Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

September 3, 2004

September 4th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 3 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries
for September 4th are Sorrowful.


We will be doing a prayer service

September 4 at 6:20 pm

from Clearwater, Florida,

praying for the Hurricane situation

and begging for mercy.




Pray that the Hurricane doesn't touch us 

and our property.

The last hurricane in Florida 
came on the 13th, 
the new hurricane Frances 
is predicted to be closest to Clearwater/
Tampa area on the 5th, 
right before we are praying.


September 1, 2004 at 6:20pm



From Jesus

                                    You are asked to come 

                                             on the 5th to Clearwater, Florida. 

                               To pray as I have directed

                                             for reparation to Our Two Hearts, 

                                and beg forgiveness for the sins 

            of the people of this earth 

                                and beg your Heavenly Father for mercy. 

                                             I am Jesus Chief Shepherd of the Flock.

                                I appear to you in Clearwater, Florida.

                                             You must pray as never before. 

                                This is a warning and a gift I give to you.

                                             Listen to Me.



 Rita will be there through the weekend to sign books.



Rita Ring will be in Clearwater 

for a live rosary on September 5, 2004.


Mary asked a public gathering on the 5th
 since April 5, 1995.

We have done this since this time. 

Here is how Mary appeared February 5, 2004.


     February 5, 2004

  This was the 5th before Mary's head was knocked off.




Mary's Message
from the Rosary of August 27, 1996

Mary speaks:  I stood beneath the cross of my Son, and my Heart was in such pain for I saw Him before my eyes. I saw Him covered with blood. I saw Him die. My Heart, my children, my Heart to watch my Son, but my Heart, my Heart, how I suffered for my little children of the world that give in to this world and give up the love of my Son. O my little children of light, I give you this message. Carry this light into the darkness for your Mother Mary, for I stood beneath the cross and I cried. I cried for the little ones. I cried for the young ones, the ones that do not care and will lose their souls. How do I make you see for you will not listen to me? What can I do? I come. I appear. I beg. I plead. I give you these gifts from my Son, and you reject me. I do not deliver messages very often anymore for I have been ignored. The message is the same. You do not read the messages I have given to you. Please help me. Help the little children. I appear. I appear. I appear, and I am ignored. I stood beneath the cross, and I cried. I cried, and my Heart was in such anguish for my little children, for I am searching for them this day as I searched for the Child Jesus. Please, please help me. I cannot hold back the hand of my Son any longer. I am Mary, your Mother. I ask you to help my children. You are my children of light.

end of Mary's Message, August 27, 1996



Picture of the Sacred Heart of JesusI Want Both Feet Off the Ground (excerpt)

January 18, 1994 4:40 a.m.

Jesus: ...The world wants you to have security, insurance, jobs that they consider safe. "Be sure you have all these things to be sure." Sure of what? That in one minute there can be an earthquake and it all is destroyed? You are not sure! I have all the power. You are so silly to think you are sure of anything in this world.

There is only one thing you can be sure of: I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. Put your trust in Me and then you are sure. You may not receive a reward in this world, but you, for sure, will receive a golden reward in the next.

Let go, My children. Seek after only the things of God. Do not store up earthly treasures that wither and fade. Store up heavenly treasures that never die.

Let go, My children. I am waiting for you to let go with both of your feet. Jump into the arms of Him Who saves you. You let go, I catch you. God is there to hold you up lest you stumble and lose your way.

You walk the road to My love. It does not go down the solid roads the world has built. It is a road suspended in the sky. To know Me is to let go. Get off that road that appears to the world as solid. You know an earthquake can split that road in half. Walk My road with Me. That may mean the road seems to be missing at times. But you do not have your ducks in a row. Minute by minute you follow a road supported by Me. What freedom! To trust in Me, to do My work with support from Me is so free, but so uncertain for your earthly minds...

end of excerpt from January 18, 1994



August 21, 2004 Talk
China, Indiana

transcribed from a live tape


Jesus speaks: I have called you here this night that you will hear the message that I will speak. Before any messages were given over and over again I gave the message to My messenger to "feed the hungry" with the ministries that I have given to you with the Blue Book messages. And there are so many distractions that the devil creates and yet, I say to you will you have the rosaries for the people in Florida? Will you have the rosaries that are needed to be made for the children in the schools? What happened to the rosary makers that once did that, when there was not the funds for the beads? And who are you that are out there and are listening   can you help to fund the beads for the schools and the people that come?

