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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

September 15, 2002

September 16th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 4 Period I.
The Novena Rosary Mystery
for September 16th is Joyful.


Messenger:         Whenever somebody isn't doing
                                God's will it affects every body else.

                            We may think our time is our own, but
                                when a mother doesn't take care
                                of her children properly or the
                                father isn't home enough because
                                he is always away it affects
                                the family and the children
                                sometimes, painfully, for life.

                            Doing a certain good deed may not be
                                God's will.

                            When I was teaching in 1993, I prayed
                                to do God's will. I studied math
                                all my life, my degree was in
                                math, I taught in two colleges
                                part-time, one for over 16 years.
                                I sang in the seminary choir, I was
                                a choir director and played daily Mass.

                            I prayed to do God's will, I prayed and
                                prayed. I had a family, two younger

                            I lost my voice and God began to reveal
                                to me He wanted me to focus my time
                                and attention in a new direction. 

                            I soon learned His will was that I quit
                                all my jobs teaching and singing
                                and then pray a lot.

                            If I hadn't done this I would not have
                                received the messages in Blue Book I,
                                Blue Book II and Blue Book III.

                            It took time, it took the availability
                                to be there every day at 6:20 for
                                a couple of hours at least from July 5, 1994-
                                September 5, 1995 when Mary appeared
                                every day.

                            I had students at U.C., adults, that took
                                classes from me in math from the
                                beginning and worked their way up
                                to pre-calculus and the next
                                class and begged me not to quit.

                            I had the chance to teach full time
                                at a very wonderful college.

                                People tried to get me to tutor. 
                                (I am not telling anyone to quit 
                                their job, this was God's will for 
                                me then. We must do God's will.)

                            I spent time with Jesus in Church,
                                I was available for the messages
                                in the night, I was there, available
                                for His call.

                            There can always be a person with
                                a wedding, a funeral, a baby,
                                there are other people in the
                                world, other priests, other lawyers,
                                teachers etc.

                            I now could be teaching math full
                                time in a college and if I hadó
                                I would not have been here for all
                                of this to happen in the Shepherds
                                of Christ.

                            Think of a table of friends and think
                                of one delivering a message from
                                God. If the person doesn't show up
                                for the meeting, one called to deliver
                                this message then the message won't
                                be delivered.

                            There is a sense of pride in some things,
                                some people do, of tooting ones own
                                horn, so to speak, because we may
                                get recognition if we do certain things,
                                but if we don't do God's will and a 
                                lot of things are not accomplished that 
                                He is calling us to, to promote His 
                                KingdomóI don't want to answer to 
                                God for not helping to promote His 
                                Kingdom when He was calling me to. 
                                God has given us these messages to
                                spread. We have been asked to help
                                with this.

                            Think of all that would not have happened
                                all over the world if I remained a
                                math teacher for the past ten years
                                when Jesus called me.

                            Think of how important it is that we
                                are at the proper place at the proper
                                time. Think of all the connections
                                made in a single lunch at a

                            Think if Fr. Carter would have given
                                into a temptation, he may have had,
                                to not be a priest.

                            Fr. Carter sacrificed and made long
                                trips to China because Jesus
                                gave Fr. Carter, himself, messages
                                about how important it was
                                he go to China and say Mass.

                            Think of how the world would have 
                                been affected if Fr. Carter didn't
                                discipline himself to write.

                            People see different things, they see
                                things many times with very
                                limited vision.

                            Remember the talent message.
                                What if we take the talent and
                                    bury it.

                                 What if God calls us to help the 
                                    world and we fail to answer His
                                    call because we get caught
                                    up in trying to make somebody
                                    else do something they don't
                                    want to do and we miss doing 
                                    what God is asking us to do.

                                Sometimes people spend precious
                                    time trying to rescue a person
                                    already set in their ways.

                                God's grace showered on a person
                                    can change their heart in a split
                                    second if they allow Him to
                                    work in them. Sometimes nagging
                                    someone can drive them away
                                    from what God wants, they need
                                    to make the decision.

                                Why do we think we have to be
                                    there to help someone who is
                                    resisting us. God may want us
                                    doing something else.

                                (I am not talking about ignoring our
                                    real call from God to administer 
                                    to some of our adult children or
                                    others that really may need us, I 
                                    am referring to a person who 
                                    abandons God's call for themselves
                                    and sits around waiting for the
                                    opportunity to talk to someone to
                                    to convince them of something and 
                                    fails to recognize how they are not 
                                    doing God's will in their own life.)

                            The bottom line is we need to do
                                God's will, when we just
                                think of ourselves, and
                                do something God may
                                not want, we affect people 
                                other than ourselves.



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September 15,  2002
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