass around the Consecration and thereafter.

    A chorus sings as He hangs on the cross. It was as if my soul left my body, for all I knew was love, the love for souls, the fire of burning divine love within my being wanting only creatures existing in Him for all eternity.

    I knew the intensity to a small degree of the offering of Himself completely to the Father. I knew the pleading He did with His whole being in satisfaction for the sins of men.

    I knew more the purity of a God-made Man giving Himself as a Sacrifice and the power of it for all of the vile sins of all men for all time.

    I knew Him in His love, He was consumed for souls. I knew the complete offering of Himself, the begging for souls to be saved. His whole being was consumed with wanting souls saved. From deep within He offered Himself because of the greatness of His love.

    Love is a consuming force.

    God is love.

    I was with Him on the cross, experiencing to a small extent the desires of His Heart for His beloved creatures. I was participating in the Mass in which the Sacrifice of Calvary is sacramentally made present for us today. I realized as I participated in the Mass in Him that He in this oneness in my soul was pleading for His beloved souls in Me.

    I begged for mercy, mercy for all generations, for all my ancestors and I could hear Him in the words of the Mass, He being so one in the priest, offering this Sacrifice to the Father for His beloved souls.

    Oh mercy, we plead for mercy from our God. I heard the words of Jesus in the priest and I heard the words, "through Him, with Him and in Him".

    We offer sacrifice, consumed in the deepest love in the holy all-pure Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

    We empty ourselves, for this is what He did.

    He, God, emptied Himself completely and gave Himself for love of His precious souls so that they would be saved.

    We offer ourselves, I emptied myself. I want this most complete Consecration to Them so that I can partake to the greatest possible degree in purity in this Sacrifice and plead as He did for His precious souls. I am pleading in Him for our earth, for all priests, for all souls, as I exist in a place of deepest love for Them, pleading for forgiveness, wanting to make reparation to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary for the offering of sacrifices that could have been more pure and holy and for ignoring Them entirely many times.

    I plead as I exist in the New Adam, as I am united to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, the New Adam and the New Eve.

    I know a little more of this greatest Sacrifice. God gave His Son as our Savior. He came through a human person, pure and spotless, Mary the Immaculate Virgin.

    Help me to spread this knowledge of this most powerful gift, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in which the Sacrifice of Calvary is sacramentally made present so that we will all partake more fully in this great act of offering Sacrifice. Pray that great grace and mercy will be outpoured on the earth. Unite all your activities to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the Church and the world and the intentions of the Shepherds of Christ Movement, His Movement, by saying the Morning Offering.

Morning Offering

    My dear Father, I offer you this day all my prayers, works, joys, and sufferings in union with Jesus in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass throughout the world, in the Holy Spirit.

    I unite with our Mother Mary, all the angels and saints, and all the souls in purgatory to pray to the Father for myself, for each member of my family, for my friends, for all people throughout the world, for all the souls in purgatory, and for all other intentions of the Sacred Heart.

    I love You, Jesus, and I give You my heart. I love you, Mary, and I give you my heart.

~ August 4, 1999 continues ~

    At the end of this little Morning offering say,

    "We offer our day to help in the salvation of souls, for our priests, the renewal of the Church and the world and for the Shepherds of Christ intentions."

    Oh God, Lamb of God, You take away the sins of the world, HAVE MERCY ON US.

I feel as Lucia in this vision at Mass. Pray with me like this at Mass.

end excerpt from August 4, 1999, Daily Message (from September 23, 2000 Daily Message)



~ August 2, 1999 ~


CONSECRATION - Giving of oneself to God through the Virgin Mary.  This makes the sacrifice a most pure offering through her mediation.

Consecration - We must put aside all the problems and focus on emptying ourselves, giving ourselves as A HOLY SACRIFICE to God.

    The most perfect Sacrifice, Jesus, the Son of God.

    This Sacrifice is made sacramentally present in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Fr. Edward Carter, S.J.