    And the hurricane came and the hurricane did not wipe the building away. And there is a sinkhole right under the Virgin Mary's image. And the hurricane came and it did not blow them away. How many messages should I give to you to tell you of the power of prayer? 

    For the people that hear the sound of My voice and can help to reach the school children with the rosaries, should do so. For a century the Virgin Mary was sent by God as a messenger to tell you that you must pray the rosary and your world is in a state today as never before, the wars are here and there and everywhere. And yet have you listened to her word? 

    And I say to you My apostles who are sluggish and ho-hum and caught at the bottom of the mountain, you are a major part of the completion of the Fatima mission at the end of the century. And you can give into the evil one or you can say, "Lord, I will carry the white flag and the energy within my blood comes from my love for Thee."

Song: Do You Really Love Me

Jesus speaks: So will you listen to the words that I gave so long ago, the words to your founder and foundress, the words that I give to you. 

    So when they come and you are tired and you know that they are being called who will deliver the message to them if that day you didn't do it. For from afar I have sent the people to My place in Florida, to the phones, to the e-mails and to you, it is the message of hope in your heart, the prayers that I ask for you from China, Indiana, the joy that you have within you to listen to the message that I want you to hear this day.

Messenger:  My beloved priest-companion, July 31, 1994, the message Jesus gave to us that said that to those who pray the prayers that He will call them deeply united to His Heart and the heart of His Mother as He leads them ever closer to the Father in the Holy Spirit. The message that Jesus gave to Fr. Carter:

My beloved priest-companion, I am requesting that a new prayer movement be started under the direction of Shepherds of Christ Ministries. I am asking for volunteers who are willing to pray before the Blessed Sacrament for one hour, twice-weekly. Members of the Shepherds of Christ prayer chapters, as well as others, are to be invited to join this movement. (AEHJ)

Jesus speaks: This message I have given to you My beloved ones to spread to the far ends of the earth when I send the people to you to tell them about the ministries, for the knowledge that they need to know about the ministries are vital in helping you to establish the Shepherds of Christ Ministries, an order that I desire. I continue with the message that I gave to Fr. Carter.

These apostles are to pray for the intentions I am giving you. For part of the hour they are to use the prayers of the Shepherds of Christ Associates Handbook. They may spend the rest of the hour as they so choose.

I will use this new prayer movement within My Shepherds of Christ Ministries in a powerful way to help in the renewal of My Church and the world. I will give great graces to those who join this movement. The name, Apostles of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, is to be given to this movement.

I am inviting My beloved Rita Ring to be coordinator for this activity.

I pour out the great love of My Sacred Heart to all. I am Jesus, Chief Shepherd of the flock. (AEHJ)

Messenger:  And so how long have we had this message that God has given to us? Early in 1996 Jesus gave this message to Fr. Carter and in those 2 hours we pray:

  1. For the spread of the devotion to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary culminating in the reign of the Sacred Heart and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart.
  2. For the Pope.
  3. For all bishops of the world.
  4. For all priests.
  5. For all sisters and brothers in the religious life.
  6. For all members of the Shepherds of Christ Movement, and for the spread of this movement to the world.
  7. For all members of the Catholic Church.
  8. For all members of the human family.
  9. For all souls in purgatory.

Jesus speaks: The tables that I have given to  you in China where the store is, the tables that I have given to you, in the store at the Virgin Mary Building are to be organized according to Ministries. 

    And those apostles, servants and handmaids that I have called to deliver this message to the world are to tell the people about the ministries for you are not to depend on the sinking ship for with the hurricane you could have been wiped away but are to depend on the ministries that I have given, to tell people about the two hours that they can spend before the Blessed Sacrament praying for the Reign of My Sacred Heart and the Triumph of Mary's heart, for the Pope, the bishops, for the Church and the world, for the priests, the religious. 

    This is a Movement that I have given to you from My Heart and it is like pulling teeth to spread it. I will outpour My grace to those apostles of My Eucharistic Heart who come and pray for the following intentions as I have listed and given to Fr. Carter more than 9 years ago. 

  1. For the spread of the devotion to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary culminating in the reign of the Sacred Heart and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart.
  2. For the Pope.
  3. For all bishops of the world.
  4. For all priests.
  5. For all sisters and brothers in the religious life.
  6. For all members of the Shepherds of Christ Movement, and for the spread of this movement to the world.
  7. For all members of the Catholic Church.
  8. For all members of the human family.
  9. For all souls in purgatory.