Today is a special time for devotion to the two Hearts, August 2nd.

~ August 2, 1999 - 2nd message ~

    I saw in my heart my friend, Genevieve, before Mass at the funeral of her husband. I saw her so beautiful there and felt deep in my heart her sorrow. I envisioned our Lady behind her and begged her for comfort for my friend. I saw Genevieve as a baby in the arms of our Lady and I knew George, her husband, as a baby also in the care of our Lady. Their lives flashed before me and I thought of the time when they were taken into God's family in a special way through Baptism and brought into the Church. Their lives flashed before me and it seemed so short: babies, married, children, and then an end, and a beginning, that for which we live for: life with Him in heaven for all eternity.

    I was very happy when at the gospel the priest read the gospel of Mary and Joseph taking Jesus to the temple. (Lk 2:22-32 reference). The priest began:

Luke 2:22-24

Jesus is presented in the Temple

    And when the day came for them to be purified in keeping with the Law of Moses, they took him up to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord--observing what is written in the Law of the Lord: Every first-born male must be consecrated to the Lord--and also to offer in sacrifice, in accordance with what is prescribed in the Law of the Lord, a pair of turtle doves or two young pigeons.

~ August 2, 1999 - 2nd message continues ~

    Purification, that is what tainted man should seek. Many of us baptized Catholic were baptized as babies.

    Through Baptism we receive a sharing in His divine life. The stain of original sin is removed, but we still have this fallen human nature to contend with. At the end of our lives we go to Him. Our time here is a time to be made more pure.

    In Father Carter's Spirituality Handbook and in The Spirituality of Fatima and Medjugorje he speaks of consecration.

    From the Spirituality Handbook: (This is also in the Apostles Manual, p.16-18.)

Excerpt from the Apostles Manual, p.16-18

Consecration to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

    To consecrate means to make sacred, to make holy. Only God can make a being holy. So to speak of our consecration is to speak of God's activity in making us holy, His activity of giving us a share in His own holiness. At Baptism we receive a share in God's life, a share in His holiness. Christ is the Mediator of this grace life. We are baptized into Christ, into His death and resurrection. In Baptism we become holy by sharing in the holiness of Christ. We become consecrated, sealed with the divine holiness. We belong to the Father, through Christ, in the Holy Spirit.

    On our part, we must respond to God's consecration of us. We must live out the consecration of Baptism. We must realize what God has done for us in Christ and live according to this awareness. We need to live the life of holiness and grow in it. In other words, we must develop the life of grace, the Christ-life.

    What God has done for us in Christ involves Mary. God has given us a Christ-life, our life of grace, and Mary is the Mother of this Christ-life. Consequently, living out our life of consecration to God-living out the Christ-life-includes allowing Mary to increasingly be the Mother of our Christ-life.

    Consecration to Mary, therefore, is an aspect of our consecration to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is entrusting ourselves entirely to her maternal love so that she can bring us ever closer to Jesus, so that we can increasingly live out our consecration to God in Christ.

    At Fatima, Our Lady asked that we consecrate ourselves to her Immaculate Heart. Mary shows us her heart as a symbol of her love for God and us. She asks us to make a return of love to her, to consecrate ourselves to her, to give ourselves to her completely. She wants us to entrust ourselves to her completely so that she may help us love God and neighbor.

    As stated above, consecration to Mary is an aspect of our consecration to God in Christ and she has asked for consecration to her Heart so that she may assist us. Christ, in turn, invites us to live out this consecration to Him through consecration to His Sacred Heart. We see the divine symmetry: consecration to the Immaculate Heart helps us to live out consecration to Christ Who reveals His Heart as symbol of His life of love in all its aspects, including His tremendous love for each of us individually. His Heart also asks for our love in return, a return which ideally is summed up in consecration to Jesus' Heart. Through this consecration we give ourselves completely to Jesus through the Immaculate Heart. In this consecration to Jesus, we promise to strive to live according to His Father's will in all things. (Edward Carter, S.J., Mother at Our Side, Faith Publishing, Milford, Ohio, 1993, pp. 15-17.)

~ August 2, 1999 - 2nd message continues ~

    At Baptism, we are consecrated to God.

    Our lives are a journey to deepen this life of consecration in the pure, holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

    It takes our wills to give ourselves completely to God. This is what we are doing in the Shepherds of Christ, trying to do as our Lady requested at Fatima, giving ourselves in consecration to God.

    In Father Carter's last newsletter he explains consecration more fully through a quote given.

    From newsletter Issue 4, 1999, A. Boussard's "Theology of Consecration":


    A. Boussard gives an extremely fine and concise sketch of the theology of consecration: "By the Incarnation, in and of itself, the Humanity of Jesus is consecrated, so that in becoming Man, Jesus is ipso facto constituted Savior, Prophet, King, Priest, and Victim of the one Sacrifice that was to save the world. He is the 'Anointed', par excellence, the 'Christ' totally belonging to God, His Humanity being that of the Word and indwelled by the Holy Spirit. When, by a free act of His human will, He accepts what He is, doing what He was sent to do, He can say that He consecrates 'Himself'. In Christ, therefore, what might be called His 'subjective' consecration is a perfect response to the 'objective' consecration produced in His Humanity through the Incarnation….

    "Through Baptism Christians also are consecrated and 'anointed' by the power of the Spirit. They share, in their measure, in the essential consecration of Christ, in His character of King, Priest, and Prophet...

    "With Christ and through Christ they are 'ordered' to the glory of God and the salvation of the world. They do not belong to themselves. They belong to Christ the Lord, who imparts His own life to them...

    "The vocation of those who have been baptized is to 'live' this consecration by a voluntary adherence--and one that is as perfect as possible--to what it has made of them. Living as 'children of God', they fulfill their objective consecration; like Jesus, they consecrate themselves. This is the deeper meaning of vows and baptismal promises, together with the actual way of life corresponding to them. The baptismal consecration is the fundamental one, constitutive of the Christian. All consecrations which come after it presuppose and are rooted in it..." (Dictionary of Mary, Catholic Book Publishing Co., pp. 54-55)

~ August 2, 1999 - 2nd message continues ~

    The newsletter is God's enormous gift to reach the priests and the people so that they will give themselves more completely to God.

    When we die, what do we take with us?

    The world was quite different outside of St. James Church this morning.

    The world was busy people going here and there in their busy schedules. But inside the church we were faced with the cold reality of death. The reality hits home when we see here the body of the one who has died.

    By the waters of Baptism he received this special sharing of divine life as a baby as he was washed clean of original sin.

    Christian burial, Christian Baptism, a soul no longer locked in original sin, a sharing in God's divine life.

    God our Father, give to souls of this earth the grace to WILLINGLY serve You and give themselves to You.

    This is consecration, the gift of self to God, the dying of the false self. Jesus gave Himself completely on the cross. He rose victorious on the third day. He came forth from the new tomb, Christ the first-fruits, Christ the Child of Mary. We are the children of Mary. She is our spiritual Mother, we are the children that come forth from her spiritual womb, her Immaculate Heart.

    There is a tape on consecration. "Consecration #2".

    An end, a beginning, a short life here. Some live as if this life is their end. They do not see, their eyes are blinded, they hold on to the world. We need to work more and more to spread the consecration to the world. In the spiritual womb of Mary the Holy Spirit works with His spouse forming us more in the image and likeness of God and giving us lights that we will see. We need to see.

    Mary wants her children to be children of light, that they will walk in the light.

    "...he who is your teacher will hide no longer, and you will see your teacher with your own eyes." (Isaiah 30:20)

    How could we think Christ's last words on the cross were not important to us? In His dying moments, He gave us His Mother.