Jesus speaks: This is a message that I have given to you, and I watch the ho-hum attitude. How will My ministries be spread into the world when you fail to speak of the very things that I have ask you to speak of?

    The tables have been so designated that the people can come to the stores and see the different ministries. You fail to understand the importance of the prayer chapters and I give to you the message to the earth. 

    Tell the people when they pray the prayers that I will take them deeply into My Heart and the heart of My Mother. Tell the people that they will be led home, that their souls are hungering and thirsting for the love that I will give to them in dwelling deeply in My Heart and I will outpour My grace in these prayer chapters. Here is the message that I gave on January 22, 1998.



A message for the Earth from Jesus

January 22, 1998

    I am the Good Shepherd, these are My prayers, the prayers I give to help renew the Church and the world, all prayer chapters are asked to include these prayers (found in the Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual). As My Apostles and Shepherds I ask you to encourage all existing Chapters to try to encourage all existing prayer groups to pray the Shepherds of Christ prayers. Encourage all Churches to pray these prayers. It is most urgent that the people of this earth concur with the Father's wishes to begin Prayer Chapters. This is an urgent request from the Good Shepherd. The flock will become one when they have given their hearts to Jesus and Mary. Encourage all priests to pray the Shepherds of Christ prayers. Your world will be lighted with great light as the people of this earth pray these prayers.

    My promise is this to you My beloved earth: When you give your heart to Me and spread the devotion to My Sacred Heart, I will write your name In My Heart. I promise to give the greatest graces when you pray these prayers for renewal of the Church and the world and take all who pray them deeply into My Heart. The prayers I give will bring about the reign of My Sacred Heart and the triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart. I am Jesus Christ, this is My message of January 22, 1998, Please circulate this message to your world. I am the Good Shepherd, I know Mine and Mine know Me and they follow Me. Grace My Shepherds, I will give you the greatest graces for spreading these words to this earth and to your Church. I love you, I am Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, it is the Plan of the Father that Prayer Chapters are begun immediately and the Priestly Newsletter is given to all priests. The Voice of the Good Shepherd speaks through it.

                            end of January 22, 1998


Messenger:  And so for the Priestly Newsletter ministry we have a priest who has his doctors and is able to teach in the Gregorian Colleges and the Pontifical Colleges, who worked for 14 years on his dissertation on the Blessed Mother and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, who has written the first newsletter 10 years after Fr. Carter began it. 

    And we need your support to be able to send this newsletter that is most powerful to all these priests, to encourage them to consecrate their hearts to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, to encourage them to tell the people of the great gift that is given in the Eucharist and the Word of God, to tell them about discernment and about Mary and her role in the Church. 

    Mary is our Mother. She appeared for 7 years in Clearwater, Florida to deliver the message from the Father and look how she was treated. And so if her head is gone and under the image of Jesus' face is a sinkhole and last week or so we dealt with the fact that the hurricane was ready to rip Clearwater off and then turned, do you think that the Father is happy with the earth when He sends Mary as a messenger for a whole century? And they jailed the kids on August the 13th, we were blocked at the Holy Spirit Center, the Falmouth Farm and here we are the head is knocked off, the acid was thrown on her face. 

    But what are the ministries, but the ministries of Jesus who gave them to Fr. Carter. These were signs that God gave to help us do the work, what will help the ministry to be spread is to deliver the word that God has asked us to deliver about the prayer chapters, about the Apostles of the Eucharistic Heart. Why did Mary appear to me over 500 times before she appeared 7 years on the building to spread the rosaries to the schools, to make the rosaries Where are our rosary makers? We can look at September 11, 2001 and see the devastation, but September 11, 2002 our rosary factory in the Virgin Mary Building was closed because we did not even have money for the beads. 

    And some of it is our own fault when we don't tell the people of the gifts that God has given to us. How come so many people today do not realize that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist and how wonderful it is to be a priest? Does the cat have our tongues? Our life here is so short. And for not doing the work that we should have done it may affect a soul. Our prayers for the priests are mighty prayers because God has promised tremendous grace. 

    Will you hear the word of a messenger that asked for this, to spread the newsletter that's centered in the consecration to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary and the documents of the Church, the scriptures, by a holy Jesuit doctor priest, to begin the prayer chapters consecrating our hearts to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary and singing and saying the Litany to the Sacred Heart and to the Virgin Mary. 