    He came, our Savior, our King, our Almighty God. He took flesh in her womb, through the power of the Spirit, He was carried in her arms as a helpless baby, He went to the temple and there Simeon said..."Now Master, you can let your servant go in peace, just as you promised; because my eyes have seen the salvation which you have prepared for all the nations to see, a light to enlighten the pagans and the glory of your people, Israel." (Luke 2:29-32), and "..You see this child: he is destined for the fall and for the rising of many in Israel, destined to be a sign that is rejected--and a sword will pierce your own soul too--so that the secret thoughts of many may be laid bare." (Luke 2:35).

    Israel, being the holy city in which He built His temple, in which He lived, in which the Blessed Virgin walked and talked and carried the Son of God in her womb.

    For nine long months she carried Him within her womb. Oh children of Mary, some of you listen to His dying words on the cross, some of you do not hear. And darkness covered the earth. For as Simeon predicted, this child is destined for the rise and fall of many in Israel. Many would reject their Mother. The Lady, clothed as the sun, the woman that carried the Light within her womb for those long nine months while He was formed within her body through the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the Counselor, the One who is forming the Church into all it is to be.

    Christ showed us the way.


    In the Mass we give ourselves completely to God and unite with the priest and with Jesus, Chief-Priest and Victim, in that Sacrifice of Calvary sacramentally made present.

    There are special graces granted to the whole world when we, baptized members of the Body of Christ, give ourselves to God at the consecration of the Mass. Our lives should be lived united to the Mass at every second. We should willingly give ourselves to God.

Revelation 12:1-2

    Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman, robed with the sun, standing on the moon, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. She was pregnant, and in labour, crying aloud in the pangs of childbirth.

Revelation 12:10-11

    Then I heard a voice shout from heaven, 'Salvation and power and empire for ever have been won by our God, and all authority for his Christ, now that the accuser, who accused our brothers day and night before our God, has been brought down. They have triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word to which they bore witness, because even in the face of death they did not cling to life.

1 Corinthians 15:21-25

    As it was by one man that death came, so through one man has come the resurrection of the dead. Just as all die in Adam, so in Christ all will be brought to life; but all of them in their proper order: Christ the first-fruits, and next, at his coming, those who belong to him. After that will come the end, when he will hand over the kingdom to God the Father, having abolished every principality, every ruling force and power. For he is to be king until he has made his enemies his footstool,

end of August 2, 1999 message (from September 24, 2000 Daily Message)


~ December 7, 1999 ~

    We unite to Him, He is reigning now, people will partake more fully when He reigns in all hearts.

    He is lifting the veil and reigning in our hearts now, as it will be when there is the reign of the Sacred Heart.

    I am one with Him in the Mass. It overwhelms me to experience this. I am overwhelmed with His love for all in the Mass.

    I feel tremendous, overwhelming love for Him and from Him, I am filled with immense love for all, for all heaven and earth and souls in purgatory as I am one in Him.

    I feel immense unity with all He created and love for all.

    When I am in immense oneness, I an overwhelmed with experiencing the Mass through His Heart and Mary’s Heart. I cannot describe it in words.

    I loved God to such depth - loving God from her Heart and His Heart.

    I was overwhelmed with the love of God and all He created because of my union with Him.

    In this oneness great grace is outpoured.

    How tremendously great it is when the priest is intensely one with Him.

    HE LIVES AND REIGNS now - so many are missing it.

    I experience the Mass as He reigns in my heart.

Zephaniah 3: 9-10, 14-20

Conversion of the nations

Yes, then I shall purge
the lips of the peoples,
so that all may invoke
    the name of Yahweh
and serve him shoulder to shoulder.
From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia,
my suppliants will bring me tribute.

Psalms of joy in Zion

Shout for joy, daughter of Zion,
Israel, shout aloud!
Rejoice, exult with all your heart,
daughter of Jerusalem!
Yahweh has repealed your sentence;
he has turned your enemy away.
Yahweh is king among you, Israel,
you have nothing more to fear.

When that Day comes,
    the message for Jerusalem will be:
Zion, have no fear,
do not let your hands fall limp.
Yahweh your God is there with you,
the warrior-Saviour.
He will rejoice over you with happy song,
he will renew you by his love,
he will dance with shouts of joy for you,
as on a day of festival.

Return of the exiles

I have taken away your misfortune,
no longer need you bear
    the disgrace of it.
I am taking action here and now
against your oppressors.
When that time comes
    I will rescue the lame,
and gather the strays,
and I will win them praise and renown
when I restore their fortunes.

At that time I shall be your guide,
at the time when I gather you in,
I shall give you praise and renown
among all the peoples of the earth
when I restore your fortunes
    under your own eyes,
declares Yahweh.

~ December 7, 1999 continues ~

    I feel every word in the Mass, I am so one in Him, He lets me experience the words.

            As a two edged sword that penetrates the soul.

            We pray to St. Ignatius.

            Oh God, we want to be one in holiest love so we will be Your faithful servants and obey Your will.


            Sacred Heart of Jesus, we place our trust in Thee.

end of December 7, 1999 message (from September 25, 2000 Daily Message)



~ September 3, 2000 ~

    Our prayer must be that men do the will of God.

Matthew 12:46-50

    The true kinsfolk of Jesus

    He was still speaking to the crowds when suddenly his mother and his brothers were standing outside and were anxious to have a word with him. But to the man who told him this Jesus replied, 'Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?' And stretching out his hand towards his disciples he said, 'Here are my mother and my brothers. Anyone who does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.'

We pray more and more that we and all  men on the earth live according to His will.

    We are holy ones praying for this, we are intercessors for Christ.

    We dwell in Their Hearts.

    Within me is a place I go.

    I know that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit dwell within me most abundantly when I am in the state of grace.

    I know He lives in me.

    There is a place that I can connect within myself to the Almighty God-He dwells within me.

    I am united to Jesus as my bridegroom at every second, so it is as St. Paul says...

Galatians 2:19

    In fact, through the Law I am dead to the Law so that I can be alive to God. I have been crucified with Christ and yet I am alive; yet it is no longer I, but Christ living in me.

    As I become one in Him, I unite in deep union with the Father.

    I feel His presence with me. 

    As Jesus served the Father as a Son and did His will, I am an adopted son or daughter of the Father and I live to serve Him by living in His will. 

    This is our prayer:  The Our Father.

Our Father

    Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Amen.

~ September 3, 2000 continues ~

    We live to give glory to God, to help to bring about the kingdom. Our every action is important to this, teaching our children, changing a baby's diaper, going to work, everything is to give glory to God, helping to bring about the Kingdom of God more alive in us.

    Teaching children to obey is teaching them about the secret of living the spiritual life according to God's will. Our desire as parents or ones in authority is to only do God's will ourselves.

    We are under Him. It isn't that a person in authority is on the top, the head, there is always the realization that God is the head and we are under Him acting in His name to those under us. We are the messengers, so to speak, of God's message to our children.

    We are creatures of God, God is always over us. Children that are willful and get away with it are really hurting themselves. To grow in the spiritual life one must learn to be under authority and those in authority must realize they are under God and try to serve Him and live by His rule.

    It is sad, for example, when a person as one with authority speaks publicly and tries to get others to abort babies.

    God's rules stand-we are under Him.

    The person that rises up against God's rule is like Eve in the garden.

    God Rules.

~ September 3, 2000 continues ~

    Do you see the wonders of the earth? Oh, God is so good and He gives us a free will to choose Him. If we love and serve Him, we will go to heaven.

    What is love if it is forced?

    God wants love freely given.

    He wants us to grow in the ways of love and to respect Him as Supreme, the One over us.

    But what is love, if we would be forced to do it?


    GOD deserves GLORY.

    GOD created us to love Him.

    GOD commands we love Him and others.





    Pray the Our Father as a little child with all your heart.

    Pray the Hail Mary to Our Mother, honoring her and asking for help.

    Pray the Glory be to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    Pray the Rosary, it is the child's prayer...