    And why do I speak today? Because God called me as a messenger to be here on this eve of August the 22nd. August the 22nd is the day that the Queenship of Mary is usually celebrated. His Sacred Heart will reign and her Immaculate Heart will triumph and the world will recognize Him as King and her as Queen. And they have called us to spread these ministries and if we maul around and we don't say what we are suppose to do when God sends the person How did you get here? You may have been given a Blue Book but the grace was given from God to lead you into a deeper commitment. Had the person not been determined to give you the Blue Book or tell you about the prayer chapters because they were tired that day, maybe your life would be different. God wants us to tell our youth about the greatness of the priesthood and to pray for those boys that they will answer that vocation. 

    What about the ministry of getting the rosaries to the school? If Mary appeared to you every day for 500 days you might speak stronger than me, because it's really, really hard to see the Blessed Mother, to know what she says and then where are our rosary makers? Well we closed the rosary factory so we spread a few bags. 

    It doesn't take the people in Southern Indiana to do it, it doesn't take Doris to order the beads to do it. It takes a whole bunch of people to listen to their hearts that are prompted to give the money so we can buy the beads, for that person to have the conviction that the Blessed Mother appeared to me 500 times delivering this message, for the people in Indiana to want to do it, to make the rosary routes, to do all that counting, or whatever they do to put them in the bag, to suffer because they do suffer when they do that. 

    What happened to the rosary makers because in September of 2002 we closed the rosary factory in Florida in a building where the Blessed Mother had appeared for how many years every day and we couldn't even get money for the rosary beads. What happened to all those rosary makers? 

    We have a ministry that God has given to us and He has asked us to tell the world about it. It's not because of the image except we want to preserve Jesus' face and be grateful for the years that Mary appeared there. It is to spread the words that He has given to us in the writings of Fr. Carter and the Blue Books and the rosary meditations, in the ministries, the priestly newsletter, the prayer chapters, the Apostles of the Eucharistic Heart, the rosaries to the schools, the nursing homes. 

    So you go out to the nursing homes and Jesus says I want all the people to at least go to a nursing home once a week. I've been saying that since 1995 9 years. And every time I try to deliver the message it's seems like it's met with greater resistance. 

    I told some people today it's like opening up a door and then seeing a wall of cinder block behind it. You know those fake doors, where they put it in a room, and it looks like there's a door there and  you're going to go outside. Well I get the message from the Lord, I open the door, I call you, I say this is what Our Lord wants, you say, "Well we can't do that".

    We have the Virgin Mary Building/Building of the Two Hearts for the reason of spreading these ministries. And every month we're like on a teeter-totter trying to get those payments etc etc, but some how we do it. It's like the sinkhole, the sinking of the Titanic. And then to top it off, after her head gets knocked off, then this hurricane's almost going to go right by there roooaaar then it changes course and we're worrying about the ink. 

    God is sending people to all of us at different times and it is that time that we should do precisely what God has asked us to do, not too much - not too little, but to have our tongues tied tight to not tell the people of the world about the DVDs that could be used on that power point in the schools is to miss a big part of the School Rosary Program. 

    An update is necessary the DVDs can be put into a power point and projected on a screen that's like 96 x 76 and when the kids are saying, if they  only say one mystery of the rosary, or in the nursing home when they say that, you can project up there different shots from that DVD of the Crucifixion, it is so effective. Look at all of the mechanisms that are used to teach all kinds of weird stuff to our children and we've got this tremendous DVD.

    The thing that lets me know that it's not going out too much out of Florida is that fact that they haven't ask for one in how long? A year I don't know since we put them out I don't know. I'm telling you people that are listening to the sound of my voice that are in the schools to get this DVD and put it on a power point and every Friday or whenever it is the time you think, sit those kids down and say as much of the rosary as you think they can. 

    The things that we have on the stations are so gorgeous the stations that Jesus gave to us Himself or the ones that have the Imprimatur in different languages. But they're so heartfelt, we have so many things to say. If you are the voice that you've said to Jesus, "I'm going to answer this call" and you're the contact person, tell them about the ministries. This is the message that I have received from Jesus. Tell them about the School Rosary Program. 

    When Fr. Carter was dying of cancer we put 250,000 rosaries in the schools in October. The devil comes and the devil works in trying to get you to work this way or that way or this way. We go to work every day. When we go to the Virgin Mary Building, you go to China, this is our work. This is why we are here, we pray deeply united to God but we go to work to make the ministry work. 