Our Father...
Hail Mary
and the Holy Spirit works to enlighten us as we meditate on the Mysteries of the Lives of Jesus and Mary.

end of September 3, 2000  message (from September 26, 2000 Daily Message)



~ September 18, 2000 ~

    If I love the whole world and all souls with all my heart, can that deep love in Him help to heal souls? Surely!

    I feel the love Jesus had in giving Himself and His life and I identify with Him.

    Think of all the Masses we attended when we did not let go of so many things and failed to be so intimately one in that Sacrifice.

    Think of the hands of the priest and the Masses offered and the gift given from God in those holy Masses. Were their minds on other things, are our minds on other things? Once his hands are laid to rest he can never offer another Mass. Think of all the grace that was released from the hands of the holy priests that have now passed on to another place. The grace that comes from the Masses is such a gift. When we go to bed tonight we can never live this day's moments again, they are gone forever. We had today to unite to the Mass and lay down our lives. What we deemed so important, was it so important to take us from uniting so deeply and selflessly in the Mass?

    Did we appreciate our priests? Did we cherish the Masses they celebrated?

    Think of all the grace released through the hands of one priest.

    Think of all that is missed by men who are not following their vocation to be priests. The modeling must be there.

    Fred, an important apostle, who is doing work concerning the priesthood, said one saint helped the boys he talked to so much that they all wanted to be priests. God is the One who calls men to be priests. That love of the priesthood in the holy priest will lead him to boast to men of the greatness of the priesthood. If one priest does this, he can affect so many becoming priests. His love of the priesthood and that vocation can lead him to boast of its greatness which can lead men to follow their vocation if God is calling them to be priests.

    WE MUST PRAY FOR OUR PRIESTS TO DO THIS. THIS IS SO POWERFUL when a priest promotes the priestly vocation. We MUST PRAY FOR PRIESTS TO LOVE their priesthood and be holy priests and lead others to the priesthood. The priest is in the best position to encourage others to be priests by what he says,  how he shows the joy of his life lived as a priest.


    To contemplate the miracle of the Eucharist is so pleasing to me and makes me cry. Jesus is truly with us in His Divinity and Humanity.

    I see the great gift in the priest. A human can look down and see bread and through the words of consecration it is changed into the Body of Jesus and he can look at the cup of wine and the wine is changed into the Blood of Jesus through the words of consecration. 

    I cannot say what is in my heart for this great event and to think God in His goodness remains with us truly present through the hands of a man.

    I cannot imagine what it would be like to have that power in my hands and look down at bread, and then there is Jesus' Body; wine, and then there is Christ's Blood.

    I want to ponder this mystery and thank God for this gift of God truly with us in His Divinity and Humanity.

    Oh, my men, do you see the gift given to man, a human person, to consecrate the bread and wine so they become the Body and Blood of Jesus?

    Oh, my men, do you see the sacredness of it all, that a man can forgive sins?

    Oh, do you see how we must pray for our precious priests and why the devil would work to stop men in anyway from following this vocation?

    Oh, my men, it is indeed the most precious gift, this gift of the priesthood, to realize that Jesus Christ is truly present in His Humanity and Divinity after a man, a priest, has said the words of Consecration.

    Oh, my heart is so filled with this great gift of God. I want so much to lie down and worship our God, for He is so good to us, and the priests are so very, very, very important.

    Yesterday at Mass, I watched as a priest looked down after the Consecration. I just gaped with awe and wonder for this mystery and I knew what a gift this was.

    I cannot adequately write about it, it is a mystery and what my heart knows is so deeply embedded in my soul.

    My heart cries to thank God for His goodness and I want to worship and honor Him and be with Him in His Eucharistic presence within me.

    Oh, God, help the schools and the priests to lead men to an appreciation of the Eucharist and our Church.

    We truly are the bride of Jesus.

    I go to the altar of Sacrifice and I receive Him my Divine God, He is my spouse, I am one with Him in this work to help lead souls to heaven, helping in this Act of Redemption.