    Pray with me now as we unite deeper than ever before to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary on this night of August the 21st, 2004. My dear heavenly Father, I come to you as a messenger that you have asked to deliver these messages to the world and I beg for the grace and the conviction for the love of Your most Sacred Heart and the heart of Your Mother to be the permeating focus of our hearts, to see that we do all that we can to spread the love messages that Jesus has given in God's Blue Books, the newsletter, for the priests that they will consecrate their hearts to the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart and spread that consecration to the people, that through our work we will encourage the pictures of the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart be in the homes of the people and that they make Jesus the King and Center of their hearts.

    The devil comes and he wants people to focus on the bottom of the mountain issues. Where is your work taking you? From the building in Florida God wanted us to contact this earth to spread the devotion to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary to help to bring about the reign of the Sacred Heart and the triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart, to get the rosaries in the hands of the school children, to make rosaries from there for the School Rosary Program, to show the people the tables that have the ministries. I can't even find my own Blue Book when I go into the store in Florida. We need tour guides. 

These are the coloring books. They go with these discs over here. Your children can pray the rosary at night with you or they can be used in the power points in the schools and they are so effective. 

    But more than that Our Lady has given a message for a century that if we want peace in the world we must pray the rosary. The children that pray the rosary in grade school will be helped by Our Lady when they go to high school and to colleges. That is a promise that she has made to me. Our Lady said a lot of things to me when she appeared 500 times but it really boiled down to getting those rosaries in the schools. I could never understand, I would see Our Lady and I'd feel like standing on the roof of the church and telling the people. 

    And yet they focused on me because the devil is deception, he wants to stop the work that God has asked us to do in the Shepherds of Christ to spread the newsletter, the prayer chapters, the Apostles of the Eucharistic Heart, the rosary.

    I've had a sore toe for about 3 weeks. If all I do is talk about my sore toe, and I'm sure I've done it enough to the leaders in the Shepherds of Christ, pretty soon I'm not going to be doing any work, because I'm going to sit around all day and think about my toe. All satan has to do is come and tempt us with a little memory or whatever else he wants to work on, I don't know. 

    That's the purpose of this Ignatian Retreat. Where do these things that we get, that we want to act on, come from? Are they coming from God the Holy Spirit? Are they just things that we are thinking ourselves and maybe they're not good things to do because they are not God's will or are they coming from the evil one? But if you just act helter-skelter without analyzing where this prompting for action is coming from discernment then a lot of the times you're not going to be doing what God's telling us to do, so all of us need to have our St. Ignatius Spiritual Exercises by our side and a couple times of the week read that Discernment of Spirits so we keep focused on what St. Ignatius is saying so that we'll make the right choices. 

    Naturally the hour before the Blessed Sacrament, the Mass are all crucial for us servants, handmaids and apostles in the Shepherds of Christ because we need that grace.

    Pray with me because I hear Our Lady speak in my heart to all of us that are gathered here.

Hail Mary

    I see a boat on a river, a big boat, and it was a house boat but all of a sudden termites ate the whole top and all that was left was the boat part. And it keeps on going down that river. And it's lost all contact with the world. It just wonders aimlessly about, thrashing surviving.

    And I see another boat and it is glistening in the sun and it too suffered damages to the house portion but it moves steadily guided ahead by the voice of God. 

    Think of the Titanic and it was the greatest ship that was ever made and they all got on there and they were adorned in their jewels and they had all their big cases filled with pearls and the finest treasures. And there was drinking and dancing, music joy, joy, joy and suddenly did it hit an iceberg isn't that weird when God says their hearts are so cold and she sunk mighty fast. 

    And the wind can blow and the storms can come, and let's face it, the only way we're going to have peace in this world is to listen to the Queen of Peace. And if she speaks to you and me and appears on the building and appears to me and we don't have the vavoom that we need inside of us to tell the rest of the world that lies sleeping do we need a hurricane to blow us away?

    For 14 months the Blessed Mother appeared to me daily with a message of those rosaries in the schools. There are people that will hear this tape on our radio and if you know that God is calling you to help us in any way, to spread the devotion to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart, to begin the prayer chapters that Jesus asked Fr. Carter to begin doing the litanies, praying for the priests, the church and the world in this troubled time. The priesthood is the institution by God, if men are sinful that doesn't mean that the priesthood of God is not magnificent.