    My heart is His, my being I give freely, to be used as His messenger for His holy purpose.

    Think of all the hands of men that didn't consecrate at Mass and administer the sacraments because they didn't answer the call to be priests.

    The present priests can help young men become priests. They must grow in great holiness.


Prayer for Priests


    Lord Jesus, Chief Shepherd of the Flock, we pray that in the great love and mercy of Your Sacred Heart You attend to all the needs of Your priest-shepherds throughout the world. We ask that You draw back to Your Heart all those priests who have seriously strayed from Your path, that You rekindle the desire for holiness in the hearts of those priests who have become lukewarm, and that You continue to give Your fervent priests the desire for the highest holiness. United with Your Heart and Mary's Heart, we ask that You take this petition to Your heavenly Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen


~ September 18, 2000 continues ~

    Our struggle is with being earthy - involved all the time at the bottom of the mountain.

Isaiah 49: 13-15

Shout for joy, you heavens; earth, exult!
Mountains, break into joyful cries!
For Yahweh has consoled his people,
is taking pity on his afflicted ones.
Zion was saying,
   ‘Yahweh has abandoned me,
the Lord has forgotten me.’
Can a woman forget her baby at the breast,
feel no pity for the child she has borne?
Even if these were to forget,
I shall not forget you.

    Jesus said today we must, must trust in His Heart and have faith. We can't be so focused on Satan that we do not trust. We will receive benefits from His Sacred Heart depending how we trust in Him.

    Hopefully, tomorrow we will be able to include the messages from September 13, 2000's rosary.

    We must see His hand in what we are doing.

    We must TRUST IN HIM.

end of September 18, 2000  message (from September 27, 2000 Daily Message)



~ Newsletter January/February 1996 ~

Thoughts on the Eucharist

    The Eucharist is our chief source for growth in the Christ-life. There follow some thoughts on this magnificent Gift of Jesus to us.

- The Catechism tells us: "The Lord, having loved those who were His own, loved them to the end. Knowing that the hour had come to leave this world and return to the Father, in the course of a meal, He washed their feet and gave them the commandment of love. In order to leave them a pledge of this love, in order never to depart from His own and to make them sharers in His Passover, he instituted the Eucharist as the memorial of His death and Resurrection and commanded his apostles to celebrate it until His return; thereby He constituted them priests of the New Testament."(9)

- When Jesus speaks of His Blood as the "Blood of the Covenant" (Mt 26:28), we are reminded that blood sealed or ratified the Mosaic covenant at Mount Sinai. Moses sprinkled sacrificial blood upon the altar, which represented God, and upon the Jewish people. Because blood was a distinctive symbol of life for the Jewish people, such an action had a deep significance for them. This action of Moses symbolized the sealing or ratification of the covenant-a new life relationship between Yahweh and the Jewish people.

The sacrificial Blood of Jesus has also formed a covenant-the New Covenant. In the shedding of His Blood, Jesus has established a new life relationship between His Father and the human race. Forming a core, focal point of the redeemed human race are the members of the Christian community, the Church. The Eucharist, in recalling and making sacramentally present the shedding of Jesus' covenant Blood, is the Church's great covenant act. The Eucharist sustains the life of the covenant, nourishes it, causes it to grow. Through participation in the Eucharistic liturgy we should be growing in our covenant life. We should be developing a greater love-union with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We should be growing in a sense of community, in a deep love for the Church, in a desire to contribute our share to the building up of the body of Christ. We should be learning to curb our selfishness, this selfishness which deadens a dynamic concern for the Christian community and the entire human race. Participation in the Eucharist should also be curbing divisive jealousy, forming us more and more as persons who want deeply to love all so that it can be more often said of us, "See those Christians, how they love one another." The Eucharist can more radically shape us according to these covenant attitudes if we allow it to do so. We repent over the times we have resisted. We rejoice regarding the times we have opened ourselves to the Eucharist's transformative power.

end of excerpt from Newsletter January/February 1996 (from September 28, 2000 Daily Message)



~ Excerpt from August 13, 2000 ~


Reparation to Our God

    I am so unworthy to receive the Divine God Who gives Himself to me and comes inside of me and unites me more to Him and gives me Himself and pours out His grace.