    This Church is a gift that God has given to us and bride of Christ. Because people sin it doesn't mean that the institution given to us by God is not a great gift, it is the gift that God gives to us in the Church and that Jesus Christ remains with us truly present in the Eucharist, the gift of the priest

    You don't know who God is sending to you to deliver the message or how God will affect their hearts when they pray the prayers but He will use those prayers in the prayer manual to give great grace He says to take the people into His Heart and Mary's heart. And the contact people of this Movement have a job to do for 10 years we have been circulating material around the world. We must have billions of places with the Morrow address and how many of those cards where we tell about the Virgin Mary Building in Florida

    So here comes a guy from Hong Kong and he's thought about it for 3 years and he gets over there and he gets up there and you scratch your head and just don't say nothing. I am asking all of you servants, handmaids, apostles, associates, Apostles of the Eucharistic Heart to pray to do what God wants you to do with your vocation. That's not to be crazy and go from door to door, that's not what God's saying. There is a difference between sitting on the chair and saying nothing and calming saying, not like I'm saying to you because they'll probably run, calming saying that Mary wants the school children to get the rosaries. 

    We have all these ministries and with the excitement of a heart that is glad because God has called you to be to the Shepherds of Christ, you delivered a message of joy within your heart about the ministries. That building in Florida is strategically located that people can come from all over the world and the place in China is secluded that people can come from all over and go to the retreats here and know what it's like to have a peace and serenity and joy in your heart, to be with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, to pray together at Holy Mass during the retreats, for the priests, the Church and the world. God may be calling you to a vocation in the Shepherds of Christ Movement. 

    Do you hear the sound of My voice and the message that the Father speaks to you to come, come to China to make a retreat, to pray before the Blessed Sacrament, to come to Florida, to come to our store in China to see all the ministries that we have here, the beautiful pictures of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart, the consecration for the homes, the rosary kits that people in nursing homes and other places, assisted living can help us make these rosaries and do what Mary said will help to bring about the peace in the world.

    We can do all these money making things for peace and the rosary beads cost hardly nothing. Help us get them to the youth. They can spend $5.00 for a porno magazine which are what the stands are full of today. Do you know how many rosaries we could make for like 5.00. How much is it Doris? Huh 50? We could probably make 50 rosaries for the cost of a porno magazine. You see the picture of Mary and her foot is crushing the head of the serpent. Is her foot crushing the head of the serpent? We have Our Lady of China here. She might not have a foot crushing the head of the serpent. I don't see no serpents there. She's carrying the baby Jesus and in His hands He has a cross. 

    I want to talk about the ministries again. The A #1 ministry for the Shepherds of Christ Movement is to circulate the priestly newsletter which is about to happen. #2 and equally is the prayer chapters praying for the priests, the Church and the world. The Apostles of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus are a very vital part and one that we have just not done as much as we could have in all of these years. Two hours in front of the Blessed Sacrament praying for the reign of the Sacred Heart, the triumph of Mary's heart, for the pope, the bishops, the priests, the cardinals too, the sisters, the brothers, the Church, the souls in purgatory, for all the Shepherds of Christ members. I'm probably forgetting some things.

    The School Rosary Program, the rosary program in general, the Nursing Home Program which is really vital that we keep trying to do when we have all these nursing home videos. The DVDs really on the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary led by Fr. Mike are really awesome. I mean those can be used a lot, the Mass DVD for the nursing homes. 

    I mean really when some body comes up, I talk, and then after awhile they look like they're dancing then I think I'd better hurry up because then they're going to walk away but they at least got something. If I'm at a site, a contact site, and Our Lord tells me to talk to them, I'm going to talk to them about His ministries, I'm the one that He's called to do this. But that's how each and every one of us were called in a different way, a lot of us by the Blue Books.

    The Shepherds of Christ Movement was not put into place because of the image of Mary on the building in Florida. The Shepherds of Christ Ministries Movement and what God wants, to form an order to help renew the Church and the world is here because of the words that He has given to us, the meditations in the rosary and those are the things that we have to focus on. If we put all our eggs in that basket of a vision, we can see that parallelism with what God did to me. 

    When the other visionaries in Cincinnati were seeing Our Lady early on and I was writing the Blue Book messages, I never saw anything in 93 when I wrote Blue Book I. I saw Jesus' face, I saw Mary once in July 93, Jesus' face once in October. But the depth of the message that God delivered to me was what was important. The depth of the message that God has given to us to deliver to the earth is what is important and although our hearts long for the beauty of Our Lady of Clearwater to see her again on the window, that's not the focus of this Movement. It was there to help us to do this work of spreading the Ministries. So whether she's there or not there is not the issue, the issue is these ministries. 

    So I give to you a sweet message from Mary.


     February 5, 2004


Mary speaks:  My dear children, I am Mary your Mother and I come to you to ask you to listen to the words of a messenger that God has sent to you this night. For He calls to you that your hearts will be filled with greatest joy for God has contacted the earth in these messages, and has delivered the message of His love to the world in the Blue Books, and to pray fervently for the newsletter and the prayer chapters that must be begun in the other foreign lands, for I see you stymied for so few prayer chapters are prayed even in the languages available because so much focus is created, many times by the distractions of satan, and when you ask God to bless you in your work examine your heart and to see what is your focus. One apple can hurt the bunch. I ask you to see yourselves as a body that God has called each and every person committed into spreading the ministries or praying as you have been called to help to renew the Church and the world and on this night August 21, 2004 to help to bring about the reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the triumph of my Immaculate Heart. Amen.

    My children I love you, I am Mary your Mother. I thank you for the work that you have given, the sacrifices that you have made, the love in your hearts, this is a message to help strengthen you that you will be more fruitful. Thank your God for the message delivered and work with this message with joy in your heart. Amen.

Song:  Ashes

Messenger:  Dear God the Father in the name of your Son Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit with all the angels and the saints and the souls in purgatory, we pray to You to please give us all the funds that we need to be able to do this work, to forgive our failings and the times that we may have been focused on ourselves and not on promoting Your Kingdom. 

    Dear God help us to be strong apostles, servants and handmaids and to get along in deep love, to create centers in which people come and they feel that they are so happy to be there, like our wonderful church in China, the feeling of the warmth that Jesus is truly present here and we love Him so much. 

    Dear God we love You. Amen.

Song:  Ashes

Song:  Save Us Oh Lord

Messenger:  Dear Father, we love You, we adore You, we thank You for the gifts that You have given to us. We're sorry for our sins and the sins of the earth and we beg for Your mercy and we beg for the world to be the way that You want it to be. We pray for the priests, the Church and the world united to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass going around the world.

    Dear Father, please give us the money that we need in order to do what we have to do to help these ministries spread. Dear God help us.

Song:  Without Clouds

Messenger:  There's a real important message that's going on tonight but you can also hear it on the internet because the retreat is on the internet. And if you hear it on the internet you really may want to make a retreat because it's really a powerful experience.


Excerpt from August 14, 2004 daily message



                                We pray for the priests, God help us
                                We pray for the Church, God help us
                                We pray for the world, God help us
                                We pray for mercy, God help us
                                We pray for your grace to be outpoured, God help us
                                We pray to be deeply united to the Masses going
                                    on around the world, God help us
                                Father, Eternal Father, we thank you for your gifts,
                                    God help us
                                Father, Eternal Father, we love you, God help us
                                Jesus you are our beloved spouse, we love you,
                                    God help us
                                Jesus you are our Savior, God help us
                                Holy Spirit come and enlighten us, God help us
                                Holy Spirit fill our hearts with love for God,
                                    God help us
                                God we love You, God help us
                                God we worship You, God help us
                                God we want you to make our heart more like Jesus' Heart, 
                                    God help us
                                God we want to be holy, God help us
                                God we beg to be as you want us to be, God help us
                                Virgin Mary, Our Mother we love you, Mary pray for us
                                Virgin Mary, take us to the Heart of your Son Jesus,
                                    Mary pray for us  

Excerpt from August 14, 2004 daily message


Sing: Come Holy Spirit

Sing: Come Holy Ghost

Messenger:  And Mary is the Mother of us all.

Sing: You Are Near

Sing: Though the Mountains May Fall

Sing:  Be Not Afraid

Sing:  Oh O O O O O O


Messenger:  Hear the soft voice of Mary for she is real and she is our Mother and we are not alone for Jesus and Mary are with us and They sing with us and They fill our hearts that we will not be afraid for last night I got this message and it's so much like this, it's like all of a sudden you get this fear and then it's like you just keep getting more and more tempted and then you get in the fear box and once you're in the fear box, it's like a phone booth, and then all these things go on in there, and then you jump out of the fear box and you scream.

    Is that how it is? A little thought crosses through your mind and then you think, oh man, it's really going to be bad, and then it just barrels down, that's when you're going in the fear box. And then all these thoughts that fill you with fear just get bigger and bigger and bigger, like that book that my kids had, with the great big monster in the basement, and he's in this fear box with you like a phone booth and he's whispering in both ears at the same time. The fear monster ba pub bo and then finally, you come out of the fear box and you're like wired, but it's for the wrong thing. 