    Oh God, the gift of the Mass that man can partake and offer sacrifice and be so one with that Sacrifice of Calvary, sacramentally made present now through the hands of the priest.

    I cried at Mass, feeling so deeply how we have offended our God and trying to unite in such oneness with Jesus, offering a most pure sacrifice dwelling in Mary's Heart. I just wanted the Father to see the Sacrifice of His Son and outpour grace on us and mercy and for the Father to know how sorry I am for my sins and the sins of the whole human race. We ignore Him, and He is so good to us. He is the Almighty, all powerful, all Holy, all good God.

    How can we act this way? We are so blind. I begged and pleaded at Mass with all my soul that God would please forgive us. I just wanted to cry so deep and I saw how we must make reparation to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

end of excerpt from August 13, 2000 message (from September 29, 2000 Daily Message)



~ May 5, 2000 ~

Spouse of the Lamb

    I longed for you, my Jesus, to receive you within My breast. I've longed to have you inside of Me.

    Oh my Jesus, I want to be with You as You are in the exposed Eucharist, and it is my delight to just be with You, the Almighty God, truly present and sit with You and gaze upon Your splendor.

    Oh, the excitement to know God is really there in the consecrated Host.

    It is so wonderful to just be with Him in such deep union, and my heart is just so filled with love for God and all others.

    The treasure is the Eucharist.

    Oh God, my heart burns to receive you in the Mass and for You to be with me in my heart right now. To just be with Jesus, the Son of God.

    When asked by Jesus to write here, I want to write as He directs me.

    What would I do if I knew today was my last day on earth?

    I would do exactly as I am doing, for I believe I am living according to His will.

    I would do it with the greatest fervor, uniting as deeply as possible every moment to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for souls.

    I would pray as fervently as I could for My family and the Shepherds of Christ family, the Church and God's family.

    I would give my all as deeply as possible to the moment and surrender all else to Him.

    I would go deep inside myself and try to unite as deeply as possible in my heart to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    Every moment when lived fully united to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass can help to release great grace for souls.

    Oh God, I love You so much and I love souls.

    I would tell everyone on the earth about Jesus in the Eucharist, and I wouldn't care what they thought of me because that is such a gift to tell them about.

    I would spend time with Jesus in deep union at Mass and before the tabernacle and I would unite as deeply as possible with all others in my heart.

    I would pray as Jesus has taught us in the Our Father and I would recall the Gospel of John, chapter 17, in my heart, praying and offering up my whole day that the world would be one.

    I would ask God to send love to all that I have ever had a problem with and shower the earth with healing grace.

    Now, my God, there is so much more to write, but I would wish that I could live that day as You will it, deeper than ever, uniting to the Mass and all others in holy prayer.

    I wish that I could give you the greatest love and honor and adoration and I would pray more fervently than ever for our beloved priests and the most wonderful Church and the world, asking God to help me live the day according to God's will to the fullest.

    I love to be with Jesus in the tabernacle. I want to have joy in every moment.

    I love to pray the rosary and think of the mysteries of the rosary before Jesus and pray for my needs and the priests and the Church and the world, especially praying for my beloved family and friends.

    Oh, Jesus, as I go to the rosary today in Florida, I pray for grace for the priests, the Church and the world.

    I ask all to unite with me in praying every day as a body for our beloved priests, the Church and the world, as we are united to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

    Let's feel this connection to one another every moment of the day, praying for grace to be released for souls, for the Church and the world.

    I love you all so much. May God's blessings shower your lives as Jesus takes you ever deeper into His most precious Eucharistic Heart.

end of May 5, 2000 message (from September 30, 2000 Daily Message




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