And Jesus says

Sing:  Be Not Afraid

Messenger:  And Mary says

Sing:  Oh O O O O O O

Messenger:  Mary speaks and she says to us she is with us and that we should hear her singing behind the clamor of the temptation and the noise that satan likes to make around us. We should hear the voice of Mary and she sings:

Sing:  Oh O O O O O O

Messenger:  And Jesus sings to us

Sing:  Be Not Afraid

Messenger:  And the devil is there and he's going s s s s s s s

end of  August 21, 2004 Talk


Mary appeared in Clearwater Florida everyday
just like this from
December 17, 1996 to
March 1, 2004 .


On March 1, 2004 someone did this to the window
    in the early morning - it can be viewed on live
    camera - Shepherds of Christ
operates and owns the building. Father Edward
    Carter, SJ is the founder of our Movement and loved
    Mary's Image and directed us to always keep the 



Our Lady of Clearwater Florida
 During the 5th of the month gatherings with Rita Ring

July 5, 2000

September 5, 2000

October 5, 2000

November 5, 2000

December 5, 2000

January 5, 2001

February 5, 2001

March 5, 2001

April 5, 2001

May 5, 2001

June 5, 2001

July 5, 2001

August 5, 2001

September 5, 2001

October 5, 2001

November 5, 2001

December 5, 2001

January 5, 2002

February 5, 2002

March 5, 2002

April 5, 2002

May 5, 2002

une 5, 2002

July 5, 2002

September 5, 2002

October 5, 2002

November 5, 2002

January 5, 2003

February 5, 2003

April 5, 2003

May 5, 2003

July 5, 2003

August 5, 2003

September 5, 2003

We chose to put more than just one of each of these 5ths because of they're importance.

October 5, 2003

November 5, 2003
Jesus instructed the prayer service
be done inside

November 5, 2003
Jesus instructed the prayer service
be done inside

December 5, 2003
Jesus instructed the prayer service
be done inside

December 5, 2003
Jesus instructed the prayer service
be done inside

December 5, 2003
Jesus instructed the prayer service
be done inside

December 5, 2003

January 5, 2004

January 5, 2004

January 5, 2004

January 5, 2004

January 5, 2004

                         February 5, 2004

February 5, 2004

                      February 5, 2004

February 5, 2004

February 5, 2004

February 5, 2004

March 5, 2004

March 5, 2004

March 5, 2004

March 5, 2004

March 5, 2004

April 5, 2004

May 5, 2004

June 5, 2004

July 5, 2004



God wants us to pray as He has asked us 

to pray begging for mercy 

and that the world will be the way 

that He desires. Jesus gives us His face.


April 5, 2004



The next retreat will begin on the 

night of September 12th at 6:20 pm

September 13th thru the 16th.

There will be a very special day and night service

for the Feast of the Sorrowful Mother

on September 15, 2004.




September 14, 2004

Feast of Exaltation of the Holy Cross



August 23, 2004  

        Jesus speaks:  Special grace will be granted
            graces of healing, physical and spiritual 
            during the retreat. Come to China, 
            for I will outpour My grace to you.





Excerpt from The Spirituality of Fatima

by Father Carter, S.J.

    More than 30,000 people were present in September, and saw a shower of mysterious white petals fall to within 10 feet of the ground before dissolving into the air. Many also saw the globe of light bearing the Lady come to rest atop the tree, and the branches bend as though someone were standing on them. Later, they saw the cloud depart into the east, from whence it had come.(16)

 16. Our Lady's Peace Plan, op cit., p.6.

September 13, 1917




We have DVDs available of the
Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries
of the Rosary with short mediations
especially for schools.

These DVDs can be shown on
a projector for classrooms.

It is really wonderful!

  Pray for the very urgent intentions.

Please Pray for the 

Newsletter and all its needs,

special priest and all involved

Sarah and Mom

urgent intentions.


Click into the radio,
it is really dynamic!

(very wonderful parts from the retreat)

You can see the China church live.

Click on the picture below to
hear the radio and see China.




This is the message you can click on
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 Lower Quality, 160 x 120, Very Small Picture -  Dial Up modem (56Kbits/sec)




Click to see the China Church live

and all the candles burning

for your intentions.


                                Light a candle in China.

                                We will put your prayer intention
                                    before the altar.

                                Call Morrow  1-888-211-3041

                                Suggested Donation:  $5.00

                                Email for candles:



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